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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG SS || MY SEXY KIDNAPPER || New Thrd Opnd-NT-PG141 || (Page 76)

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         OMG!!! Maan is hurt...Cry

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Amazing update...
Love it..

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Updating Smile 

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" Nope, it's okay. I can do it on my own. " he said coolly, yet with arrogance. That's it, I lost the last string of anger that I was holding on to. The next moment, my hand came crashing against his cheek with a force which left me shocked too. His expressions were unreadable, but I was firm on my action. How dare he.? He will get it from me today, I decided to finally give it back to him . I have had enough.!! Though I was hell angry on him, yet I couldn't believe I hit him so hard, but he deserves it. He looked at me shocked, taken aback by my sudden reaction,doesn't he understand why I slapped him.?? I looked at him angrily when he raised his eyebrows asking me why I did that. 

" Well in that case, you should have taken out the bullets on your own, than putting me through that.! What the hell do u think of yourself.?? Who the hell do you think you are.!!.?? " I angrily spat at him. 

" Geet... " he said confused, but today I wasn't in the mood to listen. 

" Shut up, just shut up. First you turn up here half dead, with blood all over you scaring the hell out of me. Then, you ask me to take out the bullets, which I do not before dying each and every second doing it. And now, instead of  taking rest you are working here and telling me that you don't need any help making coffee, showing off your arrogance.!.??? YOU KNOW WHAT, JUST GO TO HELL AND DO AS YOU WISH TO.! " I shouted and left from the kitchen. Though I left the kitchen but I could see him standing rooted at his place, with my sudden outburst. What does he expect me to do.? Praise him for his nonsense behavior.? 3 shots the guy has and he is making coffee, and giving me attitude.? I sat back on the couch, holding my head between my hands. Why am I feeling so different.? He is effecting me more than he should, yet I am not able to help it. I was debating my own questions, when I felt him sitting next to me. I looked up to see him staring at me, with regret in his eyes. Does he feel sorry for putting me through that, well I wasn't, it's just that his carelessness was making me angry. I was looking at him intently, when his hand reached up to my face and pushed my hair behind my ear. That was enough, my heart started racing yet again and I could see those moments right in front of my eyes. Moving his hand away from my ears, he wiped of a tear that was about to escape my eyes. I didn't realize when those tears started brimming up. He lowered his hand, and held mine in his. 

" I am sorry Geet, for that. But my intention wasn't to hurt you. I felt bad seeing you all scared even while you were sleeping, that's why I didn't wake you up thinking you might be stressed " he said softly. 

"Thats not an excuse, for working when you needed to rest. " I shot back .

" I know, and I am sorry for that. Thank you for helping me and taking out to those bullets. " he said, giving me his killer smile. It's so difficult to resist his smile, I whined. He is sorry and thankful, but I didn't know why I still felt angry on him. Shoving his hand away, I got up from the couch to leave, that's when his next set of words halted me.

" I saw you crying when you were taking out the bullets. " he said,  with a confusing expression. I turned back to see him walking towards me. I started backing away when he was nearing me. Finally, with no more space left I hit the wall and he blocked me with his body, not letting me get away. 

" Why were you crying Geet.?? Seeing me in pain.? " he asked me, his breath fanning my face while his proximity was creating havoc inside me. 

" I was...wasn't...crying.' " I stammered, trying to defend my self. I was, but how am I supposed to reason it.? 

" Really.? And why the slap.? When you don't care about me, then why did you slap me for not taking care of myself .? " he shot another question at me, to which I had no answer again. What am I supposed to say to him.? That I like him, but even I am not sure of myself and my feelings.! 
Somehow I managed to make up some explanation, while he just kept looking at me with amused expressions, like he knew I was making up an answer and he was preparing his next move.

" Thats because you too care for me, you also helped me when I was hurt, so I did the same. When you can why can't I.?? " I said confidently, but I was sure it wasn't good enough. But his next words just shook me up totally. 

" I care for you because I LOVE YOU .!! " He said with a serious expression. His words just sent a shiver down every nerve in my body, while a gasp escaped my lips. I looked with wide eyes at him, shaken by his words. Is he joking, but his face looks like he is dead serious. I was too numb to even react, at his words. How can he love me, but I wasn't against his confession either.! Was it cause I feel the same, but that's not possible I reasoned with my own thoughts when I felt his hand yet again against my cheek. 

" I love you Geet.! " he repeated, aware of the battle taking place in my mind. 

