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Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149 (Page 104)

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Originally posted by indi52

episode 140

"phone karoon ya na karonn..." should i call or not...
felt like a whole confession of deep abiding forever sort of love to me... 
Oh yeah, he was sounding like a sweet lover boy, certainly not ASR.

i have never seen asr in this quandary. he does what he wants to... since when does he wonder and fret... that too about making a call? but she was crying, she hadn't completed her sentence... then she'd upped and left with a cryptic..."hume jaana hoga."

he ran after her, well he tried not to let it be obvious... glided smoothly (i was half dead at the sight of course, needing to rewind several times to catch the scene)Ermm
into the living area following khushi... but asr doesn't chase after departing girls with incomplete sentences... yet this asr does. people talk about arnav and asr and the difference and as if he is his own doppelganger. and it's an either or situation... asr or arnav. i have always thought of him as one single person, a side of him choked by tragedy. leaving a hard, stony, surface to view, not too many chances to peak within. a fort as it were with reinforced ramparts and a very wide mote, drawbridge usually up. ClapClapClap
amazing description of ASR's personalty

the arrival of khushi, the connect with her, begins to bring down this fort... let us peer in. she released his withheld side... he grew back into all of him... in my way of thinking... he never really changed and became someone else...he was always this man. the potential was a given. the catalyst came along.
May be I have a little nuance with this.I somehow can't see ASR doing towel dance or watching Salman Khan movie in a public movie theater. I know he did it for his love. He can do anything for the sake of his love. The Arnav who remained dormant inside ASR, wakes up at Khushi's touch. Or may be you are right, the potential was a given, the catalyst came along. 

i adore asr with his good, bad, indifferent... he feels complete and real. there will always be inexplicable sides to him, and that gussa, that is his. but now, the tenderness trickles in when he least suspects and a need to listen carefully to someone, look for signs... he wants to give a damn... he wants to be the one she says everything to... only he still doesn't know why.

asr is beside himself with worry, when his girl friend makes a face at his indifference and complains all he can ask is " lavanya, khushi kahan hai?"

when she's taken aback and replies, she's left and she said as much, he is still not out of that sensation... "par woh bahut hi..." when an actor gets his character the way barun got asr, you come to these indescribably beautiful moments, impossible to put words to. he was at a loss for words himself,Clap just knew she was not good and wanted to make sure she was ok... an overwhelming need in him... he even asked his sister in an unguarded way about khushi. then of course, at her curious gaze, had to pretend, it was because of all the pending work. anjali picked something in that tone of his... not so easy to fool this girl... alas, we all meet our waterloos, hers had to be the man she loved the most in the world. in anjali's story i always sensed a tragic vein. look at her life... a birth defect (possibly) that made her depend, complicated things, parents taken on her wedding night, all the fears of being alone, never looked at... then along came shyam... and she let her personalty become completely dependent on him. a fine, educated, sharp girl... yet the adversary sensed the weakness and moved right in. 
completely agree with you. No wonder why her chote loves her so much!

in the process, anjali slowly allowed herself to become less and less, till nothing of her practically remained visible... without him i am nothing. what a position to have. this was perhaps anjali's fortress, this retiring from herself... letting someone else become everything. strange how humans cope. there was tragedy in her life... so when there was a clamour for her to meet someone, i was a bit what the... she needed to digest the horror first, didn't she... slowly away from any interference or manipulation find her way back again? ... badi sayani... needed to get to her mind again.
loved your cognitive thought on Anjali. I loved Anjali all through, except the phase after Arnav's kidnapping. She was so blind in Shyam's love that became oblivious of her brother and his happiness. She became sayani zaroor.

sorry to digress, but every time i see anjali minus shyam, she seems like another person altogether. some relationships actually suffocate and kill people. we may think marriage is symbiotic, two equals equally nourished by each other.

but what if it's between a parasite and a host? where the former saps the latter of all strength.Clap

la's look again said so much... she is not being able to deny the facts anymore. her man has another woman on his mind... all the time. happens, and every time it does, hearts break... we are going steadily toward one. in this episode, adroit direction of a couple of moments says more than hours might have. that look in la's eyes... she wants him, she is upset with his indifference, then the thing she doesn't want to see is right before her eyes.

