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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 99)

Katelyn IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758

Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Originally posted by ..Anita..

My mom is having surgery this week so I will inactive, well sporadic, for a while

What happens , what kind of surgery Anita...? hope everything is fine...

My prayers are with you, your mom and family.  I pray that the surgeons and hospital staff carefully take care of her and help her heal quickly.
Anita, I wish all the best for your mom for a quick recovery!  Take care!  We will still be here!  Hug

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IssK. Goldie

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Originally posted by Horizon

Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by indi52

episode 139

Hello Indus the Ocean Smile 

Happy i wrote what was on top of my head when i thought of 139...and it triggered a wave from you. I've been MIA since y'day and just read it... you guys have leapt and bounced some 8/9 pages so I'm feeling obsolete and all.. archaic almost! But guess it's okay backtracking to this... for this is the theme of everything. Who we are, why we are the way we are, why we obsess about this show, come back to it wherever we might go or it might go, think of the Raizada oh so very very often, and express as fervently and whole heartedly as we do... the theme runs through all of the above.

I can only speak specifically for myself when i refer to self-doubt in a woman... or in other instances, to my absolute undying love for a man with flaws. I see flaws as flags...but in a good way really... as signs, that we are still alive and taking on the world with spirit. Willing to change when possible. It turns me on like nothing else. And yes, i may speak for myself but i know it must resonate. Which is why some of us are here in the first place. In the specific is the universal, they say. At the end of the day then, we may express things differently, but we all share the flaws. We have all made mistakes. Some big ones too. Kya ye sab "mahaanta" shahaanta. Bahut hui yeh 60's Hindi movie style bakwaas, channeled these days as 'nayi soch'. Let's get real. It does not exist. 

Jo aapne bola...marked in blue i have...I relate to fully. Kusoor patriarchy ka hai, whatever most men might say or think. We are some of the fortunate ones whose fathers didn't stop them from anything, whose brothers believe their sisters are goddesses (well, at least most of the time!) and whose voices can be louder than their thoughts. But (and when is there not a but!) that collected, collective history... It lurks and sometimes it surfaces. Society creeps in. i don't want to give a damn but I have to pick my battles. I'll burn out if i fight for every single small thing...

Khushi talks to me because in her vulnerability, i see myself. Her decision of not telling him about Shyam frustrated me no end. But a part of me bought it - the part which makes mistakes, and which doubts the self. (And of course, I'm only referring to episodes 139 and around here... the time when she first found out about Shyam. Not the ludicrous post-forced-marriage crap by which time she had lost sense in all its forms, and didn't know what to do with that sweet sweet sexy man who was hurting so).
I have always been drawn to the selflessness in Khushi. But the writers offered a simple, one-dimensional explanation here, relying too heavily on the same quality: this is a selfless girl, she is not thinking of her own self, she is doing it for the feelings of the Raizada who is devoted to his sister, as also for the sake of the sister herself who she has come to love and respect. Ho hum, i thought, you just want to stretch the story, and didn't buy it at first. Selflessness and resourcefulness are not mutually exclusive, and Khushi had given proof of that many a times. So then...why not now? She could've found a way of telling him, surely. But then I thought about it...I decided to ignore the writers and their intent.. and i saw it as a mistake she had made. She may have doubted herself, i felt, cos it was coming from her OWN suffering. If Anjali di had suffered Shyam's evil skunky duplicity in some other way, independent of Khushi... and Khushi had found out... would she have thought twice about telling that fabulous devoted brother? NEVER. She would've gone all out to save 'Di'. Cos it would have been purely about Anjali di's suffering. But not this time...this was about herself. One doubts one's own suffering and it's validity. I know i do, sometimes...and a lot of my girlfriends do too. So there.

As for the Raizada man, there is a timeless sophistication there which kills. A flawed man of the rare variety. Makes mistakes, but does not ever hide behind them. Does not pretend like it never happened. Finds a way of acknowledging and correcting truthfully, not for "mahaanta". I love him for that. It inspires me... truly madly deeply. And indeed, "a man who lets us... no, makes us... speak and wants to hear our voice." I couldn't agree more!!

IssP, if you felt archaic for missing 8 pages, I feel totally lost having missed almost the entire thread and extracting this great convo from almost a week ago.
You know, from any angle Khushi's/Gupta's refraining the truth and depriving the Raizada's from the truth did n't make sense.  The underlined lines, exactly the reason Khushi should have told Anjali.. and I found it the most weird that she thought Anjali is NOT suffering now sleeping with a cheat?! Doing that she was fueling Anjali's denial and living in a bubble of eternal patriarchal families! Ofcourse she is this young and nave girl bitten from so many corners. But one has to realize one's weakness if not rectify it that one can't fix everything!
And, I must confess the day ASR thanked Khushi for bringing Shyam back some thing inside me just died...why my man is letting hypocrisy rule?!!
Yes, indi is truly an Indus in many ways.. ..reminds me of the rich civilization of that valley... where new hopes and generations sprung.. like our hopes for season 2 that dear Indi keeps alive!

