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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 46)

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first thobda

then backwa

really we do need to get a life. hyuk. think the airconditioner guys could sell us one? LOL

you're a funny girl, teacher ji.

achha, you will agree thorough knowledge is important. which is what we are trying to gain. after all, we are all trying hard to earn a phd in ipk.

ok, maybe we should now ficus on some other body part Embarrassed i am not scared of mehnat, hard work is my forte... ha ha ha i just fell of the chair arshi your post was the best ever. thobda needs you and your jhatkas.

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 Epi 135

Arnav tries to speak and Mami tells him to full stop and there is no need to be filmy (she got a point, filmy lines sound weird from him he is more a straight to the point kind of guy).
Thumbs Up

he also says that due to her background she did not get acceptance till the date (you can see that nani is hurt by that comment).- yeah ...Mami knws tht it isn true...nd she still falsely accuses Nani...i hated tht!!!

ASR says that he will handle his ways to which Khushi this is not business deal and he says that practicality money and power is every solution to everything (the business man in him is showing. they both have a point, if the person was like Anjali and payal then yeah talking with feelings makes sense but if you are going to talk to a person like mami ji who loves money then arnav's way works)..- Truly well said Clap

Mama says let her go she will come back soon she is doing nautanki (did I mention how awesome he is)
- Smile yeah he knws his wife better than any one else

He tells him to think from businessman's POV and to see where she has profit (no wonder he is a good business man).
- i swear Wink

Mami tells that she accepts PayAsh but the marriage will be according to her (that is a scary thought).LOL - but the Raizada's will take tht nd run Tongue

Nani says that when mami can agree to this relationship then they can't joke with him and he leaves from there made but when he understand it he comes back and goes to mami and thanks her (she did not do you out of her son's happiness she did this for her benefit, too bad they don't know this). - Haha...Big smile loved the way u said it


Shyam comes there and asks  where did she  go without telling telling anyone (okay first of all he is not her husband yet to be talking to her in that tone and second of all he has no right too, I guess his true self comes out now because he cannot act that way with the raizadas) - i swear...Angry i just wanted to squash him then nd thr!!!!

Than Garima says Sky and she tells them to think more and Bua ji guess heaven and asked who died (I was dying of laughter)ROFL - yeah tht was hilarious

She sees the raizadas coming and shows payal that scene outside the window. Payal gets nervous (she always things the worst is going to happen, she is the opposite of khushi).
Thumbs Up

Khuhsi brings Payal, who is nervous because she things they are here to complain about her (if they were to complain about her I don't think they would come in person with gifts, they could do that over the phone).LOL

Anjali says he is busy in some work and she tried calling him (I am convinced he does not work he just goes between two houses day and night)Tongue - of course he doesn find the need to work...his wife is a money bank...or rather his Brother in law is!!!

ASR keeps his hand on her hand to stop her and he enters in (khushi felt something with that touch for sure, she made a face like a pleasantly surprised one).Embarrassed - i think every cell in her body got alerted to his touch

He asks her for napkin and khushi freaks out and she drop some stuff (that hand touch must have affected her, she is acting like a person who is near their crush trying not to act like a fool but in return is).- lol so true

what happens after marriage she treats payal badly (I fear the same thing but mami ji is all words and not action) and nani drops in (the raizada clan are ninja they all have the skill to appear out of nowhere undetectedROFL).- Awesome Clap...really love your snide comments

she says that she is hard from outside but she is good by heart and they will take care for her (that is true I guess, but it is hard to believe sometimes, she can do anything for her family if they are insulted) Thumbs Up

khushi comes there saying that he cannot eat sweets (arnav is shocked that she remember, he was touched by her caring nature, but serious where is lavanya, she should have came). - Lavanya isn't yet officially family...nd this is a private matter


he asked if he should get his medicines. Khushi said no as well and aranv leaves from there (he is a good damaad in the making, khushi is touched by his gestures for her dad).- Yeah he does care towards her...only shows it rarely

bua ji is like he must have left from the back (yeah he has some work to do, it is not to get caught by his sasural, and I love when shyam was mentioned arnav faces was like great he is hear).- yeah Arnav's face truly worth a watch Wink

