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NEW: Ashni's Signature Romantic Gestures - 15 (Page 5)

aardhan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mudraswathi

Another great post Aarti..

Forum owes you for highlighting all those beautiful momentsClapClap
Thank you Mudra. Such words from you means a lot to me. Heart  I always admire you for your creativity. Big smile

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aardhan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 February 2012
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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 3:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by neelimapn4

My God !!  What a post, Aarti !!!
I read your narration again and again...The caps as always are wonderful.. But your
insight of Ashu's ways of expressing his deep love for Nidhi is simply extraordinary..
This charming couple has already made permanent place in our hearts.. But you have given 
a new meaning to each of their actions,deeds towards each other which exude pure,divine
love and only love..
I can't wait for Ashu's words.. and also Nidhi's deeds and words...

I can understand how much time and efforts you are devoting towards these wonderful posts..
I salute you, Aarti..
Thanks you so much Neelima, for all your words of encouragement in all my posts. Tongue Hug  I am glad you enjoyed reading my POV. Yes, we all loved this show and this couple, so this is my attempt to project all those moments that made them so special. Big smile

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aardhan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 February 2012
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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bawaswift

A job well done Aarti !... Smile
Ashu's deeds towards Nidhi are always taken as a very nice n silent gesture of him.. you have very well emphasised on his love n thoughtful actions here.. Hats off !!!
Ashu's confession to Armaan was not easy and his decision of ateet visarjan. And then his gifts, surprises for Nidhi. Rescues from mallika.. Finding happiness for Nidhi n making her relaxed everytime... 
You have made such a wonderful post Aarti.. The efforts that you have put in are Awesome. The caps n the scenes chosen are just apt n going with the wonderful theme of Ashu's love n serene emotions for Nidhi... Thank you so much.. Star
Now waiting for the next.. You deserve a standing ovation Aarti..ClapClapClap

Thank you Bawa. Tongue

Yes, Ashu is a reserved man but for Nidhi he opened up. And everytime he did something it was from his heart, no half measures and each time it touched Nidhi and made her fall more deeply in love with him. Embarrassed  And after their wedding his confidence had definitely gone up and opening up in front of Nidhi came just as easily. By the time Daksh came along one could sense that Ashni were so much more closer to each other and Ashu was a super-confident husband, still reserved to many but not shy when it came to Nidhi. 

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aardhan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 February 2012
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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lee_Ashni

Fabulous gesture of urs Aarti to present romantic gestures of Ashutosh.  Mindblowing caps supported by equally mindblowing analytical description of yours. Loved the way U have depicted various shades of Ashu as a lover. Great work Aarti. Keep giving more.Clap
Thank you Leena. Yes, Ashu has many shades but once he fell in love he did a lot for Nidhi, though sometimes they went horribly wrong. 

Thanks for liking this series. Big smile

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aardhan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kaks0211

Once again a superb post Aarti...This post is all the more dear to my heart as you very well know Iam a great fan of the character Ashu...I just love him...and all the instances you have highlighted just proves what an unique and different person he was and how much he loved Nidhi...In fact Ashni's love for each other itself is unique and that is what has made KTLK unforgettable even today ' after 3 months of the show ending - we still enjoy Ashni moments...

Thanks so much Kakoli for enjoying this Ashu post and for this lovely detailed comments. Hug  What to do Kakoli, if the CVs got one thing right in this show it was the character of Ashu, so marvelously complex that he has impressed so many of us. Embarrassed  And when he fell in love it cannot be another ordinary story, it has to be as special as Ashni's. Big smile

1. After he confessed to Armaan, he decided not to pursue Nidhi as he feared association with him would spoil her reputation and future. Even her dismissal was in part for this reason and partially done to save face in front of Mallika. In the process he jeopardized Nidhi's career... 

Ashu's dilemma was heart breaking...It was the first time he had ever faced such a situation...he was not even sure if he loved this young intern who had entered his life like a storm ...and created havoc in his mind and heart...He was ashamed to have fallen for a girl half his age and was scared of what "log kahenge"...

