Aditya Sir's Bday Contest ~~QUIZ-RESULT POSTED !!! (Page 9)

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Originally posted by snehal.

Oh! You sure you will be getting the reply ? 
Its the only contest whose result is still pending

i know yaar even i m ready for posting Ouch
there were total 7 entries, 5 person re-sent, Sheroo cant able to resend & another person promised to send by today but still waiting...fault is mine so i have no other way Ouch

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Hmmm.. Thik hai.. Hope we will get it tomorrow Smile

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Sree don't worry. It happens. Smile

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agree with Shreya Smile
it happens dear.. u need not take stress Smile
everything is gonna b alright Smile

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I will post result by today evening...i m trying to contact with her...i sent PM as well as messaged on FB...Hope she will respond soon...

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debasree04 IF-Sizzlerz

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I know everyone is waiting eagerly for the result Tongue

Before posting result I want to apologize to all 7 participants specially @Sheroo for giving so many trouble & unfortunately @Sheroo cant send the answers second times Cry i organized so many contests here from 2011 but never happen like this what i did this time...i m feeling very bad...cant express that...Ouch Sorry friends !!!
Thanx to @visrom, @snehal, @GD, anam_cid & @mano for re-sending the answers & special thanx to Shreya for writing the whole answers again Hug

I thought to get at least 10 participants for it but probably my question set is too tough Ouch Hope next time we can get more involvement from others Big smile

Before posting result i would like to post the answers LOL


First of all there is no negative marking so who wrote wrong answer just relax...and for correct distribution of marking i change the full marks of

some question otherwise its very difficult to give partial marking...i tried my best to clarify all these in regarding question...

1.How many times Aditya Srivastav played the character of police officer in his serials & movies? Name the serial/s and movie/s.[Can't be possible to give hints for this sorry]

Answer :

1-CID & Adalaat (Serial) as Sr Ins Abhijeet [I take this as one because character is same]
2-Satya as Ins Khandilkar [1998]
3-Saathiya as ACP Aditya Srivastava [2002]
4-Deewaar: Let's Bring Our Heroes Home as Pakistani Police Officer Ejaz [2004]
5-Darwaza Bandh Rakho as Inspector Dream sequence [2006]
6-Dil Se Pooch... Kidhar Jaana Hai as Sub-inspector Avinash Srivastava [2006]
7- Alwar [Tamil Movie][2007]

okay few clarification [i m mentioning because participants wrote all these wrongly but i give full marks if someone wrote the serial/movie name
correctly...i have not cut any marks due to wrong character name of that serial/movie]

a] In Dil Se Pooch he was sub-inspector
b] In Deewar he was Pakistani police officer while KK Menon's character was as Pakistani Army Officer
c] In Saathiya he was assistant commisioner of police...we don't know whether he was an IAS officer or not (its not mentioned)
d] Is he present in Darna Zaroori hei ?? as far i know its Darwaza Bandh rakho...really confused !!
e] Few answers Lakshya but there he was an army officer while my question was regarding police officer only.

There are 7 times (but 8 names) he played the character of police officer.
No one answers all these 8 names correct...

I change the marks for this question because i cant distribute marking - 8 names while 5 make it 8 marks for this question...
So now its obvious that who answered 1 right answer - 1 marks, 2 right answer - 2 marks & so on...


2.Abhijeet wants to call Freddy's wife but Freddy prefers Kajal to call & said - '...aap pehele wale Abhijeet Sir ho phir Sir mein aapke aage haath jodta hoon aap meri wife ko phone mat karna...pichli baar aapne jab phone kiya tha na mere ghar pe aag laga dithi...ek mahine tak baat nehin kiya tha usne...' (Quoting only Freddy's dialogs from their conversation).Which episode? [Hint : Read the dialogs carefully Wink you can easily answer if you read the dialogs carefully]

Answer : Khooni Raaste Ka Rahashya (28-01-2011)

Few participant rightly guessed it while others not...i said in the hints that 'read the dialogs carefully' if u read it u can answer it...the dialog starts with '...aap pehele wale Abhijeet Sir ho na...' it means its some episode before that Abhijeet sir has faced some mental issues & there are few prominent i told again & again i took all cid related questions from his popular episode...same here this scene comes after that AKAKR series...its  lovely scene where Freddy sir, Kajol & Abhijeet sir were present at bureau.

