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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 69)

Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by samin6

@ Ami and Arshi loved your reviews. It gave a picturesque view of episodes 137-139

Thnx samin ...I was wondering where are you these days...till hit your post that you are reluctant writing about Shyam...go ahead take some risks...he is our only one of a kind villain...

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by BarunDiwani

Hi Guys!! got a chance to read a few, instead of highlighting through each one, i decided to jot a few notes down. hope you don't mind.

Arshi, your 136-137
Arshi, loved your start about the families meeting echother, indeed these small moments were plenty int he show. agree with you the CV owe us big tiime in shashi's case.  I'm so happy Khushi connted dots with Anjali but so diapointed that she never connected Shyaam to Babuji's "Sya Sya" even after she found the trueth she never thought "oh that's what babuji was trying say"  ..she never even thought about the face that he threw the ring off of her was all in the writing but a bit too much. Great pondering thougt about how she is the one alway exposing him, it would've made Babuji's revenge that much sweeter with her hands. Love what you said abouth scene where Khushi knocks on Shyaam's door.  I too thought she looked and found that pain/anguish on his face from the night he found out about engagement. nice description on the funny tire scene.  great analysis over all, nice connections throughout!

Thnx Ami ..I think she did when she was reverberating all the scenes before and after Shyam's revelation.You know our IPK and it's revelation process.Yes she was very uncomfortable as she knows he will be because she witnessed him during revelation of her engagement and how did he react and hurt himself at the end.she is afraid of his extreme nature now and knows he is possessive about her...very much visible to her the way he was giving her all those notions while sitting there.

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha


Thnx for NK gif and the promo video.Nice one...

always welcome

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Originally posted by sohara

Thanks for reading my 141 and 142
 I loved your detailed comments there. Your comments are always special and significant for me.

It's my pleasure that you liked the VM.

You made a very important comment about the status of the women of our country. I'm so fortunate to witness the women from three parts of the world. Though I was born in the US, But for some family crisis I had to spend couple of years back in Pakistan with my mom. You must now understand the reason of my fondness for desi culture. And I also visit India frequently, because of my dad. We are a big family and very attached to each other. I'm very much aware of the position of the girls of our Indian society. It's very unfortunate that the world developed so much but the narrow mentality of our society didn't change yet.

yes sohara as my father sent me back India when I was very young like 5 I think and he is punjabi and my  mom is Urdu speaking from Karachi...doesn't matter...both countries have basically same culture as you have witnessed too...I grew up there yet come back and forth visiting my they were in London at that time and then My father winded up everything yes because of three daughters ...very much typical thinking...

Point is because when you go from here to there ,you  can see, feel and acknowledge it and girls over there ,point out for you that what you are saying and doing is they are so mold acc to that wrong stamped personification of a woman ...which I resented my whole life and that's why I never went back after marriage...

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OK ladies Good night it's almost 12:45 and didn't realize time.

GOOD NIGHT>>SEE U tomorrow

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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credit goes to tumblr



The dark night has passed, the storm is over, salvaged whatever the Gupta family could in a bid to move on. Shyam was a dark cloud on their head that engulfed them like a bad omen. Though Khushi couldn't reveal the secret of  his atrocity to the Raizada family, but at least they are now free from that unknown sin and Khushi is free from her unwanted alliance. She is standing at the impasse of the situation from where there is no return. On the other hand Arnav is free though, but unable to evade the divulge of guilty feelings what is gnawing at his heart. He is in compunction to break the heart of La. And another roguish man is not feeling guilty at all for his fallacy, rather tries to veneer it by beguilement.


Khushi admonishes Anjali not to tell the truth to anybody. She doesn't want to make anybody upset because of her. Anjali just admires her greatness, that she is thinking for others, ignoring her griefs. Anjali is feeling really bad for Khushi. Cause she knows how it feels when an alliance breaks. Her marriage also broke 14 years back and their parent's relationship was also at the edge of a terrible break up, what certainly led to the horrendous disaster of the family, made Arnav and Anjali orphan. And as a result Arnav's life became sardonic and wretched. Anjali again expresses her fear for her marriage. She understands Khushi's turmoil. But Khushi's anguish is not because that her alliance broke, her turbulence is for Anjali and her sister's marriage. When she wished to go home, Anjali agreed without hesitating. She is very much aware of her disturbed mental state now. Khushi assures her that she will finish all the rest of the pending works from home.


