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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 131)

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Originally posted by salooni

i was just searching an ipkknd episode ans saw that episode 150 full is there in yt and from 151 in parts are there 
so thought to inform 
for help in futureBig smile

Thank you, Salooni!  Big smile I'm aware of that episode 150 as well as episode 166!  It's so upsetting tons of them are blocked!!

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Originally posted by Katelyn

Originally posted by cinthiann1758

Originally posted by Katelyn

Originally posted by wiwy

Originally posted by Katelyn

Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by Horizon

Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by indi52


sorry, issk. my spellings are weird. i was so excited when the word that came out of nowhere turned out to mean just what i was looking for. it's a wonderful technique used by artists of many disciplines, usually visual. need to read more.

aaargh would asr be kissing his wife's cheek incessantly? cheek?
this is the man who was living with his gf. brilliant, isn't it, our ability to believe what we want to...

Hehe. I typed it wrong twice when i was trying to look it up!!

Cheek kissing ASR...a joke! An almost on
the mouth in comparison...Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Good Morning ladies   chiaroscuro (??)... just looked up onto what its meant ...what a discovery Indi. Look forward to this more in your writings.

Cheek kissing??:)...aagghh... by Nov'12 ,  was vexed with that forehead kissing ASR actually and missing my "koi matlab nahin" wala from an year ago.. where is he.. where is he???

safe in my dreams... and sometimes in my fantasies. Day Dreaming

koi matlab nahin... mujhe faraq nahin padta... asr standing by his car looking at the approaching woman with a slightly amused air, arrogant, sure of himself... hmmm.

danke for liking chiaroscuro... spelt it wrong again the first time. teehee.

here's to things that never change.

Lovely conversation, ladies!  I agree I couldn't imagine ASR just cheek kissing is wife!    So this is where FF writing comes in handy.  We could let our imagination soar!  Wink This is what we all like to see ASR do...  Crazy Rabbit Emoticons Blushing

Likes! KateWink 

Wiwy, so you like that ha!!  Is this what we could expect on your next "Broken Bed" update?  Khushi managed to escape the first time...  Hoping you won't tease us again!  I think ASR is a man with a mission!  Wink
No Kate that is me.  Arnav can't keep his hands off Kushi in my SS!  We don't want no cheek kissing Arnav!!!
Cynthia, we know you are a tease because our poor Arnav had to take 2 or 3 COLD showers!!  LOL  I wonder if Wiwy will follow in your footsteps!!  I agree with you and that's how it's supposed to be... that our Arnav can't keep his hands off his wifey!  Wink
I just think the Arnav I know and how intense he feels for Kushi he wants her all the time!Wink

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Originally posted by sohara

Originally posted by cinthiann1758


Episode 138

Distracted and Curious

The Guptas are all around Sashiji's bed.  Kushi has made list of things to do for the engagement. She is an expert now since she has prepared for Arnav and Lavanya's engagement.  Garima says it is Devi Maiyya's grace that Payal has received such a good alliance and she wonders when they sawe her.  Kushi nudges Payal and says when Akash saw her!  Buaji is wondering where Shyam has gone and her and Garima leave to do kitchen work.

Payal and Kushi are speaking with their father.  He seems agitated and upset.  Kushi says she knows why because they are a rich family but she says to him look at Anjali she is such a nice person.  This really agitates him and he grabs her engagement ring off her finger and throws it on the floor.  How I wish they would get the hint but soon.  Kushi asks what is he trying to say?  Shyam comes in saying he asks for him and he is here.  He picks up the ring and hands it to Kushi.  Babuji looks at Shyam with a glare.  Nobody sees this or puts 2+2 together?  Kushi asks Shyam where was he andhe diverts the subject saying serve him sweets in celebration of Payal and Akash. Kushi agrees Akash is such a nice person.  Wait a minute' How does he know and he lies saying he met Aunt outside.

This is the time kushi is becoming suspicious.  Her instinct is sending her alarms.  The girls are called out by Aunt and Shyam is left alone with Sashiji.  Shyam is the devil.  He is so nasty to this ill man.  At his mercy, Babuji is told that as long as he cooperates the fates of his daughters will not be hurt.  He won't do anything as long as he remains quiet.  Evil man, Shyam.

