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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 129)

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This song is for you. From the itti/itta talk to the chiaroscuro finding. Thank you for giving us not itti si but lot of khushi Big smile Embarrassed 
Credit to the uploader

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Hi LadiesSmile

Durga This is my fav song and Indi Di is changing story ,I can feel it as Her family is hawking her...LOL ...LOL

OK from your writing it seems someone else is writing too...I will read yours too Durga ..and will comment...Indi Di made me cry thoughCry

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Originally posted by DurgaS

This song is for you. From the itti/itta talk to the chiaroscuro finding. Thank you for giving us not itti si but lot of khushi Big smile Embarrassed 
Credit to the uploader

me too love this song 
thanksBig smile

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sohara



Season again changed in IPK. A new phase of Arnav and Khushi's life is about to begin. Destiny is making the way clear for these soul mates. One of the main obstructions has removed from Arnav's life. La's presence somehow refraining Arnav to pamper his feelings for Khushi. Though la's departure made the situation melancholic for a while, but it sure will bring some mirth for us. Let's the journey begin with a fun filled episode.


Lavanya's taxi has arrived. Arnav wants to drop her, a last gesture of affection for a good friend.  But she refused. She is despondent and a bit angry on ASR I guess. She doesn't want any help from him any more. Khushi is carrying her luggage.


At the threshold of the house, La looks back for the last time. Lots of good memories she is leaving behind. She is biding bye to the man of her love. She is looking pensive, forlorn. She finds Arnav is standing there. He begs her ardent apology again. She says it's OK. She gives him a precious advice,

"If you fall in love ever, just hold on to it. Cause love is greater than hatred. And love is the greatest. Make sure, you never let it go from your life."

Her eyes are teary, scorching pain in her heart. She loved him, but he couldn't give her the love back.

When she was telling this to ASR, the camera shows Khushi in the same frame. It's an indication of future and perfect assimilation of La's words and khsuhsi's presence.


In GH Payal is saying Khushi that she was very scared of Shyam, if he does any wrong to her or not. Khushi retorts her immediately; she doesn't want to talk about him at all. He wants to forget everything. She is bearing him as he is a relative of Payal's in laws.

"For me, he is just Anjaliji's husband, nothing more."

Payal also agrees. She asks her why La and Arnav didn't get engaged. Khushi says that last time she brought them together.

"Even I mediated between them. But this time Lavanya is not ready to listen to her as well."

Payal agrees to La, as relationship is very fragile, nobody knows what possibly can happen between couples. Khushi feels sorry for la and prays that dm keeps bless her. She is very good at heart. Payal also prays that someday she will get a very good guy, who will keep her happy and love her a lot. When Payal pronounces Arnav, Khushi barges at her,

"RAKSHAS, Demon, I wish he gets a girl in his life who can straighten him up. She will tell him whatever he doesn't want to hear. I'm sure he used to bunk school. That's why he didn't learn how to behave."

We know Khushi, it's you who is just perfect for him. And by the way he is a Harvard graduate, not school bunking type, not farre type also. Got it?

 Payal refutes her. To see Payal's annoyance she starts to pull her legs, that she is already  taking side of his brother in law. Payal just squeezes her earlobe. But Khushi is sure that he a Rakhshas indeed.


Arnav is talking to la. She reached safely. He asks her with acquiescence, does she need anything. He wants to help her. It seemed that she refused his help. He cuts the call and shuts his eyes in convulsion. When he tries to absorb the burden of guilty feelings, his eyes goes to the gift laid on the table. So his focus finally shifted to his new life, his love, his Khushi. He opens the wrap slowly, making a little pout on his face. it's  a book and there is a letter as well,

"ye pustaak, humari taraf se ek bhet hai, ta ki jeevan mei apko gadhika paiya badalne mein takleef na ho Khushi Kumai Gupta."

Translation: this book is a gift from me. So you will not face any trouble to change the tire of a car, Khushi Kumari Gupta

He reads the letter slowly, may be it was difficult for him to read hindi. He recollects the memory of Khsuhi's changing tire for his car.

