Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG SS || MY SEXY KIDNAPPER || New Thrd Opnd-NT-PG141 || (Page 19)

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Gathering my guts, I got up from my place moving forward in the room and all I could find was old garbage, with  intolerable and disgusting smell. How can someone stay at such a place, I might as well end up throwing.! Why is it that I always land up in some mess.? God help me. Carrying on with my quick prayers, I walked towards the door yet again, trying my luck incase it decided to be by my side atleast today, but to my utter dismay it decided to ditch me yet again. I need to open the soon, somehow.! I walked around the room, determined to open the door while looking for my tool to help me in it. Well, as expected the room sheltered nothing apart of garbage. Damn.! What the heck am I to do now.? I rummaged my brain for better ideas, and the only one I came up with was, bang the door until someone opens. Giving it a last though, assuring my self I walked towards the door determined to get hold of the pig who locked me up. I started banging the door with all my might, screaming along with that exhausting my entire energy out on the idiotic door. It could have been hours, yet there was no response. What an ass, can't they even answer me.?? I have been banging for so long. After a few more minutes, I felt my self draining out, as my vision became blur and I could feel the earth slipping. I am gonna pass out, I consoled my self with a heavy heart as I ended up failing in opening the door. Will I ever get out of this stinky room.?? The next few seconds passed, and I was on the ground exhausted with all the screaming and banging. The ground hit me hard, erupting another cry from the bottom of my heart, and I burst into uncontrollable sobs before I knew. That's it, I have had enough, I can't be that strong. I called out loudly one last time, before I knew I was loosing consciousness. In my drowsy state, I heard the door click open, and faint light followed by a shadow shining into my almost dead pupils. Before I lost it totally, I felt a pair of arms snaking beneath me and I drifted into unconsciousness. 


Faint sounds came crashing into my eardrums, indicating my regaining consciousness. I fluttered my eyes, trying to open them, when I did ; I could have screamed if I was not kidnapped. The room, I was lying in now was magnificent, lavish and no less than a palace. Royal, chandelier hanging for the roof, while the place was garnished by all sorts of ancestral artifacts including things one can't even fathom of. Was I dreaming, or I really have been kidnapped.? How can a kidnapping be so royal.? I scanned the room, only to be left dumbstruck with the charm the place held. Any human would want such a heaven to reside in, and here I was ; brought here after being kidnapped.!! My luck sucks big time. I sat up on the sofa only to be taken aback again. As my eyes moved towards the kitchen, I saw a figure ; a man. Facing his back towards my side, he was working in the kitchen and his features surely didnt match a kidnapper.! Did he rescue me, was the first question I thought. As my eyes, scanned down his body, I couldn't help my self from not admiring his taut sexy features. He had abs any girl would die for,  perfectly carved waist line, with a strong tinge of masculinity oozing out. If he looked so sexy just at his back, one can surely have a glimpse of a Greek god. What the hell.? How can I admire him so shamelessly given the situation.? Is there seriously something wrong with me.?? Can't I act normally.? Cursing my self, for the umpteenth time, I shook of all the useless thoughts and came back to the thought of confronting him.  I cleared my throat to seek his attention, which I didn't. I cleared my throat again, getting the same response. Am I not audible, or is he dead.?? God..just once, help me.! I cleared my throat several times, yet he didnt budge pissing me off further. I grabbed the vase infront of me and banged it on the table ; yet he didnt turn around. Okay, this guy is deaf for sure or else how can be ignore me for so long.?? Out of curiosity, I blurted out my thoughts about him being deaf, to which he stiffened proving he heard me. Well, why isn't he answering me then, moron.!? After asking several times, about my whereabouts and reason for my kidnapping; I lost my patience not getting even a single response. This is the limit.!! Frustrated, I shouted...


" Who the hell are you.?? Why have you brought me here.? " I said, gripping the table vase in my hand tighter. 


" Just shut up.! I am not answerable to you. " he said finally, paying no heed to me , treating me like a piece of shit ; yet not turning around. 


What did he just say.?? Not answerable to me.?? That did it and I snapped. 


" Not answerable to me.?? You brought me here forcibly without my knowledge and you say you are not answerable to me.? You f****** b******.  " I screamed, and hurled the vase towards his back, yet he dodged it, leaving me astonished. How on earth did he do that.? Does he have another pair of eyes at the back of his head..What. Really..Is that the last explanation I had ?? I have lost it.!!


" Stop tiring your self , it's of no use as you might have noticed that, in your attempts over the last 10 mins.!! And mind it, DONT.SCREAM.AT.ME It might be the very last thing you do, and swearing won't help you.! So shut it.!! " he said, gritting his teeth, yet not turning around.


" I WILL SCREAM AS MUCH AS I CAN, WHAT WILL YOU DO.?! RAPE ME.?? KILL ME..??? COME ON,GO AHEAD KILL ME. " I screamed puffing my lungs out. Okay..Why did I say that.?? God, this breakup has messed up my brain.!! Huh.. 