he knows la looks askance, but is too worried to really be able to mask it.

khushi had been crying.. "par woh bahut hi..."

khushi is in the heart of a storm. the man she was engaged to is anjali's husband. that in itself is enough reason to shatter and never trust a soul again. but here are deeper issues. and the entire episode builds these... sometimes the writing is too insistent, heavy handed... as though making sure the viewer gets the point... huge amounts of lines on how important the relationship is to anjali... nani ji, mama ji, mami ji, then anjali... in quick succession all bring it up. for god measure some blessing the couple and praying for their continued happiness is also called for.

we are shown how much he is loved by all.

then comes shyam's deadly road runner act. he will use every ploy he can... usually that involves sensing someone's weakness and cashing in on it big time... in this case, khushi's love for her family... "kin haalaat," under what circumstanes they got engaged... he even tries to win the gentle khushi's mind with stories of not getting love in that rich people's home... everything he can think of, he manages to convince her that he had actually wanted to tell her before their engagement... but finally, a little surpise. khushi walks off. enough.

the constant harping on the issue of anjali's dependence and shyam's evil, which together writers hope will convince us that khushi needed to conceal the truth... is frankly tiring.

when your proposition is weak, i guess you must convince much.

abhaas's acting, fairly un-nuanced really didn't help either... nor the overuse of the shyam creepy music.

one dialogue stood out though...
"yeh zaroori nahin khushi ji ki jo hume dikhe wohi sach ho..." not necessary what you see is in fact the truth. asr will see something which will seem to be one thing but be in fact quite another. and this inability to suss the truth beyond the visual will lead to extreme injustice at one level.

but could we equally say, had khushi not been swayed by anything and divulged the truth to him... we wouldn't have needed to come to the terrace that night?ClapClapClap

was there a sense of krishna here again... was khushi somewhere responsible for that wedding in a temple? her action set it off. somewhere an acknowledgment that see it how you will, but hiding the truth was incorrect and led to the hell it did. if only, there is mention of that later, especially the night he goes to apologise to her.

a wrong notion, that strong people do not make mistakes and acknowledging they've made a big one will tarnish them somehow. we forgave asr his relationship with la... we didn't call him lech and creep because he was falling for khushi while still with another woman. why? because the character was real and honest... my belief. making khushi unreal was the biggest disservice to her. smacked of a male dominated, fuzz creating television world where we are fed a completely wrong notion of female power... again keeping us prisoners of "culture" completely without voice.Clap
I can't blame ASR cause, there was not a commitment between La and him. He never ever loved La, may be it was just an physical relationship and just a friendship. it may sound unethical to develop physical relationship without commitment. But ASR didn't believe in love or marriage or commitment, until he found that love does exist. His family and somehow his weakness for Khushi coerced him to commit with La against his will. 

in this milieu... to have given us lavanya... please will the writer who got away with it, stand up and accept a long ovation from an old woman. 
It's really plausible.And a standing ovation from a 22 years old also.

shyam was evil. he was inclined to unholiness.

khushi was not. yet... she hid evil... no matter for whatever good she may have deemed it was justified. was she right?

ah these questions... 

something i just didn't get the meaning of.

that shyam standing in the middle of the road, about to be run over... not moving. why? was he really lost and completely unfocussed... or was it his game to force khushi to acknowledge him... 
of course it was his game.

did not understand the significance of the scene at all... maybe just his sick mind assessing how far khushi can be played... he needn't have worried, the real game had been played by writers already... i bet they knew most intelligent viewers would not agree with that holding back...

really loved your take my brilliant friend.
your hindsight amuses me again and again.
It was difficult for me to highlight my favorite lines, cause the whole analysis was thoughtful and significant.
 my comments are in pink.