He tries to read the name of the book. But when he can't his epic what the comes out from his mouth. Khushi is unofficially got in to your life to make your insipid life colorful, Mr. akhroo laad governor.


Anjali comes to arnav's room and tell him that what he told was right. Marriage is a huge commitment for a lifetime. If the man and woman are not happy then it's better not  to be together. You and Lavanya perhaps made the right decision. Arnav says her, if anybody else understands or not his sister would understand him for sure. Anjali cares him and nods her head.

 Arnav says her ruefully that he didn't want to break anybody's heart. I and Lavanya thought it was right.

 Anjali assents and wishes he will also find the right person just the way she found her husband.(your jijaji, uff what a perfect guy! I only can guffaw) Arnav begs her not to start the saase rukhnewala story again.

Arnav sees Payal and Akash's wedding card in Anjali's hand. She tells him that the first card she kept in the mandir for DM's blessings and the second one, she wants to send it to Gupta house. She requests Arnav to take the card to GH. He snatches the card from her and says that he wouldn't say no. He doesn't say no to all the things.

Yeah we know, why you are so eager to take it to the GH? Getting impatient to meet Khushi.


Anjali's eyes go to the book what Khsuhi gave it to him. When she asks him, he doesn't mention Khushi's name. Anjali reads the name, it's a car maintenance manual. Arnav understand now why Khsuhi gave it to him. Arnav looks lost in Khushi's thought. Anajali asks him what happened. But he just evades to answer.


Khushi is full on playful mood. She has become frolic and garrulous again.. Hona bhi chahiye, finally good days came to her life. The dark cloud name Shyam has gone, her sister is getting married to her prince charming and moreover her Arnavji is single and ready to mingle with her. But Payal is annoyed with her teasing. Khushi is teaching her how she will behave with Akash after marriage. Payal needs to shower. But Khushi is not giving her towel. She teases her that as Raizada house is so big so she has to run a lot to flee from Akash's grip. She starts to run in the room holding the towel in her hand. She gets in the bathroom and locks the door.


The scene was hilarious and Sanaya was beyond excellent in this scene. We know how good her comic timing is! She pretends to be Akash . After fixing her invisible spectacles she starts to ask for the towel. As the towel is already in Khushi's hand Payal tells her how she can give it to her. Khushi opens the door to give her the towel. Payal snatches the towel and tries to get in the bathroom. But she can't. When two sisters were fighting with the towel, the door bell rings. Khushi is calling her, "payalji, woh payalji". When she hears no respond she says, I mean Akash says did she go to her mother's house?


Payal keeps the towel on the bed and rushes to open the door. It's Arnav who came. Payal tells him that her amma and bua are not at home. She makes him sit and goes to answer the phone.


Arnav hears Khushi is screaming, "payalji don't leave me like that. Oh payalji." As Payal is busy on the phone Arnav  slowly saunters towards the bedroom from where Khsuhi's scream is coming from. Khushi is screaming and talking sarcastically,

"if jiji leaves Akashji like that then after taking shower, he will be freeze in cold."

She is predicting that so many things will happen after Akash and her jiji's marriage, that she can write a book on this topic.

"jiji aur jijajiki kainama, lekhak kushi kumari gupta. side mei tali."

My sister and my brother in laws' escapades, author Khushi Kumari gupta. Applause on the side.

When Khushi hears footsteps she starts her drama again,
"kiyuji, I've screaming for so long! You didn't hear me? yaha to humara kulfi jam raha hai Here I'm freezing in cold. Plz give me the towel."

She is in full acting spree.

 Arnav is confused, "WHAT THE", "I will?"

Khsuhi says again that she will count three, if she doesn't give her the towel by this time, she will think she doesn't care her at all.

She starts counting. Arnav thinks she seriously needs the towel. May be he wants to show her that he cares. He grabs the towel and moves towards the bathroom. Khushi senses that Payal is near the bathroom. But she is really in playful mod today. She tells that as she is late she has to be punished. She opens the door and without seeing she pulls Arnav inside the bathroom. Her smiles turns to scream when she saw him in the bathroom.. She starts to scream so loud that something really bad had happened.


