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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 118)

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sorry, issk. my spellings are weird. i was so excited when the word that came out of nowhere turned out to mean just what i was looking for. it's a wonderful technique used by artists of many disciplines, usually visual. need to read more.

aaargh would asr be kissing his wife's cheek incessantly? cheek? this is the man who was living with his gf. brilliant, isn't it, our ability to believe what we want to...

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Originally posted by indi52


sorry, issk. my spellings are weird. i was so excited when the word that came out of nowhere turned out to mean just what i was looking for. it's a wonderful technique used by artists of many disciplines, usually visual. need to read more.

aaargh would asr be kissing his wife's cheek incessantly? cheek?
this is the man who was living with his gf. brilliant, isn't it, our ability to believe what we want to...

Hehe. I typed it wrong twice when i was trying to look it up!!

Cheek kissing ASR...a joke! An almost on
the mouth in comparison...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by indi52


sorry, issk. my spellings are weird. i was so excited when the word that came out of nowhere turned out to mean just what i was looking for. it's a wonderful technique used by artists of many disciplines, usually visual. need to read more.

aaargh would asr be kissing his wife's cheek incessantly? cheek?
this is the man who was living with his gf. brilliant, isn't it, our ability to believe what we want to...

Hehe. I typed it wrong twice when i was trying to look it up!!

Cheek kissing ASR...a joke! An almost on
the mouth in comparison...Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Good Morning ladies   chiaroscuro (??)... just looked up onto what its meant ...what a discovery Indi. Look forward to this more in your writings.

Cheek kissing??:)...aagghh... by Nov'12 ,  was vexed with that forehead kissing ASR actually and missing my "koi matlab nahin" wala from an year ago.. where is he.. where is he???

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758

  1. Disclaimer: I would like to acknowledge that all my translations have been found on You Tube Videos translated by Alexa.   All credit of translation and my interpretation of her work is acknowledged.  All work I consider to be my own with the help of the translation.  If work is used please credit.  Thank you all for reading!


Episode 148

Guess Who's Coming For Dinner?

Unbelievable he says.  She has worn the towel as a dupatta.  But something has changed in Arnav, he seems different, changed perhaps, softer, gentler even when he scolds her.  He drives the car backwards and stops in front of her house so she can change.

Anjali and Kushi are working on the arrangements.  Anjali hands Kushi the phone to continue what Anjali started.  Interesting scene the two men of her life, ASR and Shyam enter.  One comes first, ASR, she stops and they gaze at each other and I am not sure what is the emotion they are feeling right now maybe confusion, relief, embarrassment?  I do know that they feel for each other but now it just needs time to blossom.  Then comes Shyam, he is happy to see her and he smiles and she just walks away.  I am thinking revulsion as her emotion.

Shyam comes down wearing a white shirt and goes to Anjali.  Anjali becomes upset and starts reprimanding Shyam.  Kushi sees this.  He is trying to convince her that Anjali is not nice to him Dream on Mr Creep.  Giving her reason to believe him and his story about the Raizada's and his marriage.  Anjali scolds him and leaves telling him to change his shirt.  He converses with Kushi complaining about Anjali.

She is ready to go, Anjali comes and asks if she is leaving.  Kushi lets her know the list she was working on is on the table.  Anjali would like Kushi to come back tomorrow.  The sari merchant is coming and they need to buy the favorite saris of Nani from Lucknow.  Anjali would like Kushi's help.    Kushi recalls Anjali words to Shyam.  It seems Kushi sees Anjali is becoming rather bossy, maybe? But she answers she will come back tomorrow.

Shyam has changed his shirt and Anjali asks him why does he do that to her?  He says t keep the romance alive.

Kushi is laying in her bed and thinking about Shyam's introduction by Anjali to her and how the family praised him and they said Anjali loves her husband so much and would do anything for him.  Kushi doesn't believe that Anjali is not nice.  She has known her for a long time.

The RM is all-abuzz.  Mami isn't sleeping all night thinking about the wedding and her low status future daughter in law.  There is so much work to do an Anjali is complaining just a little.  They are waiting for the flight to come from "kidney" Mami says.  Silly girl you mean Sydney.  Akash tells ASR they got to get out of there doesn't Arnav remember who is coming.  ASR says he forgot to send the car to the airport and Akash says it has been taken care of.

Mami is complaining to Arnav and Akash.  They want to leave and as they turn to go they hear,


Guess who's coming to dinner?

Mami calls everyone.  He's here!  They ask where is the voice, in your head?

Guess who's coming to dinner?