Hai re nandkisore!! Humney exam wala paper likha!! How long is that post above EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed!!!!!

I agree with you. Worst decision ever not to disclose Shyam's vile ways to ASR and Co at the time. And then she held on to it forever after... like it was some top secret that would destroy the planet! Choked the whole show with shyam ji shyam ji shyam ji...di ke pati di ke pati di ke pati...Such paagalpan.

And never mind how it finally came out... that Karz-ed performance was...oh let's not go there...

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DurgaS IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by Katelyn

New clip to share!  I really prefer to watch with English subtitles.  The downside of dubbing is that it will takes away the quality acting by Barun and Sanaya and the rest of the cast!  Voice modulation is a big factor here!  ASR's voice has to be powerful and intense when he is angry.   Oh well...but looking forward to the high quality picture!  I do hope someone will upload them!! 
Ok Blasters, how you do feel about this!!
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 1 returns to Star Life OK Hindi-2PM English-6PM
cr to uploader

OMG what was that?!

ROFL I knew this was going to be fun. But, this fun won't last long. I am watching the dubbed version in Telugu and I know how irritating it gets sometimes. The channel should buck up and introduce subtitles in the Hindi version. Because, I think the audience is soon going to shift gears and watch the original more. Maybe watch the English one just to know the dialogues.

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DurgaS IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Katelyn

Originally posted by cinthiann1758

Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Originally posted by ..Anita..

My mom is having surgery this week so I will inactive, well sporadic, for a while

What happens , what kind of surgery Anita...? hope everything is fine...

My prayers are with you, your mom and family.  I pray that the surgeons and hospital staff carefully take care of her and help her heal quickly.
Anita, I wish all the best for your mom for a quick recovery!  Take care!  We will still be here!  Hug
Anita, do take care of your mom. Give her all the support she needs. Wishing her a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Smile 

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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This is completely Lavanya's episode, though it's a felicitous day for Payal and Akash and of course for Gupta family, but Lavanya's pain made it melancholic. I'm a bit prejudice about Arnav and Khushi. I literally can't see anybody beside Arnav rather than Khushi. I never liked La's close proximity with Arnav. But today I'm feeling so bad for that girl, a girl who gave up her identity for a man, to get his love in return. She completely transformed herself to fit in his family to win his love. But she couldn't. Cause love is strange, that can't be gotten how much you want it. And specially, if you wish to get love from ASR, it's more arduous to get. ASR's mind is impenetrable, his love is indecipherable. How much you try you can't get it. Cause it's precious than anything of this world. Only a lucky one can get it. And he can't split it or rather share it. He only can preserve it for a special one and that is only khushi.


Lavanya, an innocuous and forgiving soul. She couldn't be malignant to Khushi, as she snatched her boyfriend, albeit her love was one sided. But can we not put a little blame on ASR to hurt her like this? I can't, cause I know he tried to love Lavanya, he tried to hate Khushi. But he just couldn't. And Lavanya  realized it. She couldn't keep any anger or rancor for him, what remained was just her unconditional love for him.


Lavnaya is really upset, though she is telling that she is fine, but Arnav can assume her mental state. The shrill sound of music let them know that the party is already started.


The party is going on in full swing. Khushi is bringing Payal to join the party. She is looking just beautiful as a bride. Both the families got enamored and mirthful to see her.La descends down holding Arnav's arm as a couple for the last time. But she extricates herself as long as she got down. It doesn't go unnoticed by Arnav. He feels guilty again. La looks really languid and depressed. Nani teases her, won't she dance on "character dheela" song? La says sorry by holding her ears. Nani plays a prank with her, saying that she only can forgive her if she dances today. She pushes her to the dance floor.


"salame ishq" starts to play and La starts to move. Arnav is contemplating her keenly, feeling terribly sorry for her. La feels awkward and brings Khushi to join her. Both the girls move and groove rhythmically with the song, greets the love "salame ishq". They dance and do meaningful movements according to the words. When Khushi sees Shyam is watching her she just moves aside. When they were greeting ishq with their hand, La looks at Arnav intently. She must be feeling, "no ishq for me ASR?"


"tujhe sapno ka chanda mehboob mila hai.'

Khushi comes to Payal and Akash, she is feeling ecstatic for her sister that she got her prince charming.

"mere banno pyaari pyaari" she comes to La, she really loves her friend. She pushes Akash, Payal and La to the dance floor.

They all dance with merriment.

