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SRK (RK Simran)SS:KUCH KHAS (a special love story) PG 32 UPDTED (Page 28)

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Something is cooking in simran's mind

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Originally posted by sanghita0000

If u ever feel bore or miss me, play bhendi bhendi with your so called friend son Mr. Bhendi pie! RK bhi na...LOL...btw awesome update...Big smile
thank uLOL
Originally posted by vmpy

a v nice update,nafi missing rk/viv terribly
thanks...and viv is back now LOL
Originally posted by Abhiya_eternal

Yipeee Me 1stDancing
Awsomee NafiHugAww Now Simran Turn to Fool Rk..Love itSmile
thank u
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Originally posted by Abhiya_Visu

Wow that was awesomethank u
Simran kya karegi 
We will only find out when u update
Continue soon will be updating soon
Thanks for the pm

Originally posted by ..Bournville..

ha ha ab simran kya plan kar rahi hai, i wonder
her plan wont be like by RK though ots not that great planLOL
Originally posted by devilish-grin

nice part
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Originally posted by bookworm-ALS--

lol lol lol. man i love srk. Heart
same hereTongueLOL

Originally posted by barki

Wow nice update Smile
Originally posted by MS-meghasharma

amazing update
thank u
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Originally posted by bellaaa

nice update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rk rockkksss LOL well now what will the plan of simran
wait and watchTongue and thanksBig smile
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Originally posted by cute.girl97

Something is cooking in simran's mind[/QUOTE]yea ofcourseTongue
[QUOTE=Paint.It.BlacK.]Superb chap!!!Clapthanks induEmbarrassed
things are becoming exciting!!
waiting to see what is simran's next move, as its clear she definitely has some plans to hassle Rk.she will torture RK with her tanturmsLOL
and loved the dialogues btwn Biwi n Rk. They were aweesuum!! Thumbs Up LOLthank uLOL
simran-Rk convo was short but rocked.
updt the next part asap. :)
will be updating today
Originally posted by captainplus

awesome StarStarStarStarStarthanksTongue
never watched mb ,bt here madhu cries 22222 much  Wacko n 4r nothing ROFLyea in show also she cries tooo muchLOL
poor rk Ouchyea poor himLOL
interested 2 know wat  simran is up 2 ?Tongue
tnx 4r the pm Smile
wil b waiting 4r nxt part of this as wel as " love happens once " Tongue
plz update nxt as soon as possible Smile
will be posting today
Originally posted by trishnawaliya

lovely work

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hello everyone here is next part...this part is kind of wierd but hope you all will like it!Embarrassed
the pink part is simran heart talk
violet part is simran mind talk

Part 10

Rk and simran arrived at the sets. Rk was surprised through out the journey. Simran was unusually calm and quite. She didn't even speak to him except few words! Rk was confused...she didn't even crib to stop the car! However RK shrugged the thought off.

Simran looks around the sets quietly! She spots the director coming towards them.
RK smirks sexily- good morning Mr. Malhotra!
Mr malhotra- good morning RK! 
Simran spoke out shocking RK- hello Mr Malhotra! Good morning. 
Mr Malhotra was quite shocked seeing such polite gratitude from simran as the same girl was in a bad mood last time! 
Mr malhotra nervously-hi.
Simran grinned at him while Mr Malhotra grinned her back nervously. 
Mr Malhotra turned to RK who was still shocked seeing simran sweet behaviour!
Mr malhotra- hey RK!
Rk came out of his confused state- yea!
Mr malhotra- I need to discuss with you something. Related to script. 
Rk - oh sure!
Malhotra and RK starts leaving from there just then RK gave a glance before leaving at simran who was staring at him .

After RK left simran pouts evily! Just then she spots bittugi looking at her.
She goes to him and smiles- hello bittugi! How are you? 
Bittuji looks at her confused- I am fine.
Before she could say anything bittugi hurriedly said- I have some work. 
He quickly left from there while simran shrugged! 
Just then a woman came to her and smiled- mam...come with me I will take you to your vanity van!
RK and Mr. Malhotra standing near RK vanity van. 
Mr Malhotra- Rk iss jagha pe hume sirf 15 scene shoots karni he! Aur unme se ek bohot important scene he joo me souch raha tha if we do it today?
Rk frowns- so lets do it! Isme problem kya he?
Mr malhotra hesitantly- err...your heroine I mean if she...
Rk with a bored look- what?
Mr Malhotra thinks for a while that how to tell Rk about it then finally he decides to explain it to him.
Malhotra- listen in this scene piya's look alike methli jo abhay ka pichle janam me premika thi! You know the princess! 
Rk getting the point- oh yea the girl for which abhay sacrifices his life and became vampire but the girl died!
Malhotra nods- yes there is scene in which both will make love! But we won't shoot that love making part! We will shoot the morning scene after that! Actually abhay will remember that when he will be with piya! So you understand what I mean?
Rk thinks for a while and then says- thats not big deal! Its just morning scene !
Malhotra- what about the dress? 
Rk frowns- what dress? 
Malhotra embressed- errr its actually...
Rk inturpts- don't worry its fine! She is not a child nor gharelu! She will be cool with it.
Malhotra- but...
Rk calmly- ready the shoot!
Simran in vanity van flipping through the dialogue papers! She is feeling bored!
She has already learn the it was matter of few minutes!
Simran frausted- what type of dialogues are these! Soo chezzzyy ufff...itna acha story ka itna pakao dialogues! Oh toh uss dumb super star ki film he! That's why such pakao dialogues...pata nahi iss fool ki movies hit kese hote he !
Simran dramaticaly putting back of her hand on her head- jindagi ki har subhah ki shuruat me tumhara saat karna chahti hoon! Huh my foot. 
Suddenly she hears voice...
Ooo so you like the story ha!
Simran shocked looking here and there...the voice sounded like hers!
Simran asks- Huh who are you?
Me your heart beat! 
Yea you cant see me but I can see you (giggles)
Shut up get lost!
Ah I am impressed finally tumne apni dil ki meri matlab meri suni..
Oh shut up! Me sirf apni dimag ki sunti hoon...RK ne mujhe force ki ab me isse nahi chodungi! I will eat his head till the end of shooting of whole film.

