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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 28)

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Originally posted by BarunDiwani

Friendly Disclaimer: My words, thoughts  ideas and  edited pics are mine only, please do not copy. You are welcome to use it, but credit accordingly. Thank you!

Episode 131-133: Haan, paagal toh hai...dono!

Finally, the CV offer  a sigh of lightheartedness after some heavy stuff since 122 that only got heavier after 124...aptly all those emotions needed  to be shown, their suffering needed the outburst. And now  they look to turn the story to Akaash and Payal...only to utilize Arnav and KhushiSmile...and all i could see is how Payash's love was instrumental in only  making them even more aware of their feeling for each other.

Arnav came down to hand Akaash files for his "meeting...he could really care less about Akaash's  inside-out clothes or anything else for that matter...till he hears La ask about  "chamkili" ...La's is always somehow taking him to her. His thoughts went to her weeping after he hurt her again last night, he felt terrible, maybe he still wasn't ready to face her or even worse afraid that he would hurt her again...Confusedhe immediately told Akaash he would go with him much to Akaash's  disapointment. Akaash's peculiar behavior didn't go unnoticed by  his bhai, giving him even more priceless expressions to sport.

 Akaash needed  to lose Arnav for his important meeting so he made up an excuse(smart bway!) and ran out of the car...but forgot his phone(*hand to face*) in his haste.  On the other side, Payal dropped her wallet in her haste. In their race to  catch their siblings they both get yelled at by different cab driver...I think...when "hero" is called a "hero" it an insult??

They're both led into the restaurant  by their  siblings and just when he screamed for Akash, she called out  for her  Jiji ...the mehsoos hit, they slowly turned towards each other "Tum!" in and obvious angry tone he asked...he left the RM with Akash to avoid her dammit!!  LOLin true ASR style he takes quick aggressive steps toward her  "What are you doing here?"

She hesitates to answer him till she realizes she doesn't owe him an explanation "ek minute, why are you asking me? i'll ask  you, what are you doing here?"

"i don't need to give you an answer, i'll go where i please, tum yahan"

"Chem to you!" Khushi's broken English has never been cuter! he thought so too, but covered it with a puzzled "What?" she quickly corrects herself "Matlab, Same to you!"

Probably my favorite part of the episode, the waiter come walks over  and asks  "Table for two?"  and khushi's quick witty answer JI! two. two. Ek inke liye ek inki akad ke liye...i bet the waiter left even more certain of their  "two-ness"Wink

Eventually they forget their fight and remembered why they were really there to look for  Akaash and Payal. when they found them,  both stool there stunned at the sight...they missed alot while dealing with their own bundle of feelings didn't they?

Akaash is desperately looking for  Payal to agree "I know you don't not like me, you left the other day without answering me"  and Payal is holding back all her feelings  baring her middle-class status in mind. Soon he is on one knee to the shock of Arnve and Khushi,  he purposes  and then offers her his hand and begging her again but before he could finish,  Khushi  interrupts "Jiji?"

Why did i feel Khushi  go into protective mode all of the sudden? Was she afraid that  her jiji too would experience the dil-tuting like she did. I  have  strong feeling she saw herself in Payal and Arnav bitwa was not too far behind "Have you lost it Akaash?" tumne socha bhi kaise ki tum aur iski -"...have a feeling he saw himself  in Akaash too.  Clap

"Ek minute Mr.Arnav SIngh Raizada!..Your brother talked about marraige first and my sis hasn't even said yes...Payal tried to stop her..."Jiji, i got this"

Never one to back down, Arnav grabbed Akaash' s shoulder to push him ALL just became about them if Akaash and Payal didn't exist. Both of them letting out their  heightened, unresolved, strong feelings for each other into this rather entertaining argument.

"Akaash didn't even talk about marriage...tum dono behne din mein sapne dekh na bandh karo (both of you sisters stop day dreaming)" a hint of the gold digger accusation extended to  Payal this time as well. So Arnav bitwa knew Khushi had " Din me sapne" about him. No wonder he had his ego overpowered by that

The poor waiter comes only to get yelled at by ASR for seeing what is to truly to become  "tumhe couples nazar aa rahe hai!?" turning his attention back to Khushi "I'll never let my brother tie a relationship with your sister" more insults are returned back and forth including name calling

"Kya kaha tumne? Laad governor?"as always bothered by Khushi's calling/thinking of his that way.Big smile This reminds me of the incident in Kidnapping, sangeet and Arnav telling NK.

