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Asya FF Meri Duniya updated Part 30 (Page 93) (Page 53)

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nice 1 dear

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Originally posted by mariam1368

Woww Vindhya superb update
Asad ran away from his nikaah with the help of Rabert n Mona jst too good yaar
Dilshad knew Asad love Zoya buh she wants him to accept it
Rashid's love for Asad overpower his anger n all
Tanveer Razia Abbas n Basheer have all fail buh they wont accept it

thank u... evil always fails so Tannu, Raziya, Abbas and Bashir will always fail...Wink
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Originally posted by princeegoyal

nice..let asya confess yr...


sure may be in my next part...Wink

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Originally posted by Linsie

precap waiting for Zoya's birthday celebrations ...

soon... i will make sure that u will enjoy her celebrations...

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it will realy b nice if u enter ayan and humaira but not as  blind girl plsss nooo lets she be a innocent but very brave and daring and she cud b an orphan girl and zoya adopts her...i gues that wud b nice...bye.gud work on ur ff

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amazing updateSmileSmile

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           Hi frnds'.. thanks to you all for reading Meri Duniya by taking out your valuable time'' and also commenting'. "A BIG THANK YOU' to all my regular readers and I welcome new readers... If any silent readers... please comment or PM me...
                      Your comments motivates me'' please do comment... because they bring wide smile on my face... even criticism will do... coz it assures me that... my story is good if not good i will try to improve and make it better... 

Request : For PM's please buddy me... please do me this favor... 

Part 24:

Garden Restaurant:

Asim €" Kaha hai tumhara ye dost€.???

              Humeira pressed her watch button€. A mechanical machine voice spoke out time saying 9:30€

Humeira €" saade 9 baj gaye€.Tum usse phone karo€.

Asim €" Number bata€

              Asim dialed number told by Humeira€. Humeira took phone from Asim€. Humeira is waiting for Ayaan to answer but Ayaan is not answering€.. Humeira asked Asim to redial the number€..


Humeira and Ayaan€™s phone conversation:

              Ayaan is peacefully sleeping in his room€.. His peaceful sleep was disturbed by phone buzz€.. Ayaan started searching his phone with his closed eyes to stop that irritated tone€.. At last after his long search for two minutes (In sleep even a disturbance for a second we feel it like a disturbace for a hour) he found his phone€. Ayaan answered call€..

Humeira €" Hello€ Ayaanji€!!!

Ayaan (Sleepy tone) €" Hello€ kaun€??

Humeira €" Mein Humeira€..!!!

Ayaan (Sleepy tone) €" Kaun Humeira€.??

Humeira €" Ayaanji€.!!!

                 As realization struck him that he is speaking to Humeira he tried to get up but he fell down from bed€..

Ayaan €" Ouch€!!!

Humeira €" Hello Ayaanji€!! Aap teekh toh hai€.??!!! Aap utte nahi abhi tak€??

Ayaan- haa. Haa. Teekh hoon€. Nahi I am on my way€.

Humeira €" Hum kab se wait kar rahe€ aap kaha hai€??

Ayaan €" kaha€??! Ha€ aaraha hoon€ I will be there in 10 minutes€.

Humeira €" teekhe€!!! (To Asim) aaraha hai€.!!

Ayaan (To himself) €" Jaldi utne ki aadat nahi hai toh€ usse itni jaldi kyu bulaya€?? Thank god bhai jaan ammi ke pass hai€ agar yaha hote toh late utne ke liye lecture suna dete€.

                Ayaan got ready and rushed to meet Humeira€€


Garden Restaurant:

                    Ayaan came there running€€

Ayaan €" Sorry€.!!! Sorry€!! I am late€.

Humeira €" Asalam walekum€.!!!

Ayaan €" wale..kum asa€lam€!!! Asim yaha€..???!!!

Humeira €" Don€™t worry€ isse sab kuch pata hai€

Ayaan €" oh€ toh plan kya hai€.???

Humeira €" Aapko bata na tha€..!!!

Asim €" Aap dono kuch sochaya ya nahi€.??!!!

