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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 33)

Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 2:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by IssPKaur

Translation meri fite mun hai but still trying


PS: Translation bilkul fite mun nahi hai. But yeh line toh kamaal hai. As the Raizada would say dreamily : Paagal hai but cute hai Clap

LOL love you for that ROFL paagal  hoo,yeh tou hum jante hain...agar paagal na hoon tou yahan kya kar rahi hoon...[if I am not mad then what the heck I am doing here.]

Sorry missed it last night ...I got it while flying through pages so I can start reading...LOLThumbs Up

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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@Indi    Today definitely something got into you as I can see and feel it...I know you always like that for this "Thobda" but something happens as I didn't have time to start yet reading all these pages yet ,can you tell me please why are you so hyper young lady...Smile

astute teacher ji. been thinking of asr.. a lot. missing him. there was no one quite like him.

and now i hear some of you will see him again. i am happy and getting a bit silly excited... who knows maybe we'll get some asr again... all new. these are the hallucinations of a very young lady... a teenage phangurrl very hormonal... not to be taken seriously. just give it a deadly half smile and chuck into dust bin with an amused "paagal." LOL

__________________Tell me about that...I am missing him and IPK badly...but as I never watched it on TV ,YT is my source ..but usually I rushed through facebook written inschool YT is blocked so first written and then come how and watche it on YT...then come to forum as a silent reader and read posts and analysis...

But his new pic is giving me some relief as his health looks better ,some chubby cheeks and neck is telling different story or may be this pic is old...not sure but missing him badly

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Blasters, as always so happy to be a part of this lovely thread!!! apologies for now bieng able to take in the front page till now. and its only the best as i expected!!

Durgey/Indi, a big thanks and hugs for putting another great one together!

Durga, your welcome poem and opening lines are off the hook !  love the line about equations changing, so aptly you picked that up Clap  btw thank for your comment on my drool cornerEmbarrassed

Indi, your write-up about La is truly specially, def she left with her head held high. these last moment with la are the most satisfactory moment when it comes to her character.  While i still can't forgive the weaknesses when there was so much potential, here i finally was happy with the way they portrayed her and also thing sana did justice to the scene.  Loved your linking the "I love you dammit" to pyaar sabse bada hot haiClap

btw, thats quiet a feat epis 133-38, kya baat!! remember when i did 4 epi that one time but it was like 5 times as long as urs! hope to read it soon!!

Supi, awesome collages!!! and thanks so much again for that sweet VM and giving me the honor to help out Hug you're such a sweety!

Wiwy, i just love this riddle, and i will probably never get this answer b/c i happedn to think he's hot either way...but if at so me pt you and i telepathically cross, i will come up with an answer dammit!

ArshiH, Gorgeous write up on all that happened so far and all the creations to go with itClapClap. truly its a new chapter, one of the best in my bookWink. loved this

These two souls smile together and cry together by remaining together no matter what'.Wall of ego had indeed surrendered by the wall of belief and trust but "pyar" love and acknowledgement of this "ehsaas" is still waiting for the moment when one of them will cross the bridge to come on this side of this flowing river known as LOVE'.'.Lets see who dives in and who crosses this barrier'. When '. how'. and' why?

With New beginning  ''.. in Iss Pyar Ko kya Naam Doon'.

Samin, i have yet to read your, dying to with some fursat, i know i'm in for some grea thought provking stuff

Sohara, loved your post and gif and yes our sexy man is the sexiest not only in world but universe...just incase there is a planet filled with beautiful people out there in spaceLOL

Kate, thakns for all the gifs and all else you do Hug

Saloon, thanks for all the wonderul gifs and edits!!

Anita, our personal speedy Gonzalez, awsome job on catching up again and  you're so funny!!! ROFL at all the Gifs and your words!! esp loving the Carlton dance ROFL LOVED t hat show!!

To EVERYONE who  is part of this thread, regulars, seldomers, and the silent readers THANK YOU!!!! 


