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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 21)

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Originally posted by sohara


tell me what your fiance did with you? did he tried to hurt you?
He is extremely worried for her.Khushi starts to speak but refrains herself in anticipation.

Hume jaana ho ga.
she can't answer what her fiance did to him.She knows his world is his di. How she can see his world shattered. This two orphan siblings bore enough in their life. So she prefers not to reveal Shyam's deception, rather thinks to keep it secret. she huddles fast from him. Arnav is calling her, "Khushi" and following her as well. She avoids everybody, who are still engaged in pooja. She intends to leave. Anajali calls her. She can't even look at their eyes. Shyam is frightened in anticipation.To see Khushi leaving in haste, Anjali tries to stand up. But poor lady stumbles. Kash she would know her world is already stumbled because of her swindler husband. Her two caring brothers move ahead to help her.But her husband, who has successfully veneered his image as a good life partner is right there to support her. 
"you don't have to be worry. damatji is right there to help her." Mama's words embroils Khushi more.
" If he is with me I don't need to worry." Khushi sees Anjali's blind faith on her husband. How can she break her trust now by revealing the truth of Shyam. Nani makes sure her grand daughter and her husband get blessings from the pandit.

"finally I succeeded to meet you with my husband, this my husband, who is the best husband of the world. Though because of his work, he can't stay near me all the time,but I know I'm always in his heart." 
What an introduction of a husband from his wife. It's proved how much anjali loves and trusts her husband. Khushi gets more repugnant to hear this. Shyam looks at her eerily .He is convulsing inwardly, whether Khushi reveals everything or not. I wish she would. But what to do, if she would reveal everything, how could we watch 260 episodes more?

"this is Khushi ji, whom I always talk about."
Anjali introduces Khushi gleefully. shyam pretends he saw her for the first time in his life. what an actor!Angry  Khushi looks at him, perturbs more. Arnav straddles still is contemplating her keenly. He is trying to figure out her convulsion.He might thinking she is upset, because of her fiance.without knowing the fact that her fiance is no other but his respectable jiaji.

"If she could, she can keep fast for him and worships him all day." Nani adds more flavor to Anjali and Shyam's bonding. Anjali gets more enamored to her husband, leaning her head on his shoulder, looking at him lovingly. Anjali remembers Khushi wanted to say something to her. Shyam agitates to hear that, He gulps his fear in anticipation. He tries to avert her and says to distribute the sweets as he has to leave for some works. I think he is planning to flee before Khushi could reveal his secret. Anjali gets annoyed again, "see Khushiji he wants to go again, does your Shyamji also do the same?" Hearing Khushi's fiance's name, the jealous sexy Raizada embroils. he is keenly observing her emotions, agitates to see her woebegone state.

"Anjali performs pooja to keep damatji in her grip" mama teases Anjali.
"Anjali doesn't need to keep him in her grip, damatji remains in Anjali's heart." mami depicts Anjali's love for Shyam.
Mama also joins that their son in law's company gives them pleasure and Anjali's face brightens up when he is around. He asks him why he is always in hurry? Khushi convulses more to see their  reverence towards shyam. she can't believe that in spite of so much love from all, how he could deceive them? After distributing the prasad, anjali tells Khushi, that it would be really nice if her fiance would come. Khushi looks at shyam with disgust. Anjali also thinks it's better that they didn't meet her fiance, so she can keep the eagerness to meet him later. Khushi can't say anything just bids them bye. Anjali stops her and tells Shyam to drop her, as it will be difficult for her to find the rickshaw at this time. "Nahi" Khushi refused in antagonizing tone. she leaves. Arnav intends to stop her. He knows how perturbed she was. He also can't let her go alone in such mental state. He lifts his hand to stop her, But clasp his fist when he can't.

Khushi is sauntering slowly  on the road recollecting all her confrontation with Shyam from the beginning.The floodgates had opened and Khushi is spurging all her memories out dissolved in tears of anger and sadness in equal manner. That shocking revelation of Shyam made her stupor completely. All the events comes in front of her like a slide show.

