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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 59)

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Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by indi52

episode 139

"i laud agni, the chosen priest, god, minister of god, the hotar, lavishest of wealth..."

"invisible threads are the strongest ties"
~~~ friedrich nietzsche ~~~

Amazing write-up and great symbolism, Indi. Fire, you have spoken of most eloquently in your writing...but in the context of our beloved one, the Ocean... you have one inside you! And each time one thinks one has reached the depth of it, there is more. That is so heartening to know... and valuable to experience! Star

About the always inspire me to relate to my own, very basic understanding of things Embarrassed and i thrive in this space...
It took way too long to bear, but finally the truth emerges. Sometimes things take very long to unravel... for the mind is a strange cookie. The urge to curb one's own instinct so that status quo can be maintained, is so deep-seated . Why is there such comfort in letting things remain as they are? And self-doubt... the nemesis as it has been for countless women... a consequence of a long long shared, collected, passed on history of no says don't speak can't be don't know enough... But then... Truth has it's own voice. It cannot be strangled forever. It must come up for air... and when it does, it lights up the universe. Ok... I'm probably out meandering now...back to 139! 
This episode brings such relief to the soul. That slap, so deeply satisfying. One feels her pain, it's written all over her...and yet, one knows this is a good thing to have happened. The best thing. The writers, bless them, proceed swiftly to give her, and us, manna from heaven, the only kind that truly matters : she makes it to the poolside. What more could one have possibly asked for at this juncture? What unfolds, like you wonderfully quote in your piece, is the strength of an "invisible thread". Probably the most subtle and the most powerful invisible thread, played out with such care and delicacy, in a long long while...

For that, 139, Thank You.

hi isspk,

ever since i read your lines, me in deep thought, very touched in those invisible places within us. i must ramble, this is most unstructured, plenty jumps and jagged grammar there. but read please. Embarrassed

your second set of lines in pink... about "our long shared, collected, passed on history of no voice" as you put eloquently, your quiet words accentuating the violence and terror in that silence... it has me thinking and feeling so sad for our kind. really, no group of people has been as consistently suppressed and muffled as women have age after age no matter where, no matter what. other cultures i can't speak of, but in my society, it is endemic... hidden often in the guise of "care" for our gender, concern, even "love." in the end you are commodity... cattle, being managed... no status of your own.. no voice.

i always protest against the regressive penchant of our media when it comes to women. with songs and so called images of woman power (oh how they subvert everything) we are still being told, you are an object that has to be useful to a social structure... you bear children, you exist for your family... to even think of individual aspirations is wrong. somehow story after story this has been peddled. modern, traditional., educated, uneducated, smart, stupid, rich, poor, whatever... know your place, woman.

and if you're a man... everything goes... a sexually depraved, murdering, wife beating, mother insulting, disgusting creature was the stalwart of a popular serial, never facing any censure for his ways. a popular star at that. really what does is say about our channels, and even more scary... about us.

because that silence weighs so heavy inside, that line in pink in your first para, came to be. i am a barun sobti fan... i will watch anything he does. but in asr i found the man, that every woman deserves to meet in her life. oh he is full of flaws, and makes all too human errors despite his shatir dimaag and treats the woman he adores terribly... but not because he would treat all women that way. in fact, the opposite. his interactions with all the women in his life, shows a rare respect and sensitivity in fact. he belongs to a clan that believes in that silence... his dad possibly never even thought what he did was wrong. very often boys of such families turn out to be exactly the way their father was.

every day we see such people.

but there are those, whose love or something else in them makes them learn and protest against it... call it galat. he does that... how flat and matter of fact his voice when he told his regressive dadi what's really what.

and to his girl friend and wife... never change... be who you are. how many men who are wealthy and successful, would say to his wife, well no need to try and be someone for my sake... i love you as you are, stay who you are.

he is liberal and thinking in every way. with lavanya, a sense of equality
... and a realisation within of where he was in error. yet la doesn't blame him. why? because she knew even when he came to pick her up to move in, that something was not as it seemed... but she went along because shew anted it so much. a rare understanding of us humans by ordinary tv writers here.

arnav singh raizada doesn't think you should do this or that or something else, especially because you are a woman. he believes intrinsically in the equal place of men and women. and has the greatest respect for the women in his world... most interestingly, he doesn't feel he is less in any way, when he is not able to escape the goons and his wife's little water trick saves him. his "mardangi" that old male obsession in the valleys and fields and mountains of the indus, the ganges, the cauvery, doesn't seem to be threatened in any way... instead a proud, thrilled smile, "khushi kumari gupta singh raizada."

in many ways, and i realise this every now and then, he reminds me of men in my life... i have been super lucky to have them...
the grandfather who was hugely respected in his profession, a "giant" in the family, who doted on me and looked the other way while i read fairly adult stuff right before him (oh what a sweetheart this man), a father who dreamed more for my future i felt than he did for his boys, and a husband, who said, just do it, in fact quite worried me with his lack of need to be clung to... all these men had seen those men that suffocated women. yet when it came to their lives, they chose different.

i could do a doctorate on asr, vis a vis, indian society and the need for this renaissance man now today here. especially as new money vitiates everything further. and of course, without barun sobti, he wouldn't have breathed, i wouldn't have been dead. his was the fire that kindled that asr flame. forever thrilled with that.

best of all, not a pompous boor of a do gooder renaissance man, a cool, sexy, thinking, energetic, complicated, principled, successful type who is ready to be your equal in every way. and his little paternalistic ways you can give him one yell about and maybe he'll try and change them... as long as he never forgets exactly how to flirt, i am good.

when we've all had our fun and games and the oohing and aahing about his sexiness is still at play (forever, please LOL), but we can see the rest of asr, i hope we know why he is absolutely spectacular. and why it's time to look beyond our erroneous, planted, unexamined standards of what makes a man "good." and what makes a woman a woman.

there was at least one writer here who had a clear agenda... he or she was fed up of the silence... and decided to bring forth a man who lets us... no, makes us... speak and wants to hear our voice.

this is why it sickened me when they tried to reduce him again at the end, upped the "mahanta" angle of the "devi" woman who does everything for her fam... she doesn't even have sex with her husband after her "proper" ugh marriage, too busy setting the world right.

