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MG SS || MY SEXY KIDNAPPER || New Thrd Opnd-NT-PG141 || (Page 58)


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Updt soon...

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Updating today.!! 

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I abruptly stopped and turned around to ask him regarding my clothes. But, before I could utter a word, he banged Into me, to which I lost my balance. His hand went around my waist, while I clutched his shoulders, and we both fell to the ground holding each other. There goes my another round of clumsiness. We hit the floor with a thud, with him on top of me. His breath was fanning my face, while I looked into his eyes, totally lost. My brains command center screamed at me that I am supposed to be looking away, while my eyes and heart were not obeying.!! Aren't they supposed to be under my brains control.?? So this proves, there is definitely something wrong with me. I tried my very best to tear my eyes away from his, but something about those deep brown eyes which could have hidden a ocean of emotions in them ,held me back. I was clutching on to his shoulders, like I wasn't ready to let go. Why.? Am I attracted to him.? If not, what's all this.!! This is not right, yet I can't seem to stop. I may have been lying the same way for hours, if it was not him breaking my dazed state. He instantly left my waist and got up hurriedly before I could even leave him. He looked down at me, still lying on the floor. 

" Why are u still lying on the floor.? Cleaning it or what.? " he asked sarcastically, to which I just formed my mouth in an O. This is the limit. I cursed him under my breath, but the ass he was he had to hear me. Smirking at me, he held out his hand for my help, I hesitantly took it gathering my self up. 

" Care to explain what was that.? " he asked with a raises eyebrow. 

"What.? What did I do.?! " I asked innocently. As far as I remember, I didn't do anything. 

" I mean, what was the need for you to stop so suddenly.? Please don't tell me you need something else Geet" he said, with a sigh and " What-am-I-to-do.? " look. 

" Umm..I..wanted to ask you about my clothes. Since I don't have any, what am I supposed to be wearing.?? " I asked him innocently, to which I saw the dangerous naughty glint in his eyes. Ohh no.! I know he has something running in his mind. 

" How's that my problem.? You asked for a shower, you are getting one.! How am I supposed to help you with clothes.? " he asked smirking. 

" MK, please.! Don't do this right now. I badly need a shower, and some clothes. " I pleaded

" What's wrong with the ones you are wearing.?? " he asked me curiously. I was just looking at him with a are-you-serious-look.? 

" When is the last time, you wore the same clothes after a shower.?! Without them being washed.? That too 3 days old.? You expect me to do that.?? Enlighten me, like always. " I said. 

" Well, if it's my need. I wouldn't mind, cause I would rather wear them than roam naked.! " he said, smirking again. UGHH.! I so wish I could swipe that smirk off his damn face. He is right, it's my need. So I need to be calm. 

" MK please, I am a girl. Try to understand. I can't wear these again. " I said, with my most innocent face, but I wasn't sure if I can trap this extra smart ass. 

" Really.?? Wow Geet, I never knew you are a girl. So just for argument sake, what if I don't understand.? "  he said, mocking me right on my face. Is he really that dumb.? Forget it, why am I even expecting from him.  Useless jerk. 

" Fine. Thanks for the little bit of help, I don't need any shower." I said, and started walking back when he held me back. He caught my wrist and  pulled me back. 

" Okay.! okay. I was kidding, wait here ill get you one of my shirts which you can wear. " he said and was leaving, when I called him back. 

" Just a shirt.? Can't I get pants too.? " I asked him, expectantly. 

" Geet, I will give u what I have, so don't bug me anymore, or u won't get even what you re getting.'" he said, irritated. 

" Okay, please don't be angry. I'll wear what ever you give me. " I agreed with him. As if I had another option.! I will get back to him one day.!

" Good " he said, and left. I was looking around the place when he came back with a a pair of clothes in his hand, it was a shirt and a pair of tracks. I beamed at his niceness, while he returned it with a small smile. I couldn't thank him more, when he showed me the way to the shower. I was about to enter, when he held my hand. 

" I don't want any mess in there. I am very particular about cleanliness.  " he warned me. Jerk, he asked me to wear the same clothes and here he talks about cleanliness.!!! 

"Really now.!.? Who was asking me to wear the same clothes again.?? I asked, sarcasm oozing out of my words. 

" Geet I was kidding. Now please go, before I change my mind " he said and without letting him do anything, I dashed into the bathroom shutting the door tightly on his face. I swear I heard him chuckle and I can bet he had that smirk on his face as usual. Shrugging it all off, I stripped out of my clothes, thanking heavens for it. I stood under the shower, opened it and let the water run down my body. I didn't do anything, I just let it go down my body, giving me a heavenly feeling, making me feel utterly fresh. I might have stood there, for god knows how long when I felt a hand snaking around my naked waist, and I felt a breath fanning my  shoulder. I knew who It was, yet I didn't protest. Here I was ; naked under the shower, with him behind me and I was okay with it. I just stood there anticipating a move from him but none came along. Why.? I raised my arms up, circling them around his neck feeling him, when a bang on the door startled me, and I realized I WAS DREAMING.! I was dreaming about him, with me in a shower. How could I.?? I just stood there, shocked at my own dreams when his shrieking voice brought me out. 