Payal and khushi hug and arnav sees this from the window and he is smiling (he must feel better that he redeemed himself in his eyes about fixing payal's wedding, and he likes it when khushi is happy).- well said Smile

Khushi hears this and is all teary eyes (this man keeps amazing her, and me too).Thumbs Up

Arnav was getting embarrassed and was like so what (aaawww his ego is bruised).LOL

Khushi said not to bother uncle, arnav was like uncle are you making fun of me (again his ego was hurt, his lady love called him uncle, and he is young on the outside but old at heart). Khushi changes the tire and arnav watches her with a slight smile (like look at my lady changing the tire, she is something elseClap).- aw loved wat you said in the brackets Big smile

The episode ends with khushi's shocked face (well what did you expect arnav not get the last word, he always does).


Bua ji wonders where Shyam has disappeared to again (she should be used to that by now).- true

He takes off Khushi's engagement ring and throws it away leaving Payal and Khushi shocked/confused (get the hint).- i swear...i wanted Khushi understand wat her father is sayin!!!

Khushi asks Shyam how he knows (yay her brain is working).

Shyam says he would've loved to meet them (I bet he would). Shyam gets relieved as it is confirmed that the Guptas aren't coming (too bad he does not know khushi is coming).
Evil Smile

Khushi on the other line is like where have I heard Rani Sahiba before and goes into thinking mode again (I am loving this).
- me too Smile

Anjali says with him around, everything will be fine (I want to puke at their so called "love", it is diabetically sweet and fake
sick.gif).- so true

She unknowingly walks in Arnav's room and is very lost and confused (I love how everytime she is confused she ends up infront of his room, it is like she needs his advice and he is the only person she can really trust, she tells him everything unknowingly).
- really well said Clap


She is super distracted so La has to nudge her to concentrate (that is a first, it should be khushi doing that, khushi did a great job training la) - La has willingly learnt everythin Smile

Khushi tells her that she will call Shyam (good that will be her chance to see who her husband and is and clear her doubts).
Thumbs Up

Khushi is walking through the of RM remembering all the times Shyam had acted suspicious and the times she'd missed seeing Anjali's husband (I am doing the mental jig right now, I am so excited that she is putting two and two together). - same here...i was completely cheerin for her to get the conclusion soon

She also remembers Shyam's agitated attitude at her working in the RM and the fact that her fianc and Anjali's husband share the same name (someone's baati is going off). And of course, all the 'Rani Sahiba moments And she understands what Shashi must be trying to say all those times he got restless (BINGO).

or else he will not do the pension case for free (when does he have time to work on her case he is too busy making a fool out of the raizadas and the guptas, and doing a case for free to everyone is counterproductive, no wonder he always needs to take money from his wife). - well said

She recalls again how she was forced to get engaged to Shyam and correctly analyses Shashi's expressions this time (High Five)highfive.gif

(finally he got what he deserved, you go girl)boogie.gif

throws it at his face and looks at him with anger (some kali ma anger is showing, it is intense)
- i swear really loved her angry face!!!!

La is pleasantly surprised and tells him he's never been this nice to her, arnav makes a face like how do I respond to that, so am I (how can she stay with a man that is not nice to her, but I guess he realized that he is good at heart and now she is not with him for money, she genuinely loves him and understands the anger is part of him). Thumbs Up

