Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #13, pg 119, epi 149

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The wily man is spared, with just a warning that he's got
A couple gets engaged, while another does not
A heartbroken girl wins a million hearts
As she leaves, to give the lovers an open path
Enters NK and creates a shaky confusion
A coctail party is coming up, with a desi intrusion
Welcome all to BFTP thirteen 
Back to work with an interest keen
Towel in place of dupatta, NK in place of Lavanya
Equations changing all over, but slowly, rafta rafta

Here's to the creators of this post

The opening lines and poem come from DurgaS. The IPK banner is designed by Arshihamesha. The gif banner is by Roshini1494. Finally, a collage and the BFTP Thread #13 banner by supriya.arshi, and blast notes by indi52.

she looked ott, she talked silly, she didn't know the difference between the different dals, but when it came to it, she knew what really mattered. and from her lips the writers let us hear perhaps the heart of it all. "because love is greater than everything," she told the man she'd grown to love this essential truth even though she knew she had to let him go. people are not just convenient little characters progressing a plot: good and bad, daft and clever, deep and shallow... people are people, with a bit of this, a bit of that and a bit of something else too. ipk showed us that, and how. when la said what she did it was the most subtle, layered, honest, and surprising character writing one had seen in years. to be valid, or nice, or lovable, you don't have to wear traditional clothes and do round round, girls in short dresses who live in with their boy friends and do "sab kuch" that married people do without being married, also qualify. i don't think i have seen any hindi telly serial go so close to this truth and not back off fearing audience backlash. la went out of ipk with head held high, and lots of nani ji's and our love, also keeping asr as a friend.

poignantly and uff too good-ly, her "kyunki pyaar sabse bada hota hai" connected with the five most incredible words shouted out one night on an inflamed terrace. when khushi asked if customs, traditions, wedding rituals, nothing means anything, "toh phir aap hi hume bataiye kis cheez ka koi matlab hai?" what has any meaning, you tell me. and he did, "that i love you, dammit."

yay, it's the roll of episodes again, and who's that cute young boy with very powderful hindi.

Please scroll down for Rules, Index, and more IPK love

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and if you're wondering about rules no. 8 and 9... they are: have fun and have lots of faraq.

Riddle No. 14Big smile:

Why is a cold ASR better than a hot ASR?! Wink

dear all, please start posting answers on the thread immediatement
(french word from georgette heyer that is demanding to be used), ze riddle maker will appear at the appropriate hour with the answer.


Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Ab Tak Ka Safar!

By ArshiHamesha

Iss pyar ko kya naam doon?, a unique love story who touches soul of a common person' has a roller coaster ride. This is a story of two star crossed lovers whose love has no limit yet their denial has no boundary either. Arnav Singh Raizada, a wall of ego, who writes his own destiny along with others'oh well that's what Khushi's been told by this tycoon who had his eyes on this ravishing beauty since the day one holding in his arms safely. His "Gustakh" [stubborn] rattled eyes stuck on red beauty and since then he started either punishing the red Cinderella in water or saving with water. Either scare her with his misty aired presence or feel her misty presence with air. Her absence creates havoc ,a fire and fears in him and presence does the same. Normal handsome hunk pulls his girl with love, but this one does it in anger and gets more angry when she threats him leaving for "hamesha." He wants to rewind his acts to fix it yet forward it to make more mistakes. In this misty anger he brings his girlfriend for distraction but ends up coming closer to Khushi. His first acknowledgement towards her by saying sorry and feeling the same pain as he feels his own was a big step here two souls come closer by being orphans and sharing same pain. This proximity becomes dangerous with no distance in between them on Diwali and now the game of fear starts and that fear ends up not only breaking Khushi's heart but also pushing her towards Shyam's trap.

The push and pull game of these two takes a new turn and they both end up in engagement in Mandir unknowingly. The wall of ego gets higher after this act and they  both started their journey parallel of the bank of river which needed a bridge and Devi Maiyan becomes that bridge and makes Khushi falls in his arms again.

