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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 133)

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Originally posted by sohara



Season again changed in IPK. A new phase of Arnav and Khushi's life is about to begin. Destiny is making the way clear for these soul mates. One of the main obstructions has removed from Arnav's life. La's presence somehow refraining Arnav to pamper his feelings for Khushi. Though la's departure made the situation melancholic for a while, but it sure will bring some mirth for us. Let's the journey begin with a fun filled episode. Clap


Lavanya's taxi has arrived. Arnav wants to drop her, a last gesture of affection for a good friend.  But she refused. She is despondent and a bit angry on ASR I guess. She doesn't want any help from him any more. Khushi is carrying her luggage.


At the threshold of the house, La looks back for the last time. Lots of good memories she is leaving behind. She is biding bye to the man of her love. She is looking pensive, forlorn. She finds Arnav is standing there. He begs her ardent apology again. She says it's OK. She gives him a precious advice,

"If you fall in love ever, just hold on to it. Cause love is greater than hatred. And love is the greatest. Make sure, you never let it go from your life." la knows that arnav might do something in anger that might make him lose khushi forever and hinting that he did find someone

Her eyes are teary, scorching pain in her heart. She loved him, but he couldn't give her the love back. Cry

When she was telling this to ASR, the camera shows Khushi in the same frame. It's an indication of future and perfect assimilation of La's words and khsuhsi's presence.  loved your interpretation of that moment


In GH Payal is saying Khushi that she was very scared of Shyam, if he does any wrong to her or not. Khushi retorts her immediately; she doesn't want to talk about him at all. He wants to forget everything. She is bearing him as he is a relative of Payal's in laws.

"For me, he is just Anjaliji's husband, nothing more."

Payal also agrees. She asks her why La and Arnav didn't get engaged. Khushi says that last time she brought them together.

"Even I mediated between them. But this time Lavanya is not ready to listen to her as well." she has a point but this time la realized the truth and she is not willing to budge

Payal agrees to La, as relationship is very fragile, nobody knows what possibly can happen between couples. Khushi feels sorry for la and prays that dm keeps bless her. She is very good at heart. Payal also prays that someday she will get a very good guy, who will keep her happy and love her a lot. When Payal pronounces Arnav, Khushi barges at her,

"RAKSHAS, Demon, I wish he gets a girl in his life who can straighten him up. She will tell him whatever he doesn't want to hear. I'm sure he used to bunk school. That's why he didn't learn how to behave." 

We know Khushi, it's you who is just perfect for him. And by the way he is a Harvard graduate, not school bunking type, not farre type also. Got it?LOL

 Payal refutes her. To see Payal's annoyance she starts to pull her legs, that she is already  taking side of his brother in law. Payal just squeezes her earlobe. But Khushi is sure that he a Rakhshas indeed.


Arnav is talking to la. She reached safely. He asks her with acquiescence, does she need anything. He wants to help her. It seemed that she refused his help. He cuts the call and shuts his eyes in convulsion. When he tries to absorb the burden of guilty feelings, his eyes goes to the gift laid on the table. So his focus finally shifted to his new life, his love, his Khushi. He opens the wrap slowly, making a little pout on his face. it's  a book and there is a letter as well,

"ye pustaak, humari taraf se ek bhet hai, ta ki jeevan mei apko gadhika paiya badalne mein takleef na ho Khushi Kumai Gupta."

Translation: this book is a gift from me. So you will not face any trouble to change the tire of a car, Khushi Kumari Gupta

He reads the letter slowly, may be it was difficult for him to read hindi. He recollects the memory of Khsuhi's changing tire for his car. i thought the same thing, poor thing has a hard time reading shubdh hindi

He tries to read the name of the book. But when he can't his epic what the comes out from his mouth. Khushi is unofficially got in to your life to make your insipid life colorful, Mr. akhroo laad governor. LOL


Anjali comes to arnav's room and tell him that what he told was right. Marriage is a huge commitment for a lifetime. If the man and woman are not happy then it's better not  to be together. You and Lavanya perhaps made the right decision. Arnav says her, if anybody else understands or not his sister would understand him for sure. Anjali cares him and nods her head. i love the admiration he has for his sister

 Arnav says her ruefully that he didn't want to break anybody's heart. I and Lavanya thought it was right.

 Anjali assents and wishes he will also find the right person just the way she found her husband.(your jijaji, uff what a perfect guy! I only can guffaw) Arnav begs her not to start the saase rukhnewala story again. 

Arnav sees Payal and Akash's wedding card in Anjali's hand. She tells him that the first card she kept in the mandir for DM's blessings and the second one, she wants to send it to Gupta house. She requests Arnav to take the card to GH. He snatches the card from her and says that he wouldn't say no. He doesn't say no to all the things. aaawww he wants any excuse to see khushi

Yeah we know, why you are so eager to take it to the GH? Getting impatient to meet Khushi.


Anjali's eyes go to the book what Khsuhi gave it to him. When she asks him, he doesn't mention Khushi's name. Anjali reads the name, it's a car maintenance manual. Arnav understand now why Khsuhi gave it to him. Arnav looks lost in Khushi's thought. Anajali asks him what happened. But he just evades to answer. I loved his face when arnav heard anjali read the book title that he had a hard time reading


Khushi is full on playful mood. She has become frolic and garrulous again.. Hona bhi chahiye, finally good days came to her life. The dark cloud name Shyam has gone, her sister is getting married to her prince charming and moreover her Arnavji is single and ready to mingle with her. But Payal is annoyed with her teasing. Khushi is teaching her how she will behave with Akash after marriage. Payal needs to shower. But Khushi is not giving her towel. She teases her that as Raizada house is so big so she has to run a lot to flee from Akash's grip. She starts to run in the room holding the towel in her hand. She gets in the bathroom and locks the door. 