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Episode 142-Part 143

Revelations and Realizations

Goodness from heart and forgiving nature is a virtue and not everyone has it.Its a quality of courageous ones .Evil always seems invincible but at the end it always falls and goodness always takes over.Khushi is the only one with big heart and Shyam seems a winner here but she is the one who will take him down always with all the goodness she has.La is also showing some traits here in this epi.

Love parallel scenes here for bringing realizations at different level

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS: Arnav will bow down to Khushi's goodness in her mother's garden...

Shyam always underestimates Khushi by measuring her goodness with weakness.

 Symbolism and connection:16th the day of engagement

16 means destruction of the old and birth of the new. It is about the fall of the ego. This can be a painful process, because it usually comes after much ego inflation. The struggle between the ego and the divine will present challenges to your grand plans, which can be resented and struggled against. It is a lost battle, and you will likely feel humbled in the face of the collapse that follows. This humility is the key to later success. In the destruction of the old, rebirth takes place with an entirely new awareness. This rebirth affects every area of your life. It is a life much the better for the fall.CONNECTION IS SIMPLE I don't need to explain a lot '.Arnav will go through all and will transform'though a painful process for all under this # as La will go through with pain for letting Arnav have his way of happiness'.

 Arnav's mind is preoccupied with convulsive Khushi who just poured her heart out on his shoulder.Her distracted state is distorting his mind while talking to Aman and he tells Aman to fix a meeting on 16th, the day of his engagement which becomes a question for La."how could you forget that ASR'Our engagement is on 16th'"

Arnav turns around with his flummoxed mode'.but La is not done yet,"you are the one who was in rush ..tell me the truth "Did you forget it or it really doesn't matter to you?...Arnav with puzzled and apologetic way''"No it's not that '."mein itni saree cheezain handle karta hoon 'khabi khabi kuch pata nahin chalta..[I handle so many things and can't figure things out] and the internal true realization of ASR comes to his lips today,

"Mein jata hoon keh jane anjane mein main ne tumhain bohat chot pohnchaye hai'par who isliyeh keh mujhe khabi pata hi nahin chalta..phir jab realize karta hoon ..I really regret that..i really do..bohat bura lagta hai mujhe..par main kuch bhi jan kar nahin karta Khushi'main bas aisa hi hoon shayed'."

Translation:I know I hurt you intentionally

and unintentionally because I don't realize it that moment but when I do realize it,I feel really bad..I really do..but I don't do anything purposely Khushi..I am just like that'

Today Arnav is released from the Armored shell of ASR.His remorseful actions from Sheesh Mahal till now  are making him realize how much pain he caused Khushi just because he knows her fianc caused her that much distortion in her as she was totally devastated yesterday then how much she would be devastated by his actions and words all this time.

This is man in love'..without realizing it though this deep feeling has indeed sep into his cracked shell and today he has no control over it.He is expressing his love with intensity and with honesty but without realizing his surroundings..This is the biggest effect ever which he admits it later"mere aur tumhare elawa is duniya mein aur koi nahin"[There is no one else in this world besides you and me]

La by holding Arnav's shoulder,"ASR,It's Lavanya".. and he turned around realizing his mistake.I don't think there is much you need to explain here after that.La conveyed while getting the message and now it's an eye opening moment for Arnav...

They both share really intense meaningful look.Arnav,"nahin who mein'.by closing his fist.La leaves him wondering about his own acts.Reality just knocks the door of Arnav Singh Raizada,"yeh kya kar raha hoon mein"and he starts connecting the dots willingly which he was putting aside in his ego and then realization just hits his hard core"mein ne La keh saath sahi nahin kya 'shayed khabi bhi nahin"'..

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS:In Epi 48  he brought La against everyone's wish and when he said to Jijaji how come without marriage La does not deserve respect but that day he did not know the depth of it'and when Jijaji told him "kaman se nikla huwa teer aur zaban se nikla huwa shabd khabi wapas nahin liya ja sakta'Zindagi koi video player tou hai nahin keh rewind button dabaya aur ghalati sudhar li"

Translation:you can't take ur words back and yiu can't rewind your life back like a video player

Today again he is standing at the same spot to redeem himself from both ends.Khushi and La.

