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SRK (RK Simran)SS:KUCH KHAS (a special love story) PG 32 UPDTED (Page 30)

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Originally posted by vmpy

nice as well as funny update.thanx fr pm n continue soon

Originally posted by trishnawaliya

its fun to read duo fight... nice update...

Thank you

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Originally posted by vivkriti


Originally posted by -sofia1249-


Thank you
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Originally posted by Abhiya_Visu

That was funny
Loved it
Someone needs to tell simran what the scene is
Oh god how will rk convince her
Thanks for pm
Sorry for late reply
thank you.  Lets see how he convinces herLOL

Originally posted by Andromeda001

Hilarious hilariousLOL.
I m waiting 4 how they will manaofy Simran 2 complete this sceneWink.
thanks.  Don't think simran will be manofied LOL maybe it will be other way roundWink
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Rk temper was now out of control...he took a deep breath then furiously shouts-PACKKK UPPP!
Simran felt like bursting into laugh but she controlled herself and puts a straight face.

Hearing RK voice the director came running-RK what's wrong? 
Without answering RK furiously walks passing him, while the director runs behind him confused. 
Simran smiles and walks in the make up room.
She closes the door behind and bursts out laughing! 
Giggling, she takes out her IPhone and calls someone. 
Simran excitedly- heyyy shreya! Send a car to take me from the shooting spot!
Simran laughs hearing from other side- nothing ! Just send the car. I will tell you everything later!
Simran cuts the call and grins to herself.

On the other hand bittugi watches everything from the window of make up room .

RK is moving to and fro across the hotel room, holding a glass full of wine in his hand!
While Bittuji is standing at the corner of room , observing his chief keenly. 
Finally , with huff RK sat on the king sized sofa , sipping his drink in between and giving a relief to Bittuji as his head was spinning by watching RK to and fro movement! 
Bittuji could easily guess that his chief was not in good mood! And why he won't! That simran is getting in his nerves lately! Bittuji only wonders why doesn't his chief just throw that girl out?

Having enough of the silence, Bittuji decides to break it.
Bittuji- Chief! 
RK sipping his drink- hmmm...
Bittuji nervously- Chief! I don't think you should keep Simran as a heroine! 
RK frowns and turns to look at bittugi- Why?
Bittuji trying to explain- Chief she is not Right! I mean she is not a heroine material! 
RK stares at bittugi for while then says- appp mere swambar racha rahi he?
Bittuji shocked- jeee?
RK frowns- toh app ese kiu baat kar rahi he as like you are choosing my wife!
RKcontinues mimicking- Chief she is not Right!
Bittuji quickly- Chief woh esi baat nahi he!
RK interrupts- esi baat nahi he toh kesi baat he? Dont tell me ki apko mujhe se ishq hogya he! And you want to tell me that the girl is not right for me , you are the one only...who is my SOULMATE? 
In the end RK sexily smirked at bittugi who was gaping at him shocked! 
RK continues to drink.
Bittuji with deep breath- Chief I am serious! I need to...
Rk inturpts- when did I said you are kidding? 
RK turns to Bittuji- pehli are not a kid! Aur dusri baat jaab app kid ki nahi he can you KID...I mean KIDDING?
Bittuji stares at RK a for a while and says sternly- Chief mujhe woh Simran bilkul achi nahi lagti! Something is wrong with her. There was no need of forcing her into the film. Me toh kehta hu, heroine change karlejiya chief! Hum ek nya audition rakh lenge!
RK glares- you are not the one who decides! I am RK the superstar...and RK never chooses the wrong! 
Bittuji- but chief...the girl...
RK angrily- nothing is wrong with Simran! She is perfect. If the director is not having any problem, then who gave you the permission to have problem?
Bittuji trying to reason- you are not understanding we canceled another shoot! Just due to girl, 3 days hogya pehle din ka scenes abhi tak khatam hi nahi hua! Bahar media wale kya sochenge? Naya heroine ke liya RK shoots cancel karwa raha he! Humne sirf abhi tak ek din shoot ki he! Woh bhi half an hour!
RK furiously- let the media think what they wants! But heroine wont be changed. Agar apne ye phirse bola toh mujhe se bura koi nahi hog! Understand ?
Bittuji frowns- but app bina kuch soche kese decision le sakte he? App...
RK inturpts and glares- This is my decision! Aur RK apne decision kabhi nahi badalta.

