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Part 6

Arnav: "What happen..??" he was anxious seeing her like this.. She sign him to carry that tray.. He hurriedly took and she jump out from the bed and run towards the bathroom.. she start to throw out.. Arnav who was standing at the doorstep was having a lot of doubt.. Just then she come out from the bathroom wiping her face with a small towel..

Khushi: "What..??" She asked when he saw his fury face..

Arnav: "Are you pregnant..??" She was shocked and was lost of words to respond on his query.. She clenched her fist..

Khushi: "Are you mad..!!" She shouts..

Arnav: "Then why was  you throwing damn it…??" he too blurt out in anger.. He really wish whatever he was thinking wasn't correct.. Not even glimpse of it.. He can never accept all this craps in his life..

Khushi: "You saw me throwing and you made your own speculation that I'm pregnant…?? You are nuts Arnav Singh Raizada..!!" His eyes widen.. This was the first time someone call him nuts.. Which was synonym to Stupid in her comment..

Arnav: "Just stop all this..!! I just asked you and you have to just give me an answer YES or NO..!!" He roared in anger..

Khushi: "Of course NO.." She pressed her last words.. He sigh in relief.. At least she won't be carrying someone else son and he don't even want to ruin his reputation if the media found out that his wife is pregnant with someone else baby.. It would be big slap on his face..

Arnav: "But why were you throwing..?? Is everything alright..?? I mean.." He stopped from speaking further.. He run to her and hold her in his arm.. She was holding her head.. Her eyes was closing and in between she was blinking to vanish the blur views.. "What happen Khushi..??" He patted her cheeks but she didn't respond on his question.. Sweat beads form on her forehead.. He hurriedly lifted her up and placed her on the bed.. He dial for the doctor immediately.. He notice her face was getting pale and she was holding her forehead.. Once he instruct the doctor he went to her and seat on the edge of the bed.. "Is it paining..??" He asked softly.. She nodded weakly.. He removed her hand from her forehead and place his.. He was massaging and held her another hand in his.. She looked in his eyes.. She can see the concern and the worries.. She doesn't understand one thing why she has a soft corner for these men..?? She just met him few days ago and married him in drastic way but why there are sudden pull in her which was dragging her towards him.. She give him a weak smile..


Two days passed and Khushi been instruct to take fully bed rest.. She didn't been let to stay out from her bed.. All her request and her food been send on her bed.. She been take care of her husband.. Since the day she fell sick he started to work from house and in between taking care of her.. She was feeling dizzy because she didn't had her meal properly.. She was taking some snack rather than some energetic food which can provide her energy.. But after taking rest she feel fresh and more healthy.. She wanted to spend some time with her friend Neha.. She called her to accompany her for a shopping..

Khushi: "Neha.. I meet you at Mall.. Be on time.." Once done she call her husband to ask for his permission.. he answer the call after two beeps..

Arnav: "Anything Khushi..??" He was checking mails on his laptop while his phone was on loudspeaker..

Khushi: "Arnav.. Can I go for shopping..??" He stopped and off the speaker and lean the phone near his ear..

Arnav: "NO.." that one rejection make a bit sad..

Khushi: "Please Arnav.. I'm feeling bored at home and you don't have to worry Neha are accompanying me..She will be there with me for the whole day.." She tried to gain some sympathy from him even it was impossible..

Arnav: "You wasn't well Khushi and now you are insisting for a shopping.. What if anything happen there??" He was trying hard not to melt in her soft tone.. She was very clever in manipulating him and he can't let this happen..

Khushi: "Nothing will happen.. You are worrying without any reason.. I'm not a kid anymore I can take care of myself very well.. You don't have to worry about me.." His over possessiveness was suffocating her.. Not to say she don't like him reacting this way but he was putting a full stop in her social life..

Arnav: "Then just do whatever you want.." He cut the called.. Her mouth was open in perfect 'O' shape.. He was being too touchy and emotional.. She seat on the couch and start to think deeply.. Once she was satisfied she text him rather than calling him..

"I'm not going anywhere.. I'll wait for you at home.."

The moment Arnav saw this message he feel guilty.. He feels like he was coming in between her life.. He called her..

Arnav: "Khushi.. you can go.. But come back in 3 hours before I return from office.." She jump in excitement..

Khushi: "Thank you.. You are the best husband in this world.." She cut the call and went to get ready.. She was too happy at least he care for her.. On the other side, Arnav was smiling on her comment.. 'You are the best husband in this world..' He feel some soft wind hit his face.. This was what he wants.. To be love by someone which he can hold her tight forever in his life and claim her as his.. Which he can only get from her wife.. Khushi Singh Raizada..


After roaming around for 2 hours Khushi and Neha enter a star buck caf to enjoy some coffee.. Neha notice some happiness and excitement on Khushi's face..

Neha: "What is happening with you Khushi..??" She raised her brow.. Gesturing her what..??.. "Just look at you.. You was smiling from passed two hours and your eyes was showing you are too happy with your married life.." She bite her lower lips.. She was feeling happy but she don't want anyone to notice this.. How ironic..??

