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Collab : Making u a perfect lover (Page 30)

akshusarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 July 2014 at 1:37am | IP Logged
Thankyou guys for the wonderful response for the story so far...If it haven't been you I would have stopped writing this FF...
I know many of you are feeling little bore But I promise from this update the story will move a bit enjoy it.


They stood there hugging each other for long time with smile on their faces and contentment in their heart...
The sound of rain droplets faded away...and the roads are soo silent leaving the couple for their own privacy...
Only the heart beats of the two in love people can be heard in the utter silence...
Arnav unhugged her slowly, cupping her cheeks he spoke with smile..."Toh tum bhi mujhse pyar kar rahi ho?lekin tumne pehle bataya kyu nahi?"(You too love me?and  why dint you tell me before itself?)

Khushi looked into his eyes and spoke..."aapne hame batane ka mauka kaha diya?jab ham aapse baat karna chahthe hein aap hame nazar andaaz ki hein..kayi baar koshish ki hein meine...lekin baat nahi kar payi aapse...aur jab mein nanheji se dosthi karna shuru ki toh aagayi na ghaadi raasthe pe ;) "(When did you give me a chance to tell you?when I want to speak to you,U ignored me...I tried alot to speak to you but I'm not able to...When I started to be close to NK then you came into the right way)She winked at him seeing the arnv's what the expression...

"Toh tum yeh sab mujhe jalane keliye ki?"(So You did all this to make me jelous?)Arnav asked to which khushi winked again Wink...
"Mein tumhe chodne vala nahi hu...You deserve a punishment for this..."Arnav spoke and moved close to her...but before that khushi stopped him...
Khushi opened her mouth in her usual way and spoke putting the hands on her hips...
"Acha jo aapne ki hein uska kya?aapne mujhe itne din  ignore kiya, jiskeliye mujhe aapse baat bhi nahi karni chahiye..."(Really?what should i do for what u have done?You ignored me for many days and to which I  should'nt speak to you..) Khushi turned to other side making arnav smile for her antics...
"Sorry baby...ab tumhari gussa dur karne keliye kya karna hein?bolo"EmbarrassedArnav tried to pacify her...
Khushi almost melted with his husky voice but still she tried to maintain the seriousness...and turned towards him...
"Acha maaf karthi hu...lekin kuch conditons hein"..."what the..."Arnav uttered...
"Conditions..kounsi conditions?"...
"Pehle aap mujhse wada kijiye ki aap meri conditions poori karogi"(promise me that you will fullfill all my conditions)khushi asked with very cute smile.

"Acha baby teek pehle bolo..."Arnav assured her and let her continue..

Khushi started dreamily "Bachpan se hame bahut saare sapne the...socha ki mere hone waale rajkumar wo hoga jo mujhe subah subah mujhe jagake good morning mujhe pyar se gol gappe khilayega,pyar se khana khilayega,date pe lejayega,mujhe surprise karega,hamare saath nachega,,,,hamse bahut pyar karega,aur ha sapse upar mujhe sapse romantically propose karega.."(I have many dreams since my childhood...I thought my rajkumar would be the one who wakes me up in the morning and wish me...who makes me eat golgappe,feed the food,takes me to date,who surprises me,dance with me,loves me alot, and to the top he will propose me in the most romantic way)

Arnav raised his eyebrow at the last sentence she mentioned...
"I proposed you khushi"Arnav spoke and winked at her...

"Nahi...woh romantic bilkul bhi nahi hein...Koi yesa propose kartha hein kya? 'I LOVE YOU DAMMIT'"(no...its not at all any one propose like that?)She imitated him making him smirk...

"Aapne toh in sab mein kuch bhi nahi ki hein...aur propose bhi romantically nahi ki hein..agar aapko humse shaadi karna hein toh yeh sab karna hi hoga..."(You dint do anything in any of them i mentioned..and you dint even propose romantically..if you want to marry me then you have to do all this)She almost warned him looking into his eyes...