He asks her if there's a problem with her fianc (I love how he guess that, I guess he had this feeling that her fianc is not the right man for her and he is cheap like the bracelet he gave her). Khushi immediately lifts her head up to face him and he realizes he is right. He asks her what did he do, did he try to hurt her? (If khushi told him, he would have beaten him up; he seems super possessive of her right now)
- i soo would love to see Arnav beat the death of would be the perfect vengeance


she doesn't tell him anything because she fears that he might no believe her and do something out of rage (I added that bit but I think that is why) -
i think she was more scared tht it might hurt him more than any1 seein his sister;s life once again fall apart...nd she could nvr destroy him tht way

and she runs from there leaving behind a confused arnav. Arnav follows her (aaawww he is really concerned for her).
- i love to see his concern for her Smile

he is the world's best husband
sick.gifand he always does not stay at home but always remain in her heart (khushi looks at her and probably is thinking I know where he is when he is not at home, and him staying in her heart, I sensed pity for anjali and disgust for shyam from khushi's expression)Thumbs Up

Khushi is really upset and ASR can see that she has some tensions and is wondering why (at one point he even looked at shyam and back at khushi, wondering what is up with that, why is khushi tense seeing shyam, but his Harvard brainwa is not putting the two together right now).- i swear...on the terrace scene i just soo badly wished for once he would not believe wat shyam said nd would go confront Khushi..nd recall all this

Mamiji says that damadji remain in heart of all (he sounds like a disney character) ROFL

(I guess his brake was not working to stop) and she saves him on time ( I still don't know he was literally that lost that he did not hear the horn and move or was he just pretending because he knew the goodness in khushi would save him, I like to believe the second one) - i so wish Khushi had let him die...every1 would live in peace!!!!!

She tells him that not to blame someone else for his own mistake (you go girl)

He could not handle the condition of shashi and the way he looked at him helplessly (I wish khushi finds out that he caused her dad to be like that) - she herself would push him under the truck!!!

La sees him worried for Khushi (her dream world is slowly crashing down) Unhappy

Arnav gets more worried (awww he is hoping she does not do something stupid since her ficancee hurt her) and he calls her but her phone is switch off and he is wondering where she can go.

Anita...i really loved your snide comments nd thanks for sharin those episode Gifs Smile


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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

For the thread # 13.
Opening page is amazing usually brilliant effort by Indi and Durga

@DurgaStar for the opening lines

The wily man is spared, with just a warning that he's got
A couple gets engaged, while another does not
A heartbroken girl wins a million hearts
As she leaves, to give the lovers an open path
Enters NK and creates a shaky confusion
A coctail party is coming up, with a desi intrusion

@IndiStar What a write up for La and excellent I luv u Dammit!

poignantly and uff too good-ly, her "kyunki pyaar sabse bada hota hai" connected with the five most incredible words shouted out one night on an inflamed terrace. when khushi asked if customs, traditions, wedding rituals, nothing means anything, "toh phir aap hi hume bataiye kis cheez ka koi matlab hai?" what h
as any meaning, you tell me. and he did, "that i love you, dammit."

@Supriya StarLovely collages as usually...all emotional ones...full of expressions

@wiwy hot and cold together is not good for health Ms RiddlerStar

@samin StarI've read yours already yet just read it again.

@Cynthia,Ami, sohara,Anita,chahlou,Horizon,sigrid,goofy,IsPKaur,Sabrina,Arshig,
Rebecca,Ipoona, all silent and active visitors 

La's words are indeed a notion of this ,Thnx to Indi for reminding 

Arshi, lovely post. Smile 
#13 cleans and purifies to restart! We are just doing that, took a breather and started the episodes again. Big smile And there's going to be IPK reruns, too! Smile 
Thank you for giving star for my lines. Embarrassed Wish I could show the stars I get for my work to my daughter, she keeps showing her stars she gets in her notebooks from her teachers. LOL 
Thanks for the video clip, dammit. I love that scene. First time it was shown, I too was wide-eyed with mouth open, just like Khushi,  as soon as he said that, couldn't believe he finally let it out. Was surprised at my own reaction. LOL 

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Hi all,
Just posting this link here, in case anyone hasn't read them.
New rules and guidelines for a better forum

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 Arnav's heart lurched painfully for Khushi. A sharp dart of pain ran through his heart.