RK finishes his drink gulping in one go and then put the glasses in table and carelessly moves his finger indicating Bittugi and says-GO! Good night. 
He then takes the remote control and turns on TV and sits on sofa lazily again.
Just then Bittuji shouts- Chief Simran is making plan against you!

There was a silence in the room.
All of sudden RK gets up in swift motion and looks at Bittuji furiously- What did you say?
Bittuji nervously- Chief I am saying the truth! She is planning something against you.
RK frowns at him.
Bittuji continues- after you left , I saw her in the make up room she was laughing! 
RK wide eyed- wait, you mean to say if someone laughs thats means he or she making plan against me? Seriously Bittuji! 
Bittuji- no chief...she was talking to phone with someone! I am just worried she doesn't do something big which may will create problem in future! 
RK quietly listens to Bittuji and looks lost.
Bittuji continues- agar ye ladki har din shoot cancel karwa ye ga toh bohot badi problem hojaye gi! The best thing is replace her. Mujhe toh lag ta he morning me usne jaan puchke tamasha kia tha!
RK then looks at Bittuji and says strictly- RK jab koi cheez chahta he toh usse hasil karke hi rehta he! And you know it very well Bittuji! 
Bittuji tries to make him understand- but chief...
RK inturpts- jab RK ko koi cheez nahi milta toh woh cheez jeed me badal jata he! Simran ab mere jeed he...agar mene decision le li he ki woh mere heroine banegi toh iski matlab he she will be the heroine! Chahe ye uski marji ho ye na ho.
Bittuji tried to say something when RK stopped him- ab ja sakte he! Thanks for this wonderful meeting! Now you may leave. 
RK points towards the door.
Bittuji nods worriedly and leaves from there.
RK then sits on the sofa and says in mind-tsk tsk tsk...Miss Simran Khanna, you have done a big mistake! Revenge from RK huh? Woowww! Sayed tum bhul rahe ho RK se jo badla lene ke liya sochta he uska anjaam bohot buda hota he! I guess you didn't notice my past history! Agar notice kia hota toh you would have never messed with me. If whatever Bittuji is saying true! Then I won't spare you! Tomorrow I will make sure you will shoot the scene! By force or by will, I DON'T CARE! 
RK smirks!


It is morning! RK was getting ready !
Bittuji who was standing beside him was talking on phone! After ending the call bittugi informs about a producer who wants to talk to RK about a new film. Bittuji tells RK that he has already informed the producer that RK is in out door shoot, will talk with him later!

After few minutes while RK was settling his hairs Bittuji suddenly spoke- Chief bhabiji ka phone aya tha raat ko! Woh keh rahe the ki app unse thik se baat bhi nahi karti!
RK tightens his jaws and turns around furiously- dont you have anything else to talk about Bittugi! Jaab bi dekho bhabiji bhabiji! What the hell is wrong with you? Ek toh me itna pereshan hu upar se apka woh bhabiji! Tell her not worry for me! And tell her to worry for her so called friend Mr. Sadakchap!
Saying this he angrily goes to the cupboard and takes out a file.
Bittuji was about to say something when his mobile suddenly beeped!
Bittuji frowns as he sees message arrived! 
Bittuji opens it and is shocked. 
Bittuji loudly- Chief! 
RK turns around glaring but his expression soon changed seeing Bittuji shocked expression! 
RK - what happened? 
Bittuji reads- hey! Simran here. Tell your Chief Beef that he don't need to pick me up! I am in the sets!

RK astonished- What????

RK walks into the shooting spot along with Bittuji! Every one was busy in decorating the sets. Just then the director spots RK. 
The director greeted him- Hi RK! 
RK non interested tone- HI!
The director- RK today is a very important sequence so you have to bring your emotions very well! 
RK was not really interested in director talks! His eyes were searching for simran. 
Just then his eyes fell on her. 
Simran is sitting on chair flipping through some papers, drinking coffee in between!
RK fumes seeing her.
His trance was broken when director patted his shoulder- RK! Are you here?

