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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG SS || MY SEXY KIDNAPPER || New Thrd Opnd-NT-PG141 || (Page 92)

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Originally posted by angel-ki-shona

when will your monday comeAngryme demand a updateCry

First time i saw my sissy cribbing LOLLOLLOL

me too waiting for update Embarrassed

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Waiting.. Day Dreaming
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Realization struck me like crashing thunders, jolting my entire body with some unknown happiness. I was in love with this guy, who claims to be my kidnapper yet doesn't make me feel uncomfortable or creepy in anyway. Have I really lost my heart to him, weird eh.? But after all, I guess the saying is definitely true; love is blind. I admitted I was in love, but was I going to accept him just the way he is, without knowing a thing about him. Seemingly, my mind didn't feel the need to protest to our proximity when my hands automatically pulled him closer after my sudden realization. I could feel his warmth and his panted breathing through his shirt as my chest crushed against his taut chest. I made sure I don't hurt his wound, but he seemed to care less about it while he just stayed immobile in the embrace. Should I pull away was the thought bothering me, but my heart didn't want to let go.! I opened my eyes, and noticed I was about to hurt him again as my hand was close to his wound, but I couldn't keep my hands off it either, may be I knew deep down it's hurting him, but he won't say it out loud. I slowly caressed it, assuring my self  that it wasn't as bad as it was before when I felt him flinch. I immediately withdrew my hand and held him tighter around his chest feeling his pain pinching me as well. I could feel him smile, may be because he was also aware of my feelings by now, if not my words my actions said it all. It might have been minutes and we were still in the hug not wanting to let go of each other, when I felt his good hand gliding across my shoulder pushing my hair aside while his touch sent ripples through me, it seemed even more scintillating after my realization. Before I could gather my self from  his heavenly touch, he placed his warm lips on my skin on my neck which was exposed to his deep oceanic eyes. I squirmed in the hug as I felt his lips on my skin setting my senses on an uncontrollable blaze, my hold on him tightened, I didn't even realize I might have hurt him in my dazed state, precisely we were too lost to feel any pain. Feeling my response, which was acceptance in its own way, he tightened his hold on me, repeating his action while all I could do was give in. I could hear my own heartbeats racing like there is no boundary for them and I could feel his heartbeats racing like mine too. I don't know what it was, but the feel of his lips against my skin were giving me a new zeal of happiness, making me clutch him tighter with each kiss he placed on my neck. His heavenly kisses soon turned into a sweet torture  when he strolled across my skin with his tongue, breaking every ounce of control I was trying to hold on to.  Wasn't it enough that his kisses were assaulting me in a sweet manner that he had to do this.? 

" MK... " I moaned not able to hold it anymore, when my moan brought him back to his senses I think. I felt his lips take my skin into one last embrace, sucking it between his warm and sexy ones before I felt his hold on me loosening. He lifted his head and withdrew his hands, but mine were still clung around him because I was too lost to react. Feeling him not holding me any more, I realized he was waiting for me to leave him, I quickly loosened my grip on him totally embarrassed. Coming out of the hug, I looked at his face which held a mix of emotions ; apologetic and amused were the ones clearly visible. Surprising me again, he lifted his hand grazing it across  my cheek and tucked a loose strand of my hair behind my ear. Gosh, he is affecting me much more than I want him to.!

" I'm sorry Geet, that was unintentional. " he said apologetically. Why is he apologizing like I am complaining.??

" Did I complain.?! " I blurt out, much to both of our shocks. Damn, I had to do that, he gets another reason to taunt me now. 

" Ahhh, so you are saying you enjoyed it.!? " he raised an eyebrow amused at my simple acceptance. Hell, now what am I supposed to say to that.? 

" " I stammered before mentally kicking my self for behaving like that. Hadn't it been him, I would still be stammering. 

" Huh.! ?? " he asked yet again, raising an eyebrow as well as smirking at his damn victory. Geet , get a grip.!! 

