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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 60)

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Originally posted by indi52

episode 139

credit: uploader

"i laud agni, the chosen priest, god, minister of god, the hotar, lavishest of wealth..."

with these words starts the first hymn of the rig veda, addressed to fire, the god agni, one of the three main deities of the vedic people. we evolved over the years, but agni remained central to many aspirations and ideas of our lives. it is there in weddings, initiation ceremonies, prayers, and most remarkably in our death... ending us... so that we may begin again. Indi thank you for sharing this.  I am always feeling so blessed when I come here.  I learn so much and your reviews always teach me something new.  Thanks again just wonderful to know.  I will never look at fire the same.

the only thing even fire cannot consume... is the soul... na hanyate. Yes I believe that is true the soul is immortal.

what was that fire lit and blazing at the beginning of episode? was agni here as the destroyer? if so, as the destroyer of what? of delusion? in buddhist prayer, a praise of agni  starts with: son of brahma, lord of the world, king of fire gods empowered by takki, whose supreme wisdom burns all delusion...

or was agni here as messenger to the eternal? Clap

"we choose agni, the messenger, the herald, master of all wealth..."
~~~ hymn 12, rig veda ~~~

was fire here destroyer, creator, and signifier of incandescent emotions, smouldering passions, truth that burnt and left only ashes so that a phoenix may rise from it? possibly

fire is too powerful a symbol in our culture, especially in that form, part of worship, homa, for it to be just an incidental thing here. creatives wanted to cue much with just those few shots. fire, i felt, was the heart of this episode. 

a young girl's sixth sense, aroused by hints that she couldn't look away from will prove to be horribly right. you are just about an adult, you have never had a relationship with a man. a series of incidents lead to an engagement with someone you and your family thought to be a sincere, true human being. you didn't love him, but you tried to live with this relationship because you cared so much for the father who gave you home and love when another fire had taken both your natural parents. then you discovered, this man whose ring you wore was not only not true, he was married. that too to a woman who had come to mean a lot to you, not least because she was the centre of the universe of a man who made you feel things you'd never felt before. So beautifully written and true.  poor kushi to be feeling all this with no one to share her feelings with.  she has to feel awful for her involvement too although she was unaware till the present where she started to add things up.

as the fire burnt higher and worship grew ardent she tried to peer at the face of anjali ji's elusive husband. but he had to leave to take a call. an uncanny ominous feeling had taken such root, that khushi actually wasn't paying attention to the rituals. la had to nudge her to awareness. wonderful directorial touch there.yes, student teaching the mentorLOL

khushi is in disarray. some part of her has already worked out the math... she was good in sums and hindi always. something knew what she was about to discover. the many times she hadn't managed to see anjali's husband's face, then all this talk of raanisahiba, the name that matched, shyam... and babuji's hurling of the ring. inside khushi a knowledge had come. it needed confirmation.Clap

so she stood at the terrace door.

ironic... the same door where the ultimate delusion would cloud asr's mind, that is exactly where she stood thinking, remembering, as the fire prepared to end a terrible delusion today.Clap

she saw truth here. asr bought a lie standing at the same exact spot. light and dark, sweet and sour, good and bad, male and female, laughter and tears, water and fire, happiness and sorrow, the essential two of life. together they complete the picture. opposites that can't live without each other. that make up finally one. the ultimate truth.UFF!!! my heart love this and so true they complete each other but had to go threw this to be together.

beautiful set of flashbacks as she slowly, almost mesmerised walked up to the pretender. at the last minute a doubt: what if she is just imagining it all. great writing again. and then he turned.

and all was clear.Clap

to break the myth, a physical act. khushi who wouldn't ever overstep any limit of decency or decorum, lifted her hand and gave shyam one resounding slap.Finally!!!ClapShyamDeadWink

for this man had without laying a hand on her, but with the sweetest of words, the kindness of friendship, he had violated her very being. and she an untouched innocent soul. rape doesn't always need a physical evidence of forceful entry.Indi brilliantly said and yes she was raped of her innocence and her beliefs of love.  Unbelievable photos below!!!Magnificent!StarClap

i can't even begin to imagine khushi's agony. i can be only one with asr in that concentrated burning anger against shyam he would show much later when the lie finally left him.Clap

sanaya was spectacular in the whole episode, but in this scene, nothing short of a bafta award winning performance. her interpretation of a woman betrayed had not a cliched strand in it. and no overacting. no melodrama. khushi reminded me a lot of that day when asr had insulted her and taken away the platter of prayer things accusing her of pretending to be good, of not understanding the pain of losing parents. somehow as anjali asked her if she was ok, the most innocent and pure look came over her face, as though the real khushi, not the public face we all wear, but what's inside us emerged.Clap

today too it was so. she seemed to assimilate all that she was, her roots, her parents, her upbringing, all seemed to come together and express their anger at, their "dhikkar" their fiery rejection of this heinous man. no words were necessary. in fact, i felt, the dialogues here were not as powerful as they might have been, but sanaya took care of all that with the sheer force of performance. and the director gave us his oft used "one eye" shot, arshi says it is the eye of horus, perhaps this refers to the future in a way... khushi as protector of anjali and asr. the protector who would leave herself defenceless to fend for those she loved. Clap

as khushi leaves after the tumultuous few minutes with the serpent that is still trying to save its skin, - oh resilient is this evil twiner, note with what malevolence hidden in tears he hints at keeping quiet for the sake of the future of new relations to be established, akash and payal - khushi has a cascade of other recollections. together the two sets of flashbacks, one as she walked up to him, the other as she fled away dazed, form two bookends, in between the revelation of a filthy truth. one leads up to the revelation, the other leads to the concealment of this truth. "jiji... akash ji ka rishta..." payal and akash's marriage... again she wrings her hands... classic khushi in turmoil or some extreme emotion. but that is not the only reason she keeps quiet. Clap

in fact, my belief is in her keeping quiet, there was her empathy for a woman she liked and valued, but most crucially it was because she knew how much it would hurt a man. a man who loved his sister more than anything in the world.Absolutely it was caring deeply for both but I think ASR more maybe subconsciously

right now, in this man too, traces of fire. a quiet flame has begun to burn in the heart of an ocean. and it changes him, opens him, in ways he doesn't know nor understand.  Clap

again, it is one who feels him that notices the new. la.Clap

"neeche sab tumhara wait kar rahe hain.. di, jeejaji... aur khushi..." a pause. everyone is waiting for you downstairs, she tells asr, so wanting him to join them all: di, jeeja ji, others... khushi? is she looking for something in his gaze? like khushi, has her sixth sense too told her things she'd rather not hear? Clap

"lavanya i am not going..." abruptly says he. anger first, the usual asr. but then he sees her face fall, sadness. no, he can't do this any more. he holds her arm, "lavanya?" sweet and tentative. is that asr?

"please try and understand... mera man nahin hai..." i don't feel like... he is actually trying to explain why he is doing what he is.

she's never seen him like this. her expression says it all.Clap

"what... kya hua," he has to ask, what happened.

"asr, you're being nice to me... tumne mujhse kabhi aise behave nahin kiya..." lavanya points out he's never spoken to her like this. a silence... maybe she decides to misinterpret... no harm pretending, just for a bit, only because you love... nothing else. she rests her head on his shoulder ad says she understands. as she tries hard not to.Clap

fire destroys, so that something new may start again. she is just free of a filthy lie and its perpetrator. not engaged anymore. he is beginning to realise some things cannot be denied... she does matter. just now she had been so disturbed, he couldn't bring himself to yell at her at her loopy behaviour. 

something kindled long before is beginning to seek new blaze. in him a change, in her an unerring way finding to him. especially when she is in need.

and so we come to the poolside. he stands drinking his coffee and she just walks in unseeing in her state of mind, and dashes into him. and one of the most stunning sequences, layered and rich, delicate in beauty, glittering with emotion pure comes into play. barun and sanaya tell us of asr and khushi and a feeling hard to label, in a way only they can.

a pause here to say... yay, it's ipk again. people can lie, cheat, stone wall audiences with banks of telephone operators, show muscle, manipulate media, but in the end, the truth does have its way. the fire in which reputations were burnt was in the end a good fire. it showed us just how powerful some things are. you can't really consign talent and its validity to flames. love indeed never dies. here's to 8 july, all the best ipk. may this bring a new time of excitement to barun sanaya akshay deepali jayashri ji karan and every member of the cast, writers, directors, all.Clap

back to the scene that slowly killed me.

"uh," she squeals as she bangs into him. great sound editing here. long shot, the slightest saddest whimper. 

the coffee mug breaks and shatters on the floor.

he turns with customary irritation, immediately reaching for gussa... "what the" through gritting teeth. "dekhkar nahin chal sakti this tum?" can't you see where you're going? 

she  crouches on the floor without a word to pick up the pieces of porcelain.

"khushi, main tumse kuch poochh raha hoon..."
khushi, i'm telling you something. he's still yelling, rough and disgruntled.

she continues to pick up the pieces. hands have a tremble.Clap

an easing in his voice... he's beginning to sense she's not ok.


and as you hear the dip to gentle query in his voice, a  rush of some feeling, you know, arnav singh raizada just wants to be nice to this girl with her craziness, her weird plots and plans, who makes him smile, makes him feel, and why does she sit like that on the floor not looking up, not answering?

"khushi?" he sits before her... at her level. he wants to reach her. it's so important to him. why is she in this state?

"khushi" his questions are there in the changing tone of her name...

"kya hua tumhe?" ever ever ever so gently, what has happened to you?

his voice begins to say what his heart beat will record a bit later. you matter to me. you make a difference. you make the difference. faraq padta hai.

and as he probes lovingly, she's coming apart. what ,a horrible shock she's had... how life has played with her.

brilliantly directed understatement.

a hand on her back... he wants to hold her, be her support, tell her not to worry, he's there.Clap

a moving forward to hold her and turn her toward him, "khushi" dropped to almost a whisper... urgent yet gentle. tell me tell me what's wrong he seems to say with all of himself... i am here... i care.

he helps her stand up with utmost tenderness. her face is downcast, only hell in her eyes.

"khushi tumhare ghar pe koi problem hai..." is there a problem at home. he gropes for an answer.

"kuch chahiye tumhe?" do you want something? where oh where does this tenderness, this love come from... why does it feel blessed even before a word is said. this was the love that had no name for maybe it was just  a feeling that needed not a name. a question asked with a certain voice, a hand held out at a point in life that's all it took for you to know this is all that you ever wanted to know and feel there was eternity indeed.

she whimpers a bit... no words


he slowly lets her go perhaps thinking it isn't his place... and she is not saying a thing... he begins to turn away.Clap

and again the girl who'd gone running to him in a hospital one desperate hour, shortly after he'd abandoned her on a lonely road hospital, and yet his were the only arms she knew she could seek solace and strength in... that girl returned... and in her darkest moment turned to him for comfort. as if she had a right to ask for it.Clap

in a classic indescribably intense moment with a single simple gesture she said it makes a difference... the difference to her too. that slap was nothing compared to this fling of the body and heart.Clap

she simply let go with a sob and buried her head in his shoulder... her place of solace, yes... no one knows how or why... but it is that.Clap

"your slightest look easily will unclose me
though i have closed myself as fingers,
you open always petal by petal myself as spring opens
(touching skilfully, mysteriously) her first rose"
~~~ e e cummings ~~~Clap

