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Jewel's CG#5| Farwewell Note+Update|Pg 109|~

-Mema- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 March 2010
Posts: 13504

Posted: 24 June 2013 at 4:48am | IP Logged
(banner made by me on my current fav couple saras kumud, since it was my 5th one i decided it was high tym i made one myself:P)


Hello everyoneee!! My name is Maria and i live in Pakistan i have been into siggy making like since more than a year and its like really a proud moment for me that i have reached my 5th one so quickly thankxx to u all!<3 Almost a year ago when i fist opened my new gallery i had the thought that if i am able to finish this gallery even in a year it will be great but now within a year i have reached my 5th one and i am soo soo happyyy!!

All the thankx goes to all my lovely friends and my my visitors who kept on encouraging me about my work and finally helped me reach my 5th. Though 5 may seem a small number but its not like u get to start a 5th gallery everydayLOL anyways enough of my bakwas back to work

Jewel's Creations Gallery # 1

Jewel's Creations Gallery # 2
Jewel's Creations Gallery # 3
Jewel's Creations Gallery # 4

I can make almost everything that is non-animated but basically just make signatures and iconsEmbarrassed


i have soo soo many inspirations that i feel if i start mentioning them most of u will just go to sleep evryone in sum way or other is an inspiration for me. Will mention my top 5 as its my 5th gallery:P

Sano88, Saher_90, SublimeSanz, Dangelz & ffkhan


Okay so i know this must be really hectic for most of u but plzzz plz doo do read!!!
  • Do not crop or cut parts of my work
  • Do not edit my work or claim it as ur own
  • No requests unless i am open for them
  • Do not post my work on other sites without my permission
  • If u request then use ur request for at least 4 days
  • If u use my textures then definitely credit me
  • If u copy my styles then credit me

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A04loversana11994deepa0507amh1988Andres_SobtiAndy_Loves_ASYA.SmokeySilence.chaha_khanangel_prachi--jyoti--Rabz_GR--Fatima--..Sana...Myra.LuvRanJimaneesha_sanker....vula_kv....-Maryam.K--beautiful_sky-fairy_stardust-Anonymous11-supriya.arshiRadiantTreasureanne156velvetrosemonakhan.XoxowpdXoxoveds_6791JyotimenaShiningStar18-Hina-Barishkiduaa-Reeti-Suhana Ahmedpehlanasha.Sagar21LuvArTi4ever-JujuKkupkakes..Tangled..sruthickgal.angelsimplelifeMullai_27.Mandy.-Anarkali...Amira..shafy_MNdrunkiiebabeSugarDream-RatiKliye-ragvir.fanthegameison-naureen786-HSFA-dark.horse-GroverAddictSK1991Billu-Maamma-Mounika--krazyriya-MS-meghasharmapinky_blueskieslipshaaAdorableAyeshaCrazzyBusyMyInspirationz..Nihaa..OptimisticEyesKaSh-Maneet-Fan-Faiza-.m.a.r.y.s.i.o.BasiliskAbhiya-gunnerJohny.S.Raj-FrozenRain-susan7..Khaleesi..VarunKiBiwi-Serene.Rose-..vidhi..shrutisweetySneha113DreamsFlyFree_Maggie_DilBanjaraSnorlaxRoses-khushi-PuNiTh-DEFOM*Dev.*CrazyGirl.21Trouble.NestleToulouseFearless_Lover.HandsomeBananaDEEPZzzztash10.Mohabbatein.-Ocean.eyes-indian_beautymishti_17AASUSSunshine Girlpratsy-LetItGo-dumasara_000_Sparkles_somergasm.asmuasmiBubblyRcaffeineaddict.sweetdesire-Xpress-_RiaNa_-.SapnokiRani-.Infinity.-Spirited--Rehnuma-Hdhdsaher_90Nikki_Titliblackb28-Swetha--PyaariBhootni-Invokerrechus..Prinzy..

-Mema- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 March 2010
Posts: 13504

Posted: 24 June 2013 at 4:48am | IP Logged

If u want me to PM u for updates then hit the like button, or add me into ur buddy list.
If u dont want to recieve my PMs then plz remove me from ur buddylist or tell me it will ur and my life much easier.