we women are extraordinarily strong and natural born survivors as a lot that we have managed to grow and live despite the life thrown at us all because we are physically weaker. we even manage to laugh joke party... amazing.

Hello Indus the Ocean Smile 

Happy i wrote what was on top of my head when i thought of 139...and it triggered a wave from you. I've been MIA since y'day and just read it... you guys have leapt and bounced some 8/9 pages so I'm feeling obsolete and all.. archaic almost! But guess it's okay backtracking to this... for this is the theme of everything. Who we are, why we are the way we are, why we obsess about this show, come back to it wherever we might go or it might go, think of the Raizada oh so very very often, and express as fervently and whole heartedly as we do... the theme runs through all of the above.

I can only speak specifically for myself when i refer to self-doubt in a woman... or in other instances, to my absolute undying love for a man with flaws. I see flaws as flags...but in a good way really... as signs, that we are still alive and taking on the world with spirit. Willing to change when possible. It turns me on like nothing else. And yes, i may speak for myself but i know it must resonate. Which is why some of us are here in the first place. In the specific is the universal, they say. At the end of the day then, we may express things differently, but we all share the flaws. We have all made mistakes. Some big ones too. Kya ye sab "mahaanta" shahaanta. Bahut hui yeh 60's Hindi movie style bakwaas, channeled these days as 'nayi soch'. Let's get real. It does not exist. 

Jo aapne bola...marked in blue i have...I relate to fully. Kusoor patriarchy ka hai, whatever most men might say or think. We are some of the fortunate ones whose fathers didn't stop them from anything, whose brothers believe their sisters are goddesses (well, at least most of the time!) and whose voices can be louder than their thoughts. But (and when is there not a but!) that collected, collective history... It lurks and sometimes it surfaces. Society creeps in. i don't want to give a damn but I have to pick my battles. I'll burn out if i fight for every single small thing...

Khushi talks to me because in her vulnerability, i see myself. Her decision of not telling him about Shyam frustrated me no end. But a part of me bought it - the part which makes mistakes, and which doubts the self. (And of course, I'm only referring to episodes 139 and around here... the time when she first found out about Shyam. Not the ludicrous post-forced-marriage crap by which time she had lost sense in all its forms, and didn't know what to do with that sweet sweet sexy man who was hurting so).
I have always been drawn to the selflessness in Khushi. But the writers offered a simple, one-dimensional explanation here, relying too heavily on the same quality: this is a selfless girl, she is not thinking of her own self, she is doing it for the feelings of the Raizada who is devoted to his sister, as also for the sake of the sister herself who she has come to love and respect. Ho hum, i thought, you just want to stretch the story, and didn't buy it at first. Selflessness and resourcefulness are not mutually exclusive, and Khushi had given proof of that many a times. So then...why not now? She could've found a way of telling him, surely. But then I thought about it...I decided to ignore the writers and their intent.. and i saw it as a mistake she had made. She may have doubted herself, i felt, cos it was coming from her OWN suffering. If Anjali di had suffered Shyam's evil skunky duplicity in some other way, independent of Khushi... and Khushi had found out... would she have thought twice about telling that fabulous devoted brother? NEVER. She would've gone all out to save 'Di'. Cos it would have been purely about Anjali di's suffering. But not this time...this was about herself. One doubts one's own suffering and it's validity. I know i do, sometimes...and a lot of my girlfriends do too. So there.

As for the Raizada man, there is a timeless sophistication there which kills. A flawed man of the rare variety. Makes mistakes, but does not ever hide behind them. Does not pretend like it never happened. Finds a way of acknowledging and correcting truthfully, not for "mahaanta". I love him for that. It inspires me... truly madly deeply. And indeed, "a man who lets us... no, makes us... speak and wants to hear our voice." I couldn't agree more!!

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Here is the next Chapter to my fan fiction.  Hope you enjoy!  We are starting to get ready to go to Paris but a few flashbacks first!

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Title Credits : Cynthia

both were really good episodes...Arnav nd Lavanya's break up...felt bad for herUnhappy...but alteast she's free...hope she gets the love she deserves Smile

Episode 142

Episode 143

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758

Here is the next Chapter to my fan fiction.  Hope you enjoy!  We are starting to get ready to go to Paris but a few flashbacks first!


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Originally posted by BarunDiwani

Friendly Disclaimer: My words, thoughts  ideas and  edited pics are mine only, please do not copy. You are welcome to use it, but credit accordingly. Thank you!

Episode 131-133: Haan, paagal toh hai...dono!

Finally, the CV offer  a sigh of lightheartedness after some heavy stuff since 122 that only got heavier after 124...aptly all those emotions needed  to be shown, their suffering needed the outburst. And now  they look to turn the story to Akaash and Payal...only to utilize Arnav and KhushiSmile...and all i could see is how Payash's love was instrumental in only  making them even more aware of their feeling for each other.

Arnav came down to hand Akaash files for his "meeting...he could really care less about Akaash's  inside-out clothes or anything else for that matter...till he hears La ask about  "chamkili" ...La's is always somehow taking him to her. His thoughts went to her weeping after he hurt her again last night, he felt terrible, maybe he still wasn't ready to face her or even worse afraid that he would hurt her again...he immediately told Akaash he would go with him much to Akaash's  disapointment. Akaash's peculiar behavior didn't go unnoticed by  his bhai, giving him even more priceless expressions to sport.

 Akaash needed  to lose Arnav for his important meeting so he made up an excuse(smart bway!) and ran out of the car...but forgot his phone(*hand to face*) in his haste.  On the other side, Payal dropped her wallet in her haste. In their race to  catch their siblings they both get yelled at by different cab driver...I think...when "hero" is called a "hero" it an insult??

They're both led into the restaurant  by their  siblings and just when he screamed for Akash, she called out  for her  Jiji ...the mehsoos hit, they slowly turned towards each other "Tum!" in and obvious angry tone he asked...he left the RM with Akash to avoid her dammit!!  in true ASR style he takes quick aggressive steps toward her  "What are you doing here?"