Kushi tells aunt to take out a plate for hyam as well and Aunt asks when did he come.  Ping!  Another bell sounds the alarm in Kushi's brain.  Shyam comes out of the room and he is on the phone talking to Rani Sahiba, Kushi overhears.  She is definitely suspicious and if that is not the right word, her intuition is start to gnaw at her brain.

At the Raizada house we see Anjali having the conversation with Shyam.  There is a pooja planned for the Raizada family I believe because of the two engagements and weddings.  Anjali wants to ensure Shyam is there, only family members should be present. 

The next day all are in a hustle.  Lavanya is begging Arnav to please come to the veneration and he says he has a call.  She said all couples must sit together and she asks Anjali who tells her only married couples sit together at this.  ASR is freed.  Anjali says she will convince ARnav at the right time in the future, rmember Kushi's solution, she reminds her.  His ears perk up at the sound of Kushi's name.

His "feelings" for Kushi are becoming more and more obvious.

Anjali says she was supposed to call Kushi to invite her.  It was late last night so she didn't do it then.

Lavanya says to ASR he nows has his excuse from Anajli but he has to pick Lavanya's sari.  He hears Di talking with Kushi on the phone his attention is called there.  He looks and listens to the convo.  He hears her tell Kushi she has become part of this family so she must also come to pooja and represent her family.  She asks that she bring her fianc.  Kushi feels bad about that and so does ASR. He looks at Lavanya and walks away leaving her hanging.  Oh ASR, you are becoming very obvious.  Poor La.  Hang in there girl!

Shyam is feeling Akash out about what is happening at the pooja is anyone coming from the bride's side.  Akash says no one only the family.  Aha!!!! Just you wait, you snake!

Shyam comes while Anjali is on the phone with Kushi and he calls her Rani Sahiba, Kushi hears and the intuition ball starts really rolling.

The doorbell rings at the Raizada's house.  La opens the door to a distracted Kushi.  She snaps her finger and gathers her attention.  Her fianc has not come.

Everyone is to come for the pooja and La asks Kushi to call ASR and Akash to call Jijuji,  Kushi says she will call him, Akash should call ASR. Her suspicion is getting the best of her.  She needs to find out who Anjali's husband is.

She walks to their room and Anjali is coming out of the door.  She asks her about her husband and she tells her he is looking for her other shoe.  La comes as says come on to them.  They all turn to leave and Kushi hesitates and strains to look at Anjali's husband. Her curiosity is killing her! She realizes her intentions and turns around.  She must be going crazy.

At the pooja Kushi sits with La, obviously ASR did not come.  La has lost an earring and thye are looking for it.  Shyam comes down and passes a distracted Kushi to sit beside Anjali.  Kushi has found La's earring and placed it back in her ear.  She then realizes that Anjali's husband has come.  Her curiosity is getting the best of her.  She is distracted from the pooja, straining to see him.

Distracted and curious our Kushi is.  She must meet him today!

beautiful take.
It was a crucial episode.
 Khushi's suspicion is leading her to the denouement of shyam.
In your take all the bold lines grabbed my attention
Wow Sohara you really went digging.  thanks so much for your words of kindness.  Crucial absolutely!  Loved your 147!

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episode 142

"nahin woh..."
and the music paces up, low rumbling disturbed, a reflection of his state of mind. a terrible faux pas, he's just called his fiance by another woman's name, a name that seems to be on his tongue all the time, whether he's aware of it or not. an indrawn breath, a hand raised to stop his fiance from leaving, but she's gone.

"yeh kya kar raha hoon main..." what am i doing... confused, ire at self. he remembers things between them. not pretty things, "mera aur apna mazak banaya..." he's yelling at her, you made a fool yourself and me by proposing to me in front of everyone. she's crying and asking,  don't you have love for me, don't you care. he's yelling back "parwah nahin hai..." then backing it up with all that he's done to show he did care.

but today that terrible slip was also a telling one. he can't ignore this whole thing any more,
he realises there was something less in it all along. both of them needed it for their own reasons... but his reasons were not the correct ones.

on a slow close up, three quarter profile, eyes raising as a thought filters... "main ne lavanya ke saath sahi nahin kiya... shayad kabhi bhi nahin..." i didn't do right by lavanya, perhaps never.