 He comes down and distracted by pensive Khushi  who stops his feet ,he scans her face and regardless does not want to leave her but moves away from there for redeeming his act towards La like it's now or never...He has to mend it'...Why do I feel in his look to Khushi that his determination becomes more strong to end up with La with honesty putting his ego and all the Fadak aside'...but at the same time does not want to show Khushi his worries and concerns about her which he couldn't hide from La'...

Anjali gets worried with Khushi's sadness and shows her concerns.Khushi Sees Anjali struggling with her Mangalsutre while greeting her. It breaks right and falls right in Khushi's hands'...This is called Fate'...BG scores intensifies the situation..Anjali's pensive state looking at broken Manglasutre takes her in Mandir where she prays for long life of her hubby.Khushi witnessed Anajli's devastated condition and her "attot Vishwas"[Faith] in her marriage and her husband'...She looks at her mother [DM} and puts aside her motive for coming here'...being honest is not worthy here in her eyes so lying and hiding is the way for the sake of Anjaliji..

She assured her by giving promise"Anjaliji don't cry everything is fine'...your husband and your marriage..and nothing will happen'...I promise you"..She is leaving it up to her mother,DM '...

Anjali is arranging Puja for his safety which makes Khushi exasperate more.Anjali asks her the reason of her worrisome  face.Khushi clutches her Dupatta which reveals her bare finger to Anjali with the news of broken engagement.

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS: She always keep Slither's intensions hidden from her'and even brings Scorpion back for her sake against Arnav's wish.

Anjali is the one who will break this mangalsutre after his confession to release from  this EVIL.


If this side being honest is hard and lying by hiding truth is the solution then other side only truth is the way out

He ends up in La's room who wants to keep running from her inner fears of that reality which she knew for a long time but did not want to accept it' known fear hits her core when Arnav puts his hand on her shoulder to make her face it along with him.Arnav holding her cheek by comforting her."La,Tum jo mere liye feel karti ho '...shayed who mein tumhare liye feel nahin karta ..aur shayed khabi kia bhi nahin..par ab aur jhoot nahin bol sakta'...infact ab aur jhoot bol kar tumhain aur insult nahi kar sakta'...La yum aur mein'...yeh shayed'..."

Translation: La whatever u feel for me ,I don't do it for u'...and I think never did'but now I can't insult you by lying.. 

These are the words of an honest man no matter what his actions are'...and La knows this man ,"mujhe laga hi tha tum mujh se yehi kahoge"[I knew you will say that to me]

"Kahin na kahin mujhe dart ha humare rishte ka yehi end know ...'without a name.."[I was afraid our relationship would end without a name]

They both turn their faces as it's hard to face the antagonism  and wrath of this blow is too much to handle.

La while sobbing,"I knew it but did not want to accept it...'was lying to myself all the time '.."

"itna jhoot bolti rahi keh mujhe woh jhoot bhi sach lane laga"

[I lied up to the exten that it seems truth to me]

She requested hi to hug her last time.and oh boy his hug says it all ,no words are required to convey all of his pain which he is going through now...'by looking at her state which he caused her.He is right "mujhe khabi pata hi nahin chalta but when I do ,I regret it"

La is right sometimes you don't have answers of arising questions.I must say girl like La is hard to find as it's against the nature of a woman'...but if you find one that is the best thin ever happened to you and that happened to Arnav as he found Khushi who was above all of this'...

If the other side one relation ended so did here and that is Fate as it closes one door and opens the other with welcome sign.If one side wants to keep their matters aside for the sake of family so is the other side.

Khushi wants Anjali to keep it as a secret from the family"Sab ko dukh pohncha keh humain kya milega"[What will I gain by hurting everyone?]She does not want anyone feel bad or stop enjoying their own happiness..She is a selfless cookie.