ASR says to Akash, "just let's go" and Anjali asks him why he is so afraid of him?

Guess who's coming to dinner?

The door opens.


Guess who's coming to dinner?

With a Spanish flare the music blares, with castanets clacking you can almost see the Flamingo dancers dancing, he comes prancing in.  The colors of India around his wrist on a sweatband, rolling in his suitcase, shades on his eyes, Knapsack around his varsity jacket, he is supercool.

Guess who's coming to dinner?



Mami is so excited to have her foreign nephew home. He takes blessings from all.  Mispronounces some of the Hindi words and we learn that he has difficulty with the language.  Arnav and Akash try to sneek out but NK calls,


Anjali snickers.

"Nanav, meir bhai, give me a hug.Clap"


We now know NK's name for Arnav is NanavLOL. He is just going on and on and on. He congratulates Akash for his engagement and then says the same to Arnav but halts himself.  He says sorry for the broken alliance but that someone else will come around.  Arnav answers whatever.

He goes to leave.  Anjali calls him, "Nanav!"  Snicker, snicker.  She want to know if he will be back for lunch.  He leaves and Anjali snickers again.  Nani says that NK should freshen up and eat and Mami says get ready to dance.  The dance instructor is coming.  She is a little strict and she will scold you.  They show NK to his room.  While Anjali and Shyam stay behind.

Guess who's coming to dinner?


Guess who's coming to dinner?

 Anjali tells Shyam, Kushi should be coming in a minute.








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Ami, yes, we all roam around with these thoughts/ dhaks dhaks incessantly. .. mehfil me akela!!

 Miss you here. Have a wonderful holiday. 

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758

Originally posted by sohara

credit goes to tumblr



The sherni(tigress) turns to the laad Giovernor with a big grin on her face.

Payal is asking Akash what's the matter, why Arnav didn't do the engagement with La. Akash can't answer her as he is also doesn't know the reason. Loved their conversation, seemed like a perfect couple.


Arnav sees Khushi is acrimonious to him. She comes towards him to assail him. He asks her why she is behaving like this?

"Aap harbar humari nazro mein ye sabid kardite hai ki aap Arnav Sing Raizada hai"

"You always proves me that you are Arnav Sing Raizada. What did you do with La, you are smiling, but did you see her condition?"

Arnav says her that he must not make her judgment, as she doesn't know what happened?

Khushi retorts him immediately,

"If you are with someone, then it's not difficult to understand what's happened."

She points towards his imperative nature. Arnav grabs his hand and drags her to the poolside, his personal den, where he can speak to his Khushi from his heart.Big smile


Arnav says her that if she doesn't know about the situation, she is not supposed to say about it.

But Khushi is Khushi, the great intruder thinks she needs to know. Or moreover she is La's mentor, how can she see her student's heart break like this?

She needs to know what is the reason to break La's heart this time? Or does he think nobody will not ask him anything?

Again Khushi made her judgment without thinking. His family already prosecuted him big time, lady!

Arnav though says Khushi doesn't mean a thing, but he always ponders her queries. He is ready to make her understand. So he says with acquiescence to listen to him carefully.


Khushi starts her monologue.

"You said it right, you don't understand emotions. You only know the language of money and power. Now tell me what did you gain by breaking the alliance and by breaking Lavanyaji's heart?"

He looks at her with a veiled and thoughtful expression. Kash he could see, not money or power, I broke her heart as I carried away by my emotions, my feelings for you made me break her heart..Clap

Khushi resumes,

"Do you know how it feels when a girl's alliance breaks, a guy whom she wants to make a part of her life and her family. When his true face reveals, what it feels, he shatters your trust, how can you trust anybody then?"

She looks at him

"You will not understand, when a relationship breaks, how it hurts? And if trust and reliance breaks, how it feels?"

Arnav says grimly, "So you understand?"

Khushi retorts,

"Yes I understand, cause, my alliance is broken and my heart broke as well."

Arnav looks a little perplexed, but happy at the same time. A spark of smile glints his face. But I couldn't get Khushi's emotion. Khushi's trust is broken, but did her heart break?. She never wanted to marry Shyam and she is in love with Arnav. Then how her heart can break? It's true that they were beguiled. She supposed to be happy that her unwanted alliance has broken. It's definitely the writer's mistake. Kushi's heart broke because for the sake of her family she made a commitment.  She put trust in Shyam and he broke that trust so she feels bad.  I do believe what hurts the most is the break up itself whether you love the person or not it still pains when a break up occurs.  your heart is definitely involved.She also feels bad because of Anjali and the betrayal to her even though it wasn't her fault.  Yes she cares for Arnav but I don't think she is so sure of this feeling right now.  She is committed more to doing what is right than following her own feelings.