" You..are..joking.?? I asked totally shocked that my own words died in my own mouth. How can he love me.?? Is that why he used to say I can never hurt you.? Is that the reason he was always nice to me.?? But, he is a kidnapper.? How can he..? My mind was a pool of questions, which sucked me into the whirlpool of my own questions. 

" No Geet, I am serious. I love you. " he said yet again, trying to make me believe. For a second, I felt like he was joking again but the expression his face held made it clear he wasn't. 

" Why...?? " was all I could ask though I know it was a silly one but I couldn't do any better at this point. 

" What does that mean.? There's no answer for that, I just do." He said confused. 

" I " I was saying, but he stopped me by plaving his finger on my lips. I jolted at his touch, on my lips but it had some completely different effect on  me than I expected. I was feeling happy, and wanted more of it. I closed my eyes, feeling it in when his words broke my concentration again. Its getting difficult to avoid my emotions, was all I could feel.!

" Shh Geet, I know you just had a rough breakup so I don't expect you to like me too, but I do love you. I have always loved you, you don't know me but I do. I don't expect anything from you Geet, you are not under any compulsion." He said with utmost honesty pouring out of his voice. I just kept gaping at him with my mouth open at his sudden revelation. He has loved me from a long time, but I didn't know him. Is this why he has kidnapped me.? Because he wants to be with me.? If it wouldn't have been his shake, I would still be thinking and playing with my own thoughts. Wait, he knows about my breakup too.? He keeps an eye on me, and isn't that the day I was kidnapped by him.?

" How do you know about my breakup.? Did you keep an eye on me.? " I asked him sternly. I wasn't angry , but was a bit confused. 

" Yes. I used to keep a watch on you and that day I saw you breaking up with Rohit " he said, giving me another shock. He knows Rohits name too, who is he.? 

" Is this why you have kidnapped me.? " I asked him widening my eyes in horror. 

" Yes " he said, shocking me even more. I tried to push him away, but I couldn't even budge him given my futile strength in front of him. Though his confession changed something between us, but his reason for kidnapping me irked me off. Why.? 

" Geet, listen to me please. " he said, closing in the distance between us, while I was just trying to wriggle out from his grip. 

" No, I won't. You don't have any right to keep me here, I want to go " I said trying to push him away but I was failing yet again. I tried my best not to hurt him more, by accidentally hitting on his wounds. 

" You can't go. I won't let you go.! " he said nearing me even more. I felt even more irked off, and the worst happened. In my hurry to wriggle out, I punched on his shoulder, hitting him on his wounded shoulder. He winced loudly in pain and stumbled back holding his shoulder. I panicked at once, rushing to him and supporting him. Jerk, he had to make me do this.! 

" MK, are you okay.? I am so sorry, I didn't mean to do that.! " I apologized whole heartedly. 

" It's okay. I am fine.  " he said, his eyes still closed with the pain. I guided him back to the couch, still in panic and made him sit on the couch. I was about to leave to grab some water when he pulled me back tugging on my hand. 

" I know you care Geet, I can see it. But I know you are too stubborn to admit it too. " he said and smiled. There, he does it again making me want to slap him yet again . I immediately snatched my hand away from him and stood up. 

" Can you stop doing that.? I won't mind giving you another slap " I spoke bitterly. 

" Do what.?? " he asked innocently. 

" Smile like you are all fit and fine, while hiding your pain. I know I hurt you, but you are smiling as if nothing happened ."

" Trust me Geet, I am fine. Frankly you didn't hurt me at all, and yes I wouldn't mind getting slapped again either, since you do it out of care for me. " he said winking, rubbing it more. Why shouldn't I do it when he is okay with it.?? Following my frustration I slapped him again, not hard but not softly either. He was shocked again with my slap, may be wasn't expecting I will slap him. I giggled when he held his cheek with his hand, looking cute for the first time. I laughed out loud looking at his cute antics. May be he was trying to make up my mood. He smiled at me, making me realize I was laughing out loud. I immediately composed my self, looking back at him with a stern expression yet again. 

" I didn't mean it that literally Geet, I was just joking but  you took me very seriously. " he said with accusing eyes. 

" But I was serious. Just don't do that again. " I warned him, pointing my finger towards him. 

" Okay I won't. Can I ask for one thing.? " he said, making me alert. What is he going to ask.! I nodded hesitantly, but couldn't refuse him.  His smiled widened, making my heart skip a beat.! This guy has looks to die for, I stopped drooling and composed my self before he gets a reason to taunt me. 

