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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 124)

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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Hey blasters!!!!

My mom's surgery went well and now she is at home!!!
Thanks for all the wishes and prayers
thanks Anita for letting us know.
 Wish she get well soon.

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Thanks Samin for reading.
I know about the kamin nama in Islam. So if your guy friend could not arrange for that money he should not have in the first place committed to that amount. In any case I think the money he owes her is something he has to give sometimes before he dies. He can also negotiate with his wife. He can tell her he is unhappy and why. Now to me it seems like a person who first got engaged, then married, then lived two years and still could not get off the impression from his head that at one instance on the day of the engagement he had not liked his wife. I think his wife even with no 100000 would be better off and if she is rational would understand that.

What can I say about my friend, he is a dubious minded guy and very soft as well. Their parents are kind of dumb I guess. The bride's family asked for the money, but they couldn't negotiate with them. 
I know he can give her 100 thousand, cause he is doc. But the problem is he also can't hurt that girl, cause he thinks it will be injustice to her. But he can't love her also and doesn't enjoy her company as well. she is not just his type. he is in a nonplus situation.

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Originally posted by Horizon

Originally posted by sohara

thanks for reading.
you are right, one shouldn't give up everything for the sake of love. Like our Khushi. Her love for Arnav is infinitesimal, she even can die for him. We saw it in the kidnapping track.But did she ever tried to change herself completely? No. though she is a bit too much, made a two lakh's designer bag a jhola! LOLshe always maintained her pesona. Lavanya thought she could win ASR by changing herself. But she was is strange. So sophisticated Arnav fall in love with unfashionable Khushi.
Anyway at least lavanya leaned to be a good human being.
 Agree Sohara, but
@Red: As much as it is praise worthy to retain one's personality against all odds, that birthday track of Khushi was as disappointing as, if not more, than Sheetal track. The girl with the supposed "golden heart" couldn't see the heart/effort of the man in gifting that bag for her but rather preferred insisting how useless it is!! Heart breaking!
@ blue: That is becos she got a soul mate like ASR who loves/ respects everyone for what they are, NOT for what he wants them to be!ClapClapClap
Just my POV.
i absolutely agree with you.
I also didn't like how Khushi dishonored his gift. It was ASR's first gift to Khushi. she shouldn't treat it like that. You know the creatives did some really weird mistakes in IPK. Sheetal track was just the most disgusting among those. Actually i can mention lot more.I think the list will be endless.

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thanks Cynthia and IssPK for reading.
 I understand and respect your thought on Khushi. When Khushi told ASR that her heart broke, it sounded like that Khushi wanted this relationship, but her heart broke , because he deceived her.I tried  to see it from Arnav's POV. 

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758



Episode 139

Broken Engagement: The Revelation

Kushi head is definitely not on the pooja but seeing who that man is.  The funny thing is the student nudges the mentor to fold her hands and pray. 

it sure proved Khushi is a good teacher. 

Very cute and nice to see; way to go, La.

The man's phone rings.  He silences it but when it rings a second time he gets up and leaves the pooja, gesturing to Anjali.

I was lost here because of no English subtitles so I will make my own version.

Anjali is upset her husband has gone to accept a phone call.  La tells her to relax and says to Kushi her husband always calls her Rani Sahiba, Rani Sahiba. Kya? This makes Kushi antennas go up again, so she must find him.  She remembers her conversation with Shyam about a phone call he had received from Rani Sahiba and his excuse was she was a client of his.

Kushi says she will bring her husband back to her.  She tentatively walks up the stairs.  

It is a long journey to the terrace; a time for deep thought and remembering of flashbacks of all truths and lies.  This is the time when justification and verdict will occur. 

sure a long journey.her mind was whirling in confused thoughts. 

She will learn his reality, who he really is.

This walk was great it showed everything, all the links.  She is just getting it and placing the pieces of the puzzle together.

She opens the terrace door and he is on the phone, back to her.  She walks up closer and closer.  The suspense just killing us;  It took a whole three minutes for her to walk up to him with that blaring music and drum beats anticipating the next scene.

Finally the revelation.. 

The suspenseful music . 

She learns his truth and then...

He tries to explain...


It doesn't matter what he says.

She says a client, she is your client, nahi, she is not your client but your wife!  How can you as a married man, tell so many lives and hurt both our families.