So in honor of thread 13, and a particular blaster who has been missing hotwa more than usual lately making her hormonal like myself...i give you this. A song we will soon see featuring ther # 13 and hotwa...lyrics in which a girl is begging or complaining to her lover  to come back to her. I'm sure many of you will join me in a attempt to call hotwa back...season 2 would be splendid but a the final realease day of his movie would be nice too!! and who knows? 13 may just be the luckiest one yet!Wink

You ready hormonal aunti from Singapore?? and everyone else, get your tumkas on!!

" Ek do teen chaar paanch che saat aath nav das gyara baara TERA!
TERA karoon din gin gin gin intezaar, aaja piya aayi bahaar!"

Translation: "one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen, 
i'm counting the day for you (Tera can mean you and 13 in hindi) come the spring has blossemed (I think Confused)

 Hai ami I am also waiting for filtratious ASR

SmileThnx Ami for such sweet comments...and liking the write up and colllages..indeed new beginning...

Love Payesh SangeetSmile

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by samin6

  When thinking of thread 13 episode 131-140 of adding this disney song from Cinderella 3 as a tribute to ARSHI and PAYASH.I was thinking of destiny and how we still have not given up on believing in love as PAYASH came togather and found a way to turn all of Payals tears into smiles.So I thought As it was said by ARSHI, PAYASH  and ARSHI were meant to be and their love ka chakkar as Mami said. The hillside scene showed how Khushi believed in destiny and had the wondrous feeling of love when she grabbed Arnav's hand and  Arnav felt it in Khushi's  cute smiles and winks and their amazement that they still believed in love.  Power of love was manifested  when they saw PAYASH come together, Guptas and Raizada agree, and Shyam truth come out and Shyam and Lavanya move out of ARSHI life. Arnav did not want to give up on that feeling he had for Khushi and  wanted Khushi to see  someday that he is the one for her and them having a brighter day. It reflected ARNAV and Khushi's wishes on stars and their falls from above as they brought PAYASH together

ClapClapClapLovely samin as usually and nice connecting the scenes with their feelings ,indeed this is the period where Arnav is goingto try his best to make her realize his importance and when she will be close getting it ,he will shatter her dreams too doing forced marriage...

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by DurgaS

Originally posted by Horizon

Finally made it here!! Congratulations everyone! Big thanks to one and all, all the great fans of this one of a kind show, to have carried their love this long .. speaks volumes both of the show and of the tremendous efforts of wonderful people who are making this journey possible and enjoyable!
 Congrats all!
Horizon, you are here! Missed you. Hug  Congratulations to you too. Hope everything is fine out there. Smile 

Miss you Horizon...hope everything is fine...Congratulations to you too in this journey of milestones of covering 13 Threads almostSmile Thnx for stopping waiting for your posts or comments
Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 3:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Horizon

Miss you all BIG time. Hope everyone is doing well!

As much as I am elated for thread 13, and all the wonderful posts, I just saw some thing on the main forum that just made me wonderabout the "13" effect and rather heavy hearted.. that IPK2 is going to be made without Sarun but with all new cast! Is this the IPK2 we all wanted... a skin without its soul?

When ever I see things like this, pics of ASR's death scene shoot, a news like this.. makes me feel IPK is JUST FINE how it ended and where it is right now!!

Horizon ,just ignore it ...if you ask if that will happen ...there will be a new Audience least not us ...I mean me

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 3:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by cinthiann1758



Episode 137

Sorry and Thank You

Anjali's introduction has put Babuji into an anxiety attack. He is trying so desperately to inform everyone but due to his paralytic condition no words can come.  Mami says too many people in such a small place. 

if u noticed that she was combabulated  seeing him

Kushi removes him from the situation.  Kushi tries to open the door but Arnav opens the door for them.  He asks if he should call the doctor does he need medicine or something.  Kushi shakes her head no.  He leaves. 