she sobbed broken and abandoned. he's taken aback... worried... what's happened. why doesn't she say anything. he can't bear to see her like this. he must fix it for her. he must make it alright.

"khushi?? khushi, khushi, kya hua tumhe?" khushi, what's happened to you, asks again the gentle rakshas.

a tentative hand reaches for her shoulder.

"invisible threads are the strongest ties"
~~~ friedrich nietzsche ~~~

"khushi, shh shh shh," urgent his shushing, and trademark asr when he wants his khushi to calm down. like she's a child, a dear little child he wants to make the world ok for.

"khushi, it's ok..." thinks a little, what could it ? comes to the right cause...

brilliant piece of acting here again.Clap

a glint of anger in his eyes at the thoughts that enter his mind.

"khushi, kya tumhare mangetar ne tumse kuchh..." khushi, has your fiance to you...

she looks up at the mention of mangetar... instinctively. and along with it there begins a return to reality and its demands. 

his expression moves through quiet cold anger... "kya kiya ussne..." what has he done...

flaring nostrils, rage rising.Clap

"khushi, kya kiya tumhare mangetar ne?
did he try to hurt you?"

rough hard voice, ready to take on the world, for her... almost shaking with rage at the thought of her fiance, a man, doing anything to her. i felt layers of reasons here. he couldn't even think of her fiance hurting her in any way without going mad. that something, if it's a sexual assault or a physical one enrages him at many levels. then there was the issue of a man ill treating a woman. ever since his father's misdemeanours led to horror in his life, this is a thing he can't take. there was extreme disrespect of his mother in the incidents of the past. asr would not tolerate such behaviour toward a woman... and this was khushi.Clap

the girl who made him feel strange, was now before him in a state of disarray, unable to even articulate what she feels... just tears and a seeking of him.

"unhone humare saath,..." he... with me... how much khushi wanted to tell him what shyam did with her, how much she needed him then... to feel human, clean, somewhat  decent... trapped so deceitfully and abominably by a knave.

he waits to hear.

"batao, khushi..." say, khushi!

she's begun to stall though. for memories cascade again.

she remembers a day in the rain and a man talking to his sister of his love, how she was his world, nothing else mattered. "mujhe iss duniya se koi matlab nahin, meri asli duniya toh aap ho." this world means naught to me, you are my real world, he'd said to anjali. she sees him holding his arm out for his sister's rakhi, joy and indulgence on his face. she couldn't complete her sentence.

little khushi, grown up khushi, all came together and stood helpless before the only man she could have said it all to, the only man she felt would care, would make it better. yet she didn't.

for the man whose world she couldn't bring herself to wreck... she kept quiet... for jiji, for anjali ji... and for laad governor who made her feel things she'd never felt before.

she kept looking into his eyes... long, searching, feeling, wondering, gaze... knowing she can't do it... not to him. he kept on searching her eyes for the answers, not knowing what stopped her.Clap

"but a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more."
~~~ hans christian anderson, the little mermaid ~~~

a fire has destroyed delusion... and a fire has lit a flame that burns forever.Clap

