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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 66)

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758

Episode 144


Everyone is Fine?

Lavanya says, yes, she is leaving and he replies she doesn't have to. 

 Of course she does ASR, why else would she live there if not for marriage?   maybe to live as friends...i don't know why he thought she would stay...maybe he is use to her living there now

She appreciates his honesty.  me too

 Nani has called them downstairs, they have decided to tell the family after Payal and Akash engagement and they will do it together.  

They are fine.

The Gupta's have entered Shantivan.  Anjali does "round, round"  (dedicated to our brave Lavanya) i said the same thing in my analysis but i did not read yours before writing it, to Payalji.  She has forgotten the grains and calls for them.  This is the moment we have all been waiting for' the introduction of Shyam to the Gupta's after the revelation. 
He comes walking very slowly and the Gupta's have looks that could kill on their faces and hurt, and then the ritual is completed.  Nani asks Kushi about her fianc.  Anjali covers for Kushi and says that Kushi told her yesterday he was not able to come.  They all come in, just love Sashi's face, he wanted to tear Shyam apart!  
if he had functions of his arms and legs he would punch the living day lights out of him

Kushi thanks Anjali for saving her Anjali tells her she doesn't know who her fianc was but he doesn't know what he has lost. 

Oh he does, Anjali, he does!

 Unbelievable frame, Shyam first, Anjali in the middle and Kushi behind Anjali.  I am sure that ArshiHamesha will have something to say about that so I will leave that interpretation to her. agreed!!!!

Anjali leaves first, and as Kushi is walking away Shyam attempts to speak with her.  What nerve he has!  He thanks her and she curtly says no thanking her but thank his wife for it is she who trusts you!  he really had to courage to thank her, if i was him i could not even look at her in the face She tells him she didn't keep quiet because of fear but for Anjali.  She gives him a final ultimatum that if he messes up or does one more wrong thing she will be forced to tell Anjali.  She tells him not to come near her!  i sure hope so

She is fine?

Nani calls him to introduce him to the Gupta family.  She tells him they are also from Lucknow, and they have raised their daughters with good values that bring love, peace and happiness to the family.  This uncomfortable situation was handled well by all.  Nani says Shyam is an attorney and thereby protects the truth; all faces drop at that.  They know this truth is not a truth at all.  He is a big fat liar!  i can't believe he had the nerve to go and greet them but i guess he did not want anything to look suspicious to save his behind Buaji was just about to strangle him (my POV) and Kushi stops her. i wish khushi did not

They all are fine?

Mami and her friends are sitting at a table discussing Payal and her family.  Buaji overhears and stops at the table.  Payal joins her.  They talk about owning a textile mill and payal sets the record straight; her aunt had a small shop and it is closed now.  Mami has tried to embellish her future daughter in law's family status.  Payal tells them her father had a confectioners business but hence it has closed since his stroke.  As per G-d's wish. Clap 

Anjali asks Kushi to bring Payal to her room where Lavanya is.  Payal and Kushi leave.  Kushi tells Payal to go to the room upstairs she will be there is a little while.

Buaji pulls Mami aside and asks her why she is lying. Mami says why shpuld whe tell them that they are from a family of confectoners?  Hey, Mami be careful, I am a baker too! Then Buaji tells her she is very proud of her family.  Nasty Mami answers her that she wanted so much pride for daughter in law but now she has had to give up on that.  Come on, Mami, you better remember where you came from.  Buaji tells her she should stop saying" HHBB" and start chanting the name of G-d since they are going to be relatives.  She leaves.  Mami's friends taunt her a little but say her DIL seems very nice who cares about the family.  Mami tells them nothing will ever happen without her permission, understood? sadly true...people tend to listen to her, i guess to shut her up

She is fine?

Kushi knocks on his door and says it is funny that when we first met you didn't believe in marriage and look what has happened.  He opens the door and her face drops.  Here he is all handsome and gorgeous, just waiting for a few minutes more to become engaged to another woman.  Her face reveals her true feelings, just in that moment he opened the door and she looked into his eyes.  "What the?" he says as he opens the door to see her smiling face, but is she smiling? She is holding a gift for him. i liked this scene

Lavanya has opened the gift Kushi has given her, beautiful earrings.  Kushi tells her they are not made of gold and La answers her no, they are more valuable than that.  She says she will always value them wherever she is.  Kushi says to her that she is peaking like she is going far away from her.  Little does Kushi know, she is.  She says you are here in your in laws house.  La just smiles. She asks her why she didn't wear her engagement dress and La tells her what she is wearing is just fine. Kushi asks her if she is okay?  This would have been a perfect time for La to confide in Kushi but alas she doesn't. i wish she did but i am glad khushi sensed something is wrong Anjali calls for Kushi and she takes Payal and is about to go down when she turns took at La. They leave and La is in tears.  Arnav comes and she says to him she is fine.

They all are fine?





i loved the title of this one
and my comments are in blue, well the light blue!!