Both as stubborn as they could be take oath for not speaking to each other. This time parents, the stars, come into action and Arnav by putting Ego guards down pours his heart out to Khushi and  she embraces him with her soft and peaceful belief "baatVishwas ki hai" [It's a matter of belief]. His scattered life finds solace and peace only in her embrace as she is only HIS'..written divinely'.

[Credit to the uploader]

Her engagement shakes the ground under his feet. Things take a nasty turn and the revelation of Khushi's engagement make these ego walls higher around Khushi till these along with Arnav make her suffocated within and tear her every dream apart  "Sapno ki duniyan mein rehna hi acha hai kyuonkeh asli Duniya mein sirf Dil toot tehain" [It's good to remain in dreams as only hearts break in real world.

[Credit to the uploader]

But seeing her devastated condition, wall of ego within ASR cracks and his own tears come out of these cracks along with her but the cracked wall is still strong enough to make her break more. He closes the door on her bytelling her "Tumhare hone na hone se mujhe koi fadak nahi padta'you don't even exist for me" [It doesn't matter to me with or without you]. But ends up breaking this wall by himself and apologize to her. Khushi's jealousy and uneasiness is playing the hide and seek along with her Dhak Dhak but her uncertainty and woman's egoism does not want to fall for any pit as she fell already and her wounds are still there "koi matlab nahin hai" one of which is around her ankle as a reminder of it. But her broken heart and open wounds only seek his embrace and solace to heal as he is indeed is her protector and only HERS'..written divinely'..


[credit to the uploader]

Shyam took every single opportunity from Lukhnow till now to lay with these simple yet strong people but his evil act of putting strong walls of silence around Babuji is not acceptable for Devi Maiyan. She exposes this evil in front of her child by inheriting her powers of belief and courage to vanquish him. Khushi has another feature of DM, forgiveness and seeing goodness at heart and she gives this evil one chance to put his acts together. Raizadas and Guptas are closer than ever through Akash and Payal's relation which became a reality only by Arnav and Khushi. These two stubborn yet soft souls can go any extent for their loved ones and here they are joining hands to make dreams come true ''.. as Dreams do come true in real life'..


These two souls smile together and cry together by remaining together no matter what'.Wall of ego had indeed surrendered by the wall of belief and trust but "pyar" love and acknowledgement of this "ehsaas" is still waiting for the moment when one of them will cross the bridge to come on this side of this flowing river known as LOVE'.'.Lets see who dives in and who crosses this barrier'. When '. how'. and' why?

With New beginning  ''.. in Iss Pyar Ko kya Naam Doon'.


Rules Poster by ArshiHamesha


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The Drool CornerBig smile

A not yet registered but lethal and total trademark of the BFTP thread, created by BarunDiwani. Some drools to look forward to, uff.

Top banner credit Risha_ipkknd

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Picture credit: supriya.arshi  
Here's something about our contributors who have shown their utmost love and affection and encouraged one another in this journey, making this thread an outstanding success.
Alanki, Risha & Siaa
They are the reasons for this thread, Into this abyss they have all of us led
Her reviews have always been proportional, her commitment has always been unconditional
For every detail she keeps digging deeper, Combines scenes from past, present and future
It's a wonderful delight to read her notes, when decorated with famous quotes
BarunDiwani (Ami)
As crazy she is for the lead, as deep are her writings that are a treat
As colourful are her reviews, as varied on the episodes are her views
Her analysis are mostly fast track, her comments never fail to attract
Her reviews are written quite extraordinarily, Incredible is what we say about her vocabulary
From songs to picture stories and now collages, she excels at, into whatever she barges
She plays around with the pictures, adding special effects and other such fixtures
What not she keeps researching, amazing videos she keeps finding
Our very own in-house riddler, IPK school's witty examiner
IPK's love reflects in her every post, we all welcome her with a toast
Rebecca & Charlotte
Their reviews may be concise, but their observations are constantly precise
Ritu & Goofy
They are the thread's stars, their impacts continue to last
DS Nair, Ragvir, AR Eternal Love
Our regular silent readers, their feedbacks work like wonders
Hope to continue writing in verses, at this astonishing place where everyone converges 
Some of our contributors have been regularly posting their work on the threads. Here is an index of their works.
For impactful analysis and hilarious comments
For detailed analysis replete with symbolisms, connections, pauses
For indepth analysis and the superhit drool corner
For picture stories and songs
For detailed takes and interesting titles
For original poems and parodies
For reviews that make you glide through the air and water
For a collection of promos, vms, sbs/sbb videos
For out of the box reviews of episodes
For analysis replete with new words and vms
For amazing picture collages and episodic pictorial edits
For some mind-boggling riddles
Last but not the least - News updates
Links of Analysis, picture edits, poems, videos, etc.
 * * *

