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Nickysweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 July 2013 at 10:09am | IP Logged
Arnav teach shashi good lesson he deserve it to treat with his daughter like an animalAngry
arnav loves her so much that's so sweet loved seeing it
Khushi is also moved on and starting new life with her husbandTongue
Y u r ending both the stories so soon plz continue yaar i don't want it to be end so soon.Cry
Thanks for pm
Loved the possesive side of arnavClap

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tinsel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 4:02am | IP Logged
Fabulous update.Thumbs Up

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..Sugar_ArHi.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 4:54am | IP Logged


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Part 9

Khushi was sitting in living room and waiting for her husband who will be here in any time.. She was too excited to meet him seem likes ages she haven't see him.. This two hours was a long journey for her.. She watched tv and read some magazine to fill her time but everything seem waste.. Because her mine wasn't working properly today and her husband thought was driving her crazy.. She keep glaring at the wall clock hoping this 10 minutes pass soon and she get to see him in front of him.. But when the house door open she literally jump from her seat.. Grin of happiness and excitement was clearly visible on her face which been noticed by her husband who just return from office..

Arnav: "What happen to you..??" Frowning his brows seeing her all happy..

Khushi: "Nothing.." This one word only can safe her from him for building some suspicious on her..

Arnav: "Are you sure..??" Still not satisfied with her answer.. She nodded in agreement..

Khushi: "So how was your day..??" She tried to devoid their conversation to another topic..

Arnav: "It went well and finally I have chosen model for my upcoming show.. And the choice was prefect and my clients was also satisfied with it.." He keep his bag on the dining table chair and walked towards the fridge to get some water for him.. While the person who was hearing all this was fuming in anger.. The word models hit her brain.. The only thought running in her mind was they might be sexy and didn't lose a chance to seduce her husband.. Arnav come out from the kitchen holding a glass in his hand and looked at her.. "Why are you quiet.??" Her silence was something new for him..

Khushi: "Nothing.. was thinking about some serial.." He nodded and keep the glass on the dining table and marched to his room to get fresh.. Once she saw his husband out from her views.. She start to walk here and there in the living room one hand on her hips and the other one on her forehead.. She was restless.. This is not done.. What if those models snatch him from me and what will I do..?? No.. This can't happen he loves me he can't leave me just for some cheap models.. Why not Khushi..?? You always gives him pain and this might happen if you didn't took any quick step from your end.. Her inner turmoil was irking her more.. She took a deep breath and run to their room..


Arnav was busy choosing some casual attire for him and busy talking on his Bluetooth.. He was barking some order to Aman and started to brief him on their new meeting which will be held by Aman.. He was taking off from office tomorrow and Aman will handle all the meetings for one day.. He off his Bluetooth and throw on the recliner which was just behind him and again concentrate on finding his clothes.. But the sudden hold from behind literally surprised him.. He was aware whose touch it might be.. but the only question running was what she is doing..?? He turn and touch her cheeks with one hand..

Arnav: "Khushi is everything alright.." She took one step further and start to play with his collar and in between creating small circles on his chest..

Khushi: "Arnav'" She called softly.. Her one touch was creating havoc in him.. Only he knew how he was trying hard to control his desire.. She move her hand on his cheeks and have a few second eye lock.. She gives a soft kiss on his lips which made him closed his eyes.. Her soft lips was too soft for him to resist.. He tucked her hair behind her ear and lean his lips on her.. He was missing those lips which he kissed last on their suhagaraat.. She open her mouth and let his tongue enter her small mouth and she too didn't left a chance to explore his mouth.. He smooch her lower lips and a loud moan escape from her end.. Her finger was clenched on his collar.. He hold her waist tight which he was clearly aware that she will fell down if he didn't hold her.. The soft sound of their kiss and some mixed of saliva was creating butterflies in her belly.. She move more in him as she wants more from his end.. Seeing her lost in the kiss he suddenly pulled out leaving her shocked.. He touch his lower lips with his thumbs and smirked at her..

Arnav: "What..??" raising his brows.. Seeing her all lost in their kiss was something new for him..

Khushi: "What was that Raizada..??" Her angry face was justify..

Arnav: "Nothing.. Just a small attempt to tease you.." with a wide smirk on his face..

Khushi: "You simply did this to tease me and then pulled back so can provoke my desire.. What the f**k..??" His eyes popped out hearing this..

Arnav: "Mind your words Khushi..??"

Khushi: "I won't.." She snapped out..

Arnav: "This is just to make you realize how hurt I was when you moaned someone else name in front of me during our suhagaraat and I can never forget that day.." His anger was boiling and he doesn't want to blurt out in front of her.. He took his clothes and marched toward the bathroom but his shirt been pulled from behind and the sudden pushed make him take few steps backward when his body hit the wall.. The sudden and harsh slammed on his lips widen his eyes.. Seem like his wife is not going to give up that soon.. She cupped his cheeks and start to bite his lower lips.. She was too wild.. She didn't give a chance for him to escape nor she left any way for him to avoid her.. She nibble his lips and make him open his mouth.. She enter her tongue and pushed it more make him groan.. He closed his eyes.. While his hand was creasing her back.. Their kiss was turning more to passionate when he was finally giving up.. He turn her and lean her back on the wall behind them and start to rule the kiss.. he kiss her harder exploring every inch of her mouth.. His hand move to her waist and creating small pattern which was a way to turn her more.. But she was too wild when her hand move to his manhood and hold it.. It was too bold for him to react and their kiss was getting longer and driving him crazy but this didn't last for long when she pushed him though his chest making him move backwards.. They inhale some oxygen and he give her a dangerous glare..