She hesitates to answer him till she realizes she doesn't owe him an explanation "ek minute, why are you asking me? i'll ask  you, what are you doing here?"

"i don't need to give you an answer, i'll go where i please, tum yahan"

"Chem to you!" Khushi's broken English has never been cuter! he thought so too, but covered it with a puzzled "What?" she quickly corrects herself "Matlab, Same to you!"

Probably my favorite part of the episode, the waiter come walks over  and asks  "Table for two?"  and khushi's quick witty answer JI! two. two. Ek inke liye ek inki akad ke liye...i bet the waiter left even more certain of their  "two-ness"

Eventually they forget their fight and remembered why they were really there to look for  Akaash and Payal. when they found them,  both stool there stunned at the sight...they missed alot while dealing with their own bundle of feelings didn't they?

Akaash is desperately looking for  Payal to agree "I know you don't not like me, you left the other day without answering me"  and Payal is holding back all her feelings  baring her middle-class status in mind. Soon he is on one knee to the shock of Arnve and Khushi,  he purposes  and then offers her his hand and begging her again but before he could finish,  Khushi  interrupts "Jiji?"

Why did i feel Khushi  go into protective mode all of the sudden? Was she afraid that  her jiji too would experience the dil-tuting like she did. I  have  strong feeling she saw herself in Payal and Arnav bitwa was not too far behind "Have you lost it Akaash?" tumne socha bhi kaise ki tum aur iski -"...have a feeling he saw himself  in Akaash too.  

"Ek minute Mr.Arnav SIngh Raizada!..Your brother talked about marraige first and my sis hasn't even said yes...Payal tried to stop her..."Jiji, i got this"

Never one to back down, Arnav grabbed Akaash' s shoulder to push him ALL just became about them if Akaash and Payal didn't exist. Both of them letting out their  heightened, unresolved, strong feelings for each other into this rather enterataining argument.

"Akaash didn't even talk about marriage...tum dono behne din mein sapne dekh na bandh karo (both of you sisters stop day dreaming)" a hint of the gold digger accusation extended to  Payal this time as well.

The poor waiter comes only to get yelled at by ASR for seeing what is to truly to become  "tumhe couples nazar aa rahe hai!?" turning his attention back to Khushi "I'll never let my brother tie a relationship with your sister" more insults are returned back and forth including name calling

"Kya kaha tumne? Laad governor?"as always bothered by Khushi's calling/thinking of his that way.

"aur aapne halwai kaha, uska kya?"(you said sweet maker, what about that?)...felt like i was transported into a playground where a little boy and a little girl were fighting...usually in these cases the little boy always has a crush on the little different in this case

"Bhai please, this is b/w me and payal ji" Akaash pleads with some sense  "she hasn't even said "yes" yet"

"and i won't" Payal speaks up. Akaash tries to explain that he loves her so much but it backfires on the poor lad. "Pyaar? Love? what do you know about  me that you love me" Love Payals logical question here. She goes on to explain the horrid day of her wedding that never took place, grabbing Arnav's full attention. "do you even know what my family had to go through because of all this? you don't know, but him" she looks to Arnav, "he knows everything, i 'm talking about that day when you-"

"Jiji" Khushi puts her hand on Payal shoulder to stop her, shaking her head "no don't go on". as if saving her man the embarrassment and the humility.  What a moment, indicating how far they've come. There was a time where all she wanted to do was get him back for the hell he put her through that night, but now she knows how much it would hurt him to know that he was wrong about her and about all he did to her/said to her .

"Kair, hamaara jawaab naa hai...Khushi?" Payal hinting to leave

 But Khushi would look in Arnav's eyes and know that she wasn't successful in stopping her jiji in time. In that one second look to each other from 5:14-5:15, they both traveled together back to that room 

where the dori pearls were torn and scattered from her blouse, where her character was insulted...and she just knows how much he would be bothered by this.

"Why didn't i listen to her? She was telling the truth, mer waje se uski bahen ki shaadi_" the suv takes a pounding, remorse and guilt sets in, not only for his treatment of Khushi but for Payal also...this is ASR with now heart right? love these layers of this man. So much love hidden behind so much gussaa, just like his mother said in the letter "naak pe dher saara gussa, aur dil mein dher saara pyaar"  the scene with Akaash is also a great example of this layered loving side to him.  

He is coming down the stairs when he notices Akaash upset and disappointed, he tries to avoid him and turn back as he is not the kind to have a heart to heart talk, but when Akaash's eyes catch his, he just couldn't ignore. He did what he had to do for his little brother, lending him a listening ear.  Akash couldn't help but let out his feelings in front of his bother. "Its the second time she turned me down Bhai" he even asks about  the night Payal's wedding broke, but Arnav remain silent. In his silence there was guilt and an answer but  Akaash didn't push for more. Arnav knew he had to help him, he asks him if he is sure about his feeling "haan bhai, i really love Payalji"

Dekho yeh pyaar vyaar ki baatein mujhe samaj nahi aati...all i want to know is are you ready to spend your entire life with this girl? you won't regret it later?

"nahi bhai, kabhi nahin" Did i see a bit of envy in Akaash's confident answer ? if only it was that easy for him to admit his feelings.

"If this is so important to you, then  i'll finalize this deal fr you"  deal? Aakaash thought, what deal? he seems to forget that  to ASR everything is about winning negotiations...except for when it comes to the biggest deal of his life...then none of his life's skills come in handy leaving him utterly helpless.

Speaking of, his biggest deal is happily checking off the flowers from her list of "to dos" for his engagement as if blocking out the fact that its for his engagement and it makes not difference..but when he calls her, nothing but farq. He start with his "kucch baat" dialogue but she starts to argue.

"Dekho waapis shuroo mat hot jaao"(look don't start again) awww what a hubby thing to say :)) He tries to convince her to meet but no go, she hangs up. Khushi had to see for herself, Payal crying holding the dupatta in her hand, she remembers how Akaash  gave her the dupatta  to give to her sister that night of her birthday and then all those clues..slowly Khushi's tears turn into a smile, her sister is in love.