His possessive concern and right on her is reflecting from every angle

This is probably one of the most wonderful scenes of IPK.  It lets us have a peak into Arnav's heart, his caring.  He isn't an iceberg like we thought and if he was global warming is taking place!  His sun is Kushi.ClapClapClap

Kushi places babuji in the bed and goes out.  Buaji says she should bring Shyam.  Arnav rolls his eyes.  Does he really want to meet Kushi's fianc, the man she belongs to now, (not really!), I don't think so.

Nop may be he was praying or she was ,DM made it happen and he disappears

Kushi slowly walks over to the guest room and knocks on the door hesitantly.  She looked at Arnav prior to the knock.  She is uncomfortable too.  She opens the door he is not there. He must have gone out the backdoor. Both Kushi and Arnav look relieved.

He was as he didn't want to see him any way 

Payal takes blessings and hugs. Mami in her head is having a whole conversation of warning to Payal.  "Just wait and see what it will be like to come and live with her as her daughter in law.  A real reality show. " Poor Payal. 

Kushi and Payal are in an embrace and Arnav watches.  He is happy for you see a slight little smirk and he seems to be thinking. 

He was relieved as his conscious was bugging him up and now he has to rectify his brutal actions

Anjali is calling Shyam and she hears a cell phone ringing from Kushi's guest room. 

Akash sees Payal watching him from the window.

Kushi opens the door to Arnav.  He walks right in and says he wants to talk and in private, not with her but Payal.  He says to Kushi, " I want to talk with Payal in private.'  Kushi starts yelling with him.  She says why in private and not here with me.  What if he hurts her?  Payal says Kushi it must be important.  Kushi tells her you are still my sister not his sisterin law so don't side with him.  The phone rings and Kushi has to answer the phone.  Arnav says he broke her marriage and apologizes, He tells the story briefly and says he is sorry.  She explains what happened and that she would have been married in that family and wouldn't have been happy.  She is not sad about that at all.  Payal tells him Kushi feels as if she is responsible what happened that night, he interjects quickly, she wasn't at fault.

Kushi is looking on, her huge almond shape eyes misted with tears.  She walks forward to him.  "Arnavji, you spoke to sister'"

This is one of my fav it shows how he has changed...saying sorry  does not need any practice anymore..and he defends his Lady...ClapClapClap

He has to go.  How can he show her his vulnerable and sweet side?  She runs after him.

His gussa comes out, he turns around,  and she hits his brick wall energy, she actually comes to a halt,  "First you want me not to speak with your sister,, then you want.  You decide . What do you want?"  '.(From me, I would add.)  I don't want to hear what you have to say  he gets in his car. Psss she flattens his tire.

now you have to listen as she places her pin back in her hair. 

He gets out of the car. This lean, taut, masculine, hunk of a man'.

He looks at his flat tire and asks Kushi if she is crazy.  He will most definitely have to listen to her now.

Doesn't want to show his vulnerability..and weakness.he has to be strong pillar and having cocoon  of ego around him for her but the way he turns and she bends back hot hot...they both can't stand each other mellow down as this mellow down process melts them

Kushi says sorry and thank you in the same sentence.  Sorry that she didn't want him to speak with Payal for she thought he would say something wrong to her or scold her and thank you for apologizing to her and bringing Akash and Payal together.

I believe he was touched but doesn't show it as usual.  He can't let her in or she will know he has feelings.

He is going to leave but then realizes his flat and is calling for another car.  She laughs, he doesn't know how to change a tire.  She announce it to the world and now the children are laughing at "Uncle".  "Uncle?" he aks.  "Are they laughing at me?"  Kushi shhh the children and sends them away after some cute moments and she proceeds to change the tire.  He watches sometimes rolling his eyes.  When finished he gets in the car and says to Kushi, 

thank you for changing the tire...NOT!!!!




Lovely Cynthia Clapas we r now in the lighter ones and sooner it will be flirty ones...can't wait.My comments are in redSmile
Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758

Congratulations sister Blasters for thread 13!!!  What a great breather we had, now let us get back to our real work! 


Episode 136

The Marriage is Fixed!