"Khushi" he says her name tenderly,

"When and how did it happen? Why didn't you tell me before?"

Intricate mix of emotions in his voice, concern, sorry and also happy at the same time.

Khushi doesn't want to talk. about it. She runs away from him.

 He is calling her "Khushi, Khushi."

He seems happy. Isn't he? Absolutely


Guptas are back in the house after the party. They carefully lay babuji on the bed. It must be a big day for him. Bua gets infuriated while talking about Shyam, how he was roaming around as if nothing happened.. She wished to swivel the neck of that rascal. Amma also can't believe his effrontery, no repentance in his eyes, nor hesitation in his moves. His wife also doesn't aware of his misdeed.( If his wife would knew, would they show him so much reverence!) Finally bua realizes her mistake, that how she compelled Khushi to get engaged with him,Angry

"Hath dho kar piche par gayi hum, achcha larka hai, sagai kar do.Matibhrast ho rahi thi hamri. Chodo uss girehuye ghatia admi ki bade mein bath nahi karoto achcha.

Translation: I was coercing so much, get her engaged with him. I lost my mind. Just leave it, its better not to talk about that shabby, wicked fellow. She comes to Payal and cares her that it's time to get happy for our Payalia. (Cum on feel sorry for titliya too.) Amma feels sad that Arnav's engagement couldn't happen. Payal also feels sad,
don't know why Arnavji broke the engagement?"

Bua says that for so long Khushi trained Lavanya to fit to the family and now the engagement broke. She also feels bad for La. She is glad that Khushi stayed back with her. At least she can talk to alleviate her grief.

 Khushi is unpacking La's luggage. La comes and put the clothes back in the luggage. They do this back and forth for couple of times. They fight with the hanger. Finally Khushi has to let it go. They share a friendly smile. Khushi requests her no to go.

"kiske liye roku , for whom I should stay back?" La answers gloomily.

Khushi again asks her what's the matter. But La can't answer her.

 In the hall anjali again is insisting Arnav to know what happened between him and La. But Arnav is obdurate, he can't answer. This has become an nonplus situation for him Anjali gets emotional that he is not giving her importance and ignoring her wish.

"itni asani se koi rishta tor dete hai kya.(how can anyone break a relationship so easily?)"

The camera focuses on the swindler. Perfect shot.

She tries to make her understand that last time they fought and he changed his mind.

But Arnav says this time the matter is not that. He and Lavanya, this alliance can't be happened.

Anjali is adamant, she needs to know the reason.

 Arnav retorts, he just can't.

"Just don't force me."

 He turns back.

(Gosh what a family! Too much!)They want an answer he can't give it or admit to it openly


Back in La's room Khushi is telling La why arnav got her in the house against everybody's wish? Why did he agree for engagement? Why is he now walking back before the engagement?"

La just sighs, she knows the answer. But she can't say it to her.

"unhone aapki saath galad kiya hai Lavanyaji, He did wrong with you, Lavanyaji."

La answers, "shayad, may be."

She just controls herself,

"I'm alright, but I have to go. You are crying like this, as if we will not meet you ever. I'll come on your wedding. I have to meet your Shyamji. I want to see with which idiot you are marrying?"

Khushi perturbs. She stands up and says her that she will not gonna come.

La gets incredulous,

"it means you are not gonna invite me on your wedding."

Khushi laughs, "It means, there will be no wedding. What do you say? same pinch."

La comes near her, confused.. Khushi shows her finger.

 "tumhare ring?"

La understands that her engagement also broke. She wants to know, how and when. Why didn't she tell her? Khushi retorts, as you told me!. You still are not telling me the reason. La looks down, how can she say?. But she is very sorry for her. T alleviate her mood Khushi says,

"So what if our alliance has broken. The world is not finished here. There is someone, somewhere has made for us. He will come on a horse back and take us with them. Now let's see whose prince charming comes first, your or mine? If I got my prince charming first, then you will sure come on my wedding. Won't you?"

Khushi is saying her merrily. But La looks upset. She recollects how Arnav was concerned for Khushi, said sorry to her and how he amusingly starring at her on the dance floor. She knows who is Khushi's prince charming.

La moves towards her and says that she won't be able to come. But she wants to tell her something before leaving. She holds both of  her hand .

"Thank you so much,

 Thank you to teach me the family values.

Thank you to teach me the way how to win people's heart by love."