Where in RM, the devil Shyam is concocting something to fool Anjali again. The insidious guy knows how to chicane his gullible wife by fallacy.. He is telling her that the pandit said that the shani (Saturn) is in bad phase on him. anjali thinks that it's very portentous and she should perform some poojas and rituals to overcome this. The ever superstitious anjali gets scared for her God like husband. She is now connecting the dot of her broken mangalsutra. She insists Shyam to tell what the pandit told him to do. Shyam says about some rituals and tells her that the pandit admonishes him not to wear white cloth. When Shyam took it lighly Anjali embroils more and makes him promise to do whatever pandit told him. The liar makes a fake promise that he can ignore pandit, but can't ignore his wife. Anjali rushes to do the arrangement for the braat.


Khushi comes out from the bathroom holding the towel on her chest, screaming,

"bachao, bachoo, jiji."  She is stomping her feet incessantly , as if Arnav saw her without cloth. Arnav is flummoxed to her frivolous act.

"khushi you are fully dressed."

When Arnav sees, Khushi is still stomping, she admonishes her to stop.

 Khushi stops though, but starts to assail him, as if he vandalized something.

'So what? what are you doing here? How dare you come to my room?"

Arnav tries to say that she was screaming for towel.He grits his teeth, says that he came to give the wedding card, not the towel. Payal comes and scolds Khushi.

 Anajali calls Arnav. Arnav says that he gave her the towel, he means the card. He gets angry to hear something, "usse." Anjali must be telling him to get Khushi with him. He though refuted first but I guess agreed to take her with him.

Aranv says bye to Payal and tells her to show the card to everybody. Khushi is pretending to ignore Arnav . Arnav asks her imperatively to come with him, if she finished playing with the towel. He ordered her just like a cute possessive hubby.


Back in RM shyam is confirming Anjali, is she working according to her game or not. He trickily asks her if Khushi is coming to help her in the pooja and rituals. To get Khushi's sympathy, he is planning to garble Anjali in front of her. His cynicism irked me so much!



Khushi doesn't want to go. Arnav says her grimly that she needs to go, cause mami and nani are not at home and his sister thinks she only can help her. Payal also insists her to go. But Khushi is obdurate. She tells her that, he is feeling to curse someone, that's why he wants to take her with him.

"He will get me in the car and in the middle of a silent street, he will stop the car and starts saying "what the" "what the" and get me out of the car."

Arnav tells her that if she doesn't believe him, she can talk to his di.

Khushi snatches his words,

"I trust you completely. You will sure yell at me."

Arnav is fuming to hear this. Khushi shows Payal that he is now flaring his nose in anger. She refuses to go, He leaves.

Payal tries to make her understand that she is not an employee there any more, they have become relatives. So as his bro's sister in law she should go with him. Khushi finally agrees . She runs out and calls Arnav to stop. She goes in side to get her bag. Arnav waits for her. She comes out, but forgets to wear her dupatta this time. So she requests him to stay back for some more time.  Arnav sits in his car and Khushi also comes and sits beside him.


There is an awkward silence in the car. Khushi initiates to talk first. She wants to tell about her drama what she was playing a while ago. Arnav says her that La reaches safely and she told to let her know. Khushi looks a little upset hearing about La. She is still feeling bad for her. When he sees Khushi is a bit reticent,, he looks at her,

"Are you listening?'

He notices that she is wearing a towel instead of her dupatta. He reverses the car and makes to a halt.

"Get out."

 Khushi is perplexed to see his peremptory attitude.

I think this is the perfect VM to depict Arnav and Khushi's present status.

 credit goes to Zoha

Plz ignore typo and grammatical mistakes.

i just love the episode 
and more this analyse 
written by you 
and vm purely suit the lovely 
short moment we are going to witness

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758

Originally posted by Katelyn

Originally posted by wiwy

Originally posted by Katelyn

Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by Horizon

Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by indi52


sorry, issk. my spellings are weird. i was so excited when the word that came out of nowhere turned out to mean just what i was looking for. it's a wonderful technique used by artists of many disciplines, usually visual. need to read more.

aaargh would asr be kissing his wife's cheek incessantly? cheek?
this is the man who was living with his gf. brilliant, isn't it, our ability to believe what we want to...