The scene was hilarious and Sanaya was beyond excellent in this scene. We know how good her comic timing is! She pretends to be Akash . After fixing her invisible spectacles she starts to ask for the towel. As the towel is already in Khushi's hand Payal tells her how she can give it to her. Khushi opens the door to give her the towel. Payal snatches the towel and tries to get in the bathroom. But she can't. When two sisters were fighting with the towel, the door bell rings. Khushi is calling her, "payalji, woh payalji". When she hears no respond she says, I mean Akash says did she go to her mother's house? Awww akash is going to be the toliya lou type of guy...but sanaya was just too good, i could not stop laughing


Payal keeps the towel on the bed and rushes to open the door. It's Arnav who came. Payal tells him that her amma and bua are not at home. She makes him sit and goes to answer the phone.


Arnav hears Khushi is screaming, "payalji don't leave me like that. Oh payalji." As Payal is busy on the phone Arnav  slowly saunters towards the bedroom from where Khsuhi's scream is coming from. Khushi is screaming and talking sarcastically,

"if jiji leaves Akashji like that then after taking shower, he will be freeze in cold."

She is predicting that so many things will happen after Akash and her jiji's marriage, that she can write a book on this topic.

"jiji aur jijajiki kainama, lekhak kushi kumari gupta. side mei tali."

My sister and my brother in laws' escapades, author Khushi Kumari gupta. Applause on the side.

When Khushi hears footsteps she starts her drama again,
"kiyuji, I've screaming for so long! You didn't hear me? yaha to humara kulfi jam raha hai Here I'm freezing in cold. Plz give me the towel."

She is in full acting spree.

 Arnav is confused, "WHAT THE", "I will?"

Khsuhi says again that she will count three, if she doesn't give her the towel by this time, she will think she doesn't care her at all.

She starts counting. Arnav thinks she seriously needs the towel. May be he wants to show her that he cares. He grabs the towel and moves towards the bathroom. Khushi senses that Payal is near the bathroom. But she is really in playful mod today. She tells that as she is late she has to be punished. She opens the door and without seeing she pulls Arnav inside the bathroom. Her smiles turns to scream when she saw him in the bathroom.. She starts to scream so loud that something really bad had happened. Arnav's face the whole time was just to priceless he seemed really worried for her need of a towel, and maybe he wanted to make her stop screaming PAYAL JI


Where in RM, the devil Shyam is concocting something to fool Anjali again. The insidious guy knows how to chicane his gullible wife by fallacy.. He is telling her that the pandit said that the shani (Saturn) is in bad phase on him. anjali thinks that it's very portentous and she should perform some poojas and rituals to overcome this. The ever superstitious anjali gets scared for her God like husband. She is now connecting the dot of her broken mangalsutra. She insists Shyam to tell what the pandit told him to do. Shyam says about some rituals and tells her that the pandit admonishes him not to wear white cloth. When Shyam took it lighly Anjali embroils more and makes him promise to do whatever pandit told him. The liar makes a fake promise that he can ignore pandit, but can't ignore his wife. Anjali rushes to do the arrangement for the braat. Angry


Khushi comes out from the bathroom holding the towel on her chest, screaming,

"bachao, bachoo, jiji."  She is stomping her feet incessantly , as if Arnav saw her without cloth. Arnav is flummoxed to her frivolous act.

"khushi you are fully dressed."

When Arnav sees, Khushi is still stomping, she admonishes her to stop. I love how she was just running in place, would she do that if she was actually nude or anything...which makes no sense

 Khushi stops though, but starts to assail him, as if he vandalized something.

'So what? what are you doing here? How dare you come to my room?"

Arnav tries to say that she was screaming for towel.He grits his teeth, says that he came to give the wedding card, not the towel. Payal comes and scolds Khushi.

 Anajali calls Arnav. Arnav says that he gave her the towel, he means the card. He gets angry to hear something, "usse." Anjali must be telling him to get Khushi with him. He though refuted first but I guess agreed to take her with him.

Aranv says bye to Payal and tells her to show the card to everybody. Khushi is pretending to ignore Arnav . Arnav asks her imperatively to come with him, if she finished playing with the towel. He ordered her just like a cute possessive hubby LOL.


Back in RM shyam is confirming Anjali, is she working according to her game or not. He trickily asks her if Khushi is coming to help her in the pooja and rituals. To get Khushi's sympathy, he is planning to garble Anjali in front of her. His cynicism irked me so much!



Khushi doesn't want to go. Arnav says her grimly that she needs to go, cause mami and nani are not at home and his sister thinks she only can help her. Payal also insists her to go. But Khushi is obdurate. She tells her that, he is feeling to curse someone, that's why he wants to take her with him.

"He will get me in the car and in the middle of a silent street, he will stop the car and starts saying "what the" "what the" and get me out of the car." well that did happen majority of the time i don't blame her for going

Arnav tells her that if she doesn't believe him, she can talk to his di.

Khushi snatches his words,

"I trust you completely. You will sure yell at me." 

Arnav is fuming to hear this. Khushi shows Payal that he is now flaring his nose in anger. She refuses to go, He leaves.

Payal tries to make her understand that she is not an employee there any more, they have become relatives. So as his bro's sister in law she should go with him. Khushi finally agrees . She runs out and calls Arnav to stop. She goes in side to get her bag. Arnav waits for her. She comes out, but forgets to wear her dupatta this time. So she requests him to stay back for some more time.  Arnav sits in his car and Khushi also comes and sits beside him.


