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smiley-shiney IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 July 2013 at 10:34pm | IP Logged

  awesome update

  Happy that finally Samrat true colorscame out

  Now Arnav should handle Samrat

  waiting for the next update

  Thanks for the PM

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Breath-Mark IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 July 2013 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
Go Khushi ! Haha, thank god she didn't leave it at that and slapped Samrat.
Always knew he stuck around for money.
I hope Khushi apologizes to Arnav and start learning to be a good wife to him for now on. 

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-Megha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 July 2013 at 2:57am | IP Logged
Khushi SLAPPED Samrat !!
WOOO! \m/

Aannnddd noww, its Arshi all the waaayy ..
Weee! :*

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SushmitaDas1 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 July 2013 at 6:41am | IP Logged
I knew it Sam was cheating on her... I hope now Khushi Arnav as her hubby...

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flutterlashes IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 July 2013 at 3:51am | IP Logged
wow!!! wat an amazing update!!
nw i hope khushi will strt her life
wi arnav...
awesome part!!!

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deepa0507 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 July 2013 at 9:28am | IP Logged
it was nice update di
thanks for pm me a lovely update
a dangerous twists Thumbs Up

love u always


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..Sugar_ArHi.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 July 2013 at 9:41am | IP Logged


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Part 7

Khushi and Neha walked out of the Hotel.. Neha was scared to built a conversation with her.. She saw her outburst few minutes ago.. She didn't want to risk herself or mess with her.. But her mouth was itching to speak with her..

Neha: "Khushi…" She stopped and look at Neha.. Giving a look like nothing happen few minutes ago..

Khushi: "What..??" with raising brows..

Neha: "Are you alright..??" She touch her shoulder just to give her some strength..

Khushi: "I'm the most stupidest person in this world.. I was building a dream with the person who I loves.. But see what he gives me..? Only betrayal.." They seat at the nearby bench..

Neha: "I knew Khushi it's hard to accept when the person we love the most ditched us.. I understand your feeling.." She gesture with a mock smile..

Khushi: "It wasn't love Neha.. It was just an attraction or I can say it was a way to stay away from loneliness.. Mom and dad was there but I didn't find soul in them.. Mom was busy with her parties while Dad was busy with his business.. And I don't even have guts to talk with my dad.. his one look are more than enough to make me scared.. We was like this since years.. I too wish to have a father who will love me and take me out for a family trip but my life wasn't normal as other.. Dad was more to business and he didn't let us come in between his life.. While Mom was there but it was too hard to get along with her.. She was affair of Dad and she never disobey him.. Dad force me in this relation and that was the reason I been tied a knot forcefully with Arnav the men which I didn't even met and all happen in sudden where there were no reverse.. I can't rotate my life.." She wiped her tear which was about to fall on her cheeks..

Neha: "Khushi face it as a brave girl and I can see how much ASR love you.. Why don't you give a chance to your married life and bring a new glow in it.. Maybe you can achieve those happiness in your married life.." The name of Arnav brings a new feeling in her.. A feeling which don't have the identity nor a specific name.. Which was still unknown..

Khushi: "He is a very good husband.. he knew everything about Samrat but still he didn't divorce me.. Not to say he was encouraging me to develop my relation with Samrat but he…" She stopped.. She didn't know how to describe her husband.. he is too complicated.. He loves her and she didn't even aware since when..?

Neha: "Khushi that show the real love.. He was aware about all this and he still didn't divorce you.. Khushi you should give him a chance and let him love you in his way.." She nodded in agreement.. She was thinking on this when she saw Samrat with some other girl.. She was sure that Samrat wasn't made for her but Arnav.. Who was now her husband.. Just then Khushi's mobile start to ring.. She saw the caller was her driver.. She answer the call..

Khushi: "Mohan..??"

Mohan: "Mamm.. I have to go home now.. My mother wasn't well and I can't drop you at home.. I'm waiting for you at the parking lot so I can hand you the keys.. If you want I can call ASR to inform him all this.."

Khushi: "It's okey Mohan.. You don't have to inform Arnav.. I will drive by my own.. Give me five minutes I will reach at the parking lot.." She cut the called and walked with Neha towards their car.. Mohan passed her the key and he went back home with a taxi.. While Neha took her own car and she too drive to her Condominium.. Khushi was starting the engine when she received a second call.. She took her phone in her hand and was shocked to see her father's name on the screens.. She hesitantly answer the call.. "Dad…"

Shashi: "I'm waiting for you at Gupta Mansion.. I need to talk with you.." He cut the call without listening her answer.. She was literally scared to go but she don't have the courage to disobey her father's order.. She drive to Gupta Mansion..


Gupta Mansion

There were pin drop silence no one dare to interrupt in their conversation which were going to happen in next few minutes..

Shashi: "Who is Samrat..??" Khushi's eyes popped out.. She was sure her father doesn't knew anything about Samrat then how he come to know this today.. "I asked you an answer Khushi.." with stern voice which surely scared her..