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Originally posted by sohara



Parallel scene, two soul mates who are destined to be together, one is in the edge to break a coerced relationship, other  one is declaring her already broken alliance. One is in contrition to break his to be fiance's heart. Where his soul mate is convulsing to reveal the secret of the reason, why it called off.  the episode was intense and somehow melancholic,  but at the same time it heralded the alliance of another couple who are made for each other. Destiny has to unite this soul mates now. Clap


"What am I doing?" He asks himself. He recollects how he ignored Lavanya's feelings. When she asked him, "don't you love me". He refuted in anger, no, he doesn't love her. His contrition is very visible in his countenance, "I didn't do right to Lavanya." He mutters himself, clutches his fist in compunction, he can't do knavery with her. this is the first time arnav is realzing that he did something wrong with out anyone pointing it out


Arnav sees Khushi came to RM, still looks forlorn. He stands for a while to look at her. He thought something. What did he think? May be  he got more determined  to tell Lavanya the truth. i was like why did he walk off, but i thought the same thing


Anjali is looking delectable, she  comes to talk to Khushi. Khushi's tension pulsates more  to see her, she grabs the strap of her bag to get some courage.

"I tried to call you for so long. Did you forget there will be two engagement take place in this house?"

She notices Khsuhi's woebegone state. .Anjali asks her, is everything alright, why she is looking so pale? Khushi says that she wants to say her something. But can't speak further,  cause Anjali's mangalsutra (nuptial chain) tears while she was fixing it. But Khushi doesn't let it fall, she just catches it before it hits the ground. It  sure indicates that Anjlai's marriage is now on Khushi's hand. If she reveals Shyam's truth, her marriage can break, like the mangalsutra.


Anjali gets frightened  in premonition. She thinks it's a omen  and gets scared if her husband is fine or not. She can't live without him. (Your husband is absolutely fine Anjali, but your marriage is  at stake for sure.) well it is an omen but she took it the wrong way in my opinionShe runs in front of the DM idle to pray for his life and safety.


Khushi comes to console her . How can she tell her the truth now, where she is seeing how much she loves her husband!  Anjali is crying clutching her mangalsutra close to her heart. Khushi assures her that nothing happened, everything is fine, her husband and her marriage as well. She tells her not to cry. she thinks no wrong has happened and she promises she will not let any wrong to happen. I'm surprised how cum Anjali didn't see her words strange or fishy she was too concerned for her husband to notice the fishyness. Did she ever thought why Khushi is promising to protect her marriage?  Dumb lady, sometimes avert your thought from your blind love and think practically. i loved how khushi consoled her...since her engagement is over, maybe shyam will focus on his wife

"hum inke bina kuch nahi hai Khushi ji, agar inka kuch hogaya to (I'm nothing without him. If anything happens to him, let me go and call)"

Her voice is quivering in fear. Anjali's words put Khushi in quandary again.


Arnav comes to La's room. He can't linger this issue any more. To see him La gets scared in anticipation. She sure suspected something wrong. She starts to blabber unnecessarily. So many work has to get done in such a short time! She gets two tone of fabric for his suit, what color will suit to him, classic black or charcoal grey! Your eyes she stopped. She knows how beautiful  those caramel orbs are!. She thinks charcoal grey will look good with it. She doesn't let Arnav talk, just keep talking, needs to go to parlor, she goes on, avoiding eye contact with him. she knew the undeniable truth of their relationship was near


Arnav keeps his hand on her shoulder, "Lavanya, I need to talk to you."

She gets scared again. She is not ready to hear the brutal truth. She clutches the dress (I think it's her engagement outfit, she just doesn't want to let it goClap,never thought of it like that) She  denies to listen, 'no you don't have to ASR."

Plz Lavanya, ASR pleas in acquissence..


Khushi sees Anjali is talking to the pandit about some braat and pooja. She thanks God that her husband is safe. She tells her that she wants to perform a special pooja for her husband's safety.

Pause: Oh Gosh how superstitious Anjali is!Or how much she loves that atrocious man. Kash he could value her love. That wicked man doesn't deserve her immense love though. agreed


Finally Anjali notices Khushi's tension, She asks her what's wrong, she apologizes to get distracted because of the mangalsutra. She reminds her that she wanted to talk to her about something. Khushi fidgets, touches her dupatta, tries to gather some courage. Anjali notices that her ring is missing. After hesitating a bit, Khushi tells her that her engagement broke.

Anjali gets flabbergasted to hear it. She asks her how did it happen? how the alliance broke and how did she make such big decision?

"How did it happen?"

She knows she is intruding her personal matter, but she needs to know. Wher she is feeling so bad,  Khushi must be feeling worse. anjali knows what a broken rishta feels like She tells her that nani will also feel bad for her.mentioning nani was random to me She knows how much nani loves her but yeah, i feel the smae way. Hearing nani, something strikes in Khushi's mind. maybe the fear that nani will break down hearing the news as well


Arnav wants to talk to Lavanya. La doesn't want to hear anything. She is too amorous to Arnav.

