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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 51)

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Originally posted by BarunDiwani

Friendly Disclaimer: My words, thoughts  ideas and  edited pics are mine only, please do not copy. You are welcome to use it, but credit accordingly. Thank you!

Episode 136-137: Love ka chakkar (circle of Love)

"Love ka chakkar hai na?" Mamiji's words come a bit later, and were totally meant for a different purpose, but like a bullseye, they his two people. But this chakkar  was seemed to circle theset two from the start of  this meeting of theirs didn't it? 

The moment he stopped her from closing the door by placing his hand   on top of her hand, my heart jumped and skipped a beat.  May have not been on purpose, but it lingered there and she let it linger there. The way she looked at him, It seems that her saans( her breath) ruk gayee (had stopped). Yes he was looking unbelievably dashing today in white and uff the way that key was dangling from his thumb was hot but something much much deeper had pulled her down that well of love, passions and desires with him. Interestingly, it was him who was able to walk away this time while she stood there trying to chase after her breath...rather her dhadkan.

 Khushi was probably careful to keep the tea sugar free, but who needs sugar  where there is so much sweetness inside that love ka chakkar? too bad he spills the tea, but insists on going to kitchen by himself where he knows the chai-wali is alone... and he was surely on her mind too judging the by shaky nerves. 

So cute the way he just stood there and let her frantically clean his white shirt. I doubt anyone else would be allowed such pleasure. *GASP* she ruined it. She offers to clean it up for real this time but he tells her "Stop! I'll do it, tum door hi rahi to acchaa hai" hehe a tiny hint  as to  how his perfectly white shirt of a life has not stayed so after she crash landed into his life...

Then there was that moment where we see him completely melting  when for numerous times now she has jumped to his rescue from other trying to feed him sweets. This time Buaji...even she's is a tad taken back by Sanaka answering for him. He was definitely touched  with her concern over and over.

One of the best  scenes came when Babuji recognized Anjali and came off hysterical when trying to  tell everyone the truth. How Arnav went into a "son-in-law" mode. Her family had so much importance to him, just as his DI and his family had become important to her.  "Mein Dr. ko phone karta hoon" he wanted to fix this situation asap for everyone, for her. Khushi is taking her Babuji back to the room when she struggles to open the door, but  his long slender hand helps her to push is open.

 Their one-ness on full display here. In the room he sees a worried Khushi and ever so sweetly asks again "mein Dr. ko phone karoon?" and even after she said he is fine now he asks "kuchh daviyaan ya kuchh?" Some medicine? she was moved with his willingness to make it all ok. yes this is the same man who never misses a chance to yell/scream/ and give her angry looks all the time, but when she is in distress all he wants to do is make her happy  again...Put the Khushi back in Khushi.  

Wonder if Babuji caught on to the love chakkar, even a gist maybe.

My absolute favorite scene  has to be when everyone seems to demand a meeting with Khushi's fiance except the perfectly displayed body language of one man in the room wanted nothing to do with this meeting...maybe if he never meets this guy, he can just pretend he doesn't exist, oh the thought of seeing Khushi beside this guys is killing him. and whats more is that when she goes to  knock on Shyaam's door, she looks at him and the look he gives her. That pain, that hurt of that moment he found out the significance of that ring was twirling behind those eyes like a tornado and she could feel every bit of the gusts.

And the relief on his face when there was no answer to her knock was priceless!

again she looked back at Arnav  maybe to see his relieved reaction.  uff how do they say so much to each other with their eyes  with so little time? such a short but impactful scene! There is no doubt in my little head that she knows he loves her deeply, madly and he knows she has also fallen for him. They spoke with their eyes here as if all had been confessed before and its only natural for her to turn to him before knocking on her fiance's door  with a worried look and that its only natural for him to give her a killer look, a look that had anger, pain, and  a plea all in one. 

His apology to Payal was also so special. How it must've been bugging him since Payal mentioned that night at the cafe. Seems saying "sorry" has gotten easier for bitwa too! His pure conscious on full display here. Payal was moved by the apology and in turn probably made him feel better. "in a way you saved me Arnav JI" she explained how could she be happy in such a home? and when she  mentioned that its Khushi who continues to blame herself for that night, he quickly defends her "It wasn't her fault, i stopped her from leaving" bringing tears to Khushi's eyes and when he saw all those feelings, thos tears in her eyes, he ran, a part of his koshish to get over her maybe.