Ayaan €" Actually kal job hi hua€. Usse mujhe time hi nahi mila sochne ka€..

Asim €" Haiy Allah€!!! Tumne kuch nahi socha€.???

Ayaan €" Tumne kuch socha€.??

Asim €" nahi€.!!!

Humeira €" mujhe pata tha€.???

Ayaan/Asim €" toh tumne kuch socha€..???

Humeira €" Ha€.

Ayaan/Asim €" Kya€.??

Humeira €" Agar hum undonoko jealous karwaye toh kuch hosakta hai€.

Asim/Ayaan €" Matlab€??     

Humeira €" Agar aap jise pyar karti ho woh kisi aur ke saath close hai toh tumhe bura lagega aur jealous bhi honge€..

Ayaan €" ha€.

Asim €" toh€??

Humeira €" woh gusse mein aakar confess kar sakte hai€.

Ayaan €" gusse mein kon confess karte hai€???

Humeira €" gusse mein nahi toh jealousy mein confess kar sakte hai€..

Asim €" Right aur ye idea perfect hai€..!!! Par hum ladke ko kahase layenge€..

Ayaan €" Mein hoon na€.!!!

Humeira €" acchi movie hai€.!!! pehle yeh sochiye ladka kon hoga€.???

Ayaan €" Ayaan Ahmed Khan€.!!! yani mein€..

Humeira €" Nahi€.!!!

Asim €" Kya€.??

Humeira €" nahi€.!!!

Ayaan €" kyun nahi€..???

Humeira €" Nahi matlab nahi€..!!!

Asim €" teekhe€!!! Yeh kaam mujhpe chod dijiye€.. Mission Love Birds successful karna mera kaam hai€. Hum kal Asad aur Zoya ki band bajayenge€..

Ayaan €" toh kal mere bhai aur babhi jaan ki Band Baja Bharat Hai€..!!!

                 Asim€™s phone rang€.. It is Najma€..

Asim €" Excuse me€!!!

             Asim answering his call left from there€€

Ayaan €" Mein aapko kuch poochna chahta tha€.???

Humeira €" Kya Ayaan ji€..??

Ayaan €" Pehle Aap aur Ji nikaal dijiye€..

Humeira €" teekhe Ayaanji€ oh sorry Ayaan€. Batayiye€.!!

Ayaan €" Tumne mujhe Asad Bhai jaan jealous karne ke liye kyun mana kiya€.??

Humeira €" Woh mein iss liye keh rehti ki€ ki aapke bhai jaan ko bura lagega€. Issi liye€.

Ayaan €" Oh€.!!! Iss liye€.!!! Aur kisi liye nahi€!!!

                   Humeira nodded no€..

Ayaan €" teekhe€.!!!

                         Asim came there€..

Asim €" Mujhe abhi jaana hai€. important work hai€ please Ayaan tum Humeira ko ghar drop kardoge€..

Ayaan €" Yeah sure€.!!!


Dilshad€™s House:

          Ring of door bell interrupted there happy breakfast€€

Najma €" Mein dekhti hoon€.

          Najma went nd opened door€. She is surrized to see Zoya and Jia there€..

Zoya €" Hi Tamatar€.!!!

Najma €" Hi Zoya€!!! Anadar aao€!!!

               Dilshad in a enquired tone in a slight excitement to confirm wether voice she heard is Zoya€™s or not€

Dilshad €" Kaun hai Najma€.??

Najma €" Ammi woh€..

              Zoya interrupting Najma in full energetic tone€.

Zoya €" Asalam walekum Phupi€.!!!

              Zoya entered dinning room but she stopped for a minute to see filled chairs€. Jia followed her when Najma took exit from the scene€ She never saw Phupi€™s house filled with her family€ Zoya now understood the reason for happy charm on Phupi€™s face which she recognized immediately€.. She know that Dilshad always wanted her family to sit together and have break, lunch and dinner€ Atleast her wish of having breakfast is fulfilled today€.. Zoya didn€™t fail to recognize absent Ayaan there€.. 

Zoya €" Kya baat hai€?? Aaj toh dawat ka mahol hai€.