 "plz ASR don't say anything."

Tears well up in her eyes.

Arnav touches her cheek,

"Lavanya what you feel for me, I don't feel same like you. May be never did. And now."

His voice quivers.

"now can't lie to you any more. in fact, can't insult you more by telling you more lies, not for me, but for you. I mean, hum dono (both of us) Lavanya you and me, this."

He can't finish, La grabs his hand

"I know ASR.I thought you would say this to me. I perhaps felt it before, somehow it was my fear that our relationship would end like this. You know, without any."

They turn back from each other,

"I knew, perhaps didn't  want to accept it. Kept telling lie to myself, All the time. That much of lies, that those lies seemed real to me. I know you wouldn't like it. But for the last time, for once can you hug me?"
She is crying incessantly. Arnav's memory, whatever she got from him is indelible for her. I felt a pang of pain for her that she feels  he doesn't even like to hug her.

Contrition is visible in his expression. They turn to face each other gradually. For the first time Arnav took Lavanya in a warm embrace. His compunction is killing him to hurt her like this.

Pause:  Sana disappointed me in this scene. She couldn't emote the intensity. i agree but i was in tears


Asr begs her an ardent apology. he is not the same asr anymore, he is arnav now


"khuch sawalo ki jwab nahi hote. It's funny, na ASR, Jaise hum logo achanak engagement ki, mujhe kaise  pata chala ki kuch theek nahi.Tumhe kaise realize hua, ki tum mujhe itna pyaar nehi karta, jo mein tumhe karta hoon.

Translation" there is no answer of some questions. It's funny, how we suddenly got engaged, how did I find out that something is wrong. How did you realize that you don't love me the way I do." i think la knows the answer to that question but wanted to hear it from arnav

Arnav keeps his hand on her shoulder to stop her. He can't hear any more. He agitates to see her incessant cry.

"are you OK?' he asks her in a soft tender tone, modulate his voice more husky. He is really concern for her. He thinks they should tell it to the family and tell it together.

La's expression confused me. Any way she doesn't want Arnav to tell everybody about their break up.

Again Sana couldn't emote properly.


"sabko dukh pauchake hume kiya milega. What I'll get by hurting all. Plz anjali ji by mistake, don't say to anybody about my broken alliance. Moreover jij and Akash's engagement is a very big day for both of the family."

A very sensible decision of a very mature girl.

"what about your pain? You know what are you asking  me to do". anjali treats khushi like her little sister,,,i love it

Anjali is ambiguous. 


In the parallel scene, La is also saying the same thing to Arnav. she thinks it's not the right time to reveal this. Everybody is so happy. Mamiji agreed for Akash and Payal's marraige after so much difficulties. If sh ecomes to know about their break up, it may affect Akash and Payal's engagement. She doesn't want that,  because of her, nani and di get upset.

Arnav smiles in satiation to see her sensibility.

"I can't believe this that you are so concern for  my family."

Arnav cares her cheek again,'I respect you for this."

La can't control her emotions, she again hugs him.

"you respect me, but love!"
She breaks the hug, wipes her tears and says sorry.

(Jhappiya-shappiya lele Sana, that's your farewell treat. That time Sana was leaving the show to participate Ms. India pageant.) i am glad they did not make her a vamp and she had the only graceful exit in the show beside payal and akash...but la had the best exit

La doesn't want Arnav to feel guilty about this matter. "I mean it"

She wipes her tears,

So it's decided that  we will not gonna say it to anybody."

Arnav convulses to hear her. 


La didn't retaliate. She even didn't want to put the blame on ASR. She acted like a connoisseur here. I salute La for not being vindictive or nasty. She just accepted the fact. She knows Arnav is not to blame. From the very beginning  he was very clear about their relationship. He never made any commitment to her. To avert his feelings from Khushi, Arnav took the abrupt  decision to marry her. Lavanya is a grown up, matured woman. It was literally impossible to ignore Aranv's reluctance to her. So she finally admitted that she ignored the fact and kept telling lie to herself. But Arnav came to break up the relationship first. In this case I have to say that Arnav's love won. The enormity of  his love for Khushi compelled him to break La's heart. He thought it rightfully, that he is not only deceiving himself but deceiving La too. Some may think that Arnav deceiveded La. But if he would marry her, he  would deceive her and him as well. loved your description

Arnav just accepted his feelings for Khushi by rejecting Lavanya. 

credit goes to the uploader

Liked the video as well as your analysis
did i ever mention that the vocabulary you use in your analysis really helps my studying for the PCAT
my comments are in blue

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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Episode 143

Anjali assures Khushi that she will not tell anyone about her broken engagement after the engagement of PayAsh and ArLa are over.  She also said that she empathizes with her because she is doing this for other's happiness because she is willing to hide the truth from everyone but she understands the pain of a broken relation (I know she does, since her wedding was broken in the past, I guess a decade ago, how old is Anjali anyways???). Khushi takes her leave and Anjali man gayi, since he knows khushi might want to be alone right now. As she is leaving, Anjali calls her from behind (isn't that bad or is it bad when someone goes to do something important?) and asks if she wanted to talk about something else and Khushi says there's nothing more. She just wanted to ask if Anjali has spoken to the sweet wale. Anjali assures that the preparations of the engagement are in full swing and asks her to take care of herself and khushi just looks at her like you need to take care of yourself more than I do.

