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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG SS || MY SEXY KIDNAPPER || New Thrd Opnd-NT-PG141 || (Page 29)

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I didn't know for how long I was asleep, but when I finally came out of it opening my eyes, I could only see myself in the place where I last remembered; yet there was no sign of him. I'm glad he isn't there.! But how am I to get my answers.? I sat quietly on the couch, contemplating on getting my answers from him. My thoughts scurried back to the intimate encounter a few hours ago. Why did he do that.? If he really wanted to hurt me, why did he kiss me.? The way he bit me ; firmly yet softly and kissed me to soothe me, what did that mean. But he slapped me, was it because I was screaming.? What does he expect me to do, given he doesn't bothering answering my questions. Should I ask him again, what if he does something.? But he said, he isn't interested in doing anything. I should stop acting like a fool, and trust anybody I come across ; specially this mystery guy cause I barely know him. Yes I am gonna get my answers from him. But where the hell is he.? And how can a kidnapper be so rich and royal, and since he is so rich, he hasn't kidnapped me for money definitely. What does this guy want.? Neither personality wise, neither lifestyle wise he appears to be a kidnapper, then why all this.? I seem to be less scared than before, seeing this surrounding and his only urge is to make me shut my mouth, how can he just want me to shut up?.! No, I can't trust anyone, I have to confront it. Okay that's it, rather than pulling my brains out asking my self all this, I am gonna go ask him. Confidently, I sat with my knees hugged to my chest waiting for the jerk to return, putting a halt to the shooting questions my brain was bombarding me with. I was just about close my eyes , that's when my brain shot up with a brilliant idea ; he isn't here and I have my perfect chance to escape. Gosh, how stupid can he be.?? He left me here ; ALL ALONE.! Is that what he wants, for me to escape.?? Well, who cares anyway I will give it a try. Obeying my brains orders, I got up swiftly from the couch and dashed forward only to crash to the ground with a sudden pull. What the heck was what came out of my mouth. I scanned my body, to trace the pull that's when I saw it ; I had a chain around my waist secured with a huge belt, yet it felt as if it didn't exist as I failed to feel it till now. The b****** chained me without my knowledge and I didn't even realize it unless I was pulled back. Holy s***. How could I even assume him to be that stupid, ofcourse he wouldn't have left me to escape. I tried pulling it out, but all my attempts were futile, following its length I managed to locate its origin ; it was hooked up to the wall ; totally unbreakable . I cant pull the chain out of the wall, I'm not that strong ; but he is strong enough to chain me up for sure. I decided not to give up and kept pulling at it, that's when I heard him.  

"Have been trying to escape, have you.? " he asked, with a slight sarcasm making me look at him. Irritated, I snapped up only to be rooted at the place I fell. My first face to face convo with him and all I can say is ; he indeed is a Greek god, a face with perfectly carved features, deep brown eyes which could bore into ones soul, perfectly shaped nose and beautifully carved lips. Abs were beyond perfection, complementing his perfect personality. To sum it up, he had looks to die for.! How can he be my kidnapper.? He obviously doesn't look like one.! How can my kidnapper be so sexy.? Damn why is all this so complicated. God knows for how long I was gaping at him, that's when he smirked making me come out of my drooling over my kidnapper ; shamelessly.! I need to see a shrink soon, I am sure I am officially losing it. 

" Done checking me out.? Lets come to the point now; trying to escape weren't you.? " he said, nearing me dangerously.! I immediately left the chain, retreating my steps towards the couch, fearing the closing distance between us. My foot hit the couch taking me along, letting me fall on the couch while he just kept matching towards me dangerously. I nervously prepared my fist, ready to smash his face in case he decides to cross his limits. Before I could prepare anymore, he was hovering over me dangerously. I will show him his place, if he messes with me today. ! 

" So Geet... You were trying to escape right.? " he said, his breath fanning on my face making me nervous. I feared his I tensions, which were evident in his eyes , thus I slowly raised my fisted hand to punch him in his gut, but to my disbelief he caught hold of my hand just as it was about to raise. I gasped at his smartness and shivered when he took my other hand too and pinned them above my head on the couch. I wriggled to get free, but all my attempts died into his grip. WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS, JERK.!! 

