Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG SS || MY SEXY KIDNAPPER || New Thrd Opnd-NT-PG141 || (Page 62)

jyothika_amin IF-Rockerz

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Awsuummm update dear...

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...RIDDHIMA... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 July 2013 at 9:43am | IP Logged
Hey I'm ur new reader
Just read the whole ff
It's really interesting
Y maan kidnapped geet
N he's being so good
Last part was fabulous
When geet cried n maan became concern

Plz pm me when u'll update :D

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_Maaneet_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 July 2013 at 9:56am | IP Logged
waiting for the next part...
update soon pls!!!!!!!!!

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maanluver Goldie

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Posted: 31 July 2013 at 10:11am | IP Logged
read all the five parts in one go 
its a very different and refreshing story 
maan being a kidnapper is so caring towards geet 
n well geet is one hell of a victim LOL
the way maan cares for her, the way he talks to her its so confusing 
n as geet said he doesnt look like a kidnapper at all 
MK name is really ironical ryt 
but really liked the smartness behind the pet name given by geet 
next part is going to see some twists n turns thats for sure 
MK wounded n geet taking care (i hope)
update soon 
waiting eagerly 

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maanluver Goldie

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Posted: 31 July 2013 at 10:30am | IP Logged
forgot to tell 
please pm me the next time u update 
it will be a delight to read this ff 

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..AnushaGeet.. IF-Addictz

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After a couple hours of sleep, finally my peaceful sleep was broken by the sudden restlessness coursing through me. I woke up from my sleep, getting up for a glass of water that's when my gaze caught the clock with showed it had been quite a while I was sleeping, and I wondered if he is back yet. I walked across the room, towards my door incase I spot him. To my surprise, my door was unlocked which was very unusual, as he would never leave me with an open door. Why now.? Does he trust me.? I opened the door, looking around when I spotted the same place where I went for the shower, besides that there was just another door which seemed closed. What kind of a place is this.? A room, which doesn't seem less than a lavish room in a palace, while there were no other doors except for the ones I was in and the other one that was closed. I moved towards it, but it was locked. I bet it's locked from inside, does that mean he is inside the room? I called out several times, yet the only response I got was my own voice, which was echoing due to the hollowness of the place.  Well, if there are 2 rooms then I am sure there has to be an entrance, but none seems to visible. I slowly walked towards the washroom, washed my face and came out to see the place just the way I left. Before going back, I knocked on the other door yet again and received no response. Why isn't he answering me if he is inside? Jerk is being rude again. I cursed him before leaving from there and walking back to my own room. I banged the door harshly, thinking it might catch his attention and he would come asking. I sat on the couch, waiting for him to barge in screaming at me or asking me if I was okay, but neither happened and he didn't come. This guy is the limit, why doe he act so weirdly was all my brain was asking me. I sat there, watching the clock tick by, flipping through the clips of the movie, but there was no sign of him. That's when It clicked me, may be he isn't here at all.  But, would he leave me all by myself.?? Shrugging off my stupid questions, I shifted my attention back to the TV. It might have been 2 hours I sat there waiting for him to return, that's when I heard a crashing sound. I jerked up immediately, alarmed at the sudden noise, I looked around to see everything perfect in the room. May be it was from outside, does that mean he is back.?? I switched off the TV, waiting for him to come into the room. I heard another crashing sound, scaring me this time. Is he angry, and breaking things.? Should I see, or he might blast me off.?? My heart told me to go check, while my brain fought with my heart. Shutting both of them up, I slowly walked towards my door. My heart kept pounding against its walls, increasing the flow of my blood by two times. Taking baby steps, I just reached the door and was extending my hand to open it and it flung open startling me to death. Thankfully, my reflexes were still intact and I scooted back from the door, before it hit me right in my face. As I gathered my self from the sudden attack,  anger coursed through me and I would have slapped him for such a harsh action, but what I saw shook me to my inner cores. I caught hold of the door, incase the earth beneath my feet would give away. I was too shocked for my brain to register the sight infront of my eyes, but when I did all I could hear was my own scream. 

" MK.!!!! " I screamed as he stumbled at the doorstep, towards me. Before he could hit the ground, I came forward and caught hold of him, while he crushed me with his body weight. Somehow I managed to stabilize him, snaking my arm around his waist, while his hand around my neck. I could feel the blood gushing in his body, as his heartbeats were echoing through the entire room. We both stumbled towards the couch, while he closed his eyes with the wincing pain torturing his cells in every corner of his body. Reaching the couch, I slowly placed him on the couch, that's when I saw it all, scaring me like never before. His entire self was bloodied up, while blood was still gushing through 3 wounds on his body draining the last ounce of courage I managed to keep seeing him in this state. Tracing his blood , I located the wounds it was oozing out from,  one on his shoulder, one in his abdomen while one on his arm. I could feel myself crumbling to dust, seeing so much blood around me. Though being a strong person, I was never in approval of violence, but this was beyond what I could imagine. I might have been staring at his wounds, shocked for way too long, cause I heard him call me out.