The next moment, I was on the floor with a boom echoing in the room with the sharp slap I felt across my face, while my sexy kidnapper was on top of me ; his face buried in my neck while his entire self was on me, crushing my inside out. SHIT.!!! He slapped me..and now he is on top of me.!! Oh god.. 


" Rape huh..? You seem to have underestimated me.!! Lets have it your way then " he said scaring the hell out of me, I regretted the very moment I tampered with his politeness. I hissed, as I felt his teeth piercing into my skin, while his hands pulled my dress up. I guess this is the end.!! Damn it...


He pinned my hands, on either side of me with his steel strong ones, making my stupid mind go blank with shock. All I could feel was his teeth, biting my skin softly while his hands were trailing along my thighs. Why the hell am I not reacting.?? I tried to scream, while no voice came out to my rescue. I need to do something before he does.!! Finally snapping out of shock I tried to kick him, with my leg in his groin, but being the smart ass he was, he stopped it in the nick of time, pinning my legs with his legs. 


" Dont even try, or it will be worse. " he said, biting me harder while a hiss finally passed my lips and was registered by my brain. Ahh, finally it came or else I might have thought I am brain dead. What happened next was unimaginable, he swiped his tongue across the place he just bit me, and planted a open mouth kiss right there. What the hell.?? Did he just do that.? Soothe my pain.! Is he crazy or am I crazy.?! Expecting the worse, I shut my eyes tightly trying to kick my legs to get him off me. Suddenly, I felt my self kicking the air, while the grip on my hands and legs loosened and before I could react there was no one on top of me. I opened my eyes, only to see him standing exactly where he was ; doing his work. Did I just dream or he bit, licked and  kissed me.!? What's happening.?? Didnt he want to hurt me, then why did he slap me.! 


" Thats all.? " I asked, being the idiot I was. Well, as usual Mr.Weirdo didnt care to respond to me. 


" What.? " he finally said


" Aren't you gonna do anything else.? " Why am I asking this.? 


" What do you want me to do.? Rape you.! Well, I'm not interested. So shut up now " he sneered. 


" Then...then. ..what was that.? " I asked, unable to register his niceness. 


" That was a punishment for screaming on me, despite my warning and talking all rubbish, will you care to shut up now.? " 


" Punishment.?? You didn't answer my question, why will I shut up " I retorted, like I was gonna listen to him and shut up. 


" Well then, get ready for worse than what just happened. I was trying to be nice, seems like you don't appreciate it, so let me teach you my way." He said, stopping his work, scaring my yet again. 


" Fine.! I will keep quiet, just don't come near me.! " I said, instantly not wanting another of his punishment. 


" And here you gave me ideas to rape you." He said, chuckling sounding ever so sexy. Shut up Geet I told my self.! 


I gave him rape ideas.? Moron, jerk, asshole.! When did I say.? Cursing him as much, as I could I decided to stop talking for a while, till he cares enough to answer me. If he was stubborn, well then I am no less. I am gonna get my as answers from him, by hook or by crook. Exhausted, I lied back on the couch only to be consumed by sleep, baring me of my surrounding and what happened further. 


Precap : Some intense moments and talks Big smile


That was the 1st part guys, dont judge anything yet.!! Embarrassed

I know the update was short, but sorry for that..I promise next update will be sunday and a long one Embarrassed

Will be waiting for your response eagerly.! Hopefully you all liked it Embarrassed

Thanks Smile

Please do hit the like button and I would love to read your comments too Embarrassed

Anu Heart


PS : Please add " anuluvsmaaneet " for PMs regarding the updates.! 


Thanks Smile







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Updated it guys Smile

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awesome start
loved the first part!!!!!
waiting for more
update soon!!!!!!!

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amazing update...ClapClap

wat kind of kidnapper he is...LOLLOL
all he wanted was her to b shut up...ConfusedConfused
n geet...god wat she wanted from him...she herself was giving him ideas...LOLLOL

nyc update dear...
waiting for nxt one...

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Anu what did you just do to me?!!!!!!!
I should have told you to give a double update and skipp the vm for today !!
Oh my gosh, yaara you got me hooked with only one part !!
I want more, why was it so short :(
Now you have to update soon cuz I won't be able to wait for the next part !!

Gosh, this really seem to be a sexy story with a sexy kidnapper (sorry for sounding like KJO) the question is just why did he kidnap her??

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.OneDirection. IF-Sizzlerz

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adorable part!!
OMG! how much geet shouted ShockedLOL
cant get this sexy kidnapper, he is so rich!! And even nt asking for anythng as kidnapper's do?! LOL
Is he a kidnapper even?!!LOL

And geet said thats all?! Did she wanted mreROFL gosh!!!!!!!!

Update sn !
Will be waitng Embarrassed

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6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6 IF-Sizzlerz

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very confusing...

first Geet was dumped in a room full of garbage and now she is taken to a palace like place...

and when she asked she was slapped by can he slap her...

but waiting for another update to get clear picture...

thanx for pm...

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