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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG SS || MY SEXY KIDNAPPER || New Thrd Opnd-NT-PG141 || (Page 48)

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Originally posted by Ash1991

Amazing update...
Loved it alot...
Geet all alone...waiting fr next eagerly...

Thanks a lot dear.! Big smile

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omg lmao.. ok so y did he kidnapp her again? thats one fun kidnapping case i tell ya.. cont soon hun

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Originally posted by mayurmaaneet

omg lmao.. ok so y did he kidnapp her again? thats one fun kidnapping case i tell ya.. cont soon hun

Haha. I know it's all a mystery...
Thanks for the comment Embarrassed
..AnushaGeet.. IF-Addictz

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Updating Smile 
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update on next page.! 
..AnushaGeet.. IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by pjroy


Updating in a while dear.!! Big smile
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I felt his hand shutting my mouth tightly, I opened my eyes to meet his eyes, which showed anger. But, soon the anger was fading away, and I could see concern in his eyes. Is he not angry with me for screaming.?? Wasn't that what he wanted from the very beginning.? I stopped screaming , he slowly took his hand off my mouth, letting me breathe properly. Leaving my mouth, he gripped my shoulders, but softly. This guy, always takes me by surprise.!!

" Are you okay.?? What happened.!? " he asked, calmly while I was speechless. I just screamed and yet he is calm about it.? WOW.! 

" I am okay ! " I said, slowly. Maybe now he will blast me off, for screaming unnecessarily. As usual, he left me shocked .

" Then why did you scream like that.? You scared me.! " he asked, his voice full of concern. He got scared.? Just cause I screamed.? This guy, is something definitely, totally unpredictable. 

" cause I was bored.! " I said, feeling utterly stupid. At once, he left my shoulders and the next thing I saw was something that shook me, he was laughing like I cracked the biggest joke ever. Huh? Was it that funny.? 

" Why are you laughing at me.?! Believe me, I was screaming cause I was bored.! " I repeated myself, thinking may be he heard me wrong. He laughed even more harder, while I just stood there gaping like a fool at him. Controlling himself, he looked at me still smiling. A dazzling smile, which could kill. 

" Seriously.? You were screaming cause you were bored.? God, Geet you are hilarious. " he said, leaving me and proceeding towards the kitchen. 

" Hilarious.? You find me hilarious.? Well then let me break the bubble, I wasn't screaming for your entertainment, but because I was bored. For heavens sake, I feel suffocated in this room now, and you say it was hilarious. This place is so boring. " I complained, and thank god he was listening to me. 

"Well, I arranged everything for you, still you find it boring.? " he looked at me incredulously. 

" Ha.! Really.? What a favor you did by arranging it all for me, but long am I to survive on all this.?? Do you even know what it feels like being alone at a place for 3 days : all alone. That reminds me..where the hell were you all the time.?? " I asked him angrily, pointing my finger at him. He gave me a cold look, eying the finger I pointed at him. I immediately withdrew it, not wanting to loose the one chance I had to talk to him. 

" First of all, you were the one who screamed at me the other day, so I was trying to stay away from you. I agree the fault was mine, I was loosing my temper way too much. Trust me, I had my own reasons. Secondly, this is the best I can do Geet, don't expect more. " he said it sincerely, taking me by surprise. He seems genuinely nice to me sometimes, why is this guy so complicated?? 

"You know what, why are you so confusing.?? No matter how much I try to figure out your behavior, I fail badly. " I said, disappointed. 

" Dont try too hard, it's not easy to figure me out. Well, for now do you need anything.? If not, I will go and leave you to do whatever you were doing except for screaming " he said, he was about to leave when I grabbed his hand. 

" NO.!! You can't go.! " I said hurriedly, to which he raised an eyebrow. Okay, may be I was too much. I left his hand immediately, while straightened my self. 

" I mean, don't go.! Atleast, give me company if not freedom. " I said honestly, and soon I saw his expressions change. It was more of amusement. 

" Give you company.? Are you sure.? You want your kidnapper to give you company.? " he asked incredulously. 

"Yes. Cause I can't survive with that TV and those DVDs. I need people around me. As for the kidnapper thing, you don't seem to be that horrible as for a kidnapper. You are rude sometimes, but still caring and nice. So I won't mind. To be honest,  I can't believe you to be a kidnapper, except for the fact that you brought me here forcefully. So I actually dont mind at all. " I said, watching him all the while, his expressions kept varying. 

