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Thread 1 - Click Me..

New ThreadDancing Thank you so much for the support. Hug


This thread dedicated to my first reader of this SS..  Rimzu.
Rimzu this is for you. For ur lovely comment 
First reader always means a lotHeart


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Part 5

He leave Caroline's lips when he saw Khushi standing at the doorstep with anger on her face.. He smirked seeing her.. She walked in saw her husband all calm and didn't even regret what he just did.. She give him a glare and turn to Caroline whose lips was swollen due to her husband's act.. She was hell angry and more importantly she feel disgust witnessing all this.. She closed her eyes and open in one go.. The next moment her hand was Caroline's cheeks.. She slap her harder..

Caroline: "Who the hell are you..??" She put her hand on her cheeks to soothe the pain.. Arnav was just looking at khushi with little shocked.. He didn't expected she would go at this extend..

Khushi: "I'm Khushi Singh Raizada.. His wife.." She pointed to Arnav who was standing behind her.. A wide smirk appear on his lips.. He was literally smiling on her comment.. Khushi give him a fuming look before she turn back and look at Caroline.. "You get your answer..??" She asked in raising brows..

Caroline: "You are reacting like a teenager.. It's not a big deal I kiss him.. He was too hot for me to resist and taking him on my bed are something new for me to experience.." Khushi's mouth was open in perfect 'O' shape.. This lady was too bold in her speech.. She clenches her fist in anger..

Khushi: "How dare you talk like this to me..?? Don't you have shame.. I'm his wife and you are planning to take my husband on bed.. And you are telling all this on my face.. You witch.." She cursed her.. "I think I should give you more than a slap.." She was about to move when he held her..

Arnav: "Khushi stop'" He looked at Caroline and told her to leave them alone.. She obey him without messing with his wife who was turning wild.. "What is all this..??" His gaze move to his wife..

Khushi: "You asking me what is all this..??" Her tone was increasing.. She was getting angry on his question..

Arnav: "One thing which I have to remind you.. (PAUSE).. Never cross your limit.. Caroline is my friend and we was just kissing that's it.. Nothing more or less.. And this is my office.. You should think twice before you come and create scene here.. This is not your house.. I have my own reputation and I don't wish it to be ruin by my immature wife.. Who doesn't even knew the meaning of marriage.." He blurt out.. He wanted to tell more and more but noticing where they are standing he stop himself from speaking further..

Khushi: "Ohhh.. Greeting..??" with stern voice.. "I didn't know you greet you friends on bed too..?? Wow.. You amaze me.. Arnav Singh Raizada and that was more than a greeting kiss.." She was mocking on his words..

Arnav: "Think whatever you want.. But I doubt on one thing in you..??" She raised her eye brows and indirectly ask him what?.. "Why are you reacting like a wife here..?? As I know you don't even care about me and our marriage life then why this sudden rage for Caroline..?? Have you forgotten what have you done on our first night..?? Have you forgot your so called boyfriend which is depending on you..??"

Khushi: "You don't have to insult Samrat.. He is depending on me.. But he was trying hard too.. I was just giving him support in his business and I don't think all this have anything to do with you..??" She was quite rough.. She didn't even give damn to him.. For her Samrat Samrat and Samrat.. How pathetic is she..!!

Arnav: "You supporting him..?? Through which angle..?? Giving money to him for his expenses or giving money to him to stay in luxury hotel..?? You mean this kind of support..??" He folded his hand on his chest.. "How much money you have waste on him..??" Her tongue was tied.. "No answer.. After all you are teen.. Which live on her father's money and now on her husband's money.." She bite her lower lips.. She been offended by him.. No one till now told her that she was greedy for money.. And she is not..!!

Khushi: "You are too proud of your money.. You are showing me that you have a lot of money but with those moneys you can't even feed your wife.. Do you have idea what I'm eating what I'm not..?? No because you only care about your money.. That's why I hate you.." She took her purse and walked out  from his cabin.. She was hell angry on him.. He was reacting like he was prefect in all the way.. Arnav who was standing and seeing her disappear was feeling pain in his heart..