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shilpakash3sana11994A04loverdeepa0507amh1988Andy_Loves_ASYA.SmokeySilence.chaha_khan-Pia-..Sana...-PurpleHeart---Fatima----jyoti--Myra.angel_prachiRadiantTreasure-Anonymous11-supriya.arshialcantaranjrLuvRanJimaneesha_sankerfairy_stardust-beautiful_sky-....vula_kv....monakhan.velvetroseXoxowpdXoxo-Reeti-Jyotimenaveds_6791gal.angelsimplelifekupkakes..Tangled..pehlanasha.Sagar21starsanjanasruthickMullai_27-JujuK-Hina-Barishkiduaa.Mandy.MS-meghasharmapinky_blueskiesMaaUlipshaaCrazzyBusy-krazyriya-..Nihaa..susan7CrazyDeeps-Marie-DreamsFlyFree..vidhi..shrutisweetySneha113Billu-Maamma..Khaleesi..VarunKiBiwi-Serene.Rose-BerryBlush07-Mounika-Johny.S.RajAbhiya-gunner...shruti...-FrozenRain-bluelashesHSFASK1991-naureen786-ragvir.fanthegameison-Faiza-KaSh-Maneet-FanBasilisk..Amira..shafy_MNdrunkiiebabeSugarDream-RatiKliye--Xpress-pickachumishti_17indian_beautysweetdesireBubblyRcaffeineaddict.asmuasmisomergasm.ara_000_Sparkles_.Mohabbatein.DEFOM*Dev.*-PuNiTh-NestleToulouseFearless_LoverCrazyGirl.21Trouble.MeShu-HolicSnorlaxDilBanjaraDEEPZzzz.HandsomeBananatash10pratsySunshine Girldumassaher_90Nikki_Titli-PyaariBhootni-Invoker-Rehnuma-Hdhd-Spirited-Infinity.blackb28-Swetha-_RiaNa_..Prinzy..

-Mema- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 March 2010
Posts: 13504

Posted: 24 June 2013 at 4:49am | IP Logged

1. | DDLJ| Asya| Katrina| Arhi| Sanaya| Maaneet| Dean| [ Pg 1]

2. |Preview| [ Pg 14]

3. |Icons| Chanman| Samud| Asya| Arhi| Abhiya| Maaneet| ChennaiExpress| Deepika| DTPH| Madhuri| [ Pg 19]

4. | Preview| [ Pg 34]

5. |Icons| Arhi| Asya|Kabhi| Rishbala| Raanjhanna| DDLJ| Srk-Madz| Anushka| Parineeti| Sushant| APKGK| Deepika| ChennaiExpress|  [ Pg 36]

6. | Icons| Asya| Kabhi| DVD| Vivian| Chanman| KHNH| Kat Bday| [Pg 56]

7. | Massive Update | [ Pg 75]

8. Small Update [ Pg 92]

9. Farewell Note + Update [ Pg 109]

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sana11994deepa0507amh1988-PurpleHeart---Fatima--angel_prachichaha_khanXoxowpdXoxoRadiantTreasure-Anonymous11-velvetrosesupriya.arshiipkknd-fan....vula_kv....LuvRanJi-beautiful_sky-fairy_stardustLuvArTi4eversruthick-JujuKMullai_27simplelifegal.angelkupkakesveds_6791..Tangled..-Hina-BarishkiduaaJyotimena.Mandy.-Anarkali...Amira..shafy_MNdrunkiiebabeSugarDream-RatiKliye-HSFAragvir.fanBasiliskSK1991-naureen786-CrazzyBusy..Nihaa..KaSh-Maneet-Fan-Faiza-MS-meghasharmapinky_blueskies-Mounika-Johny.S.Raj..Khaleesi..VarunKiBiwi-Serene.Rose-Billu-Maamma-Marie-DreamsFlyFree_Maggie_shrutisweetySnorlaxDilBanjara.HandsomeBananatash10DEFOM.Mohabbatein.somergasm.ara_000_Sparkles_CrazyGirl.21Trouble.NestleToulouseFearless_Loverindian_beautyAASUSmishti_17pratsySunshine GirldumasBubblyRsweetdesireasmuasmi-Xpress-Infinity.Nikki_Titli-Swetha-blackb28saher_90Invoker-Rehnuma-Hdhd-PyaariBhootni-..Prinzy..