"Fine.! I will be back in a while, I have my own work to do.! " he said leaving, when I called him back, I'll beg him if its needed, to allow me to use a shower.

" What am I supposed to call you.!? You must be having a name right.? " I asked. 

" As it happens I do, but you don't need to know it yet. So just for formality sake, just call me your kidnapper " he winked, while I gasped. This guy, surely knows how to play. 

" You mean my kidnapper.? So MK.?! " I asked him, sounding stupid to myself. 

" Yeah.! MK is fine.! " he said, turning his back to leave the room. 

" MK.!?? " I called out, he turned but looked irritated, raising his eyebrows asking me " what- the -hell - is- it- now.? " look.

" I need a shower. Please.! Can you just listen to me once.?? I need it badly. " I pleaded. 

" You need a shower.? " he asked, looking surprised at my demand, and ended up chucking. 

" Why are you laughing again.? I didn't crack any joke. " I snapped. 

" Of all the things, you asked for a shower. Not a problem. Let me come back in a while, I can surely grant you that much. " he said.

"Anything else madam.!!?? " he asked me laughing , to which even I too couldn't stop laughing. I nodded my head In a no, and he left the room sighing, while I stood there watching him leaving in awe. What.? Why am I awing at him.?? Well, I can't deny he is nice, and sweet. Sometimes, he can be totally pathetic. But not as bad, as I imagined him to be. I sat on the couch, waiting for him to come back, while I played with the movie that was on. I forwarded most of the parts, it was utterly boring. I didn't notice, he came back until he spoke. 

" Why are you even watching if you have to forward it all.!? By the way, it's a nice movie. " he said, startling me. 

" I find it utterly boring. " I gave my honest opinion. Yes, it was boring as hell cause I am done with movies and I wanted to see you. That's exactly what I wanted, I sighed at my own weirdness. 

"What did you do for 3 days, alone.? " he asked, eying me.

" Curse you for leaving me all alone. " I blurted out. As soon as I realized what I did, I bit hard on my tongue. 

" Were you missing me.!? " he asked raising his eyebrows.

" Well, your anger and threats are better than the silence atleast. So yes you can say I was missing someone to talk to atleast. " I told him honestly.

"Well then, I am sorry. I shouldn't have left you all alone for so long " he said, apologetically. I gasped hearing him apologizing. He eyed me, and I nodded my head in a nothing. What as gotten into him in these 3 days.?

" By the way, thanks for the Maggie. It's my fav. And ofcourse, rest of the stuff too.! The pasta was delicious. "I tried making a conversation with him. 

" I know it's your favourite. " he said sounding quite confident, when I looked at him with my eyes narrowed. How does he know.!! 

" I mean, for someone a chatter box like you, all you people need is junk like Maggie." He instantly added. Was he being honest, or was he trying to cover up something.! My mouth hung open at his remark. he called me a chatter box.!!

" Dont insult Maggie. People like you can never enjoy it. " I shot back angrily.

" I am not even interested. So you liked my pasta, then why were you being so arrogant the other day.? " 

" Wo..wo...well...Its my wish. " I said, unable to frame an answer, to which he chuckled. He looks nice while, laughing. I can blindly say, he is not a kidnapper. Yet I can't imagine, why can't he tell me once and for all.?? There was an awkward silence between the 2 of us for a while.

" I thought you wanted a shower.? Well, lets go then .! " he said, shocking me. 

" WHAT.? " I asked, startled. 

" What.?? " he asked, raising his eyebrows at my sudden raise in voice. He soon realized what he said, and sighed. 

" I mean, come with me I will show you where to take a shower. Can you for once stop with those filthy thoughts.??. " he remarked.  I nodded, and he asked me to proceed. I obeyed him, and went ahead while he was behind me. Finally I will get my shower. But, what about my clothes.? I abruptly stopped and turned around to ask him regarding my clothes. But, before I could utter a word, he banged Into me, to which I lost my balance. His hand went around my waist, while I clutched his shoulders, and we both fell to the ground holding each other. There goes my another round of clumsiness. 

Precap : He finally answers her.! Well kind of Wink


As for revelations, You guys need to wait a bit.. Big smile

Will be waiting for your response eagerly.! Hopefully you all liked it Embarrassed

Thanks Smile

Please do hit the like button and I would love to read your comments too Embarrassed

Anu Heart


PS : Please add " anuluvsmaaneet " for PMs regarding the updates.! 


Thanks Smile






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