Yes... it was a giant effort to even accept he had fallen in love. He tried his best to push it under the carpet, but Armaan knew better! One could see how ashamed he felt at that and the thought of ridicule from society and Mallika simply shook him. Though he was guided by his feelings, this was a bad move, and for the first time he even risked his professional integrity! Shocked Ouch  

2. After Nidhi's dismissal at a medical conference Ashu forgoes his prepared speech and instead praises the work of a particular intern (Nidhi) with his child patients. And Nidhi witnesses this...

All preparations Ashu must have made for the conference just evaporated as only Nidhi was in his mind and heart...He just wanted to talk about her...not caring that this was a serious medical conference...A surprise gesture from Ashu...but which left Nidhi all the more confused about this man who had hurt her...but whom she was madly in love with

Yes, goes to show how much his love and guilt were weighing on his mind. And little did he know that Nidhi was right there! LOL 

3. When he realized that Nidhi was the owner of BB's house, he willingly let go of his anger and hatred towards 'that girl' by doing 'Ateet Visarjan' and decides to continue their relationship... 

It was only a momentary anger that he felt against Nidhi...her love overpowered him very soon and he immersed all the hatred and came back to her...

Yes, but don't you wish he had just spoken to her... atleast the house would have been saved. But then that is Ashu, and he was too reserved and shy in those initial days. Guess life is not perfect!  Ouch


4. He goes out of the way and against his skeptical philosophy to celebrate their first VDay and even gets Nidhi a gift. On the next VDay after their wedding he buys her a ring and proposes to her after setting up a surprise candle light date for her... 

Loved Ashu's gesture...For the first time he was treading into an area which he all the while thought was silly and childish...but nevertheless realised its worth when he took her out...he even did not question her when she said that she wanted to celebrate at the Saluba ki biradari ...he only wanted to make her happy...and the gift was a big surprise for Nidhi...

Yes, first it was Nidhi who told him she loved VDay and then he realized that everyone celebrated it and it was not something to be ashamed of. But he got the surprise of his life when he saw what Nidhi really wanted to do for them... that kind of celebrating he can enjoy any number of times, right! Embarrassed  


6. In Kerala he goes to CV to ask for Nidhi's hand to keep his promise. And declared in front of all that he loved Nidhi and even challenged them by claiming that her happiness lay with him... 

7. He let her go in Kerala with no hard feelings, recriminations, anger or accusations, just an acceptance of his fate and Nidhi's decision, but he continued to love her and wait for her...  

The kerala track was one of THE BEST tracks of the show...even though it was a sad track - but it showed the deep bond between Ashni...Ashu's only thought was why should Nidhi be facing all this alone...He wanted to be with her and fight for their right to be together...but Nidhi could not break the ties with her family..He accepted her decision of breaking up ...but clearly told her that he wasnt going to say goodbye...

Yes, Kerala track had so many emotions built in it. It was a superb track that showcased Ashni's love for each other. Clap  Especially Ashu, his dilemma was clear, he wanted to fight but then he forced himself to step back for Nidhi's sake.


9. He refuses Mallika's marriage proposal, even if it meant going back on his word to her. He firmly states that if he married her he would not stay true to himself, his values,love and friendship... 

A strong decision taken by him...Mallika wanted to take advantage of his weakness for the house ...but was shocked when Ashu bluntly refused her...Nothing in the world could make him leave Nidhi...

Wish we had seen this strong Ashu always! Ouch  But then a sick Mallika always had an effect on Ashu, maybe his guilt increased more then and for a while he even forgot Nidhi... it was all about Mallika till she got better. Of course she used him at those times! ShockedAngry 

10. He is shaken when he learns that Nidhi was leaving the country. But at the very last minute he dashes to the airport to make one last effort to stop her. This is one of the most daring and grand actions on his part for the sake of the girl he loves... 

The desperation in his eyes as he was watching her go ' the scene is still so vivid in my mind. I watch this episode whenever I get the chance...He was least bothered by the hate looks given to him by DB or that Col Verma was present there...he only wanted Nidhi to stay...

Yes, AShu uncaring about society with only one aim of stopping Nidhi. Shows how desperate he was that he was willing to live by just having a glimpse of Nidhi sometimes. EmbarrassedClap


15. When Nidhi ably assists him during CM's operation he praises her in the media and calls her a role model for all women...  

There has never been a hesitation in Ashu to praise Nidhi and give credit for what is due...His public acknowledgement of Nidhi was mind blowing and I fell all the more in love with him for that...