" Yes.? " 

" Can I get a cup of coffee which I was trying to make, before you came along and slapped me!.??. " he asked me with amused looks. I rolled my eyes at his antics, and walked towards the kitchen to make his damn coffee.  All the while, he was sprawled across the couch watching TV. I was annoyed with his sudden confession, but I couldn't hate him, which made it clear that I was somewhere feeling for him too.  I poured the coffee into two mugs and walked towards the couch settling myself in front of him and setting his coffee on the table between us. I decided now is the time I ask him what's all this about, how he got injured so badly.?  I cleared my throat, gaining his attention indicating that I want to have a word. He nodded and switched off the TV facing me, gesturing me to continue. 

" I want to know what happened " I came straight to the point. He stiffened with my question, but didn't walk out.

" I was shot by some people. " he said, with a serious expression. I gasped hearing it, while my body started shivering thinking about the attack on him. Seeing my condition, he immediately got up and came towards me and  held my hand, taking me towards the couch. I obeyed him and sat next to him on the couch, and to my  surprise he put his hand around me ; comforting me. Was it that bad.?? 

" Why." I asked meekly, I was scared to hear the answer.

" Enemies Geet, my enemies. " he said, like nothing happened. I looked at him with a glare when he laughed at my reaction. 

" Okay, relax.! I'll explain wait. " he immediately added, seeing my glare.  I was mentally dancing, that he actually gets affected by my anger or any of my emotions. I hid a smile, when his words brought me back. 

" Geet, my work and world has fetched me many enemies. You see, there is competition among kidnappers too. And then the cops too.! " he said, trying his best to lie. 

" Can you cut the crap.? You think, I'll believe you if you say you are a kidnapper.? I know ur not telling me something but you are not a kidnapper for sure. " I said with a firm expression. His expressions did change, but he masked them quickly. He didn't have anything to say.! I decided to change the topic, but he hasn't escaped from my questions. He will have to answer eventually, but I didn't want to stress him more today.!

" Will it happen again.? Cause I won't be able to do that again, I...I...can't " I said, my voice breaking as the flashes came back. May be I was trying to be strong, but I knew I wasn't that strong. 

" Shh, Geet it's okay. I promise I won't make you go through that again. Don't cry " he said running his  hand up and down my arm, soothing my pain and before I could do anything, I was in his strong embrace. Yet again, my heart took me by surprise when it didn't bother me, in fact I was feeling relieved being in his embrace, this time my mind didn't object too may be because the game was already won by my heart. On their own accord my hands wrapped around him, while I tried my best not to hurt him again. I could hear both our heartbeats, with the proximity that was prevailing between us. I noticed, his heart beats were faster than normal too, and shockingly in made me blush. I was feeling like I didn't know myself , and am a new person all in all. I lost my senses inhaling his masculine scent, while he too seemed lost in me. We stayed in the embrace for a while, none ready to move that's when I realized, this was my best hug I have ever felt till today, which gave me a new zeal of  happiness which knew no bounds. Deep down in some corner of my heart I seemed  to have accepted my changing feelings towards him, may be he is right and I am in love with him too.?? No...I simply care for him as a person, but again why does he effect me so much.??  The pain I felt seeing him in pain, the tears , the care , the restlessness, the happiness I feel around him are something beyond my control..!  May be I like him but it's not love, this is not love. He says he loves me, but he knows me already which means he was in love with me from long time. It's just been days I have met him, this can't be love.! Then why am I still hugging him, is what my mind shot at me, to which I was speechless because it was indeed right. Is this love.?? My heart answered back instantly , it indeed was love, only that I was in constant denial. I realized it when I saw him in that vulnerable condition, but my fear overtook my senses pushing me towards denial. But what happened today changed something inside me again, after getting a glimpse of his feelings, hiding my own seems rather impossible. I think it's time I stop fighting with my own self and accept it. Yes, I am in love with him, my so called kidnapper; I am in love with My Sexy Kidnapper.! Should I admit it to him.?

Precap : Geet finds out the truth Big smile


Its time for revealtion guys, all your questions will be answered in the coming 2 or 3 updates.! Big smile
Will be waiting for your response eagerly.! Hopefully you all liked it Embarrassed

Thanks Smile

Please do hit the like button and I would love to read your comments too Embarrassed

Anu Heart


PS : Please add " anuluvsmaaneet " for PMs regarding the updates.! 


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Day Dreaming .

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Updated.!! Smile
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lovely update
geet was really angry but the anger was her pain to see him hurt
maan confessed eh loves her
maan si not saying the truth
even i think geet is right maan is not a kidnaper
precap is interesting that geet knowing truth
that means we will also know teh truth

continue soon

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Maan's confession was a surprise!!!!!  But a nice one.  

I can't wait to see what you have planned next!!

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