Their first encounter, when the goons attacked her.
He met her in the mandir, gave her his visiting card, if she needs in help in delhi
His meeting with Payal and her in the market, "how I had to convince her to be the guest of Delhi."his guileful words.
His visit to GH. He lied to buaji that he doesn't have any place to live, so has been staying in hotel.
Payal let her know that he is living in their house as paying guest.
 he tried to coax her so many ways.
bua's reliance on him, "you are our nandkisore."
When Khushi found the saree in the teej day he evaded to answer.
Anjali's waiting for her husband on the teej day.
Shyam warned her to come back early from the mandir on the teej day. cause he needed to reach their to break Anjali's fast.
Bua's proposal for her marriage with shyam. how she praised him as the most eligible groom. 
her engagement with him

Then she comes back to the present, the ultimate truth that shyam is Anjali's husband. how she trusts him and considers him as the best husband in the world.

Khushi feels a touch on her shoulder. she turns and sees it's Shyam is there with a gentle smile on his face. How dare he touched Khushi again with his filthy hand.Angry He begs her to listen to his explanation. After so much lies how can she listen to his explanation. She is indignant that after deceiving two families and told so much lies how dare he even talks. He moves forward to touch her arm. Khushi antagonizes him to stay away from her and her family as well. He tries to make her listen to him. But Khushi leaves in volition.

Shyam stands still in the middle of the road. A truck is coming in high speed towards him. He is pretending to let the truck smash him. Khushi turns to hear the honk. She sees Shyam is giving his life. So our angel Khushi devi runs and saves him. Thank God they didn't show Khushi and Shyam falls on each other on the roadside. Usually it's a very common scene in Hindi movies or soaps that when you saves somebody, you have to be on top or bottom of the person. Anita  mentioned in her take that why Khushi saved him. why didn't she let the truck hit him. I wish if she wouldn't save him. May be,Khushi can't let anybody die in front of her eyes. It doesn't matter how evil can be the person. Or she can't see Anjali as a widow. Whatever Shyam is, the truth is Anjali loves him unconditionally. 

"why did you save me? why didn't you let me die. may be it would be my atonement." saala nautanki,Angry starts his drama to mislead her. But Khushi is obdurate. she tells him that there can be no atonement of what he did. he not only deceived her family, but didn't spare his family as well. How cum he cheated a wife like Anjali. How cum he couldn't think of all just once. naniji, mamaji, mamiji all love him so much. her raw anger rises from the dark recesses of her heart like quivering flames of fire.

"I feel suffocated in that house.' the nefarious guy refutes. 
'I saw them how much they care you. don't say more lies to cover your one lie.'
Khushi retorts him immediately.
Shyam tries to put the blame on Anjali, "How do you know what happens between a husband and wife behind the door. Do you know how Anjali behaves with me? " 
Khushi knows he is lying to cover up his guilt.'you are accusing Anjaliji for this? 

"I'm not pointing finger to anybody, I'm telling you the truth."
 He grabs her shoulder vehemently, (how dare he touched Khushi againAngry)  
"tell me if everything is so smooth then being in the same city would I stay in your house leaving all the comfort of shantivan! the love, the affection what I got from your family, never got it from Anjali's family." 
Khushi looks at him, trying to see the reality. He leaves her arm, turns back and starts his drama, 

"it's not necessary that what we see is always true.who knows it better than me, what the love and happiness she shows in front of everybody, are all lies. I know what is the truth and the truth is bitter.I'm not happy with my marriage. Or think, in what situation our marriage happened. I know what was happening was wrong. I couldn't see uncle's condition. I could understand his love, his helplessness,I knew what did he want. then buaji, aunti all forced me so much that I couldn't refuse.I'm a very emotional person. I can't bear anybody's grief, specially, if the people belongs to my family, whom I think of my own.' 