Indi just brilliantly written as always.  My heart was aflutter at the last few paras you wrote at the description of Arnav and Kushi's meeting after the revelation of Shyam.  I love how his demeanor changed from anger to caring to the whisper in his voice.  Was she okay? He knew something was wrong and then the rage that her fiance hurt her.  Brilliant, my day is complete!

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha






Revelation of Evil [PART2]

Continue from PART-1

Life is full of surprises and unbelievable things and sometimes brings you at the spot where you have to think twice to find out your mistake . But its "Fate" with which you can't argue or run away .The best way is to face it and that's what Khushi is doing here and will say it later to Arnav but Matter is the same "SHYAM"'the face of EVIL who is shattering her today and will shatter everyone later.

New morning with new twists rises in both houses.In RM Puja pf Satya Narine is at its peak for couples to get blessings.La wants ASR to be with her but Anjali explains her the importance of the even for couples only.Arnav's ears perks up hearing his Khushi's name and his feet jams up to hear the phone convo of his Di and Khushi.The moment Anjali insists Khushi to bring her fianc ,Arnav trails down towards his room in acrimony leaving La flabbergasted.Its unbelievable and unacceptable for him to think that Khushi is not his anymore.Clap

Symbolism and connection: Satya Narine puja starts with Lord Ganesh, who removes obstacles ,so connection is easy it is a step towards Khushi and Arnav for the removal of obstacles'.Khushi was in the puja but Arnav was not present'..Khushi's obstacle"Shyam" is exposed yet Arnav has no clue and this obstacle is hanging like a sharp sword on him and he has to bear him until his full revelation'..

On the other hand La is present and she is the obstacle yet she removes herself but because of Khushi,if she wasn't devastated and Arnav didn't call and broke in front of La in Khushi's thoughts..didn't happen either.

Shyam is present and his obstacle,Khushi who could reveal him didn't do it so he is saved too..Lord Ganesh didn't disappoint him either but waiting for another time'Anjali is present.and her obstacle Khushi is removing herself '.IPK.bravoNo bravo to you Arshi for connecting the dots!  brilliant!!Clap

The seed of suspecting Shyam is getting stronger here and becoming unbelievable moment for Khushi.She hears "Rani Sahiba" in a familiar voice again on the phone while talking to Anjali and gets astounded and entangled with her own suspicious thoughts.Her mind is working overtime to solve this riddle but how'DM has stored a lot for her favorite child today.Cry He is a cheat and swine. poor kushi

Evil is so unaware of all of this regardless of his extreme cautious steps.He confirms from Akash about the whereabouts of Guptas in this Puja and makes a stupid move telling Akash" aap tpu bade chupe rustam nikle 'kanon kan khabar bhi nahin hone di..aur jabtak pata chala ..tabtak bohat dair ho chuki thi"

Translation: [You are really sneaky'nobody kew your intentions and when we found it ,it was too late]'

Big meaning as Fate kept you unaware of everything and everything was happening right under your nose'it's unbelievable for him for not having any clue of these affairs just like he has no idea who is on the other side of the phone whom Anjali is speaking.

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS: When Anjali came to Khushi for bringing her in RM as a La's trainer.He couldn't do much either while convincing anyone [Anjali or Khushi]'Same way he couldn't convince Khushi or Anjali after engaging with Khushi for not going back RM'.Everything was happening right under his evil veil.Clap


Khushi's  oblivious and heedless state was not gone unnoticed by La either.She is completely in her intertwined net of unbelievable suspicions thoughts which are tying her in it slowly but strongly.She goes to call Anjali instead of ASR in her reverberating thoughts of recent events.She specifically asks Anjali,"aapke pati"[your husband]'She peeks in Anjai's room with her slowly rising feet  but then she condemns her own act.

"hum aisa kyuon soch rahe hain keh Anjaliji keh Pati'.Yeh humain kya ho raha hai" [Translation:Why am I thinking Anjali's husband is'..What is happening to me?]

Pause here:Khushi leaves La with surprise as she was thinking she is the only one who can bring Arnav down as during Janmashtami and Diwali lights.Clap

These unbelievable and pilferer thoughts takes her steps towards her man who can save her from all of these defalcators as he is her protector chosen by DM.He broke her unintentionally swindler thought process ,"Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho'..Khuch chahiye tumhai"[What are you doing here?...Do you need anything?]

She just look into his deep eyes to find solace but leaves making him unbelievable for her'..She wants him to take her out of this hurricane, the eye of which is only gazing at her as she knows he the only one who can snatch her out of this chakarvyue as "sanmbhal laina " had started the day one and indeed getting its firm roots in her belief system though unintentionally.Clap

La breaks Khushi's stance by showing her necklace which brings a new layer on Khushi's face but she helps her finding earrings while darkness descends upon light.[just amazingly showing his shadow on Khushi's face].Clap

Khushi wants her unbelievable crawling thoughts to take a turn at dead end by confirming Anjali's husband as reverberation of same words over and over making her feel EVIL's presence. These crawling steps starts running in her head when La's mentions How Jijaji calls Di"Rani Sahiba"'."RANI SAHIBA" these two "shabd" [words] which are lingering at the back of her head, now facing her and wants her to get up and unveil this deviling EVIL.Angry

Pause here:He did not finish the puja as he is no longer a couple already ,not a part of this as he broke all seven Vachans which he took in front of Agani.[Fire]Clap

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS: He was late or never present in any Puja with Anjali'..from  Teej toJanmashtami,from Rakhi to Parent's anniversary as God does not want to ruin the purity of that essence.Clap

MAJOR point during Arnav's parents Anniversary ,Mom already gave them her blessings by removing the flowers from her pic and wants her kids to be free of this evil and it was PUJA and FIRE that day too.It started that day and a Mother's kroadh [anger] and war is not done yet'.Clap

ClapSymbolism and connection: 1-Fire a dichotomous  the bringer of destruction, the chaos and war.  Fire burns everything, bringing nothing but ruin and ashes through which life starts again.Yet  Fire banishes the darkness and cleanses and purifies.  Lastly, sometimes Love is spoken of as an eternal flame.  Fire.Fire symbolizes love, hate, desire, and determinationClap