and he makes his way to her room. on the way he will see khushi, but even that won't stop him, man with a purpose. now that he knows the truth, he must act on it. this is absolute asr, his conscience once stirred, must be heeded. he errs but he does do his best to make amends and correct his path.

and so we come to a break up scene that is hard to forget... ever.

don't look so sad
i know it's over
but life goes on
and this old world

will keep on turning...

let's just be glad
we had some time to spend together

there's no need to watch the bridges
that we're burning

lay your head upon my pillow
hold your warm and tender body
close to mine
hear the whisper of the raindrops
blowing softly against my window
make believe you love me

one more time
for the good times

don't say a word about tomorrow
or forever
there'll be time enough for sadness
when you leave me...

"i know, asr, tumhe ye sab pasand nahin but aaj akhri bar... sirf ek baar... kya tum mujhe hug kar sakte ho?"
i know, asr, you don't like all this but today for the last time... only this once... could you please hug me?

lay your head...
hmm hm... hold your warm and tender...
for the good times

for the good times, a song i'd heard so many years ago feels like a part of life, found its pictures all of a sudden. a poignant, poised, sensitively felt, written, directed, performed ending of a relationship. a maturity i at least have never seen on indian television. it felt like a song.

all the little moments of the sequence were lovely. this perhaps is my favourite:

"lavanya, tum jo mere liye feel karti ho... shayad mein woh tumhare liye nahin karta... aur shayad kabhi kiya bhi nahin..."

lavanya,what you feel for me... maybe i don't feel for you... (then the killer next line) and perhaps never...

this is sublime delivery of dialogue, making it your own, delving into your life to find the right tone, inflection, voice, sigh for this heartbreak you must cause...

"par ab..." swallows... "ab aur jhoot nahin bole sakta. in fact, ab jhoot bolkar tumhe aur insult nahin kar sakta... mere liye nahin... tumhari khatir."

but now... now i can't lie any more. in fact, i don't want to lie and insult you any more... not for myself... for you...

"i mean... hum dono..." walks closer looking for the right words... "lavanya, tum aur main...yeh sahyad.."

i mean, the two of us... lavanya, you and i... this perhaps...

she stops him, holds his hand...

"i know, asr, mujhe laga hi tha tum yeh kahoge..." an the essentially honest girl, lavanya, who wouldn't lie about the big things... "shayad mujhe pehle hi mehsoos ho gaya tha..."

i know, asr, i thought you'd say this... perhaps i already had that feeling...

i was scared it would have this know without any...
she turns away to wipe her tears.

okay, a little ramanchi, how can i not love this:

frantic activity... la is not letting him come to the words that must be said.

"lavanya, mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai." lavanya, i need to tell you something.

wonderful tense music, she prattles on about parlour, work, etc.

hand on her shoulder. she had put a hand on his so he may stop hurting himself... her. now his hand, hurt is inevitable, he needs to start giving it and receiving it too.

"lavanya mujhe tumse baat karni hai... lavanya."


clenches jaw.

"you don't have to..."


"i said no, asr."

"meri baat suno."
listen to me. gentle, loving, kind... rakshas.

"please, lavanya."

"lavanya, mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai."
third time.

"nahin, asr, please kuch mat bolo." no, asr, please don't say anything... don't say a word, about tomorrow... or forever...

he puts his hand on her cheek... the sweetest, tenderest touch, remorse in its heart and a sadness at a thing gone by... it's over.

on the other side of this carefully designed episode, khushi will tell anjali that it's over between her and her mangetar. yet because of a broken mangalsutra will be tied to a lie that she cannot, or will not, reveal. because her heart made a promise to a girl she feels for.

"kuch nahin hua hai, anjali ji... royiye mat... sab theek hai... aapke pati bhi aur aapki shadi bhi aur kuch hoga bhi nahin, hum aapse yeh vada karte hain..."

nothing has happened, anjali ji... don't cry... everything is fine... your husband and your marriage as well and nothing will happen, i promise you that.

la will make asr promise not to reveal anything to the family yet, not before akash and payal's engagement.
in parallel scenes, for the sake of everyone's happiness, two girls will opt for silence on a major truth. 

i did not agree with khushi's keeping the lid on shyam's reality, but the episode nonetheless was powerful and sleek in crafting. even as he became free to go to khushi, she made a choice that would tie up their story in the most vicious of knots. as one knot unravels, the next one begins... almost felt like a comment on life itself. an episode that left in me a terrible feeling of... even before it's begun, it's over.

credit: uploader

i have heard other versions growing up,
but somehow the sound of the writer with his song felt good.