Suddenly some one opened the door of vanity van. Simran turns around and finds her spot standing there.

The girl confused- mam app kisse baat kar rahe the?
Simran shocked (in mind)- oh god! Did she hear anything? No no no.
Simran clearing her throat - what? I mean no...woh me phone me baat kar rahi thi!
The girl smiles nervously- oh! Ammm apko shoot keliya ready hona he. Come!
Simran grins - yea lets go!
Rk getting ready for his shoot when the director came into the room. RK was in his vest and shorts. The hairstyler was busy with RK hair while RK engrossed with his dialogue papers. 
The director said -RK shot ready!
Rk - two minutes. Btw when karan is coming for shoots?
The director- Karan Chopra will be coming for regular shoots from next week! 
Simran is sitting in front of mirror! She was bored...
Just then the make up artist gave her dress- wear this.
Simran looks at it and her eye popped out...
What is this! It is not less than two pieces of handkerchief! It was a short top which will come above her navel and shorts which will be above her thighs. 
Simran shouts- what is it?
Make up artist- dress! 
Simran flaring her nostrils- dress? You called this dress? Go and bring THE DRESS! I am not going to wear this shit!
Simran throws the cloth on make up artist face.
Make up artist shocked and kind of angry but then said calmly- mam this is needed for the scene! It is not like what you are thinking mam. You will be wearing a transparent gown over it!
Simran angrily- Go to hell! Are you serious? I am not going to shoot a bed scene am I ?
The make up artist was extremely shocked...
She asked nervously- err mam I know the scene is not something like that but its near to it I mean...
Simran in mind- oh god...Is it something like love making scene! Nooo damn it why I didn't listen to Mr Malhotra attentively! I don't even remember what is the scene! 
Simran glares- shut up you! You are not my director! GO AND BRING THE COSTUME!
The make up artist showing little anger- mam this is the costume! Mr Malhotra...
Simran inturpted- I won't listen anything! Just give me the real costume and get lost!
The make up artist was furious. She was about to leave when she hears simran saying ' and don't come with new excuse !' The make up artist fumes.
Make up artist frausted- sir I am telling you change the heroine! Otherwise we all will suffer.
Mr Malhotra worried- what happen? 
Make up artist- that girl doesn't want to wear the costume. I tried to make her understand that it is important but she arrrggghhh! 
The director- calm down! Try to convince her.
The make up artist irritated- I am not going to her and beg her to wear it! She should have common sense! Sir did you make her understand the scene?
Mr Malhotra frowns- ofcourse I said her everything. 
The make up artist pissed off- then I don't know. 
Mr Malhotra calmly- look we can't do anything! This girl is RK choice! And according to production house whatever RK chooses is just perfect! So no need to take any panga just deal with her. Do one thing! Change the costume. Take something decent not actually decent but as compared to that one ok.
The make up artist shocked- but sir...scene...
The director- do as I say change it! Agar simran ne film karne se inkar kardi toh RK mera film chod dega.
The make up artist frowns- sir why don't you make RK sir understand? This girl is big time tantrums queen...I heard...
The director orders- go and do your job. 
The make up artist takes out a night gown like which comes to the knee. It has a transparent white bathrobe.
She gives it to simran- here take this!
Simran irritated- what is this now? Is the production house suffering from lack of money? 
The make artist gives a boring look and says- mam humne apke liya costume change kia he! Agar apne sahi se scene ki bade me suna ho toh chup chap iss costume ko pehen lejiye wase bhi shoot ready he.
Simran frowns- excuse me. Are you giving me ORDER?
The make up artist with fake smile- jee nahi ! Its a request...pls get ready! We have to do the make up tooo.
Saying this she left from room. Simran makes a sulking face and looks at the costume. 
Simran was looking sexy in that out fit! The gown was stuck to her body showing her perfect figure and curves. But simran damn care about her look and outfit! She is busy on thinking what was the scene! 
She looks around the room...there was a king sized bed in the room . The crew are busy in arranging the requirements for the shoot. Rk was nowhere to be seen right now.
Simran worried ( in her mind)- why there is a bed? Oh god what if that good for nothing make up artist was right! This is something like...yuckkhh nooo! What it is supposed to be! If it is something like doing anything on bed then...then I will kick RK on the place where it hurts the most. Yes yes I am gonna do that. Bloody meee why I didn't concentrate on what the director was saying! 