Khushi: "He.. He… He.." She stammered..

Shashi: "Your boyfriend.." He shouts.. She shut her eyes and held her mother's hand tightly.. She was shivering same goes to her mother too.. "I let you marry Arnav Singh Raizada thought you will have a better future and my business can expand by your marriage but you was busy flirting with your boyfriend.. And the most shame was when you went disco and get drunk.. Ridiculous Khushi.. I feel shame to claim you as my daughter.. I wish I don't have a daughter like you.." He roared in anger.. Khushi's eyes moist hearing this.. She can never accept this..

Khushi: "You did all this forcibly and my marriage wasn't for my future but for your own benefit.. For you money was more important than your daughter's feeling.. You didn't even care to ask her regarding this proposal.. The only you know was money and money.." She shouts her lungs out.. This was the first time she gain some courage to back answer her father.. She didn't care the consequence.. She was hurt by his behaviour and she wanted to let it out everything..

Garima: "Khushi.. Please stop.." She plead knowing the consequence which is waiting for her..

Khushi: "No mom.. Let me talk.. Because I knew after this I won't able to speak up for myself and let me end all this.." She looked at her father who was eying her.. "Yes me and Samrat was in relation before marriage and.." Her voice stuck when a hard slap lean on her cheeks.. She literally move backwards by the sudden hit.. he grabbed her hair and roughly throw her on the floor.. Khushi hissed in pain.. She knew what was coming.. This wasn't the first time she been beaten by her father.. It happen before too.. He open his belt and start to hit his own daughter.. She was crying hard bearing the pain.. She wish someone come and help her and took her out from her father's shadow for forever..  

Garima: "Please leave her.. Please.. Don't hit her.." She hold her husband hand and plead to him.. Shashi waves her hand and she fell on the floor.. While he was continuing beating her with the belt..


Arnav was back home 2 hours ago and he was walking restless in the living room.. His heart was whispering that something wrong going to happen today and he didn't want any harm to fall on Khushi.. He try to call her several time but she wasn't answering his call.. His nervousness was increasing in each passing minutes.. He called the driver which he send with her..

Arnav: "Hello.. Mohan..??" he asked.. "Where is Khushi..? Why didn't she reach home yet..?? Where the hell are you..??" He was getting panic..

Mohan: "ASR.. She drive back by her own.. My mother wasn't well so I have to give the key to her and she decided to drive by her own and she didn't let me to inform you.."

Arnav: "What..!!" He shouts.. "What time she left..??"

Mohan: "Three hours ago.." his eyes widen.. 3 hours and she still didn't reach home yet..? he cut the called and dial for Aman..

Arnav: "Aman.. Send some guards to find Khushi.. She might be in disco or any shopping mall.. She won't go far from here.." He narrated the whole situation to Aman and he strictly warn him to find her in safe and sound.. Once he cut the call he took his SUV keys and was about to walked out but stop when he saw the main door open and there he saw her.. She was holding her stomach and she was looking messed up.. His legs was glued on the ground.. The moment she took another step she fell on the floor and hissed in pain.. Arnav run to her and took her in his laps.. "Khushi.. what happen..??" He can see some blue and black mark on her body and some blood at the corner of her lips.. Her body was full of bruise..

Khushi: "Arnav…." She looked in his eyes.. "Please take me from here.. Please.." She cried on his chest.. His eyes moist seeing her like this.. He will never forgive the person who was responsible for her state.. He didn't give permission to anyone to touch his wife and now the person surely invite hell..

Arnav: "Who did this Khushi..? Just tell me his name..?" He hug her tight not willing to leave her..

Khushi: "He always abuse me Arnav.. I can never take this anymore.. It's pain.. He didn't care that he was giving me pain.. I.." She cried out loudly when the flashes flash in front of her eyes..

Arnav: "I will never let that person's shadow fell on you.. I promise.." His hand move to her hair and he can feel some liquid.. He took out his and was shocked beyond words when he saw blood on his finger.. He cursed the person who did this.. "Who did this to you Khushi..??" His anger was boiling.. If he get the person in front of him now he would hit him and torture him the way he did with his wife.. He won't spare him.. He will turn the person life upside down.. He have to pay for pointing his finger to his wife and touching the diamond of his heart.. Which he loves the most..

Khushi: "Dad.."

To be continued..

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devilindisguise IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 July 2013 at 9:42am | IP Logged
That was fantastic
She praised Arnav omg
shashi called her n i seriously dint recieve good vibes
omg he is a monster
garima is jz a spineless woman
poor khushi...i somehow felt arnav wud cum to her rescue
he was worried abt her
he was so worried seeing her in that state was so touching
d way he said he gnna make dat person's life hell was my fav pary
she askn him to take her away.
it was her dad dnno wats gnna b his reaction

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