So a tiny game of phone tag ensues. She tries to call Arnav the same time he is trying to call her back. When her phone comes up busy, he gets restless and when she is still un-reachable  he finally says out loud his first thoughts since  he couldn't reach her..."Zuroor apne fianc'e se baat kar rahi hogi" and when she is finally able to reach him ...uff his jealousy gives me the chills here!  In the midst of episodes filled with laughs, a mere second of raw jealousy  reminds us was a heavy love story this is. Without letting her even s peak a simple hello

 "Kisse baat kar rahi thi tum?!"(who were you talking to?)  almost daring her to say her fianc's name. Khushi, taken back but she know her laad governor by now and a bit about his possesiveness towards her too. "Arrey? hum to aapko...kair chhodiye"

Well, Akaash didn't get the "hot date" he was hoping for, but Arnav sure did...sort of

They meet back at the same hotel.. the same waiter as earlier, "Uh Table for two?" awkward moment , then a few laughs for us thanks to Khushi's lack of "high-class" restaurant etiquette,  he orders "Ek chai aur ek black coffee" and as always she jumps with full haq "Dont put sugar in there"

love that he gets a tad irritated with her lack of sophistication, but not embarrassed, he helps her in his own ASR way, "here is milk, sugar, make it to your taste"  (ffw to the future when he adjusts her Italian meal for her so she can eat it..awww) and later, i'm pretty sure he wanted to laugh out loud when she got all happy regarding the free biscuit. Managing to keep a straight face, he asks her sarcastically "if your important  convo about tea and biscuit is over, can we talk about Akaash and Payal?"

"haan hame bhi lagta hai ki jiji Akaash ji se-"  (yah i also think that Jiji is in-)

she fell quiet just as the word starting with "p" was at the tip of her tongue. She couldn't say the word "Pyaar"(love) in front of him, he felt it didn't he? the very essence of the word coming from her, she had his attention...he may have even been happy to see her struggling to say the  intimidated her now that it was all too real for her, for both, they both know they have fallen prey to it...She finds another way to explain and a plan is cooked up...something achha, something damakedaar, something alag, its her plan. He rolls his eyes, but gives in to all she had in mind.

"Hmaare beech jo kucch bhi hua ya, ho, lekin iss maamle mein hum saath hai." abs love khushi's clarification here, one of the very few acknowledgements we get from either of all that's  happened between the two and more importantly "ya ho" what IS there between the two. 

At the RM, Arnav continues to treat this matter like a deal and advises Akaash "Itne overexcited kabhi mat lago ki tum deal apne style mein kaam karo"  deal ya no deal, when a man sounds so confident about his craft its sooo sexy dammit!

"Deal nahi hai, meri shaadi hai bhai...bhai mein to woh hi karoonga jo Khushi ji ne kaha hai" Akaash was too cute and brave, he survived a look from his bhai. The master plan is underway, Khushi is having too much fun with it. Arnav bring the "suicide letter for  Payal giving Khushi a chance to thrive with her acting skills...and to irritate Laad goverenor. "SHUT UP!! read this" so Khushi begins to read...something about an "aarder"(order)? Arnav turns the letter around for Khushi so she can read the correct side. He studies Payals reaction while Khushi gleefully read the tragic latter and at one pt even a wink for laad governor? what the!  Khushi's plan did manage to garner a reaction out of Payal, one that Arnav Singh Raizada was totally not prepared for.

 "why didn't you stop him? what kind of brother are you?" she asked

Perhaps he has never been stumped like this before in his life, and its all Khushi's fault, a loophole in her plan makes him angry and he forgets about his act. A truly ROFL moment. Love Barun here.

 "KYA BOLU AB?!!" (What should i say now?)

Thankfully Khushi saves this fiasco and turns Payal's attention to saving Aakaash. So after winking one more time at LG, off they go to rescue Akaash. Up on the mountain top, Payal freaks out when she finds Akaash's glasses. Khushi tries "console" her...

 "unhone socha hoga uchaai na dikhe to kam dar hoga, aur kud ne mein bhi asaani hogi?" then she turns to him "Kyu Arnav Ji?"

 another lol moment giving way to one of the sweetest. Numerous times today, i felt like he wanted to crack smile at his lady's cute antics, he manage to hold it together through her biscuit convo, through the winks, through her OTT acting...but now he just couldn't help it, tried to look away but she caught that beautiful smile.

 Back to Akaash and Payals big moment. Payal admits to her feelings and when she accidentally hurts herself on a thorn, he shows himself. Their true feeling are revealed, their words seem to be giving voice to the silent people with feelings watching them. Especially when Akaash said "mein kisi aur ke saath khoosh nahi rahe sakta', Something in those sexy chocolaty said "me too" for Khushi. Khushi just couldn't contain her khushi and grabbed his hand sending warm and fuzzy jhatka to Arnav Singh Raizada. He looked her straight in the eyes, as if to confront her about something before she moved away. Also love the trust and pride in Khushi when Arnav assures Payal that he will sambhaal (handle) the people at home. The sense of security he gives her is just too too sweet.

 I feel like through Akaash and Payal, they were able to explore their feelings through a different light. Infact Paya's realtionship has become a vital part of Arshi's story havn't they? if it wasn't for their upcoming wedding, and the puja kept by Anjali, Khushi may not have discovered Snakwa's truth till it was too late, and we wouldn't have the cute moments of jealousy and sharts throughout the wedding preps and finally in that night, Khushi wouldn't have agreed to his  forceful contract had it not been for her sister. But before that I must try and tame the butterflies my tummy at the mere thought of a deadly flirtatious man we will soon be embarking upon..haaye haaye haaye haaaye haaaye!!(khushi funny music plays in my head)

DROOL CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AMI all my comments went to cyberspace again, so frustrating and exhausting.  So, my dear I am just going to say that I just loved your review.  So many points you wrote about were spot on and just loved the little boy and girl comment how that means they usually kike each other but taunt each other.  That is our Arnav and Kushi no doubt.  This was all about them Akash and Payal were in the background but they certainly opened the door for their feelings to come in.  Loved it thanks for sharing!

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Originally posted by supriya.arshi


Episode 142


The Realization

ASR is continuing his confession to "Kushi",  he really regrets it, he really does and La, tears in her eyes stops him saying it is her.  He stops. She turns and leaves him.  He tries to stop her realizing what he did and asks himself what is he doing?