There is an awkward silence in the car. Khushi initiates to talk first. She wants to tell about her drama what she was playing a while ago. Arnav says her that La reaches safely and she told to let her know. Khushi looks a little upset hearing about La. She is still feeling bad for her. When he sees Khushi is a bit reticent,, he looks at her,

"Are you listening?'

He notices that she is wearing a towel instead of her dupatta. He reverses the car and makes to a halt.

"Get out."

 Khushi is perplexed to see his peremptory attitude.

I think this is the perfect VM to depict Arnav and Khushi's present status.

 credit goes to Zoha

Plz ignore typo and grammatical mistakes.

i did not notice any typos...mine are probably worse
i loved your analysis, and i was smiling the whole time
and thanks for sharing that awesome VM

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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Episode 147

La takes the leave from everyone in the RM. Khushi goes to pull the luggage out of the house and la is following. La turns around and then BAM arnav appears in from of the steps (I don't know how he came there; there must be a secret passageway in the house). He says sorry to La and La gives him advice that love is more greater than hatred and when you find love don't let it go, when she said that khushi is just walking off I wish khushi heard that. And the scene fades out of ArLa, the last scene of them ever(I will miss la).

We sure will miss her ,her entry was a bit odd yet she became a very important part of the show and us and above all made these two come closer

Khushi and Payal are in their room talking and payal said she was scared to leave her alone in the RM because of shyam and Khushi said he does not matter to me, and he is just anjali's hubby and nothing more. They start discussing LA and Arnav break up and Payal says it is after all their personal affair and who knows what happened and we might never know the real reason. Khushi being khushi blames it on Arnav and calls him Rakshas and said he needs a girl that can tell him what he does not want to hear and stand up to him (well from the looks of it khushi just described herself but it is her turn to realize they are meant to be).

How sweetly she is describing her realization for him but both are stubborn 

Arnav calls La and and she has reached safely. I am assuming la said yes and then he asked if she needs anything let him no, and again I am assuming she said she does not and she is fine. then he notices the gift that Khushi had given him for his engagement. he finds the letter ion it which says that it was a gift which will let him learn how to change the tire (poor thing took forever to learn how to read hindi)...and he finds a book in shudhh hindi on how to maintain your car. He tries reading the title but gave up saying What the and sets the book down on the table. Anjali comes and tells ASR that whatever happened, happened for good and she understand that if two people are not happy then what is the point of spending the rest of their lives together (I think shyam had to make her understand this point, since she does not have a brain of her own). Arnav was relieved and said if anyone who would get my point then it is you. Arnav notices that the PayAsh's wedding invitation are in and Anjali said yup the first lot came in and we put the first card in the mandir. She asked arnav if he can bring the second card to the Guptas. Before arnav can say anything, Anjali was like If you can't then no problem. Arnav was like I was going to say yes, and IDK why people think I will refuse everything that I am asked (well he did build up a reputation to refuse things). Arnav starts typing on his first wife (that sounded  dirty but you know I mean laptop)  and anjali asks Arnav about the book on the table and Arnav says that someone gave it to him. Anjali translates the title for him and Arnav looks up at her like how did you learn how to read that (well reading the geeta, ramayan, and other various book should help, I think they are written in shubdh hindi) and laughs at arnav and he gets flashbacks on how Khushi changed the tire of his car.

But he doesn't believe in God and religion remeber and yes I agreed with you he gave her that impression so what she supposed to do

  credit goes to the maker

Payal is trying to take a shower but cannot get the towel from khushi and tries to get it. Khushi is teaching Payal how to talk to Akash and runs around the house and then shuts herself in the bathroom and tells Payal that they will pretend that she is Aaksash and Payal needs to give her towel. The doorbell rings and payal goes to get it, leaving khushi screaming PAYAL JI . Payal opens the door and arnav comes in. She makes him sit down and tells him that garima and bua ji will come soon. Then the telephone rings and payal answers it and telling them that her parents are not at home. Khushi is shouting from the bathroom for towel screaming Payal Ji...and arnav is confused and goes there. Payal hears khushi but ignores it (I guess she knew arnav will handle it) and ASR in to her room and gets the towel. Khushi said you have 3 seconds or you will be punished. Arnav hands it over and Khushi pulls him in and locks the door. She screams

This scene makes me giggle thoughLOLLOLLOL

 credit goes to the maker

Shyam is talking on his phone to some pandit and telling that he does not believe in such predictions about his life being in danger and Anjali overhear this and gets worried and asks him what is wrong.  Shyam tells her that the pandit thinks that  his shani (I think shani is Saturn) is too heavy and it is going harm him and he needs to do some vrat, no wear light colors and do some pooja  to protect himself (really not getting what is plan it but I bet it will work).AngryAngryAngry

Khushi is shouting BACHAO and jogging in place with her  eyes  close (seriously she makes no sense, no wonder she is called sanka devi) and Arnav tells her to stop that because she is fully dressed. Payal comes and Arnav informs her that he had come to give the card and then receives phone from Anjali who tells her to bring Khushi home. Khushi rejects it saying that she is not coming as it is not Anjali who is asking for her but instead it is arnav who wants to yell at someone and so is taking her with him. he will take her to a lonely road and tell her what the what the and then tell her to get out (She pretty much summed up her past experience with him in a car). Payal tells khushi that she should accompany Arnav because she does not work for them anymore where she can refuse but now they are becoming family. Arnav walked away. Khushi calls out to him and said she is coming. She is about to get into the car and realizes she does not have a dupatta (how besharam, her neck was showing the whole time, I guess arnav is not attracted to the neck, I think he prefers her hair blowing in the wind)LOLLOLLOL. She rushes back inside and grabs a towel and drapes it on her neck. In the car she tries to talk to him when he informs that La has reached London and she has told him to pass the message to her. Khushi looks sad when he mentioned la, so I am guess she is still mad at him for breaking the engagement and her best friend left the country. He suddenly stops the car and reverses (he is good at reversing even with a back window having a fogged out effect) and again stops it and tells her to get out. Khushi is shocked. What did khushi do to make arnav kick her out??????

