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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 130)

indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by goofy

Hi LadiesSmile

Durga This is my fav song and Indi Di is changing story ,I can feel it as Her family is hawking her...LOL ...LOL

OK from your writing it seems someone else is writing too...I will read yours too Durga ..and will comment...Indi Di made me cry thoughCry


love the song too... Embarrassed

well, about that family, whom durga calls producer and channel incarnate, they are on my case, but i am akhdoo's fan.. not so easy to make me change my mind. koi faraq nahin padta... seeROFL.

but as promised, there will be a move toward an upright and mobile asr at some point... wait a bit... remember sabr ka phal meetha hota hai. hyuk hyuk.

in case you aren't aware 4 intrepid blasters are negotiating the mine field of fan fiction now. wiwy... with a very active asr and khushi, durga with a super cute jodi, and cynthia with cold showers, then there is indi and the comatose one. a wide variety to appeal to different parts of your being... after all, we're blasters, can't expect anything less from us, can ya? LOL

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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i was just searching an ipkknd episode ans saw that episode 150 full is there in yt and from 151 in parts are there 
so thought to inform 
for help in futureBig smile

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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namaste ji,

our next thread is ready and seeking attention. see you there.

Blast from the Past #14

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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moving to 14

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Episode 144

Arnav goes to la and asks La if she is actually leaving. La says she has to go (honestly what will she do in that house now anyways, she has no purpose, but I don't think the raizadas won't mind if she lives there).They will mind? no, they want her to stay back. But why she will stay, for whom? After all she has a life of her own.  Arnav assures her she doesn't have to go (why would she stay here, she will constantly be reminded of what could have been). He apologizes to her saying all this is due to him (yup it was). La says he did what he thought was right (she really is becoming like khushi).it means Khushi is a good teacher. She said she should thank him that he spoke his feeling (that's all she ever wanted from him anyways, well that and his love). Once PayAsh gets engaged, they will plan to tell everyone the truth about their broken engagement. La tells Arnav to go but he insists on going with her.

The Guptas arrive at the RM. Anjali comes and does aarti (I mean the round round) on Payal. She calls Shyam to get rice for her since she forgot them. He comes and looks at the Guptas who look back at him with anger in their eyes (they looked like they would spit fire at him). He gives the rice to Anjali and she proceeds with the aarti. Nani asks Khushi where is her fianc (well nani ji he is here right under your nose). Shyam is about to leave is stopped. Anjali handles the situation and says he is out for some work (that is the same excuse she uses for her husband, luckily it works in khushi's case too ;)). Shyam is surprised and Nani wishes he were here (well he is). Guptas are speechless giving disgusted looks to Shyam who is standing there awkwardly. Anjali and Khushi are left alone where Khushi thanks Anjali for handling the situation. Anjali says Khushi's fiance does not know what he has lost by letting her go. Shyam is listening to all this (and he does know what he lost, his face says it all). Anjali leaves khushi and shyam alone. Khushi is following anjali but Shyam stops her. He thanks her for not telling the truth to anjali. Khushi tells him to thank his wife who trusts a man like him and not her (you go girl). She assures that she isn't scared of him but did this for Anjali. If he dares do anything fishy then she will reveal the truth (shyam is really scared, he has to be on his best behavior now). After all Raizada family is his ATM machine. Nani calls Shyam  and makes him meet the Guptas.

Nani introduces him to the Guptas and says they are also from Lucknow and you can tell by my smile. Shyam greets them and the gupta look the other way giving him some awknowledgement, to make it look like they don't know shyam. Nani praises the Guptas' upbringing of their two daughters. Then she praises Shyam as well, saying that he is never home but when he is he just spreads happiness. The Guptas shoot him disgusted looks and bua ji was about to come at him but khushi stopped him. Shyam looks a bit awkward. Anjali comes and informs that the program is about to begin and everyone goes about in the party.