But neither could really run when they tried could they?,  DM never allowed it, but today its Khushi who doesn't allow it by taking the air our his tire.  Must mention some of my fav lines from that scene :)

"Crazy aap!" "Crazy you!"

"Kya paana hai"  "what do you want of obtain?" (obtain and tools has the same word in hindi)

"Isse pata nahi bolne ke liye karan ki zarurat kab se padne lagi" "Don't know since when she need a reason to talk"

"Uncle? tum mera mazaak uda rahi ho?" "Uncle, are you making fun of me?"

Her little sweet prayer for her man, "DM, iss tyre par kripa karna, aur yeh tire bas chalta jaaye aur chalta jaaye" (DM, bless this tire and hope this tire just keeps going and going)

and the one to take the cake and deadwa all phanguls..

"Khushi"  serious music in the air "Tire badal ne ke liye "thank you"...mein bhi nahi bolunga"ROFL

"Khushi,  for changing the tire,thank you... even i won' t say it"



lovely written 

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 Episode 143


For the Sake of Others

Anjali says to Kushi that hiding this for others happiness is a great thing and she really admires Kushi for it.  She knows she is unhappy about her broken alliance but her courage to put on a false face of happiness for the love of others is great.  Little does Anjali know it is for her sake that she is mum.  Anjali says she nearly fainted when her nuptial chain broke so she understands Kushi's hurt.  Kushi says she must go home and she can continue the work from there.  Anjali understands and says she can leave.  But as she is leaving Anjali asks if there was something else she wanted to say.

For the sake of others she will remain quiet.

"Yes, yes, your husband is a creep.  He is a cheat!"  That is what she would like to tell her but Kushi's heart is too soft for Anjali.  She doesn't want to hurt her since she already is upset about her mangulsutra.  She again lies and asks about the sweets.

At the GH the women are all bundled up and worried about Kushi, she hasn't come home yet.  Kushi walks in and is bombarded by the question, "what did she say?"

Anjali is still in tears.  Shyam comes and thinks Kushi has told Anjali.  He is on tiptoes in front of his wife and HP has told him that his wife has been upset since Kushi left.  Anjali is talking about broken relationships and she just can't believe it.  Relationships are like sand slipping through fingers.  He goes to apologize and she hugs him asking why everyone can't have what they have and be like them.  He is shocked and asks her who is talking about and she then realizes she promised Kushi not to say anything and fibs.  Preparing for both engagements overwhelms her; Shyam hugs her and with a snide smile tells her she shouldn't worry about silly issues.  He now knows Kushi did not reveal his true identity.

For the sake of others she will remain quiet.

In the GH, Kushi reveals to the family that she could not tell Anjali the truth.  They want to know why.  Everyone is upset and Buaji even wants to cut him into pieces! Kushi says this is her decision.  Anjali will not be able to bear it; she will break down for she treats her husband as God.  Buaji says even more so to reveal his reality.  Kushi insists that she can not hurt Anjali.  Her alliance is already broken why break others, she asks.  Maybe Shyam will change and learn to love and accept Anjali's love with time, if she tells her this will not be able to occur.  Kushi also feels that her sister is happy, Akash loves her very much, she can't see that relationship break too.

BUT, my question is if she didn't want to hurt Anjali then why not tell her?  Did it not hurt her because she didn't reveal this slimy, sneaky, creepy cheat?

For the sake of others she will remain quiet.

Payal doesn't agree with Kushi but Garima insists that Kushi is right.  They will protect their relationships.  Buaji in one of her sweet moments says to Kushi that she has matured and praises her for taking a decision that the elders couldn't make.

For the sake of others she will remain quiet.