Khushi: "I'm smiling because I met my best friends after few weeks.. You didn't even attend my wedding so that the reason I was happy and wanted to spend some time with you.." She tried to avoid her marriage conversation and built a new topic which they can explore..

Neha: "You know what Khushi.. You are too lucky to have Arnav Singh Raizada as your husband.. He is damn hot and girls go gaga over him.. His killing smirk can kill anyone.. If I'm at your place I will take him in my embrace and will always love him.. You can't even imagine some girls take him in their dreams and do……." She pressed her last words a bit longer gesturing her to understand.. Khushi was totally pissed off hearing this..

Khushi: "He is my husband and you are telling all this to me..?? Don't you realize what I might be feeling.. Even you are my friends but I didn't give you the permission to droll over him.. And regarding those girls who take him in their dreams they can only dream on.. Because he is mine.. I own every right on his body and I don't like such topic been discuss on my husband.. It only boiled my anger.." She blurt out everything in one go.. Neha was stunned hearing this from her.. She was aware about Samrat and her but she didn't knew she would be reacting in this way when she give some comment on her husband..

Neha: "OMG.. You are being a possessive wife here.. If anyone here all this their speculation will be only one.. That you are madly in LOVE with your husband.." Khushi was numb hearing the words LOVE.. Even she didn't know she was in love with him.. She just shook her shoulder and closed the topic before it has been dragged… They start to talk on their college life.. How they meet and some prank which they played on the teachers.. Just then Neha's eyes caught something and her face expression change in sudden.. "Khushi lets go from here.." She frown her brow not understanding why Neha was in hurry to leave this coffee house..

Khushi: "What happen Neha.. Why you look tensed..??" She asked touching her hand.. But she wasn't looking in her eyes.. She was looking somewhere else.. Which truly gain her attention.. She was about to turn but Neha hurriedly hold her hand not wanted her to witness this scenes..

Neha: "Let's go Khushi…" But Khushi was being Khushi.. She would never been consoled by anyone.. She turn behind and was shocked beyond any words.. It was too hard for her to respond.. She was looking at this couple who was enjoying their tea feeding each other.. She clenched her fist and she called the person on his mobile..

Khushi: "Where are you… Samrat..??" She asked in one go when he answer her call..

Samrat: "Khushi I'm in a middle of meeting.. We talk later.. It's very important meeting.." He cut the called and went to seat on the couch to have his coffee with his new girlfriend..

Neha: "Khushi.. Let's go.." But Khushi nodded a No and keep on looking at this couple.. She feel ditched by her own boyfriend.. She trusts him she gives him everything money and she help him in expending his business and in return she gets this..?? But the weird thing is she don't feel any pain nor hurt like she feel when her husband was kissing Caroline.. Once this couple was done.. They move towards the counter and paid their bill and walked out..

Khushi was determined.. She wanted to follow them and see what was going on in her back.. She wanted to see what her Samrat was doing all the time when she wasn't around.. She saw them crossing the road and there she saw a Lily Jane Hotel.. Her eyes moist.. She was aware what they might going to do here.. But she feel sad thinking she was too stupid to trust this person.. She fight with her mother just for him.. And she insulted her husband just for him.. And more horrible was.. She moaned his name rather than her husband who loves her unconditionally.. Neha who was following from behind trying hard to stop her but she was being too stubborn.. She wanted to witness all this with her own eyes.. She was standing in front of their room doors.. She took a deep breath and open the door in one go.. It wasn't lock that shows how desperate this two is..? The moment the door was open she saw how madly this two was kissing each other and in between pulling each other's clothes.. She enter inside and her first sight been notice by Samrat who was surprised to see her here..

Samrat: "Khushi.. She trapped me… She force me.. I was…" His words stuck in his throat when  a hard slap lean on his cheeks.. She throw a disgust look at him.. He wanted to lie to her again.. She have to notice all this by her own eyes..

Khushi: "I made a big mistake trusting you then my own husband who loves me a lot.. And I can never forgive myself for this.." She wiped her tear and was about to turn but her hand been held by him..

Samrat: "Khushi…" She turn back and slapped him for the second time..

Khushi: "Don't dare to touch me.. This hand is only for my husband and you are no one anymore.. You can go to HELL Samrat.." She roared in anger before she walked out of the hotel room with Neha who was still in dilemma seeing her best friends turning wild..

To be continued.. 

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Loved d update
I knew Samrat would cheat her
pls update soon
yay am first Dancing

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Super update Clap loved kushi's possessiveness. waiting for arshi love story.Tongue Continue soon dr.

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so khushi has some feeling for him...loved it 

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wow I love Khushi...
this is what I wanted... now what I want Arnav and Khushi's love story... but the thing is writer is you... and as I knw the style... waiting for some dangerous twists... 

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superb, amazing awesomeClapClap
great khushi came to know about samrat
cont soon

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i kew it

cilff hanger!!!!!!!!!!!


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Awesome update. So Samrat was cheating Kushi. Glad that Kushi came to know about him. Loved it,

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