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Originally posted by Horizon

Originally posted by cinthiann1758

Originally posted by Horizon

Total water shed on my hopes  and anticipation... I needed perhaps glasses to look at the  retelecast timings.. it was 1100AM PST .. not PM as I thought and getting all excited last few days.  How can I be home at 200PM week day? Feels as if I have lost IPK all over again!!  Reminds of a Jab We Met dialogue "poora din yehi sochthi rehthi hun, kya bol ke manavun use". (keep thinking this all day, how do I convince him).. whom do we convince to give us our IPK back??!!

Craziness unlimited??? Lunacy???

Horizon i know how you feel just when I thought I could get TV Asia on uverse I order call them and they say they are no longer in contract with the tvstation.  I nearly went off on the representative.  I told him they must renegotiate because we in the US need that channel to see our show.  i am losing it!!!!

Cynthia, we all seem to be in the same boat, so near yet so far for varied reasons . Thanks for being there my friend. 
Uverse is AT &T. I assume your internet is through them as well. But in case, if your internet is Comcast, the latter have Life OK (Its not TV Asia just in case) for sure  and Comcast TV runs along with other provider's .Or  even one can subscribe for Roku TV streaming as well if you have that. 

For me, my boss may get more sick calls!!Confused 
Horizon, totally understand your plight. It must be heartbreaking to make that discovery. I myself have been checking the TV listings of both Life OK and Star Utsav daily, just to check if there is any change in the Monday schedule. So desperate to see the title in the list of scheduled programmes. I remember, on the day the last episode was to be telecasted on Star Utsav, I was staring at the title in the listings for a long time, because I knew I wouldn't be watching the name 'Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon' again in that listing. Unhappy 
Boss getting sick calls, ah, you are making strategies already! LOL 

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Episode 145

La is crying  and Arnav keeps his hand on her shoulder she turns around and wipes her tears and she says that before you ask me she wants to say that she is fine (me and arnav can see how fine you are). Then music comes from the background and she says that program has started (it sounded like club music to me).

In the hall Khushi brings Payal and makes her to stand next to Akash and he holds Payal hands and smile (whoa, the guy can barely talk to her but here he is holding her hands). La and Arnav walks into the living room (where did they keep all the furniture anyways, I always wanted to know) while being arm in arm (seemed like some fancy (royal) couple, the way they entered). Someone goes up to Arnav and she leaves his arms and walk away from there. Arnav keeps looking at her and wanted to stop her.

Nani meets La and says will she not dance today (last time she was mad when la goes to dance). La says no and Nani says that she feels that she will dance on her song only that that character dheela (I remember she use to taunt la about this and look at her now joking about the same situation. Oh they have changed so much). La holds her ears and says sorry. Nani says that she will forgive her only if she will dance. Nani pushes her on the dance floor and salaam-e-ishq plays. La starts to dance and drags khushi on to the floor. Khushi dances and while the dance is going on, khushi pointed to shyam and immediately changed directions. La dances and Arnav is looking at la and la looks at arnav and looks away sad.. La and Khushi dances awesomely and today La was emoting her emotions through eyes awesome acting and that look look between bro sis Khushi and Shayam ws not required. While dancing Khushi sees Arnav  staring at her and she ignores him and dances on and when she turns she sees that he was staring at La (how can she not tell he is looking at her). La sees this and knows that arnav has the feels for khushi. Khushi sees La in tears and she gets to know that something is not right. La walks upto nani and takes her blessings and fakes the smile (she is doing the khushi thing). Khushi catch holds of la and says that she wants to talk to her alone.

    credit goes to the maker

Anjali comes to the nani and tells her that pandit is here and now they need to start the rasam. Arnav comes there and says that he needs to talk to everyone and just family. He takes everyone with him (I thought they will tell the truth after akash is engaged, there is still a chance for mami to say NO).