She frantically tries to remove her engagement ring, it is as if it is burning her.  She throws it at him.

 He has broken her trust and the trust of them all.  He doesn't deserve the love of their families, of Anjali. He tries steps forward and she points her finger as to say don't come near her. She turns to leave him, he begging her not to say anything.  He reminds her to think of Payal and Akash.

He is caught and he is freaking out. How will he manage this time?  He sees the ring on he floor and picks it up.

Lavanya is asking ASR to come down for blessings since he didn't go for the veneration.  ASR says very nicely to her he doesn't want to he is not in the mood. She looks at him like he has two heads.  He asks her, "What?"  She tells him he is being nice to her. What the?  He is speechless. She hugs him. She understands. ?????

What is happening to him?

A one Kushi Kumari Gupta is getting to him maybe.

Kushi is firmly stepping herself down to tell the world when she realizes what will happen to Payal and Akash if she spills the beans. She now is walking worriedly and as she picks up the pace she collides into Arnav and his teacup falls to the ground breaking.  He scolds her and then looks at her as she is picking up the pieces.  Something is wrong.

"Kushi? Kushi?  What happened to you?"  He lifts her up.  His face full of concern.  He questions her knowing something is wrong.  Is there a problem at your house?  Do you need anything? Kushi?  He lets go of her shoulders and almost immediately she grabs his arm and breaks down crying on his shoulder.  His touch brings her comfort, safety and protection.

"Kushi'Kushi'What has happened to you? Shh...Kushi it's okay'"  He looks up as to think what it is and he knows.  "Kushi has your fianc said something?"

 She looks up at him.

 He looks deeply in her eyes with a glint of gussa in his he asks, "What did he do?  Did he do something to you?  Did he hurt you?"

 She answers, "He'" and stops,

Knowing that Anjali is his world

 And she can't destroy their world'

and the Revelation would.

beautiful Cynthia.
enjoyed reading your take.

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Originally posted by samin6

Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by Horizon

Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by indi52

episode 139

Hello Indus the Ocean Smile 

Happy i wrote what was on top of my head when i thought of 139...and it triggered a wave from you. I've been MIA since y'day and just read it... you guys have leapt and bounced some 8/9 pages so I'm feeling obsolete and all.. archaic almost! But guess it's okay backtracking to this... for this is the theme of everything. Who we are, why we are the way we are, why we obsess about this show, come back to it wherever we might go or it might go, think of the Raizada oh so very very often, and express as fervently and whole heartedly as we do... the theme runs through all of the above.

I can only speak specifically for myself when i refer to self-doubt in a woman... or in other instances, to my absolute undying love for a man with flaws. I see flaws as flags...but in a good way really... as signs, that we are still alive and taking on the world with spirit. Willing to change when possible. It turns me on like nothing else. And yes, i may speak for myself but i know it must resonate. Which is why some of us are here in the first place. In the specific is the universal, they say. At the end of the day then, we may express things differently, but we all share the flaws. We have all made mistakes. Some big ones too. Kya ye sab "mahaanta" shahaanta. Bahut hui yeh 60's Hindi movie style bakwaas, channeled these days as 'nayi soch'. Let's get real. It does not exist. 

Jo aapne bola...marked in blue i have...I relate to fully. Kusoor patriarchy ka hai, whatever most men might say or think. We are some of the fortunate ones whose fathers didn't stop them from anything, whose brothers believe their sisters are goddesses (well, at least most of the time!) and whose voices can be louder than their thoughts. But (and when is there not a but!) that collected, collective history... It lurks and sometimes it surfaces. Society creeps in. i don't want to give a damn but I have to pick my battles. I'll burn out if i fight for every single small thing...

