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MG FF My Perfect Bride Thread 3 (Page 57)

Twilightsparkle IF-Rockerz

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here you go 

your coffee

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JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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waiting for MG update

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Twilightsparkle IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by reachsky2011

waiting for MG update

me toooDay Dreaming

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Remya_Pillai IF-Sizzlerz

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20. Tables Turned with a Twist!!

Hello cutipie..

He was greeting looking at my left. par mein toh yahi hoon na. and y he is stumbling like that!! Oh god!! he smells alcohol!!

Maan r u drunk??

A little. Wo I was feeling bored without u. so dad and I had a very light drink!

He dragged me inside his room and shut the door. i was feeling tipsy but controlled it.

What r u doing?

3 geet!! Ek mein theen free!! But I love all geet..

He tried to hug me, but went in wrong direction. Here I was trying to act as drunk but janab ne phasi palat di!! Hw I m going to take care of him.

Maan.. ek kaam karo.. tum so jao..

No.. I don't want to.. mujhe ghaana hain..


Pee loon tere neelay neelay nainon se shabnam
Pee loon tere geelay geelay hoto ki sargam
Pee loon hai peenay ka mausam

He cupped my cheek and was gazing intently while singing. Even though it looked funny, blush rose to my cheeks seeing his intense stare.

Aww.. u looks cute when blushing.. those pink tainted cheeks are sooo like pink candy.. u noe how our cheeks gets red colored?


Good I vl tell u.

He tapped his chin in a thotful mode and then sat in a nearby chair.

Blushing is not under your voluntary control as it is caused by the autonomic nervous system that controls the muscles of the blood vessels of your face. In an embarrassing situation your body releases adrenaline as part of the ?ght or ?ight response. This hormone triggers the blood vessels to dilate, and the increased blood ?ow in your cheeks makes your face red

I noe all ur mouth has just formed in O shape. I should have expected something like this!!
He yawned like a big hippo.

I want to sleep geet. Come.. mujhe godhi mein uta lo..

Maan.. I noe u r drunk.. but think before u speak.

uffho geet!! Drunk men won't think. They just say what is in their heart.

He said slurring making his point more valid!! Oh god!! aaj ye meri band bajadegi!!

Aao.. utalo meri jaan..

Maan.. I cant lift. U have got more weight than me.

So!! U can diffuse a bomb, but cant lift ur own fianc..

He said whining making me more irritated. I went and supported him to stand. Thankgod!! He dint put his whole weight on me!! warna I would have becum colgate..

I sumhow dragged and dumped him into his bed and my own head was spinning due to drink I had taken earlier. I saw a glass of water on table and just drink it due to exhaustion. Y it taste so weird!!

Aww!! U stole my drink.. go.. I m never going to talk with u..

Oh no!!

I sat near him in the bed with my hands on my head.

Tumhe bhi need aa rahi hain? Come here.. mere paas so jao..

I giggled a little feeling so light..

But the night is still young bad boy..

Haw!! U r so drunk.. But I like drunken women as my partner..

Wo kyun?

So that in future u can keep me company na.. buddhu!!

That's right!!

I laid down near him and stared at the ceiling.

U look hot in this dress!!


I murmured shyly.

I want to dance !!


I felt maan dragging me and making me stand. I placed his hands on my waist looked at him smiling innocently.


He moved one of his hand and moved his finger as if he is playing piano !!

Ye toh Sharukh Khan kartha hain na in K2H2.

Toh kya.. Maan Singh Khurrana bhi kar saktha hoon!!

I giggled and pushed myself into him feeling his each and every abs. I could smell his exotic scent mixed with alcohol. Some of his hairs was feeling over his eyes giving him a boyish look more and that stirred my romantic side. I traced his chest with my palms and then played with those luscious hairs

Oh god! u will be the death of me!!

He groaned making me shiver.

R u trying to seduce me honey bunny ?

May be..

What if I say I m not drunk? Will u do this?

Hu-h? but y will i think like that?? u too r drunk dumbo!!

Forget it geet!! I vl help u to get in to ur room..

Par mujhe nahi jaana.. I want to sleep with u.

Geet!! U r making my control loose..!! do u noe what u r saying!!