Gosh, what a liar he is. he tried to prevaricate Khushi from the fact that he actually is a insidious, shabby and nefarious man. I never could believe a person can put the blame on some innocent, nice peoples so imprudently.How he delineated anjali just disgusted me.

he pretends to cry, tries to give as much emotions as possible to inveigle her. He starts again, "try to remember, how many times I tried to tell you." 
Khushi remembered that couple of times he wanted to talk to her. 
"I wanted to talk to you about this." he turns his face from her and continues, that he wanted to tell the truth to her several times. But the fear of losing them all refrained him to say the truth.
 "I know it's all my fault. But i lied or deceived you just because of this weakness.I became selfish. I didn't want to lose you and your family's love.Trust me Khushiji, this is the truth.' 

After telling this blunt lie he turns and sees Khushi is already gone. 
I was a bit annoyed on Khushi, that why she stood there for so long, listened to his buckwaas.  She should slapped him one more time, spitted on his face and should leave him long before. Angry

the expression of his countenance changes gradually. Atrocity replaces the remorse.  he looks at the time, thinks something. Sure concocted some filthy game again.

"phone karu yaa na karu" sheer tension in his voice. Arnav remembered how she broke down on his shoulder. La's timing is always wrong. she intervenes him when he was immersed in tension for Khushi. She is complaining that he is ignoring her, as she wore saree for him. Arnav doesn't have any interest to hear her prattle, "Lavanya where is Khushi? 
"Chmakili already left and bade everybody"
"she was so tensed." 
arnav says in embroilment. He sees Anajli is talking to her husband. When she finishes her call, Arnav comes towards her, asks her worriedly  does she know where is Khushi? Anjali gets surprised to see his concern, cause she already bade bye before leaving. when he sees the two ladies are getting skeptical, to avert their incredulity, he says that, "how cum she left in between the pooja, so much work is she can be so irresponsible!" 
Anjali calls her to affirm that she is fine.

Arnav senses that la is upset to see his concern for Khushi. He turns slowly, looks at her ruefully and realizes that she is really upset. she leaves frustrated and annoyed. Arnav doesn't go behind her.To know about Khushi is more important now. When Anjali can't reach her phone Arnav gets panicked and tries to call from his phone. But before that Payal calls in Anjali's phone. Arnav gets impatient when he sees that Anjali started to chat with Payal. He asks her to know about Khushi. Anjali beckons him and asks Payal. Payal actually called to know about Khushi. Anjali tells her that she left a while ago and should be reached there by now. She tells her to let her know when she will reach. 

Arnav is in convulsion, he keeps trying her phone, "why khushi is not answering the phone?"
Anjali gets ambiguous to see his tension for Khushi.

credit goes to Priyatnl
Just brilliant.  I can read our review over and over again.  loved it and the VM just gave my heart palpitations seriously  I must be getting too old to watch these!! He looked amazing and the way Kuahi looks at him.  UFFF!!!!  Thank you for sharingClap

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^^^ isspkaur ROFL

truckload it is... an armada of trucks at that. i had to stop before i wrote a whole novel here and arshi complained about our fan fictioning ROFLkhule aam. but really. this boy too thin and not that tall, how he strides into my evening and ruins me with a look, a smile, a perfectly sculpted bone. that jawline... er widow's peak? angular pinna that lets just a bit of light through? the tapered hairline at the back... those shoulders, the flowing arms... he's got to be part from another planet. vulcan maybe? LOL

what i lau most... not at all metrosexual. real. hot. male. fallible. 

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha





Episode 137-Part 138

Revelation of Evil [Part-1]

Good gets defeated temporarily against rising evil triumphant because love and truth is the winner at the end.But those who help in perpetrating evil in the name of scarification are condoning the wrong any way.That's what Khushi is going to do and Shyam is getting his first defeat by gaining more power.