Asad (Murmmering) €" Aagayi Tufan€. Abb tak mahol shant tha€ abb aur nahi rehnewali hai€.

               Zoya didn€™t fail to hear his murmmer evn in her thoughts€..

Zoya €" Kuch kaha aapne€..

Asad €" Nahi€.!!! Mein ye keh rahata ki aaptoh inn sabse mile nahi honge€ ye mere€.

              Zoya interrupting his sentence with a knowledge grin on her face€.

Zoya €" Mujhe pata hai Mr. Khan€ hum sab already mil chuke hai€.. (To Dadi) Asalam walekum Dadi€.!!

Dadi €" Walekum asalam€!!!

Zoya €" Hi€!!

                 Nikhat, Nuzzat replied her at the same time€..

Asad €" Aap itni subha subha€.!!

Zoya €" So mean Mr. Khan€..!! Ghar aaye mehmaan se koi ise baat karte hai€..

Asad €" Jo mehmaan ki tarah behave karte hai€ usse hum ise baat nahi karte€.

Zoya €" Dekho na Phupi€.!!

Dilshad €" Asad€.!!!

              Asad set himself straight€€

Zoya €" Waise bhi yeh meri Phupi ki ghar hai€. jab chahe tabb mein yaha aa sakti hoon€.. Hey na Phupi€!!

Dilshad €" Of course Zoya€!!

               Dilshad placed her caring hand on Zoya€™s head and Zoya gave a €œDekh liya€ smile to him€

Jia €" Jiss kaam ke liye aayi ho, woh toh pura karo€

Dilshad €" Kal Zoya ki birthday part ke bare mein€.

                    Nikhat and Nuzzat blurt out in excitement€€

Nikhat/Nuzzat €" Zoya ki birthday€.!!!

Asad (Surprised to himself) €" Kal Miss. Farooqi ki birthday hai€..?? aur mujhe pata bhi nahi€

                     Zoya nodded in yes with a happy grin on her face€

Zoya €" Aapko kaise pata Phupi€.??

Dilshad €" Mujhe already Zeenat aur Asma ne baat kar liya hai€.

Zoya €" Oh€!!!

                      Najma entered dinning hall with her bag€.

Najma €" Ammi mein chalti hoon€. I am getting late€.

                Everyone wished her nice day and after taking blessings from Dadi she left from there€€.

Zoya €" Aap sabko bhi aana chahiye€. Dadi aap bhi zaroor ayenge€.

Dadi €" Zaroor beti€!!


Ayaan€™s car:

Ayaan €" Ghar aagaye€.??

Humeira €" Itni jaldi€!!! Aap bhi andar aayiye€!!!

Ayaan €" Mujhe aapko invite karni chahiye€ par aap muhe invite kar rahe ha€.

Humeira €" Matlab€.!!??

Ayaan €" Hum mera ammi ke ghar aaye hai€.??

Humeira €" Kya€??

Ayaan €" Chalo andar chalet hai€.

Humeira €" Par car kuch nahi€. Aap andar chaliye€

                  Ayaan helped Humeira to get down car€.. She held her and guided her way€. Humeira really felt happy with his support€ She wished someone like Ayaan to be with her and support her€.. Ayaan felt some unknown happiness from inside supporting her€. He felt that this moment should never end€. He could sense her soft hands in his hard one€. But it took few minutes to reach main door which broke there moment€. Ayaan coming to real world pressed the switched down which urged the door bell to make a sound€.

Asad (To Zoya) €" Aaj aapne aapke saath puri Bhopal ko lekar aayi hai€..

Zoya €" Kyun Mr. Khan€?? Mujhe lana tha€.

Dilshad €" Aap dono phir se shuru matt hojayiye€ Mein dekti hoon€

Zoya €" Aap rukhiye Phupi mein dekhti hoon€.

                  Zoya rushed to open the door€.

Dadi €" Kitni pyaari hai€.??

Asad €" Please Dadi€ aapko inke bare mein pata nahi hai€.


                           Zoya opened door and stood there with surprise to see Humeira there€.

Zoya €" Humi€ tum yaha€??

Humeira €" Baji€!!!