She saw the devilish grin on his face and was confused..."Khushi hum shaadi ke bina bhi saath reh sakthe hein Wink "(we can live togeather even without marriage)Arnav spoke making khushi open her mouth and eyeswide...

she immediately spoke with sad voice...
"Nahiii...ham shaadi ke bina, saath nahi rehenge..."(no...we cant stay togeather without getting married)She turned to the other side making hurt expressions...
Arnav thought for some time and slowly moved towards her and hugged her from back...

A lone tear escaped from her eyes which dint go unnoticed by arnav...He immediately turned her towards him and wiped away her tears..."Hey sorry khush..mein bas mazaak kar raha tha..I know tumhe yeh sab pasand nahi hein..I'm realy sorry.please dont cryy...Acha teek hein ab se mein tumhara rajkumar banneka pura koshish karunga  ohk?"(I'm just kidding..I know that you dont like this.. i'm sorry and yes from now on i will try to be your rajkumar)He tried to cheer her up and was succesfull...she was so happy for his words...

"mein tumhareliye kuch bhi karunga khushi...its my word..."(I can do anything for you)he promised to himself and her making her feel the  luckiest women on the earth...Unknown to her khushi knew he has already fullfiled one of her conditions of LOVING her...

She smiled and hugged him tightly...arnav too hugged her with smile...
"agar mein tumhari conditions pura karunga toh mujhe kya milega?"(What will I get if I fullfill all your conditions?)arnav spoke trying to divert the emotional mood
Khushi lifted her head from his chest to look into his eyes..he smirked seeing her confused expressions...

"Mein aapse shaadi karungi.."(I will marry you)She spoke innocently...
"Shaadi toh hoga hi tha par usse pehle mujhe kuch aur chahiye"(we will marry anyways but i need somthing else)...
She was confused and later understood the hidden meaning in his words...She hit him on his chest making him smirk more...

"And I want a kiss in advance now"

Khushi turned into crimison red Embarrassed...

He slowly started to close the distance between .their lips,...their lips were too close that they could feel each others breath on their lips...

Rabbave in their background and the fast beating heart...Khushi closed her eyes anticipating the kiss but their almost kiss got broken by the ring of arnav's phone...(dammitt Angry)

arnav got frustated and felt like firing aman for disturbing their kiss..he took his phone out of his pocket and saw his dii calling him...
Khushi lowered her eyes still blushing when arnav lifted the phone and started speaking...

Arnav-"Ya dii..."

Anjali-"chotte kaha ho tum?Do ganta hua tum khushi ji ko chodne keliye jaake...aur buaji phone kar ke kaha ki khushiji abhi tak ghar nahi aayi hein...kaha hein tum dono?"(Where are you?it has been 2 hrs since you left to drop khushiji...buaji has called me and told khushi has'nt reached the home till now..) She spoke with tension...

Arnav was confused on what to speak and remained silent thinking what to tell his dii.. anjali got more tensed with his silence and spoke..
"tum dono teek heina chote?"

"Ha dii..ham teek hein"He spoke...Khushi understood the situation and took the phone from him abruptly and spoke to di..

"Dii woh kya heina...ab tak bahut jor se baarish hua toh hamne arnvji ko rukhne keliye kaha...isiliye der hue hein...ab ham nikalne waale hein"(what happened actually is...since its raining heavily i asked arnavji to stop the car...that is why we are late...we are going to start now)Arnav was astouned for khushi's excuse...

"Acha teek hein khushiji...are haa ham bhul gaye...kal subah sangeet ki practise karna hein jaldi shantivan aajana...payal ji aaj hamare saath hi rukhega bahut der ho chuka heina..hamne buaji se kehdiya"(ok khushiji...i forgot to say, tomorow be early to shantivan we should practise for sangeeth)Anjali spoke
khushi-"teek hein di.."
anjali-"Chal ham rakthe hein"...
with that anjali cut the call and busied herself in giving sendoff to everyone in the party...