In La's room, la is fixing her dupatta and said that nothing to khushi. Khushi says that her mind is saying that something is not right and Khushi sees empty the cupboard and says that she can see she is sad it is in her eyes. Khushi says that Arnav must have did something and she is like that there is way to talk to your fianc and La said she is no one to him and she is not his fianc anymore and Khushi is surprised (the road for you is clear now khushi!!!!!).

Arnav takes everyone to his room and tells them that La and him are not getting engaged because they are not couple anymore. Anjali says that there must be some fight between them and arnav denies it (I know arnav has a temper but it does not mean he fights with everyone one, he can say and think things with a leveled head). Nani gets angry and says that what he says one thing but is doing something else. He says that it's his life and nani says that he ever thought he has other people in his family and his decision affects them as well. Anjali says that he can't take such decision so late and he rebuttals saying that if he would have taken this decision even later than there would have been more problems (good point, that means a wedding has to be cancelled and those are expensive. But I agreed with arnav more that breaking the engagement was done at the right time). He says they will discuss this matter later now they need to go for PayAsh engagement. Akash speaks that how can he do engagement when his...(really akash, if you back out now you might never get payal, I doubt she will sit and wait for arnav to get married so she can marry you).  ASR makes him shut by saying that whatever is going in his life that should not affect your life (amen to that). Mami says that how is it possible that till ASR marriage will not happen than how will Akash ride the horse (really I remember when she wanted to get akash married even if arnav was not. She just wants PayAsh not together). Arnav says that PayAsh's marriage will happen no matter what and nani agrees to it and everyone leaves the room and Arnav is left behind.

Khushi and La walks into the living room/party hall and ASR also comes there on his phone (this is not the time to talk to aman) and Khushi is about to approach him asking him how can he do such a thing but la stops her telling her to chill and Khushi says that how can she chill when she is no telling her why they broke the engagement. La asks her to be quiet till the PayAsh's engagement and Khushi agrees to it. Arnav cuts his phone and Khushi is in anger and takes la away from there.

PayAsh exchanges the rings, everyone is happy and mama tells mami to clap and she fakes a smile (lo one tension is complete). Khushi again notices a sad la. Buaji notices that Raizadas are sad and she tells Garima that Arnav took everyone to his room and don't know what they talked about (she does not need to worry her daughter got engaged...all worries gone). PayAsh seeks the blessings of everyone and mami gives "blessing" as well. ASR tells La that he should go for announcement and La says that GO ASR!!! (It felt like she was cheering him on, he needed some courage to tell everyone that). She had tears. Then he announces that La and he are not getting engaged and reasons are personal so they do not want to share it. He says that dinner is served and everyone leaves for food!!!

Khushi, La and Arnav are left. ASR is approaching La but Khushi comes in the way and says that what else he wants to say to her (what a good friend she is). La turns and stops Khushi and takes Khushi from there and says that they don't need to blame anyone and Anjali comes and asks if  she is fine and what happened (nobody will not get a straight answer until the party is over, so stop asking) and La says that they will talk after the guest leaves as she does not want to spoil PayAsh happiness (I swear she switched places with khushi). La and Anjali leaves and Khushi is there and ASR is at her back talking to someone and that person saying he is glad they could make it and that person leaves and Khushi turns. Khushi and ASR come face to face. Will khushi chew Arnav out???? Will Arnav tell her reason to why his engagement is broken???

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Episode 146

Arnav tells this guy thanks for coming, khushi hears his magnificent voice and turns around to glare at him. Arnav looks at khushi and khushi walks off cursing arnav and thinking that arnav must have did something wrong. There Payal asks Akash that what happened between Arnav and La and he says that he also doesn't know. There khushi walks up to Arnav and he asks him what is her problem (all her glaring must have gotten to him) and  she asks him what was his for breaking La's heart and she starts blaming the poor man. ASR takes her hand and takes her to pool side.Arnav says let him speak. Khushi is like she does not want to listen him and he does not understand anything because like a businessman he only knows money and power. She says that he will not understand what it feels like when a rishta and trust breaks. He asks her if she knows and she says yes because her rishta is broken. ASR is left shocked. ASR is like WHAT and why didn't she tell him about this (why does he care koi farak nahi padtha, did he forget that mantra he was playing a few weeks back) and he asks her how and she runs away from there. (I thought it was an abrupt end to the celebrations, I wanted to see more gupta and raizada interactions).

