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FF: The Healing Touch #2: Ch 10 Pg 92 (Page 35)

Dee_J IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 7:52am | IP Logged

Me first?Shocked


The whole part was written so gracefully
Arnav & khushi's relationship has started off with a great kick!
The pull they feel for each other is much more than a mere attraction. It is just that khushi is aware of it but arnav, he is afraid to be introduced to that feeling.
I loved the relationship shared by bhabhi & devar. 
So vandana can actually read people? Interesting
I am die-hard fan of besharam arnav in every story I read
I am so glad that khushi has completely opened up her past with him & has also shared lives with him. Me thinks this is the stepping stone to a relationship
Arnav's past was so painful. True, if the one you love breaks you completely apart your world just comes crashing down. You don't wish to live anymore. You don't want to love again!
But I am sure, khushi will mend his broken heart & teach him to love again <3

P.S. I will make a banner for this FF too. Already in my favorite list.

P.P.S This song came in my mind while reading the update. 

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barauni IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 May 2012
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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 7:52am | IP Logged
The most awaited update in THT so far and i really mean it!!!Clap

Everything was so finely composed... I just read it thrice..Embarrassed

~The conversation between Arnav and Vandana was very pleasant... It did not look like a common bhabhi and devar convo with nothing to speak... These two just get on very well like good friends as mentioned...Big smile~

 Vandana couldn't help laugh out loud, "Right, Mr. Workaholic will talk to Dr. Workaholic, and what will be the conclusion, that I am the one overreacting".

This is such a reality check... I liked this..LOL

"You were in the shower?" letting out a long sigh he said, "You really shouldn't tell a man who has a very difficult time keeping his hands off you that".

OMG!!!! Arnav in THT was such a reserved and a true introvert... Look at him now how shameless and naughty he has turned out to be!!!LOLEmbarrassed

Khushi and Payal had brought out their beach blanket, a thermos of chai, some homemade strawberry short cake and a small CD player. They had spent a good hour just talking and reconnecting with each other. Lately it had seemed like neither one of them got a chance to just talk.

How much i really love to do this atleast once in my life-time!!! I just lovee such places...
It is so awesomely fantastic to imagine that beach and their Inn then Arnav-Khushi in it... So much romantic and lovely!!!! I must say that you jave potrayed a very nice scenario of that place for us...ClapBig smile

~ The way you describe kisses is completely incredible!!! I just read twice to get into the feel...Embarrassed~

~ So finally Arnav opened up on his past... The way you revolved his past and finally connected it to Lavanya and made her the villain was really good... It is Relative...!!!~

~ His past was painful enough... But one thing i like the most is that you always potray Arnav's parents to be a well understanding and loving couple in every story of yours... The only difference is in FL they are still alive supporting each other.. being each other's cause to live... and in THT they died consecutively... Died because they could not live without each other on this earth...!!! And finally they end up being together... An ideal parent concept is always maintained in your stories and i really appreciate it and also you for being one..!!!!ClapBig smile ~

~ The complete story about Arnav and Lavanya and the pain caused by her and Shyaam was carved to perfection... And you were right in saying that basically Arnav experienced the betrayal the show had potrayed.. ~

~ Those last lines said by Arnav and his convo with Vandana where he spoke about girl-friends is scaring me to peaks... I know he would not betray someone as he said in the previous chapter... But i really feel he loves Khushi... Everything they shared is not infactuation or attraction... It must be love...~

Finally the update on the whole was really very nice and beautiful...

Waiting for the rest of the parts in his past to be revealed and also for the next update...Big smile

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kondhili IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 October 2012
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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 7:52am | IP Logged

So we get to know once and for all the reason why Arnav is the way he is...Ouch
So another Arnav who thinks that he is the root cause of everything in life. As if everything what he does will dictate the future course of lives of all the people he loves. 

So time for another Khushi to drill this fact into Arnav that God and destiny play an equal important role in everybody's life. 
He can't protect his loved ones or himself from what is written in their fate.  We need to experience all that is written for us in the wonderful game called 'LIFE' and become better persons by going through all the experience. 
If not La someone else would have come and burst di's bubble of happiness so he should just quit playing GOD. 

Loved everything about the update nidhi, Khushi happiness at the thought of Arnav and trying to figure out Iss feeling ko kya naam doo? Tongue
Loved their moments spent on the beach...Arnav and khushi 'IT' place is definitely going to be the beach and the kitchen. Embarrassed

I am hooked Nidhi and i am all geared to know how khushi is going to take care of Arnav's wounded heart...

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vandana.sagar IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 20 May 2012
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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 7:52am | IP Logged
Nidhi, the clarity and the flow with which you write...your thought process and your story are all just outstanding and make me fall deeper and deeper into love and respect for your writing and story! 