Payal and Kushi are readying for bed.  Payal is still upset and Kushi is trying to cheer her up and says to her forget what happened.    She places the sari over her head and tells her she will look beautiful and think about tomorrow.  She teases her, tomorrow the engagement and then the wedding and then'.she gives her a wink and Payal blushes and hits Kushi.  Ohhh, Kushi says what did you think I meant?  "Tell me, tell me'" as she is tickling her and they wind up in an embrace with Payal all smiles.  The phone rings and Payal goes to answer it, it is Akash.  The two of them are the cutest things, they are so embarrassed and blushing they can't even complete a sentence.  Kushi grabs the phone and is taunting him and he can't speak, as Arnav is walking down the stairs he hands him the phone and all frustrated he walks away.

Kuyshi continues to talk, unbeknownst to her, Arnav.  Kushi says to him that he talks so sweetly making her sister blush,not like his brother, Arnav .  Arnav then answers her that he can't believe she doesn't know it is he she is talking too and hangs up on her.  Cute scene.

Filler scene: Anjali gives Shyam the kurta to give to Akash he walks away, Akash come up from behind asking about the shirt.  Oh, confusion, so much to do.  Naniji comes up to Akash who is in LaLa Land with a silly grin on his face.

At the GH, Buaji calls for everybody and Payal walks out looking dazzling from her room.  Every one feels blessed.  Kushi is in her room asking DM to bless her and her decision to remain quiet and that all should run smoothly.  She asks for blessing for Akash and Payal and they be happy together. Buaji calls her. She comes back to DM and says she forgot to ask blessings for Arnav and Lavanya although there is sadness when she says those words.

ASR enters Lavanya's room.  She is packed, the closet empty, ready to leave.  He asks her if she is leaving.

For the sake of others she has remained quiet.

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Originally posted by viv04

Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by viv04

Epi 139
Amazing themed review laced with apt beautiful quotes. That's a mini book in itself, so much to dive in. The ever resonating Khushi sequence so perfectly put into words. Her sense of belongingness, his every fiber screaming of protection, care and concern as if she is a day old newborn in his arms. Enjoyed!

<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="2">
hey viv,

long time... Embarrassed thanks o much. love you "enjoyed!" all good?</font>

Would like to catch up on more, but can't. Did manage to read your comments for IssPkaur. It reminded me of another post in last thread which I wanted to comment, but could not. A's greatest contribution to K was the gift of equal rights and freedom. She was finally in a relationship which was not bound by responsibilities, demands and expectations. He wanted her to smile for herself. I am glad at least the CVs showed him balancing work, family and his love in the few epis when Shyam was kicked out and Anji was mourning. Another good thing, we could always feel ASR's psychological arousal by K and his acknowledgement and pride for her intellect as you have mentioned.

There was so much about ASR that was not visible but just to be felt and hence subject to individual interpretation which in turn depends on the viewer's age, their understanding of longterm commited relationships and life experiences. The beauty of it is that it allowed us to personally connect with the character. The ugly side, the huge misinterpretation for same reasons. The fierce romantic in A, not only woke up the woman in A, but in all the viewers world wide.
On the contrary K's contribution to A were visible for everyone. Great write up there.

viv Embarrassed

i saw that above and couldn't help but yell with joy... that invisible but completely palpable asr and its effect, its validity, its beauty...

ok, pasting here a part of a previous conversation arshi and i had in #12 extension. you might like...

and i do wish you'd write your thoughts some more... always so good to read.

arshi, Big smile

our discussion about khushi connecting her feelings to pyaar...

i agree with you 100 that she had no real understanding of the word pyaar or the extent of its demands and delights. which is why i said, it was too soon for her to grasp the implications and assimilate them... but unlike asr, who was far far far away from the word "love," khushi had instinctively connected her feelings to "love" albeit a young girl's notion of it. that's all.

it was really interesting to see how she never went to that word again after the blow of diwali night, when her heart was ripping... in 129 she said the word, heart break... for her, he was always a person who reached her heart, even if to break it and even when the word love was not clearly stated. ufff, that's writing and insight.

even her soliloquy during kidnap does not have the word "pyaar" just a feeling that says let me live. 

all of us have to examine our initial perception of a thing i guess. certainly, of love. happily, in it there's everything you ever imagined about it, and even those you didn't. but to start with a young girl's romantic silly notion of love is a good thing in many ways... there's a funny power in it... or so i feel.