Connectionis the war against evil is starting today and Shyam will ruin everything basically for these pure souls.Anjali,Khushi and Arnav 'but Arnav's love and his dark past will be purified also in this process.ArHi love will be eternal and destined despite all odds.Clap

2-Anjali asks to change the oil of the DIYA as it has to burn the whole night'..meaning Shyam is not there for her for whole life or saat janam'MY POV OIL needs to be changed ,it means there should've been a man for her in the story as a replacement ..Arggg poor storyClap

 Khushi's mind and steps is in the reverberation of all the events linked with Rani Sahiba and Shyam's stories'..Her mind links all the dots how Buaji's words of balm match with Akashiji's, how Babuji tried to take her ring out, how He became upset seeing Anjaliji,how Anjakiji's husband name is same as her fianc, How Shyam snatched away the phone when it was showing "Rani Sahiba"and how yesterday he was talking so profoundly with "Rani Sahiba" he ran away when she went to call him out for meeting Raizadas ,how he blurted out and got confused while mentioning Akash and Payal's relationship'.how she heard someone voice same as his on the phone..SHE reached to the result'..This is Khushi's Trait she acts like a child yet thinks like a scholar'.very quickly adds up the moments and never gets afraid to face the reality'Star

She is uncertain until the last moment'.about "Rani Sahiba"

Her heart throbs as her unbelievable steps crawls slowly towards EVIL and faces him right under the sun ,a star ,parents who are throwing light to her child to see this EVIL clearly.[Sanaya is brilliant here with her uncertainity]Clap

AND the EVIL turns to light as FIRE is removing the darkness by ruining Khushi's innocence... "Rani Sahiba" I was just  coming'.."Clap

Face to Face with the EVIL who planned all to get marry to her by blinding Buaji 'and today she understands what his father was trying to make her understand on that engagement night.Clap

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS with Symbolism: Arnav and Khushi got engaged under the sun with their parents' blessings and today parents' blessings are relieving her from this EVIL engagement.Star

 Evil gulps down his fear and is ready for uttering another snaky game but Good is up to no Good here, SLAP ''"Rani Sahiba aapki client hain..aap unka kaam sambhale hain'..woh aapki client nahin hain '.woh Anjaliji hain 'aapki patnaiClap

Translation:Rani Sahiba is your client and you take care of her work'she is Anjaliji.your wife] ..

Pause here:Khushi is HORUS too just like Arnav ,as they both are protecting their families including each other.Clap


In her anger and convulsion it was hard for her to take off the ring as always she gets stumbles at her actions when she is angry and upset.

Shyam tries his Slithery games here but Khushi is done with him,"I am feeling disgusted  knowing your you think I'm going to accept this quietly and will not tell any one'."

Scorpion's back fires with his venomous yet penetrating venom,"Don't think about me least think about your sister.Payal"....

He begs as he her no way to escape''.

PAUSE HERE:Khushi makes biggest mistake not telling Arnav or Anjali about this yet this is another plan of put hold on to it.

 Khushi walks down rushing her get out of the prowler's den but his venomous words haunt her in her Amma's mouth'.."Jiji aur Akashji ka rishta [Jiji and Akash's relation]..Khushi's antagonism with paroxysm is playing through her fidgety hands as she is out of words and out of sense in this unbelievable stance.Clap

Khushi is not the only one with this stormy contortion . Arnav is feeling  the same way when her engagement was going through ,Arnav is going through with agony even today ,he is in anarchy and at the top he does not want to see her fiance ,he refused to La nicely which makes La dumbfounded though as she tried to startle him with "Khushi 's name" as she knows [STRONGLY} ,he will come down for her but its unbelievable for her'or she is mistaken ...the very same way for Arnav that why is he behaving like that'...'out of proportion with La'


Continue'.KHUSHI's breakdown on Arnav's shoulder will be in the next update''''...



Arshi, another brilliantly written piece.  I said to Indi I learn so much reading both of your magnificently written pieces.  so deep, so full of knowledge and symbolism.  Thank you for opening my eyes to see what is beyond the obvious. Comments throughout but not much said you said it all.

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Originally posted by sohara


 Arnav's heart lurched painfully for Khushi. A sharp dart of pain ran through his heart.

"mein aisi hi ho Khushi, mein koi chees jaan bujhkar nahi karta Khushi. But I regret later.I do (I'm like that Khushi, I don't do anything deliberately,)" 

His contrition, what  was buried inside his heart now came out involuntarily to Lavanya. Arnav again expressed his inner feelings to La, what he meant for Khushi. Like the way he said sorry to her after humiliated her or completed the hug with La what he couldn't give it to Khushi. Why he is in so much convulsion? Just because she was pensive and distraught or he could feel her inner turmoil. I think both. Only a soulmate can feel so strongly for each other. I want to use the term mehsoos in this scenario.. His mehsoos for her is compelling him to think about her, to get worry for her and unknowingly made him apologize to her, though the person was wrong in the spur of the moment.My favorite line in pink.

 Bua is cursing Khushi for being late. Accusing her to be irresponsible. To pacify her,Payal again tries her number. The door opens in the Gupta house.Who came? Is it Khushi or somebody else.

PAUSE: I'm just flummoxed to see bua's insensibility. How cum she can curse the girl who is trying so hard to fulfill the needs of their family.Clap

 Khushi went to mandir to find the solution of the problem. Her mind is still tempestuous. She is seeking help to DM to guide her, what she can do, tell Anjali about Shyam or not. She ignores her phone call and decides that she must tell it to her. At the same time, she thinks if she tells her she will be shattered and her marriage can be at stake. Or moreover what will be the consequence of  Akash and Payal's fate!.She is whirling in the labyrinth of the situation. Her phone rings again. But she ignores it. She again beseeches to DM to help her. The incessant phone rings makes her to answer the call now.

 "don't you ever, ever do this to me again, do you know how many times I tried to call you? Why didn't you receive the phone? How worried I was" 

His possessiveness is very evident in his imperative tone. It proves again that he thinks he owns Khushi. yes he does. When he hears no answer from the other side, he mellows down his tone, 

"Khushi, talk to me, where are you? are you alright?" 

I just loved the way Barun modulated his voice from anger, to concern. It was amusing, how he pronounced the word Khushi with so much care and love. She replies,

"I'm absolutely fine. I'm in the mandir, you don't have to be worry." 

He snatches her words, tries to cover his wariness. No way he can show her his caring, he has to maintain the faade of  brutality.Clap

"I'm not worried, I mean, so much work is pending, how can you leave?" 

She says sternly, "I had to go, see I'll talk to you later." She cuts the call.

 Arnav frowns in embroilment. Kash he could say what is in his mind. La eavesdrops his conversation with Khushi. She gets incredulous.

 A forlorn Khushi hobbles slowly immersed in thought. When she entered the courtyard of their house, Bua I guess saw her coming. She calls her,

"Khushi bitiya come fast inside." 