    credit goes to maker

  credit goes to the maker

At the GH, Payal is making Shashi sleep and Buaji is getting angry about Shyam and said she wanted to strangle shyam but khushi stopped her.  Garima also wonders about his shamelessness and how he did not let anyone know about his secret by his action not even his wife. Then everyone feels sad for Arnav and La and they all are like how La changed because of Khushi And bua ji is happy that Khushi is there with Lavanya so she can share her sadness with Khushi.

Khushi starts putting La clothes back in to la's closet and La puts her clothes back in bag in doing so they play tug a war with the shalwar khameeze. After a while they start laughing and they have tears (I know that feeling when your close friends is moving).Khushi tells her not to go and La says for who will she stay there. Raizada's are torturing Arnav to tell the reason for the broken engagment. Anjali asks him again and again and he says that he can't tell her. There Khushi asks La why did he fought with others to bring her here and he did do a wrong thing and la says may be. La says that she has to go and she says that she will come for her marriage and she wants to meet shyam and Khushi says that she cannot come and La says what she is saying. Back to the raizada, Nani said he has to give reason for this because La changed so much for them. Switch scene Khushi shows her left hand to show that there is no ring and La guesses that her engagement also is broken and La asks her why she didn't tell her and Khushi says that La also did not told her about her broken engagment. Khushi says that world has not stop soon they will find there Prince riding on a horse (that's the spirit) and La gets the flashbacks when arnav was calling khushi freaking out about her whereabouts and when he accidentally called la khushi when apologizing to her (yay la knows that they are meant to be...that is the final nail on the coffin now) and said she cannot come to the wedding (she cannot handle her first love go to another person). La is leaving and she thanks Khushi for everything and she asks her for one more favor which is ASR. There in hall everyone is interrogating arnav about La and there Anjali asks Shyam to say something and he says that what he should its Arnav's life, if he felt like this rishta will not work then why bother he must have had a good reason (sadly he is the most sensible one). Arnav says that La has did so many things for family and he is not sure how can he give such a big commitment to her. La tells Khushi to take care of Arnav and says that she is the only person who can say anything to him and even ASR doesn't know what he needs and she tells her one day she will understand.

nani tells Arnav that she will never let him ruin his life (everyone wants to get him married, do they not get that if they get married then they both will be miserable) and La says that there is no need of it and she enters the living room with Lakshmi (I remember she use to call laxmi mouton and carry it with disgust to impress nani, but now she is holding laxmi with love). La says that she and him took the decision together so she cannot blame Arnav. La bids bye to Lakshmi. Anjali tries to stop La and she says that some relationships are not meant to be and sometimes no one is at fault and she says that they are still her family even if she does not get married with arnav (the past few days don't know where she grew a brain from).La goes and hugs mamiji and takes blessing from mama and says bye to Akash and shyam and passes a smile to ASR and hugs nani. La tells Anjali not to blame Arnav and she tells her that one day he will get married when when he is ready for it (hinting that he will marry khushi). La hugs Anjali who is in tears. Arnav is looking at them feeling sad for la. Will arnav stop La???

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Episode 147

La takes the leave from everyone in the RM. Khushi goes to pull the luggage out of the house and la is following. La turns around and then BAM arnav appears in from of the steps (I don't know how he came there; there must be a secret passageway in the house). He says sorry to La and La gives him advice that love is more greater than hatred and when you find love don't let it go, when she said that khushi is just walking off I wish khushi heard that. And the scene fades out of ArLa, the last scene of them ever(I will miss la).

Khushi and Payal are in their room talking and payal said she was scared to leave her alone in the RM because of shyam and Khushi said he does not matter to me, and he is just anjali's hubby and nothing more. They start discussing LA and Arnav break up and Payal says it is after all their personal affair and who knows what happened and we might never know the real reason. Khushi being khushi blames it on Arnav and calls him Rakshas and said he needs a girl that can tell him what he does not want to hear and stand up to him (well from the looks of it khushi just described herself but it is her turn to realize they are meant to be).

