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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 13)

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Episode 141

A Star Plus segment from Youtube.

First telecast Tuesday, 13 December, 2011

Only Dailymotion full episode links today


Dailymotion with English subtitles:

Thanks, Katelyn for all the links.

Credit for the videos: Respective uploaders

Please click here to see

Blasters' Take ~ Episode 140-144

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Episode 138

Distracted and Curious

The Guptas are all around Sashiji's bed.  Kushi has made list of things to do for the engagement. She is an expert now since she has prepared for Arnav and Lavanya's engagement.  Garima says it is Devi Maiyya's grace that Payal has received such a good alliance and she wonders when they sawe her.  Kushi nudges Payal and says when Akash saw her!  Buaji is wondering where Shyam has gone and her and Garima leave to do kitchen work.

Payal and Kushi are speaking with their father.  He seems agitated and upset.  Kushi says she knows why because they are a rich family but she says to him look at Anjali she is such a nice person.  This really agitates him and he grabs her engagement ring off her finger and throws it on the floor.  How I wish they would get the hint but soon.  Kushi asks what is he trying to say?  Shyam comes in saying he asks for him and he is here.  He picks up the ring and hands it to Kushi.  Babuji looks at Shyam with a glare.  Nobody sees this or puts 2+2 together?  Kushi asks Shyam where was he andhe diverts the subject saying serve him sweets in celebration of Payal and Akash. Kushi agrees Akash is such a nice person.  Wait a minute' How does he know and he lies saying he met Aunt outside.

This is the time kushi is becoming suspicious.  Her instinct is sending her alarms.  The girls are called out by Aunt and Shyam is left alone with Sashiji.  Shyam is the devil.  He is so nasty to this ill man.  At his mercy, Babuji is told that as long as he cooperates the fates of his daughters will not be hurt.  He won't do anything as long as he remains quiet.  Evil man, Shyam.

Kushi tells aunt to take out a plate for hyam as well and Aunt asks when did he come.  Ping!  Another bell sounds the alarm in Kushi's brain.  Shyam comes out of the room and he is on the phone talking to Rani Sahiba, Kushi overhears.  She is definitely suspicious and if that is not the right word, her intuition is start to gnaw at her brain.

At the Raizada house we see Anjali having the conversation with Shyam.  There is a pooja planned for the Raizada family I believe because of the two engagements and weddings.  Anjali wants to ensure Shyam is there, only family members should be present. 

The next day all are in a hustle.  Lavanya is begging Arnav to please come to the veneration and he says he has a call.  She said all couples must sit together and she asks Anjali who tells her only married couples sit together at this.  ASR is freed.  Anjali says she will convince ARnav at the right time in the future, rmember Kushi's solution, she reminds her.  His ears perk up at the sound of Kushi's name.

His "feelings" for Kushi are becoming more and more obvious.

Anjali says she was supposed to call Kushi to invite her.  It was late last night so she didn't do it then.

Lavanya says to ASR he nows has his excuse from Anajli but he has to pick Lavanya's sari.  He hears Di talking with Kushi on the phone his attention is called there.  He looks and listens to the convo.  He hears her tell Kushi she has become part of this family so she must also come to pooja and represent her family.  She asks that she bring her fianc.  Kushi feels bad about that and so does ASR. He looks at Lavanya and walks away leaving her hanging.  Oh ASR, you are becoming very obvious.  Poor La.  Hang in there girl!

Shyam is feeling Akash out about what is happening at the pooja is anyone coming from the bride's side.  Akash says no one only the family.  Aha!!!! Just you wait, you snake!

Shyam comes while Anjali is on the phone with Kushi and he calls her Rani Sahiba, Kushi hears and the intuition ball starts really rolling.

The doorbell rings at the Raizada's house.  La opens the door to a distracted Kushi.  She snaps her finger and gathers her attention.  Her fianc has not come.

Everyone is to come for the pooja and La asks Kushi to call ASR and Akash to call Jijuji,  Kushi says she will call him, Akash should call ASR. Her suspicion is getting the best of her.  She needs to find out who Anjali's husband is.

She walks to their room and Anjali is coming out of the door.  She asks her about her husband and she tells her he is looking for her other shoe.  La comes as says come on to them.  They all turn to leave and Kushi hesitates and strains to look at Anjali's husband. Her curiosity is killing her! She realizes her intentions and turns around.  She must be going crazy.

At the pooja Kushi sits with La, obviously ASR did not come.  La has lost an earring and thye are looking for it.  Shyam comes down and passes a distracted Kushi to sit beside Anjali.  Kushi has found La's earring and placed it back in her ear.  She then realizes that Anjali's husband has come.  Her curiosity is getting the best of her.  She is distracted from the pooja, straining to see him.

Distracted and curious our Kushi is.  She must meet him today!

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Episode 139

Broken Engagement: The Revelation

Kushi head is definitely not on the pooja but seeing who that man is.  The funny thing is the student nudges the mentor to fold her hands and pray.  

Very cute and nice to see; way to go, La.

The man's phone rings.  He silences it but when it rings a second time he gets up and leaves the pooja, gesturing to Anjali.

I was lost here because of no English subtitles so I will make my own version.

Anjali is upset her husband has gone to accept a phone call.  La tells her to relax and says to Kushi her husband always calls her Rani Sahiba, Rani Sahiba. Kya? This makes Kushi antennas go up again, so she must find him.  She remembers her conversation with Shyam about a phone call he had received from Rani Sahiba and his excuse was she was a client of his.

Kushi says she will bring her husband back to her.  She tentatively walks up the stairs.  

It is a long journey to the terrace; a time for deep thought and remembering of flashbacks of all truths and lies.  This is the time when justification and verdict will occur.  

