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prabha75 Goldie

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Posted: 11 July 2013 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
sad update

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vrindagupta IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 3:49am | IP Logged
superb update
liked how khushi praised arnav in comparison to samrat
never thought her father would go till this extent
who abuses his own daughter that too till this extent
always love arnav's care for khushi
wonder what he'll do to shashi

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abika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 4:25am | IP Logged

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hiralhk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 5:08am | IP Logged
waiting...Day Dreaming

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..Sugar_ArHi.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 10:02am | IP Logged


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Part 8

Khushi: "He always abuse me Arnav.. I can never take this anymore.. It's pain.. He didn't care that he was giving me pain.. I.." She cried out loudly when the flashes flashed in front of her eyes..

Arnav: "I will never let that person's shadow fell on you.. I promise.." His hand move to her hair and he can feel some liquid.. He took out his and was shocked beyond words when he saw blood on his finger.. He cursed the person who did this.. "Who did this to you Khushi..??" His anger was boiling.. If he get the person in front of him now he would hit him and torture him the way he did with his wife.. He won't spare him.. He will turn the person life upside down.. He have to pay for pointing his finger to his wife and touching the diamond of his heart.. Which he loves the most..

Khushi: "Dad.." His eyes widen.. That one word was too hard for him to digest.. His mind stop to works and he couldn't believe a gentlemen like Shashi Gupta can do all this and that too to his own daughter..?? he clenched his fist and his teeth.. His collar bone clearly visible and his anger for that man was surely justified..

Arnav: "How dare he..??" He roared in anger.. "I won't spare him Khushi.. he have to pay for this.. How can he touch my wife.. Who gives him the right..??" He shouts in anger.. Khushi who was hearing all this was sobbing on her husband's chest.. She wrapped her hand tightly on his waist..

Khushi: "Arnav.. I'm scared from him.. He will do this again.. I'm scared Arnav.." His eyes moist hearing her cracked voice.. He took her in his embrace and shower her all the loves he have for her..

Arnav: "I won't let that happen Khushi.. I won't.. And he owe me an explanation.. He did a big mistake by putting his hand on my wife.. I won't tolerate it anymore.." he lifted her up and took her to his room he placed her on the bed and immediately dial for the doctor and meanwhile he call his family member to accompany Khushi while he wasn't here..He need to deal with his father in law now..


Gupta House

Shashi was seating on a single couch and clenching his fist in anger.. There were no repented on his face.. He don't even feel guilty carrying his hand on her married daughter.. He eyed Garima who was sobbing at the corner..

Shashi: "This all happen because of you.. If you have told me about Samrat then I will never get this hyper and you was the reason Khushi's have a spoiled character.. You was busy with your parties and didn't even knew how to take care of your daughter.." He throws all the blamed on her not even taking glimpsing of it.. "That…" he stopped when the door bell ring and yelled for the maids to open the door.. Seeing the person who step in the house.. Shashi and Garima was literally shocked.. They was aware of the temper that their son in law has.. "Arnav Bitw…" His words stuck in his throat when a hard slapped lean on the old man cheeks.. He grabbed his collar and brings him near his face..

Arnav: "How dare you..??" he yelled on his face.. "How dare you touch my wife Damn it..!!!" He roared in anger.. His red blood eyes was shooting bullets to his father in law..

Shashi: "I'm his father.. I have right to do whatever I want with my daughter.." He snapped out when the slapped pain beak his heart..

Arnav: "Rights..???" He pressed his words.. "You have lost those rights when you get her married with me..?? I'm the only person have rights on her.. Not you.. And Mr.Gupta I won't tolerate this shit of yours.. You have to paid every single tear of my wife.. You treated her like an animal and you didn't even thought the person you was ill treating was my WIFE..!! ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA's wife..!!" His tone was quite harsh.. "Today no one can rescued you from my wrath.. I always respected you but from now onwards you don't even deserve to stand in this world.." He meant each and every words he spoke.. He don't care if he is his father in law.. He don't care if his ages his elder then him.. The only he cares was his wife and her tear her pain always bother him and whoever touch or give pain to his wife he would make the person's life upside down.. Garima run to Arnav and tried to make him leave her husband's collar..

Garima: "Arnav Bitwa.. We can talk on this matter then making it more worst.." He gives her an murderous glances..

Arnav: "You should think this before leaning your bloody hand on my wife.." His high tone was enough to make this lady shiver.. He looked back at his father in law.. "Do you know what Khushi means to me..?? She is my life Damn it and you have done a big mistake by hurting my life.. She is everything for me.." His red eyes moist when her crying and pain image flashed in his mind.. "You…" His words stop when there where sudden pulled from behind.. Which was none other than Aman who reached with the police.. He pulled Arnav and make him stand away from his father in law.. he was aware of his anger.. In anger he can do anything.. He can cross all the limits.. The police hold Shashi..