Arnav calls La and and she has reached safely. I am assuming la said yes and then he asked if she needs anything let him no, and again I am assuming she said she does not and she is fine. then he notices the gift that Khushi had given him for his engagement. he finds the letter ion it which says that it was a gift which will let him learn how to change the tire (poor thing took forever to learn how to read hindi)...and he finds a book in shudhh hindi on how to maintain your car. He tries reading the title but gave up saying What the and sets the book down on the table. Anjali comes and tells ASR that whatever happened, happened for good and she understand that if two people are not happy then what is the point of spending the rest of their lives together (I think shyam had to make her understand this point, since she does not have a brain of her own). Arnav was relieved and said if anyone who would get my point then it is you. Arnav notices that the PayAsh's wedding invitation are in and Anjali said yup the first lot came in and we put the first card in the mandir. She asked arnav if he can bring the second card to the Guptas. Before arnav can say anything, Anjali was like If you can't then no problem. Arnav was like I was going to say yes, and IDK why people think I will refuse everything that I am asked (well he did build up a reputation to refuse things). Arnav starts typing on his first wife (that sounded  dirty but you know I mean laptop)  and anjali asks Arnav about the book on the table and Arnav says that someone gave it to him. Anjali translates the title for him and Arnav looks up at her like how did you learn how to read that (well reading the geeta, ramayan, and other various book should help, I think they are written in shubdh hindi) and laughs at arnav and he gets flashbacks on how Khushi changed the tire of his car.

  credit goes to the maker

Payal is trying to take a shower but cannot get the towel from khushi and tries to get it. Khushi is teaching Payal how to talk to Akash and runs around the house and then shuts herself in the bathroom and tells Payal that they will pretend that she is Aaksash and Payal needs to give her towel. The doorbell rings and payal goes to get it, leaving khushi screaming PAYAL JI . Payal opens the door and arnav comes in. She makes him sit down and tells him that garima and bua ji will come soon. Then the telephone rings and payal answers it and telling them that her parents are not at home. Khushi is shouting from the bathroom for towel screaming Payal Ji...and arnav is confused and goes there. Payal hears khushi but ignores it (I guess she knew arnav will handle it) and ASR in to her room and gets the towel. Khushi said you have 3 seconds or you will be punished. Arnav hands it over and Khushi pulls him in and locks the door. She screams

 credit goes to the maker

Shyam is talking on his phone to some pandit and telling that he does not believe in such predictions about his life being in danger and Anjali overhear this and gets worried and asks him what is wrong.  Shyam tells her that the pandit thinks that  his shani (I think shani is Saturn) is too heavy and it is going harm him and he needs to do some vrat, no wear light colors and do some pooja  to protect himself (really not getting what is plan it but I bet it will work).

Khushi is shouting BACHAO and jogging in place with her  eyes  close (seriously she makes no sense, no wonder she is called sanka devi) and Arnav tells her to stop that because she is fully dressed. Payal comes and Arnav informs her that he had come to give the card and then receives phone from Anjali who tells her to bring Khushi home. Khushi rejects it saying that she is not coming as it is not Anjali who is asking for her but instead it is arnav who wants to yell at someone and so is taking her with him. he will take her to a lonely road and tell her what the what the and then tell her to get out (She pretty much summed up her past experience with him in a car). Payal tells khushi that she should accompany Arnav because she does not work for them anymore where she can refuse but now they are becoming family. Arnav walked away. Khushi calls out to him and said she is coming. She is about to get into the car and realizes she does not have a dupatta (how besharam, her neck was showing the whole time, I guess arnav is not attracted to the neck, I think he prefers her hair blowing in the wind). She rushes back inside and grabs a towel and drapes it on her neck. In the car she tries to talk to him when he informs that La has reached London and she has told him to pass the message to her. Khushi looks sad when he mentioned la, so I am guess she is still mad at him for breaking the engagement and her best friend left the country. He suddenly stops the car and reverses (he is good at reversing even with a back window having a fogged out effect) and again stops it and tells her to get out. Khushi is shocked. What did khushi do to make arnav kick her out??????

  credit goes to the maker

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