" Leave me, I said leave me right now. " I spat at him, in anger, trying to kick him off. 

" Not yet, first tell me what were you upto .?? " he eyed me dangerously. 

" Did you answer me.? Why should I.!! " I asked with venom oozing out my words. 

" I will repeat myself for the one last time, I am not answerable to you, but you are to me." He worded each word carefully, making it sound as deadly as it can.  But I have to ask him, I can't back out now. 

" Go to hell.! " I said, and finally managed to kick him in his stomach, not before hurting my knee. As he was balancing with his one hand, he lost his balance and fell off the couch. Good job, I patted my self on my back. I made the run for it, not before he caught hold of my ankle. He jerked me and I came crashing to the ground, scared to death of what's gonna happen now. What will he Do.? 

" You are going to pay for this. " saying this, he pinned my hands to my sides, held my legs between his making me immobile in his steel grip. I wriggled with all my might to get free, yet he was much more stronger. I screamed when I felt his face dipping into my neck, and his lips touched my skin. Why does he always have to kiss me.?? The jerk knows it how to play well. 

" Get off me. You lousy jerk, I said get off me. " I said, trying to get him off me, only to feel him more into my self. I felt tears, brimming up as I felt him kissing and biting me just like before over my entire neck. I closed my eyes shut, still struggling when his lips stated moving towards my bosom, scaring the shit out of me. No.!! My mind screamed at me, yet I was on the verge of crying. 

" I am so...sorry.! " I sobbed. The barrier of my eyes, gave away and the tears spilled down, trailing across my cheek, when I felt the touch of his warm lips again. I opened my eyes as saw him licking my tears away.!  Did he just lick my tears away.? Is this guy crazy.? I don't understand  what he wants.!!! 

" Stop crying, I won't do anything. I did not bring you here, to rape you as I already said. So just stop ragging your filthy brain with such thoughts" he spat at me, confusing me all the way more. At once, he left me , moving away from me and I gathered my self up, hugging my knees closer tears spilling out from my eyes . He walked to the kitchen, fished out some crockery and filled the same with food. Walking with that sexy attitude plastered on his face, he walked to wards me with the plate in his hand and placed it on the couch. I looked at him, confused. This guy is such a weirdo, how does he do it.?  

" How hard is it to understand.? Eat.! " he said, pointing towards the plate with his deep eyes. 

" I don't want it. " I disobeyed him, knowing what he can do.! Why am I am so stubborn.? Should I eat it, I'm sure he won't poison it. Being with him for the time being, I can be a bit confident he doesn't intend to hurt me. My thoughts were broken, when I felt his fingers clutching my hair. I winced, yet he didn't loosen his grip. 

" Listen Geet...I don't want to hurt you, so just obey me. I promise I won't hurt you, stop being stubborn. " he spoke clenching his  teeth. 

" I don't care. I don't want it, that's all " I said, still not intending to give in. Yeah, he needs to know he can't boss me around every time. I heard him sigh, and his fingers left my hair and before I could gather what's happening, he was walking away.! What ..he didn't get mad at me.??? why.??? No, this is wrong, he needs to answer me. I dashed behind him, only to crash into his hard back, I might have fell back with the impact if he hadn't caught me. 

" What's your damn problem girl, when I ask you to do something you won't, neither will you let me live in peace. " he said, jerking me away. 

" You are my problem.  I don't understand what you want " I spat. 

" What about me.? " he asked, bothering to listen at least this time. Finally, he chose not to ignore me. Finally the jerk gave in. 

" Why do you always want me to shut up, when u don't bother  listening to me. ?? And why do u always kiss me.?? " I couldn't stop my self from asking it, he doesn't hurt me, but kisses me. Confusing soul.! Well, I was wrong, he is bloody irritating cause he just stood smirking at me. I gaped at him, does he have any manners.?

" What.?? Why are u smirking.? I am asking you something.? Will you care to answer. Well, I'll be honest, you don't look like a kidnapper by any means. Yet you have me here, all captured and forcefully. To add to my miseries, you don't bother  answering anything, you constantly keep asking me to shut up and the worst part, you don't hurt me but you keep kissing me. WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM.?? " I ranted it all, in one go. Gawddd, help me with this  moron.  Without answering me, he pulled me closer and pinned my hands behind my back shocking me even more. Is he deaf.?? That's what I could ask my self. 