I know this was not the time for KHushi to tell her but at least she could tell Arnav later but she didn't red I don't believe in these things dear

Khushi was devastated and she took an oath to save Anjali's marriage and that's exactly she did.

Bua ji is wondering why Khushi isn't home yet because it's late. Garima is getting worried about things being alright over there after the truth is out. Khushi walks in and asks what the Raizadas said (I wonder what her reaction will be when they find out that khushi did not say anything).

Anjali has tears in her eyes while taking off her jewelry and Shyam walks in. He gets scared and is worried that  Khushi told the truth to Anjali. Anjali says she thought he was out of town and won't come back. He asks if Khushi came today trying changing the topic. Anjali says yes and Shyam gets worried (well lucky for him he shouldn't be). He asks if everything is fine. Anjali tells things about relations and trust to Shyam in a that gives everyone the impression that Anjali found out the truth somehow and Shyam gets scared and tried to apologize. Anjali said why can't everyone be like use, so understand and loving to each other and hugs shyam, shyam gives a sigh of relief. He asks what she is talking about getting genuinely confused (duh khushi's broken engagement). Anjali recalls how Khushi had asked her to keep quiet about the matter. So she just says that today she's a little off because all the wedding responsibility is on me. Shyam hugs her and says she worries over little things.

I hate him here but loved the part where he was scared of her that may be Khushi told her

Khushi says she could not tell Anjali the truth and never will. Bua ji asks why? Did Shyam blackmail her? (I wish that were the case, actually I don't, but it was khushi's nice heart). Khushi says this decision is hers. Payal is like you shouldn't have done that but Khushi says Anjali won't be able to bear the truth because she worships her husband like god. Bua ji says this is why she needs to know the truth and stop living in delusion (thank you!!!!! For once you spoke some sense). Khushi says she can't. Her rishta is broken, she can't do the same with Anjali . Maybe with time, Shyam will have a change of heart but if she tells the truth right now, their marriage will be broken (well she did make a good point, but she is giving the creep too much credit). She mentions that she's seen Payal happy after a long time. She can't take this away from them (Why khushi why, you now payal does not want that). Payal says she can't hide the truth (did she take khushi's brain) but Garima supports Khushi because otherwise her engagement will break (No clue how shyam's truth will affect payal, does she think Anjali will be like you LIARS, this engagement is over breaking a vase and then limping off, and Garima and Bua ji will be screaming NAHI...that would be hilarious to watch though). And Bua ji goes Khushi  and said you are so mature, you made a decision like an adult all by yourself when us adult could not and hugs khushi (arrey what logic is that, khushi said the same decision they made initially anyways, but I am glad bua ji is showing affection for khushi for the first time).

Buaji is right here Anjali needs to know the truth to come out of her delusional life and i love what you said in red ...they are hiding the truth for selfish reasons but not KHUSHI she is doing from her to save the man she loves.

Khushi is crying in her room. She sees Payal folding clothes and wipes her tears. She tries talking to her but Payal seems upset (well duh, she wanted the truth out but that did not happen). She makes Payal sit and covers her head with a dupatta and says she will look great in it. Payal kind  of ignoring her and Khushi tries cheering her up by asking her to forget whatever happened and think about tomorrow. She asks her to smile. She says she has her engagement tomorrow then wedding and then...Payal blushes and hits khushi (who knew she had a gutter mind) LOLLOLLOLand Khushi says and then Akash will be her Jijaji. Khushi was like HAAWWW What did you think? She starts tickling Payal and Payal laughs. Finally, they hug and Khushi gets emotional. She says this smile is what she always wants to see on her face. The phone rings and Payal goes to receive it. It is Akash aka mr. loverboy. Khushi realizes this and starts pulling her leg. Payal says she will talk to him later but Khushi snatches the phone and starts pulling Akash's leg too. Akash tries to make some excuse because he knows it is khushi  but Arnav comes and he hands him the phone and was like you handle this. Arnav takes the call and hears Khushi pulling Akash's leg acting like payal. Arnav tries giving her a hint but she starts praising Akash and comparing with Arnav. Arnav finally tells her it's him and Khushi goes speechless. (how cute was this scene)

LOve this scene too ,he never likes when she thinks and talks ill about him but she was so cute talking with him and he was listening till the very end...Smile
Wedding preps are going on at the RM...i was not paying attention to this scene what so ever

Bua ji is calling everyone to hurry up. Payal steps down looking gorgeous and everyone admires her emotionally (she did look pretty, was not digging the necklace so much but I loved the wind affect when she came out). Everyone blesses her.