RK looks at the director- oh yea tell me!
The director looks at him confused.
RK- continue I mean! 
The director- oh yea , the thing is methli will give Abhendre a gift...
Suddenly RK inturpted- wait...what about yesterday scene which we were supposed to do!
The director- RK woh...errmm...I think...
RK orders- resume that! We will do it now...
The director shocked- NOW??
RK frowns- why ? Any problem!
The director worried- simran...
RK strictly- I will handle it! Ready the scene! 
The director stammers- ok..ay RK! As you wish.
Saying this he leaves from there! 
While Bittuji also excused from there for something! 
RK smirked sexily looking at Simran! 
Simran who was engrossed in papers didn't notice RK, while RK started walking towards her.
Simran was reading something on the paper , just then she felt a shadow hovering her! She looks straight and saw a man standing wearing jeans infront of her...she travelled in upward direction towards the face and she stopped! She stared at him with open mouth looking innocent as ever at the glaring face.
RK quickly changed his expression into fake smile as soon he saw her face and waved his hand dramaticaly- Morning! Sweetheart. 
Simran quickly put a big smile seeing RK though it was fake.
Simran- oh Hi! Good morning RK!
RK smirked- Smart ha?
Simran frowns- What smart!
RK leans towards her and simran leaned back towards the chair seeing his sudden action.
His face was so close to her. Simran looks at him wide eyed.
RK sexily- hmmm smart is not the correct word for are OVERSMART!
Simran glares at him- Sorry for the inturption ! But the Oversmart word suit you more!
RK looks at her furiously then smirks- ahaaan! So sweet of you...
Simran frowns at him.
Rk continues- you know what , you should put your overconfidence aside! Otherwise it is going to create problems in your life!
Simran frowns- are you threatening me?
RK dramaticaly- threatening and you! Oh my god...I can't even it imagine it in my dreams! Who can threaten a witch like you!
Simran shocked- WITCH???
RK furiously- yesss... and its you! Do you think I won't be able to know that you intentionally created that big fuss over a scene yesterday! 
Simran looks at him wide eyed! 
Rk moves back and starts walking around simran- trying to make me fool is not easy Simran Khanna!
Suddenly RK leans from behind on simran. And simran stopped breathing for a moment feeling his breath on her neck.
RK wishpers sexily- So Don't dare to mess with me! Messing with me means putting hell under your foot! So remove every kind of evilness from your mind and work like a nice girl! By the way I am pretty sure, tumhe kaal mere saat woh scene karne me koi problem nahi thi! Toh tumhr drama karne ki kya jarurat thi?
Simran fumed and swiftly stood up from her seat! 
She turned around and crossed her arms on her chest.
Simran frowning- are you trying to scare me? Then let me tell you, I am not afraid of you.
RK glares making hole on her face- YOU HAVE GUTS TO TELL ME THAT!
Simran arrogantly- ofcourse I do! Listen Kundra stop thinking yourself as some kind of VIP here! Its not gonna be useful to you! 
RK furiously walks towards her and grabs her arms strongly. 
Simran winced- oucchh. You are hurting me.
RK gritting teeth- Shut up. Shut up I said! Do you know people think 100 times before telling anything to RK! And YOU...WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!
Simran smirks- why? Did I hurted your ego?
RK angrily squeezing her arms more tightly- M-I-N-D Y-O-U-R L-A-N-G-U-G-E! (emphasising on each word) 
Simran cried- me! ITS HURTING! 
RK left her with a jerk. Simran looks at him with disgust while rubbing her arms!
RK warns- if it was someone else talking to me like this! Would have been cut of his head from the body.
Simran smirks- none of your stupid threats going to work on me!
RK frowns at simran. 
Simran arrogantly- I will do whatever I want to do! No one can stop me.
Simran steps forward towards RK and points finger at him- Not even YOU!
RK furiously- YOU...
Simran inturpts and says pouting- look Mr Rishabh Kundra! Its totally your fault to force me into the film! So firstly you shouldn't have done that...but now as you did it ! You will have to bear it! So now you should keep your mouth shut infront of me! Cause if you don't shut, by the end or in the middle of this film your mouth will be completely SHUT!
RK frowning- Are you ordering me?
Simran grins- no telling you! I am not what you see me from outside! Handling me is not that easy. 
RK - everything is possible for me! Don't forget I am a superstar! 
Simran rises her eye brow and says sheepishly- Really?
Simran evily smiles at him while RK glares at her- challenging me huh? RK challenge se nahi challenge RK se darta he!
Simran rolls her eyes- oh yea yea! Keep these cheezy dialogues with you. You know all these dialogues like duniya ki sare ladkiya RK ko apne sapne me dekhti he and all these which you tell in your interviews daily is not really going to work with me!
RK angrily looks at her. 
RK sternly- Fine! Done.
Simran confused- done?
RK smirks- yes...I will make it sure that by the end of this film you will never be able to show your face to me! And whatever you said me now, will regret it later!