Ayaan €" Mona tum yaha€.!!

Zoya €" Ha€ andar aao€!!

                             Humeira and Ayaan entered€. Ayaan is still holding Humeira€™s hand€..

Zoya €" It€™s ok Ayaan€.. Now I will take care of her€..

              Zoya held her other hand and started to walk€.. Ayaan loosen his grip€ there hands parted slowly€ First there palms, then there fingers and there finger tip€. They felt two worlds got separated€.

Humeira (To herself) €" Mujhe issa kyu laga ki mein apn duniye chodke aagayi hoon€.

Ayaan (To himself) €" Mujhe issa kyu lag raha ki mera duniya mere saath nahi hai€.


Nasir Villa:

Tanveer is speaking to someone in her phone:

Tanveer €" Pichli baar job hi hua€. Iss baar woh nahi hona chahiye€.. iss baar woh bachna nahi chahiye€.. uski maut ke beech jo bhi ayega unhe bhi kuch bhi hojaye koi farak nahi padega€ par woh zinda nahi rehni chahiye€. Humare plan iss baar fail nahi honi chahiye€..

Person from otherside €" Pichli baar ki galti iss baar nahi hogi mam€.

                      Tanveer€™s door bell rang this made her to disconnect he call€

Tanveer €" teekhe plan kamyaab hone ke baad hi mujhe call karna€

                    Tanveer peeped through peep hole and saw Rashid standing out there€..

Tanveer €" Akhir aahi gaye sasurji€.

                 Tanveer opened door with a dull and innocent face€.

Tanveer €" uncle aap€!! Andar aayiye€.

             Rashid entered with head down€. Tanveer followed him€ She offeed him to sit and Rashid sat there silently€.

Tanveer €" Abbu€!! Rashid uncle aaye hai€.

             Abbas made an angry face and came down€.

Abbas €" tum yaha kyu aaye ho€.??

Rashid €" Mujhe€.

                 Abbas interrupting him€

Abbas €" Mujhe tumhare mooh se ek lafz bhi nahi sunna hai€.

Tanveer €" Abbu please shant hojayiye€..!!! uncle ke baat toh suniye€.

Abbas (Fuming with anger) €" Nahi sunna hai mujhe€

Tanveer €" Please Abbu€.!!!

                    Tanveer came infront of him and gave a smile which is visible to him and sigh him to come down and listen to him€.

Abbas €" Teekhe€. Kyun aaye ho yaha€.??

Rashid €" Mujhe maaf kardo Abbas€.!!! Asad ko ye nikha manzoor nahi tha€!! Mera galti hai€ mein Asad ko samajh nahi paya€!!! Mera galti hai€.!!! Mujhe maaf kardo€.!!! Tanveer bhi meri beti ki tarah hai€ Hum dono milkar ek acche ladke ko doond kar nikha karwayenge€..

Abbas €" ek maafi se sab kuch teekh nahi ho sakta hai Rashid€.

Rashid €" Mujhe pata hai Abbas€ par hum ek koshish toh kar sakte hai€..

Tanveer €" Maan jayiye abbu€. Humari wajah se aap dono ki dosti karab nahi honi chahiye€. Please abbu€!!!

Abbas €" Meri beti keh rahi hai€. issi liye mein tumhe maaf kar raha hoon Rashid€.

Rashid €" Shukriya Abbas€!!!

Tanveer €" Uncle humari business contract€.??!!

Rashid €" Uske liye humein pehlewala cacel karke dusra banana padega€ woh hum jaldi karenge€.

                       Rashid placing his hand on her head€.

Rashid €" Sach mein Abbas Kismat wala hai€. issi liye tujh jaise beti ko paya hai€. Mein samajh sakta hoon tum kis daur se gujar rahi ho€ iss samai bhi apne abbu ke bare mein soch rahi ho€. sach mein Abbas kismet wala hai€.

Tanveer (To herself) €" Humare kismat hum kudh likte hai€. aapke kismat cheen kar kaise hum kud ki kismat banate hai aap hi dekhenge par kuch kar nahi paynge€€.


Dilshad€™s House:

                After beakfast everyone sat in the living room€.