Anita you are so funny ,wind effect...seriously...

Khushi prays to DM to not make her regret her decision of not telling Anjali the truth (well you will) and asks to bless PayAsh and ArLa. When she asked for bessing for ArLa she seems uneasy about it. Bua ji calls her and she leaves to go to them.

Love Khushi here ,she is showing some jealousy and some gadbad while praying for Arnav and La
Arnav comes to La's room and notices how everything is empty. She is packing and he asks her if she is leaving? He is shocked.  Will they tell the truth??? Is la really leaving during the engagement???

i really liked this ff, you guys should read it one day

Thnx for sharing FF.I will seems interesting.

HeartLove your comments and agreed this was the first time Buaji was nice to Khushi but she loves her me my comments are in red

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Arshi loved the title 'revelation of the truth'.Thumbs Up The gifs and collages are lovely.Clap the black and white pics are outstanding, guruji!StarStar You have explained the episode so well.ClapClapmy blues and emoticons are the pointers. Thankyou so much.Hug Heart
Yes, the evil of Shyam is being slowly revealed and it is falling way behind the tuth of a grwing bond not only between ASR and Khushi but also between the Raizadas and Guptas! In spite of the snakewa's every attempt to break all connections between the protagonists he failed miserably. The two families were being linked by the most important social bond, marriage! 
In this atmosphere of love and trust Arnav and Khushi learnt to trust each other. Arnav began caring not only for Khushi but also her Babuji and her Jiji. He was really sweet in apologising to Payal. He acknowledged that Khushi was not at fault and not responsible for breaking payal's marriage.
You are right, it is really surprising that Khushi did not understand what her Babuji was trying to tell! ConfusedThere were so many connections. True, the CVs absolutely failed here.Ouch
The last scene was hilarious. I agree with you, Big smile it was a serious pointer to how "ajeeb" both were!LOL 
    Hug Heart Hug

Thnx my friend  for reading and commenting...always appreciate and love your points.Yes he was admitting his mistake in such a sweet way than ever.
I know tire scene is hilarious and tire badlne keh liye thnx mein bhi nahin kahoonga is just simply classic.After both are Ajeeb
Hug Heart 

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha






Revelation of Evil [PART2]

Continue from PART-1

Life is full of surprises and unbelievable things and sometimes brings you at the spot where you have to think twice to find out your mistake . But its "Fate" with which you can't argue or run away .The best way is to face it and that's what Khushi is doing here and will say it later to Arnav but Matter is the same "SHYAM"'the face of EVIL who is shattering her today and will shatter everyone later.

New morning with new twists rises in both houses.In RM Puja pf Satya Narine is at its peak for couples to get blessings.La wants ASR to be with her but Anjali explains her the importance of the even for couples only.Arnav's ears perks up hearing his Khushi's name and his feet jams up to hear the phone convo of his Di and Khushi.The moment Anjali insists Khushi to bring her fianc ,Arnav trails down towards his room in acrimony leaving La flabbergasted.Its unbelievable and unacceptable for him to think that Khushi is not his anymore.

Symbolism and connection: Satya Narine puja starts with Lord Ganesh, who removes obstacles ,so connection is easy it is a step towards Khushi and Arnav for the removal of obstacles'.Khushi was in the puja but Arnav was not present'..Khushi's obstacle"Shyam" is exposed yet Arnav has no clue and this obstacle is hanging like a sharp sword on him and he has to bear him until his full revelation'..

On the other hand La is present and she is the obstacle yet she removes herself but because of Khushi,if she wasn't devastated and Arnav didn't call and broke in front of La in Khushi's thoughts..didn't happen either.

Shyam is present and his obstacle,Khushi who could reveal him didn't do it so he is saved too..Lord Ganesh didn't disappoint him either but waiting for another time'Anjali is present.and her obstacle Khushi is removing herself '.IPK.bravo Clap

The seed of suspecting Shyam is getting stronger here and becoming unbelievable moment for Khushi.She hears "Rani Sahiba" in a familiar voice again on the phone while talking to Anjali and gets astounded and entangled with her own suspicious thoughts.Her mind is working overtime to solve this riddle but how'DM has stored a lot for her favorite child today. i think shashi's behavior helped her figure out the hint

Evil is so unaware of all of this regardless of his extreme cautious steps.He confirms from Akash about the whereabouts of Guptas in this Puja and makes a stupid move telling Akash" aap tpu bade chupe rustam nikle 'kanon kan khabar bhi nahin hone di..aur jabtak pata chala ..tabtak bohat dair ho chuki thi"

Translation: [You are really sneaky'nobody kew your intentions and when we found it ,it was too late]'Clap

Big meaning as Fate kept you unaware of everything and everything was happening right under your nose'it's unbelievable for him for not having any clue of these affairs just like he has no idea who is on the other side of the phone whom Anjali is speaking.