Anjali by feeling her pain,"aur aap ke dukh ka kya'aap janti hain aap humain kya keh rahi hain"[and what about your pain' u know what are asking me to do?] and the other side Arnav wants to tell the whole family together but La wants to put hold on it ,La,"I know what am I saying...'everyone is so happy..this is not the right time"

She wants to keep it till Payesh engagement because it can get affected and it increases her respect more in his eyes.Arnav"I really respect you for this"

La by hugging him ,"You respect me but love'..."She still leaves it incomplete as she knows he is not sure yet'...

La's big words,"I don't want you to ever feel guilty for this..I mean it"

And they decide not to reveal anything yet and the same is on the other side..Anjali agrees upon not telling anyone about her broken engagement.Anjali asks very meaningful question with deep conerns as her guts telling something else'"Khushiji you want to talk about something else too. Right!"Khushi diverts her question but it didn't sit with Anjali.She strokes her cheek with love and ask her to take care of yourself and Khushi leaves with heavy heart.

Khushi comes home and tells everyone the reason that she can't break Anjali's marriage and Payel's relations .It doesn't sit with Payal but Amma becomes selfish in this process.Buaji is right though it is important to break the blind spell of Anjali.She hugs her Sanka Devi for takig such a big decision.I am with Buaji ,truth always saves you from hell. 

Symbolism and connection"9:30 on the clock as 9 represents the world of spirit,soul and matter where 30 represents a cycle of nature.Connection Khushi with her divine spirit along with DM is going to touch souls of Arnav and Anjali by going through unfinished matters

[Bible]In Mark9:30 means is this

Mark 9:30-32, "And going forth from there they were journeying through Galilee, and he was not wishing that any should get to know it, for he was teaching his disciples and saying to them, 'The Son of Man is being delivered up into the hands of men and they will slay him, and being slain after three days he will arise.' But they were not understanding the declaration and feared to question him."

Connection is easy here as Khushi is putting herself in a plate to sacrifice and she will rise but after paying big price.


Other side whom Khushi just saved being jerkasaurus as this is small thing for him.Buaji is right you can't get your loose grip on these kind of people.Anjali with sobbing,"yeh rishte rait ki tarah kyuon hote hain ,inhain jitna muthi mein band karne ki koshish karo utna hi phisal jate hain"   [Why these relations are like sand ,the more you hold it the more it slips through your hand ] Why do I feel strongly she knew all this and CVs couldn't connect it later'...Her dialogues are clearly reflecting here and while she was talking with Khushi'...She was smart and she figured it out but writers did not figure it out later..What a pitty.

Why do I feel she is killing two birds with one stone...with love and softness she is keeping him around as she thinks and making Khushi feel guilty as according to her "aap ho tou itne se par baatein bohat achi karte ho"[You r so young yet talk like adults] on her anniversary...point is Anjali thinks she is just a young woman...but she does not know Khushi is way mature than her...


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sorry to all writers little busy nad unwell 
really suffering from man problem 
so have save the pm of update 
will read them surely till 
sunday or monday Tongue

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Originally posted by Katelyn

Originally posted by Horizon

Hi Kate, thanks for that info. I thought it was Arabic as there were many words sounding similar to Hindi there. If it was indeed Turkish, just shows how small this world is! 
Yes it is a very small world!!  I had a second look at your link and noticed this in the first 5 seconds of the clip:
Ceviri: GeceTt. (Ceviri means translation)
Duzenleme:  GULRANA (Duzenleme means editing)
I follow these users GeceTt. and GULRANA on Dailymotion!  They are both from Turkey!  Apparently they both belong to a Turkish forum and are responsible for translating and editing.  That clip of Episode 140 actually belong to one of them and not nikiluvsarshi.
Based on my findings, I am 100% sure that the subtitle is in Turkish!!  Big smile
That was some research into the uploaders Kate. Thanks for confirming it again. Just makes me wonder about the international reach of these programs, esp our show as although being from the country of its origin for me it was a total serendipitous discovery!

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updated if anyone interested in reading Tongue

sneak peak 

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Originally posted by Horizon

Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Originally posted by Katelyn

Hi Blasters!!  Monkey Emoticons Cici Time for another off-screen segment!! 