Two families are getting into a new binding relation where everyone accepts each of em with open arms by putting differences aside .Raizadas family is being introduced first time to Babuji.A groom takes blessings from a father and everyone get up for respect for bride's father was my grabber.Yes IPK gave us these small moments to cherish.


The suspicion was very visible on Anjali's face while seeing Mr Shashi Gupta and His condition gets worse seeing the person whose husband put him into this misery .He wants to scream to let every one know the truth.[CVs owes us big time for Shashi's case].Anjali's suspicion was there when she calls Shyam and she hears his phone tone next door but our CVs couldn't build stronger consistent story of it.

A father wants to expose the evil and throwing his concerns strongly which family takes it as a tantrum except Khushi ,smart cookie who didn't think twice and connect the dots of his father's condition with Anjali but why?

Shashi's anger does not settle down here ,he pulls off the evil ring which has started the chakaryue from Khushi's hands but fate wants to complete this Yudh,war in full swing .Evil comes right back to show his meaningless power towards a father and he has to suffer more but evil always leaves a trail to get trap in it.He congratulated Payal for engagement but forgot he actually ran away and was not present'..which Khushi was just asking about'...He lies again that he just saw Buaji before he came in and Bingo Khushi got it as Buaji confirms it, she didn't see him and at the top his comfortable chat with his client Rani Sahiba really works wonders in Khushi's brain.Khush's suspicious seed is growing faster and no time it will be a strong root of her belief to nip this bud from its roots

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS.She is the one who always plunges down to expose him.From now to kidnapping to the very end to throw him out of everyone's life.


Everyone gets trepidation over his condition but the most devastated was Arnav seeing Khushi going through with that.How can he forget Khushi's condition and tears in the hospital.He comes forward for helping his lady and they both share eye lock which shows only love and concerns with lots of "Haq".His gazes look are conveying his right and his actions are showing his protectiveness for her.She thanks him and he perceives it graciously .His concerns for her and for Shashiji were not gone unnoticed by  her either...Yes "inn feelings ka koi matlab  nahin hai"[These feelings have no meaning]He comes out the room but has to return his turn look with longing  as he does not want to leave her alone with this pain and suffering.He wants to remove all of her hurdles no matter what.Piano notes in the back ground stringing his heart notes to reflect through his eyes.

Pause here:He opened the door for her as he will be opening every door for her from now on even in hate to make her life easy regardless te night he is shattering her dreams yet unintentionally opening the door of her safe future with him.

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS:He is the one who will arrange nurse for him during remarriage and will bring doc for Buaji too..lovely Damad..who is impossible to find out.


The next moment is auspicious when Buaji wants Khushi to call Shyam to be introduced and Khushi stops with hesitation as she does not want Arnav to go through with the same pain and agony as she witnessed him before during revelation of her engagement .They both share questionable moment during gazing each other.Especially his expressions and uneasiness with acrimony and anxiousness was so much visible for Khushi when she has to go in the room for calling Shyam.His possessiveness is at extreme and why not how can he let his lady go into other man's room but his hands are tied.His looks and body language delivered his animosity to his queen but just like him she is bound too at least for now.Loved to see his relief when Shyam wasn't there as his malevolence was not there to see him at all.

Absolute most fave part!!!!

Engagement is being settled after one week.Blessings were delivered and smiles were passed but Khushi's happiness delivered in tears to her Jiji and that stops Arnav's feet.Her allayment is his joy,and he knows these tears are form of ecstasy and that relieves him as he is free of this guilt which was eating him since its revelation.He has to mend his wrongful action here and this is the beauty of Arnav Singh Raizada,he is a man of action and today it's the time of rectification.