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS: When Anjali came to Khushi for bringing her in RM as a La's trainer.He couldn't do much either while convincing anyone [Anjali or Khushi]'Same way he couldn't convince Khushi or Anjali after engaging with Khushi for not going back RM'.Everything was happening right under his evil veil. he tried his best but DM had other plans


Khushi's  oblivious and heedless state was not gone unnoticed by La either.She is completely in her intertwined net of unbelievable suspicions thoughts which are tying her in it slowly but strongly.She goes to call Anjali instead of ASR in her reverberating thoughts of recent events.She specifically asks Anjali,"aapke pati"[your husband]'She peeks in Anjai's room with her slowly rising feet  but then she condemns her own act.

"hum aisa kyuon soch rahe hain keh Anjaliji keh Pati'.Yeh humain kya ho raha hai" [Translation:Why am I thinking Anjali's husband is'..What is happening to me?] the coincidence between the two is just undeniable

Pause here:Khushi leaves La with surprise as she was thinking she is the only one who can bring Arnav down as during Janmashtami and Diwali lights.Big smile

These unbelievable and pilferer thoughts takes her steps towards her man who can save her from all of these defalcators as he is her protector chosen by DM.He broke her unintentionally swindler thought process ,"Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho'..Khuch chahiye tumhai"[What are you doing here?...Do you need anything?] he went to the only person she can truly count on.

She just look into his deep eyes to find solace but leaves making him unbelievable for her'..She wants him to take her out of this hurricane, the eye of which is only gazing at her as she knows he the only one who can snatch her out of this chakarvyue as "sanmbhal laina " had started the day one and indeed getting its firm roots in her belief system though unintentionally.

La breaks Khushi's stance by showing her necklace which brings a new layer on Khushi's face but she helps her finding earrings while darkness descends upon light.[just amazingly showing his shadow on Khushi's face]. nice catch

Khushi wants her unbelievable crawling thoughts to take a turn at dead end by confirming Anjali's husband as reverberation of same words over and over making her feel EVIL's presence. These crawling steps starts running in her head when La's mentions How Jijaji calls Di"Rani Sahiba"'."RANI SAHIBA" these two "shabd" [words] which are lingering at the back of her head, now facing her and wants her to get up and unveil this deviling EVIL.

Pause here:He did not finish the puja as he is no longer a couple already ,not a part of this as he broke all seven Vachans which he took in front of Agani.[Fire] never thought of that but so true

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS: He was late or never present in any Puja with Anjali'..from  Teej toJanmashtami,from Rakhi to Parent's anniversary as God does not want to ruin the purity of that essence. Clap

MAJOR point during Arnav's parents Anniversary ,Mom already gave them her blessings by removing the flowers from her pic and wants her kids to be free of this evil and it was PUJA and FIRE that day too.It started that day and a Mother's kroadh [anger] and war is not done yet'. Clap

Symbolism and connection: 1-Fire a dichotomous  the bringer of destruction, the chaos and war.  Fire burns everything, bringing nothing but ruin and ashes through which life starts again.Yet  Fire banishes the darkness and cleanses and purifies.  Lastly, sometimes Love is spoken of as an eternal flame.  Fire.Fire symbolizes love, hate, desire, and determinationClap

Connectionis the war against evil is starting today and Shyam will ruin everything basically for these pure souls.Anjali,Khushi and Arnav 'but Arnav's love and his dark past will be purified also in this process.ArHi love will be eternal and destined despite all odds.Clap

2-Anjali asks to change the oil of the DIYA as it has to burn the whole night'..meaning Shyam is not there for her for whole life or saat janam'MY POV OIL needs to be changed ,it means there should've been a man for her in the story as a replacement ..Arggg poor story Clap

 Khushi's mind and steps is in the reverberation of all the events linked with Rani Sahiba and Shyam's stories'..Her mind links all the dots how Buaji's words of balm match with Akashiji's, how Babuji tried to take her ring out, how He became upset seeing Anjaliji,how Anjakiji's husband name is same as her fianc, How Shyam snatched away the phone when it was showing "Rani Sahiba"and how yesterday he was talking so profoundly with "Rani Sahiba" he ran away when she went to call him out for meeting Raizadas ,how he blurted out and got confused while mentioning Akash and Payal's relationship'.how she heard someone voice same as his on the phone..SHE reached to the result'..This is Khushi's Trait she acts like a child yet thinks like a scholar'.very quickly adds up the moments and never gets afraid to face the reality'

She is uncertain until the last moment'.about "Rani Sahiba"

Her heart throbs as her unbelievable steps crawls slowly towards EVIL and faces him right under the sun ,a star ,parents who are throwing light to her child to see this EVIL clearly.[Sanaya is brilliant here with her uncertainity]

AND the EVIL turns to light as FIRE is removing the darkness by ruining Khushi's innocence... "Rani Sahiba" I was just  coming'.."