Khushi talks to me because in her vulnerability, i see myself. Her decision of not telling him about Shyam frustrated me no end. But a part of me bought it - the part which makes mistakes, and which doubts the self. (And of course, I'm only referring to episodes 139 and around here... the time when she first found out about Shyam. Not the ludicrous post-forced-marriage crap by which time she had lost sense in all its forms, and didn't know what to do with that sweet sweet sexy man who was hurting so).
I have always been drawn to the selflessness in Khushi. But the writers offered a simple, one-dimensional explanation here, relying too heavily on the same quality: this is a selfless girl, she is not thinking of her own self, she is doing it for the feelings of the Raizada who is devoted to his sister, as also for the sake of the sister herself who she has come to love and respect. Ho hum, i thought, you just want to stretch the story, and didn't buy it at first. Selflessness and resourcefulness are not mutually exclusive, and Khushi had given proof of that many a times. So then...why not now? She could've found a way of telling him, surely. But then I thought about it...I decided to ignore the writers and their intent.. and i saw it as a mistake she had made. She may have doubted herself, i felt, cos it was coming from her OWN suffering. If Anjali di had suffered Shyam's evil skunky duplicity in some other way, independent of Khushi... and Khushi had found out... would she have thought twice about telling that fabulous devoted brother? NEVER. She would've gone all out to save 'Di'. Cos it would have been purely about Anjali di's suffering. But not this time...this was about herself. One doubts one's own suffering and it's validity. I know i do, sometimes...and a lot of my girlfriends do too. So there.

As for the Raizada man, there is a timeless sophistication there which kills. A flawed man of the rare variety. Makes mistakes, but does not ever hide behind them. Does not pretend like it never happened. Finds a way of acknowledging and correcting truthfully, not for "mahaanta". I love him for that. It inspires me... truly madly deeply. And indeed, "a man who lets us... no, makes us... speak and wants to hear our voice." I couldn't agree more!!

IssP, if you felt archaic for missing 8 pages, I feel totally lost having missed almost the entire thread and extracting this great convo from almost a week ago.
You know, from any angle Khushi's/Gupta's refraining the truth and depriving the Raizada's from the truth did n't make sense.  The underlined lines, exactly the reason Khushi should have told Anjali.. and I found it the most weird that she thought Anjali is NOT suffering now sleeping with a cheat?! Doing that she was fueling Anjali's denial and living in a bubble of eternal patriarchal families! Of course she is this young and nave girl bitten from so many corners. But one has to realize one's weakness if not rectify it that one can't fix everything!
And, I must confess the day ASR thanked Khushi for bringing Shyam back some thing inside me just died...why my man is letting hypocrisy rule?!!
Yes, indi is truly an Indus in many ways.. ..reminds me of the rich civilization of that valley... where new hopes and generations sprung.. like our hopes for season 2 that dear Indi keeps alive!

Hai re nandkisore!! Humney exam wala paper likha!! How long is that post above EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed!!!!!

I agree with you. Worst decision ever not to disclose Shyam's vile ways to ASR and Co at the time. And then she held on to it forever after... like it was some top secret that would destroy the planet! Choked the whole show with shyam ji shyam ji shyam ji...di ke pati di ke pati di ke pati...Such paagalpan.

And never mind how it finally came out... that Karz-ed performance was...oh let's not go there...

Hello everyone. I apologize for barging in. Now when I was watching the episodes the first time I went through each second because I really wished Khushi would tell Anjali. Now it was after my one month sulk and so of course was anticipating through the whole process that Khushi would tell at least one of the Guptas, if not Anjali or Arnav at least Nani or Mami because they were rational elders. Also it was not a wise decision at all for letting Khushi tell Raizadas, since she was the youngest in the Gupta family, would have thought at least buaji would go and tell Nani especially considering Shyam was engaged to Khushi.
 Then thought- probably because Guptas always made Khushi try and clean up their mess. I liked the Payal supported that the Raizadas should be told and all. Also the fact that Arnav did not tell Khushi he knew about Shyam and Khushi was another nail. This incidents however subtly made me realize like everyone an adult should not be treated like a child wrapped in blankets. Anjali was strong in my opinion considering she raised Arnav. Apart from their parent dying the same day she also had to endure her broken marriage and the incident happening on her wedding day. So if someone can endure that they can endure anything. We have seen how she was always the strong one and hid all her pain for Arnav- the day after Arnav told her, he loves Khushi she accepted the person she was supposed to hate for breaking her own marriage. Just days after she had a miscarriage she gave up her reticence because it was chote's marriage celebrations.  She even forgave the person who she thought played a part in her parents death because of Arnav. IPKKND however showed us that Anjali was stronger then what ARSHI had ever anticipated. She was hysterical when her mangal sutra was torn but later on she herself tore that from her neck.