Mami's friends praise Payal's beauty. Bua ji hears this and says Payal went to (on) her Bua.LOL Mami said some stuff and bua said some stuff  but Payal comes and greets Mami's friends. Mami lies about the Guptas status to her friends telling them that they run a textile mill but Payal tells the truth saying that her bua had a small store but it is shut down. Bua ji said it went well but it was nandekishore's will what can she do. Then they asked what does her dad do and she said that they had a sweet store but that shut down do to him having a heart attack. Bua ji said what can they do it was NandeKishore's wish. Anjali also comes with Khushi and asks her to take Payal in her room. La is there as well. Bua ji tells Mami that she wants to speak to her and when they're alone, she asks why she lied about their status. Mami  says how can she proudly claim that they are halwais. Bua ji says they're proud of their status but Mami continues with her insults but bua ji shows her. Mami's friends also tells her that bua ji  seems fast and clever maybe her bahu will be like that too. Mami gets upset and says nothing will happen without her (which is sadly true, the raizadas let her do anything because it will shut her up somewhat.

They consider her POV, as she is an elder of the family, though her act is like a kid.

Khushi is rehearsing how she will congratulate ASR and hand him his gift outside the door but the door opens with Arnav saying What the??? seeing Khushi standing with her hands outstretched holding the gift. Khushi's smile disappears. He asks her what does she want? Has she gotten a gift for him? She says no It's for La, because it is their engagement and congratulates him handing the gift. ASR accepts it reluctantly. She says that it is not only for his engagement but also for the fact that for someone who didn't believe in relations, he helped PayAsh come together as well as is getting engaged. Arnav looks down a bit and khushi notices that something is wrong. HP calls her saying Payal is asking for her. Before leaving, Khushi says she is very happy for Arnav and La. Arnav couldn't say anything.

   credit goes to the maker

Payal is tired of getting ready (I thought she was already ready). Khushi says she is going to help her get ready just like Payal helped her during  their childhood for school. Payal notices Khushi is not into it and asks her if Shyam did something but Khushi brushes it off (it is not shyam but arnav). La comes to call her and Khushi excitedly talks about her engagement. She even gifted earrings to La (I found it pretty). La gets a little sad. Khushi said I know it is not gold but...La is touched and hugs Khushi. She says that this gift is very valuable for her and wherever she might be, she'll always keep this with her. Khushi says that she is saying as if she is going somewhere far away. She is right here only. She further asks why she isn't wearing her engagement dress but La brushes it off saying she liked this one. Anjali calls her (lucky la, she avoided being asked a lot of questions). But as Khushi is leaving she notices a perturbed la and turns to take a last glance at La who smiles reassuringly but as soon as Khushi leaves (I am glad khushi knows something is not right) It's a trend of Raizada family that when someone is immersed in some kind of convo, some one has to interrupt. so irritating! La can't stop her tears. Arnav keeps a hand on her shoulder. She wipes her tears and turns around;  without him asking she tells him she's fine. The episode ends on a concerned arnav's face.  Will ArLa be able to tell his family that their engagement is broken?


I realized I never saw this episode and also 143

How cum you missed an important episode!
 Anyway you must be enjoying it more now.
Just enjoyed reading your analysis.
 Bold lines grabbed my attention and my comments are in pink.

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758



Episode 137

Sorry and Thank You

Anjali's introduction has put Babuji into an anxiety attack. He is trying so desperately to inform everyone but due to his paralytic condition no words can come.  Mami says too many people in such a small place. 

Kushi removes him from the situation.  Kushi tries to open the door but Arnav opens the door for them.  He asks if he should call the doctor does he need medicine or something.  Kushi shakes her head no.  He leaves. 

This is probably one of the most wonderful scenes of IPK.  It lets us have a peak into Arnav's heart, his caring.  He isn't an iceberg like we thought and if he was global warming is taking place!  His sun is Kushi.

very beautifully said Cynthia.I loved the metaphor, just perfect. Yes It was absolutely wonderful, one of my favorite moment,Arnav told to Khushi by his gesture that I'm here with you, whenever you need me.

Kushi places babuji in the bed and goes out.  Buaji says she should bring Shyam.  Arnav rolls his eyes.  Does he really want to meet Kushi's fianc, the man she belongs to now, (not really!), I don't think so.

he looked terribly perturbed.