" No.! I mean no.! " I finally lied, to which he just laughed out loud making it look like, I just cracked the biggest joke for his entertainment.!

" Really.?? You didn't like it.? I think I heard someone else moaning MK in that case.! Well no worries, I enjoyed it thoroughly.! " he said winking, to which I just couldn't help blushing, which didn't go unnoticed by him as I saw his eyes twinkling with happiness seeing me blush as he knew it ; he was the reason for it.!

" Geet, admit it that you love me too. I can see it in your eyes." He said, abruptly making my head snap up at it. I stared at him while he just spoke through his eyes, pulling me into the ocean of his eyes, while I just kept drowning without any efforts so resurface.!

" MK...I... " I fidgeted with words. Should I just admit my feelings.? Is it going to be that easy. But the question was, how.??

" I am hungry " I blurt out, out of nervousness which made him laugh again. He very well knew what I was going through and he was enjoying it. The jerk is never going to change.!

"You know where to search and how to help your self, or do u want MKs special pasta.?? " he asked me raising his eye brows. 

" NO.! You take rest, I'll try it this time. " I screamed at him, at the thought of him working in the kitchen. 

" All right Wildy, the kitchen is all yours " he said, sprawling back on the couch again. I stood up to leave for the kitchen, when his words came back to me. Did he just call me wildly.!?? 

" Wildy.?? Did u just call me Wildy.? " I asked gaping at him.

" Yep I did. Cause you are sometimes, like few seconds back. Any problem with it.?! " he asked me not looking at me. I felt like giggling at him, but strangely I liked it that he called me that. What is he doing to me.?? I just walked away, leaving a freaking grin on his face very well knowing that I liked it which I didn't miss. I searched through the kitchen like a deadly tornado throwing around  everything for collecting things I needed for the pasta. Collecting everything, I followed his instructions making it step by step until it was finally ready. I placed the pasta in 2 bowls and walked towards him forwarding one bowl to him and I held the another settling on the couch, next to him. He was engrossed in his movie having the pasta while I started nibbling on my pasta until his hand stopped mine. I looked at him confused, when he neared me and was just inches away from my face. My world went haywire when his lips touched the corner of mine pushing me into a world of shock, happiness and what not as well shooting my heartbeats to an highly abnormal rate.!. It didn't end there, his tongue licked the corner of my lips and before I knew the touch was lost. A few minutes later composing my erratic state ,I looked at him and he just smiled seeing me dazed.

" There was pasta at the corner of your lips.! And how could I miss such a different kind of pasta. And believe me, it was way more delicious than the one you made.! " he winked at me, making me blush yet again. I am positive he is aware of my feelings, may be I should just say it out loud. 

 " Wildy, you are blushing..! Haaye.." he said laughing, making me giggle as well and look down in embarrassment. We finished the rest of the pasta in silence with him eying me lovingly in between while I sat there helplessly at my own condition but couldn't help stealing glances at him. As he was done with his dinner, I went and got his medicines and he took them quietly smiling at me. After a while, suddenly I realized it was late and he was stressing too much and it was time for him to rest. Coming back to my original mode, I took the remote of the TV and switched it off grabbing his attention. 

" What.?? " he asked me.

" Take rest now, as you have stressed yourself enough for today. Before you think of saying NO...Let me mention..I am asking you nicely, so you better listen to me.!! " I said sternly.

" Okay okay. It will be better if I don't mess with you. Who knows I might get another slap. I am lying down now. " he said, trying to lie down when I rushed forward to help him as I saw the frown on his face. He looked at me while I settled the quilt around him. I was about to walk away when he pulled me back. 