Khushi says her that she already knew this. She just made her realize it.

La asks Khushi to do one more thing for her. She says ASR.

 Khushi jolts to hear this.

"you have to take care of ASR"

Khushi embroils to hear this. She extricates her hand from La's hand

La continues,

"You are the only one who can tell ASR everything what he doesn't want to listen"

Khushi looks at her ambiguously. La say that ASR himself doesn't know what does he want.

"But you, you are intelligent Khushi."

Khushi is still confused,

La says "today or tomorrow, you will understand it Khushi. If ASR understand or not."

La takes Khushi in a big warm hug.


In the hall, nani is inexorable, she needs the answer from Arnav..

"Why don't you want to marry Ms. Kashyap? You stood for this relationship, for this girl you fought with us. The girl who changed herself so much, did so much for us, just became a part of our family, you want to leave her like that?"

. All the family members agree her. This is not palatable to her.

"No chote, there should be a big reason behind this. tell me, I want to know."

Akash is also telling him not to break the relationship like that and rather to fix it. Anjali says again that La is preparing to leave and you are not retaining her, nor let us do that.

 Mama also shows his sadness. Anjali tells Shyam to make Arnav understand. Shyam assents that it's Arnav's life, if he thinks it's not right then they should agree. Shyam  will definitely agree, cause he also wants to get rid of his unwanted relationship with Anjali. But as she is his ATM machine, so he can't do it. All the family members agitate to hear his comment. Anjali tells him that he is the one who brought Lavanya. Shyam again says with prudence if Saale sahib thinks he can't be happy with Lavanya, then why to stay together? Arnav got some courage at Shyam supporting words. He is still incorrigible.he says
"Lavanya did so much for this family, so it's not right to deceive her. If I myself not sure of this relationship, then, how can I give her such big commitment? That's why I told her the truth."

Anjali and nani are still insisting to retain Lavanya. Nani can't let him ruin his life. She wants him to go right now to stop her.

 "uske koi zaroorat nahi hai, naniji"

La comes holding Laxmi in her hand.

(plz don't get me wrong, this scene made me laugh. La carrying Laxmi seemed OTT to me. I know the CVs wanted to show La as great as possible)

Arnav again looks at her ruefully. La says he and ASR decided it together. She begs to everybody not to put the blame on ASR only. La kisses Laxmi bye, what makes nani emotional. Anjali who once was confused of Arnav's relationship with La, now is coercing her to stay back.

"It's ok di, kuch rishtey meant to be nahi hote. There are some relationship which are not meant to be. No one is to blame. No one is at fault. But it just does not happen. What if I'm not married to this family. You are still my family, my own."

Suppressed emotions in her voice. Again the divulge of guilty feelings gnaws at his heart.. Nani gets enamored. La takes blessings of elders one by one. When she comes near Arnav she just gives him a sad smile, what make Arnav remorseful.  Excruciating pain in her eyes.

La again tells Anjali not to blame ASR. And she makes the most significant remark.

"ASR will marry. When he will think, he is ready."

Arnav and Khushi both jolt to hear this.

La gives her final hug to Anajli

credit goes to Zoha

Plz ignore typo and grammatical mistakes.

ClapClapClap great job Sohara my comments in red.

Sohara, Cynthia,

One of my all time fave episodes and I really enjoyed reading the exchange between you guys... It is one of those layered episodes that one can talk about endlessly. My heart goes out to Khushi when she talks of her broken engagement and i agree with you Cynthia, the heart does break whether she loved the guy or not. Is a huge breach of the faith you put in someone...

But I feel - and i maybe wrong, should watch the episode again for this - that in this moment, ASR is not happy to know her engagement has been called off. (We are happy for sure!! That he knows! That the gates are wide open again!) I think it is an intricate mix of emotions, like you wonderfully say it Sohara, but he feels terrible for her...he is in pain to see her pain. Sure a part of him may be relieved... but it hasn't sunk in fully yet. Am i wrong?

Sohara, i love your take, esp the lines highlighted in blue - and what a heart stopping picture you use there!

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Hey Blasters/BoastersBig smile

Supi just send me this awesome thobda edit with my poem and my name inscribed on it! Dancing

Captain Indi this is for you from us!Hug

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Episode 149

A Youtube segment from Star Plus.

First telecast Friday, 23 December, 2011

Today only Dailymotion full episode links


Dailymotion with English subtitles:

Thanks, Katelyn for all the links.

Credit for the videos: Respective uploaders

Please click here to see
Blasters' Take Episodes 145 - 149

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