"mein aisi hi ho Khushi, mein koi chees jaan bujhkar nahi karta Khushi. But I regret later.I do (I'm like that Khushi, I don't do anything deliberately,)" 

His contrition, what  was buried inside his heart now came out involuntarily to Lavanya. Arnav again expressed his inner feelings to La, what he meant for Khushi. Like the way he said sorry to her after humiliated her or completed the hug with La what he couldn't give it to Khushi. Why he is in so much convulsion? Just because she was pensive and distraught or he could feel her inner turmoil. I think both. Only a soulmate can feel so strongly for each other. I want to use the term mehsoos in this scenario.. His mehsoos for her is compelling him to think about her, to get worry for her and unknowingly made him apologize to her, though the person was wrong in the spur of the moment.

 Bua is cursing Khushi for being late. Accusing her to be irresponsible. To pacify her,Payal again tries her number. The door opens in the Gupta house.Who came? Is it Khushi or somebody else.

PAUSE: I'm just flummoxed to see bua's insensibility. How cum she can curse the girl who is trying so hard to fulfill the needs of their family. - i agree...buaji has really no thoughtfulness towards Khushi

 Khushi went to mandir to find the solution of the problem. Her mind is still tempestuous. She is seeking help to DM to guide her, what she can do, tell Anjali about Shyam or not. She ignores her phone call and decides that she must tell it to her. At the same time, she thinks if she tells her she will be shattered and her marriage can be at stake. Or moreover what will be the consequence of  Akash and Payal's fate!.She is whirling in the labyrinth of the situation. Her phone rings again. But she ignores it. She again beseeches to DM to help her. The incessant phone rings makes her to answer the call now.

 "don't you ever, ever do this to me again, do you know how many times I tried to call you? Why didn't you receive the phone? How worried I was" 

His possessiveness is very evident in his imperative tone. It proves again that he thinks he owns KhushiEmbarrassed. When he hears no answer from the other side, he mellows down his tone, 

"Khushi, talk to me, where are you? are you alright?" 

I just loved the way Barun modulated his voice from anger, to concern. It was amusing, how he pronounced the word Khushi with so much care and loveClap. She replies, - yeah seriously the tone was perfectly acted by Barun...yeah loved the way he softly calls her Khushi

"I'm absolutely fine. I'm in the mandir, you don't have to be worry." 

He snatches her words, tries to cover his wariness. No way he can show her his caring, he has to maintain the faade of  brutality.

"I'm not worried, I mean, so much work is pending, how can you leave?" 

She says sternly, "I had to go, see I'll talk to you later." She cuts the call.

 Arnav frowns in embroilment. Kash he could say what is in his mind. La eavesdrops his conversation with Khushi. She gets incredulous.

 A forlorn Khushi hobbles slowly immersed in thought. When she entered the courtyard of their house, Bua I guess saw her coming. She calls her,

"Khushi bitiya come fast inside." 

When she comes inside the house, she feels the tension. Shyam brings her dad in their living room. So the atrocious man is already here, to defend himself. His audacity just surprised me. After doing so much mayhem, how dare he came to the house! Babuji is agitating. Payal moves to him and snatches the wheelchair from him. Shyam is looking at everybody ruefully, all are fake though. Bua is fuming in fury. Shyam starts to speak, - i swear i wanted to strangle him...he so much guts to enter their nd talk to them...lik he isnt at blood was boiling...especially in the previous episode wher he held her to make his point...i wanted to throw him under the truck

"buaji, now Khushiji also came." 

Shyam's words just added fuel in fire,

"Buaji?  how dare you call me that. Not only calling me buaji, but you lost all your right from this house. How much respect and love I had for you, you lost it all." 

Shyam turns to Khushi, tries to speak. Khushi knows what does he wants to say, 

"So you told the truth. What do you think, after knowing the truth Buaji will forgive you? After knowing such a big revelation, how can we forgive you?" Bua aggravates more,  "forgiveness, If I could I would kill you." - wish she did!!!!