When the family leaves he comes in o apologize to Payal but with his lady in same arrogant lover attitude ,"mein ne baat karni hai  tum se nahin tumhari behan se.."[I want to talk alone with your sister not with you] hmm..Your lady does not like that'right just like you don't like her to give importance to anyone other than him'

Payal who is always sensible, makes her sis calm down .The talk is so beautiful,shows a real cognizant growth in his character.A humble "sorry" without hesitation and diligence for becoming the reason of her broken marriage.Payal thanked him for that as may be it was meant to be but Khushi still blames herself for that and he jumps to defend "Nahin uski koi ghalati nahin thi'mein ne usse jane se roka tha"[No it wasn't her fault ..I stopped her from going]'

Khushi's eyes filled with brimming tears .This is an eye opening and trust building step for Khushi just like him when he found out from Payal what exactly happened that night.Her tears ,that's what he does not want to see and at the top he doesn't want to  be shown vulnerable to her either.He barges out but stopped by Khushi"Tumhari problem kya know what mujhe sunna hi nahin "[What is your problem .you know what I don't want to hear it'] That's what he likes to be with her so he can hear her chirpy voice with bitter batter'.nok jhonk'because  her mellowed voice just creates havoc in him and he can't remain in his senses so this is the best way to seek "Farar"[run away ] from hidden emerging feelings...

He adores his smiling chatter lady 'and just like him she is adamant to speak with him by taking out air from his tire."ab tou aapko humari baat suuna padegi.."[Now you have to listen to me.] 

He barges out with fuming anger but what is this his tone is so mellow'."Are you crazy?"Khushi lovingly'"Sorryy aur Dhanewat[thnx]"She says sorry for her rudeness and thanks for saying sorry to her Jiji.How can he not melt here .she is full of innocence'It's hard for any man not to feel that way'.


He calls for new car where KKG found out his man can't change the tire..funny right..but not for him,by gritting teeth "It's not funny"'She offers her services to her man and change "uncle's tire" ..loved his irritations with kids.

He was admiring his skillful lady which was making him proud with her coolness

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS: He admires her cool nature as always and expresses her during Shital track"I know.. you are the most cool person I 've ever known."


Khushi prays to Dm for the tire and tells him lovingly She says thanks and sorry at the same time and calls herself crazy too and declares him"she is not saying sorry for taking air out of his tire" and he turns without anger makes her astounded at his attitude'..

He is not far behind either "Khushi tire badlne keh liyeh thnx '.pause with smirk'.mein bhi nahi kahoonga".He gives her his signature flirty look and leaves her with her signature "O " face.

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS:"aap na bohat ajeeb ho" to "Ajeeb hai yeh" to "hum dono kitne ajeeb hain" 'till..Arnav"Khushi tum janti ho na '

Khushi completes it "Keh hum kitne aajeb hain'..Jante hain"




Arshi just fabulous.  My favorite in red but my most favorite is in pink.  your pictures are absolutely freaking crazy OMG  he looks so great in that white and black suit fitted so snuggly  love it send me those pics pls!!! 

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Originally posted by indi52

^^^ sab, arshi,

interesting chat about the wheel. of course, almost nothing in ipk was just there for the h of it. everything practically linked to something and said something completely different. nk and mami have deeply loaded dialogues... and there's a sense of chess and pieces being moved and manoeuvred everywhere. one can write every episode from just the pov of dialogues and their significance if one likes.

but to get back to that changed wheel.

so khushi changed the direction of the tale. instrumental in him finding the right way? but i don't understand why she was made to take the air out of the tyre. a deliberate act. was this a little snigger snigger at asr and reference to his slightly full of himself air? or what... tells me, my symbolism readers.

khushi believed whatever you did, dm actuallu wrote it for you and made you do it. yet, in that nifty little tyre puncturing act she seemed to be making her own destiny. then she changed the wheel and became the "karta" of the moment... were the writers trying to tell us something? or was it just a neat way of introducing the tyre change, because that was the real symbol? me conphusia.

if we want to talk other meaning, uff that road to nainital... did that feel full of all sort of signs and portents and metaphor. should we ponder?

the instruction manual was in hindi. so one chapter closed and another began... in a language that was grek and latin to him LOL remember how he struggled to read? of course, later he wrote a letter in hindi in the rajkumari/shaitan sequence? or am i muddle headed after seeing that man in white?