He remembers all that he said to her and he told her he didn't care about her.  He admits to himself that he never did right by her.  He doesn't really care about her that way.  The realization is clear.Thumbs Up

Kushi comes in to Shantivan and sees Anjali she stops, I am sure her heart is pounding her palms sweating.  How does she  tell this beautiful soul her husband is a dirty cheat? - really well said ClapThank you!

ASR comes down and sees her looking worried.  Anjali who is struggling with her mangalsutra sees Kushi.

Anjali comes forward and Kushi clutches her shoulder bag strap.  Anjali says she has wanted to call her so many times because she thought she had forgotten how much work they have since they have now two engagements.  She sees Kushi's worried face and asks her is she is okay?  Kushi tells her she wants to talk to her and just then Anjali is fidgeting with her chain and it breaks and falls caught by Kushi.  Anjali becomes hysterical and panicked she hopes her husband is fineTongue. - i really wished tht somethin bad had happend to him!! Sup I feel the same way I really hated Shyam, but Abbas was an excellent actor to portray him like he did!

She says she can't live without him.  She says this is so unlucky and she runs to her home temple.  She asks Devi Maiyya to protect him.  Kushi comes there as well and looks at Devi Maiyaa and she knows for the well being of this woman she must not tell her the truth.  She tells her it is nothing and her husband and her marriage will be fine.  Kushi promises.  Anjali tells her she is nothing without him.  With tear, she says she will call him and be back; leaving Kushi alone with Devi Maiyya.

Lavanya is folding clothes in her room and ASR enters.  Lavanya looks at him and starts her chatter of avoiding the situation.  "what suit color will you wear for the engagement, classic black or charcoal grey?"  She thinks the grey one.  He starts, She interrupts, there is so much to do suit fitting, caterers, etc.,etc. and he tells her he wants to talk to her.  She is just rambling away, avoidance makes everything worthwhile and then no realization can occur.- i can nvr imagine the state of Lavanya here!!!Oh how my heart broke for her here.  Her avoidance of a situation she already knows the end result.Cry

He goes over to her placing his hand on her shoulder, she freezes, he says he wants to talk to her, her hand clutches the material of the sari.


"No. You don't have to'"


  "I said no, ASR." 

"Listen to me," he says.  "Please, Lavanya."

She already has her realization.  She knows what is to come. - well said Smile

Kushi is in turmoil.  Anjali has called the priest to start fasting for her husband.  She tells Kushi he is all right but she is not going to take this lightly.  She will fast.  She looks at Kushi and realizes she looks worried and she forgot she wanted to speak to her before the incident. Kushi reaches for her neck and Anjali sees her left hand has no ring on it.  She asks her where is her ring?

Kushi tells her that her engagement was called off.

ASR  starts and she says no, please don't say anything.  The realization is too much and she just can't take it.Thumbs Up

This is the first time I have seen ASR actually touch Lavanya affectionately on the cheek. - yeah... he does feel guilty abt keepin her on the loop all this while...he does care abt her SmileA good friend

He tells her that the feelings she has for him are not the same he feels for her; he never had it, he can't lie anymore.  He can't insult her by lying anymore, he just can't.  - i love him!!!! Me too always did angry or not, vulnerable and caring and when the realization comes to him...UFFF!!!! His love for Kushi shocks him too!

They can't get engaged. She answers that she knew he was going to say this. She felt it earlier but didn't want the relationship to end.  They both turn away from each other.  She says she didn't want to accept it even though she knew it.  She asks him for a hug just once even though he doesn't freely give it.  They turn to each other, he looking into her tear filled eyes, they pause, and with a force he hugs her and she him. 

This is one of the saddest but sweetest moments of IPK.  The realization of ASR's heartHeart! - very true Wink

Anjali can't believe Kushi's engagement has been called off, little does she know that as she is saying this, a realization has taken place.  ASR and Lavanya have called it quits as well.  Anjali asks her how did this happen.  Kushi looks worried.

ASR apologises to Lavanya. She wants to know how she realized this, how they were to be engaged, how he didn't love her as much as she loved him, it is funny it is happening now. No it is in the fates, all planned, your engagement was the realization of his love or feelings for someone else. I am sorry, Lavanya.Clap

  He asks if she is okay and she shakes her head yes then no.  How could she be? She really loved him.  They will have to tell the family together he says.

Anjali wants to know how her alliance broke and why she would take such a big step as breaking it.  She knows she is prying but she is very sad to hear this news.  She says when Naniji hears she will feel awful.  Kushi asks her if she will do as she asks.

Lavanya says to him she won't be able to tell anyone.  He goes over and places his hand on her shoulder turning her.

Kushi asks what is the point of hurting everyone.  She doesn't want anyone to know about her broken alliance, after all, her sister and Akash's engagement is coming.  Anjali asks her what about her pain.  At the same time Lavanya is asking ASR to not tell everyone just yet; they are all so happy.  She says Mami will be upset and Akash and Payal's engagement is coming she doesn't want it to be affected by this.  He says she is so concerned about his family and he really respects her for that.  She hugs him and says he really respects her but what about love? So, it is decided they won't say anything'

 and he is just staring as if thinking he wanted to tell Kushi as fast as he can about his realization'just maybe? Clap

Cynthia this was really good ClapThanks Supriya , my comments in red back to you throughout and thank you for your wonderful edits with my titles.  I am honored.  You are our Rani Sahiba of pics!

Edited by cinthiann1758 - 30 June 2013 at 8:38am

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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Episode 142 

The episode starts off with arnav telling la that he does not mean to hurt her intentionally but when he does realize that he has hurt her he feels really bad. He calls her khushi and la puts her hand on his shoulder and said its lavanya.

Arnav looks shell shocked and turns around to explain himself but la runs off in tears. His hand gripping his phone he said what am I doing

he walks off to his thinking window and thinks of all the time he has been unfair to lavanya. And he realizes that he did not do anything right with lavanya, EVER. (What happened to ASR...he is turning into arnav, who is not as scary as ASR but equally hot).oh yeah!