Hehe. I typed it wrong twice when i was trying to look it up!!

Cheek kissing ASR...a joke! An almost on
the mouth in comparison...Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Good Morning ladies   chiaroscuro (??)... just looked up onto what its meant ...what a discovery Indi. Look forward to this more in your writings.

Cheek kissing??:)...aagghh... by Nov'12 ,  was vexed with that forehead kissing ASR actually and missing my "koi matlab nahin" wala from an year ago.. where is he.. where is he???

safe in my dreams... and sometimes in my fantasies. Day Dreaming

koi matlab nahin... mujhe faraq nahin padta... asr standing by his car looking at the approaching woman with a slightly amused air, arrogant, sure of himself... hmmm.

danke for liking chiaroscuro... spelt it wrong again the first time. teehee.

here's to things that never change.

Lovely conversation, ladies!  I agree I couldn't imagine ASR just cheek kissing is wife!    So this is where FF writing comes in handy.  We could let our imagination soar!  Wink This is what we all like to see ASR do...  Crazy Rabbit Emoticons Blushing

Likes! KateWink 

Wiwy, so you like that ha!!  Is this what we could expect on your next "Broken Bed" update?  Khushi managed to escape the first time...  Hoping you won't tease us again!  I think ASR is a man with a mission!  Wink
No Kate that is me.  Arnav can't keep his hands off Kushi in my SS!  We don't want no cheek kissing Arnav!!!
Cynthia, we know you are a tease because our poor Arnav had to take 2 or 3 COLD showers!!  LOL  I wonder if Wiwy will follow in your footsteps!!  I agree with you and that's how it's supposed to be... that our Arnav can't keep his hands off his wifey!  Wink

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Originally posted by wiwy

Originally posted by Katelyn

Originally posted by ..Anita..

Hey blasters!!!!

My mom's surgery went well and now she is at home!!!
Thanks for all the wishes and prayers
Anita,  I'm so glad to hear that the surgery went well!  Take care of your mom and hope she is in good spirit!

Great! Give her my regards.

give her my regards. Hope she recuperates soon and well

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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Episode 143

Anjali assures Khushi that she will not tell anyone about her broken engagement after the engagement of PayAsh and ArLa are over.  She also said that she empathizes with her because she is doing this for other's happiness because she is willing to hide the truth from everyone but she understands the pain of a broken relation (I know she does, since her wedding was broken in the past, I guess a decade ago, how old is Anjali anyways???).let me calculate. she was at least 18 and after 14 years, she must be 32. Khushi takes her leave and Anjali man gayi, since he knows khushi might want to be alone right now. As she is leaving, Anjali calls her from behind (isn't that bad or is it bad when someone goes to do something important?) and asks if she wanted to talk about something else and Khushi says there's nothing more. She just wanted to ask if Anjali has spoken to the sweet wale. Anjali assures that the preparations of the engagement are in full swing and asks her to take care of herself and khushi just looks at her like you need to take care of yourself more than I do.

she is so sweet.

Bua ji is wondering why Khushi isn't home yet because it's late. Garima is getting worried about things being alright over there after the truth is out. Khushi walks in and asks what the Raizadas said (I wonder what her reaction will be when they find out that khushi did not say anything).

Anjali has tears in her eyes while taking off her jewelry and Shyam walks in. He gets scared and is worried that  Khushi told the truth to Anjali. Anjali says she thought he was out of town and won't come back. He asks if Khushi came today trying changing the topic. Anjali says yes and Shyam gets worried (well lucky for him he shouldn't be). He asks if everything is fine. Anjali tells things about relations and trust to Shyam in a that gives everyone the impression that Anjali found out the truth somehow and Shyam gets scared and tried to apologize. Anjali said why can't everyone be like use, so understand and loving to each other and hugs shyam, shyam gives a sigh of relief. He asks what she is talking about getting genuinely confused (duh khushi's broken engagement). Anjali recalls how Khushi had asked her to keep quiet about the matter. So she just says that today she's a little off because all the wedding responsibility is on me. Shyam hugs her and says she worries over little things.