Khushi: "Taste your own medicine Raizada.." He fumes hearing this..

Arnav: "This is not right Khushi..?" She smiles seeing him turning in angry mode..

Khushi: "Why..? It's Just a small attempt to tease you back and don't you dare talk anything regarding your model in front of me.." He flare his nose and marched towards the bathroom and slammed the door showing his angriness.. "Good Raizada.." She smiles while arranging her another plan which will be shock for him.. Stay tune Arnav Singh Raizada..



Arnav who was trying hard to control his desire with the help of the cold water.. She was truly up to something.. She wasn't like this and why she was doing all this when she knew what kind of marriage they have..? His mind was not working and he was still lost on those touch and more then that when she hold his sensitive organ.. It was too drastic but still he love it.. The hitting water bring him back to present and he brushed off those thought.. He was mesmerized in his bath applying body shampoo on his body.. He feel something weird in surround him.. The feel someone staring him.. But he was sure he has lock the door and who can stare him..?? He turn for a confirmation but was shocked beyond words when he saw his wife standing in the same bathroom with him just wearing a bath robe..

Khushi: "Hi.." she greeted him and didn't lost a chance to observe his nude body.. He wasn't wearing anything and her eyes glued on his sensitive organ.. His eyes move to her appointed gaze.. He took the towel and wrapped it immediately..

Arnav: "What are you doing here..??"

Khushi: "Of course to take shower.. It's too hot and I need this cold shower with my hot husband.. Even it won't be cold when we'.." She keep the phase hang..

Arnav: "What the..!!"

Khushi: "Oh stop Arnav.. Just give break to your what the..??" He frown his brows when her fingers move to her bath robe..

Arnav: "Khushi stop.." He didn't want her to do whatever she is thinking to do now..

Khushi: "It's not fair.. I have seen you without anything and now it's your turn Darling.." She open the robe and the next moment it fell on the wet floor of the bathroom.. He saw her body which wasn't wearing anything.. He shut his eyes not willing to stare it longer.. She smile seeing her husband today.. She took baby step towards him and stood under the same shower which hitting their body.. Her soft hand move to his towel and she pulled out in one go.. He open his eyes and saw her standing in front of him and their naked body was hitting each other.. He can feel her bosom touching his chest..

Arnav: "Why are you doing all this..?" She circle her arm on his neck and look in his eyes..

Khushi: "Can't you understand my body gesture..??" with raising brows..

Arnav: "So it's all matter of sex..??"

Khushi: "No.. It's all matter about you.." She peak his lips..

Arnav: "I need time to take this marriage to another extent..??" He wasn't ready yet to consummate.. The same thought was hunting him.. He was scared what if the same incident repeat again..?

Khushi: "And I don't have that time.. I want you to be mine forever.. It means I want to hold every right of your body and your heart.." She was too dangerous for him to get ride..

Arnav: "You have every right on me Khushi.. But for sex I'm ready yet.." She laugh on him..

Khushi: "You are not girl Arnav.. This phase should be said by me not you and come on.. I'm waiting.. Let's start.." Her hand again start to move from his bare chest to his tummy and he was aware where she was moving now.. He hold her wrist..

Arnav: "Take this cold shower you need it more than me.." He make her stand away from him and rushed out of the bathroom wearing another dry towel.. Khushi who was standing below the shower was smiling seeing her husband today.. He was trying hard to control his desire.. She was aware he was turn on when his manhood was pointing on her sensitive part.. How long you will run Arnav Singh Raizada.. Just wait for my next step.. Which you can never resist..

To be continued..

LOLwhat should i say about this Khushi..??

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chetna19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 4:58am | IP Logged
again i m first...yey...

O M G...DANGEROUS ISHQ...ROFL..arnav toh gys...LOL LOL
super duper hit update pavin...
khushi ws becoming dangerous...nd ya u r right or kya expect kr sakte hum iss khushi se...ROFL 
my baby poor arnav...he is taking one day off...khushi pta nhi kya kya kregii...
awesome...HOT HOT HOT...Blushing

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...Chanchan... Senior Member

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 5:06am | IP Logged
will comment later
i just loved it
poor Arnav 
Khushi is  so bold...
ove the update just awesome

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sushna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 5:17am | IP Logged
loved it...
thankx for pm...Big smile

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Ruki.F IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 5:17am | IP Logged
that was mind blowing ..too good . really like her BOLD behavior to get back her hubby ..will be waiting for next to read wut is her next move post it soon

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dumas IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 5:26am | IP Logged
loved the update so cute and totally wicked khushi trying to seduced arnav from the back hug to kissing him senseless to getting naked loved the update poor arnav ROFL khushi attacked him loved the update beautifully done rocking cute thanks for the pm

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