khushi began to understand the mysteries of life when she entered her feelings about him (i am repeating myself hyuk)... i always read about how much she did for asr, and she helped him release himself and evolve. some even believe she helped him change. yes, her impact on his life and his persona was huge.

equally, was his on hers. it was after feeling things she did about him, that she began to touch the woman lying dormant in her... she had to come out of the "safe" limits. go way beyond her comfort zone, and that helped her grow immensely. plus, in this whole wide world, this was her first relationship where she had complete "haq." where she was an equal, and no one had done her a favour or kept her out of a sense of generosity or duty... an orphan brought up by others may have these feelings, maybe that's why she tried so hard and loved her fam so much. but with asr she is his equal and has a  right over him, as he over her. i liked that. i loved him saying.. huq hai tumhara... mujh pe. that is terribly loving and empowering. he seemed to wipe away all her tears about not being someone's own, by making him hers and saying it his way. 

sorry for digressing. just sharing. i know you go deep into ipk, trying to read what's in it... so do i. maybe i get it wrong, but this is how i feel. i do believe asr's contribution to khushi's life and life journey is not discussed enough... it was subtly portrayed, but it was so much there. in fact that is why she says what she does about her not understanding love if he hadn't come. i so wish we see a bit more of their journey with each other. 

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Originally posted by sohara



Parallel scene, two soul mates who are destined to be together, one is in the edge to break a coerced relationship, other  one is declaring her already broken alliance. One is in contrition to break his to be fiance's heart. Where his soul mate is convulsing to reveal the secret of the reason, why it called off.  the episode was intense and somehow melancholic,  but at the same time it heralded the alliance of another couple who are made for each other. Destiny has to unite this soul mates now. 

this lines are heart winning


"What am I doing?" He asks himself. He recollects how he ignored Lavanya's feelings. When she asked him, "don't you love me". He refuted in anger, no, he doesn't love her. His contrition is very visible in his countenance, "I didn't do right to Lavanya." He mutters himself, clutches his fist in compunction, he can't do knavery with her.

 first time arnav seem to understand someone about him and khushi

Arnav sees Khushi came to RM, still looks forlorn. He stands for a while to look at her. He thought something. What did he think? May be  he got more determined  to tell Lavanya the truth.


Anjali is looking delectable, she  comes to talk to Khushi. Khushi's tension pulsates more  to see her, she grabs the strap of her bag to get some courage.

"I tried to call you for so long. Did you forget there will be two engagement take place in this house?"

She notices Khsuhi's woebegone state. .Anjali asks her, is everything alright, why she is looking so pale? Khushi says that she wants to say her something. But can't speak further,  cause Anjali's mangalsutra (nuptial chain) tears while she was fixing it. But Khushi doesn't let it fall, she just catches it before it hits the ground. It  sure indicates that Anjlai's marriage is now on Khushi's hand. If she reveals Shyam's truth, her marriage can break, like the mangalsutra.


Anjali gets frightened  in premonition. She thinks it's a omen  and gets scared if her husband is fine or not. She can't live without him. (Your husband is absolutely fine Anjali, but your marriage is  at stake for sure.) She runs in front of the DM idle to pray for his life and safety.


Khushi comes to console her. How can she tell her the truth now, where she is seeing how much she loves her husband!  Anjali is crying clutching her mangalsutra close to her heart. Khushi assures her that nothing happened, everything is fine, her husband and her marriage as well. She tells her not to cry. she thinks no wrong has happened and she promises she will not let any wrong to happen. I'm surprised how cum Anjali didn't see her words strange or fishy. Did she ever thought why Khushi is promising to protect her marriage?  Dumb lady, sometimes avert your thought from your blind love and think practically.

"hum inke bina kuch nahi hai Khushi ji, agar inka kuch hogaya to (I'm nothing without him. If anything happens to him, let me go and call)"

Her voice is quivering in fear. Anjali's words put Khushi in quandary again.