Kushi slowly walks over to the guest room and knocks on the door hesitantly.  She looked at Arnav prior to the knock.  She is uncomfortable too.  She opens the door he is not there. He must have gone out the backdoor. Both Kushi and Arnav look relieved.

true. Khushi was feeling awkward too.

 Payal takes blessings and hugs. Mami in her head is having a whole conversation of warning to Payal.  "Just wait and see what it will be like to come and live with her as her daughter in law.  A real reality show. " Poor Payal. 

Kushi and Payal are in an embrace and Arnav watches.  He is happy for you see a slight little smirk and he seems to be thinking. 

Anjali is calling Shyam and she hears a cell phone ringing from Kushi's guest room. 

Akash sees Payal watching him from the window.

Kushi opens the door to Arnav.  He walks right in and says he wants to talk and in private, not with her but Payal.  He says to Kushi, " I want to talk with Payal in private.'  Kushi starts yelling with him.  She says why in private and not here with me.  What if he hurts her?  Payal says Kushi it must be important.  Kushi tells her you are still my sister not his sisterin law so don't side with him.  The phone rings and Kushi has to answer the phone.  Arnav says he broke her marriage and apologizes, He tells the story briefly and says he is sorry.  She explains what happened and that she would have been married in that family and wouldn't have been happy.  She is not sad about that at all.  Payal tells him Kushi feels as if she is responsible what happened that night, he interjects quickly, she wasn't at fault.

Kushi is looking on, her huge almond shape eyes misted with tears.  She walks forward to him.  "Arnavji, you spoke to sister'"

He has to go.  How can he show her his vulnerable and sweet side?  She runs after him.

He wants to remain in the facade of astute, brutal and heartless.

His gussa comes out, he turns around,  and she hits his brick wall energy, she actually comes to a halt,  "First you want me not to speak with your sister,, then you want.  You decide . What do you want?"  '.(From me, I would add.)  I don't want to hear what you have to say  he gets in his car. Psss she flattens his tire.

now you have to listen as she places her pin back in her hair. 

He gets out of the car. This lean, taut, masculine, hunk of a man'.

uff, uff, uff, my sexy boy!Day Dreaming

He looks at his flat tire and asks Kushi if she is crazy.  He will most definitely have to listen to her now.

Kushi says sorry and thank you in the same sentence.  Sorry that she didn't want him to speak with Payal for she thought he would say something wrong to her or scold her and thank you for apologizing to her and bringing Akash and Payal together.

I believe he was touched but doesn't show it as usual.  He can't let her in or she will know he has feelings.

you are right, uff grumpy boy! 

He is going to leave but then realizes his flat and is calling for another car.  She laughs, he doesn't know how to change a tire.  She announce it to the world and now the children are laughing at "Uncle".  "Uncle?" he aks.  "Are they laughing at me?"  Kushi shhh the children and sends them away after some cute moments and she proceeds to change the tire.  He watches sometimes rolling his eyes.  When finished he gets in the car and says to Kushi, 

thank you for changing the tire...NOT!!!!










it was one of my favorite episode.
 Payal and Akash's alliance's was fixed, 
Aranv apologized to Payal
Khushi's changing tire of Arnav's car!
so many sweet and significant event happened.
In your take the lines in bold stood out for me.
 My comments are in purple.

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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 thanks yaar for reading.
 It's my absolute pleasure that you liked my take.

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758


Episode 138

Distracted and Curious

The Guptas are all around Sashiji's bed.  Kushi has made list of things to do for the engagement. She is an expert now since she has prepared for Arnav and Lavanya's engagement.  Garima says it is Devi Maiyya's grace that Payal has received such a good alliance and she wonders when they sawe her.  Kushi nudges Payal and says when Akash saw her!  Buaji is wondering where Shyam has gone and her and Garima leave to do kitchen work.