" GEET.! ARE YOU LISTENING.? " he screamed but I was too numb at myself for replying, his next words might have been the reason to snap me out of it. 

" Geet, if you don't answer now I won't think even for a second before breaking open the door. Do you want me to do that.?? " he threatened me, scaring me to no limits. 

" NO.!! Please, I am listening ." I said hurriedly, before he does what he said. 

" Good, is all okay.? Why weren't you answering me.? I have been calling out so many times. " 

" I couldn't hear you, I was thinking something. I am sorry." I admitted. 

" Thinking something.? Planning to escape or what.? " he laughed at my stupidness. Well yeah, he has all the rights to, cause I was acting stupid indeed. 

" Were you here to start an interrogation session while I am standing here under the shower, dreaming things I shouldn't.? " I blurt out, regretting the very moment those words left my mouth. I bet he will grin even more widely hearing that.?? 

" What were you dreaming Geet.? That too, under the shower. God, you are full of dirty thoughts ?? " He chucked. Ya ya..why not, as if I am alone.?  

" MK., please.! Tell me what you were calling out for and leave.! I am no mood to entertain your nonsense " I said. 

" Well, seems like Miss. Geet isn't pleased with something. Anyway, just wanted you to know, the shampoos and other utilities are in the cabinet behind the mirror, in case you go looking for them and yes, don't ask me for a ladies shampoo. Manage with what's in there " he said, answering my unasked questions. 

" Fine " I snapped and went to get the toiletries and as he mentioned, I was disappointed with them, but some how managed. Once done my shower session, several times assuring my self I was clean now, I looked around for a towel but there was none. Great, I forgot to take a towel, in my hurry to get away before he plays a prank. Damn, now I have to ask him.?! No way, I can't after the dream I had. I'll manage somehow. I decided not to bother about one, when another bomb was thrown at me, by my own brain; I didn't have any inners. DAMN.! The only ones I had for were the ones I took off along with my clothes and now they are lying down ; all wet. I sank to the floor, unable to think what to do next.  I sat there, without any option left. Either I had to go out without my inners inside his clothes, or either I was to sit here. But wouldn't he come looking if I was gone for so long.?? This is such a mess. No I can't sit in here, if he sees me like this, how will I be able to face him ? In my hurry, I clumsily got up to wear the clothes, but before I could react my foot slipped because of the bit of soapy water I missed on the floor and something hard came banging against my head, and I fell on the floor with a yelp escaping my lips. I lost my vision and consciousness. 

My head was hurting badly like someone was hammering me, but I was feeling warm and better than the last memory I had, which was cold floor against my entire body. But now was different, as I felt something warm enveloping my body. Though my head hurt terribly, I tried opening my eyes gradually . With great difficulty I fluttered my eyes open, to see myself lying in the same room I have been in. Panic consumed me and I jerked up, sitting up but shockingly found my self in his clothes with a quilt covering me. How did I reach here.? Did he bring me.?? That means, he came into the washroom and saw me like that.? Before I could come to any conclusion, my eyes were clouded with tears and they were streaming down my cheeks. Why am I crying.? Is it cause I was seen by him all naked.? Is it cause my head was hurting badly. Or was it because I can't get answers to any of my questions and I am confused with everything around me.??. I didn't realize when I was sobbing violently, before his hand touched my hand. I looked up to see him, he was looking tensed. Was he waiting for me to say something. I tried, but nothing came out of my mouth, it was like all my senses were dead. Sensing my turmoil, he withdrew his hand. 

" Geet. Are you okay ? Does your head hurt.? " he asked concerned. 

" Did you..??  " I asked between my sobs. I knew he brought me here, but I just wanted to hear him say it with the assurance that he was being honest and nothing happened. He looked away. Why.? 

" Yes Geet. Believe me, I had no other option. You were lying unconscious on the floor for I don't know how long. It was long you went it in, but didn't come out. I knocked so many times but got no answer and there wasn't any sound too, I knew you weren't a person who will escape like that, but you weren't responding so I had to break the door. And that's when I saw u lying unconscious on the floor with a bit of blood coming out of your hand. Your hand hit the glass holder and it broke piercing your hand. " he told me all the while looking away.  Why did I even ask.?? It makes me more miserable now, and my sobs grew louder. He looked at me instantly, and I could see pain in his eyes too. 

" Geet.! Please don't cry, trust me... I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't necessary. I was scared to even touch you, but your wound needed dressing so I had to fix it. ' he told me with sincerity in every ounce if his voice. Somehow I knew, he was being honest. But why am I not able to stop crying.?? 

" You changed my clothes too.? " I managed to ask, controlling my sobs for a while. 

" You see someone else here.? Who would do it besides me.? " he asked me amusingly. I can't believe this, he finds it funny when I am here freaking out at the fact that he saw me naked.!!! That's it, I broke out again. He sighed and took my hand in his, ever so softly that it could have been as I was holding a feather. 