Face to Face with the EVIL who planned all to get marry to her by blinding Buaji 'and today she understands what his father was trying to make her understand on that engagement night.

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS with Symbolism: Arnav and Khushi got engaged under the sun with their parents' blessings and today parents' blessings are relieving her from this EVIL engagement.  again Clap

 Evil gulps down his fear and is ready for uttering another snaky game but Good is up to no Good here, SLAP ''"Rani Sahiba aapki client hain..aap unka kaam sambhale hain'..woh aapki client nahin hain '.woh Anjaliji hain 'aapki patnai

Translation:Rani Sahiba is your client and you take care of her work'she is Anjaliji.your wife] ..

Pause here:Khushi is HORUS too just like Arnav ,as they both are protecting their families including each other. family is always first

In her anger and convulsion it was hard for her to take off the ring as always she gets stumbles at her actions when she is angry and upset.

Shyam tries his Slithery games here but Khushi is done with him,"I am feeling disgusted  knowing your you think I'm going to accept this quietly and will not tell any one'."

Scorpion's back fires with his venomous yet penetrating venom,"Don't think about me least think about your sister.Payal"....

He begs as he her no way to escape''.

PAUSE HERE:Khushi makes biggest mistake not telling Arnav or Anjali about this yet this is another plan of put hold on to it. maybe DM knew that if arnav knew the truth arnav would do something that would make the guptas leave delhi

 Khushi walks down rushing her get out of the prowler's den but his venomous words haunt her in her Amma's mouth'.."Jiji aur Akashji ka rishta [Jiji and Akash's relation]..Khushi's antagonism with paroxysm is playing through her fidgety hands as she is out of words and out of sense in this unbelievable stance.

Khushi is not the only one with this stormy contortion . Arnav is feeling  the same way when her engagement was going through ,Arnav is going through with agony even today ,he is in anarchy and at the top he does not want to see her fiance ,he refused to La nicely which makes La dumbfounded though as she tried to startle him with "Khushi 's name" as she knows [STRONGLY} ,he will come down for her but its unbelievable for her'or she is mistaken ...the very same way for Arnav that why is he behaving like that'...'out of proportion with La' la was happy and at the moment this added to her dreamworld moment but soon reality will hit her hard if it had not already


Continue'.KHUSHI's breakdown on Arnav's shoulder will be in the next update''''...



my comments are in blue but i was mostly capable of this Clap
i was left speechless

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Originally posted by indi52

episode 139

"khushi, kya tumhare mangetar ne tumse kuchh..." khushi, has your fiance to you...I love how he guess it was her was like he knew if he was not a good person...i guess he knew she would not react like that if her family members did something to her

she looks up at the mention of mangetar... instinctively. and along with it there begins a return to reality and its demands. 

his expression moves through quiet cold anger... "kya kiya ussne..." what has he done...

flaring nostrils, rage rising. he looked like he was about to set her fiance straight

loved the analysis
i had no idea where to begin commenting
but some of my comments are in blue
sanaya did an amazing job and like you said no short of an BAFTA
i enjoyed reading your desciption of the arshi scene!!!!

thank you, anita... it ws quite an episode. ha ha yes, he woud have made keema and kofta out of mangetar if he could... actually, i bet he's dying to bash him up any way.

i adore the way our man has no idea of the word love, doesn't really want to look at what he feels, yet he knows, who really loves whom and why she shouldn't get engaged to someone else.

although of course he's engaged.

contrary, complex, intense, big of feelings... not a mean bone despite all that gussa. tell me how not to flip and go puddle at the very thought of him. 

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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episode 139
my asli, kuchh na kaho analysis. the real, don't say a word analysis.

"khushi, shh shh shh." 

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Originally posted by BarunDiwani

Friendly Disclaimer: My words, thoughts  ideas and  edited pics are mine only, please do not copy. You are welcome to use it, but credit accordingly. Thank you!

Episode 136-137: Love ka chakkar (circle of Love)ClapClapClap

"Love ka chakkar hai na?" Mamiji's words come a bit later, and were totally meant for a different purpose, but like a bullseye, they his two people. But this chakkar  was seemed to circle theset two from the start of  this meeting of theirs didn't it? 

The moment he stopped her from closing the door by placing his hand   on top of her hand, my heart jumped and skipped a beat.  May have not been on purpose, but it lingered there and she let it linger there. The way she looked at him, It seems that her saans( her breath) ruk gayee (had stopped). Yes he was looking unbelievably dashing today in white and uff the way that key was dangling from his thumb was hot but something much much deeper had pulled her down that well of love, passions and desires with him. Interestingly, it was him who was able to walk away this time while she stood there trying to chase after her breath...rather her dhadkan.