"aur aapne halwai kaha, uska kya?"(you said sweet maker, what about that?)...felt like i was transported into a playground where a little boy and a little girl were fighting...usually in these cases the little boy always has a crush on the little different in this caseBig smile

"Bhai please, this is b/w me and payal ji" Akaash pleads with some sense  "she hasn't even said "yes" yet"

"and i won't" Payal speaks up. Akaash tries to explain that he loves her so much but it backfires on the poor lad. "Pyaar? Love? what do you know about  me that you love me" Love Payals logical question here. She goes on to explain the horrid day of her wedding that never took place, grabbing Arnav's full attention. "do you even know what my family had to go through because of all this? you don't know, but him" she looks to Arnav, "he knows everything, i 'm talking about that day when you-"Big smile Loved Payals punchline dialogues.

"Jiji" Khushi puts her hand on Payal shoulder to stop her, shaking her head "no don't go on". as if saving her man the embarrassment and the humility.  What a moment, indicating how far they've come. There was a time where all she wanted to do was get him back for the hell he put her through that night, but now she knows how much it would hurt him to know that he was wrong about her and about all he did to her/said to her .Cry Deep thinking Ami, Never wondered that as the reason she stopped her Jiji. I thought she stopped because she did not want her jiji recall the incidents any more. However speaking now it makes more sense that she did to stop Arnav's humiliation in front of Akash.

"Kair, hamaara jawaab naa hai...Khushi?" Payal hinting to leave

 But Khushi would look in Arnav's eyes and know that she wasn't successful in stopping her jiji in time. In that one second look to each other from 5:14-5:15, they both traveled together back to that room 

where the dori pearls were torn and scattered from her blouse, where her character was insulted...and she just knows how much he would be bothered by this.

"Why didn't i listen to her? She was telling the truth, mer waje se uski bahen ki shaadi_" the suv takes a pounding, remorse and guilt sets in, not only for his treatment of Khushi but for Payal also...this is ASR with now heart right? love these layers of this man. So much love hidden behind so much gussaa, just like his mother said in the letter "naak pe dher saara gussa, aur dil mein dher saara pyaar"  the scene with Akaash is also a great example of this layered loving side to him.  Cry

He is coming down the stairs when he notices Akaash upset and disappointed, he tries to avoid him and turn back as he is not the kind to have a heart to heart talk, but when Akaash's eyes catch his, he just couldn't ignore. He did what he had to do for his little brother, lending him a listening ear.  Akash couldn't help but let out his feelings in front of his bother. "Its the second time she turned me down Bhai" he even asks about  the night Payal's wedding broke, but Arnav remain silent. In his silence there was guilt and an answer but  Akaash didn't push for more. Arnav knew he had to help him, he asks him if he is sure about his feeling "haan bhai, i really love Payalji"

Dekho yeh pyaar vyaar ki baatein mujhe samaj nahi aati...all i want to know is are you ready to spend your entire life with this girl? you won't regret it later?

"nahi bhai, kabhi nahin" Did i see a bit of envy in Akaash's confident answer ? if only it was that easy for him to admit his feelings.

"If this is so important to you, then  i'll finalize this deal fr you"  deal? Aakaash thought, what deal? he seems to forget that  to ASR everything is about winning negotiations...except for when it comes to the biggest deal of his life...then none of his life's skills come in handy leaving him utterly helpless.Big smile Bechari chote

Speaking of, his biggest deal is happily checking off the flowers from her list of "to dos" for his engagement as if blocking out the fact that its for his engagement and it makes not difference..but when he calls her, nothing but farq. He start with his "kucch baat" dialogue but she starts to argue.

"Dekho waapis shuroo mat hot jaao"(look don't start again) awww what a hubby thing to say :)) Big smile I was thinking same that he was acting like her hubby. He tries to convince her to meet but no go, she hangs up. Khushi had to see for herself, Payal crying holding the dupatta in her hand, she remembers how Akaash  gave her the dupatta  to give to her sister that night of her birthday and then all those clues..slowly Khushi's tears turn into a smile, her sister is in love.