When she comes inside the house, she feels the tension. Shyam brings her dad in their living room. So the atrocious man is already here, to defend himself. His audacity just surprised me. After doing so much mayhem, how dare he came to the house! Babuji is agitating. Payal moves to him and snatches the wheelchair from him. Shyam is looking at everybody ruefully, all are fake though. Bua is fuming in fury. Shyam starts to speak, 

"buaji, now Khushiji also came." 

Shyam's words just added fuel in fire,

"Buaji?  how dare you call me that. Not only calling me buaji, but you lost all your right from this house. How much respect and love I had for you, you lost it all." 

Shyam turns to Khushi, tries to speak. Khushi knows what does he wants to say, 

"So you told the truth. What do you think, after knowing the truth Buaji will forgive you? After knowing such a big revelation, how can we forgive you?" Bua aggravates more,  "forgiveness, If I could I would kill you." 

Bua in contrition, "Oh God, how my eyes couldn't see the reality! How could I keep him in our house? Sashi relied on me so much!" 

She gets more exasperated, she moves towards him and lacerates him,

 "you hypocrite, being a married person, how cum you did engagement with our daughter? You will be cursed." ClapPLease please please curse him!! he deserves it!

Khushi retorts, "Why to talk about the relationship what does not exist any more?" 

Shyam tries to equivocate that he did wrong, but he wants to tell the full story. Khushi stops him and refuses to listen to him any more and tells him tersely that she will tell Anjali everything tomorrow.  Babuji is convulsing, if he could he would beat him black and blue. Shyam is fuming inwardly, flaring his nose in anger, but tries to control himself and admits that what Khushi is saying is true. He again tries to beguile them. He says, they should think before revealing the truth. He hits the nail at the right point. He brings Akash and Payla's marriage  here. he pretends to be the well wisher of the family and says that Because of him, he doesn't want any more harm to happen . He once again tries to enmesh them by his beguile. He wants to assure them that Payal's marriage should not break this time. He indirectly admonishes them not to reveal the secret to the Raizada family. The Gupta family get amibiguous in premonition.. Shyam begs them an apology ardently. when he bade namastey to babuji, he gave him an atrocious look. Before leaving the house he smiles roguishly, what gave me a slithery feelings.Angry

 Bua sits down in the chair, frustrated, she is cursing their fate. Amma perturbs thinking about Payal's fate."What will happen to you Payal bitiya, I can't do this"

Gosh what kind of people they are! How cum they become so insouciant to Khushi. They don't have any sympathy for the girl who just got a tremendous deception! They played games with her life, coerced her to an engagement against her will. I still remember how she cursed her, emotionally black mailed her to agree for the marriage. Now because them when she is distraught,  they are thinking about Payal's marriage!. Why this discrimination?. I  can't keep my tears for  Khushi. No wonder why she is so strong. The incessant indifference of their family made this orphan girl strong and patient.Oh my dear Sohara such a protector of our dear Kushi.  Her family did not know any better but I have to agree with you their blindness caused Kushi pain!

 Khushi comes to amma to make her understand that it won't be right to keep Anjali in dark. "To get jiji married, shall we break the trust of the family?" 

When she can't make her understand she turns to bua, asks her is she doing any wrong? Amma is obdurate, she is not ready to listen to anything. She can't let anything happens to Payal. She scares after telling them the truth, if the relationship breaks! Payal snatches her words and says in volition that let it break then. She tries to make her understand, that Khushi is right, a relationship can never built in the base of lie. It's better that it should break. She turns to babuji and asks him that they can't deceive the Raizada family like that. Babuji also beckons yes. Payal asks bua too, is she wrong? Bua comes to her affirms her that she is not wrong. When sbua sees Khushi's depressed state she comes near her and tells her that she is also not wrong. She tells her to go tomorrow and tell Anjali everything clearly. She adds that there is nothing important than truth and virtue. She assures her that they all are with her.. Babuji also nods his head. Only babuji loves Khushi like his own daughter in the family. But poor girl, also deprived from his love because of that devil.Clap

 Payal brings water for Khushi. When she was leaving Khushi holds her hand and apologizes to her, she thinks, because of her , her marriage is in jeopardy again. With teary eyes she wants to know, how can she keeps this secret from Anjali, 

"I never could think that my life would take this turn." 

Payal takes her sister in a warm embrace, 'Stop it Khushi, it's not your fault." She wipes her tears. Khushi believes that Akash is a very nice guy and when he will know, he will not back off. Payal doesn't care if anybody back off or not, if it makes any difference or not, the truth should prevail. She tells Khushi that she must go to tell Anjali the truth.

 Arnav is immersed in Khushi's thought. Khushi's woebegone state, her breaking down on his shoulder, everything is reverberating in his mind. When Aman called him, he just couldn't get him. He tells him to repeat. La comes to his room. She listens that ASR is saying Aman to schedule the meeting on 16th. . When he finishes the call la comes asks him why he scheduled the meeting on 16th? it's the day of their engagement. La is really upset, she accuses him, it's him, who wanted to to do the engagement in haste and now he is forgetting the date? Did he really forget or it doesn't matter to him at all. Arnav apologizes her ruefully. He says he handles so many things at a time, that sometimes he forgets.

 "I know knowingly or unknowingly I hurt you several times. But it's because,I don't understand, But when I realize I regret a lot. I really do. I feel very bad for that."

La moves towards him, touched by his  words of compunction. Arnav resumes, "I never do it intentionally Khushi, cause I'm just." 

He hesitates  and starts again, "I'm like that." 

La keeps her hand on his shoulder, "ASR it's Lavanya"

He turns to her, perplexed.

What Arnav said, God made him said those words. The ever merciful God can't bear Arnav and Khushi's pain any more. I do feel bad for La. But what to do Arnav and Khushi are soul mates and just made for each other.Clap

 I absolutely love the song of this VM. I somehow feel, this song is just meant for Arnav and Khushi.

credit goes to the uploader.

Just loved it if I wrote comments before I am writing again I always lose track of whom I have commented on but just loved it!

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Originally posted by IssPKaur

Hello Indus the Ocean Smile 

Happy i wrote what was on top of my head when i thought of 139...and it triggered a wave from you. I've been MIA since y'day and just read it... you guys have leapt and bounced some 8/9 pages so I'm feeling obsolete and all.. archaic almost! But guess it's okay backtracking to this... for this is the theme of everything. Who we are, why we are the way we are, why we obsess about this show, come back to it wherever we might go or it might go, think of the Raizada oh so very very often, and express as fervently and whole heartedly as we do... the theme runs through all of the above.