  credit goes to the maker

Ok Anita I can't stop laughing over your comment...he prefers her hair over her bare neck...LOLLOLLOL ,you are too cute with your sarcasm ...My comments are in Bold black...
Don't wanna talk about the creep .just keep it fun

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Originally posted by indi52

episode 142

"nahin woh..."
and the music paces up, low rumbling disturbed, a reflection of his state of mind. a terrible faux pas, he's just called his fiance by another woman's name, a name that seems to be on his tongue all the time, whether he's aware of it or not. an indrawn breath, a hand raised to stop his fiance from leaving, but she's gone.

"yeh kya kar raha hoon main..." what am i doing... confused, ire at self. he remembers things between them. not pretty things, "mera aur apna mazak banaya..." he's yelling at her, you made a fool yourself and me by proposing to me in front of everyone. she's crying and asking,  don't you have love for me, don't you care. he's yelling back "parwah nahin hai..." then backing it up with all that he's done to show he did care.

but today that terrible slip was also a telling one. he can't ignore this whole thing any more,
he realises there was something less in it all along. both of them needed it for their own reasons... but his reasons were not the correct ones.

on a slow close up, three quarter profile, eyes raising as a thought filters... "main ne lavanya ke saath sahi nahin kiya... shayad kabhi bhi nahin..." i didn't do right by lavanya, perhaps never.

and he makes his way to her room. on the way he will see khushi, but even that won't stop him, man with a purpose. now that he knows the truth, he must act on it. this is absolute asr, his conscience once stirred, must be heeded. he errs but he does do his best to make amends and correct his path.

and so we come to a break up scene that is hard to forget... ever.

don't look so sad
i know it's over
but life goes on
and this old world

will keep on turning...

let's just be glad
we had some time to spend together

there's no need to watch the bridges
that we're burning

lay your head upon my pillow
hold your warm and tender body
close to mine
hear the whisper of the raindrops
blowing softly against my window
make believe you love me

one more time
for the good times

don't say a word about tomorrow
or forever
there'll be time enough for sadness
when you leave me...

"i know, asr, tumhe ye sab pasand nahin but aaj akhri bar... sirf ek baar... kya tum mujhe hug kar sakte ho?"
i know, asr, you don't like all this but today for the last time... only this once... could you please hug me?

lay your head...
hmm hm... hold your warm and tender...
for the good times

for the good times, a song i'd heard so many years ago feels like a part of life, found its pictures all of a sudden. a poignant, poised, sensitively felt, written, directed, performed ending of a relationship. a maturity i at least have never seen on indian television. it felt like a song.

all the little moments of the sequence were lovely. this perhaps is my favourite:

"lavanya, tum jo mere liye feel karti ho... shayad mein woh tumhare liye nahin karta... aur shayad kabhi kiya bhi nahin..."

lavanya,what you feel for me... maybe i don't feel for you... (then the killer next line) and perhaps never...

this is sublime delivery of dialogue, making it your own, delving into your life to find the right tone, inflection, voice, sigh for this heartbreak you must cause...

"par ab..." swallows... "ab aur jhoot nahin bole sakta. in fact, ab jhoot bolkar tumhe aur insult nahin kar sakta... mere liye nahin... tumhari khatir."

but now... now i can't lie any more. in fact, i don't want to lie and insult you any more... not for myself... for you...

"i mean... hum dono..." walks closer looking for the right words... "lavanya, tum aur main...yeh sahyad.."

i mean, the two of us... lavanya, you and i... this perhaps...

she stops him, holds his hand...

"i know, asr, mujhe laga hi tha tum yeh kahoge..." an the essentially honest girl, lavanya, who wouldn't lie about the big things... "shayad mujhe pehle hi mehsoos ho gaya tha..."

i know, asr, i thought you'd say this... perhaps i already had that feeling...

i was scared it would have this know without any...
she turns away to wipe her tears.

okay, a little ramanchi, how can i not love this:

frantic activity... la is not letting him come to the words that must be said.

"lavanya, mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai." lavanya, i need to tell you something.

wonderful tense music, she prattles on about parlour, work, etc.

hand on her shoulder. she had put a hand on his so he may stop hurting himself... her. now his hand, hurt is inevitable, he needs to start giving it and receiving it too.

"lavanya mujhe tumse baat karni hai... lavanya."


clenches jaw.

"you don't have to..."


"i said no, asr."

"meri baat suno."
listen to me. gentle, loving, kind... rakshas.

"please, lavanya."

"lavanya, mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai."
third time.

"nahin, asr, please kuch mat bolo." no, asr, please don't say anything... don't say a word, about tomorrow... or forever...

he puts his hand on her cheek... the sweetest, tenderest touch, remorse in its heart and a sadness at a thing gone by... it's over.

on the other side of this carefully designed episode, khushi will tell anjali that it's over between her and her mangetar. yet because of a broken mangalsutra will be tied to a lie that she cannot, or will not, reveal. because her heart made a promise to a girl she feels for.