Saying this RK puts dialogue papers on table and orders- Read this! Aur shoot ke liya ready hojao! We are going to resume yesterday scene. Wase bhi you have wasted my 15 minutes on this stupid conversation. 
RK was about to walk away when he hears...
Simran angrily- you started the conversation! And I wont shoot this scene. 
RK murderously looks at her and says clearly- I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANY EXCUSES! IS IT CLEAR? 
Simran gulps seeing his looks. RK leaves from there while simran fumes and says stomping her foot- What the hell does he think of himself? 


The make up artist was giving the final touch on simran straight hair...her curly hair is gone!! She had to make her hair straight for the scene and she  hated it already!

Simran irritated - for how long I have to keep it like this?

The make up artist- we could give you a wig! But making your hair straight looks more natural.

Simran angrily- wearing a wig I wont look different!

The make up artist- I am sorry Miss Simran.

Simran frustrated - My hair is ruined!!

The make up artist smiles- it will come back to its original form after you take bath! Its not permanent.


Simran was about to say something when they heard the director say- Shot is ready!
Simran looks around and sees RK settling himself on the bed.
Simran to herself- ye samaj ta kya he apne apko! If he can force me to do this scene then I can apply my dirty trick too. I won't leave him easily! 
Simran evily smiles to herself. 
The director- Simran come take your positions!
Simran looks at RK who was glaring at her.
RK pats on the next side to him on bed indicating simran to come right now.
Simran smirks and walks towards the bed and sits beside him.
Her dress was transparent white revealing her inner small clothes. 
As RK was shirtless, simran was staring at his perfect body shamelessly! And this was making RK quite uncomfortable. Its not that he has become shirtless for the first time! He had done that numerous times in many movies infront of many heroines! But dont know why RK was feeling uncomfortable at simran gaze.
RK pissed off- what are you staring at? Didn't you ever see a shirtless man?
Simran smirks and sexily says- I did! But never saw a sexy one...just LIKE YOU!
The way simran said was quite appealing and shocking to RK! She sounded so sexy! Whats wrong with her? Rk thought.

The director shouted- Ready! Put on the lights plsss!
Simran came close to RK and came under the sheet and layed down by keeping her head on his chest. 
RK gulped feeling wierd all of sudden. 
The director orders- put your hand on her shoulder RK and hold her tightly! 
RK nervously puts his hand on her shoulder! 
He was wondering why the hell was he feeling nervous to shoot a romantic scene! ?
The director asks - Simran can you just move little closer to RK? And put your hand on his chest! 
Simran grins at him and moves closer to RK such that their bodies was closer to each other and was getting touched often! 
The director smiles with satisfaction- ah perfect! 
The director shouts- LIGHTS! CAMERA...SOUND...ROLL AND ACTION!


RK pulled simran closer...putting one of his hand on shoulder and one on her waist.


Simran says romantically looking into his eyes-Zinadagi ki har subhah ki tumhare saat karma chahti hu!


RK hugs her tightly while simran wraps her arms around his waist hugging him tightly and puts on of her legs on his thigh under the sheet as like their bodies were touching eachother...RK was shocked!! But he couldn't do anything! He had to be in the character.

RK puts his head on simran as she kept on hugging him!

Simran continues-yea sab kab kahtam hoga abhendre ? hum sabke samne humara pyaar ka izzhar kab karenge?

Simran puts her hand on his shoulder, still hugging him! Suddenly RK feels Simran rubbing her thumb slightly on his shoulder...RK becomes confused! Is he imagining or she was really doing it? He couldn't even observe as he was in character...


Simran looks at him and he could see a naughty glint in her eyes...

She says hotly and romantically  -me tumse juda nahi hona chahti!

RK was confused...but as she looked into his eyes, he felt drowning in them!

RK cups her face and simran sighed...and RK felt something happening to him!

He shook the thought and brought simran face closer and planted a kiss on her forhead!

Simran was kind of frozen feeling his lips on her skin...


Rk cupped her face again- koi hume juda nahi karsakta Methli!

In the mean time simran hugged him by his waist again...and tightly hugged him.