Arnav comes to La's room. He can't linger this issue any more. To see him La gets scared in anticipation. She sure suspected something wrong. She starts to blabber unnecessarily. So many work has to get done in such a short time! She gets two tone of fabric for his suit, what color will suit to him, classic black or charcoal grey! Your eyes she stopped. She knows how beautiful  those caramel orbs are!. She thinks charcoal grey will look good with it. She doesn't let Arnav talk, just keep talking, needs to go to parlor, she goes on, avoiding eye contact with him.


Arnav keeps his hand on her shoulder, "Lavanya, I need to talk to you."

She gets scared again. She is not ready to hear the brutal truth. She clutches the dress (I think it's her engagement outfit, she just doesn't want to let it go) She  denies to listen, 'no you don't have to ASR."

Plz Lavanya, ASR pleas in acquissence..


Khushi sees Anjali is talking to the pandit about some braat and pooja. She thanks God that her husband is safe. She tells her that she wants to perform a special pooja for her husband's safety.

Pause: Oh Gosh how superstitious Anjali is!Or how much she loves that atrocious man. Kash he could value her love. That wicked man doesn't deserve her immense love though.


Finally Anjali notices Khushi's tension, She asks her what's wrong, she apologizes to get distracted because of the mangalsutra. She reminds her that she wanted to talk to her about something. Khushi fidgets, touches her dupatta, tries to gather some courage. Anjali notices that her ring is missing. After hesitating a bit, Khushi tells her that her engagement broke.

Anjali gets flabbergasted to hear it. She asks her how did it happen? how the alliance broke and how did she make such big decision?

"How did it happen?"

She knows she is intruding her personal matter, but she needs to know. Wher she is feeling so bad,  Khushi must be feeling worse. She tells her that nani will also feel bad for her. She knows how much nani loves her. Hearing nani, something strikes in Khushi's mind.


Arnav wants to talk to Lavanya. La doesn't want to hear anything. She is too amorous to Arnav.

 "plz ASR don't say anything."

Tears well up in her eyes.

Arnav touches her cheek,

"Lavanya what you feel for me, I don't feel same like you. May be never did. And now."

His voice quivers.

"now can't lie to you any more. in fact, can't insult you more by telling you more lies, not for me, but for you. I mean, hum dono (both of us) Lavanya you and me, this."

He can't finish, La grabs his hand

"I know ASR.I thought you would say this to me. I perhaps felt it before, somehow it was my fear that our relationship would end like this. You know, without any."

They turn back from each other,

"I knew, perhaps didn't  want to accept it. Kept telling lie to myself, All the time. That much of lies, that those lies seemed real to me. I know you wouldn't like it. But for the last time, for once can you hug me?"
She is crying incessantly. Arnav's memory, whatever she got from him is indelible for her. I felt a pang of pain for her that she feels  he doesn't even like to hug her.

Contrition is visible in his expression. They turn to face each other gradually. For the first time Arnav took Lavanya in a warm embrace. His compunction is killing him to hurt her like this.

Pause:  Sana disappointed me in this scene. She couldn't emote the intensity.


Asr begs her an ardent apology.


"khuch sawalo ki jwab nahi hote. It's funny, na ASR, Jaise hum logo achanak engagement ki, mujhe kaise  pata chala ki kuch theek nahi.Tumhe kaise realize hua, ki tum mujhe itna pyaar nehi karta, jo mein tumhe karta hoon.

Translation" there is no answer of some questions. It's funny, how we suddenly got engaged, how did I find out that something is wrong. How did you realize that you don't love me the way I do."

Arnav keeps his hand on her shoulder to stop her. He can't hear any more. He agitates to see her incessant cry.

"are you OK?' he asks her in a soft tender tone, modulate his voice more husky. He is really concern for her. He thinks they should tell it to the family and tell it together.

La's expression confused me. Any way she doesn't want Arnav to tell everybody about their break up.

Again Sana couldn't emote properly.


"sabko dukh pauchake hume kiya milega. What I'll get by hurting all. Plz anjali ji by mistake, don't say to anybody about my broken alliance. Moreover jij and Akash's engagement is a very big day for both of the family."

A very sensible decision of a very mature girl.

"what about your pain? You know what are you asking  me to do".

Anjali is ambiguous.