" Geet, believe me.. I didn't do anything. I just brought you out, without looking at you I put clothes on you. The only time I saw you was when I was bringing you out. I covered you with a quilt and dressed your wound. Believe me, I know I acted like a pervert some days ago, but I am not. " he honestly confessed and something inside me broke. Was it cause I was doubting him even though not wanting to.??

" I know, by now I can trust you " I said looking down. 

" Then why are you crying.?? " he asked me shocked. I didn't answer him and kept on crying, which was hitting him hard I know, but I couldn't stop either. I think my tears broke the last control he had, and he marched away. 

" I know you don't trust me. That's why you are crying. Fine, I'll go from here and you can be alone for a while. We can talk about this later. " he said almost leaving. No, we need to talk today. For that I have to tell him why I am crying. 

" Cause I have so many questions in my mind, to which I don't have any answers. Everything is so confusing, that I am feeling that I can't handle it anymore." I sobbed. He halted in his steps and looked back at me with questioning eyes. 

" You are crying because I am not answering you.!? " he asked shocked to his wits. Was it that shocking.? 

" Precisely. " I told him. He laughed and came back to sit in front of me with his hands crossed across his chest. 

" Shoot.! " he said, making me gasp. Seriously.? He is gonna answer my questions.

" You serious.? You are going to answer my questions.? "
I asked, wiping my tears away. Wow, he has changed.!

" Just ask. Keep the drama for later Geet, please.! "
He said.

" Are you a kidnapper to begin with.?? " I asked instantly. 

" I am.! That's the reason you are here.! " came the instant reply. 

" Why don't you look like one! " I blurt out. Why did I have to ask that.?? 

" What kind of a question is that.!? Ahh, are you implying that I am too good to be one.!?? Like, too irresistible right!.?? He asked, voicing out my exact thoughts. Gawd.!!

" No, thats not what I meant. Stop pampering yourself so much.! I mean. Why do you care for me so much.?? " I asked.

" Thats because I have not brought you here to hurt  you in anyway. That's not my agenda " I heard him say, but I think I also heard a " I never can " which he spoke too softly , but I managed to catch it. 

" What do you want.?? " 

" Nothing from you.! " he answered diplomatically. 

" Nothing.?? " I repeated, finding it hard to believe. 

" Absolutely nothing. Ahh yes, one thing, but not too much, just don't try to escape until I tell you to " he said, shocking me.! Was he going to  ask me to escape from here.!?? No matter how much I try to figure him out, he confuses me more. 

" Have I tired to.? So lets not go there. " I said, unable to frame anything else. 

" Anything else.? " he asked raising an eyebrow. Well, did I have anything else to ask him.? 

"Why me only ? " 

" That is something I cannot answer. So next one please " he said, waving his hand away. 

" Oh hello, we aren't playing a rapid fire round here that you answer questions only you feel comfortable with. This is about me, not you.! " I snapped at him. 

" Geet, I said is there anything else you want to ask me.? " 

" Yes. Loads. " I instantly said, but what.?? I thought I will ask him so many, but his attitude fuses off my brain and I do all sorts of stupid things.

" Yeah then. Go ahead.! ' he said 

" Ummm..I... Will think of some.! Give me sometime. " I muttered feeling stupid. 

" Take as much as you want to,idiot. I know you have nothing else to ask me, cause I know I have gained your trust by now " he said leaving, not before giving me a mocking laugh. And did me an idiot.?! 

" I AM NOT AN IDIOT, YOU JERK.! " I screamed.

" Scream your lungs out later, first eat the pasta. And please don't say you don't Like it, cause I know you loved it. " he said almost going out. 

" I will be back in a while, incase you have some thing else to ask " he said winking and left through the door. Man, did it all just happen?  How can someone be so casual.!? He knew it all, still he was acting innocent. Before I knew, I was laughing for what I don't know, may be just cause our conversation went into a direction I least expected. Seriously, I am laughing but for what.?? I smacked my head hard with my intact hand, and got off the couch to go get the pasta. Whatever, why should I miss the yummy pasta.! I ate the entire thing, feeling my head hurt again. I'll just sleep, anyhow he will be back by that time, I'll eat his head off for calling me an idiot. You are so going to regret calling me an idiot MK, I swear.! I slept off, thinking about the questions I still need to ask, waiting for the jerk to comeback and soon sleep consumed me.

Precap : MK wounded. What will Geet do.? Confused

As for revelations, You guys need to wait a bit.. Big smile

Will be waiting for your response eagerly.! Hopefully you all liked it Embarrassed

Thanks Smile

Please do hit the like button and I would love to read your comments too Embarrassed

Anu Heart


PS : Please add " anuluvsmaaneet " for PMs regarding the updates.! 


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awesome update
loved it allot!!!!!!
maan is so nice towards geet, love himEmbarrassed
will be waiting for more updates
update soon!!!!!!!

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Updated.! Smile

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awesome update
maan helping geet and beahving liek a gentle man
lol it seemed more liek a rapid fire roundLOL

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awesome part
loved this maan taking care of geet

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loving this kidnapper very much

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