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Thank you Palki ma'm for raveling the truth!!!

Gratitude_Me IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Hola people. 
today i am just on forum to thank palki ma'm for her latest IV of ITvF 
That was one amazing IV terms of many thing she got our msges & she know shishir by his name ...she likes his post Clap ..we all were overwhelmed & touched by it.Embarrassed
but mainly i think that IV was awesome for other reasons she appreciated shantanu for his hard work & professionalism as well as she appreciated vrushika for her hard work & dedicationBig smile

but but but...high point of that IV for me was where she said "it was because of vrushika swaron story is moving forward"... "with kapoor i could not do all this because of vrushika i can have liberty now " after that she didn't stop here she went on explaining the way vrushi is ready to skating dance & intimate scenes also. she is ready to wait for dance practice & put effort from her side too.

now why i brought this point up ...simply because lately whenever i come on forum there is at least one topic saying missing tanhawala hoti to swaron mai ye hota..wo hota.( for them go & check  yao ming meme face on google that's reaction is perfect Wink )..bottom line is this sk hoti to kuch nahi hota. & no i didn't made this topic to take away anything from sk or to look down upon sk ..but i made this topic to make all of you guy's to realize that yes it is because of vrushika story is moving forward we got confession after two yrs. so it's her moment of glory & she deserves it. we all should thank her for that.
on this point many tanha & sk fan's will pull out their swards to attack on me or shall i say lappy & pc in this case...but before that go & check 2 IV's...  1st  when sk left the show that IV 1 hr long one  where the lady herself is admitting that how she used to have problem with practicing & other stuff & then this latest one of palki ma'm by ITvF

There are five stages of grief. They look different on all of us, but there are always five.
Denial. Anger. Bargaining.Depression. Acceptance.
unfortunately acceptance is last takes time to accept many things.
#Reality of Life

it's been 9 montths since yhat lady left the show you guys are still in denial mode & some are in anger ...
you miss something good about tanhawala swaron... good... make topic on that but just to prove your love for them... people start bashing vrushika ...why??? & at the times they even don't get it ..that they are bashing so much ki usmai tannu ko bhi bash kar lete hai.. that time they conveniently forget that even tannu was part of tanha bas bolna hai to bol dete hai.

If delusion was kingdom many of us could be easily be rulers of it.
people still praise tanhawala swaron  but reality is tanhawala swaron died it's natural death in feb 2012 ..after that even llhh  didn't have any charm left in it.

some of them go few steps ahead & say plz don't re-shoot  tanha moment ...guys seriously ????Confused those were swaron moment not tanha moment...if you love them so much download it & re-watch it.for swaron story those moments are important so yes they have to reshoot it. it's swaron  story's not tanha or vrushan story.

so before bashing vrushika & tannu /vrushan/ vrushan wala swaron under the name of  love of sk or tanhawala swaron think again because reality is something make topics for sk or tanha wala swaron but under that don't bash anyone.

i can make topic  on tanha wala swaron ...jismai na tannu ke baare mai kuch bolungi , na palki ma'm ke na writers & creatives ke ..i will make only on sk ...but i am not doing it ..just out of courtesy...coz when it comes to being sarcastic there are hardly few people who can beat me on this forum.

i used to make topics...mostly frustrating once ..i used to bash writers ,creatives& palki ma'm ..& no one have clue how much i am feeling bad for that coz it was not their fault ...
sorry is really small word for all of them but i really wanna say sorry from bottom of my heart.
sorry to all writers,palki ma'm  & creatives.

so thank you palki ma'm for revealing truth & appreciating vrushan  for their hard work. & we all love you palki mam

P.S-  Don't send me pm saying i disappoint you  by this topic or don't even mentioned that  in your comment coz i don't get up everyday to please you.Big smile
no hard feelings  peace out (V)

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...Diya... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 9:06am | IP Logged
I agree.The SK vs VM posts were becoming way too irritating. Pinch
Vrushika is doing so much hardwork and is being justly appreciated..Love her and Palki mam too. Approve

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swaronswaron IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 9:12am | IP Logged
Firstly thank you for this postClapClap
I don't know about others but I totally agree with you...First of all, we are SWARON fans uske baad tanha or vrushan...when I started watching D3 I didn't even know the names of these actors..I loved swaron for the script, storyline , and uniqueness...n believe me I wasn't impressed by ANY actor in the first 4 months...

Secondly, I too left D3 in august 2012 because couldn't find that magic left in are right swaron had died  its natural death..I don't blame anyone here but we fans watch the show for getting entertained and post trial-relationship period  was a torture atleast for me ConfusedConfusedConfused   We watch the show for entertainment and we love actors for their hardwork, talent and persona..SK is still respected...