La notices Arnav is watching Khushi amusingly. Tears well up in her eyes. She is more sure now that Arnav is in love with Khushi and that's why he refused her. Khushi also notices Arnav's yearning gaze at her. She feels awkward and avoids him. Khushi sees tears in La's eyes and she is looking really upset. La goes to nani to take her blessings. Khushi is sure now that something is wrong. She comes to la and takes her to talk.


Arnav thinks, it's the right time to tell the family about his decision. He tells Anjali that he needs to talk with them and mentions, only family. They all look ambiguous to hear that.


La avoids Khushi to answer. But Khushi is insisting her

"you tell me or not, but I know something is not right. A while ago when I came to your room, then also."

She can't complete as her look goes to her closet. It's empty.

"your eyes are telling the truth, you can't lie to me, your costume, I notice your emotions on the dance floor. You and Arnavji! Did you fight? Did he tell anything bad to you? Plz tell me, I'll talk to him. There should be some decorum to talk with one's fiance."

La nods her head no.

"chamkili, na mangetar, na aur kuch. Aabhi Humara koi rishta nahi."

"Neither fiance nor anybody, now we don't share any relationship."

Khushi is perplexed to hear that.


"let me tell you something. Plz don't get emotional at this. Cause I don't want it to affect, payal and Akash's engagement."

Arnav says it firmly. He takes some time to gather some courage and says sternly that he and Lavanya are not getting engaged. The family is flummoxed to hear this, mum, a complete silence for a while. Akash breaks the silence first,

'bhai, what happened that you are doing this?"


"it's because, we are not couple any more." Arnav answered him tersely.

Anjali starts to cry,

"chote, why suddenly? There must have a fight between you. But you know this type of small fight happens, for this reason?."

Arnav cuts her, "di there was no fight happened between us."

Nani glares at him,

 "Then what is all this chote? You sometimes say I'll do the engagement tomorrow, sometimes say not gonna do it. Is it a game for you?'

Arnav retorts her that she may think whatever she wants to. But this is his life.

  nani refutes him with nuance that his life is related to their life as well.

" It's a family and you are a part of this family. A subitaneous decision can not only affect your life, but will affect our lives too."

Arnav wishes not to talk about this matter now. Mami also wants to know, what's the problem. Anjali doesn't want to let him make this decision at the last moment. But Arnav is determined that if he wouldn't take the decision now, it would be late. Then will they agree?  He tells to leave the discussion and finish the engagement ceremony of Akash and Payal. Akash hesitates, how can he do the engagement now. Arnav tells him, "

whatever happens in my life, good or bad, it shouldn't affect your life. Lavanya was right, it shouldn't be revealed before Akash and Payal's engagement."

Mami got a chance to postpone the engagement.

"MIL is right, if you don't get married then how Akash can?"

She wants to go right now to announce it.

Arnav stops her, says that Akash will sure get engaged. Nani agrees with Arnav but she asks him disdainfully that what happened between him and La that he is breaking the engagement? It's just not palatable for them. Arnav is not ready to talk about it now.

(I wish if he could say the reason that I fall in love with Khushi then nani would be happy for sure.)

Anjali feels a pang of pity for La,

 "how is Lavanyaji?'

Anjali's words makes him guilty again.


Pause: This is the first time I can't support nani. Nani, life is not a game, so anybody should think properly before to take a decision. If he would get engaged with La against his will, it would be a game. He is an honest person. He can't do knavery with his heart and La as well. I wish this over possessive elders would understand this.

Let me share a story of my friend. My guy friend is a med student and wanted to have an arrange marriage. He saw several girls, but couldn't decide as he is a bit picky. He liked a girl after meeting her officially with family. And the family decided to get them married. In the morning of the engagement day he saw her casually in the university. And unfortunately he didn't like her at all. He became very upset and told his Dad to call off the engagement. But his dad insisted him to continue the engagement as the bride's family did all the arrangement of the party. His dad told him that they will take care of this matter later. But after the engagement they just couldn't call off the alliance. And you know the guy has been married to the girl for two years and still he is very unhappy with her. He never was in love with any other girl before, but still, he can't love or like wife. He even can't leave her, cause she supposed to give her hundred thousand dollars if he breaks the marriage. In a muslim marriage, during the time of marriage, a groom has to commit to give a certain amount of money to the bride. I also feel bad for the girl. May be if she was married with someone else, she would get her deserving happiness.


Arnav sees La and Khushi descend down from the stairs. Khushi gets exasperated to see Arnav. He wants to go and talk to him. But La admonishes her and instead say to chill. Khushi is angry, how can she chill.

"you didn't tell me the reason. So it must be him who is responsible."

La answers her without rancor,

"Whoever is responsible, the truth wouldn't be changed. plz promise, don't tell it anybody till Akash and Payal get engaged."

Khushi nods her head.

La can't tell her that the reason is you.

Arnav looks at them with a veiled, thoughtful expression on his face. Khushi glares at him.  She strides fast grabbing La's hand.