Bua in contrition, "Oh God, how my eyes couldn't see the reality! How could I keep him in our house? Sashi relied on me so much!" 

She gets more exasperated, she moves towards him and lacerates him, 

"you hypocrite, being a married person, how cum you did engagement with our daughter? You will be cursed." 

Khushi retorts, "Why to talk about the relationship what does not exist any more?" 

Shyam tries to equivocate that he did wrong, but he wants to tell the full story. Khushi stops him and refuses to listen to him any more and tells him tersely that she will tell Anjali everything tomorrow.  Babuji is convulsing, if he could he would beat him black and blue. Shyam is fuming inwardly, flaring his nose in angerCensored, but tries to control himself and admits that what Khushi is saying is true. He again tries to beguile them. He says, they should think before revealing the truth. He hits the nail at the right point. He brings Akash and Payla's marriage  here. he pretends to be the well wisher of the family and says that Because of him, he doesn't want any more harm to happen Angry. He once again tries to enmesh them by his beguile. He wants to assure them that Payal's marriage should not break this time. He indirectly admonishes them not to reveal the secret to the Raizada family. The Gupta family get amibiguous in premonition.. Shyam begs them an apology ardently. when he bade namastey to babuji, he gave him an atrocious look. Before leaving the house he smiles roguishly, what gave me a slithery feelings.Monkey Icon

 Bua sits down in the chair, frustrated, she is cursing their fate. Amma perturbs thinking about Payal's fate."What will happen to you Payal bitiya, I can't do this"

Gosh what kind of people they are! How cum they become so insouciant to Khushi. They don't have any sympathy for the girl who just got a tremendous deception! They played games with her life, coerced her to an engagement against her will. I still remember how she cursed her, emotionally black mailed her to agree for the marriage. Now because them when she is distraught,  they are thinking about Payal's marriage!. Why this discrimination?. I  can't keep my tears for  Khushi. No wonder why she is so strong. The incessant indifference of their family made this orphan girl strong and patient.- i swear...i really din lik Payal's mom behaviour was really discriminating!!!!

 Khushi comes to amma to make her understand that it won't be right to keep Anjali in dark. "To get jiji married, shall we break the trust of the family?" 

When she can't make her understand she turns to bua, asks her is she doing any wrong? Amma is obdurate, she is not ready to listen to anythingAngry. She can't let anything happens to Payal. She scares after telling them the truth, if the relationship breaks! Payal snatches her words and says in volition that let it break then. She tries to make her understand, that Khushi is right, a relationship can never built in the base of lie. It's better that it should break. She turns to babuji and asks him that they can't deceive the Raizada family like that. Babuji also beckons yes. Payal asks bua too, is she wrong? Bua comes to her affirms her that she is not wrong. When bua sees Khushi's depressed state she comes near her and tells her that she is also not wrong. She tells her to go tomorrow and tell Anjali everything clearly. She adds that there is nothing important than truth and virtue. She assures her that they all are with her.. Babuji also nods his head. Only babuji loves Khushi like his own daughter in the family. But poor girl, also deprived from his love because of that devil.

 Payal brings water for Khushi. When she was leaving Khushi holds her hand and apologizes to her, she thinks, because of her , her marriage is in jeopardy again. With teary eyes she wants to know, how can she keeps this secret from Anjali, 

"I never could think that my life would take this turn." 

Payal takes her sister in a warm embrace, 'Stop it Khushi, it's not your fault." She wipes her tears. Khushi believes that Akash is a very nice guy and when he will know, he will not back off. Payal doesn't care if anybody back off or not, if it makes any difference or not, the truth should prevail. She tells Khushi that she must go to tell Anjali the truth.- i like PayalSmile!!!