When she was leaving Anjali calls her back and asks her what she wanted to talk about earlier. Khushi couldn't say what she wanted to, so she just tried to prevaricate the truth. Anjali cares her cheek and tells her to take care of herself. How  Khushi can break such an angel's heart, who loves her so much .


In Gupta house all the ladies are anxious for Khsuhi. They are getting scared in premonition; Khushi must reveal Shyam's truth by this time; what can happen in RM! Amma is scared if anything bad happened or not. Payal is about to call her, then Khushi enters the house in despondent state of mind. The ladies rush to her to know about the matter. She tells her that she couldn't tell Anjali the truth. And she will not tell her the truth either. Bua thinks whether Shyam threatened her or not. She is ready to beat him up. If bua gives Shyam a punch with her dhai kilo haath, Shyam will sure reach to hell I guess. Khushi says that Anjali can't bear this fact, she will shatter completely. She considers her husband as a God. Bua retorts her, so that they should let her know immediately, so her illusion can break. Khushi says that her relationship is already broke, now what's the point to break another relationship. She thinks, may be some day Shyam may value her love and trust .

" If I tell Anjali everything now , there will be no chance left and her marriage will break eventually."

 She turns to Payal. The fear of  breaking up of Payal and Akash's relationship was stymied her too. Payal refutes though, but Khushi can't agree. After so much grief Payal got her happiness, how can she ignore this now? She can't reveal the truth what can upset Payal, Akash and Anjali. But Payal still can't accept it. Amma who was actually feeling happy at Khushi's decision, now comes to her and tries to make her understand that,  what Khushi did is right. By hiding the truth, this two relationship will be saved from breaking. She wants to make Payal promise that she will not gonna reveal it to anybody. Amma takes her in her embrace,

"I only want your happiness bitiya. This time I will not let your heart break."

Again amma ignored Khushi. You may defy me, but I'm really upset with her behavior.


Bua is satiated and completely enamored at Khushi. She comes to her and praises her that she didn't realize when she grew up so big that has become capable to make the decision what the elder even couldn't take. Bua cares her lovingly; Khushi lays her head on her chest tries to find some solace there. Her heart is still heavier than the rain laden clouds. Amma finally looks at her with adoration.


Anjali is pensive, must be thinking of Khushi. Shyam enters the room frightened in anticipation, whether Khushi told  Anjali everything or not. Cause she is looking upset. Anjali is acting as if she came to know about Shyam's secret. She asks him why he is at home where he supposed to be out of the town. Yeah the swindler's out of the town work is finished. He doesn't need to go there any more. Shyam's fear increases to see Anjali's tears. he asks her eerily whether Khushi came today or not. The astute fellow tries to know the answer trickily. He tells her that HP was saying that she was upset since Khushi left. Did anything happen? Anjali answers him that she can't believe what khushi told her,

" How a relationship can break and shatter, Why this relationship is like sand, that how much you try to grip it in your hand, it slips from your fist. When we think we can rely on someone, why he deceives us, why they break our heart. "

Shyam cowers to hear that, shuts his eyes in fear. He is sure that Anjali came to know about his deception. Shyam almost begs her an apology when Anjali hugs him tight, 

"why all relationship is not like us? Why other relationship is not built in love and trust!" 

Sorry I had to guffaw at her words. How delusional you are lady! 

Shyam sighs a relief, that Khushi didn't reveal his secret. He asks her what the matter is. Anjali remembers Khsuhi's admonition not to tell anybody about her broken alliance. She wipes her tears, turns away from him and says that she is tensed because of the engagement party. There will be two engagements in the house and all the responsibilities is on her so she is scared, .all kind of portentous thought. is coming in her mind. Shyam gets delectable to hear that. He again takes Anjali in an embrace, says that she is so soft, that gets emotional in trivial matters.