"Are waah khushi...tum toh bahut hi acha explanation diya di ko..."(wow khushi you gave a very good explanation to di)Arnav spoke smiling at her..

"Kya karu arnavji...bachpan se hi mein yesi hu Tongue"(What to do arnavji...I'm like this since my childhood)She spoke giving a naughty smile...
"Really?"Arnav mocked at her...

"Acha khushi you must have told di about our confession"He smirked...

"Nahi arnavji ham dono yeh baat kisi se bhi nahi kehenge...kuch din ham enjoy karna chahthe hein pyar mein.."(no arnavji we will not say anything about this matter to anyone...I want to enjoy sometime in this love)Khushi spoke dreamily...

arnav smirked and spoke.."Waah khushi kumari guptha itni romantic hein..I'm so lucky to have you mam."he smirked seeing her go red again with his words..

she hit him on his chest and giggled along with him...

"Acha ab hamme praise karna chodiya aur hame ghar chodiye .buaji aur amma intezaar karthe honge.."(now stop praising me and drop me at home..buaji and amma will be waiting) she spoke and both of them started moving towards the car...
She suddenly turned to arnav and spoke.."aur ha kal aapko sangeeth mein dance karna hoga.."
Arnav was shocked to hear this...he know he promised to do everything that she want but he dint expect this from soonn..
"Khushi!!mein dance?no way I cant.."he mumbled...
"Apne kaha tha na aap mere liye kuch bhi karega..."(you told that you will do anything for me na)Khushi spoke to which arnav nodded his head like a smallkid..

"Ha lekin...mujhe dance karna nahi aata"arnav admitted making khushi surprised...She smiled seeing him and spoke..

"ham kal aapse practise karvayenge arnavji...aur ha ham chahthe hein ki aap hamari saare conditions jaldi poora kare thaaki hum dono hamesha saath rahe :) "(I will make you practise tomorow..and ha I want you to fullfill all my conditions fastly so that we can be togeather forever...)
Arnav smiled at her statement...

Both of them took their seats in the car and started to guptha house...
They spoke a lott in the car...and arrived to khushi's house..

Khushi was about to move from her seat when arnav stopped her by holding her hand...
He took her hand and kissed it lovely and left her...

Khushi felt happy seeing his gesture...She removed her seat belt bent and kissed on his cheek Embarrassed...and saying a quick bye she ran into the house...

arnav was firstly shocked to react to the sudden kiss...he touched the place khushi just kissed and smiled to himself...
He drove away  smiling  for the kiss Smile and thinking about how red khushi would have turned into...

Khushi knocked the door and stood there blushing, thinking about the kiss..
She was completely lost in the world of her arnav when buaji's words brought her back to the world..."Arree woh parameswari!!!!! kaha kho gayi ho?"(where were u lost?)

"Kya hua buaji?"(what happened buaji) khushi asked innocently...

Buaji-"Pagla gayi ho ka?pichle 5 mnt se mein tumse kuch puch rahi hu aur tum toh kahi aur kho gayi ho"(Have you gone mad?from the past 5 mnts i'm asking you something and you were lost some where else)...

"Haire nandakisore!!!phir se baarish mein bheegke aayi ho ka?"(Did you get drenched in the rain?)Buaji almost shouted on khushi making khushi aware that her dress is still and making her blush thinking about their rainy romance.. Wink

"are phir se kaha kho gayi ho?sankadevi bolo to sahi itni der kyu laga di tumne aanemein?"(again lost?atlaest tell me why did you take lot of time in coming to home?)Buaji asked bringing khushi back to world again( oho buaji U r disturbing the newly born love birds Wink)

"Buajii..wo..woh kya heina..jab mein aur arnavji aa rahe toh jor se baarish hua aur hame laga ki itne baarish mein ghaadi chalna acha nahi hein toh ham dono ek ped ke paas rukh gaye...isiliye der hogaye..."(It started pouring heavily when me and arnav were coming so we thought of stopping...that is y we are late)Khushi answered the same way she told to anjali...