" Geet.! " he called our, in the most painful voice ever, breaking the last string inside me bringing me back to the real world I sank to the ground, levelling myself to his level and all I could see in his face was unbearable pain. 

" MK.? Wh..wh..wh..what's all..this.? " I said between my own words. Though he was my kidnapper, still I couldn't see anyone in an ocean of pain infront of my eyes. My heart cried at the sight, and I was too shocked to register anything. 

" Geet, Lis..list..listen to me " he panted, while his eyes tightened with each wave of pain that he felt in his body. I could make out, he was talking to me but I was too numb to react. He might have called me many times, but at last he had to shake me up with his intact arm to get me out finally. 

" HOW DID ALL THIS HAPPEN.?? " I screamed looking at the wounds on his body. I felt anger coursing through me, looking at his handsome face completely taken over by pain. More than anger it was pain, I was feeling looking at him like that. Why am I feeling his pain.??

" Please, I'll..tell.. You later. First, you need to take out..the...bullets " he panted again. His words hit me like tidal waves ; Bullets.?? It broke broke me, he was shot was all I could gather. Controlling my flowing emotions, I looked at his wounds again, this time freaking out even more with the thought of bullets in there.

" Bullets.?? Take..out..Me.? " I asked him, fear and worry evident on my face.

" first aid ..kit in the table next to the TV. Forceps..." Was all he could say, when his pain increased making it clear on his face. I have to help him , I knew it but I was too numb to move. 

" Geet, ple...please quickly. " he pleaded making me guilty. Smacking my self mentally, I hurried to the table near the table and fished out the first aid kit in it. I rushed back to him,while he was still wincing in pain. Taking my previous position back, I opened to kit to get out the forceps he needed, but I couldn't find any. 

" MK, there are no forceps here. What the hell is this, can't you even keep one thing where it's actually supposed to be.??? " I screamed at him in anger, to which the idiot just smiled. He laughed a faint chuckle, seeing me freaking out. He is so gone now...

" STOP GRINNING.!!! TELL ME WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW.?! " I said, screaming as much as I can. 

" Geet, firstly calm down please. " he said, seriously now. How can he ask me to calm down when he is all covered in blood, while it's still gushing out from his bullet wounds. I shook my head in a big no.!! I cant...I wont.!!

" NO.! I won't, do you get it.?? Stop lecturing me and tell me what am I to do now.?? " I asked him seriously, glaring at him. 

" I..might have...misplaced them somewhere from last time. Now..listen carefully as you will take..the..bullets out. " he told me clearly, and the colour drained out of my face. Last time.?? And moreover, I am supposed to take out his bullets, when I am even scared at his current condition..?? Sensing my fear, he held my hand with his good one, making me look into his eyes. I saw a tinge of confidence in them, telling me I can do it, along with lots of pain he was hiding. Was he doing that, so that I won't be scared anymore, or to make me relaxed he is hiding his pain.? I opened my mouth to say something when he cut me off. 

" I know you are scared, but you have to do it. I know you can Geet. Please.!! " he said, smiling at me. I looked at him deeply realizing I have to do this, save him. I shook my head meekly, to which his smiled grew wider. 

" Okay I will. But now what.? " I asked. He closed his eyes suddenly wincing in pain, scaring me further. My hands flew up to his face automatically cupping his cheek. 

" MK.? Are u..okay.?? " I asked shaking by his face. He opened his eyes, nodding. 

" I am..fine.! Go..get a candle and... " he said, again closing his eyes. I slapped his cheek softly yet again. 

" And what.?? Answer me damn it, what.?? " I asked. He slowly opened his eyes, feeling drowsy as the poison started spreading in his body. 

" A knife.! " he completed. I was shocked, what will he do with a knife and candle.? But shrugging my questions off, I rushed to the kitchen and started looking for a candle. After a few minutes, I found a knife and a candle. Grabbing both, I hurried back to the table where he was staring at the ceiling, while pain  was evident on every feature of his face. 

" MK, here it is. Please, quickly tell me what am I to do now.?? " I asked sitting back near him. He nodded and slowly explained the technique to get the bullets out, to which my eyes popped out in horror. My body started shivering at the thought of doing it, but I had to. I looked into his eyes, asking him one last time if it was the right thing. 