Simran was so lost that she didn't realise RK has already came there. Rk was wearing nothing except jeans...his upper body was bare showing his perfect well built body and abs. He was looking just sexy as always! Rk was engrossed in talk with the director! Just then simran eyes fell on him and immediately all her thoughts flew in the air! Her eyes was all wide and she was gaping at him like anything! Seeing him without shirt made her mind go blank.
Simran wishpers -damn he is sooo HOT!
Simran could feel her cheeks turning hot. Mann she was literally blushing! Her heart literally stopped.
Suddenly she hears a voice-
so finally you are going gaga over him like any other girl!
Simran comes out of the trance and looks here and there and says in mind- what? Who is it!
The voice giggles- me you idiot! Your heart beat which is beating for RK right now!
Simran realises her heart was really running faster than normal! 
Simran angrily in mind- shut up! I am just out of breath!
The voice in teasing way- out of breath! Seeing RK ha?
Simran shouts in mind- get lost youuu! Btw why RK standing without cloths! 
The voice in seductive way- to get naughty naughty with you...ahem you know where!(laughs)
Simran felt blushing again...she again don't know how and what is happening! 
Simran suddenly getting furious (in mind) - yuckkhh you despo ! Stop giving ideas to me. Get lost from here!
The voice in shocking way- hawww you called yourself DESPO! Ah that's the truth actually! 
Simran in mind- are you leaving or should I kick you out of my mind! And despo is you.
The voice giggles- me or you is both same thing! Cause I live in your heart and you live in the mind. So despo is US! 
Simran screams in mind- SHUT UPPP!
Just then she hears the director and she came out of her thoughts. She looked at the director. 
The director- ok guys now take your places. Right RK! Lets take the shot.
Rk gives his thumbs up in agreement. He then looked around for simran and his eyes fell on her. Rk was shocked he couldn't believe. He knew that simran was beautiful but he never felt she would look this much sexyyy! She was looking breath taking wonderful!
Simran saw RK staring at her all lost...she frowned! Why the hell he staring at her like that!! 
Rk came back to senses when director asked to take places. He saw simran frowning at him. Rk looked away from her and went to the bed and lay down in half sitting and half laying position! 
Simran in mind- I am not going to let him go this easy! 
Making up her mind what to do simran evily smiled! 
Just then director said- simran why are you standing there still!
Simran looked at the director and raised her one brow- none of your business!
The director shocked. 
Rk frowns- come and get on the bed! We are already late! 
Simran frowns (in mind)- what the! What does he mean by late?
Simran walks to RK and glares pointing at his chest- what is this?
Rk confused- huh what?
Simran frowns- why are you naked? Where are your clothes? 
Rk shocked plus annoyed- What?
Simran gritting teeth emphasising on each word- WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES?
Rk frowns- what does that mean? 
Simran furiously- am I speaking Spanish? Go and wear your clothes. 
RK gritting teeth- what are you talking about! Stop wasting time and lay down! 
Simran furiously- how dare you? Don't tell me you don't know what I am talking about! 
Rk shouts- What the HELLL!
Simran glares- go and wear your shirt or else I am not doing this scene. 
Rk glares- what the efff you are talking! Do you think this is some kind of serial where the hero is in jacket even after doing suhagraat with heroine? 
Simran with fake shocking expression- hawww how shameless you are! You are thinking of manaoing suhagraat with me!
Rk shouts- oh shut up! Stop your useless talks! 
Simran frowns- don't tell me that heroine entry is directly on bed?
The director clears his throat as suddenly he was feeling highly embarrassed- errmmm you guys talk I am just coming in minute. 
The other crew members also went to do other work as such discussion was making them feel weird. 
Rk doesn't give any hood to the director he turns to simran and shouts- Miss. Simran stop your bakwas! Will you? What nonsense are you talking! Don't you hv mind! DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT IS THE SCENE! 
Simran flaring her nostrils- I only know you are such besharam!
Rk furiously- you are crossing your limits! YOU ARE INSULTING ME!
Simran smirks- you deserve that. Well I am not gonna shoot this scene! Its not because I am not comfortable with such scene but I am not going to do it with a jerk like you! 
Rk temper was now out of control...he took a deep breath then furiously shouts-PACKKK UPPP!
Simran felt like bursting into laugh but she controlled herself and puts a straight face.


And yes the role of Karan Chopra will be played by none other than sidharth karnik and i guess you all know which role he will playWinkROFL

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omg so funny
nice part
loved it

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