This was so brilliant...loved it...

Arnav thinks what he felt with La was love...she blended into his life and lifestyle perfectly...having her in his life, made his Di happy...she suited him as a person...but clearly there was something amiss in that relationship for it to have turned out the way it did...according to me he assumed that that was love...only now when he starts to analyse or realise his feelings for Khushi will understand the difference...La was more a habit and Khushi a necessity ...La brought his family happiness, not directly but knowing the Arnav had a partner in his life gave his family happiness...where as Khushi she brings him happiness...

Once he realises the difference that things that are predestined to happen are never anyone s fault and circumstances cannot be controlled only how you deal with them can be ...once he makes spaces in his heart ...venting out and pouring out his grief sharing it with someone who will understand will he be able to make space for that emotion called loved ...he does not know it ...and when he does he will know it's not something that can be controlled by the head...once he realises that he is not the cause of how things happen and that there is a bigger force who is in control...

Loved the bond that Arnav and Khushi have developed, the understanding and comfort they are able to provide, each other...loved how she has finally told him she does not like coffee at all...
Their desire and passion as strong as their companionship and that pull they feel towards each other...her introducing him to her parents...him opening up to her about his life and the reason behind his pain and grief...his betrayal and sense of guilt, his loss...loved how he silently listens to her life story, mesmerised by her inner beauty as much as her physical beauty! How he thanks her for sharing her story with him, he realises the value of her sharing it with him...
Loved how he tells her about his past but loved how he says's not what you think...seeing her in tears! 
Loved how he sees her out by the beach and just has to join her there! 

Both have suffered loss..he has seen his father follow his mother unable to take her loss and she her parents...both know the feeling and she understands him perfectly ...
loved the shower scene...when she answers the phone ...panting...and his teasing...her understanding his need to cancel their date...
I loved Vandana...and his relationship ...their friendship...loved her warmth and sense of humour and her perceptiveness ...she immediately has noticed something going on  between Khushi and her brother in law...
I love how she talks to him about the past and reassures him about Di and how she is moving on with her life and advices Arnav to do the same.., loved his offer to talk to his brother and he with response..ha ha ! ...brilliantly written...

Loved how instead of moping she heads to the beach with Paayal...she is keen to tell Paayal about Arnav and her...but does not know what to say...she does not know what name to give the relationship they share...hence loved her apprehension,,,loved the perfect timing...Payal goes in...and Aranv comes out...
I can feel the passion and intensity of their kiss...the longing and the desire...
I am so glad he tells her the truth about his past and where he is coming so glad he felt she deserves to know...and was ready to share with her and let her into her life...according to me this is a step in the right direction...knowing his feelings about love, his stubbornness to stay away from it a punishment for what he thinks he is responsible for ..I am keen to see what happens next...! 
Thank you for making this Vandana sharing so much screen space with Arnav...and getting to even share so much with him! 

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ssyahoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 7:53am | IP Logged


Wow long chapter! Let me go over my favorite parts first. I loved when she runs out of shower and Arnav tells her she shouldn't tell a man who has the hits for her, that she was in the shower LOL Arnav join her, we aren't stopping you!

Loved when Vandana complains about his brother and Arnav the workaholic suggests to talk to Dr Workaholic LOL

And finally Arnav's past is revealed. Loved the yellow sundress and them sitting on the beach while she shared about her parents and he revealed about his past with Lavanya. I was confused that he had said he loved Lavanya prior to this, but it turns out he really didn't love her. Didn't expect that she was the one to betray and now I am looking forward to seeing the two of them come closer together.

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pooja102 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 7:56am | IP Logged
update soon

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Dee_J IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 March 2012
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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 7:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pooja102

update soon
She is updatingLOL

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AquaSandhya IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 August 2012
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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 8:07am | IP Logged
Do you know what I love about reading ff's on IF? It is the plot lines. 

Nidhi, you did a fantastic job of giving it a twist and what a turn it was. You have an Arnav who is insanely attracted to Khushi but he is against LOVE. Of course, we all understand perfectly given the trail of broken hearts. 

I think the day he appreciates the fact that his dad was better off following his mum, he'll accept Khushi. The day he realizes that he was a mere pawn in the way things work in the universe will be the day he stops blaming himslef for Anjali's devastation.The day he understands that there is something called fate and destiny, he will realize that there is no way in hell that he can walk away from her. 

Enjoyed Vandana and Arnav's convo. Yes, despite all the love Asli duniya has the capacity to suck out life from relationships. Such is the effect of mundane things and stress.

But what took the cake today for me was the reflective Khushi. Someone who normally dives into convo found solace in silence. That is poignant. and she introduced him to her parents. THAT WAS A BEAUTIFUL SCENE Nids. 

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