In the parallel scene, La is also saying the same thing to Arnav. she thinks it's not the right time to reveal this. Everybody is so happy. Mamiji agreed for Akash and Payal's marraige after so much difficulties. If sh ecomes to know about their break up, it may affect Akash and Payal's engagement. She doesn't want that,  because of her, nani and di get upset.

Arnav smiles in satiation to see her sensibility.

"I can't believe this that you are so concern for  my family."

Arnav cares her cheek again,'I respect you for this."

La can't control her emotions, she again hugs him.

"you respect me, but love!"
She breaks the hug, wipes her tears and says sorry.

(Jhappiya-shappiya lele Sana, that's your farewell treat. That time Sana was leaving the show to participate Ms. India pageant.)

La doesn't want Arnav to feel guilty about this matter. "I mean it"

She wipes her tears,

So it's decided that  we will not gonna say it to anybody."

Arnav convulses to hear her.


La didn't retaliate. She even didn't want to put the blame on ASR. She acted like a connoisseur here. I salute La for not being vindictive or nasty. She just accepted the fact. She knows Arnav is not to blame. From the very beginning  he was very clear about their relationship. He never made any commitment to her. To avert his feelings from Khushi, Arnav took the abrupt  decision to marry her. Lavanya is a grown up, matured woman. It was literally impossible to ignore Aranv's reluctance to her. So she finally admitted that she ignored the fact and kept telling lie to herself. But Arnav came to break up the relationship first. In this case I have to say that Arnav's love won. The enormity of  his love for Khushi compelled him to break La's heart. He thought it rightfully, that he is not only deceiving himself but deceiving La too. Some may think that Arnav deceiveded La. But if he would marry her, he  would deceive her and him as well.

Arnav just accepted his feelings for Khushi by rejecting Lavanya.

credit goes to the uploader



and just love how you depicted
it was so sad episode 
and the vm although i not listen english song 
but here it was best 

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Originally posted by supriya.arshi

Re-run Promo 2

you'll end up havin gossebumps Embarrassed i loved it

Credit : khushix Uploader

goosebumps, supriya... heart thudding. thank you.

but a little sad too... when did ipk become just an eternal love story... where is its "like nothing else-ness." where is nafrat paas aane na de mohabbat door jaane na de...?

i miss that.

i wonder how much the new audiences would miss out because those powerful promos were not the first things they saw...

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha


Thnx for sharing Katlyn's work but where is she ,I hope everything is fine.Plz do share...
She is on vacation!!!, relaxation,
does anyone know how that feels?

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Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by supriya.arshi

Re-run Promo 2

you'll end up havin gossebumps Embarrassed i loved it

Credit : khushix Uploader

goosebumps, supriya... heart thudding. thank you.

but a little sad too... when did ipk become just an eternal love story... where is its "like nothing else-ness." where is nafrat paas aane na de mohabbat door jaane na de...?

i miss that.

i wonder how much the new audiences would miss out because those powerful promos were not the first things they saw...

wow thanks supriya 
i always dreamed 
ipkknd in this song 
cant wait

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Originally posted by indi52


beautiful 142. writing from phone, can't format, so not quoting. really touching your whole take. it is as you say one of the saddest and sweetest moments of ipk... asr and la breaking up what never ever was. but it did give him the chance to feel his heart.

in hindi tv at least such a relationship or such a scene has never been shown. the sheer contemporariness of it and all the real feelings around such a moment... fascinating.

yes respect, but love? got to give it to la, and her writer.

these are as much reasons that everyone wants to see ipk again.

your feelings for khushi are equally lovely. what a spot she's in.

thanks... your take helps me think through mine.

i wonder why we give such a faraq for this show. must be be ause we're a in it somewhere.
Indi, thank you.  My heart is with this show.  
I am just so sad that they have dubbed it in English rather they kept it with his voice and kept the subtitles.  On top of it all I can't watch it because of the channel it is on and I am not changing my carrier.  Why, oh, why don't they put it on star plus.  The higher ups are foolish.  Time to email them again.
Anyway. loved 142 but truly was insightful.  Many different emotions flying around.  I felt La's hurt and the revelation for him...UFFF!!! Amazing show.  

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cinthiann's index from blast from the past thread

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Article: ASR's Past Connecting To Khushi's Past

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