I can only speak specifically for myself when i refer to self-doubt in a woman... or in other instances, to my absolute undying love for a man with flaws. I see flaws as flags...but in a good way really... as signs, that we are still alive and taking on the world with spirit. Willing to change when possible. It turns me on like nothing else. And yes, i may speak for myself but i know it must resonate. Which is why some of us are here in the first place. In the specific is the universal, they say. At the end of the day then, we may express things differently, but we all share the flaws. We have all made mistakes. Some big ones too. Kya ye sab "mahaanta" shahaanta. Bahut hui yeh 60's Hindi movie style bakwaas, channeled these days as 'nayi soch'. Let's get real. It does not exist. 

Jo aapne bola...marked in blue i have...I relate to fully. Kusoor patriarchy ka hai, whatever most men might say or think. We are some of the fortunate ones whose fathers didn't stop them from anything, whose brothers believe their sisters are goddesses (well, at least most of the time!) and whose voices can be louder than their thoughts. But (and when is there not a but!) that collected, collective history... It lurks and sometimes it surfaces. Society creeps in. i don't want to give a damn but I have to pick my battles. I'll burn out if i fight for every single small thing...

Khushi talks to me because in her vulnerability, i see myself. Her decision of not telling him about Shyam frustrated me no end. But a part of me bought it - the part which makes mistakes, and which doubts the self. (And of course, I'm only referring to episodes 139 and around here... the time when she first found out about Shyam. Not the ludicrous post-forced-marriage crap by which time she had lost sense in all its forms, and didn't know what to do with that sweet sweet sexy man who was hurting so).
I have always been drawn to the selflessness in Khushi. But the writers offered a simple, one-dimensional explanation here, relying too heavily on the same quality: this is a selfless girl, she is not thinking of her own self, she is doing it for the feelings of the Raizada who is devoted to his sister, as also for the sake of the sister herself who she has come to love and respect. Ho hum, i thought, you just want to stretch the story, and didn't buy it at first. Selflessness and resourcefulness are not mutually exclusive, and Khushi had given proof of that many a times. So then...why not now? She could've found a way of telling him, surely. But then I thought about it...I decided to ignore the writers and their intent.. and i saw it as a mistake she had made. She may have doubted herself, i felt, cos it was coming from her OWN suffering. If Anjali di had suffered Shyam's evil skunky duplicity in some other way, independent of Khushi... and Khushi had found out... would she have thought twice about telling that fabulous devoted brother? NEVER. She would've gone all out to save 'Di'. Cos it would have been purely about Anjali di's suffering. But not this time...this was about herself. One doubts one's own suffering and it's validity. I know i do, sometimes...and a lot of my girlfriends do too. So there.

As for the Raizada man, there is a timeless sophistication there which kills. A flawed man of the rare variety. Makes mistakes, but does not ever hide behind them. Does not pretend like it never happened. Finds a way of acknowledging and correcting truthfully, not for "mahaanta". I love him for that. It inspires me... truly madly deeply. And indeed, "a man who lets us... no, makes us... speak and wants to hear our voice." I couldn't agree more!!

yo issk,

this is why we discuss a tv serial. never was "just" a serial was it. tv serial thou never wert  LOL.

your point about the validity of one's own suffering makes me think. it's deep and true. i have no problem with her making a mistake from that perspective... we all do.

it's the writing that i find weak and slowly making khushi less, ultimately only a prop. while asr is given the option of introspection and realisation... she is not.


why must the girl who started out feeling so real become indistinguishable from other tv bahus in the end?

she made a mistake, no issue. asr made several. human beings. he processed thoughts and came to understand his folly... apologised.

why not a similar trend in khushi?

instead, it's she is above all wrong. in fact on the bridge, that classic scene, when after a ridiculous suicide bid she calmly carries on as though nothing is the matter and when the fight erupts, she says she kept quiet for his sister's sake... her anger and suppressed fury about that so evident... it is touching.   but "mahanta" has alraedy been cued... good thing asr refuses to fall for it (but they had their revenge when she brought shyam back and he actually apologised to her... wow... i am not surprised barun had had enough... that was one of those many times post kidnap when he was absolutely right and yet, so that audiences never examine khushi too closely, he was made to apologise, even fry jalebi... hai re... the only reason he remained beautiful then was a young actor, that's all.)

ok so she always does everything for others... i can understand... an orphan who grew up with never ever feeling she had 100 per cent natural right over anyone... eager to make others happy, protect them, whatever... great reading of character...

but asr's mujhe batana zaroori nahin samjha was more than just a don't ya luv me, he pointed out the special place they had in each others life... he had been flirting with her... playing with churi and bindi (poor man what he wouldn't do for her) and little tadkas of "hi," she was flirting right back, choosing saris he liked, teasing him about the bangles... they meant something to each other... so if this happened, how come you never told me? valid question. yet never once is khushi shown pondering this.

and subsequently, he built on the haq theme. i am your pati... you have a right over me... a natural one... it's yours to take.

surely, something changes inside, over time when someone gives you that complete power. a ability to see the truth which a thousand things may have stopped you from seeing earlier.

but, khushi never ever looks at that action of hers... forget about apologising. what's more, she brings shyam right back into the house... again for di.

a fabulous prop, all dressed up in her vishwaas, selflessness (a completely wrong interpretation of a deep idea), love of parivaar, and prettiness (goodbye teda choti mojri pompm thinging girl, we prefer you as a thing), heartlessly used to hide the lack of real creative writing and take the tale forward.

my grouse somewhere is that. to make asr shine did khushi really have to become cotton hay and rags... oh i must stop writing now, before i drive everyone nuts.

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Episode 136-137: Love ka chakkar (circle of Love)

nice..but its too bright!!!

"Love ka chakkar hai na?" Mamiji's words come a bit later, and were totally meant for a different purpose, but like a bullseye, they his two people. But this chakkar  was seemed to circle theset two from the start of  this meeting of theirs didn't it? 

The moment he stopped her from closing the door by placing his hand   on top of her hand, my heart jumped and skipped a beatBig smile May have not been on purpose, but it lingered there and she let it linger there. The way she looked at him, It seems that her saans( her breath) ruk gayee (had stopped).- same way as ours!!!!

Yes he was looking unbelievably dashing today in whiteDay Dreaming and uff the way that key was dangling from his thumb was hot but something much much deeper had pulled her down that well of love, passions and desires with him. Interestingly, it was him who was able to walk away this time while she stood there trying to chase after her breath...rather her dhadkan.- nice...well said!!!

 Khushi was probably careful to keep the tea sugar free, but who needs sugar  where there is so much sweetness inside that love ka chakkar?- awwBig smile

too bad he spills the tea, but insists on going to kitchen by himself where he knows the chai-wali is alone... and he was surely on her mind too judging the by shaky nerves. 