"kuch nahin hua hai, anjali ji... royiye mat... sab theek hai... aapke pati bhi aur aapki shadi bhi aur kuch hoga bhi nahin, hum aapse yeh vada karte hain..."

nothing has happened, anjali ji... don't cry... everything is fine... your husband and your marriage as well and nothing will happen, i promise you that.

la will make asr promise not to reveal anything to the family yet, not before akash and payal's engagement.
in parallel scenes, for the sake of everyone's happiness, two girls will opt for silence on a major truth. 

i did not agree with khushi's keeping the lid on shyam's reality, but the episode nonetheless was powerful and sleek in crafting. even as he became free to go to khushi, she made a choice that would tie up their story in the most vicious of knots. as one knot unravels, the next one begins... almost felt like a comment on life itself. an episode that left in me a terrible feeling of... even before it's begun, it's over.

credit: uploader

i have heard other versions growing up,
but somehow the sound of the writer with his song felt good.

i loved your take of this episode
and i was in tears thought out the episode, okay the ArLa part
i wish khushi told anjali, she has to accept it sooner or later

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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Episode 148

Arnav asks Khushi to get out of his car. Khushi says she knew that he'll come and scream at her and ask her to get out. Arnav says he wants her to get out and exchange the towel for the dupatta. Khushi realizes that she has taken a towel instead of dupatta and gets out of the car; leaving arnav behind and he said unbelievable.

  credit goes to the maker

haha.they both know each others so well na

At the RM,Anjali gives Khushi the phone to place order for the sweets (that list of sweets sounded really good). Just as she is giving instructions when Arnav comes and tells Anjali he is going for a meeting. Khushi gets distracted by him (don't blame her) and gets back to work. Just then she sees Shyam and stops in her spot for a while and goes away.Shyam gives an evil smile as he remembers the lie he told to Anjali about his Shani being bhari . Anjali has to keep a fast and Shyam cannnot wear white. He comes down wearing a white shirt and Anjali gets mad at him. She asks him why he wears a white shirt? She asks him to immediately change otherwise she won't let him go anywhere and leaves from there. Khushi is witnessed all this (he is making his lie true now, but only to khushi, making her believe that Anjali is super controlling and rude person). Shyam goes to her and tells Anjali made a big deal out of nothing. He didn't want her to see this but Anjali really crosses the line at time. Khushi doesn't seem to believe him and he goes. Khushi seems slightly lost (please don't trust him after all that he has done). She starts leaving when Anjali calls her. She tells her that the sari people are coming tomorrow and Nani wants Lucknowi sari so she can help in quality check. Khushi recalls Anjali's bad behaviour. Anjali asks if something is wrong. She says no. Anjali warns her to have a good throat because the sari person is hard of hearing. Shyam comes wearing a pink shirt. Anjali tells him she doesn't like getting angry so he shouldn't do stuff she doesn't like (okay that sure does sound controlling but in a sweet way). Shyam says he likes her scolding it makes their romance/love more interesting (I am going to puke)

Shyam the SCORPION is a jerk that's it...and Anjali can't see that  but Khushi is the best

In bed, Khushi is recalling Anjali telling her that Shyam is world's best husband, Nani telling how much she worships him and then Anjali screaming at Shyam. Doubts starts creeping in her mind but she brushes them out saying she knows her for so many days, this is not possible (good don't believe such filth).ClapClapClap

Mami is telling mama how she is in tension over the wedding prep. Mami is complaining about Payal becoming Akash's wife to mama and he handles her.

Mamiji is a drama queen

Anjali is preparing everything for the wedding or pooja for shyam not really sure. Arnav and Akash come and see Mami is asking Mana about someone coming from Kidney. Arnav is confused. Akash reminds him that someone is coming today and Arnav realizes it and said he forgot to send the car but Akash says everything is taken care of. Arnav tells Mami it's 'Sydney.Someone calls out 'Maasi' and Mami gets happy.and calls everyone to welcome this person. She gets upset as she realizes he is not here and everyone said that she is hearing things  but he calls her again. She gets really happy and turns around. He steps foot into the house and akash grabs arnav's shoulder out of fear.

YES love NK,he is the only one entry I loved..others just waste of time

A dude walks in in full on srk ishytle from kabhi khushi khabi gham. LOL hahaha

  credit goes to the maker

 credit goes to the maker

Everyone's happy seeing him, specially Mami. She welcomes Nandkishore and he asks her how she knew he is here. Mama says first his voice came and then his suitcase's noise gave him away. He blames the indian floors for it then greets everyone He tells Mami that she is looking beautiful with her purple sari and matching sunglasses and she gets flattered. He tells everyone to call him NK, short and sweet. Nk said he had gotten lost as well in this house. Arnav gets slightly annoyed and he turned to akash and said it is time for us to get lost (I love his one liners) and akash signals di that they are leaving and she tells them to leave quickly. They are about to leave when NK calls him nanav (I love that name)LOL NK comes and hugs him. He said Nanav is always angry. He also congratulates Akash for his engagement. He is about to congratulate Arnav but stops midway. He tells him someone is made for him as well (we all know this). Arnav is about to leave when Anjali calls him 'Nanav'. Arnav looks irritated and Anjali slaps the back of her head she covers it up by calling him chotey and asks if he'll be back at lunch. He just goes away (I take that as a yes).Nani asks NK about his parents and he says everyone is fine and invites her to Sydney, Mami reaction was priceless she is ready to go out of the country any day. Nani said maybe one day (that means no but in a nicer way). Nani asks him to get ready. Mami tells him the dance teacher is about to come and she is strict but the best. Everyone leaves except Shyam and Anjali. Anjali says Khushi must be coming and goes. Shyam looks displeased (how can he not have any guilt)AngryAngryAngry. Will shyam be able to convince khushi that Anjali is not a good wife??? Will khushi see NK????