Garima: "Arnav.. You can't do this.. He is your father in law and your wife's husband..?" She plead to him.. Doesn't matter how bad is her husband..She as a wife would always be with him..

Arnav: "SHUT UP..!!" He roared again.. "I don't have any father in law like him.. My father in law is dead when he put his hand on my wife and I don't even consider you as my mother in law.. You should stop all this not watching him abusing your own daughter.. Last time I have given you warning when you was almost slapping my wife but now don't expect any forgiveness from me.." His deadly eyes was showing how much he hate them..

Aman: "ASR.. We should go back now.. Lets the police handle all this.." He was about to drag him but his next action surprised everyone when he turn and punched on Shashi's face.. Which make that old man fell on one of the constable..

Arnav: "This is nothing to be compare to what have you given to my wife.. From now on wards you people are dead for me.. All the deals between Gupta's and Raizada's end here and I don't even knew who is Shashi Gupta.." Once he barked out he marched towards the exits while Shahsi been took to the police station.. Aman been instructed to handle everything from here.. Because his chief don't even wish to see those faces again..


Once he enter his condo, he straight away marched towards his room where his wife was.. He didn't even bother to greet any of the family members.. His anger was surely notice by them and they heard what had happen in Gupta Mansion.. He open his room doors and saw her.. His angel seating on the bed leaning her back on the headboard.. She open her eyes when she heard the room's door open.. Her eyes moist so does his.. Her pale face and her bruise was showing she was in pain.. He walked towards her and seat on the edge of the bed.. Before she could speak anything.. he took her in his embrace..

Arnav: "I'm sorry Khushi.. I was always wrong about you.. I'm sorry for giving you pain and I'm sorry for not understanding you.. I'm really sorry Khushi.." He gulped down his sorrow..

Khushi: "No Arnav.. You wasn't wrong.. I'm always misunderstand your intention.. I should give you a chance rather than blurting out all my anger on you.. I'm sorry Arnav.." She rested her chin on his shoulder and replied on his hugs..

Arnav: "I'm promise Khushi.. I will make them pay for all this.. I won't spare anyone who gives you pain.. I promise.." He patted her back and make her relax.. he can hear her silence sobs and her tear was rolling which making his shirt wet.. He cursed that man who did this to her..


Nearly one week passed and Khushi's health was improving day by days.. She was getting a special care from her husband and most of the time he accompany her at home and watched movies and play with her immature games.. If he not able to stay with her he would ring Neha or Anjali to accompany her during his absence.. The bruise and the pain on her body already disappear with the pamper she was getting from her own little world..

Neha: "Khushi.." She called her breaking her chain of thoughts..

Khushi: "Huh.." She seem lost..

Neha: "Come in a real world Khushi and stop thinking about your husband.. he will be back in 2 hours.. Then you can think and admire him.." Khushi throw a small pillow on her best friends..

Khushi: "How you knew I was thinking about him..??" Neha give a small smile to her..

Neha: "It's clearly written on your face Khushi and your eyes are still searching for him even you knew he was in office.." Her face turn crimson red hearing this.. "I didn't knew my best friends knew how to blush..??" She start to tease her..

Khushi: "Shut up Neha.."

Neha: "Okok.. But Khushi did you told ASR about Samrat.. I mean.." Been interrupt..

Khushi: "I told him everything and he just listen to me quietly without creating any fights.." It was true she narrated the whole situation to him and he didn't give any comment on this.. But it was clearly seen on his face he don't like Samrat's name been took in front of him.. While which husband like this when his wife talking about her ex.. She too won't like it.. Since that day, she didn't took Samrat name and for her Samrat doesn't even exist anymore.. When she have a loving and caring husband with her..

Neha: "That's call true love Khushi.. And you should give him a chance. Let him love you in his way.." Khushi nodded in agreement.. This was what she was thinking.. "So what are you planning for your husband.." With raising brows..

Khushi: "Why should I tell..??" with a broad smile on her face..

Neha: "Make sure it's not something Dangerous Khushi.. Or else tumare Dangerous Ishq ko kissi ki nazar lag jai gi.. (Or else your Dangerous Ishq will be eyed by some dark eyes..).."

Khushi: "That will never happen because that person have to face this Dangerous Khushi.." She pointed on herself with a wide smiles..

To be continued..

By next week i will end this SS.

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--MISHTEE-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Loved d update
tat was awesome
yay am first Dancing
pls update soon
Thanx for pm Smile

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hiralhk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 10:05am | IP Logged
Just superb update...
wow... I just love Arnav...
khushi is planing something special for Arnav... Woow...
cant wait...
so next update will be dangerous to
arshi romance will coming up...
but sugar Arnav should punish dt samrat..
p.s: I want to be first but never mind will res it in next update...pakka...

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rini_kat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Love the update.Love how Arnav-Khusi relationship is progressing.But u r ending it too...Shocked

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