Khushi enters the RM, looking for Anjali. She spots Anjali and he is putting on her mangalsutra (she should have put that on before the gold necklace, but I guess it is building up to something huge dealing with it). Khushi is tense on how she should tell her. Arnav come up and just stars at khushi's restlessness and walks off (that is odd but I guess he has more important things to handle). Anjali spots khushi and said that she was meaning to call her, and she said that she thinks that khushi forgot there will be two engagements jokingly.  She notices khushi's sad and tense face and wants to know what is up.  Khushi tells Anjali that she needs to talk to her. And anjalis is tense wondering what she is going to say and then her hand goes to fix her mangalsutra wondering why it loose.  She tries to fix it but the mangalsutra falls off and khushi catches it. ClapOf course Kushi saves Anjali's marriage right now and in the end she saves Anjali from Shyam!


Anjali because super upset and freaks out what has happened. She gets the necklace out of her hand and wonders if her husband is okay (oh he is more than okay, I wonder where he is. He should spend his last day in comfort and luxury if khushi tells the truth. khushi tries to calm her down but Anjali said that she cannot live without him...what aapshagun happened (if I was her I would be like oh I did not put my mangalsutra on good enough). khushi just looks at her worriedly and Anjali walks off worried and scared. Khushi just looks off in deep thought (I hopes she does not change her mind of not telling her). Anjali goes to the DM murti and asks her the safety of her husband and his long life (don't worry he knows how to protect himself really well). She looks at her mangulsutra and holding it tightly praying that her husband is safe. Khushi walks up to her and assures her that nothing happened and don't cry. Everything is fine and your husband and you marriage will be fine and nothing will happen.she promises her (her dialogues show so much surety like she is the cause of this..well technically she is but Anjali does not understand the surety of her words). Anjali said that she is nothing without him and if anything happened to him she could not finish her thought. She goes to call him. Khushi is left wondering if she is doing the right thing and look to DM for help (she better not change her mind).Clap

Arnav shows to la's room like he wants to say something. La is sitting on her bed folding clothes in a solemn manner. She notices arnav and she said that she forgot to ask with suit he will wear on the engagement day. She is like classic black (I did not know there was more shades of black) or charcoal grey. Arnav was like lavanya. And she is like charcoal grey and your eyes...they look at each other awkwardly and she said that it will look good with his eyes. She turns around and starts going on about how much more things they need to do before the engagement (I was feeling so bad for her she knows what is coming but she keeps changing the subject). Arnav said that he needs to talk to her.  La knows what is coming so she said it is okay I know your taste and she said there is so much work and she has to go to the parlor. Arnav goes up to her and puts his hand on her should to stop her from going on because he know what she is trying to do avoid the inevitable and said lavanya I need to talk to you. She grips her dupatta and is tense because she know what he is going to say.  Arnav said lavanya and lavanya was like no. and he said her name again and she was like you don't have to (say anything) her fears are coming true. Arnav said listen to me please.Clap

Khushi is debating with herself to tell anjali or not. She wants Anjali talk to the pandit saying that she will keep a vrat and is going to the mandir tomorrow. She said she is happy her hubby is okay and she should not take this situation lightly so she is holding a pooja tomorrow. She wants her husband to be safe like he has always been and she thanks god. Khushi just looks at her more confused wondering how to tell her. Anjali noticed her being tensed and asked her what is wrong. She apologized for being tense do to the mangalsutra breaking and asked her what she wanted to say. Khushi contemplates more and starts fidgeting trying to tell her. Anjali notices that her left hand has no ring and asked what happened to the ring. Khushi takes her hand out of her hand and khushi tells her that her engagement is broken. Anjali is shell shocked and does not know how to respond (i am getting really frustrated with khushi, she needs to tell her, i know she will freak out at first and not but the seed will be is better for her to find out her husband has bad intentions early on rather than when something bad happens).Clap

Arnav is wants to tell la something. La understands and tells him not to say anything. Aranv touches her cheek and said they way you feel for me, I may never feel that way and maybe I never had and I cannot lie anymore, by lying I cannot insult you anymore, not for my sake but your sake. He said you and me (can never be together like that)...and la said I knew that you would say that too me, and I probably knew this before, and I had feared that this will be the end of our relationship. She turns around wipes her tears and said without any (love)...and he turns around understanding her incomplete sentence. La said perhaps I did not want to accept it, I kept lieing to myself, I lied to myself so much that it seemed true. I know asr that you don't like this but I want to hug you once (I will allow it this time, if I was her I would have asked for the same thing, maybe a kiss too). They both turn around and arnav goes forward to hug her (no words can describe this scene, I am in tears). They hug it out.Cry

    credit goes to the maker

Anjali is like what your engagement broke, how???? Khushi has no clue how to tell her and still is thinking whether she can say it or not.

Arnav said he is sorry for all this. And la walks off in the other direction and said some question don't have answers right? It is funny ASR how we got engaged suddenly and how did I not realize that something is wrong but how did you realize that you don't love me like the way I love you?  To stop her from speaking any further, arnav put his hand on her shoulder and turns her around and asked if she is okay (I am pretty sure she is not, I know she said yes but that never means yes). Arnav said that they must inform the family about this and we have to do it together.  La is holding back her tears and shakes her head no slightly.Cry

Anjali said she does not understand how did your rishta break and why you did you take this decision and why. She asked why happened. Khushi looks at her and looks away because he can't face her because the truth affects her. Anjali said I know I should not ask about your personal life, but I feel bad. If I feel like this, I can understand what you are going through (yeah anjali's first rishta broke too, I hope she understands). What will happen when nani finds out and she will feel bad too (where did nani come from this). Khushi said will you accept my one request (I wonder what it is). And Anjali  nods her head yes and lovingly holds her cheek and khushi is looking here and there trying to form the right words ( I wonder if she will tell her or not)Clap

La tells arnav that they cannot tell anyone that we broke our engagement. Arnav goes to her and looks at her like why

Khushi tells Anjali not to tell anyone because Payash's engagement is huge for both families. And Anjali was like what about your dukh, do you know what you are asking me??? (okay fair point, but she needs to tell anji)

La tells arnav she knows what she is saying. Arnav is confused. She explains that everyone is happy and it is not the right time. She mentions how mami agreed to PayAsh's engagement with much difficulty, so we cannot say anything because she might break it. she does not want to see nani and anjali upset as well. Arnav is in awe with and he is shock that she thinks so much for her family and said that she respects her and she hugs him (I would have done the same this). She said you respect me but not love me. She realizes what she said she releases herself from the hug and wipes her tears and said sorry I don't want you to feel guilty about this ever and I mean it. Arnav is just in awe with her (he never thought the once ditzy la can turn into someone speaking so much sense and with maturity too). They decided not to tell anyone. Arnav is like what to do because he knows it is not right. Will they end up telling the family that the engagment broke???? will khushi tell anjali about shyam???? (last one was wishful thinking)Angryhate him!