Khushi was seating at the bar counter and gulping her tequila shot.. She already took 3 in one go.. She was here after roaming the city.. She wanted to find some peace and she decide to come here and drink some drinks which can give her some peace of mind.. She was on her forth shot.. She clearly remember his words.. "Why are you reacting like a wife here..?? As I know you don't even care about me and our marriage life then why this sudden rage for Caroline..?? Have you forgotten what have you done on our first night..??".. She don't understand why this words pricked her heart.. She feel some pain in his voice when he said those words.. She saw his eyes.. He was hurt by their first night.. But it wasn't her intend.. She didn't mean to hurt him.. She was new to all this.. She didn't put much hope in this marriage life.. She been force for taking seven vows with him.. She don't have courage to fight with her own father and she was blurting out on her husband.. She was blaming him in all the way.. Even she knew he wasn't in false.. He too was part of this mess which been created by her father' But she feel something for me.. Something which was unknown.. It wasn't the same she was feeling for Samrat.. It was much more powerful and much more intense.. She feel this when he was making her moan his name.. She was going to give up for him on that night and again those same feeling appear again when she saw Caroline kissing him..

The name of Caroline bring back the same rage in her.. She wanted to pull her hair.. She look at the watch.. It was 10 by now.. Her heart cried.. Thinking he might be with her on bed.. She heard their conversation.. She shook her head and wipe her tear which was about to fall down.. 'Khushi.. You are very bad.. You tell him you hate him.. But you don't even have a reason to hate.. See now he don't even care about you.. He is in that witch's arms..' Her heart whisper.. She feel sad knowing it was somewhere true too.. She gulped her forth shot and walked towards the dance floor.. She watch how wildly this people was dancing.. They were out of sense just like her.. She mixed with them and starts to dance on JLo songs'


Arnav: "Aman you found her..??" he asked when his mobile start to ring..

Aman: "NO ASR.. We are still looking for her.."He banged his fist on the steering.. He was in his SUV for passed one hour and all the news was negative.. He cut the call and concentrate on the road.. He was back home at 6.. He wait for her to return.. But she didn't appear.. Hour passed and she was still nowhere here.. He was getting panic.. He called her several time and she didn't answer his call.. He called her parents house thought she might be there but nope.. She wasn't there too.. He make some excuses and cut the call.. It was getting darker and he can't just seat in their condo and wait for her to return.. he need to find.. He didn't want anything to happen to her.. He didn't want any tragedy to harm her.. He was restless.. He was literally cursing himself for being rude with her.. Just then his mobile vibrate and he saw Aman's message.. he hurriedly open the message and read the name.. He drove towards the destination..


Khushi been trap by two young boys.. They was drunk too like her.. She was dancing in between them while this two young boys was fully taking advantage of her.. Their hands was roaming on her body.. They sandwich her in the middle and move their hand to her waist and neck.. She was too lost.. She didn't even know what was happening to her.. She was dancing like a mad and throwing her body on them.. All this was notice by one person who was her husband Arnav Singh Raizada.. He saw what was happening and how this boys was taking advantage of her.. he walked to them in anger and pulled her out from their grips.. The moment Khushi saw Arnav she smile.. She feel happy to see him.. He was throwing dagger to this young boys and was about..

Aman: "ASR.. Let us handle.. You take her back home first.. She wasn't well.. Just look at her.." He look at Khushi who was smiling and giggling alone..

Arnav: "Don't leave them Aman.. Just show them with whom they have mess with.. Don't spare them.." with gritted teeth.. Aman nodded..

Arnav took Khushi out of the disco.. She was out of his control.. He lifted her in his arm and make her seat in the SUV and drove back to their condo..