RK continues-koi nahi! Main sirf tumhara hu...sirf tumharah!


Simran looks at him al innocently and romantically...

RK continues- humesha keliya...

Simran says- aur uske baad bhi!

RK replies- ha! Uske baad bhi...Main tumse bohot pyar karta hoon methli...bohot pyar karta hoon! Apne jindagi bi se jada...


RK feels simran rubbing her leg on his thighs...which was making him feel weird all of sudden!

Simran -Jindagi se bhi jada!

RK could see simran in character...but she was upto something!

RK- ha! Chaho toh aj ake deklo...

Simran smiles...with evil glint in her she moved little closer laying totally on him...

RK was feeling hard to concentrate now but he said with passion- Me tumahre liya apna jaan de sakta hoon...



Simran puts her head on his chest...hugging him and wrapping her legs around his waist!

Rk was hell shocked...what she is doing!!

RK starts fidgeting under the sheet trying to get off her grip as it was doing weird things to him...but simran don't seam to move a bit!! She was clinging to him like hell.

As RK tried to struggle, his face expression   changed to frustrated one...

Before simran could say her dialogue...the director shouted - CUTT!!

Simran looks at director confused...and left hugging RK...getting the opportunity...RK kicks simran legs off and sits straight and glares at her angrily!! But unfortunately simran was not looking at him that time and missed his angry glare.


The director says- the start was fantastic...till now!! Amazing completely. But RK suddenly your expression changed at end moment...and I didn't find the passion in your eyes!! And Simran Khanna you are doing amazing job!! Lets shoot again!

Rk astonished - the whole scene!!??


Ofcourse he was not going to do it from beginning...this GIRL was giving him some weird feeling! And he doesn't  want to experience it again!


The director smiles- NO RK! Just from the middle...when simran says Jindagi se bhi jada! Ok now ready...


Simran looks at Rk and grins at him.

RK glares at her furiously-   what the hell were you doing?

Simran frowns - what?


The director interrupts - Guys Ready?

Rk- yeah.

Before the shoot starts RK glares at simran again.


While simran just smirked.

The director shouts- Camera...Roll !! Sound..And Action...



Simran layed down again putting her head on his chest..hugging him! While Rk cups her face..

Simran -Jindagi se bhi jada!

RK- ha! Chaho toh aj ake deklo... Me tumahre liya apna jaan de sakta hoon...


Simran smiles and hugs him hiding her face in his chest.

RK looks down at simran...and he was shocked!! He could see her cleavage exposed to his vision...

Rk in mind- How the hell is she laying ?? Is she trying to seduce me...Oh God!


Simran speaks making Rk coming out of trance- Kabhi Kabhi Sapna Sa Lagta He Ye Sab.

RK could feel her body sticking to him...

Simran closes her eyes as she held him tightly wrapping her legs around him again!! RK feels uncomfortable.

Simran- darti hu ki...kahi ankhe kholu aur ye sapna tut jaye!


RK looks forward as he feels himself turning on...

RK with full passion- apne ankhe kholo Methli...

He again looks at simran- apne ankhe kholo Methli. Tumhara sapna sach he.(looking forward) Me kahi nahi jaunga! Kahi sirf tumhare pas rahunga...sirf tumahre pas!

RK looks back at simran- Me sirf aur sirf tumhara hu...aur sirf tumhara hi rahunga. Humesha Humesha keliya...


RK moves the stray of hair from her face as he moved his face close to her...he looks at her lascivious lips...simran remained her eyes close...

RK suddenly felt an urge to kiss her lips forgetting the surrounding !

His face were closing on just his lips were just so close to her!


The Director shouted- Cut!

RK snaps out from his dreamland as he looked around shocked...

Simran gets up from his chest and pushes him away as was still holding her not even realizing .



RK gets up from bed immediately and says - excuse me...


And leaves from there.









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I just love it dear, especially that Abhendra-Maithli scene in new version.Big smile It was one of my favourite scene from pkyek.
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omg that was hawt... :p

And now I think simran is definitely playing with fire. I wanna read more!
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lovely dear. simran being naughty. great
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oh poor RK..ROFL she is playing with his mind. Simran is one clever girl!LOL
i wonder what RK will do now! He seems to be completely affected by her.
Waiting for next! Update this one soon nafi!Big smile
and thanks for the pmHug

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