Samin... loved your POV about Anjali. And agree that Guptas should n't have left that onus onto Khushi. Anj is indeed straonger than many thought, but  she was willingly weak when it came to Shyam rather willingly in denial. Becos she pulled that mangal sutra from her neck not when Khushi/ Payal tried convincing Raizadas after the court room like drama but ONLY AFTER  she had sufficient time to sit over a possibility of her hubby being a two timing criminal for a few weeks/ months.  She perhaps needed/ deserved? that weaning period!

ASR didn't tell Khushi becos he thought she was guilty and an accomplice in this duplicity with Shyam. So acc to him there was no need to reiterate that fact to her but only to needed to be curtailed/ punished. But if it was some xyz girl he saw with Shyam that day, he would have been the Shatir dimaag wala business man, but since it was Khushi he saw all the hell broke loose!

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Originally posted by samin6

Originally posted by cinthiann1758

  1. Disclaimer: I would like to acknowledge that all my translations have been found on You Tube Videos translated by Alexa.   All credit of translation and my interpretation of her work is acknowledged.  All work I consider to be my own with the help of the translation.  If work is used please credit.  Thank you all for reading!


Episode 148

Guess Who's Coming For Dinner?

Unbelievable he says.  She has worn the towel as a dupatta.  But something has changed in Arnav, he seems different, changed perhaps, softer, gentler even when he scolds her.  He drives the car backwards and stops in front of her house so she can change.

Anjali and Kushi are working on the arrangements.  Anjali hands Kushi the phone to continue what Anjali started.  Interesting scene the two men of her life, ASR and Shyam enter.  One comes first, ASR, she stops and they gaze at each other and I am not sure what is the emotion they are feeling right now maybe confusion, relief, embarrassment?  I do know that they feel for each other but now it just needs time to blossom.  Then comes Shyam, he is happy to see her and he smiles and she just walks away.  I am thinking revulsion as her emotion.

Shyam comes down wearing a white shirt and goes to Anjali.  Anjali becomes upset and starts reprimanding Shyam.  Kushi sees this.  He is trying to convince her that Anjali is not nice to him Dream on Mr Creep.  Giving her reason to believe him and his story about the Raizada's and his marriage.  Anjali scolds him and leaves telling him to change his shirt.  He converses with Kushi complaining about Anjali.

She is ready to go, Anjali comes and asks if she is leaving.  Kushi lets her know the list she was working on is on the table.  Anjali would like Kushi to come back tomorrow.  The sari merchant is coming and they need to buy the favorite saris of Nani from Lucknow.  Anjali would like Kushi's help.    Kushi recalls Anjali words to Shyam.  It seems Kushi sees Anjali is becoming rather bossy, maybe? But she answers she will come back tomorrow.

Shyam has changed his shirt and Anjali asks him why does he do that to her?  He says t keep the romance alive.

Kushi is laying in her bed and thinking about Shyam's introduction by Anjali to her and how the family praised him and they said Anjali loves her husband so much and would do anything for him.  Kushi doesn't believe that Anjali is not nice.  She has known her for a long time.

The RM is all-abuzz.  Mami isn't sleeping all night thinking about the wedding and her low status future daughter in law.  There is so much work to do an Anjali is complaining just a little.  They are waiting for the flight to come from "kidney" Mami says.  Silly girl you mean Sydney.  Akash tells ASR they got to get out of there doesn't Arnav remember who is coming.  ASR says he forgot to send the car to the airport and Akash says it has been taken care of.

Mami is complaining to Arnav and Akash.  They want to leave and as they turn to go they hear,


Guess who's coming to dinner?

Mami calls everyone.  He's here!  They ask where is the voice, in your head?

Guess who's coming to dinner?

ASR says to Akash, "just let's go" and Anjali asks him why he is so afraid of him?

Guess who's coming to dinner?

The door opens.


Guess who's coming to dinner?

With a Spanish flare the music blares, with castanets clacking you can almost see the Flamingo dancers dancing, he comes prancing in.  The colors of India around his wrist on a sweatband, rolling in his suitcase, shades on his eyes, Knapsack around his varsity jacket, he is supercool.

Guess who's coming to dinner?



Mami is so excited to have her foreign nephew home. He takes blessings from all.  Mispronounces some of the Hindi words and we learn that he has difficulty with the language.  Arnav and Akash try to sneek out but NK calls,


Anjali snickers.