LOL air out of his tire is referring to make him stop and think of her actions and that's  exactly happened ..the moment La jerks him up he couldn't stand on his feet as four wheels to drive..."Yeh kya kar raha hoon main" .mein ne La keh saath khabi bhi blah blah ...His Ego air is coming outLOL

Yes Khushi told him DM ne apse haath pakad keh ...and you think she is taking her actions in her own hands but who is making her do that...Think...same is applying on her too...

Yes HIndi manual in hindi as this love and feelings are other language for him and to run with it he has to learn the language and later his handwriting is running with it too...LOL .on serious note he is starting it as Sabrina mentioned but it took him time to grasp the real meaning of it.There is no question they both love and care way beyond but the real ehsaas as this is pyaar ,love came later and he did ask "Tumhain kaise pata hai yeh sacha pyar hai"...and she explain it "humara eik eik aansoo...Baby steps ...all the way up there...

OK Nainital trip is load of signs and symbolism ...let me see that epi again ad I will get back to you

Udhaar raha

Edited by ArshiHamesha - 25 June 2013 at 9:33pm

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Originally posted by indi52

^^^ isspkaur ROFL

truckload it is... an armada of trucks at that. i had to stop before i wrote a whole novel here and arshi complained about our fan fictioning ROFLkhule aam. but really. this boy too thin and not that tall, how he strides into my evening and ruins me with a look, a smile, a perfectly sculpted bone. that jawline... er widow's peak? angular pinna that lets just a bit of light through? the tapered hairline at the back... those shoulders, the flowing arms... he's got to be part from another planet. vulcan maybe? LOL

what i lau most... not at all metrosexual. real. hot. male. fallible. 
jumping in here definitely not metrosexual, all MALE!!!! The only time i wuld have called him metro was when he stayed at the Gupta house and had to have his products!!!LOL.LOL

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Originally posted by indi52

^^^ isspkaur ROFL

truckload it is... an armada of trucks at that. i had to stop before i wrote a whole novel here and arshi complained about our fan fictioning ROFLkhule aam. but really. this boy too thin and not that tall, how he strides into my evening and ruins me with a look, a smile, a perfectly sculpted bone. that jawline... er widow's peak? angular pinna that lets just a bit of light through? the tapered hairline at the back... those shoulders, the flowing arms... he's got to be part from another planet. vulcan maybe? LOL

what i lau most... not at all metrosexual. real. hot. male. fallible. 

Vulcan would be quite appropriate, my friend.
Metrosexual.. (I hate that word) ka shukar hai aisa kuchh nahi hai.
Tum novel likho. Main hoon na. Sab sambhal loongi.

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Originally posted by wiwy

         Poems / Shayaris by Blasters Day Dreaming Star

(on Thread 12 and Thread 12 Extension, Saansey)

                                  Big smile

BD takes the lead in creating the poetic atmosphereStarClap
Salooni responds in styleStar
Indi takes kasamClap
Salooni ka jawab nahinThumbs Up
Wiwy adds to the paagalpanBig smile
Salooni's shayariana mausam
Wiwy on his nazar/eyesBig smile
Chalhov's  parody on 'thobda'LOLClap
Arshi's  touching shayariStar
Durgey ends with mera  bharat mahaanHeart
Salooni's shayari welcomes # saansey Dancing
Indi on 'thobda'Day Dreaming and BD on hotwa in shadewaCoolLOL
Wiwy on Blasters Rebecca and SalooniBig smile
Indi in Hindi Hug
BD's translationwa test! Well done!Thumbs Up
Durgey's golden poemParty

never expected my name 
thanks a lot 
it is a very big thing to me 
to be my name in your list of blaster 
thanks again 
Add quote

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@ Anita, thanks for taking the time and commenting on all my posts.  I just did them one right after the other!  You know what that is like!!!  Love yours too!

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