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*drumrolls*...ta-da happy birthday Saffi...wohoo!! (Page 8)

Kesha_H. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .KillTheBitch.

Originally posted by swaggerchick16

carissa wait na i now read d b'day message u tink i bothersome? huh!!...well fine!!
nooo did u just miss the part where i said that i was bothersome...sigh. chile...u not bothersome...Cry

orrhorrr ah was now goin n put yuh on big screen dey any sorry dey

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PuvZ IF-Sizzlerz

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Happy birthday Ms Saffi... May you have great year ahead and stay brilliant..

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disha_rajdev Goldie

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
Happy birthday my dearie saffiDancing
may u always happyThumbs Up

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..Comrade4eva.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 July 2013 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
Someone has messages to reply to! =P

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ilovepyaar IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 July 2013 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by swaggerchick16

Okay'.so just for your birthday I decided to do a backtrack of all the crazy things we did'.and all the crazy things I heard you say. Stalker alert! Kidding'.kidding! I remember it like it was yesterday'actually it was the 27th of December and I was a Senior Member back then'.ummm'.no I was a Groupbie'yeah! Anyway, in order to increase forum activity you posted this roll call thing and back then when I wasn't aware of I-F'I thought it was something important. I know, laugh all you want! So I PMed you and was literally like'

I was present every day since I joined IF which I think was the third of December but I am a groupbie so ran out of posts so can you pleassseee, just comment on behalf of me for the next few days or count me as present.

I'm sure you were cracking up at that moment but were like awww'she's so cute! I know you didn't think that and you're like Oh puhlease right now but you know it makes some of the embarrassment go away! Sniff'sniff!

And then you replied and was like..

Don't worry about it

And I was like''literally'

K. Thanks.

That was literally I think the first time we chatted and from then, I felt like an idiot lol. So the next time we "talked" if you call it talking was when you launched ALAIL and I think I commented'you know I'm lazy enough not to check'but let's assume that was what it was! From then I used to read ALIAL.

After that everytime I used to make a post, I used to PM like everyone in my buddy list..which was like really really small'so you received spam PMs I'm guessing lol. And I call Kesh a bothersome person'you'll win for today only Kesh! Anyhoot, back to the topic'your FF continued and so did my comments!

So you turned into my information source and on the 31st January I stumbled upon the video where Aarya was practising for Zee's Valentine thingy and I was clueless sooo I PMed and you told me all  about it and that was our like second convo!!

Then came the biggest conversation we ever had and what was it about'taking a certain couple down in the E24 poll! Aaahhh, good times! I remember spending like 6 hours voting with you guys when my finger was about to fall off! Of course we labelled it as our little secret mission because the stalkers were right at our necks trying to find out then they eventually found out but we still kicked their *censored* and won the poll. But we got no *censored* interview! *SIGH* What a disappointment!

But during that time you found out my age'and you were literally like'


Ahem'moi is thirteen now!

Awww how cute!

OMG this is so adorable!

And I was like seriously? And after explaining you were still shocked like if you saw a pig and a cockroach trying to do IT'LMFAO'then you were like'

It's amazing that PV is capturing the younger audience. Usually young people won't like PV type of serials much because it's such a mature show.  They'd most likely go for Ekta K. serials or some type of youth oriented show like MB or QH. It's so refreshing that there are some people like you! 

And then we'ahem ahem'constructively criticized (devil smile appears) some shows!


We were like "When are they going to close this damn poll!" the day after. And then they closed it'

The next time we talked was when you posted a chapter of ALAIL'and I wrote the long comment and posted the lyrics of *sings in a terrible voice*'.We are never Ever Getting Back Together'.and you replied and we talked about the spoilers you gave and I was confused as hell! After this'

Was the real secret mission'


Hint, hint'.some of you know what I mean and what we did'and how we achieved with activity'and CM took a hit!

We all know what happened next'.before Vijay comes to ban me'I prefer to have no more on my plate!