So a tiny game of phone tag ensues. She tries to call Arnav the same time he is trying to call her back. When her phone comes up busy, he gets restless and when she is still un-reachable  he finally says out loud his first thoughts since  he couldn't reach her..."Zuroor apne fianc'e se baat kar rahi hogi" and when she is finally able to reach him ...uff his jealousy gives me the chills here!  Big smileIn the midst of episodes filled with laughs, a mere second of raw jealousy  reminds us was a heavy love story this is. Without letting her even s peak a simple hello

 "Kisse baat kar rahi thi tum?!"(who were you talking to?)  almost daring her to say her fianc's name. Khushi, taken back but she know her laad governor by now and a bit about his possesiveness towards her too. "Arrey? hum to aapko...kair chhodiye"

Well, Akaash didn't get the "hot date" he was hoping for, but Arnav sure did...sort ofBig smile

They meet back at the same hotel.. the same waiter as earlier, "Uh Table for two?" awkward moment , then a few laughs for us thanks to Khushi's lack of "high-class" restaurant etiquette,  he orders "Ek chai aur ek black coffee" and as always she jumps with full haq "Dont put sugar in there"Big smile

love that he gets a tad irritated with her lack of sophistication, but not embarrassed, he helps her in his own ASR way, "here is milk, sugar, make it to your taste"  (ffw to the future when he adjusts her Italian meal for her so she can eat it..awww) and later, i'm pretty sure he wanted to laugh out loud when she got all happy regarding the free biscuitBig smile. Managing to keep a straight face, he asks her sarcastically "if your important  convo about tea and biscuit is over, can we talk about Akaash and Payal?"

"haan hame bhi lagta hai ki jiji Akaash ji se-"  (yah i also think that Jiji is in-)

she fell quiet just as the word starting with "p" was at the tip of her tongue. She couldn't say the word "Pyaar"(love) in front of him, he felt it didn't he? the very essence of the word coming from her, she had his attention...he may have even been happy to see her struggling to say the  intimidated her now that it was all too real for her, for both, they both know they have fallen prey to it.Big smile.Wink.She finds another way to explain and a plan is cooked up...something achha, something damakedaar, something alag, its her plan. He rolls his eyes, but gives in to all she had in mind.

"Hmaare beech jo kucch bhi hua ya, ho, lekin iss maamle mein hum saath hai." abs love khushi's clarification here, one of the very few acknowledgements we get from either of all that's  happened between the two and more importantly "ya ho" what IS there between the two.  Big smile Their love was strong but wobbly because it was only between the two

At the RM, Arnav continues to treat this matter like a deal and advises Akaash "Itne overexcited kabhi mat lago ki tum deal apne style mein kaam karo"  deal ya no deal, when a man sounds so confident about his craft its sooo sexy dammit!

"Deal nahi hai, meri shaadi hai bhai...bhai mein to woh hi karoonga jo Khushi ji ne kaha hai" Akaash was too cute and brave, he survived a look from his bhaiBig smileClap. The master plan is underway, Khushi is having too much fun with it. Arnav bring the "suicide letter for  Payal giving Khushi a chance to thrive with her acting skills...and to irritate Laad goverenor. "SHUT UP!! read this" so Khushi begins to read...something about an "aarder"(order)? Arnav turns the letter around for Khushi so she can read the correct side. He studies Payals reaction while Khushi gleefully read the tragic latter and at one pt even a wink for laad governor?Wink what the!  Khushi's plan did manage to garner a reaction out of Payal, one that Arnav Singh Raizada was totally not prepared for.

 "why didn't you stop him? what kind of brother are you?" she asked

Perhaps he has never been stumped like this before in his life, and its all Khushi's fault, a loophole in her plan makes him angry and he forgets about his act. A truly ROFL moment. Love Barun here.

 "KYA BOLU AB?!!" (What should i say now?)Big smile

Thankfully Khushi saves this fiasco and turns Payal's attention to saving Aakaash. So after winking one more time at LG, off they go to rescue Akaash. Up on the mountain top, Payal freaks out when she finds Akaash's glasses. Khushi tries "console" her...