The engagement ceremony happened in a serene way. Except mami all are looking scrumptious and content. La is crying,must be in scorching pain, that her engagement supposed to take place right now. Arnav is standing beside her. Khushi feels sad to see La's teary eyes.


Bua is telling amma that something is wrong. The raizada family is looking tensed. Amma thinks what Arnav could tell them inside?


Akash and Payal take blessings of all. Babuji's face glints with merriment. He is smiling to see his daughter's happiness. Khushi hugs her sister warmly.


Arnav asks La whether he should make the announcement or not. La says him to go ahead. Arnav comes on the stage and first he congratulates both the families for Akash and Payal's engagement. He looks at La again for her affirmation. When La beckons yes, he announces that he and Lavanya are not getting engaged. Everybody in the party get flabbergasted to hear this.

He says that their reason is very personal and he thinks it's not a good idea to share it with all.

"In this circumstance let's not take away the happiness from the new couple."

 He congratulates Akash and Payal. La who was crying incessantly tries to smile for Akash and Payal. I salute her generosity and goodness.

Arnav and La look at each other again. He wants to comfort her, say her sorry from the bottom of his heart. He cringes inwardly in compunction.

La turns away from him and intends to leave

Arnav descends down from the stage and move towards La. Khushi comes on his way.

"What is left to say to Lavnyaji, that you are moving towards her?"

(Uff Khushi, stop prying in other people's matter. Sometimes you intrude too much in other's life. I know you are concern for La and you know you have some kinds of right on your laad governor, but still you should inhibit yourself.)

La comes and takes her aside,

"chamkili, it's not the right time to blame anybody. Whatever happened it's"

She can't complete. Anjali also joins them and asks her is she fine, what happened between them and Chote also didn't say anything. La says it's better to talk about it after the guest leave. she doesn't want to feel Akash and Payal sad. She takes Anjali with her.

Did she just avoid Khushi? I don't blame her. She should be indignant,, after all Khushi is somehow responsible for her broken relationship.


Khushi is feeling bad for La,

"Poor lavanyaji, thinks so much about the family, but Arnavji?"

She grits her teeth in anger..

Hearing Arnav's voice she turns to him, glares at him grimly.

credit goes to the uploader.

plz ignore typo and grammatical mistakes.

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DurgaS IF-Dazzler

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My best wishes and blessings to Preeti and Vikash. Big smile Enjoy this phase, it is a beautiful one of joy and excitement leading to a stronger bonding. Glad to know that you can feel the dhak dhaks. Embarrassed 

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Durga ,lots of HugHug   ,so beautiful ...indeed she was in love doing everything ...
Love you ,this is the best BEST best of all of your poems...muahhh for finishing your golden jubilee

Thnx for the advice ,Iknow just like money which I don't care as the more you hold tight it slips  away quickly...I don't care about these words now as I know these will run away more if I am going to try to follow em as you said

Your it yes Arnav and Khushi part of  every fable, katha kahani, fiction, non fiction and you name it these ill fit in me I've been playing this game for a while.
Aww Arshi, thank you for loving it so much. Thank you for the golden 50 picture too. Embarrassed Thanks for loving my update too. The thought was overwhelming, I had to share it. Smile 
Originally posted by wiwy

Thanks for PM Durgey or would have missed out on this wonderful poem. Have lots of  work and worries too.
Anyways, Congratulations on your 50th poem! Hayye Devi Maiyya thats a noble achievement!!!Star A record in the Blaster Archive!!!Big smile

The poem was very touching. The last paragraph is what makes La different from other 'other girls' and IPK different from all TV serials!!! 

Keep writing, Durgey!Big smile

P,S. The pages are just flying by! I will never be able to catch up! But love the fact that the thread is dhak dhaking atway at great speed!Dancing
Thank you so much Wiwy. Big smile Hope everything is fine out there. Yes, the pages are flying this time. And I have yet to start thinking about your riddle. Confused 
Originally posted by sohara

 every words, every lines depicts La's greatness, her broadness,her sincerity, her sensibility.
 such an innocuous soul she is!
Really you make my eyes blur by your words.
 I bow down to Lavanya, who I used to hate once.
Thanks Sohara. Yes, she did win over everyone before she left. Sorry for making your eyes blur, but she deserved an applause for what she did. And this was my way of saluting her. Smile   

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Originally posted by Katelyn

Originally posted by cinthiann1758

Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Originally posted by ..Anita..

My mom is having surgery this week so I will inactive, well sporadic, for a while

What happens , what kind of surgery Anita...? hope everything is fine...

My prayers are with you, your mom and family.  I pray that the surgeons and hospital staff carefully take care of her and help her heal quickly.
Anita, I wish all the best for your mom for a quick recovery!  Take care!  We will still be here!  Hug

Anita quick recovery to your mom and God be with you TC

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