Okay the ArLa scene was super emotional (never thought i would say that)...they grew up so much. Arnav is actually talking about his feeling, who was once before hiding everything behind his anger so no one would know... and la is handling this with such maturity, who before was very selfish and materialistic. Khushi brought the good side out from them. I loved how they understood their unsaid words. they knew this would have happened eventually but they finally realized why is happening is wrong and decided to ended before lives are ruined (i had no clue where to put this in my analysis so i put it at the end)Clap

my reaction to arnav and lavanya's scene todayCry

Anita, all your reviews brilliantly written.  i feel as if I am right there with the actors and characters.  Just love your side comments and opinions which are usually the same as mine.  Just brilliantly done.  My comments or emoticons throughout!
cinthiann1758 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by sohara


tell me what your fiance did with you? did he tried to hurt you?
He is extremely worried for her.Khushi starts to speak but refrains herself in anticipation.Clap

Hume jaana ho ga.
she can't answer what her fiance did to him.She knows his world is his di. How she can see his world shattered. This two orphan siblings bore enough in their life. So she prefers not to reveal Shyam's deception, rather thinks to keep it secret. she huddles fast from him. Arnav is calling her, "Khushi" and following her as well. She avoids everybody, who are still engaged in pooja. She intends to leave. Anajali calls her. She can't even look at their eyes. Shyam is frightened in anticipation.To see Khushi leaving in haste, Anjali tries to stand up. But poor lady stumbles. Kash she would know her world is already stumbled because of her swindler husband. Her two caring brothers move ahead to help her.But her husband, who has successfully veneered his image as a good life partner is right there to support her. ClapWonderfully written well said
"you don't have to be worry. damatji is right there to help her." Mama's words embroils Khushi more.Angry
" If he is with me I don't need to worry." Khushi sees Anjali's blind faith on her husband. How can she break her trust now by revealing the truth of Shyam. Nani makes sure her grand daughter and her husband get blessings from the pandit.

"finally I succeeded to meet you with my husband, this my husband, who is the best husband of the world. Though because of his work, he can't stay near me all the time,but I know I'm always in his heart." CryAngry
What an introduction of a husband from his wife. It's proved how much anjali loves and trusts her husband. Khushi gets more repugnant to hear this. Shyam looks at her eerily .He is convulsing inwardly, whether Khushi reveals everything or not. I wish she would. But what to do, if she would reveal everything, how could we watch 260 episodes more?Wink

"this is Khushi ji, whom I always talk about."
Anjali introduces Khushi gleefully. shyam pretends he saw her for the first time in his life. what an actor!Angry  Khushi looks at him, perturbs more. Arnav straddles still is contemplating her keenly. He is trying to figure out her convulsion.He might thinking she is upset, because of her fiance.without knowing the fact that her fiance is no other but his respectable jiaji.Clap

"If she could, she can keep fast for him and worships him all day." Nani adds more flavor to Anjali and Shyam's bonding. Anjali gets more enamored to her husband, leaning her head on his shoulder, looking at him lovingly. Anjali remembers Khushi wanted to say something to her. Shyam agitates to hear that, He gulps his fear in anticipation. He tries to avert her and says to distribute the sweets as he has to leave for some works. I think he is planning to flee before Khushi could reveal his secret. Anjali gets annoyed again, "see Khushiji he wants to go again, does your Shyamji also do the same?" Hearing Khushi's fiance's name, the jealous sexy Raizada embroils. he is keenly observing her emotions, agitates to see her woebegone state.Wink

"Anjali performs pooja to keep damatji in her grip" mama teases Anjali.
"Anjali doesn't need to keep him in her grip, damatji remains in Anjali's heart." mami depicts Anjali's love for Shyam.Angry
Mama also joins that their son in law's company gives them pleasure and Anjali's face brightens up when he is around. He asks him why he is always in hurry? Khushi convulses more to see their  reverence towards shyam. she can't believe that in spite of so much love from all, how he could deceive them? After distributing the prasad, anjali tells Khushi, that it would be really nice if her fiance would come. Khushi looks at shyam with disgust. Anjali also thinks it's better that they didn't meet her fiance, so she can keep the eagerness to meet him later. Khushi can't say anything just bids them bye. Anjali stops her and tells Shyam to drop her, as it will be difficult for her to find the rickshaw at this time. "Nahi" Khushi refused in antagonizing tone. she leaves. Arnav intends to stop her. He knows how perturbed she was. He also can't let her go alone in such mental state. He lifts his hand to stop her, But clasp his fist when he can't.Great observation he is helpless right now. unusual for him.

Khushi is sauntering slowly  on the road recollecting all her confrontation with Shyam from the beginning.The floodgates had opened and Khushi is spurging all her memories out dissolved in tears of anger and sadness in equal manner. That shocking revelation of Shyam made her stupor completely. All the events comes in front of her like a slide show.

Their first encounter, when the goons attacked her.
He met her in the mandir, gave her his visiting card, if she needs in help in delhi
His meeting with Payal and her in the market, "how I had to convince her to be the guest of Delhi."his guileful words.
His visit to GH. He lied to buaji that he doesn't have any place to live, so has been staying in hotel.
Payal let her know that he is living in their house as paying guest.
 he tried to coax her so many ways.
bua's reliance on him, "you are our nandkisore."
When Khushi found the saree in the teej day he evaded to answer.
Anjali's waiting for her husband on the teej day.
Shyam warned her to come back early from the mandir on the teej day. cause he needed to reach their to break Anjali's fast.