 " Stay here, Geet. Please. Right next to me, close to me.!!  " he said with such a innocent face that I just couldn't resist his charm. I smiled and sat on the table when he took my hand and placed it on his heart, making my heart skip a few beats. Soon minutes ticked by and I sat there watching him drift to unconsciousness. He looks just the same while sleeping; extremely charming. I freed my hand from his loosened grip and caressed his face, while he peacefully slept on the couch with the drowsiness of his medicines finally kicking in. He looks so innocent while sleeping was the only thought I could get. I stared at his handsome face, while my eyes roamed around his wounds making sure he was all right. That's when my eyes caught the chain he was wearing around his neck, which I failed to notice till today. Was it cause I would be busy drooling over his features.? I brought my hand close to the chain to look at what it is, that's when I saw it ; it had a key as a pendant. Immediately I took it in my hand, examining it. He seemed undisturbed so I slowly took it out and unchained it, freeing it from the chain around his neck. I wondered what it could belong to. Pondering my thoughts, I couldn't figure out what mystery it held that he kept it so close to himself, that's when it struck me ; his room. There was a room across this one, which was a closed the other day and remains closed always. Curiosity flooded through me, to find out what the room held. Carefully tiptoeing out of the room making sure I didn't awake him by any chance , I opened the door to face the mysterious room quietly closing the room behind me. Trying my luck, I inserted the key into the lock and gave it a slight jerk and to my exceptionally good luck, it clicked open. I hurriedly unlocked the door, and bolted it open. The door swung open, and I stood rooted at my spot as my gaze traveled across the room as it sunk in. How on earth is this possible was the only thought my mind came across, as I felt the earth beneath me crumbling.! Who is he.? 

The room I entered was a completely different world and all it had was, my pictures. Every corner of the room held my picture in place, be it the one I was biting my  lip, or a one where I was playing with my curls. The room captured each of my emotions and I just gaped at the sight. I held on to the door frame for support as I couldn't imagine when did he do all of this.!?? I entered the room, only to be shocked further as it not only had my pictures but right under them were his feelings as he had the entire room inked with just 3 words ; I love You. I was overwhelmed and shocked to no extent, seeing his world. How can he love me so much.! ?? Why did he love me so much when he didn't even know me, and even if he did as he claimed..I never imagined to such an extent..?? What's it that binds me to him.? I looked around the other walls when my gaze stopped at one place and all my questions were answered with just one picture that hung in the center of the wall, making my world collapse into a pool of shock. I couldn't believe my eyes, which just saw the picture while I was too numb to even feel if I had fallen to the ground. 

 " Maan " was the only name that escaped my lips, as the reality of picture sunk in to every nerve of my body. This can't be happening, was the first thought my mind screamed at me. Can it.! ???

Precap : Some more revelation Big smile


So finally, Maan as a character is here.. Embarrassed
Its time for revelation guys, all your questions will be answered in the coming 2 or 3 updates.! Big smile
Will be waiting for your response eagerly.! Hopefully you all liked it Embarrassed

Thanks Smile

Please do hit the like button and I would love to read your comments too Embarrassed

Anu Heart


PS : Please add " anuluvsmaaneet " for PMs regarding the updates.! 


Thanks Smile






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me first yiipieee
and i just loved the update to bits..
\aaye haiye their teasing sessions their cute making out and him so shamelessly making commnts ohh am falling for this sexy kidnapper
and the best part was when she unlocked the door and found each and every moment of hers..
it was as if she was looking at her life through her own eyes...and his feelings
its soo heart warming and then finally she realized its maan.
now am curious to know what happens next... i mean how r they related because she feels a strange connection with him...
its just getting tooo awesum
continue super duper soon... i want another updt today..
pleaseee its a reqEmbarrassed

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Updated.!! Big smile

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lovely update
u build teh curiosity till the end and still we didnt get the main thing
ggod job but i want next update soon may be tomorrow i want next upadte

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me meee

anuuu hayeee superb update loved it sooo much re there sweet romance and nok jok 

specially maan i can see you are drolling over maan totally not geet here have to sayLOLLOLWink

right?????? haha 

and ha that means maaneet were together may be maan loves girl like geet but both there names are geet only??? or they were different or both are same then why geet didn't recognised him????

soo much questions ans plz

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so both are feeling the same and it is coming out . So geet came to know who is mk waiting for more revelation

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