 Arnav is immersed in Khushi's thought. Khushi's woebegone state, her breaking down on his shoulder, everything is reverberating in his mind. When Aman called him, he just couldn't get him. He tells him to repeat. La comes to his room. She listens that ASR is saying Aman to schedule the meeting on 16th. . When he finishes the call la comes asks him why he scheduled the meeting on 16th? it's the day of their engagement. La is really upset, she accuses him, it's him, who wanted to to do the engagement in haste and now he is forgetting the date? Did he really forget or it doesn't matter to him at all. Arnav apologizes her ruefully. He says he handles so many things at a time, that sometimes he forgets.

 "I know knowingly or unknowingly I hurt you several times. But it's because,I don't understand, But when I realize I regret a lot. I really do. I feel very bad for that."

La moves towards him, touched by his  words of compunction. Arnav resumes, "I never do it intentionally Khushi, cause I'm just." 

He hesitates  and starts again, "I'm like that." 

La keeps her hand on his shoulder, "ASR it's Lavanya"

He turns to her, perplexed.

What Arnav said, God made him said those words. The ever merciful God can't bear Arnav and Khushi's pain any more. I do feel bad for La. But what to do Arnav and Khushi are soul mates and just made for each other.Thumbs Up

 I absolutely love the song of this VM. I somehow feel, this song is just meant for Arnav and Khushi.

Thousand years...i hav loved it since the day i heard it...its always on my playlist...its seriously a beautiful song...nd a Arshi VM Big smile super awesome...thanks for sharin Smile

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i hav no words to describe how much i hate Shyam...i really wanna hurt him so bad...tht his entire face shld break...Censored how can he fall so low...he is just Sickening

I Hate Him

Title Credits - Cynthia

Episode 140

i couldn stand the creep...Fast forwarded the pathetic scene...wher he lies lik its his birth right...nd reasons out his actions to Khushi...Untolerable!!!!! so i only concentrated on Arnav Embarrassed

Episode 141

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hello all,

sorry 144 will post a bit later than usual.

between 9 and 9.30pm ist.

hope you guys aren't too impatient to see thobda backwa and his lady love.


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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Episode 141

ASR leaves the room and Anjali looks at him in surprise. There Payal tells bua that Khushi left from the RM and bua ji said it is her daily routine scolds her that this sanka devi this and that and how she is not responsible (khushi understands what she has to do and he does it in her own style, but bua ji should have been responsible over her marriage stuff). Garima says she must have stop on her way because  she must have some work and Payal says she will call Khushi again. Payal is about to call Khushi again and the door open up and everyone is shocked (either it is khushi or shyam).

Khushi is talking to DM at the mandir (okay so khushi was not the one opened the door, so it must be shyam), telling her that what should she do should she  trust Shayam (how can she even think of such a thought).

my reaction then she was thinking of trusting shyam

 Then her phone rings and she cuts it down and then again says that no she needs to tell Anjali everything. Finally She says that she knows after this truth Anjali will break down (she will and she will come out of her dream world too and accept the truth that keeps hitting her on the face) Khushi's phone keep riging and then Khushi thinks of PayAsh and how good akash is and finally Khushi picks up the phone and its ASR and he is real time worried and in the worriedness he said: DON'T EVER EVER DO THIS TO THIS ME AGAIN , do you  understand that and you know for how long  I was  trying call you and I got worried and Khushi is surprised and he speaks that she needs to talk to him (he sounds like a worried husband now). Khushi says she is fine and she is in temple and he does not need to worry. He says that he was not worried actually so many works are pending (nice save, don't lie to yourself) and Khushi tells him that she has to go and she will talk to him later. La is outside the room is listening to Arnav's conversation with khushi and she is confused (poor girl, she is slowly understanding reality that arnav really cares for khushi only.she wishes that arnav was that concerned for her).