" You... have to Geet, you can. Please, do.. It " he pleaded, closing his eyes consuming all his pain. I shut my eyes tightly, gathering up all my courage to carry out what he asked me to. A thought of a doctor crossed my mind, but he obviously will object for one ,being a kidnapper.! I opened my eyes, and lit the candle, taking the knife I placed it right in the flame heating it up. Once it was done, I took it out with my hands shivering and took it near his wound. I looked up at him, seeking his approval once more when he held my other hand with his assuring me to do it, though he didn't leave it either which was relief to me. Taking a deep breath, I placed the hot object on his wound when a whimper came out of those lips, but I didn't let it distract me as I had clear instructions from him asking me not to stop no matter how much he screams. I pushed it further into the wound, that's when the wall of his pain gave away and it all came out in the form of a screeching scream. I pulled out the bullet with the knife while his hand clutched tightly around mine, into a bone crushing squeeze, which poured out all his pain. After a few seconds, the bullet poked out through his wound and finally came out falling on the ground. I  closed my eyes shut feeling relieved of succeeding, and letting out a sigh of relief, sweating badly. Even though my eyes were shut, I could feel my tears brimming up. They would surely fall out if I hear another one of his screams. I opened my eyes, to see him looking at me with a contended expression. 

" Are you okay.? " I asked, my voice cracking. He nodded, giving my hand a squeeze letting me know that he was fine. 

" Take out the next one too " he instructed, while I thought I should wait. 

" But, you are in pain " I said sadly.

" It's okay. Just do it ." He said bluntly. I nodded and repeated the process yet again nearing the wound on his abdomen. His screams were even more louder this time, breaking the walls containing my tears and they spilled out. Finally the bullet came out, but I felt his hand loosening around my hand. I looked upto to him, only to see him loosing consciousness. I panicked and started patting his cheeks furiously but I didn't get any response. 

" MK.?? Open your eyes, please.! " I pleaded, tears running down my cheeks but he didnt open. I kept patting his cheeks only to hear back my own cries. Giving up, I decided to nurse his last wound which was way easier as his screams were inaudible. Finally I took out the last bullet too, sighing in utmost relief. I grabbed the first aid box yet again, and dressed all his wounds as much as I could, according to my basic knowledge. Once done, I held my head between my knees and calmed my self down. I looked at his face which was peaceful, painless and calm. I cupped his cheek, shaking him expecting him to wake up but he didn't. All this while, tears refused to stay back and continued pouring down my cheeks. Covering him with a blanket, I stood up taking away all the materials and put them back at their own place. While discarding the bullets, I felt a sting of pain through my heart seeing those bullets which hurt him in my hands. I had a sudden urge to burn them away, which I knew wouldn't help. Giving up, I threw them away and came back near the couch and saw him getting back his colour, the blood was running back in his body. I felt more happy than relieved, seeing him recovering. Tired, I sat back on the chair Infront of him going over the past few hours of mental torture I went through. But the one question that bothered me constantly was, why was all of it hurting me.? Why did I wince in pain, when I removed the very first bullet. Why did his scream, make me cry.? Why does he effect me so much.? The thought of hurting the bullets that hurt him, was bizarre yet why did it first strike in me in the first place.? I think I know the answer, but I am not ready to admit it. The sight of him, covered in blood shook the earth beneath me and his assuring smile gave me the courage to nurse his wounds. He has some effect on me, which I am unable to resist now. Concluding my pondering session, I closed my eyes but I couldn't sleep as his flashes came haunting me, the blood, the screams and mostly his pain. I ran out to washbasin and splashed cold water on my face, soothing my racing heart. Feeing a bit relaxed, I sat back on the chair deciding to get some rest at any cost. I closed my eyes, and finally the stupor took over me. 

Some clattering sounds from the room, broke my sleep. I jerked up to see what it was, when I saw the couch empty. I shifted my gaze to the kitchen and saw him trying to work on something. Anger rushed through me, seeing him giving himself more pain. I marched to the kitchen and tapped on his other shoulder ganging his attention. He turned back to look at me, and was surprised at whatever expression my face held. 

" What are you doing.?? " I asked him angrily. 

" I..I..was..trying to make coffee " he said as casually as possible. 

" Why did u have to.? You could have woken me up, you need rest " I said irritated. After so much, he cooly gets up to make coffee when the jerk has 3 deep wounds.? 

" Nope, it's okay. I can do it on my own. " he said cooly, yet with arrogance. That's it, I lost the last string of anger that I was holding on to. The next moment, my hand came crashing against his cheek with a force which left me shocked too. His expressions were unreadable, but I was firm on my action. How dare he.? He will get it from me today, I decided to finally give it back to him . I have had enough.!! 

Precap : Guess EmbarrassedLOL


Will be waiting for your response eagerly.! Hopefully you all liked it Embarrassed

Thanks Smile

Please do hit the like button and I would love to read your comments too Embarrassed

Anu Heart


PS : Please add " anuluvsmaaneet " for PMs regarding the updates.! 


Thanks Smile






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_Maaneet_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 July 2013 at 10:35pm | IP Logged
amazing update di 
loved it
maan got hurt by bullets, how(anyways that will reveled later)Confused
geet nursing her, how sweetEmbarrassed
and crying and feeling  his painsOuch
geet slapped himShockedLOL
loved the whole update
beautifully written!!!!

eagerly waiting for the next part for seeing maan's reaction on thisLOL

update soon!!!!!!!

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..AnushaGeet.. IF-Addictz

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Updated.!! Smile

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