  Palki ma'am herself accepted that ss story moved forward ONLY  beacause of Vrushika Mehta...we gave her a chance only because we saw that spark in her and her admirers are only increasing  which proves her dedicationClap Its because of this girl's hardwork..she may not be the best actor but frankly she has this charm and screen presence that noone can deny...if people choose  to live in denial I cant help it Sleepy   But discouraging Vrushi wont get Sneha back..Confused  Sneha had a different charm and Vrushi has made her own mark...both are are good in their own way

If we are happy and entertained today its solely because of this 19th yr old who is giving her BESTEmbarrassed
Palki ma'am herself mentioned how hardworking and sporty she is...she is ready to give her 100% to the script and is  a thorough professional...I resumed watching D3 in jan when vrushi entered n I'm a hard core Vrushika lover Embarrassed   She is the reason swaron is  back n she is the reason Im watching  D3 today Embarrassed  she deserves encouragement and appreciation...I love vrushan  more now
 Vrushika has a major role to play in giving back the swaron we ALL wanted Embarrassed
 If people don't like her...its cool...its their perspective but noone has the right to bash her by comparing her with sneha  because it makes no sense at all

Sneha is more than happy with her career and true Sk fans should be happy for her success rather than degrading Vrushi
Tanha vs vrushan is extremely stupidConfused
I'm SO glad that Palki ma'am  acknowledged Vrushika's efforts and her role in giving swaron a new life Embarrassed
Sorry if I hurt anyone here but its my POV
Praj di,
I love your post and respect you for your honestyEmbarrassed

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-Inferno- Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 9:19am | IP Logged
I haven't seen the interview but thanks for putting this point out there for every Swaron fan regardless of them being a TanHa or VruShan fanatic.

As human beings we should accept changes because change is a constant. When Sneha had decided to leave it was disheartening for many but she mentioned that she wouldn't be able to do justice to SwaRon if she continued as she was uncomfortable with the scenes and her clothes as well. Those were her values and morals hence I feel proud that she took that decision to maintain her set values and morals.  However, I also applaud Vrushika for being young yet mature. She brings out a complete different Sharon then Sneha did. Maybe because they have different personalities.

Vrushika did work hard and put in her best effort when doing romantic scenes and while trying new things. So what you said is right, "if Vrushika wasn't there Swaron track wouldn't have moved forward".

At the end of the day both of them are equally good and we should respect them.

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tannuluv IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 9:19am | IP Logged
edited in page 2..

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Gratitude_Me IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 9:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by diya90

I agree.The SK vs VM posts were becoming way too irritating. Pinch
Vrushika is doing so much hardwork and is being justly appreciated..Love her and Palki mam too. Approve

see i am not against anyone. when it comes to appreciating someone it your love & adore for them but bashing someone else is not acceptable.
 & i love vrushan...more than them ..i love palki mam

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LiveEatLove IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 9:25am | IP Logged
Good post and finally someone has it in her to show some people here the mirror.
I can't understand few D3 fans who just like to live in their world of illusion regarding SwaRon,TanHa and SK. The latest interview of Palki Ma'am should really be heard by all those who still like being in denial about things they understand but are just not ready to accept and as a defence mechanism end up either bashing Vrushi or question changes in Sharon's character.
Changes in Sharon's character was brought abt by the cv's in 2012 only during SK's tenure. She turned from diva to devi long back...and I do believe that somewhere after Vrushi's entry they brought abt the attitude wali diva back. Changes in characters do happen as per an actor's shortcomings or abilities.I don't see anything wrong in it if as per SK the cv's did something else with Sharon and now as per Vrushi's abilities and shortcomings they are moulding Sharon accordingly. Problem kaha hai? Lekin kuch logon ko so called changes in Sharon ki zimmedaar sirf Vrushi lagti hai.
And yes that one line ' Vrushi ki wajah se aaj swaron story has moved forward'- when the writer herself says this...i don't think any fan can really question anything there.
Waise I don't agree with ur statement that TanHa wala swaron lost charm in feb 2012. For me the best phase of TanHa wala SS wud be from post india-fest epis to trial confession. The scenes were amazing and i thoroughly enjoyed watching gorgeous tanha chemistry at that time. And now I am enjoying VruShan wala SwaRon  too. Life is not abt bashing one and loving the other- I love SK,Shantanu and like Vrushi too and I am sure many think like me too.
P.S- Sneha had her share of shortcomings and abilities and so has Vrushi...lets not be blind and lets accept both...
PP.S- Some ppl i saw gave gyan abt how ppl started watching SwaRon only because of SK...I started watching SS coz of Shantanu ONLY and then fell in love with SS and SK and I am sure there are manyyy like me here.

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d00dle Senior Member

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 9:29am | IP Logged
All I have to say thats a BANG ON post Praj Di! Clap
Well, for me Vrushika was, is and will remain the best Sharon because it was because of her and because of VruShan that I fell for SwaRon! Similarly, I can understand some people love SK for the way she played Sharon and other etc etc reasons! But just to show highlight SK, Vrushi need not be degraded and bashed!! They need to respect and in fact appreciate Vrushi for what she is doing rather than discourage her by passing derogatory comments! I hope Palki Ma'am's words have some impact and people bring a change in their way of thinking! 

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