"Nanav, meir bhai, give me a hug.Clap"


We now know NK's name for Arnav is NanavLOL. He is just going on and on and on. He congratulates Akash for his engagement and then says the same to Arnav but halts himself.  He says sorry for the broken alliance but that someone else will come around.  Arnav answers whatever.

He goes to leave.  Anjali calls him, "Nanav!"  Snicker, snicker.  She want to know if he will be back for lunch.  He leaves and Anjali snickers again.  Nani says that NK should freshen up and eat and Mami says get ready to dance.  The dance instructor is coming.  She is a little strict and she will scold you.  They show NK to his room.  While Anjali and Shyam stay behind.

Guess who's coming to dinner?


Guess who's coming to dinner?

 Anjali tells Shyam, Kushi should be coming in a minute.








Samin thanks so much love the emoticons!!!

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Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by cinthiann1758

Originally posted by sohara

credit goes to tumblr



The sherni(tigress) turns to the laad Giovernor with a big grin on her face.

Payal is asking Akash what's the matter, why Arnav didn't do the engagement with La. Akash can't answer her as he is also doesn't know the reason. Loved their conversation, seemed like a perfect couple.


Arnav sees Khushi is acrimonious to him. She comes towards him to assail him. He asks her why she is behaving like this?

"Aap harbar humari nazro mein ye sabid kardite hai ki aap Arnav Sing Raizada hai"

"You always proves me that you are Arnav Sing Raizada. What did you do with La, you are smiling, but did you see her condition?"

Arnav says her that he must not make her judgment, as she doesn't know what happened?

Khushi retorts him immediately,

"If you are with someone, then it's not difficult to understand what's happened."

She points towards his imperative nature. Arnav grabs his hand and drags her to the poolside, his personal den, where he can speak to his Khushi from his heart.Big smile


Arnav says her that if she doesn't know about the situation, she is not supposed to say about it.

But Khushi is Khushi, the great intruder thinks she needs to know. Or moreover she is La's mentor, how can she see her student's heart break like this?

She needs to know what is the reason to break La's heart this time? Or does he think nobody will not ask him anything?

Again Khushi made her judgment without thinking. His family already prosecuted him big time, lady!

Arnav though says Khushi doesn't mean a thing, but he always ponders her queries. He is ready to make her understand. So he says with acquiescence to listen to him carefully.


Khushi starts her monologue.

"You said it right, you don't understand emotions. You only know the language of money and power. Now tell me what did you gain by breaking the alliance and by breaking Lavanyaji's heart?"

He looks at her with a veiled and thoughtful expression. Kash he could see, not money or power, I broke her heart as I carried away by my emotions, my feelings for you made me break her heart..Clap

Khushi resumes,

"Do you know how it feels when a girl's alliance breaks, a guy whom she wants to make a part of her life and her family. When his true face reveals, what it feels, he shatters your trust, how can you trust anybody then?"

She looks at him

"You will not understand, when a relationship breaks, how it hurts? And if trust and reliance breaks, how it feels?"

Arnav says grimly, "So you understand?"

Khushi retorts,

"Yes I understand, cause, my alliance is broken and my heart broke as well."

Arnav looks a little perplexed, but happy at the same time. A spark of smile glints his face. But I couldn't get Khushi's emotion. Khushi's trust is broken, but did her heart break?. She never wanted to marry Shyam and she is in love with Arnav. Then how her heart can break? It's true that they were beguiled. She supposed to be happy that her unwanted alliance has broken. It's definitely the writer's mistake. Kushi's heart broke because for the sake of her family she made a commitment.  She put trust in Shyam and he broke that trust so she feels bad.  I do believe what hurts the most is the break up itself whether you love the person or not it still pains when a break up occurs.  your heart is definitely involved.She also feels bad because of Anjali and the betrayal to her even though it wasn't her fault.  Yes she cares for Arnav but I don't think she is so sure of this feeling right now.  She is committed more to doing what is right than following her own feelings.


"Khushi" he says her name tenderly,

"When and how did it happen? Why didn't you tell me before?"

Intricate mix of emotions in his voice, concern, sorry and also happy at the same time.

Khushi doesn't want to talk. about it. She runs away from him.

 He is calling her "Khushi, Khushi."