Once they reached at the condo he make her seat on the couch and bring a glass of water for her.. He didn't spoke anything.. He was quiet.. She saw that..She pulled him to for a seat

Khushi: "You angry..??" Their eyes meet.. He nodded a NO even he was.. "You didn't go for dinner with her..??" Her voice cracked..

Arnav: "Did I said I'm going out for a dinner with her..??" She was blur..

Khushi: "Yes.. you did.." She pointed his finger.. She was damn sure he say a yes..

Arnav: "I'm not interested to go for a dinner with her.. It was just for a self satisfaction I said that.." She smile broadly.. She look damn cute..

Khushi: "So you didn't go..??" He nodded a NO.. He took the glass from her hand and place on the side table.. "You angry na..??" He asked her again..

Arnav: "Am I that bad Khushi..??" Her eyes moist.. She was right.. There were some hidden pain in his eyes.. Which he trying to hide..

Khushi: "Arnav.. I'm sorry I won't do this anymore.. I was hurt seeing you with Caroline.. I didn't mean to drink all this.. I know I'm a hypocrite person.. But I don't like to see you close with any girl.. Just don't ask why..?? Because I too don't have the answer..!" She lean on his shoulder.. "You don't care about me na.. You don't give me food to eat.. I was hungry for the whole day and dad have terminate all my credits card.. I don't have money.." She cried out.. He cupped her cheeks and wiped her tears..

Arnav: "I'm sorry.. I shouldn't punish you in this way.." He gulped down his sorrow..

Khushi: "You still love me..??" He leave her cheeks and avoid looking in her eyes.. "Do you still..??" She asked softly..

Arnav: "We talk tomorrow.. You need to sleep now.." He didn't let her ask anything.. He took her towards their room and make her sleep on the bed.. He cover her with a quilt..


Khushi open her eyes slowly when someone open the room's window.. She rubbed her eyes and lean her back on the headboard.. She saw feeling better after heaving a snoring slumber.. She saw her husband walking towards her with a tray.. She smile to him..

Khushi: "Morning.." He reply back with the smile too.. He place the tray on her lap and she was surprised to see pancakes with juice and some fruits.. "You made this..??" He nodded.. "Thank you.." She was about to eat but stop when she was about to throw out.. She hold her mouth..

Arnav: "What happen..??" he was anxious seeing her like this.. She sign him to carry that tray.. He hurriedly took and she jump out from the bed and run towards the bathroom.. she start to throw out.. Arnav who was standing at the doorstep was having a lot of doubt.. Just then she come out of the bathroom wiping her face with a small towel..

Khushi: "What..??" She asked when he saw his fury face..

Arnav: "Are you pregnant..??"

To be continued..

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Res for Index..

Part 6 - Click Me..

Part 7 - Click Me..

Part 8 - Click Me..

Part 9 - Click Me..

Thread 3 - Click Me..

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Awesome update
i think samrat is just using khushi for her money, he doesn't love her
both are so angry n hurt by eachother
but khushi shouldn't take her frustration on drinks
glad Arnav reached on time
can't believe Arnav asked her if she is pregnant

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Superb Update!!!!

Khushi is so she still loves Samrat and the same time cannot see Arnav with another girl...

Thank God Arnav behaved nicely with Khushi at night...

But Is she really Pregnant????Shocked

Continue Soon...Smile

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Congratulations on your new thread Party
loved the update Pavin Embarrassed
Im loving this possessive Khushi
but the last bit Confused dun tell me she's pregnant 
eagerly waiting for the nxt part
thanks for the PM

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Loved the jealous khushi!

Feel bad for arnav :(

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i love this possessive khushi...!!!Embarrassed
good that she realised that she is a hypocrite Ermm
n i think samrat is only with khushi for money...Dead
n wtssup with this pregnancy ??
is she preggy ?? Shocked
or that's just result of her tequila shots that she had...LOL
awesome update !!!
n thnx for the pm !!!! Embarrassed

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what is this ?now we have to wait for next update for the result of pregnancy reportLOL 

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