And then the comments continued getting longer and longer'

And I remember when some MBians came and were complaining how we were disliking comments on their god's profile..and I wanted to go to their forum to 'clear things up' and the PM you sent me was literally funny, because I wanted them to do what you said! See'we had HM in us then too lol. And then we started to talk about some 'ahem' fans'and wrote essays to vent our anger on some "actors" Hilarious times'I'm looking over some of the PMs and I'm cracking up with the things we said..lol.

The ranking problem again and we were planning to do some emotional atyachar to get PVians off their butts'and we were like we should make this rank of PV drop so they'll get up but like 5 minutes after we were like hell no'Back to emotional atyachar without all this work. So we dropped that idea!

Now the next day (you realize like 54 pages of my outbox is yours alone right and I like passed about like 10 so this is gonna be long), we chatted again, you edited the comment in MHS, wrote ALAIL..and went for food. I was happy for both and I wanted your food! But you never brought any for me'sniff sniff!! Still waiting'Saffi's parents, if she's my sister, that means you're my parents too, I need food'man I'm hungry but I'm so lazy to go to the kitchen! Can't I just like get a fridge in my room? Urrggghhh, anyways'.

And the comments continued for mine on ALAIL and yours on MHS'.And the conversation started about that'.and then we laughed at Aarti seducing Yash in MHS and your stalking skills'AND Taylor Swift and a goat entered our convo. When we were talking about TS and then the goat remixes came up'we raped the ROFL smileys'.poor smileys!

And the day when Nikki was about to turn pink'we fought over who was gonna make the congrats thread but in the end, no one did so anyways'.

Then we were scared thinking about what would happen if our parents found out about our FFs and we got calmed down by plotting again so that went well!

And then we had our ahem promblems'..what the hell did I type'I meant problems lol!

Then we were irritated with PV's track and vented our 'anger''.and then we..more like I drooled on Guru's muscles in that black vest on SvsS'.and then I told you I thought you were married and you like friking freaked out the same way I did when Billied thought I was married'I AM NOT MARRIED

OKAY'.Then we talked about what we would do if we saw GC and KS making out in a mall and then the being married topic again and then how obsessed we are about HP! Then about the Hunger Games!

Then I came up with this plan which had already been initiated like months before and we started chatting again about some stalkers and then we laughed about my wish for the girl who Yash kissed to be me and we laughed like hell'.well you did because I had no air left in my lungs!


OH MY GOSH. I'm in hysterics now after reading that review. HOLY SMOKES! 

Me: Hey...I'll take any chance to get kissed by Gurmeet...even if it is in an FF!!! And I write how I felt...I know you're never going to say it was Aarti...so I tried my best!

You: LOL!  OMG. Bahahaha!!  I'm still dying here! 

Me: I have no more air in my lungs so I can't laugh. My lil cousin laughs with me only and when I play with her. I was playing with her and she laughed and it's like a lil devil's laugh and she makes me laugh. And the more I laugh, she does so we laughed non-stop for about 7 minutes and now I have no more air in my lungs to laugh. So yeah. And she reminds me of MSK...because I call her devil child.

You: Awww!!! How cute! <3 You two probably laugh like crazy with each other all the time. Laughter is so contagious, it's like a disease. 

And then we chatted about how I was stealing my uncle's WI-FI and I told you how I'm killing Yash in my FF that you probably didn't read a line of yet!

We both went to sleep and then the next morning I told you how my cousin bawled in my ears early in the morning and my head was hurting and you just laughed at me and felt sorry for my cousin and I told you my urge to bring my foot in contact with her face!

It was when we started talking about the fangroups that pissed us off and shows'and how irritating yet addictive a certain show was and then for like the millionth time, I dropped a certain show and you got interested in it again!

And then you did this to me'


OMG. So much TV! 

Because I told you I took three days only to watch like 600 episodes of a serial! We talked about shows we watched, I bashed some actors, you agreed with me and the shows they act in's illogical crap!

And then we talked about KaJen'you know when I look back at our convos all I can think is'.did we seriously talk about all that'and I didn't know what Jen was doing to Ka's finger (I'm lazy to write out their names okay) and you showed me their interview which I watched like 2 seconds of.