Khushi reaches her house and everyone is visibly sad and upset and Garima's eyes are teary (seriously what happed) and Shyam brings Shashi there and Khushi's family members are angry with Shyam. Payal goes forward and take Shashi's chair (she should have brought him there in the first place if she is so disgusted by him). i am surprised they did not kick him out earlier, clearly they know the truth, are they just wating for khushi. Shyam says bua ji now Khushi has returned and she says that buaji how can u say me bua ji. She tells him that he lost everything that he ever had in this house (I guess she is talking about love that he got, I had no clue he had some rights there). Shyam turns his neck towards the Khushi and says that he told everyone the truth (oh look he saved khushi some trouble of telling her family, he is a really great thing, like telling someone a truth like that will make them forgive him, it does not make him the bigger person, he waited that long to tell them. If the wedding talk was going on he should have came clean then but no). Khushi says that how can they forgive them after such betrayal. Bua adds to it that maafi by taking his life. Then bua starts her hai re nandekishore, that she can't believe that how her eyes can get such mistake (really???) .She says that how she can keep him in the house (you should have thought of that in the first place when you have two young girls staying there, that thought did not once occur). She says that Shashi had so much trust on her. Bua ji said Arey naaspeete how can u do this. Khushi says there is no benefit of talking about the broken relationships. Khushi tells him to stop now they will not listen to him and tomorrow she will tell everything to Anjali. He says before doing anything they need to think abt PayAsh relationship (that is because he can break it just like that with his oh so magical words). He says that now he does not want any more difficulties for family and he does not want Payal's baraat to go back again (where did the concern for payal come from, he is only concern for people when it benefits him). Before leaving he gives evil expression (flaring nose and crooked smile, it sure was creepy, he knows his plan will work). Bua ji breaks down and says that why they have so much difficulties. Garima says that now again this is happening to her Payal (uh really, they should be concerned for khushi, they got her engaged to a married man, she went through the betrayal and broke her engagement. In my opinion khushi needs the support.). Khushi tells then that they need to tell Anjali because they can't break their trust. Garima says she does not want to listen anything (seriously, she hates to be the laughing stock of society, I guess something happened to her before *wink, wink*). Payal says if her marriage breaks off due to this than its okay. Payal says how can they have relationship on lie. Payal says they can't betray the  Raizada.  she asks Shashi and he nods to it (if akash really loves her, he will be willing to marry her even despite the truth). Bua stands up and says that Payal is not wrong and then she walks upto Khushi and says that she is not wrong as will and now she will go to RM tomorrw and tell Anjali everything as there is no big thing like truth and she is with her (she realizes that after payal said that speech, she should have realized what is wrong earlier, she has seen the world).

Khushi is sitting in front of DM and Payal comes there and keeps glass on the table and she is about to leave. Khushi holds her hands and says that once again she is about to break her relationship. Both of them hugs each other and Payal says she is doing right thing. Khushi says that Akash is good person by heart and he will support them Payal says she is not affected by others she just need to go RM and tell the truth (I love how payal trusts her sister and know that she will not do anything wrong and she loves her more than her life).

In the morning Arnav is working and he has flashbacks of Khushi was crying. His phone rings and it's about some meeting. Meanwhile lavanya comes and he fixes the meeting on 16 and cuts down the phone (he was so disturbed about khushi that he did not even listen to aman, he just kept saying yeah). La says that did he keep a meeting on 16 and he says yeah what the matter with that. she says that they have their engagement on that day, how can he forget that. She further asks him that what's the matter with  him and tell her the truth if he forgot or he is not affected by this (you go girl, khushi trained you well). Arnav apologizes and says that he handles many things at one time so he keeps forgetting things (he is so messed up these day, his heart is over working while his brain is on vaction). He says that he knows that he has hurt her and he says that its because he doesn't know what he does. He says that he feels bad when he does realize it but he never does this intentionally, Khushi. lavanya keeps her hand on his shoulder and says its Lavanya and he shocked (talk about a Freudian slip, I am glad la is slowly realizing how arnav is affected by khushi). Will ArLa's engagement happen??? Will la realize arnav has feeling for khushi????

Liked your take on episode 141 Anita and the collages

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