NK entry is the dude from Khabi Khushi Khabi ghum...Clap 
Anita nicely done...Loved your small yet powerful comments...light epi as ususalSmile

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..Anita.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758

  1. Disclaimer: I would like to acknowledge that all my translations have been found on You Tube Videos translated by Alexa.   All credit of translation and my interpretation of her work is acknowledged.  All work I consider to be my own with the help of the translation.  If work is used please credit.  Thank you all for reading!


Episode 148

Guess Who's Coming For Dinner?

Unbelievable he says.  She has worn the towel as a dupatta.  But something has changed in Arnav, he seems different, changed perhaps, softer, gentler even when he scolds her.  He drives the car backwards and stops in front of her house so she can change. Clap

Anjali and Kushi are working on the arrangements.  Anjali hands Kushi the phone to continue what Anjali started.  Interesting scene the two men of her life, ASR and Shyam enter.  One comes first, ASR, she stops and they gaze at each other and I am not sure what is the emotion they are feeling right now maybe confusion, relief, embarrassment?  I do know that they feel for each other but now it just needs time to blossom.  Then comes Shyam, he is happy to see her and he smiles and she just walks away.  I am thinking revulsion as her emotion.  I am thinking something much worse

Shyam comes down wearing a white shirt and goes to Anjali.  Anjali becomes upset and starts reprimanding Shyam.  Kushi sees this.  He is trying to convince her that Anjali is not nice to him.  Giving her reason to believe him and his story about the Raizada's and his marriage.  Anjali scolds him and leaves telling him to change his shirt.  He converses with Kushi complaining about Anjali. Angry I just want to slap him

She is ready to go, Anjali comes and asks if she is leaving.  Kushi lets her know the list she was working on is on the table.  Anjali would like Kushi to come back tomorrow.  The sari merchant is coming and they need to buy the favorite saris of Nani from Lucknow.  Anjali would like Kushi's help.    Kushi recalls Anjali words to Shyam.  It seems Kushi sees Anjali is becoming rather bossy, maybe? But she answers she will come back tomorrow. If you think about it anjali is really bossy in nature but she does it in a sweet way...maybe no one can decline her since she asked so sweetly

Shyam has changed his shirt and Anjali asks him why does he do that to her?  He says t keep the romance alive. Dead

Kushi is laying in her bed and thinking about Shyam's introduction by Anjali to her and how the family praised him and they said Anjali loves her husband so much and would do anything for him.  Kushi doesn't believe that Anjali is not nice.  She has known her for a long time. 

The RM is all-abuzz.  Mami isn't sleeping all night thinking about the wedding and her low status future daughter in law.  There is so much work to do an Anjali is complaining just a little.  They are waiting for the flight to come from "kidney" Mami says.  Silly girl you mean Sydney.  Akash tells ASR they got to get out of there doesn't Arnav remember who is coming.  ASR says he forgot to send the car to the airport and Akash says it has been taken care of. I love mama ji and mami ji's scenes

Mami is complaining to Arnav and Akash.  They want to leave and as they turn to go they hear,


Guess who's coming to dinner?

Mami calls everyone.  He's here!  They ask where is the voice, in your head?

Guess who's coming to dinner?

ASR says to Akash, "just let's go" and Anjali asks him why he is so afraid of him?

Guess who's coming to dinner?

The door opens.


Guess who's coming to dinner?

With a Spanish flare the music blares, with castanets clacking you can almost see the Flamingo dancers dancing, he comes prancing in.  The colors of India around his wrist on a sweatband, rolling in his suitcase, shades on his eyes, Knapsack around his varsity jacket, he is supercool.

this whole entry reminded me of joya bachan and srk in khabhi khushi bhabi gham (i don't know if you saw the movie but it is a must watch)

Guess who's coming to dinner?



Mami is so excited to have her foreign nephew home. He takes blessings from all.  Mispronounces some of the Hindi words and we learn that he has difficulty with the language.  Arnav and Akash try to sneek out but NK calls, 


Anjali snickers.

"Nanav, meir bhai, give me a hug."


We now know NK's name for Arnav is Nanav. He is just going on and on and on. He congratulates Akash for his engagement and then says the same to Arnav but halts himself.  He says sorry for the broken alliance but that someone else will come around.  Arnav answers whatever.

He goes to leave.  Anjali calls him, "Nanav!"  Snicker, snicker.  She want to know if he will be back for lunch.  He leaves and Anjali snickers again.  Nani says that NK should freshen up and eat and Mami says get ready to dance.  The dance instructor is coming.  She is a little strict and she will scold you.  They show NK to his room.  While Anjali and Shyam stay behind.

Guess who's coming to dinner?


Guess who's coming to dinner?

 Anjali tells Shyam, Kushi should be coming in a minute.


your analysis made me giggle, especially at nk's entry!!!!!!!!!!!

my comments are in light blue

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha





Episode 142-Part 143

Revelations and Realizations

Goodness from heart and forgiving nature is a virtue and not everyone has it.Its a quality of courageous ones .Evil always seems invincible but at the end it always falls and goodness always takes over.Khushi is the only one with big heart and Shyam seems a winner here but she is the one who will take him down always with all the goodness she has.La is also showing some traits here in this epi.

Love parallel scenes here for bringing realizations at different level

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS: Arnav will bow down to Khushi's goodness in her mother's garden... Clap

Shyam always underestimates Khushi by measuring her goodness with weakness. nice thought

 Symbolism and connection:16th the day of engagement

16 means destruction of the old and birth of the new. It is about the fall of the ego. This can be a painful process, because it usually comes after much ego inflation. The struggle between the ego and the divine will present challenges to your grand plans, which can be resented and struggled against. It is a lost battle, and you will likely feel humbled in the face of the collapse that follows. This humility is the key to later success. In the destruction of the old, rebirth takes place with an entirely new awareness. This rebirth affects every area of your life. It is a life much the better for the fall.CONNECTION IS SIMPLE I don't need to explain a lot '.Arnav will go through all and will transform'though a painful process for all under this # as La will go through with pain for letting Arnav have his way of happiness'. Clap i always loved your number symbolisms!!!!