 "unhone socha hoga uchaai na dikhe to kam dar hoga, aur kud ne mein bhi asaani hogi?" then she turns to him "Kyu Arnav Ji?"

 another lol moment giving way to one of the sweetestHeart. Numerous times today, i felt like he wanted to crack smile at his lady's cute antics, he manage to hold it together through her biscuit convo, through the winks, through her OTT acting...but now he just couldn't help it, tried to look away but she caught that beautiful smile.Big smileClap

 Back to Akaash and Payals big moment. Payal admits to her feelings and when she accidentally hurts herself on a thorn, he shows himself. Their true feeling are revealed, their words seem to be giving voice to the silent people with feelings watching them. Especially when Akaash said "mein kisi aur ke saath khoosh nahi rahe sakta', Something in those sexy chocolaty said "me too" for Khushi. Khushi just couldn't contain her khushi and grabbed his hand sending warm and fuzzy jhatka to Arnav Singh Raizada. He looked her straight in the eyes, as if to confront her about something before she moved away. Also love the trust and pride in Khushi when Arnav assures Payal that he will sambhaal (handle) the people at home. The sense of security he gives her is just too too sweet.Day Dreaming

 I feel like through Akaash and Payal, they were able to explore their feelings through a different light. In fact Paya's realtionship has become a vital part of Arshi's story havn't they? if it wasn't for their upcoming wedding, and the puja kept by Anjali, Khushi may not have discovered Snakwa's truth till it was too late, and we wouldn't have the cute moments of jealousy and sharts throughout the wedding preps and finally in that night, Khushi wouldn't have agreed to his  forceful contract had it not been for her sister. But before that I must try and tame the butterflies my tummy at the mere thought of a deadly flirtatious man we will soon be embarking upon..haaye haaye haaye haaaye haaaye!!(khushi funny music plays in my head)

DROOL CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Loved your analysis Ami. I was smiling all the way through. This two episodes were some of the best hilarious ones. I would only second it to the bed breaking scene and swami epiisodes. I was also remembering her reaction on date number 2. That was hilarious provided they had not entered the shyanjali fiasco in between

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Originally posted by Horizon

Finally made it here!! Congratulations everyone! Big thanks to one and all, all the great fans of this one of a kind show, to have carried their love this long .. speaks volumes both of the show and of the tremendous efforts of wonderful people who are making this journey possible and enjoyable!
 Congrats all!


good to see you Embarrassed. thanks so much. but we are all in this together madly badly aren't we? really what a crazy show. please do catch up on our "serious" discussions LOL. we are becoming seriously serious nowadays. hope all well with you. Embarrassed

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Episode 139

Broken Engagement: The Revelation

Kushi head is definitely not on the pooja but seeing who that man is.  The funny thing is the student nudges the mentor to fold her hands and prayLOL - yeah i liked tht scene too

Very cute and nice to see; way to go, La.Big smile

The man's phone rings.  He silences it but when it rings a second time he gets up and leaves the pooja, gesturing to Anjali.

I was lost here because of no English subtitles so I will make my own version. - yeah i was wonderin how you catch upSmile

Anjali is upset her husband has gone to accept a phone call.  La tells her to relax and says to Kushi her husband always calls her Rani Sahiba, Rani Sahiba. Kya? This makes Kushi antennas go up again, so she must find him.  - lol i liked the way you said antenna's

She remembers her conversation with Shyam about a phone call he had received from Rani Sahiba and his excuse was she was a client of his.

Kushi says she will bring her husband back to her.  She tentatively walks up the stairs.  

It is a long journey to the terrace; a time for deep thought and remembering of flashbacks of all truths and lies.  This is the time when justification and verdict will occur.  - well said

She will learn his reality, who he really is.Evil Smile

This walk was great it showed everything, all the links.  She is just getting it and placing the pieces of the puzzle together.

She opens the terrace door and he is on the phone, back to her.  She walks up closer and closer.  The suspense just killing us;  It took a whole three minutes for her to walk up to him with that blaring music and drum beats anticipating the next scene. - you counted it ..guess you were to anticipated

Finally the revelation.. 

The suspenseful music . 

She learns his truth and then...Evil Smile

He tries to explain...

SLAP...Evil Smile

It doesn't matter what he says.