Shyam bach gayee. But I was enjoying his eerie face.

Khushi says she could not tell Anjali the truth and never will. Bua ji asks why? Did Shyam blackmail her? (I wish that were the case, actually I don't, but it was khushi's nice heart). Khushi says this decision is hers. Payal is like you shouldn't have done that but Khushi says Anjali won't be able to bear the truth because she worships her husband like god. Bua ji says this is why she needs to know the truth and stop living in delusion (thank you!!!!! For once you spoke some sense).Approve Khushi says she can't. Her rishta is broken, she can't do the same with Anjali . Maybe with time, Shyam will have a change of heart but if she tells the truth right now, their marriage will be broken (well she did make a good point, but she is giving the creep too much credit).She is an innocuous soul, so think everyone is like her. she doesn't have any idea, how nefarious Shyam is! She mentions that she's seen Payal happy after a long time. She can't take this away from them (Why khushi why, you now payal does not want that). Payal says she can't hide the truth (did she take khushi's brain) but Garima supports Khushi because otherwise her engagement will break (No clue how shyam's truth will affect payal, does she think Anjali will be like you LIARS, this engagement is over breaking a vase and then limping off, and Garima and Bua ji will be screaming NAHI...that would be hilarious to watch though). Good point. amma is too concern for Payal. she forgot that she has another daughter who needs her support and care right now.  And Bua ji goes Khushi  and said you are so mature, you made a decision like an adult all by yourself when us adult could not and hugs khushi (arrey what logic is that, khushi said the same decision they made initially anyways, but I am glad bua ji is showing affection for khushi for the first time).

Khushi is crying in her room. She sees Payal folding clothes and wipes her tears. She tries talking to her but Payal seems upset (well duh, she wanted the truth out but that did not happen). She makes Payal sit and covers her head with a dupatta and says she will look great in it. Payal kind  of ignoring her and Khushi tries cheering her up by asking her to forget whatever happened and think about tomorrow. She asks her to smile. She says she has her engagement tomorrow then wedding and then...Payal blushes and hits khushi (who knew she had a gutter mind) true.if she knew so much then why she used to behave so innocent in front of Arnav! and Khushi says and then Akash will be her Jijaji. Khushi was like HAAWWW What did you think? She starts tickling Payal and Payal laughs. Finally, they hug and Khushi gets emotional. She says this smile is what she always wants to see on her face. The phone rings and Payal goes to receive it. It is Akash aka mr. loverboy. Khushi realizes this and starts pulling her leg. Payal says she will talk to him later but Khushi snatches the phone and starts pulling Akash's leg too. Akash tries to make some excuse because he knows it is khushi  but Arnav comes and he hands him the phone and was like you handle this. Arnav takes the call and hears Khushi pulling Akash's leg acting like payal. Arnav tries giving her a hint but she starts praising Akash and comparing with Arnav. Arnav finally tells her it's him and Khushi goes speechless. (how cute was this scene)

   credit goes to the maker
Wedding preps are going on at the RM...i was not paying attention to this scene what so ever

Bua ji is calling everyone to hurry up. Payal steps down looking gorgeous and everyone admires her emotionally (she did look pretty, was not digging the necklace so much but I loved the wind affect when she came out). Everyone blesses her.

Khushi prays to DM to not make her regret her decision of not telling Anjali the truth (well you will) and asks to bless PayAsh and ArLa. When she asked for bessing for ArLa she seems uneasy about it. Bua ji calls her and she leaves to go to them.

Arnav comes to La's room and notices how everything is empty. She is packing and he asks her if she is leaving? He is shocked.  Will they tell the truth??? Is la really leaving during the engagement???

i really liked this ff, you guys should read it one day

beautiful writing Anita.
 Really enjoyed reading.
 Bold lines stood out for me.
 My comments are in pink.
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Originally posted by DurgaS

This song is for you. From the itti/itta talk to the chiaroscuro finding. Thank you for giving us not itti si but lot of khushi Big smile Embarrassed 
Credit to the uploader

i am itna itna itna touched, durga ji. thank you... lovely song. and that movie so needed bs and si.

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