Love this scene and their silence convo did make their breathing stop

 Khushi was probably careful to keep the tea sugar free, but who needs sugar  where there is so much sweetness inside that love ka chakkar? Thumbs Uptoo bad he spills the tea, but insists on going to kitchen by himself where he knows the chai-wali is alone... and he was surely on her mind too judging the by shaky nerves. 

how can he miss the opportunity not to see her or touch her so this time she will do the honor

So cute the way he just stood there and let her frantically clean his white shirt. I doubt anyone else would be allowed such pleasure.true*GASP* she ruined it. She offers to clean it up for real this time but he tells her "Stop! I'll do it, tum door hi rahi to acchaa hai" hehe a tiny hint  as to  how his perfectly white shirt of a life has not stayed so after she crash landed into his life...

Nice metaphor and yes she is the only one heck of a crazy girl who can do whatever she wants with mighty ASR

Then there was that moment where we see him completely melting  when for numerous times now she has jumped to his rescue from other trying to feed him sweets. This time Buaji...even she's is a tad taken back by Sanaka answering for him. He was definitely touched  with her concern over and over.Always

One of the best  scenes came when Babuji recognized Anjali and came off hysterical when trying to  tell everyone the truth. How Arnav went into a "son-in-law" mode. Her family had so much importance to him, just as his DI and his family had become important to her.  "Mein Dr. ko phone karta hoon" he wanted to fix this situation asap for everyone, for her. Khushi is taking her Babuji back to the room when she struggles to open the door, but  his long slender hand helps her to push is open.

mein hoon na.applies here

 Their one-ness on full display here. In the room he sees a worried Khushi and ever so sweetly asks again "mein Dr. ko phone karoon?" and even after she said he is fine now he asks "kuchh daviyaan ya kuchh?" Some medicine? she was moved with his willingness to make it all ok. yes this is the same man who never misses a chance to yell/scream/ and give her angry looks all the time, but when she is in distress all he wants to do is make her happy  again...Put the Khushi back in Khushi. ClapClapClap

Wonder if Babuji caught on to the love chakkar, even a gist maybe.

My absolute favorite scene  has to be when everyone seems to demand a meeting with Khushi's fiance except the perfectly displayed body language of one man in the room wanted nothing to do with this meeting...maybe if he never meets this guy, he can just pretend he doesn't exist, oh the thought of seeing Khushi beside this guys is killing him. and whats more is that when she goes to  knock on Shyaam's door, she looks at him and the look he gives her. That pain, that hurt of that moment he found out the significance of that ring was twirling behind those eyes like a tornado and she could feel every bit of the gusts.

He can't see his lady with anyone else...impossible

And the relief on his face when there was no answer to her knock was priceless!Star

again she looked back at Arnav  maybe to see his relieved reaction.  uff how do they say so much to each other with their eyes  with so little time? such a short but impactful scene! There is no doubt in my little head that she knows he loves her deeply, madly and he knows she has also fallen for him. They spoke with their eyes here as if all had been confessed before and its only natural for her to turn to him before knocking on her fiance's door  with a worried look and that its only natural for him to give her a killer look, a look that had anger, pain, and  a plea all in one. 

She knows as she witnessed him and his state during her engagement revelation time

His apology to Payal was also so special. How it must've been bugging him since Payal mentioned that night at the cafe. Seems saying "sorry" has gotten easier for bitwa too! His pure conscious on full display here. Payal was moved by the apology and in turn probably made him feel better. "in a way you saved me Arnav JI" she explained how could she be happy in such a home? and when she  mentioned that its Khushi who continues to blame herself for that night, he quickly defends her "It wasn't her fault, i stopped her from leaving" bringing tears to Khushi's eyes and when he saw all those feelings, thos tears in her eyes, he ran, a part of his koshish to get over her maybe.

Rectification is another name of ASR

But neither could really run when they tried could they?,  DM never allowed it, but today its Khushi who doesn't allow it by taking the air our his tire.  Must mention some of my fav lines from that scene :)

"Crazy aap!" "Crazy you!"

"Kya paana hai"  "what do you want of obtain?" (obtain and tools has the same word in hindi)

"Isse pata nahi bolne ke liye karan ki zarurat kab se padne lagi" "Don't know since when she need a reason to talk"

"Uncle? tum mera mazaak uda rahi ho?" "Uncle, are you making fun of me?"

Her little sweet prayer for her man, "DM, iss tyre par kripa karna, aur yeh tire bas chalta jaaye aur chalta jaaye" (DM, bless this tire and hope this tire just keeps going and going)

and the one to take the cake and deadwa all phanguls..

"Khushi"  serious music in the air "Tire badal ne ke liye "thank you"...mein bhi nahi bolunga"ROFL

"Khushi,  for changing the tire,thank you... even i won' t say it"

The whole scene is my their nok jhonk and he did flirt with her sanka



StarClapClap very nice Ami...LOVED both scenes and the description...LAst scene is just hilarious and last dialogue is just killer.Thnx for sharing..My comments are in red

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