Bua's proposal for her marriage with shyam. how she praised him as the most eligible groom. 
her engagement with himClapjust brilliant listing!

Then she comes back to the present, the ultimate truth that shyam is Anjali's husband. how she trusts him and considers him as the best husband in the world.

Khushi feels a touch on her shoulder. she turns and sees it's Shyam is there with a gentle smile on his face. How dare he touched Khushi again with his filthy hand.Angry He begs her to listen to his explanation. After so much lies how can she listen to his explanation. She is indignant that after deceiving two families and told so much lies how dare he even talks. He moves forward to touch her arm. Khushi antagonizes him to stay away from her and her family as well. He tries to make her listen to him. But Khushi leaves in hate him!

Shyam stands still in the middle of the road. A truck is coming in high speed towards him. He is pretending to let the truck smash him. Khushi turns to hear the honk. She sees Shyam is giving his life. So our angel Khushi devi runs and saves him. Thank God they didn't show Khushi and Shyam falls on each other on the roadside. Usually it's a very common scene in Hindi movies or soaps that when you saves somebody, you have to be on top or bottom of the person. Anita  mentioned in her take that why Khushi saved him. why didn't she let the truck hit him. I wish if she wouldn't save him. May be,Khushi can't let anybody die in front of her eyes. It doesn't matter how evil can be the person. Or she can't see Anjali as a widow. Whatever Shyam is, the truth is Anjali loves him unconditionally. Clap

"why did you save me? why didn't you let me die. may be it would be my atonement." saala nautanki,Angry starts his drama to mislead her. But Khushi is obdurate. she tells him that there can be no atonement of what he did. he not only deceived her family, but didn't spare his family as well. How cum he cheated a wife like Anjali. How cum he couldn't think of all just once. naniji, mamaji, mamiji all love him so much. her raw anger rises from the dark recesses of her heart like quivering flames of fire.Clap

"I feel suffocated in that house.' the nefarious guy refutes. 
'I saw them how much they care you. don't say more lies to cover your one lie.'
Khushi retorts him immediately.
Shyam tries to put the blame on Anjali, "How do you know what happens between a husband and wife behind the door. Do you know how Anjali behaves with me? " 
Khushi knows he is lying to cover up his guilt.'you are accusing Anjaliji for this? 

"I'm not pointing finger to anybody, I'm telling you the truth."
 He grabs her shoulder vehemently, (how dare he touched Khushi againAngry)  
"tell me if everything is so smooth then being in the same city would I stay in your house leaving all the comfort of shantivan! the love, the affection what I got from your family, never got it from Anjali's family." 
Khushi looks at him, trying to see the reality. He leaves her arm, turns back and starts his drama, 

"it's not necessary that what we see is always true.who knows it better than me, what the love and happiness she shows in front of everybody, are all lies. I know what is the truth and the truth is bitter.I'm not happy with my marriage. Or think, in what situation our marriage happened. I know what was happening was wrong. I couldn't see uncle's condition. I could understand his love, his helplessness,I knew what did he want. then buaji, aunti all forced me so much that I couldn't refuse.I'm a very emotional person. I can't bear anybody's grief, specially, if the people belongs to my family, whom I think of my own.' OMG all lies!

Gosh, what a liar he is. he tried to prevaricate Khushi from the fact that he actually is a insidious, shabby and nefarious man. I never could believe a person can put the blame on some innocent, nice peoples so imprudently.How he delineated anjali just disgusted me.Clapme too!

he pretends to cry, tries to give as much emotions as possible to inveigle her. He starts again, "try to remember, how many times I tried to tell you." 
Khushi remembered that couple of times he wanted to talk to her. 
"I wanted to talk to you about this." he turns his face from her and continues, that he wanted to tell the truth to her several times. But the fear of losing them all refrained him to say the truth.
 "I know it's all my fault. But i lied or deceived you just because of this weakness.I became selfish. I didn't want to lose you and your family's love.Trust me Khushiji, this is the truth.' 

After telling this blunt lie he turns and sees Khushi is already gone. 
I was a bit annoyed on Khushi, that why she stood there for so long, listened to his buckwaas.  She should slapped him one more time, spitted on his face and should leave him long before. AngryAgree!

the expression of his countenance changes gradually. Atrocity replaces the remorse.  he looks at the time, thinks something. Sure concocted some filthy game again.

"phone karu yaa na karu" sheer tension in his voice. Arnav remembered how she broke down on his shoulder. La's timing is always wrong. she intervenes him when he was immersed in tension for Khushi. She is complaining that he is ignoring her, as she wore saree for him. Arnav doesn't have any interest to hear her prattle, "Lavanya where is Khushi? 
"Chmakili already left and bade everybody"
"she was so tensed." 
arnav says in embroilment. He sees Anajli is talking to her husband. When she finishes her call, Arnav comes towards her, asks her worriedly  does she know where is Khushi? Anjali gets surprised to see his concern, cause she already bade bye before leaving. when he sees the two ladies are getting skeptical, to avert their incredulity, he says that, "how cum she left in between the pooja, so much work is she can be so irresponsible!" Clap well done by creators
Anjali calls her to affirm that she is fine.

Arnav senses that la is upset to see his concern for Khushi. He turns slowly, looks at her ruefully and realizes that she is really upset. she leaves frustrated and annoyed. Arnav doesn't go behind her.To know about Khushi is more important now. When Anjali can't reach her phone Arnav gets panicked and tries to call from his phone. But before that Payal calls in Anjali's phone. Arnav gets impatient when he sees that Anjali started to chat with Payal. He asks her to know about Khushi. Anjali beckons him and asks Payal. Payal actually called to know about Khushi. Anjali tells her that she left a while ago and should be reached there by now. She tells her to let her know when she will reach. 

Arnav is in convulsion, he keeps trying her phone, "why khushi is not answering the phone?"
Anjali gets ambiguous to see his tension for Khushi.Clap

credit goes to Priyatnl
Sohara just wonderfully written as always!  Thanks for sharing and my comments are throughout.  I hate Shyam too!  Just love ASR's reveal and realization in these epis of his feelings for Kushi.  Absolutely great GIF on top!

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