Khsuhi is forlorn, she is crying furtively. Why she is crying now. She must be happy that her unwanted alliance is broken and her jiji's dream is also fulfilling. But I know why she is crying. She is crying for her laad Governor. In few hours her Arnavji will be officially be Lavanya's fianc. But she is strong. She can't make herself weak. She has to smile because of her sister. She wipes her tears, starts to tease Payal. Cause Payal is still upset. She puts a saree on her head like a veil and shows her a jewelry set. She is telling her that she will look really beautiful with this. But Payal is still upset. Khushi scolds her, if she goes to her engagement party with this sad face, then Akash will feel really bad. It is such a big day for her so she should smile.

"thoda muskuraiye.(smile a bit)"

She teases her more, tomorrow is her engagement, next comes the marriage and next she pushes her with her shoulder. She meant Suhaag Raat. Payal blushes to hear this, but  pretends to be angry and give her a light pat. Khushi averts it and says that then Akashji will be my jijaji.  Khushi teases her again and starts to tickle her. When Payal can't hold her smile anymore she takes her in a warm hug

"I just wanted to see this smile in your face. I do everything for your smile."

.Khushi is also smiling to see her sister's smile. But did I see a hidden pain behind her smile?

What a loving sister she is. I loved their sisterly bond. But alas, this bonding became weak after their marriage.



Akash and Payal are in the phone. Khushi is teasing Payal incessantly,

 "How you are blushing, the whole neighborhood will come to know that you are talking with Akashji."

She snatches the phone from her hand and pretends to be Payal. The sexy Raizads descends down from the stairs on the other side of the phone. When Akash can't answer fake Payal's bold question the shy guy hands over the phone to the sexy guy. Khushi asks him is he coming tomorrow. Arnav doesn't get her "kya what?"

"Kya kya, if you don't come tomorrow, then who will put the ring on my finger?"

(so Khushi is unknowingly approaching Arnav to get engaged with her!)

Khushi now comes back to herself and asks Akash,

 "right jijaji?"

She asks him that what happened to his voice. A while ago he was talking so shyly with her jiji, now what happened?

"Talk to me frankly jiaji."

Arnav replies "main, me"


"why feel shy with me. But you talk very nicely, very sweetly, not like your brother. Sometimes I can't believe that he is your brother. Where are you so sweet, so nice, so understanding, where your bro the laad governor."

Arnav now breaks his silence.

"I also can't believe that you yet couldn't recognize me that it's not Akash, but me.

yes I'm talking." He grits his teeth in anger.

Khushi starts to hiccup in fear.

He cuts the call in anger.

 Hunn Akhroo sexy man!


Finally the big day is here.

All the preparation is going on in full swing in RM. Anajli seems busier than usual. Shyam also is joining the celebration. His hide and seek game is over.  nani gets enamored to see Akash. It's happy day for her, her two grand sons are getting engaged.


The preparation is going on in GH too. Bua gets delighted to see her bro, who is also ready to join his daughter's engagement. She gets amused to see Payal in a bridal attire.

Amma blesses her by kissing her on her forehead. Babuji is also looking at her with content.


Khushi is praying to her DM before leaving for the party. She dressed differently today and styled her hair as well.

"give me your blessing that I shouldn't  regret for the decision I took. Bless that everything happens smoothly and also bless jiji and Akashji that they get all the happiness in life.

She gets up in bua's call, but come back immediately

"I forgot about Arnavji and lavanyaji. Bless them as well."

She looks sad though while saying this. How can she asks blessings for her man  to be with someone else.

Khushi forgot to take blessings for Arnav and Lavanya, because DM can't give her blessings to them. DM only can bless Arnav and Khushi as a couple.


Arnav comes to La's room and sees that she is packing her luggage. He looks around, the closet is empty. Arnav is flummoxed,
what is this Lavanya, are you leaving?"

La looks at him confusedly.

Why he asking this question. Why she will stay here? Poor man, may be couldn't realize that La will leave so soon. He must be feeling really guilty.

Time started to change in Arnav and Khushi's life.

I just love love love this song. thanks Zoha to make a VM with this song.

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 Thanks for reading my 142
I enjoyed all of your comments.
It's my pleasure that I somehow can help you in your PCAT test.LOL

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Originally posted by sohara

Thanks for reading my 142
I enjoyed all of your comments.
It's my pleasure that I somehow can help you in your PCAT test.LOL

Let me just say you have a really good vocabulary... Sometimes I have to pull up a dictionary for some words

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