[TB] 21st Dec 2011: Barun, Daljeet, Utkarsha, Jayshree T, Karan (Arnav throws a Cocktail Party), Episode 149
credit to uploader

Thnx Kat Smile,I never can get over with these people...
Getting over Arshi?? What does it mean..:)

SmileHorizon I made a promise to myself ,I will remain in sane in this vacation.Wink. which is becoming very hard as our Kat 's arrival is making it you Kat for all these killing VMs and SBS as alwaysHeart
Sane..?? That word was thrown out of the window from my vocabulary some 2 years ago..:) But I do wish you good luck in your attempts!! And yes, they were truly like a family off screen that transported seamlessly to on screen! No wonder there was cracking chemistry of all kinds every where!

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thanks for episode
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Originally posted by cinthiann1758

  1. Disclaimer: I would like to acknowledge that all my translations have been found on You Tube Videos translated by Alexa.   All credit of translation and my interpretation of her work is acknowledged.  All work I consider to be my own with the help of the translation.  If work is used please credit.  Thank you all for reading!


Episode 146


"Same Pinch"

She is fuming and if looks could kill he better duck.  Payal wants to know what happened with Arnav and Lavanya and she asks Akash but he has no explanation.

Kushi sees he is free and marches right up to him.  He asks her why she is behaving this way? She rants at him knowing he is the one and only ASR and he does what he pleases.  Does he know the condition La is in because of him.  He tries to answer her she just doesn't understand.  His eyes start to blaze and he grabs her arm and pulls her to their poolside.  

The place where he is always comfortable and pretty much speaks the somewhat truth to her. 

yes, it's his eternal heaven, who said this, I don't remember, may be ArshiH or Indi.

He tells her she doesn't know about the situation and she wants to know what excuse he used to break La's heart.  

He can't really tell you Kushi.  

His expression changes and he asks to her listen to what he has to say but she refuses.  She agrees with him when he said, he doesn't understand feelings and emotions.  All he understands is money and power.  

"What profit will he make by hurting Lavanya by breaking the engagement," she asks him?  

Only Khushi can retort ASR like this.

He looks deeply at her.  He doesn't want any profit he just wants Kushi.Clap  She asks him if he knows how a girl feels when alliance has been broken?  Kushi's eyes begin to glisten, her mood saddens, and she says 'when you are going to make a boy a part of your life and family and it all falls apart and then you see his real nature. Do you know how a girl feels when one's trust shatters? And then she slips, how can she trust anyone?' She looks at him you would never understand what one feels when that happens, when one's alliance breaks. He asks her and you do? And she says yes she does, she has been hurt for her alliance has broke.  He just stares at her. He asks her why didn't she tell him and just then, right there, did you see it, he slightly smiled with relief that her alliance has broke. yeah, yeah, I also noticed his smile.He looked quite happy.If it was not a Hindi soap, he will definitely kiss her hard.Wink 

He asks her how did it happen and she answers she doesn't want to talk about it.  She wipes her tears and leaves him standing there; calling her name behind her

At the GH the ladies are placing Sashi in bed and talking about the nights events.  Buaji would like to strangle Shyam and his behavior was such of no remorse and acted like nothing ever happened.  Poor Anjali she has no idea of his reality.  Buaji finally sees what she done to push Kushi into the relationship. They also cannot believe what happened with ASR and Lavanya.  Kushi had prepared her for many months.  It is good that Kushi stayed back to comfort and share Lavanya's grief.  They also want to remain happy for their daughter Payal's happiness.

Kuashi is unpacking Lavanya's clothes.

 Lavanya is repacking her belongings. 

Back and forth. 

Forth and back, the same suit.

They are so cute during this scene, true sisters.  One wants the other to stay for the sake of their friendship.  They have become true friends, no longer mentor and student but true heart to heart sisters. 

good bonding between sauten. LOLI love their friendship, really unconditional.

They stop and smile at each other, Kushi lets go of the hangar.

"Please don't go." 

"Why should I stay?"

"What happened?"

"Why won't you tell me?"

She can't.