Then we talked about how WW3 would erupt if a certain couple did what they did'__________________________________________________________...I said something but I put that line so you can think about it'.plus if I said it, then I would be banned, then KillTheBitch would be killed lol. And then Ranbir Kapoor was our topic'.even I don't know how it changed to that!

OH GOD'.our next convo was about your choice for BOO! As our PM title and then RK in Badtameez Dil and then KaranIka and what they were going in your PP'and then we became perverted and then we were normal and then you literally made me a list of shows to watch and I did the same! And then you ate ice-cream and I wanted but I didn't get any''MUMMMYYY!!!

The next convo will speak for itself'.

I was bored so I came to bother you!


You chose to be bored right now?  

I was just going to go and take a bath -_- 



Sowwie...don't kill me mommy!

Yeah...but I chose to be bored now so I can intentionally bother you Saffi...*rolls eyes*


Go and bathe your stink self then come back!



LMAO! Go and entertain yourself until I come back. 


*SIGH*...I'll stare at your picture of Karan trying to eat Kritika for the time then!


LOL!! Okay, have fun 


I will'...go and bathe!

YOU (after some time):

Lmao! Did you have fun? :D


I guess...LOL! I can't even remember what I did during that time...I think I am having memory loss...


Don't tell me you drank bhang! 


Saffi...I said I can't remember what I did but I know I did NOT have *** and I am sure of it and NO, I did not have bhang!


LOL! Good girl! 

Yup'we were mad then'.and this wasn't a long time ago! The rest of the things in this convo was "criticism"'ahem'.notice the quotation marks lol.

The next time we chatted you broke my heart when you told me that Vijay might ban me for having the word bitch in my username! Hey the threads Vijay thrash and go through I'm in those'and he deleted some of my posts too so he probably knows my username! I win lol!

Then we chatted about the QH kids, the uni admission you were worried about and some other stuff'and we went all sadist and were like'Oh I like depressing stories'.and then we were just like why is the story in PV going like this'.no no nooo *bursts out crying* and then we were laughing about KS in the SBS interview where she said there'll be no PV without me and Guru and then we went all cry-y'.raped our hug emoticons and then we were oh, we could go to some other forums of entertainment'the psychos in 'places' will help! And then we chatted about QH'and this happened..

I'm getting back my lost interest in QH and you're losing interest in it!  

When I lost interest, you PMed me saying you found it interesting! 

We're like polar opposites when it comes to QH tracks. 

And then we chatted about a certain show and then the convo turned out to'Do you know DD can fit in a suitcase? And then I was talking about ice cream'and W*F'I just said Bye'OMFG'did I actually do that? Anyways lol.

I was feeling lazy the next day and we were confident about the first position and you were like GET YOUR BUTT UP AND MAKE POSTS'and then I was like I'm off duty'.and then you scolded me'sniff sniff'.and then I made posts at your scolding'sniff sniff'.on what colour looks good on like EVERYONE! And I wrote something depressing and PMed it to you and was like I was feeling bored so I wrote and killed everyone in it'and then you got inspired to write but you were too lazy to lol.

I told you about my school's May Fair and how tired I would be and when I came back we laughed at how I ran away from doing the work and then we chatted about some specific person who I didn't meet'.WOOO''and then you said you found me cute and I was like W*F'.

Wait I didn't write about the nickname of EKTA development'but I forget when that happened myself BUT I LOVE YOU EKTA!

And then we chatted about activity and some people! And then Mini thought you didn't like her and I had to play mediator and I felt like an ifiot'.yes I felt like an ifiot'and urrggghhh I used an F instead of a D twice! Urrggghhh, I hate myself! And look at you two now, you're like so close, this is what you get Mini for being a baby'.a whole paragraph! And you made me spam again!

And then we tried to think of things to do after PV ended and you brought up Pottermore and told me about your character and THEN YOU ADMITTED YOU HAD EKTA SKILLS'.HA!