 Arnav's mind is preoccupied with convulsive Khushi who just poured her heart out on his shoulder.Her distracted state is distorting his mind while talking to Aman and he tells Aman to fix a meeting on 16th, the day of his engagement which becomes a question for La."how could you forget that ASR'Our engagement is on 16th'"

Arnav turns around with his flummoxed mode'.but La is not done yet,"you are the one who was in rush ..tell me the truth "Did you forget it or it really doesn't matter to you?...Arnav with puzzled and apologetic way''"No it's not that '."mein itni saree cheezain handle karta hoon 'khabi khabi kuch pata nahin chalta..[I handle so many things and can't figure things out] and the internal true realization of ASR comes to his lips today,

"Mein jata hoon keh jane anjane mein main ne tumhain bohat chot pohnchaye hai'par who isliyeh keh mujhe khabi pata hi nahin chalta..phir jab realize karta hoon ..I really regret that..i really do..bohat bura lagta hai mujhe..par main kuch bhi jan kar nahin karta Khushi'main bas aisa hi hoon shayed'."

Translation:I know I hurt you intentionally

and unintentionally because I don't realize it that moment but when I do realize it,I feel really bad..I really do..but I don't do anything purposely Khushi..I am just like that'

Today Arnav is released from the Armored shell of ASR.His remorseful actions from Sheesh Mahal till now  are making him realize how much pain he caused Khushi just because he knows her fianc caused her that much distortion in her as she was totally devastated yesterday then how much she would be devastated by his actions and words all this time.

This is man in love'..without realizing it though this deep feeling has indeed sep into his cracked shell and today he has no control over it.He is expressing his love with intensity and with honesty but without realizing his surroundings..This is the biggest effect ever which he admits it later"mere aur tumhare elawa is duniya mein aur koi nahin"[There is no one else in this world besides you and me]

La by holding Arnav's shoulder,"ASR,It's Lavanya".. and he turned around realizing his mistake.I don't think there is much you need to explain here after that.La conveyed while getting the message and now it's an eye opening moment for Arnav... her dream world offically came crashing down after that

They both share really intense meaningful look.Arnav,"nahin who mein'.by closing his fist.La leaves him wondering about his own acts.Reality just knocks the door of Arnav Singh Raizada,"yeh kya kar raha hoon mein"and he starts connecting the dots willingly which he was putting aside in his ego and then realization just hits his hard core"mein ne La keh saath sahi nahin kya 'shayed khabi bhi nahin"'..

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS:In Epi 48  he brought La against everyone's wish and when he said to Jijaji how come without marriage La does not deserve respect but that day he did not know the depth of it'and when Jijaji told him "kaman se nikla huwa teer aur zaban se nikla huwa shabd khabi wapas nahin liya ja sakta'Zindagi koi video player tou hai nahin keh rewind button dabaya aur ghalati sudhar li" Clap

Translation:you can't take ur words back and yiu can't rewind your life back like a video player i reallyloved this line

Today again he is standing at the same spot to redeem himself from both ends.Khushi and La. Clap

 He comes down and distracted by pensive Khushi  who stops his feet ,he scans her face and regardless does not want to leave her but moves away from there for redeeming his act towards La like it's now or never...He has to mend it'...Why do I feel in his look to Khushi that his determination becomes more strong to end up with La with honesty putting his ego and all the Fadak aside'...but at the same time does not want to show Khushi his worries and concerns about her which he couldn't hide from La'...

Anjali gets worried with Khushi's sadness and shows her concerns.Khushi Sees Anjali struggling with her Mangalsutre while greeting her. It breaks right and falls right in Khushi's hands'...This is called Fate'...BG scores intensifies the situation..Anjali's pensive state looking at broken Manglasutre takes her in Mandir where she prays for long life of her hubby.Khushi witnessed Anajli's devastated condition and her "attot Vishwas"[Faith] in her marriage and her husband'...She looks at her mother [DM} and puts aside her motive for coming here'...being honest is not worthy here in her eyes so lying and hiding is the way for the sake of Anjaliji..

She assured her by giving promise"Anjaliji don't cry everything is fine'...your husband and your marriage..and nothing will happen'...I promise you"..She is leaving it up to her mother,DM '...

Anjali is arranging Puja for his safety which makes Khushi exasperate more.Anjali asks her the reason of her worrisome  face.Khushi clutches her Dupatta which reveals her bare finger to Anjali with the news of broken engagement.

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS: She always keep Slither's intensions hidden from her'and even brings Scorpion back for her sake against Arnav's wish.

Anjali is the one who will break this mangalsutre after his confession to release from  this EVIL.


If this side being honest is hard and lying by hiding truth is the solution then other side only truth is the way out

He ends up in La's room who wants to keep running from her inner fears of that reality which she knew for a long time but did not want to accept it' known fear hits her core when Arnav puts his hand on her shoulder to make her face it along with him.Arnav holding her cheek by comforting her."La,Tum jo mere liye feel karti ho '...shayed who mein tumhare liye feel nahin karta ..aur shayed khabi kia bhi nahin..par ab aur jhoot nahin bol sakta'...infact ab aur jhoot bol kar tumhain aur insult nahi kar sakta'...La yum aur mein'...yeh shayed'..."

Translation: La whatever u feel for me ,I don't do it for u'...and I think never did'but now I can't insult you by lying.. 