The family is questioning downstairs in the RM Arnav; he says the engagement is not going to happen no matter what they say.  Anjali asks him over and over and finally he says,

"If I told you...I can't Di.  Do not force me."

And he is more sure now, as he came to know, Khushi's engagement also broke.

He turns away from her.

Kushi asks then why did he bring Lavanya into his home and agrees to the engagement and then just before the engagement, break it.  He was wrong she said.  La says maybe but he must leave.  Anyways she will be at her wedding to Shyam.  Kushi looks away here it comes La be prepared.  Kushi gets up and walks away from La and says she won't. come.  NO? La asks won't she be invited to her wedding?  Nahi, she won't come because there is no wedding,

What do you call it she asks Lavanya?

"Same pinch".

Lavanya wants to know what happened.

Nani is furious.  She wants to know why he doesn't want t marry the woman he stood up for.  He kept fighting everyone for this relationship; a girl who has changed so much for the sake of this family and you.  You will leave her just like that.  No way Chotey there must be a big reason for this and they are entitled to know what it is.

nani is right. I wish she knew her grand son never loved La, but fall in love with her dear Khushi. He supported La as she was his guest and a good friend.

Kushi shows La her ring finger.  Her alliance has broken.  How, when, why?  All the questions that are simultaneously being asked of Arnav she is asking Kushi.  Why didn't she say anything?  Kushi answers just like she didn't say anything to her.  Same reason.

Kushi says so they both have had their engagements broken and she is sure that there is 'someone, somewhere out there' for La and herself.  They will just have to wait and see who gets their Rajkumar first and if Kushi meets her prince first then La will surely come to her wedding. 

La relives the moments when ASR has mistaken her for Kushi and all those things he said to her and how he looked at her too.

 Nahi, she will not be able come.

La takes Kushi's hand wanting to tell her something.  She thanks her for teaching her values and how to win people over with love.  Kushi says she always had it she just helped her to realize it.  La wants her to do one more thing for her.

The family is still insisting of reconciliation.  Everyone raises his or her own points.  Anjali asks Shyam to convince him after all he introduced La and ASR.  Shyam says it is his decision and if they think this isn't right then they have the right.

We have to admit that the creep is sagacious.

Why should they remain together if they are not happy? 

Are you asking them or yourself that question, Shyam?Clap

ASR says he is not sure about the relationship so why make such a big commitment?  That is why he told her the truth.

La tells Kushi she needs to take care of ASR.  Kushi breaks hold from Lavanya.  La tells her she is the only one who can tell him what others can't.  The only one who gets through to him.  She understands him.  ASR doesn't know what he wants but she does, she is wise.  Kushi questions.  Lavanya takes her hand and says she will understand one day, whether he understands or not.  They embrace, both girls in tears.

La indirectly told Khushi that she is destined with Arnav.

Anjali asks him to talk to her again and Nani says she won't allow him to break the alliance.  La comes down holding Laxmi and says that it isn't necessary.  They have taken the decision together and it is all right.  She is all right.  Please don't just blame him in all this.  La says bye to her favorite mutton I don't know it just seemed OTT for me. and Anjali becomes upset. She is not letting her leave.  Why isn't anyone telling her anything?

 La says it is okay and some relationships are just not meant to be. 

very significant us, all blasters friends,we don't know each other personally, but very attached like sisters.what say?

We know this.

"No one is to blame or is at fault. It just doesn't happen and they are all still her family even if she doesn't marry into it."

 La says her goodbyes ending with Di.  She asks her once again not to blame ASR.  

He will marry...when he is ready.

So after 140 something episodes Lavanya Kashyap leaves ASR's life, the Raizada parivaar and us.  She came as a snooty aristocrat and left as a beautiful young woman filled with values.  We will miss her and Kushi and Lavanya were in the

"Same Pinch"... all along.Clap

really enjoyed Cynthia.
Feeling definitely bad for La, She has shown as a magnificent woman in IPK, a true well wisher and unconditional lover of ASR.
All the lines marked bold I liked.
 My comments are in pink.

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