He seems happy. Isn't he? Absolutely


Guptas are back in the house after the party. They carefully lay babuji on the bed. It must be a big day for him. Bua gets infuriated while talking about Shyam, how he was roaming around as if nothing happened.. She wished to swivel the neck of that rascal. Amma also can't believe his effrontery, no repentance in his eyes, nor hesitation in his moves. His wife also doesn't aware of his misdeed.( If his wife would knew, would they show him so much reverence!) Finally bua realizes her mistake, that how she compelled Khushi to get engaged with him,Angry

"Hath dho kar piche par gayi hum, achcha larka hai, sagai kar do.Matibhrast ho rahi thi hamri. Chodo uss girehuye ghatia admi ki bade mein bath nahi karoto achcha.

Translation: I was coercing so much, get her engaged with him. I lost my mind. Just leave it, its better not to talk about that shabby, wicked fellow. She comes to Payal and cares her that it's time to get happy for our Payalia. (Cum on feel sorry for titliya too.) Amma feels sad that Arnav's engagement couldn't happen. Payal also feels sad,
don't know why Arnavji broke the engagement?"

Bua says that for so long Khushi trained Lavanya to fit to the family and now the engagement broke. She also feels bad for La. She is glad that Khushi stayed back with her. At least she can talk to alleviate her grief.

 Khushi is unpacking La's luggage. La comes and put the clothes back in the luggage. They do this back and forth for couple of times. They fight with the hanger. Finally Khushi has to let it go. They share a friendly smile. Khushi requests her no to go.

"kiske liye roku , for whom I should stay back?" La answers gloomily.

Khushi again asks her what's the matter. But La can't answer her.

 In the hall anjali again is insisting Arnav to know what happened between him and La. But Arnav is obdurate, he can't answer. This has become an nonplus situation for him Anjali gets emotional that he is not giving her importance and ignoring her wish.

"itni asani se koi rishta tor dete hai kya.(how can anyone break a relationship so easily?)"

The camera focuses on the swindler. Perfect shot.

She tries to make her understand that last time they fought and he changed his mind.

But Arnav says this time the matter is not that. He and Lavanya, this alliance can't be happened.

Anjali is adamant, she needs to know the reason.

 Arnav retorts, he just can't.

"Just don't force me."

 He turns back.

(Gosh what a family! Too much!)They want an answer he can't give it or admit to it openly


Back in La's room Khushi is telling La why arnav got her in the house against everybody's wish? Why did he agree for engagement? Why is he now walking back before the engagement?"

La just sighs, she knows the answer. But she can't say it to her.

"unhone aapki saath galad kiya hai Lavanyaji, He did wrong with you, Lavanyaji."

La answers, "shayad, may be."

She just controls herself,

"I'm alright, but I have to go. You are crying like this, as if we will not meet you ever. I'll come on your wedding. I have to meet your Shyamji. I want to see with which idiot you are marrying?"

Khushi perturbs. She stands up and says her that she will not gonna come.

La gets incredulous,

"it means you are not gonna invite me on your wedding."

Khushi laughs, "It means, there will be no wedding. What do you say? same pinch."

La comes near her, confused.. Khushi shows her finger.

 "tumhare ring?"

La understands that her engagement also broke. She wants to know, how and when. Why didn't she tell her? Khushi retorts, as you told me!. You still are not telling me the reason. La looks down, how can she say?. But she is very sorry for her. T alleviate her mood Khushi says,

"So what if our alliance has broken. The world is not finished here. There is someone, somewhere has made for us. He will come on a horse back and take us with them. Now let's see whose prince charming comes first, your or mine? If I got my prince charming first, then you will sure come on my wedding. Won't you?"

Khushi is saying her merrily. But La looks upset. She recollects how Arnav was concerned for Khushi, said sorry to her and how he amusingly starring at her on the dance floor. She knows who is Khushi's prince charming.

La moves towards her and says that she won't be able to come. But she wants to tell her something before leaving. She holds both of  her hand .

"Thank you so much,

 Thank you to teach me the family values.

Thank you to teach me the way how to win people's heart by love."

Khushi says her that she already knew this. She just made her realize it.

La asks Khushi to do one more thing for her. She says ASR.

 Khushi jolts to hear this.

"you have to take care of ASR"

Khushi embroils to hear this. She extricates her hand from La's hand

La continues,

"You are the only one who can tell ASR everything what he doesn't want to listen"

Khushi looks at her ambiguously. La say that ASR himself doesn't know what does he want.