And then we chatted about a certain celeb's weeping about an award'hmmm, remember that! And we started to try to pair up KS with actors'and we got nowhere! And my weird dream came up where GC set up KW and KS'hmmm, I remember that really clearly though! And when I brought up KK, you were like NO NO NOOO'and then I had to go to bed!

Then we were like when we were 1st in I-F'some ppl were taking in maturely and some weren't'AND YOU WERE LIKE'THE WORLD IS OVER, I seriously thought it was'and we lost our heads and were thinking about moving to other places and then you were like, let's just stay here and then I agreed! And then you shouted at me to study'and I was gone!

And then you were studying and studying and I missed you'I still am! *tries to hold in tears*

And then we chatted about PV2'and were like abusing the crying emos! And then I talked about my friend sucking me in their guy problems and their emo problems uuuggghhh!!

We talked about CB and YMGGK and watched their episodes'no comment!

I want to copy and paste our whole next convo but lemme summarize it'it was when I showed you the title of the video for CB's SR, then about the clean, not so clean book I read, then I mimicked Jack and Rose and then we found  out about Be Intehaan and I was like this is gonna be so hot and you were like what if it's not and then we tried to win over the "argument" and I believe my argument was convincing'how in the world a song that means this'

Listen, what my heart says, 
Listen, listen for a while..
I have to stay in your arms all night long..
The morning will be in your arms..
Love me without any limits..
I'd see, all my life,
your signs, limitless..
There should be nothing lacking, I should be out of consciousness,
Touch me so much, so much as without limits..
When your breaths got dissolved into mine,
feelings began to fire up again,
they began talking to me..
Coming into your arms, thus
both my worlds began to contract 
I am lost in your arms,
you're not conscious either..
There be no morning to velvetty night,
Love me in such a way, without any limits..

Do some effrontery..
and some I do, in such a way,
that even the two shadows that we see here,
feel shy and turn their faces the other way..

You have touched this body
Now kiss my soul too..
Why are my words all drenched
Being all broken, being helpless,
every element says,
why are my feelings all drenched
Two unaware drenched bodies,
two impatient drenched bodies
are turning all night..


'.not be hot? Then we chatted about people who piss us off and we left it at that!

And the day an argument erupted the word pleased got overused as I begged you not to put the person in their place! But you just calm down and were like'

F*** those b***hes!!

And some day we were chatting about celebs and  then I made you read one of my other depressing stories and you thought I was depressed or something'that wasn't the worst conclusion though, Kesh thought I was goth'anyway I'm not and urggghhh!

Then we tried to end our stories as soon as possible, I did to mine, you still have yours. And then we thought about helping another forum to bring down another again but we didn't do it.

You thought I didn't message you anymore and I was like awww, my baby then you were like Wait, I'm older than you and I'M YOUR baby! After we settled that, It was storytime then and we talked about people's man problems!

Ten you were like your DP is scary and I showed you the Gaga video and then you were like I now see the reason for your username too'smart child!

And then we stumbled upon the thread with I-F's secrets which aren't really secrets anymore and then we turned HMs! Long live the revolution! Like 8-10 pages were this topic alone lol. And then I made you watch some halfway creepy vids'

Then we wanted to write together'.we still have to when our exams are done and also we chatted about all sorts of crap'

And when I showed you my pic you were like really creepy because Mini, Kesha and you said the same thing'remember this'

YOU: Awww you are so cute!!!!! 

Why? You're adorable! I love your hair! <3

MINI- aww Carissa you cutie!!! I love your hair !!


KESHA- aww i tink u cute 

KESHA- yea i find ur cute nd u look mature for ur age too 


Creepy people!

And then I called you "jaaneman" and you labelled me "cutiepie" and ever since we call each other that most of the time!

But then we decided we sounded gay but still kept the names...now almost everytime we talk we sound gay...but the last paragraph isn't gayness, it's love okay so all you PVians reading this, calm your hormones down!

The next time we chatted was my birthday when you sent me a really sweet PM that I loved! *HUGS YOU*

And do you know that today, the 27th of June, also makes six months since we became friends exactly so an extra hug for that! While going through PMs, I realized!