Payal and Kushi are speaking with their father.  He seems agitated and upset.  Kushi says she knows why because they are a rich family but she says to him look at Anjali she is such a nice person.  This really agitates him and he grabs her engagement ring off her finger and throws it on the floor.  How I wish they would get the hint but soon.  Kushi asks what is he trying to say?  Shyam comes in saying he asks for him and he is here.  He picks up the ring and hands it to Kushi.  Babuji looks at Shyam with a glare.  Nobody sees this or puts 2+2 together?  Kushi asks Shyam where was he andhe diverts the subject saying serve him sweets in celebration of Payal and Akash. Kushi agrees Akash is such a nice person.  Wait a minute' How does he know and he lies saying he met Aunt outside.

This is the time kushi is becoming suspicious.  Her instinct is sending her alarms.  The girls are called out by Aunt and Shyam is left alone with Sashiji.  Shyam is the devil.  He is so nasty to this ill man.  At his mercy, Babuji is told that as long as he cooperates the fates of his daughters will not be hurt.  He won't do anything as long as he remains quiet.  Evil man, Shyam.

Kushi tells aunt to take out a plate for hyam as well and Aunt asks when did he come.  Ping!  Another bell sounds the alarm in Kushi's brain.  Shyam comes out of the room and he is on the phone talking to Rani Sahiba, Kushi overhears.  She is definitely suspicious and if that is not the right word, her intuition is start to gnaw at her brain.

At the Raizada house we see Anjali having the conversation with Shyam.  There is a pooja planned for the Raizada family I believe because of the two engagements and weddings.  Anjali wants to ensure Shyam is there, only family members should be present. 

The next day all are in a hustle.  Lavanya is begging Arnav to please come to the veneration and he says he has a call.  She said all couples must sit together and she asks Anjali who tells her only married couples sit together at this.  ASR is freed.  Anjali says she will convince ARnav at the right time in the future, rmember Kushi's solution, she reminds her.  His ears perk up at the sound of Kushi's name.

His "feelings" for Kushi are becoming more and more obvious.

Anjali says she was supposed to call Kushi to invite her.  It was late last night so she didn't do it then.

Lavanya says to ASR he nows has his excuse from Anajli but he has to pick Lavanya's sari.  He hears Di talking with Kushi on the phone his attention is called there.  He looks and listens to the convo.  He hears her tell Kushi she has become part of this family so she must also come to pooja and represent her family.  She asks that she bring her fianc.  Kushi feels bad about that and so does ASR. He looks at Lavanya and walks away leaving her hanging.  Oh ASR, you are becoming very obvious.  Poor La.  Hang in there girl!

Shyam is feeling Akash out about what is happening at the pooja is anyone coming from the bride's side.  Akash says no one only the family.  Aha!!!! Just you wait, you snake!

Shyam comes while Anjali is on the phone with Kushi and he calls her Rani Sahiba, Kushi hears and the intuition ball starts really rolling.

The doorbell rings at the Raizada's house.  La opens the door to a distracted Kushi.  She snaps her finger and gathers her attention.  Her fianc has not come.

Everyone is to come for the pooja and La asks Kushi to call ASR and Akash to call Jijuji,  Kushi says she will call him, Akash should call ASR. Her suspicion is getting the best of her.  She needs to find out who Anjali's husband is.

She walks to their room and Anjali is coming out of the door.  She asks her about her husband and she tells her he is looking for her other shoe.  La comes as says come on to them.  They all turn to leave and Kushi hesitates and strains to look at Anjali's husband. Her curiosity is killing her! She realizes her intentions and turns around.  She must be going crazy.

At the pooja Kushi sits with La, obviously ASR did not come.  La has lost an earring and thye are looking for it.  Shyam comes down and passes a distracted Kushi to sit beside Anjali.  Kushi has found La's earring and placed it back in her ear.  She then realizes that Anjali's husband has come.  Her curiosity is getting the best of her.  She is distracted from the pooja, straining to see him.

Distracted and curious our Kushi is.  She must meet him today!

beautiful take.
It was a crucial episode.
 Khushi's suspicion is leading her to the denouement of shyam.
In your take all the bold lines grabbed my attention

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