when buaji was about to open her mouth again khushi stopped her immediately..."Buaji aap aesa hamse puchthe rehegi yaa hame andar aane dogi?hame bahut tand lag rahi hein"(you will keep on asking me questions or will you let me come in?) she spoke making a gesture that  she is shivering...
buaji gave her the way to come in...through which khushi almost ran towards her room and locked it...
"jaldi kapde badalke so ja...kal jaldi utna hein sangeth ki abyaas keliye raizada ghar jaana heina"(change your clothes and sleep...we should get up early go to raizada's for sangeeth practise) Buaji shouted from outside of khushi's room...
Her thoughts shifted to the condition she has put for arnav...She dont want to put the condition but she wants to see how much arnv loves and is so much confident that he can complete all her wishes... Smile

...baaki sara thoughts hota rehtha hein like blushings,thinkings,etc tab tak ham raizada ghar mein dekthe hein arnav ki halat kya hein...

raizada house...

Anjali saw arnav coming with wet clothes into the house...and what she saw on his face made her shocked(gutter minds not lipstick its his smile WinkEmbarrassed Tongue)
She came into his way making him break his smile..."Kya hua chote?tumhare kapde wet kyu hue?aur chehre peh yeh smile?"(what happened chote?why are your clothes wet?and the smile on your face?)she asked with confusion making him look at himself...

He looked at the mischevious look of his sister and thought of all the possible ways to convince her and got up with an idea.."Ha dii woh jab mein khushi ko chodne gayi toh ghadi karab hogayi isliye"(when I went to leave khushi my car is damaged so...) He made a good atempt to cover but...
"par khushiji ne kaha tum dono baarish ki vajah se rukh gaiii" anjali gave a 'see i caught u look' to which arnav again tried to cover up..
"Haa...pehle ghadi karab hui phir hum ne socha rukh jaana acha hein..."(yes.. first the car was damaged and then we thought its beter to stop for sometime.)
"Waise dii i have some work bye.." He cut her and immediately ran towards the stairs..
anjali kept staring at the sudden behaviour of her chotte..
First he is angry at khushi and showing somekind of possessiveness towards her in the party and now he is wet...
she felt like there is something wrong going on between them...but ignored it for now and left to do her pati seva. Angry..
Both of them stood at their balcony's looking at the moon and thinking about the beautiful evening they shared togeather...
A smile crept on their faces thinking about how things has changed suddenly between them.. they used to be like enemies and now they became the part of each other life where none of them would live without each other...
The moments since they met to the time they confessed flashed into their brains...
and both of them spoke at a time to their hearts..."Yeh tune mujhe kya kiya..."
khushi smiled and arnav thought of something in his mind...
and both of them went to bed dreaming togeather to have a happy future TOGEATHER FOREVER...Smile

Sangeeth ki practise mein love birds...

Thankyou Smile
Please do LIKE and COMMENT
These days i'm not able to update without the two main ingredients
so please let me know ur opinions about the update

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Alone111 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 July 2014 at 1:51am | IP Logged
Wow superb updt
I loved it totally

I was blushing so hard that my cheeks r hurting now Embarrassed
Brilliant prt

Continue soon

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-Dellz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 July 2014 at 9:17am | IP Logged
By god ki kasam
superb update
propose bhi kiya par aise i luv u dammit
uff yeh almost kiss beach mein humesha aata hain
dear superb update Vasu 

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.PastelDamsel. IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update <3
loved it.

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dhanyac IF-Rockerz

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nice update...
loved it...!

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pup03 IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely update !!! khushi wants to enjoy being in love with arnav before announcing to the families.. wah khushiji toh badi romantic hain.. arnav bitwa dekhte hain kaise conditions full karoge apni khushi ki.. loved the update.. Big smile

thanks for pm Smile

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Happytwinkle IF-Sizzlerz

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wonderful update
loved it
thanks for the pm

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awesome update

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