"But you, you are intelligent Khushi."

Khushi is still confused,

La says "today or tomorrow, you will understand it Khushi. If ASR understand or not."

La takes Khushi in a big warm hug.


In the hall, nani is inexorable, she needs the answer from Arnav..

"Why don't you want to marry Ms. Kashyap? You stood for this relationship, for this girl you fought with us. The girl who changed herself so much, did so much for us, just became a part of our family, you want to leave her like that?"

. All the family members agree her. This is not palatable to her.

"No chote, there should be a big reason behind this. tell me, I want to know."

Akash is also telling him not to break the relationship like that and rather to fix it. Anjali says again that La is preparing to leave and you are not retaining her, nor let us do that.

 Mama also shows his sadness. Anjali tells Shyam to make Arnav understand. Shyam assents that it's Arnav's life, if he thinks it's not right then they should agree. Shyam  will definitely agree, cause he also wants to get rid of his unwanted relationship with Anjali. But as she is his ATM machine, so he can't do it. All the family members agitate to hear his comment. Anjali tells him that he is the one who brought Lavanya. Shyam again says with prudence if Saale sahib thinks he can't be happy with Lavanya, then why to stay together? Arnav got some courage at Shyam supporting words. He is still incorrigible.he says
"Lavanya did so much for this family, so it's not right to deceive her. If I myself not sure of this relationship, then, how can I give her such big commitment? That's why I told her the truth."

Anjali and nani are still insisting to retain Lavanya. Nani can't let him ruin his life. She wants him to go right now to stop her.

 "uske koi zaroorat nahi hai, naniji"

La comes holding Laxmi in her hand.

(plz don't get me wrong, this scene made me laugh. La carrying Laxmi seemed OTT to me. I know the CVs wanted to show La as great as possible)

Arnav again looks at her ruefully. La says he and ASR decided it together. She begs to everybody not to put the blame on ASR only. La kisses Laxmi bye, what makes nani emotional. Anjali who once was confused of Arnav's relationship with La, now is coercing her to stay back.

"It's ok di, kuch rishtey meant to be nahi hote. There are some relationship which are not meant to be. No one is to blame. No one is at fault. But it just does not happen. What if I'm not married to this family. You are still my family, my own."

Suppressed emotions in her voice. Again the divulge of guilty feelings gnaws at his heart.. Nani gets enamored. La takes blessings of elders one by one. When she comes near Arnav she just gives him a sad smile, what make Arnav remorseful.  Excruciating pain in her eyes.

La again tells Anjali not to blame ASR. And she makes the most significant remark.

"ASR will marry. When he will think, he is ready."

Arnav and Khushi both jolt to hear this.

La gives her final hug to Anajli

credit goes to Zoha

Plz ignore typo and grammatical mistakes.

ClapClapClap great job Sohara my comments in red.

Sohara, Cynthia,

One of my all time fave episodes and I really enjoyed reading the exchange between you guys... It is one of those layered episodes that one can talk about endlessly. My heart goes out to Khushi when she talks of her broken engagement and i agree with you Cynthia, the heart does break whether she loved the guy or not. Is a huge breach of the faith you put in someone...

But I feel - and i maybe wrong, should watch the episode again for this - that in this moment, ASR is not happy to know her engagement has been called off. (We are happy for sure!! That he knows! That the gates are wide open again!) I think it is an intricate mix of emotions, like you wonderfully say it Sohara, but he feels terrible for her...he is in pain to see her pain. Sure a part of him may be relieved... but it hasn't sunk in fully yet. Am i wrong?

Sohara, i love your take, esp the lines highlighted in blue - and what a heart stopping picture you use there!

Hi Iss, Sorry for shortening I tend to nickname people,  Thanks for joining in!  It is always fun to discuss together our views that is how we all grow and understand more fully our IPK.  It is not just a regular serial.  Anyway I want you to watch that scene when ASR finds out about Kushi's broken alliance.  For a split second, Just a second, he has a little bit of a smile.  yes he feels very, very bad for her.  When she hurts he hurts no doubt but just for that split second I feel like he was relieved to hear her alliance broke too.  he smiled just briefly, a little smirk.  Just in my opinion.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Rerun it in slow motion, pause and see what you think.  
Hey all what do you all think?  A little bit happy to hear the news our ASR?

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