She says a client, she is your client, nahi, she is not your client but your wife!  How can you as a married man, tell so many lives and hurt both our families.

She frantically tries to remove her engagement ring, it is as if it is burning her.  She throws it at him.boogie.gif

 He has broken her trust and the trust of them all.  He doesn't deserve the love of their families, of Anjali. He tries steps forward and she points her finger as to say don't come near her. She turns to leave him, he begging her not to say anything.  He reminds her to think of Payal and Akash.

He is caught and he is freaking out. How will he manage this time?  He sees the ring on he floor and picks it up.sick.gif

Lavanya is asking ASR to come down for blessings since he didn't go for the veneration.  ASR says very nicely to her he doesn't want to he is not in the mood. She looks at him like he has two headsLOL.  He asks her, "What?"  She tells him he is being nice to her. What the?  He is speechless. She hugs him. She understands. ?????

What is happening to him?

A one Kushi Kumari Gupta is getting to him maybe.Wink

Kushi is firmly stepping herself down to tell the world when she realizes what will happen to Payal and Akash if she spills the beans. She now is walking worriedly and as she picks up the pace she collides into Arnav and his teacup falls to the ground breaking.  He scolds her and then looks at her as she is picking up the pieces.  Something is wrong.

"Kushi? Kushi?  What happened to you?"  He lifts her up.  His face full of concern.  He questions her knowing something is wrong.  Is there a problem at your house?  Do you need anything? Kushi?  He lets go of her shoulders and almost immediately she grabs his arm and breaks down crying on his shoulder.  His touch brings her comfort, safety and protection.Clap - well said especially the last part

"Kushi'Kushi'What has happened to you? Shh...Kushi it's okay'"  He looks up as to think what it is and he knows.  "Kushi has your fianc said something?"

 She looks up at him.

 He looks deeply in her eyes with a glint of gussa in his he asks, "What did he do?  Did he do something to you?  Did he hurt you?"

 She answers, "He'" and stops,

Knowing that Anjali is his world

 And she can't destroy their world'

and the Revelation would.Star

the endin was really good ClapClap really nice review
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Originally posted by supriya.arshi

Title Credits : Cynthia

Episode 136

Had to make 2 edits...thr was so may things happenin!!! IPK is full on in these episodes...not a sec will you get bored!!!

Episode 137

Sarun Express

Thanks supriya for catching ARSHI eye lock especially when Mami said- yeh love ka chakkar hain

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Originally posted by Horizon

Miss you all BIG time. Hope everyone is doing well!

As much as I am elated for thread 13, and all the wonderful posts, I just saw some thing on the main forum that just made me wonderabout the "13" effect and rather heavy hearted.. that IPK2 is going to be made without Sarun but with all new cast! Is this the IPK2 we all wanted... a skin without its soul?

When ever I see things like this, pics of ASR's death scene shoot, a news like this.. makes me feel IPK is JUST FINE how it ended and where it is right now!!

till now, that's only a rumour i think. but if they do have the complete foolishness to do that... i don't really care... that's not ipk. just a little felony... by those who can conceive only at the level of that.

13 is gonna be lucky... you'll see LOL

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Originally posted by Horizon

Miss you all BIG time. Hope everyone is doing well!

As much as I am elated for thread 13, and all the wonderful posts, I just saw some thing on the main forum that just made me wonderabout the "13" effect and rather heavy hearted.. that IPK2 is going to be made without Sarun but with all new cast! Is this the IPK2 we all wanted... a skin without its soul?

When ever I see things like this, pics of ASR's death scene shoot, a news like this.. makes me feel IPK is JUST FINE how it ended and where it is right now!!

Horizon none of it is true...i would suggest you read this post
IPKKND will not be made without SarunWink


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with lub from katelyn, the tb segment for today's episode

[TB] 12th Dec 2011: Sanaya, Daljeet & Barun (Khushi-Anjali Scene Shoot), Episode 142

Edited by indi52 - 26 June 2013 at 8:35am

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Episode 142

A Youtube episode after ages... enjoy.

First telecast Wednesday, 14 December, 2011

Dailymotion full episode links


Dailymotion with English subtitles:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Thanks, Katelyn for all the links.

Credit for the videos: Respective uploaders

Please click here to see
Blasters' Take ~ Episode 140-144

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