Kushi has something to tell Payal but she can't she has promised not to tell, but she is having a hard time holding it in.  Shyam wants to know where she has been without informing anyone so late at night.  She is trying to make the family guess since she can't tell.  Charade's is not going well.  Kushi gets mad that no one is understanding and gives up.

Kushi is getting Payal ready and is just about to tell her and they come.  She pulls her to the window to show her.  Payal still doesn't get it.  Garima, Buaji and Shyam are finishing their cup of tea.  Shyam asks if Buaji has spoken to the priest about the wedding. Angry Buaji looks out the window and sees ASR and his whole family outside.  She asks what are they doing here.  Shyam stops you can almost see his tenseness in his shoulders.  He turns bak to look and runs into his room.   Angry They are all at the door and is invited in.  Buaji calls for Shyam who has disappeared.  Kushi brings Payal.  Payal is very hesitant she thinks they have all come to complain about them and the situation.    Kushi goes to close the door when suddenly a man in a crisp white shirt and black vest, places his hand upon hers to come in.  Her eyes reach his and they are caught in the mesmerizing gaze of each other.  He comes in walking past her shoulder to shoulder touching.  He looks so handsome in white. 

Nani apologizes for the suddenness of the visit and that they have all come.  She says they have gone for the engagement and Buaji thinks she is talking about Arnav's engagement.  She says Akash has already been here with the invitation card and she wants to thank them all for coming about that.  Nani answers no not Arnav's engagement(that will be at another time, Buaji), but Akash's.

Everyone is smiling but Mami and the Gupta's are confused," Payal,' Nani says, "come here". They seat her down between Nani and Anjali. 

Shyam escapes out the window leaving his phone.Angry

The Gupta's are taken by surprise.  "We and you?" Garima proposes and Mami says, "yes, I know. There is a difference in the families but it is a matter of love." Nani glaring at her.  Good save Mami.  Buaji, says to her have you come with a marriage proposal or to insult us?  "Insult?  Mami says, the people who have no respect'"  She is reprimanded sharply by Naniji.

Nani tells Buaji that Akash and even she likes Payal very much and that is why the proposal.  Buaji admits she even likes Akash. So the marriage is fixed!

Everyone is having tea.  Arnav reaches for his tea and spills it on the cuff of his shirt.  Buaji asks Payal to take him to the washroom and he ays he will go by himself.  I love how he knows the Gupta house like it is his own home or his wife's home.  Just adore that familiarity. 

He enters the kitchen.  I need a napkin.  Kushi was getting the sweets readied and was surprised to see him.  He shows her his stained shirt.  She goes into action.  She tries to wipe away the stain using a dirty towel and made his beautiful white crisp shirt, dirtied even more than the stain. She says wait a minute she will clean it he says better if you stay away from it and that he will take care of it himself. She sends him in the direction of the washroom.

Garima pulls Buaji to another room, she likes Akash but is concerned about Mamiji.  She feels she is not happy with the relationship and maybe after she gets married'Nani says she won't regret it. Nani has come to allay their fears. Smile She says that Manorama was not happy witNh the relationship but they all convinced her and she promises Payal will always be happy.  She asks for her horoscope so that they can marry them quickly and take her home with them.

Kushi has brought Sashi out in his wheelchair.  Buaji is handing out sweets to everyone, gives Mami a sneer and when she goes to Arnav, Kushi comes running.  "He can't have sweets," Embarrassed she walks away and he looks a little stunned but pleased at her behavior.  The normal person Wouldn't notice but we Blasters know every grimace, line, wrinkle twinkle of this man!  Akash takes blessings from Babuji, Kushi says Payal and him love each other and then Anjali comes and he has an anxiety attack; he recognizes her.  Kushi notices too.

ClapClapClap Cynthia ,the man in this epi is not en=mbarrased he is melting by seeing her concern for him with gratitude...She is shy and leaves but he always follows his trail...Nani is the best Remediator...

Our man knows his home's black print LOL why bother he follows her misty essence every where.
Best scene without dialogues they both convey their messages in this small yet powerful way.

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