" Now you tell me what's your problem.? Is it that, I don't hurt you.? Or may be, that I kiss you. Or is it that, I am too sexy n hot to be a kidnapper.? " he said, making me gasp. What the f***.?? He knows, I was seeing his perfect features. 

" I...I... I asked you first.! None of it is my problem, just let me go. That's all I want. " I stammered. He is better than I thought. 

" That I can't do, you are here until I want you to be. " he stated it.

" STOP IT!!  I am not your slave, that you keep me here without any reason. Just get done with what you want, you want bloody money, you will get it. I am not gonna be here so, that you keep kissing me and come close to me whenever you feel like. So better dont expect me to be that " I blasted him off. As soon as I finished my sentence, what I saw it in his eyes, pure rage, burning my insides. I shivered with the look in his eyes, fear ran down every nerve of my body. Shocking me, he left my hands pushing me away harshly. I stumbled back, but held my self before I could fall. He turned away for me, showing me his back yet again. That was a very shocking response I got, I thought he will be fuming and ready to tear my head off.

" You proved how low you can think of a person, just the way you are.! Listen to me for the one last time, I didn't bring you here to do anything, nor I brought you here to hurt you as I clearly mentioned before,yet you seem to be utterly dumb witted. If that's what I wanted, you wouldn't be here talking about all this bullshit. As for money, you really think I want money, I have that of my own, I don't need YOUR bloody money.! I have much more than you do. So just zip it if you don't know things. As for me keeping you here, that's not something you need to bother about. I don't give a shit about your filthy thoughts, so now if you are done grinding me with your baseless questions, go have your food , if you don't want it, do as you please. " he spat back angrily, and disappeared into the door, leaving me rooted to my spot. WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS GUY.?? He is just so unpredictable. 

I slowly walked back to the couch, still in his thoughts, when the fragrance from the food reached my nostrils, flaring them. My stomach lurched with hunger, I was indeed hungry. Should I eat it.? I am hungry, so I should eat. I hesitated, and took the spoonful slowly. It smelled delicious, I put the spoon in my mouth and closed my eyes relishing the delicious pasta. Damn, this guy knows how to cook too.!!!! Like really, is there anything he doesn't know and can't do.?! I'll be laughed at, if I tell someone that my sexy kidnapper can do all this. I literally hogged on the entire pasta, thanking him unwillingly for giving me the food.  I moved towards the kitchen, looking for some more if there was any. To my relief, there was a lot. I helped myself with another round, thanks to his absolute perfect cooking skills. Weirdly one thought crossed my mind, has he eaten.?? Shrugging it off, I enjoyed my meal. Once done, I looked around the place he kept me in. It was fabulous, no better than a lavish hotel room. Why is my life so complicated, was all I could ask my self before slouching back on the couch, having nothing to do, and yet again sleep took over me. 

Precap : Geet getting bored without him.?? Confused


I will try to post the next one soon...

As for revelations, You guys need to wait a bit.. Big smile

Will be waiting for your response eagerly.! Hopefully you all liked it Embarrassed

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Anuuu !!!!!
Awesome update hun

Geet completely fida on her sexy kidnapper ...bechari kare bhi toh kya ?

Hayyee ...kidnapper made pasta for Geet
Luck girl i tell u
I am so jealous of her

Precap sounds interesting
Update soon

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awesome update
really wondering why maan kidnapped her
precap geet geeting bored without himLOL
update next part soon!!!

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Superbbb update
finally geet ne kha hi liya
afterall MSK ne itne pyar se jo banaya tha aur wo bhi itna delicious :p
precap geet getting bored without maanu

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Awesome part
finally geet ate
waiting to know the reason for geet kidnapping

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awesome part
loved it
why did he kidnap kidnapper is such a mystery man...
geet getting bore with sexy kidnapper...
waiting for next part

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update was very entertaining...

I also wonder why Maan keep on kissing her...

if he don't want money or her physically so what is his reason to kidnap her...

waiting for next part...

thanx for pm...

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Waaaooo...such  an awesooome,mast part...Anu uvin ts sexy kidnapper more and more...fab update dear..cont.sooon

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