She will learn his reality, who he really is.

This walk was great it showed everything, all the links.  She is just getting it and placing the pieces of the puzzle together.

She opens the terrace door and he is on the phone, back to her.  She walks up closer and closer.  The suspense just killing us;  It took a whole three minutes for her to walk up to him with that blaring music and drum beats anticipating the next scene.

Finally the revelation.. 

The suspenseful music . 

She learns his truth and then...

He tries to explain...


It doesn't matter what he says.

She says a client, she is your client, nahi, she is not your client but your wife!  How can you as a married man, tell so many lives and hurt both our families.

She frantically tries to remove her engagement ring, it is as if it is burning her.  She throws it at him.

 He has broken her trust and the trust of them all.  He doesn't deserve the love of their families, of Anjali. He tries steps forward and she points her finger as to say don't come near her. She turns to leave him, he begging her not to say anything.  He reminds her to think of Payal and Akash.

He is caught and he is freaking out. How will he manage this time?  He sees the ring on he floor and picks it up.

Lavanya is asking ASR to come down for blessings since he didn't go for the veneration.  ASR says very nicely to her he doesn't want to he is not in the mood. She looks at him like he has two heads.  He asks her, "What?"  She tells him he is being nice to her. What the?  He is speechless. She hugs him. She understands. ?????

What is happening to him?

A one Kushi Kumari Gupta is getting to him maybe.

Kushi is firmly stepping herself down to tell the world when she realizes what will happen to Payal and Akash if she spills the beans. She now is walking worriedly and as she picks up the pace she collides into Arnav and his teacup falls to the ground breaking.  He scolds her and then looks at her as she is picking up the pieces.  Something is wrong.

"Kushi? Kushi?  What happened to you?"  He lifts her up.  His face full of concern.  He questions her knowing something is wrong.  Is there a problem at your house?  Do you need anything? Kushi?  He lets go of her shoulders and almost immediately she grabs his arm and breaks down crying on his shoulder.  His touch brings her comfort, safety and protection.

"Kushi'Kushi'What has happened to you? Shh...Kushi it's okay'"  He looks up as to think what it is and he knows.  "Kushi has your fianc said something?"

 She looks up at him.

 He looks deeply in her eyes with a glint of gussa in his he asks, "What did he do?  Did he do something to you?  Did he hurt you?"

 She answers, "He'" and stops,

Knowing that Anjali is his world

 And she can't destroy their world'

and the Revelation would.

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Episode 140

One Big Fat Lie

He has been exposed and Kushi's is beside herself.  She knew it in the deepest recesses of her heart; she knew something wasn't right.  She ran away and her knight in shining armor was there to protect her.  She should have known right then and there he was hers not the other one. 

Shyam has told one big fat lie.

But she has to go.  This pain is too much not only her pain but the pain that if she reveals any of this to the Raizada's it will destroy their family and possibly break Payal and Akash's engagement.  She is beside herself and she must leave there.  He follows her but the family stops them.  Anjali introduces Kushi to her husband and everyone is praising him and their love.  Arnav notices Kushi's reaction and he seems perplexed but he knows something is up.  They have to give the offering in the meanwhile you can see a visibly hurt Kushi and an uncomfortable Shyam.

 Shyam has told one big fat lie.

Anjali wants Shyam to take Kushi home because he has to go out but Kushi says no, she has to leave right now and leaves.  Arnav reaches out.  He sees her hurt but what is it exactly?

Shyam has told one big fat lie.

As Kushi is walking him she thinks about all the incidents that lead to Shyam entering her life.  She is hurt and I think not because she loved him, which she never did, she never could, but because he deceived them all. 

Shyam has told one big fat lie.

Shyam reaches her and he asks her to let him explain.  She tells them he cheated them all.  He lied to them all.  She walks away from him and he is standing in the middle of the road when a truck is coming.  Shyam is making drama, he won't move. Kushi saves him.  Stupid girl.

He tries to give explanation of why he did it and he tells her she doesn't know how Anjali treats him.  She tells him not to lie anymore.  He says he has gotten more love from her family then the Raizada's'I don't even want to write about this anymore he is just telling one big fat lie.

He says to her that he did try to tell her something and she does remember when he did have something to say.  He turned away and was saying he only did it for the bonding he felt for this family. He wants her to trust him. When he turns back Kushi is gone.  Good for you girl don't take that bull'.

Should he call he or not? Arnav is worried about her. He recalls her crying on his shoulder.  Lavanya walks in and says to him she has worn this sari for him and it was so much work to put on and he is ignoring her.  With that he ignores her still and asks about Kushi. 

This is the time where I think Lavanya starts to put 2+2 together, with Arnav and Kushi, it is starting to add up. 

He turns and asks Anjali where Kushi went'ah,uh she has a lot to do with the engagement coming soon, he uses as an excuse'.Lavanya walks away, hurt by him.  Anjai is trying to reach Kushi.  Payal called she is asking about Kushi too.  Kushi is not receiving calls.  He tries to call her then.

Kushi is upset, he knows it but doesn't know it was because

Shyam has told one big fat lie.










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Originally posted by salooni

found coming episode gif so thought to share

will help if any one inn editing

i loved nk's entry, he was my favorite later entry in the show
and as for the top gift, i swear i made that yesterday and posted it on tumblr

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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Originally posted by salooni

found coming episode gif so thought to share

will help if any one inn editing

i loved nk's entry, he was my favorite later entry in the show
and as for the top gift, i swear i made that yesterday and posted it on tumblr

ya took from that only good one 
Clap from that site or otherr

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Sorry double post.

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hi sabrina,

i see no double post. what's up? all well? are you going to be seeing the rerun?

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