I'm going to turn sentimental now!

Ever since your exams you really haven't been active and I've been missing you loads'you have no clue how much I'm missing you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAF! You're a really sweet, beautiful girl that deserves the best! You've been like a sister to me all throughout! You've given me advice and good advice at that when I needed it and you've always been there for me! You're an awesome writer, an optimistic person and really fun to talk to! You're really special and I'm glad to know you! I love you LOADS Saffi and I hope you have a great birthday! I LOVE YOU MERI JAANEMAAN!

BTW- I had another surprise planned for you but I fell asleep while studying P.E. and I.T. so yeah...I knew those subjects were evil...but I'll plan it for someday for you!

Oh Carissa, my little cute sweetheart. Heart I don't know how you did this, I really don't know. But I was honestly speechless when I read this. Tears literally poured out of my eyes and I'm not exaggerating it. In fact, I'm getting sentimental right now as I write this. This was honestly, the sweetest thing I got for my birthday. Your time. You took the time to go through our messages and come up with this, and for that I don't know how I will be able to thank you enough. I remember each of these moments very well, and you don't know how happy I am right now, and how happy I was the moment I first read it. It took like at least 10 - 20 minutes to get through it and it was a 20 minutes I would never exchange for anything else. I love you Carissa, I really, really love you! =) You are so sweet and the best I-F friend ever. I'm so glad to have gotten to know you and I'm even more glad that we bonded over a short period of time. I'm always here for you, and it's really refreshing to know that you're here for me too. You are the best - the best, the best, the best! I know I've said it so many times already, but I can say it FOREVER! I wish I did more for your birthday now. And I wish this were longer. But I honestly don't know how to match up to the length of your wish. We had some pretty crazy moments, but this one has to be the craziest thing you've ever done... that I know of. If you've done anything crazier, then you must let me know as soon as possible or else I will be mad, kayy? :-) This feels too short, but what do I write now? Cry Please spare me. I feel like writing more redundant stuff to make it seem longer, but I shouldn't waste your time. Ouch LOL, thanks again! Hug And sorry for the extremely late, very awaited reply.

Thank you Kesha for making the thread and posting Carissa's message by the way, thanks to both of you for putting a huge smile to my face. Thank you so much! Hug

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ilovepyaar IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 July 2013 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by swaggerchick16



Thank you Kesha for the thread and the sweet bday message! Embarrassed

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ilovepyaar IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 July 2013 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lovely_nikki


You might not even remember but you were the fourth person who welcomed me in this beautiful forum, when I joined it in mid November. Here's the link of my very first post ( as a proof ).

 That time I didn't knew your name. So I remember while commenting on your posts or your thread I used to address you as @ilovepyaar LOL. But then somehow somewhere I found out that your name is Saffi. And since then we became friends. We might not have been in regular touch with each other but oh boy did we have some fun times or what.

Remember how you, me, Sheema, Aditi used to chat and sometimes behaved like perverts ( well most of the times we were perverts Wink LOL ). But I miss those days. Cry. I miss Sheema and Aditi. Cry

And remember how much I've bothered you regarding all sorts of rules and regulations of the forum? Gurika's profiles and what not LOL. I really am sorry for that but I loved those days as you very patiently guided and advised me. Hug

So without getting all senti and emotional, all I'll say is 

LOVE YOU Heart   Hug   Heart

And here's a gift for you, one of my favorite AarYa pic Day Dreaming

Have loads and Tons of fun Hug

Aww Nikki! This is such a sweet message! The thread links to KS rejecting being a JDJ wild card entry haha. LOL But don't worry, I know what you're talking about.

We had some pretty epic times that I'll never forget just because of how x rated they are. But hey, I'm legally allowed to be besharam now. Tongue We were such perverts omg. LOL

Thank you so much Nikki, for the sweet wish and the picture!

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ilovepyaar IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by -Amanda-

Happy Birthday Saffie

Thank you! Embarrassed

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