Dilshad €" Tumhe dekhe hue paanch saal hogaya hai Humeira€.. tu kitni badi hogayi ho€

                Humeira smiled€..

Ayaan €" Ammi€ mera kheer kaha hai€

Dilshad €" Yaha hum sabb baat kar rahe hai€ tumhare dyaan kheer mein hai€.. Zoya aur Nikhat lekar aarahe hai€

Humeira €" Ayaan aapko kheer itna pasand hai€.

Ayaan €" Bahot pasand hai€.!!! ye lo kheer aagayi€

               Zoya, Nikhat served kheer to everyone€.. Everyone started havig there kheer€.

Jia €" Kheer bahot yummy hai aunty€..!!!

Ayaan €" Meri ammi bahot tasty kheer banati hai€.. aap jab chahe tab aakar kha sakte hai€.

Jia €" Shukriya€.!!

Zoya €" Mr. Khan aap itna toda-toda kyu kha rahe hai€.?? Kheer bahot yummy hai Mr. Khan€ khayiye na€

Ayaan €" Bhai jaan apne six packs bacha rahe hai€ issi liye zyada meetha nahi khate hai€.

Zoya (Giggling) €" Ladkioyon ko mesmerize karne ke liye€..

Asad €" Miss. Farooqi€.!!

Zoya €" Well Mr. Khan issi baat pe she arz hai€.

Yeh Zindagi hai Fast food aur sweets se bari€.

Yeh Zindagi hai Fast food aur sweets se bari€.

Mr. Khan ke body hai biscips, triceps aur six packs se bari€.

Shukriya€!! Shukriya€!!

                 Asad touched his temples in embarrassment€.. Everyone started laughing at Zoya€™s shayari€€ Because of laughing while eating Humeira throat got choked€ She started coughing€. Everyone got startled with the happening€€ Dadi and Dilshad together suggested to bring some water€. Ayaan rushed to bring some water€ Zoya is massaging her back and slightly giving pressure to slow her down€.. Ayaan gave some water to her€. After drinking some water she became alright€..

Ayaan (Worried in high pitched voice) €" Humeira tum slowly nah kha sakti thi€. Dekha kitni takleef utani padi€. Aap kud ke khayal nah rakenge toh kaise chalega€.

                    Ayaan€™s behavior surprised everyone around him€.. Humeira is also surprised but felt happy for his care and concern..

Asad €" Come down Ayaan€. Usse kuch nahi hua hai€. that is just choking problem€. Woh har kisi ke saath hota hai€.

                  Ayaan realizing his behavior€€.

Ayaan €" Wahi bhai€ phir bhi she should take care€..

Humeira €" Mein teekh hoon Ayaan€.

Zoya €" Mein hoon na Ayaan€. woh sach mein teekh hai€.

                  Everyone around assured him and he became alright€. After some time everyone back to normal€..


                          Zoya is in Garden near Asad€™s room trying to contact Rashid€.. After some continuous trials Rashid answered her call€.

Zoya €" Asalam walekum dost€.!!!

Rashid €" Walekum Asalam dost€..!!!

Zoya €" Kaha hai aap€.??

Rashid €" Mein office jaraha hoon€. Koi important baat karni hai€

Zoya €" Ha dost€. Thoda important hai€.

Rashid €" Koi madat chahiye€.??

Zoya €" Kal aapke samai chahiye dost€.!! Kal meri birthday hai€ issi liye sham ko mere naam pe jashn hai€. aap zaroor ayenge na€..

Rashid €" Zaroor dost€ mein tumhari birthday ka jashn kaise miss kar sakta hoon€€


Asad€™s Room:

          Asad and Ayaan are sitting on couch near window€.

Asad €" Ayaan, kya mein tums eek baat poochu€€??

Ayaan €" Aap mujhse kuch bhi pooch sakte hai bhai€. Ismein poochne wali kya baat hai€??

Asad €" Kya tum Humeira se mohabbat karte ho€.??

                 This question from Asad stiffened Ayaan due to shock€.. Ayaan looked at Asad who is waiting for answer€.