I heard him muttering stupid plan but I dint understand as I felt my head heavy. I fell back into the bed feeling so free!!

Geet baby.. I m going to take u to ur room.. okay?


But I vl.


Maans POV

I covered her mouth with his palm!!

What r u doing?

I noe u don't love me.. esliye u r distancing urself..

She started whimpering and I rubbed my temples. To hell with the stupid plan!! I just wanted to have fun when I heard their dare outside. But I dint knew that she was already drunk. I was so lost in thot that I dint realize when she vomited few chunks on my shirt.

Jeez geet!!

Yuck!! Go away man.. u smell awful..

Says who!!

I picked her and placed her in the nearby couch. Then I ran to change the bad sheet, cleaned her and then removed my shirt. When I entered she was still giggling at her own god noes what joke..

Heyyy Maan babyyy..

She laughed drunkenly.

U r the hottest guy in this whole solar system. Can I lick those abs??

Point to be noted!! Drunken geet is feisty and more dangerous.

Toh madam ki dimaag mein ye sab chal rahi hain!!

She grinned like an idiot and hugged me suddenly. I felt caress on my chest.

Maan.. these abs r so soft!!

Geet please love. Don't make it hard for me. U should sleep.


Listen baby.. u r so drunk!!

No.. I want abs like urs..

I brought her in her own room and placed her own bed.

Sleep geet..


U want abs na. First u sleep quietly then in morning u will get abs like me.



Okay.. But u too should lie beside me. haan.. No touchings..

I smacked my own head and followed her instructions. Tomorrow morning is going to be fun.

Geets POV

As I opened my eyes I felt like a tornado is banging my head. I ignored the nauseous feeling in my stomach and adjusted my eyes to the light. Y Maan is sitting there grinning like a fool!! I closed my eyes and tried to remember the happenings. The last thing is entering Maans room according to dare and then he was drunk.. y I cant remember anything!! Mental Note !! Never drink again!!

Take this and rest for 10 minutes. U will be fine!!

Without questioning anything I took water and advil from his hand and gulped it at one go. Then I covered my head with the blanket still in sitting position. When I felt the pain easing I felt a little bit better.

How did I get here?

I was babysitting u from yesterday nite. Actually u were not at all ready to leave me. Maan baby.. I want to sleep with u..

He mimicked my sound and I closed my eyes tightly in embarrassment. Thank god!! My head is still covered in blanket.

Did I admit anything?

U were practically molesting me with words. Can I lick ur abs? I must say u r not innocent as I thot.

I m so sorry maan.. u must be thinking like I m some lunatic.

I said shaking my head at my stupidity.

aww!! so u r not denying anything!! that means hosh mein bhi yeh sab sochthi hain!!

Urgh!! Go away..!!

Relax geet.. Don't worry. Partially its my fault. I made u drink a strong alcohol when I heard about the dare.

U made me what?

Now what did I do?

Sab tumhari galat thi. What was the need to make me drink?

Oh really!! For ur kind information u were already drunk and ur dad is so furious.

What?? what is the time now?

11am. U have one hour to join the office and uncle hate late comers.

What did u say to dad?

Each and every truth of what his innocent daughter did.

y did u say those?

he too has the rt to noe what his sweet daughters r doing behind his back..

OMG!! I m so dead today!! Diii!!

Note: Thanku guys for the support. sorry for the late update dearies. My uncle is in ICU. Cardiac arrest. Now he is doing fine. Pls pray for him!!

@poo, laks, lils, neha: vl contact u soon dear..
@ritzy di,anu di : vl be commenting for each and every update soon..
@divya22 and others: good guess guys
pixelflower620 : thanku dear for start commenting.
@anushagurtian: control ur hormones dear.. LOL
maangeetforever : hw u noe my nickname?? poo??
@kalabhas: so u r the lady MSK? Wink
@parimishty: check fb msg dear..
@all: continue commenting and liking. And silent readers pls voice ur support guys..Wink

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_Greylicious_ IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update Monkey Icons

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awesome ud
i pray to good 4 well being of ur uncle

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update maan acting drunk and then geet got drunk it

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Beautiful update dear
poor geet uska dare backfire ho gaya Smile

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