-Mema- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 March 2010
Posts: 13504

Posted: 24 June 2013 at 4:49am | IP Logged

http://i.imgur.com/txfUtsQ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RYIu3e0.jpg http://i.imgur.com/N2wU3IQ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/GOeRQfS.jpg
http://i.imgur.com/kXdDMM5.jpg http://i.imgur.com/qHyB7mm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ESADnnd.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Ylio0Eb.jpg





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-Mema- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 March 2010
Posts: 13504

Posted: 24 June 2013 at 4:50am | IP Logged

The first updare of my 5th, you would be expecting sumthing good sorry gys idk what has happened to me lately lost most of my creativity thats the reason the update is yuck but will try my best for the nest update to make it as good as awesomeEmbarrassed







Dean W









thats it for this tym:D
Dont forget to hit the like button and leave ur precious comments
Love Maria

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shilpakash3sana11994amh1988deepa0507.SmokeySilence.-PurpleHeart---Fatima----jyoti--..Sana...Maahii-Myra.angel_prachichaha_khanXoxowpdXoxovelvetroseRadiantTreasureanne156-Anonymous11-supriya.arshialcantaranjrLuvRanJiipkknd-fanRainbow_petals-beautiful_sky-fairy_stardust....vula_kv....kupkakes..Tangled..rukhsar.crazystarsanjanasimplelifegal.angelMullai_27sruthick-Hina-Barishkiduaa-Reeti-ShiningStar18..SchnellBus..Jyotimenafantesy-JujuK.Mandy.-Anarkali...Amira..Basilisk-Faiza-MyInspirationzKaSh-Maneet-Fanbahi.HSFAragvir.fanthegameisonshafy_MNdrunkiiebabeSugarDream-RatiKliye-MS-meghasharma-krazyriya-..Nihaa..OptimisticEyespinky_blueskieslipshaaCrazzyBusyDark_Chocolate-FrozenRain-bluelashesJohny.S.Raj--Shamoo--..vidhi..-Marie-DreamsFlyFree_Maggie_shrutisweety-dark.horse--naureen786-GroverAddictSK1991Billu-Maammabellaaa..Khaleesi..VarunKiBiwi-Serene.Rose-BerryBlush07-PuNiTh-DEFOM*Dev.*Fearless_LoverNestleToulouseCrazyGirl.21Trouble.ara_000_Sparkles_BubblyRcaffeineaddict.somergasm.SnorlaxJayeeta_06DilBanjaraMeShu-Holic-MitwaIshqPe-.Mohabbatein.DEEPZzzz.HandsomeBananatash10Sunshine Girl-GayabCat--LetItGo-dumaspratsyThe.Lannistersweetdesire-Xpress-x-affy-xasmuasmimishti_17pickachuAASUS-Ocean.eyes-indian_beautyblackb28-Swetha--Spirited--.SapnokiRani-.Infinity._RiaNa_Nikki_Titlisaher_90-PyaariBhootni-rechus-Rehnuma-HdhdInvoker..Prinzy..Sano88

saher_90 IF-Addictz

Beyhadh Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 23 September 2007
Posts: 50920

Posted: 24 June 2013 at 5:47am | IP Logged

Congratulationsss my janemann on your 5th shopHug may you have countless more in futureHug what a beautiful layout yaarDay Dreaming its so clean yet so well arrangedEmbarrassed love the layout so muchHug @ OMG! what a terrific banner yaarSilly love the shininess in your sigg & love the way you merge the pics so greatly Embarrassed @ sample : they are beautiful Hug lovely coloringBig smile & I always love your icons so much..they are simply the bestThumbs Up

Latest from the update , I love the RS/Asya/DeanW/AK the mostStar they steals the cakeEmbarrassed
& those SI/MG/KK siggs are adorableDay Dreaming freaking gorgeous yaarHug On the whole: everything you made is OUTCLASS Heart LOVE YA LOADSSS Heart
pg 136 from your 4rth shop.
The Icons BnS are so beautifulHug lovely coloringEmbarrassed
 all the siggs are stunning yaarHug awesome awesome coloring/love your usage of textures/ everything is freaking awesomeHug I love all the texts you have applied on your siggsEmbarrassed
Yaar the CE siggies are flawless ..kay kehnainStar gorgeous Star

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-Mema- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 March 2010
Posts: 13504

Posted: 24 June 2013 at 5:49am | IP Logged
updated! :D

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somergasm. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 April 2011
Posts: 27813

Posted: 24 June 2013 at 6:21am | IP Logged

That is what I'm going to call you from today! You Like?! Cool
Heartiest Congratulations on your new shop Sunshine! PartyI love you so much!Heart May you have many more shops! :D  
OMG! Your banner is so lovely! I love it! <33 They're dragging SWC now!Pinch
You're one of the best siggy makers I have ever come across in IF!
Keep Rocking.
Love , V 

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