I change the marks for this question to balance with the previous now for this question marks is 2


3.This picture is taken from a movie set & the person standing right side of Aditya Srivastav is the director of that movie. Which movie it is & what's the name of the director?
[Hint : Look at the picture carefully you can easily answer it Wink]



Answer : Mohandas & Director - Mazhar Kamran

Marks - 5 (no change)
If anyone answered both give full 5 marks while anyone answered only movie name then give 2.5 marks

4.We generally see ACP sir does not believe Abhijeet when he is suspected for some crime though we know that by heart ACP sir knows that Abhijeet can't do any crime but maximum cases he doesn't show it recently we saw in 'Abhijeet Khatre Mein' episode but there are few occasions where he shows his faith on Abhijeet in front of others... as far I know there are only 2 scenes rather 2 dialogs of ACP sir where he shows his belief on Abhijeet when he is suspected for some crime, write down that 2 scenes with dialogs in brief with the name of  the episode .
[Hint : one from Tasha era & other from Anjalika era]
(If anyone know more than that 2 scenes you are most welcome to write that also Tongue)

Answer :

ACP - 'Aap chahe kuch vi kahe Dr Anjalika mei maan hi nehin sakta hoon ke yeh khoon Abhijeet ne kiya hei...he is such a brilliant officer' [Case of the Unknown Conspiracy (01-10-2004)]

ACP- 'magar Abhijeet mere dilne iss jhoot ko sikar nehin kiya...mujhe pata tha tum aisi galti kar hi nehin sakte...bina kisi wajah tum kisi mujrim par goli chala hi nehin sakte' [Khatre Mein Tasha (04-12-2010)]

In above 2 occasions ACP sir believes him when he accused of some crime & the all evidences are against him...i know you can say that Khatre Mein Tasha episode when ACP sir said that dialogs Abhijeet already proved innocent but we saw the previous episode saying that ACP sir sent KD to defense him in the court that implies ACP sir believes from the beginning that Abhijeet didn't shoot Jorawar without any reason.

clarification from my side :

a]Few answered Sr Ins Abhijeet episode in the lab while ACP sir said - "bura mat manna abhijeet mujhe tum par pura biswas tha..." but its said

when its already proved his innocence by forensic then this dialog doesn't actually imply his belief...Sorry i cant consider Sr Ins Abhijeet one...
But its doesn't affect in marks as i mentioned about only 2 cases.

b] AKAKR VIII----That Qualis scene where ACP sir & Daya sir discussed something & ACP sir show his belief...but that time Abhijeet sir didn't

accused of some crime...its totally different matter...

c] AKAKR X - Someone mentioned it also but here Abhijeet was not accused of a crime...its only Abhijeet sir who thought all these...

d] One participant wrote Abhijeet in Jail...yeah you are right that when KD said ACP sir appoints him to defense Abhijeet sir---it actually shows ACP
sir's belief...but i mentioned about dialog also which he told in next episode...

Marks distribution - 2.5+2.5=5

5. From which movie/s of Aditya Srivastav the following dialogs are taken----
A] 'rishtey nivaye nehin jate...jiye jaate hei...'

B]'...bed nehin hoga to vi chalega...sasta samjhta hei'
 [HINTS: He played totally opposite type of characters in these 2 occasions Wink]

Answer :

A] Dil Se Pooocho Kidhar Janaa Hein (2006)
B] Black Friday (2004)

Marks distribution - 2.5+2.5=5

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6.Before joining CID Abhijeet comes in disguises which mentioned in later episodes of CID. In which episodes it is mentioned? Write down in brief about these two disguise scenes.
[HINTS: Its related with officer centric episode Wink]

Answer :

1- The Drunkard [mentioned in Stolen Dynamite-1999]
In the beginning scene we saw ACP sir told Jayant about Abhijeet -
ACP Sir: "woh ek Police Officer hein matlab Police Officer tha..2 saal pehele Mumbai ke sabse achhe police officer mein uska naam ata tha...Daya bhi uske saath kaam kr chuka he.. yaad hei Daya 2 saal pehele April 1997"
Daya Sir:"haan Sir, wo din mein kavi nehin bhool sakta ..usdin humlog police station mein the job woh phone aya karnewale ne bataya ke koi jaruri jankari hei aur agar Insp. Abhijeet ko woh jaankari chariye toh use milne ke liye Kelibara ke Sagar bar mein raat ko 10 baje aa jaye"
And DUO went that bar from where Abhijeet sir was kidnapped.