with the IPK stars by the blasters
Some of our blasters have been lucky to interact with the IPK stars in different ways.
1. Ami managed to send a letter to Sarun  Embarrassed 
2. Katelyn has met Sanaya at the Artesia festival Big smile
3. Wiwy has had a phone conversation with Barun  Blushing
4. Indi wrote a note on behalf of Team Sobtians which Barun read, intently  Wink
* * *

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Warning: Music player is on!  There are 2 tracks: Rabba Ve (Ball dance) and Salaam_E_Ishq
Music Player credit: Katelyn  
Picture credit: BarunDiwani  
Some thoughts
(by samin6)
Episode 131-133
I loved these episodes because they made me respect each Payal, Akash, Khushi and Arnav.  However the most remarkable start was the fleeing of Miss ego by conjoint efforts of Payal and Akash.

Payal : I loved her punch lines.  We live in a time where people are ashamed of saying that they had made a mistake in a distant past, let us say for example they obtained less marks in an exam, or if their distant relatives had done some remote mistake. Payal on the other hand is a girl, who came from less opulent background then Akash. She is one who thought she was to be blamed for her parents sufferings. This is a girl who thought no one was ever going to marry her. This is a girl who loved Akash and whose marrying Akash was like a dream to her but in spite of that she stood in the middle of a crowded restaurant and said, " What do you know about me that you love me?" She boldly stated in front of not only Akash but her prospective brother-in-law and her sister's boss, "My answer is no and will stay no." This is a girl in a crowded restaurant told in front of her sister after a person who loved her and proposed to her, " My wedding was broken. I was ditched at the alter."   This was a girl who when the same person called her again, still said no proving she was serious. This also is the same girl who told Arnav that what type of brother is he that he did not prevent his brother from committing suicide. This is also a girl who did go after Akash when she thought his life was in danger for her.  I would also like to say Payal you are, " Lakhon mein ek (one in a million)." There are people who usually do tolerate a lot of injustice from all corners. However that does not mean that they are weak. I would also like to applaud her for making Miss ego flee leaving Arshi together when Arnav understood what a bad influence Miss ego was on him, because it made him not listen to Khushi and breaking of Payal's wedding. No wonder even Arnav, to whom dil was business, saw potential and saw that Payal was worth much more then miss India.


Akash :  This is a person who has been the one to bear the burnt of the tantrum of her mom, dad, nani, di and even Arnav. He is one who is obedient to every single person in his family and there he for his love was going against each one. From Arnav when he said, " He was going to call Payal five times and not four and was going to act desperate." He goes against his mom's wishes although his obedience to his mom prevented him from openly insulting his mom in front of the family.. Akash is the one who is usually polite however  literally said no to miss India who had come to their house. He is someone who said- This is not a deal but a person whom he liked and is a matter of his life not a business." The way he said that to Arnav the line was very casually mentioned however they had more impact than a volcano.   This is a person who had been told in a restaurant in front of a lot of people including his brother who disliked poor people that the girl he liked, had been left at an alter. His alternative was a girl who was rich and more beautiful with no past. However still he chose Payal. He is a person to whom a matter which is of significant disgrace to a groom's family is immaterial and said, " Yeh sab se kya faraq padta hain." He is someone who told Payal, " I know our family background is different, but I can not be happy without you." I think it was evident that him choosing his own spouse did not simply make him disobedient, and marriage is not a business deal.

Khushi and Arnav : For the first time found who Khushi's sauten is, it is not Lavanya but as Khushi said " He and his ego." When Miss ego is there as NK said, "They just a reason to start fighting." and in NK Ishtyle make us say " Iss war ko kya naam doon."