These are the words of an honest man no matter what his actions are'...and La knows this man ,"mujhe laga hi tha tum mujh se yehi kahoge"[I knew you will say that to me]

"Kahin na kahin mujhe dart ha humare rishte ka yehi end know ...'without a name.."[I was afraid our relationship would end without a name]

They both turn their faces as it's hard to face the antagonism  and wrath of this blow is too much to handle.

La while sobbing,"I knew it but did not want to accept it...'was lying to myself all the time '.."

"itna jhoot bolti rahi keh mujhe woh jhoot bhi sach lane laga"

[I lied up to the exten that it seems truth to me]

She requested hi to hug her last time.and oh boy his hug says it all ,no words are required to convey all of his pain which he is going through now...'by looking at her state which he caused her.He is right "mujhe khabi pata hi nahin chalta but when I do ,I regret it"

La is right sometimes you don't have answers of arising questions.I must say girl like La is hard to find as it's against the nature of a woman'...but if you find one that is the best thin ever happened to you and that happened to Arnav as he found Khushi who was above all of this'...

If the other side one relation ended so did here and that is Fate as it closes one door and opens the other with welcome sign.If one side wants to keep their matters aside for the sake of family so is the other side.

Khushi wants Anjali to keep it as a secret from the family"Sab ko dukh pohncha keh humain kya milega"[What will I gain by hurting everyone?]She does not want anyone feel bad or stop enjoying their own happiness..She is a selfless cookie.

Anjali by feeling her pain,"aur aap ke dukh ka kya'aap janti hain aap humain kya keh rahi hain"[and what about your pain' u know what are asking me to do?] and the other side Arnav wants to tell the whole family together but La wants to put hold on it ,La,"I know what am I saying...'everyone is so happy..this is not the right time"

She wants to keep it till Payesh engagement because it can get affected and it increases her respect more in his eyes.Arnav"I really respect you for this"

La by hugging him ,"You respect me but love'..."She still leaves it incomplete as she knows he is not sure yet'... i felt so bad for la here

La's big words,"I don't want you to ever feel guilty for this..I mean it" she really gained some maturity from all this

And they decide not to reveal anything yet and the same is on the other side..Anjali agrees upon not telling anyone about her broken engagement.Anjali asks very meaningful question with deep conerns as her guts telling something else'"Khushiji you want to talk about something else too. Right!"Khushi diverts her question but it didn't sit with Anjali.She strokes her cheek with love and ask her to take care of yourself and Khushi leaves with heavy heart. i wish she did, she has to face the truth eventually...who knows she might have been strong

Khushi comes home and tells everyone the reason that she can't break Anjali's marriage and Payel's relations .It doesn't sit with Payal but Amma becomes selfish in this process.Buaji is right though it is important to break the blind spell of Anjali.She hugs her Sanka Devi for takig such a big decision.I am with Buaji ,truth always saves you from hell. 

Symbolism and connection"9:30 on the clock as 9 represents the world of spirit,soul and matter where 30 represents a cycle of nature.Connection Khushi with her divine spirit along with DM is going to touch souls of Arnav and Anjali by going through unfinished matters Clap

[Bible]In Mark9:30 means is this

Mark 9:30-32, "And going forth from there they were journeying through Galilee, and he was not wishing that any should get to know it, for he was teaching his disciples and saying to them, 'The Son of Man is being delivered up into the hands of men and they will slay him, and being slain after three days he will arise.' But they were not understanding the declaration and feared to question him." i loved this connection

Connection is easy here as Khushi is putting herself in a plate to sacrifice and she will rise but after paying big price.


Other side whom Khushi just saved being jerkasaurus as this is small thing for him.Buaji is right you can't get your loose grip on these kind of people.Anjali with sobbing,"yeh rishte rait ki tarah kyuon hote hain ,inhain jitna muthi mein band karne ki koshish karo utna hi phisal jate hain"   [Why these relations are like sand ,the more you hold it the more it slips through your hand ] Why do I feel strongly she knew all this i felt the same way...i mean she found him leaving all the time suspicious and CVs couldn't connect it later'...Her dialogues are clearly reflecting here and while she was talking with Khushi'...She was smart and she figured it out but writers did not figure it out later..What a pitty. towards the end, the cv's got the case of amnesia...i felt like they got a new set of writers and just threw anything that came into their mind without any logic

Why do I feel she is killing two birds with one stone...with love and softness she is keeping him around as she thinks and making Khushi feel guilty as according to her "aap ho tou itne se par baatein bohat achi karte ho"[You r so young yet talk like adults] on her anniversary...point is Anjali thinks she is just a young woman...but she does not know Khushi is way mature than her... agreed


Loved your analyis as always...looks like you did your research as always!!!!!
my comments are in green
i wish anjali was told the truth by khushi and she did not change her mind

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Thanks for reading.
Enjoyed all your significant comments.
You are right, dark cloud named Shyam is coming to her life like a hurricane. It's just strengthening to attack vigorously.
I really loved this line.
Deep meaning opening wrap as he is opening new phase of his life which he can't understand just like he can't read the cover of the manual and has difficulty reading her letter

Edited by sohara - 07 July 2013 at 10:05pm

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Thanks for reading.
I loved all your comments.
 I absolutely agree what you said about La's perception about Arnav and Khushi's relationship. She knows ASR very well. when she felt that ASR's love for Khushi is real, she just couldn't refrain herself to give him this precious advice,

When Arnav sees, Khushi is still stomping, he admonishes her to stop. I love how she was just running in place, would she do that if she was actually nude or anything...which makes no sense

your comments just cracked me up.
It's my pleasure that you liked the VM.

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