2-Arvind [mentioned it in Sr Ins Abhijeet-2010)
He had gone to a bar where a Sidharth was dead and another guy was shooting a video. Abhijeet came up and tried to help Sidharth but the guy shot the video and made it look like Abhijeet, alias Arvind had killed Sidharth.

3 -The Criminal [mentioned it in AKAKR-I & VII-2011]
He and Dilip went to catch someone and Abhijeet had pretended to shoot Dilip.It happened when he was in police but not in CID.

Some clarification:
a] One participant wrote Flashback episode scene where team found one picture of Abhijeet sir with Survi...but its not mentioned anywhere its his disguised we cant take it as disguise.

b] Frankly speaking i dnt know about Stolen Dynamite one..Thanx to @mano...i checked the video & its very much clear that this scene is also from that time when he was in police but not in CID.

Marks distribution - means marks again changed to 6...
Who wrote at least something of the scene i give full marks for it...

7. This pics is taken from very recent episode...OMG !! Duo points gun at each other...very shocking...very rare scene it is...What is the name of the episode?
[Hint: Not just a normal murder episode, no yspt as well
And Please don't search the recent caps thread because the maker probably didn't post it]


Answer : CID Mein Gaddar (09-06-2013)

Marks distribution - make the balance changed it from 5 to 4...

8.Daya- 'achhe acting kar lete ho boss' reply Abhijeet said- 'mein to bachpan sehi acting karta hoon'
Which episode? Why Daya said this to Abhijeet ?
[HINTS: Its taken from one of his disguise scene, not very old Wink]

Answer : Maut Ka Bulawa (09-06-2012)

Abhijeet sir entered a bunglow in disguise of an electrician & he was successful to enter the bunglow without facing problems making fools one person there by his acting. That time Daya sir who was hearing their conversation praised Abhijeet sir by saying that dialog.

Marks Distribution : 2+2=4...again changed due to balance the marks with the following question...

9.Write 3 instances along with the episode names where Abhijeet giving a jump to catch a virus/bomb in hands.
[HINTS: One is from very recent episode other 2 episodes are from 2005-08]

Answer :
1]Secret of Code No. 571E1115 (19-05-2006)
One Scientist Dr. Vikas prepared a deadly virus named NAKHISIM..when DUO reached his house he tried to spill the virus..Daya Sir shot him but Abhijeet Sir jumped to catch the virus capsule before hitting ground.

2]CID At Ransom (30-03-2007)
He jumped to catch the granade thrown by Robin in Dr. Salunkhe's party demanding his brother Mark's freedom.

3]Khatarnak Virus Ka Rahsya II (26-01-2013)
The terrorist threatens ACP sir, Abhijeet sir and Shreya that they will blow up the virus then ACP sir decided to shoot the terrorist while Abhijeet sir jumped to catch the virus canister.

Clarification :
a]My question was " a jump to catch a virus/bomb in hands", it means all the instance where he catches only virus/bomb...One participant wrote Dynamite scene...but there he jumped to catch the man...i know that the bomb was present on that man's body but he didn't jump to catch the bomb rather he jumped to prevent that man hitting we cant consider this scene...

b] One participant wrote "Stolen Dynamite"...there he didn't jump to catch any bomb/virus.

Marks Distribution : 2+2+2=6...again changed due to distribute the marks properly...

10.'karna padhta hei Vivek, karna padhta hei , mujrim o ko pakadne ke liye beherupiya vi banna padhta hei'...which episode & who said this & why ?(Give details in brief)
[HINTS: Another disguise scene, very popular one]

Answer :  Khidki Ka Khooni Raaz (15-06-2010)
Abhijeet sir said this in return of complement to his disguise as estate agent Champaklal by Freddy sir and Vivek.

Marks : 2.5+2.5=5


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