So cute the way he just stood there and let her frantically clean his white shirt. I doubt anyone else would be allowed such pleasureLOL. *GASP* she ruined it. She offers to clean it up for real this time but he tells her "Stop! I'll do it, tum door hi rahi to acchaa hai" hehe a tiny hint  as to  how his perfectly white shirt of a life has not stayed so after she crash landed into his life...- awesome way of putting itClap

Then there was that moment where we see him completely melting  when for numerous times now she has jumped to his rescue from other trying to feed him sweets. This time Buaji...even she's is a tad taken back by Sanaka answering for him. He was definitely touched  with her concern over and over. - i really loved tht scene Day Dreaming


One of the best  scenes came when Babuji recognized Anjali and came off hysterical when trying to  tell everyone the truth. How Arnav went into a "son-in-law" mode. Her family had so much importance to him, just as his DI and his family had become important to her.  "Mein Dr. ko phone karta hoon" he wanted to fix this situation asap for everyone, for her. Khushi is taking her Babuji back to the room when she struggles to open the door, but  his long slender hand helps her to push is open. - too good Clap..really like the way you write abt him here Big smile

 Their one-ness on full display here. In the room he sees a worried Khushi and ever so sweetly asks again "mein Dr. ko phone karoon?" and even after she said he is fine now he asks "kuchh daviyaan ya kuchh?" Some medicine? she was moved with his willingness to make it all ok. yes this is the same man who never misses a chance to yell/scream/ and give her angry looks all the time, but when she is in distress all he wants to do is make her happy  again...Put the Khushi back in KhushiHeart.  - i love it Big smile

Thumbs Up

Wonder if Babuji caught on to the love chakkar, even a gist maybe.

My absolute favorite scene  has to be when everyone seems to demand a meeting with Khushi's fiance except the perfectly displayed body language of one man in the room wanted nothing to do with this meeting...maybe if he never meets this guy, he can just pretend he doesn't exist, oh the thought of seeing Khushi beside this guys is killing him. and whats more is that when she goes to  knock on Shyaam's door, she looks at him and the look he gives her. That pain, that hurt of that moment he found out the significance of that ring was twirling behind those eyes like a tornado and she could feel every bit of the gusts.Clap

And the relief on his face when there was no answer to her knock was priceless!ROFL- WoW you observe him so keenly...Wink!!


again she looked back at Arnav  maybe to see his relieved reaction.  uff how do they say so much to each other with their eyes  with so little time? such a short but impactful scene! There is no doubt in my little head that she knows he loves her deeply, madly and he knows she has also fallen for him. They spoke with their eyes here as if all had been confessed before and its only natural for her to turn to him before knocking on her fiance's door  with a worried look and that its only natural for him to give her a killer look, a look that had anger, pain, and  a plea all in one. - too good

His apology to Payal was also so special. How it must've been bugging him since Payal mentioned that night at the cafe. Seems saying "sorry" has gotten easier for bitwa too! His pure conscious on full display here. Payal was moved by the apology and in turn probably made him feel better. "in a way you saved me Arnav JI" she explained how could she be happy in such a home? and when she  mentioned that its Khushi who continues to blame herself for that night, he quickly defends her "It wasn't her fault, i stopped her from leaving" bringing tears to Khushi's eyes and when he saw all those feelings, thos tears in her eyes, he ran, a part of his koshish to get over her maybe.

But neither could really run when they tried could they?-aww Embarrassed,  DM never allowed it, but today its Khushi who doesn't allow it by taking the air our his tire.  Must mention some of my fav lines from that scene :)

"Crazy aap!" "Crazy you!"

"Kya paana hai"  "what do you want of obtain?" (obtain and tools has the same word in hindi)

"Isse pata nahi bolne ke liye karan ki zarurat kab se padne lagi" ROFL

"Uncle? tum mera mazaak uda rahi ho?" "Uncle, are you making fun of me?"

Her little sweet prayer for her man, "DM, iss tyre par kripa karna, aur yeh tire bas chalta jaaye aur chalta jaaye"

and the one to take the cake and deadwa all phanguls..

"Khushi"  serious music in the air "Tire badal ne ke liye "thank you"...mein bhi nahi bolunga"ROFL



Ami this was a lovely take Star...nd tht exclusively only on Arhi sentiments nd expressions just amazing ClapClap...really well written abt their inner feelings Heart
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Indi just brilliantly written as always.  My heart was aflutter at the last few paras you wrote at the description of Arnav and Kushi's meeting after the revelation of Shyam.  I love how his demeanor changed from anger to caring to the whisper in his voice.  Was she okay? He knew something was wrong and then the rage that her fiance hurt her.  Brilliant, my day is complete!"

thanks so much, cynthia. i read your comment on learning something every time you read my outpourings, and giggled... can't tell you how much this serial takes me to poetry and philosophy and stuff wild horses can't drag me to otherwise. just now i was reading songs of the upanishads and rigveda and bits of gita to come to a point where i felt i had the basis to update my story.

life has strange ways to lead you to things of meaning. for me it was a hot man and a shady serial. LOL

na hanyate... i have grown up hearing my mother, an avid reader, mention this vis a vis a famous bengali book of the same name by maitreyi devi. the name is part of a shlok from the bhagwat gita... which is kind of beautiful, so shall quote. by the way, though i am utterly hindu... i still have no answers within about the soul. i still am looking for a yes or a no within.

na jayate mriyate va kadacin
nayam bhutva bhavita va na bhuyah
ajo nityah sasvato 'yam purano
na hanyate hanyamane sarire

"for the soul there is never birth nor death. nor, having once been, does he ever cease to be. he is unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying and primeval. he is not slain when the body is slain."

"he" is of course without gender here...

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Originally posted by supriya.arshi

Title Credits : Cynthia

both were really good episodes...Arnav nd Lavanya's break up...felt bad for herUnhappy...but alteast she's free...hope she gets the love she deserves Smile

Episode 142

Episode 143

Beautiful people, beautiful emotions, beautifully presented, Supi!!!!Clap Fantastic! StarYou are the master of edits!Star

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha





Episode 137-Part 138

ClapRevelation of Evil [Part-1]

Good gets defeated temporarily against rising evil triumphant because love and truth is the winner at the end.But those who help in perpetrating evil in the name of scarification are condoning the wrong any way.That's what Khushi is going to do and Shyam is getting his first defeat by gaining more power.

Two families are getting into a new binding relation where everyone accepts each of em with open arms by putting differences aside .Raizadas family is being introduced first time to Babuji.A groom takes blessings from a father and everyone get up for respect for bride's father was my grabber.Yes IPK gave us these small moments to cherish.StarClap


The suspicion was very visible on Anjali's face while seeing Mr Shashi Gupta and His condition gets worse seeing the person whose husband put him into this misery .He wants to scream to let every one know the truth.[CVs owes us big time for Shashi's case].Anjali's suspicion was there when she calls Shyam and she hears his phone tone next door but our CVs couldn't build stronger consistent story of it.StarStar

A father wants to expose the evil and throwing his concerns strongly which family takes it as a tantrum except Khushi ,smart cookie who didn't think twice and connect the dots of his father's condition with Anjali but why?Thumbs Up

Shashi's anger does not settle down here ,he pulls off the evil ring which has started the chakaryue from Khushi's hands but fate wants to complete this Yudh,war in full swing .Evil comes right back to show his meaningless power towards a father and he has to suffer more but evil always leaves a trail to get trap in it.He congratulated Payal for engagement but forgot he actually ran away and was not present'..which Khushi was just asking about'...He lies again that he just saw Buaji before he came in and Bingo Khushi got it as Buaji confirms it, she didn't see him and at the top his comfortable chat with his client Rani Sahiba really works wonders in Khushi's brain.Khush's suspicious seed is growing faster and no time it will be a strong root of her belief to nip this bud from its roots

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS.She is the one who always plunges down to expose him.From now to kidnapping to the very end to throw him out of everyone's life.