             The morning started with Arnav and Miss ego, so no wonder he was remembering Khushi. Who wants Miss ego when they can have Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. When they were in the restaurant of course Arnav ji said, " Why are you following me." because he did not feel comfortable with Khushi seeing him and Miss ego togather. Then they see Akash and Payal and the influence of Miss ego makes Arnav  say to Akash ' I do not want my brother to be a halwayi and Akash I really hope you did not tell the word of marriage. The presence of Miss ego also had the worst of Khushi get out which made her say to Arnav- " I am not going to  have my sister under the hukumat of a laad governor."

On the contrary, Miss ego is out of the picture Our ARSHI deserve respect,make a lovely Jodi  and can make the most serious situation hilarious 
So when Miss ego  left had Arnav tell Akash that he was going to fix the allegiance of him with Payal. There was a new Arnav who did not explain what he knew of Payal's past. This was an Arshi who could now make telephone calls to each other stating what they needed, could not stand Khushi's boyfriend or Arnav's work. This made them go to a restaurant together and Arnav listen to Khushi's pagal and filmy plan. This made Khushi shake her hands with Arnav. The fleeing of miss ego had Khushi wink at Arnav and Arnav openly say to Khushi , " Kya bolu Aap.", and admit he had forgotten what he wanted to say. This also made Khushi sit on her own accord in Arnav's car and then ask him where is Akash and hope he did not actually jump. Leaving of miss ego had Khushi hold Arnav's hand when she was happy and trust him that he was not like what they had thought. This led to Khushi come to Arnav for help and tell him she knew his gussa. This made Arnav try to placate Khushi Arnav istyle with survey and percents.
             I think  ARSHI really liked that Miss ego had left them after Payal's outburst as they were  the Jodi which had lost its chance because of Miss ego. So of course they were regretting that they had not done anything to make it leave earlier when they saw PAYASH get their love, after all ARSHI love was aeons more and still had at that point they had to bear the burnt of lost love because of Miss ego's presence. No wonder when Khushi came to Arnav following Mami's outburst, Arnav said, " Feelings ko beech mein kyun la rehi ho." After all they had just got a slight chance after the leaving of Miss ego, why would he want Mr feelings in between. Guess Arnav was right, " What crap".

  After all would rather have filmy Khushi and a Arnav who does not understand love, then a Khushi with Mr feelings and Arnav with Miss ego.Wink

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Episode 140

A Star Plus segment from Youtube.

First telecast Monday, 12 December, 2011

Only Dailymotion full episode links today


Dailymotion with English subtitles:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Thanks, Katelyn for all the links.

Credit for the videos: Respective uploaders

Please click here to see
Blasters' Take ~ Episode 14o-144

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We R in Thread 13...shakehand.gif

Congratulations Blasters toast.gif

Durga : Superb poems "

A heartbroken girl wins a million hearts
As she leaves, to give the lovers an open path StarClap
Towel in place of dupatta, NK in place of Lavanya
Equations changing all over, but slowly, rafta rafta Clap
Indi : amazing lines for Lavanya"i don't think i have seen any hindi telly serial go so close to the truth and not back off fearing audience backlash. la went out of ipk with head held high, and lots of nani ji's and our love, also keeping asr as a friend." Heartthis bit ClapClap

ArshiH : Beautiful writing on Story so far StarClap i love your first banner...nd also thise banner on your piece too good
Either scare her with his misty aired presence or feel her misty presence with air. Her absence creates havoc ,a fire and fears in him and presence does the same. Normal handsome hunk pulls his girl with love, but this one does it in anger and gets more angry when she threats him leaving for "hamesha." Clap
the end

Now Time for my SURPRISE


Here is the Direct Link

a big thank you to ArshiH nd Ami...both who hav helped me...adviced me on the VM despite one bein ill nd the one on complete rest...Thank you both soo much

Monkey Icons Yoyo

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Yippee for Thread #13!! Congrats all Blasters!! Great job onputting the main page together, Indi and Durga! Thanks a million for all your hard work!! Also big thanks to the Blasters who contributed to this beautiful and amazing main page!

Preview of Episode 144: Khushi gave ASR an engagement gift

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