Again shows his confidence as a husband, he had come a long way by then.  


17. When he realizes Nidhi's efforts for the FS he wishes her all the success even if that meant he would fail. And he stands up for her in front of Dr. Dubey... 

His comment on Oil out of sand was a snub in the face of Dubey...Ashu would have never snubbed a professor whom he respects ...but Nidhi's efforts could not be turned into a matter of joke by any one ...Der se hi sahi ...par Ashu ne dhamaka jawaab diya Dubey ko...and then in front of the entire audience he acknowledged Nidhi's contribution for the FS...also saying that she has helped him lose 10 years of his age...Wonderful Ashni aankho ki bhasha amidst all the applause for the FS...

Yes, he had had enough of DD putting Nidhi down, especially when he was seeing the other side of the coin as well. So, that was clearly needed and delivered with just the right amount of effect... I want to cover the FS itself in another post, lets see if I can get to it. Embarrassed 

18. When a curious Daksh wanted to know who Nidhi's husband was, a confident Ashu proudly proclaimed that it was him. Earlier a furious Ashu showed his possessiveness and love for Nidhi when he blasted Amar for interfering... 

Yes ' Ashu proudly announced to him that he was the lucky one...the glance which he gave Daksh while leaving also said a lot of things...

Love that scene! Tongue 

Missing Ashni so much and each of your posts are only helping us relive the old memories...Thanks a lot...

Me too, simply because this concept has so much potential! hope the makers give this concept another chance... some other channels are doing just that now, so why not this one! 

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aardhan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 4:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by deepaligupta197

A truly enchanting post Aarti! Very apt descriptions of some of the most b'ful moments! These were the highlights for meSmile

Thanks for liking this one Deepali, its Ashu all the way this time...Big smile

7. He let her go in Kerala with no hard feelings, recriminations, anger or accusations, just an acceptance of his fate and Nidhi's decision, but he continued to love her and wait for her...

Love is the opening of the heart, the welcoming of your beloved. Loving is not secure, authentic loving is risky. Security lies behind the walls of a closed heart. You either invite the union by opening in love, or you secure the isolation by closing down.

Perfect words Deepali. Thumbs Up  And that's the love that leaves an ever-lasting impression on everybody.

13. He tells Nidhi she has a right to decide what she wanted to do in her life and if they had a difference of opinion, it was her choice they will follow. He will not force his wishes on her...

One of the most amazing things that can happen is finding someone who sees everything you are and won't let you be anything less. They see the potential of you. They see endless possibilities. And through their eyes, you start to see yourself the same way as someone who matters. As someone who can make a difference in the world.

Beautifully described! That's exactly what Ashu's acts and words amounted to that day! e had picked up on her yearning to soar high and was giving her that chance. Had it not been for DBs constant pesteringAngry the baby matter would not have snow-balled into something so huge! Ouch

16. For the first time in his life he had asked a 'mannat' for Nidhi so she could complete her internship successfully. That day he also boosts her confidence as a doctor...

Pure love has no conditions or boundaries. Love does not restrain itself or hold back. Love gives all the time and doesn't ask for anything in return. Love is a continuous flow without any limits.

That was so endearing, he was teasing her but he was shy to admit that he had done the same. And though she was touched she still teased him, it was a nice convo. Thumbs Up  And he kept saying that it was a husband who did this for his wife, no dean, no intern, nothing between them. 

17. When he realizes Nidhi's efforts for the FS he wishes her all the success even if that meant he would fail. And he stands up for her in front of Dr. Dubey...

When you truly care for someone, you don't look for faults. You don't look for answers. You don't look for mistakes. Instead, you fight the mistakes. You accept the faults & you overlook excuses. The measure of love is when you love without measure. 

Actually this came up later too, its in the next part. Ashu says the same things to Nidhi. Big smile

JusticeDenied17 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 4:56pm | IP Logged
Ms Aarti I have edited my first post.

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-rhythm- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
Wow...Aarti..absolutely rocking post. The way you have described  each gestures of Ashu. HeartClapAshni never needed to exchange ILU..it said it in their act..
I want.. to DesiSmileys.com.. For giving us such a great insightful posts...Big smile
 Waiting for the next part..Wink

Edited by rrdsu - 25 June 2013 at 9:22pm

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