Everyone gets trepidation over his condition but the most devastated was Arnav seeing Khushi going through with that.How can he forget Khushi's condition and tears in the hospital.He comes forward for helping his lady and they both share eye lock which shows only love and concerns with lots of "Haq".His gazes look are conveying his right and his actions are showing his protectiveness for her.She thanks him and he perceives it graciously .His concerns for her and for Shashiji were not gone unnoticed by  her either...Yes "inn feelings ka koi matlab  nahin hai"[These feelings have no meaning]He comes out the room but has to return his turn look with longing  as he does not want to leave her alone with this pain and suffering.He wants to remove all of her hurdles no matter what.Piano notes in the back ground stringing his heart notes to reflect through his eyes.Day Dreaming Star

Pause here:He opened the door for her as he will be opening every door for her from now on even in hate to make her life easy regardless te night he is shattering her dreams yet unintentionally opening the door of her safe future with him.Clap

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS:He is the one who will arrange nurse for him during remarriage and will bring doc for Buaji too..lovely Damad..who is impossible to find out.Thumbs Up


The next moment is auspicious when Buaji wants Khushi to call Shyam to be introduced and Khushi stops with hesitation as she does not want Arnav to go through with the same pain and agony as she witnessed him before during revelation of her engagement .They both share questionable moment during gazing each other.Especially his expressions and uneasiness with acrimony and anxiousness was so much visible for Khushi when she has to go in the room for calling Shyam.His possessiveness is at extreme and why not how can he let his lady go into other man's room but his hands are tied.His looks and body language delivered his animosity to his queen but just like him she is bound too at least for now.Loved to see his relief when Shyam wasn't there as his malevolence was not there to see him at all.StarStarClap

Engagement is being settled after one week.Blessings were delivered and smiles were passed but Khushi's happiness delivered in tears to her Jiji and that stops Arnav's feet.Her allayment is his joy,and he knows these tears are form of ecstasy and that relieves him as he is free of this guilt which was eating him since its revelation.He has to mend his wrongful action here and this is the beauty of Arnav Singh Raizada,he is a man of action and today it's the time of rectification.Star

When the family leaves he comes in o apologize to Payal but with his lady in same arrogant lover attitude ,"mein ne baat karni hai  tum se nahin tumhari behan se.."[I want to talk alone with your sister not with you] hmm..Your lady does not like that'right just like you don't like her to give importance to anyone other than him'

Payal who is always sensible, makes her sis calm down .The talk is so beautiful,shows a real cognizant growth in his character.A humble "sorry" without hesitation and diligence for becoming the reason of her broken marriage.Payal thanked him for that as may be it was meant to be but Khushi still blames herself for that and he jumps to defend "Nahin uski koi ghalati nahin thi'mein ne usse jane se roka tha"[No it wasn't her fault ..I stopped her from going]'StarClap

Khushi's eyes filled with brimming tears .This is an eye opening and trust building step for Khushi just like him when he found out from Payal what exactly happened that night.Her tears ,that's what he does not want to see and at the top he doesn't want to  be shown vulnerable to her either.StarStarHe barges out but stopped by Khushi"Tumhari problem kya know what mujhe sunna hi nahin "[What is your problem .you know what I don't want to hear it'] That's what he likes to be with her so he can hear her chirpy voice with bitter batter'.nok jhonk'because  her mellowed voice just creates havoc in him and he can't remain in his senses so this is the best way to seek "Farar"[run away ] from hidden emerging feelings...

He adores his smiling chatter lady 'and just like him she is adamant to speak with him by taking out air from his tire."ab tou aapko humari baat suuna padegi.."[Now you have to listen to me.] 

He barges out with fuming anger but what is this his tone is so mellow'."Are you crazy?"Khushi lovingly'"Sorryy aur Dhanewat[thnx]"She says sorry for her rudeness and thanks for saying sorry to her Jiji.How can he not melt here .she is full of innocence'It's hard for any man not to feel that way'.Embarrassed


He calls for new car where KKG found out his man can't change the tire..funny right..but not for him,by gritting teeth "It's not funny"'She offers her services to her man and change "uncle's tire" ..loved his irritations with kids.

He was admiring his skillful lady which was making him proud with her coolness

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS: He admires her cool nature as always and expresses her during Shital track"I know.. you are the most cool person I 've ever known."Cool Thumbs Up


Khushi prays to Dm for the tire and tells him lovingly She says thanks and sorry at the same time and calls herself crazy too and declares him"she is not saying sorry for taking air out of his tire" and he turns without anger makes her astounded at his attitude'..

He is not far behind either "Khushi tire badlne keh liyeh thnx '.pause with smirk'.mein bhi nahi kahoonga".He gives her his signature flirty look and leaves her with her signature "O " face.

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS:"aap na bohat ajeeb ho" to "Ajeeb hai yeh" to "hum dono kitne ajeeb hain" 'till..Arnav"Khushi tum janti ho na '

Khushi completes it "Keh hum kitne aajeb hain'..Jante hain"Big smile Clap




Arshi loved the title 'revelation of the truth'.Thumbs Up The gifs and collages are lovely.Clap the black and white pics are outstanding, guruji!StarStar You have explained the episode so well.ClapClapmy blues and emoticons are the pointers. Thankyou so much.Hug Heart
Yes, the evil of Shyam is being slowly revealed and it is falling way behind the tuth of a grwing bond not only between ASR and Khushi but also between the Raizadas and Guptas! In spite of the snakewa's every attempt to break all connections between the protagonists he failed miserably. The two families were being linked by the most important social bond, marriage! 
In this atmosphere of love and trust Arnav and Khushi learnt to trust each other. Arnav began caring not only for Khushi but also her Babuji and her Jiji. He was really sweet in apologising to Payal. He acknowledged that Khushi was not at fault and not responsible for breaking payal's marriage.
You are right, it is really surprising that Khushi did not understand what her Babuji was trying to tell! ConfusedThere were so many connections. True, the CVs absolutely failed here.Ouch
The last scene was hilarious. I agree with you, Big smile it was a serious pointer to how "ajeeb" both were!LOL 
    Hug Heart Hug

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