Ayaan €" Bhai humeira aurmujhe milke sirf ek ya do hafte hue honge€.. itne mein pyaar€.??!!!

Asad €" Ayaan pyaar hone ke liye kuch hafte, mahine ya saal nahi lagte€. (thinking about Zoya) Sirf chand lamho mein ho jata hai€. kuch pal mein tera duniya badal deti hai€. woh sirf ehsaas hai€ uske liye calculator ya dimaag ki nahi jasbaat ki zaroorat hoti hai€.

           Remiscinces of his and Humeira€™s meeting came into his mind like flashes of happiness€.. Ayaan spoke to bring himself and Asad back to normal world€..

Ayaan €" waah kya baat hai bhai€!!! Aapke mooh se pyaar ki tarafdari€. Jasbaat aur ehsaas jaise heavy words€. Mein ne teekh se suna kya€ ya mere khan baj rahe hai€.

Asad €" Accha tere khaa baj rahe hai€?? ha€??

                    Asad ruffled Ayaan€™s hair bending him down to his lap with his elbows around Ayaan€™s neck€€. Zoya is having sight of happy brothers standing near window... 

Zoya (to herself) €" Allah Miyya ye dono bhai bhi ajeeb hai€.. iss ka matlab Ayaan Humeira se pyaar karta hai€.!!! yeh baat Ayaan aur Humeira dono ko pata nahi hai€. Mujhe Humeira se jaana chahiye usse Ayaan pasand hai ya nahi€.


Night at Farooqi Villa:

                 Zoya with black forest entered Humeira€™s room€..

Zoya €" Humeira€.!!!

                  Humeira is on her bed listening to songs€..

Humeira €" Baji€!! Ayiye andar ayiye€!!!

Zoya €" Yeh dekho hum dono ki favourite black forest layi hoon€.

Humeira €" Oh so sweet of you Baji€.!!!

                  They started eating with silly talks of there day€ Zoya felt this is right time€. She acted as if she got choked by eating food€. Humeira got worried€

Humeira €" Baji aap teekh toh hai€??!!!

Zoya €" ha mein teekh hu Humeira€ aaj yeh kya hi raha hai kuch pata nahi chal raha hai€. subhe tumhe choke hogayi abb mujhe€.

Humeira €" Ha Baji€.!!

Zoya €" Aur€

Humeira (Interrupting) €" Ayaan kitna pareshan hogaya tha meri wajah se€.

            Zoya listening to her with a smile on her face that her plan worked€..

Humeira €" Meri kitna care karta hai woh€. Aapko bataya than a flight mein aur airport mein kitna khayal rakha usne€.

Zoya €" Lagta hai tumse bahot pyar karta hai..??

Humeira €" Kya€??!!

Zoya €" Mujhe lagta hai€?? kyun ki jis tarah woh tumhari care karta hai€ usse toh yahi lagta hai€.

Humeira €" Friend bhi kar sakta hai€.

Zoya €" Ha friend kar sakta hai€. Par mein ne jo Ayaan ke ankhon mein dekha usse toh nahi lagta hai€.

Humeira €" wahi toh problem hai Baji€ mein dekh nahi pati hoon€ mein meri iss anderi duniya mein kisi ko shamil karke unke zindagi bhi be rang nahi bana chahti hoon€..

Zoya €" Iska matlab tum Ayaan se mohobbat karti ho€.?

Humeira €" Pata nahi Baji aur mein iske bare mein sochna bhi nahi chahti hoon€.

Zoya €" Par..!!

Humeira €" Please Baji€!!

Zoya (To herself) €" Iska matlab ye hai ki Humeira bhi Ayaan se pyaar karti hai€.


Asim€™s Room:

Asim is speaking to Najma in his phone€..

Najma €" Mein kal ki plan ke liye bahot excited hoon€!!!

Asim €" Mein bhi€!!! I wish kal sabkuch teekh hojayega€.!!

Najma €" Mein ne Nikhat ko bhi bata diya€!!

Asim €" Kya€??!! Mein ne mana kiya tha€. Phir bhi tumne bata diya€.!!!!

Najma €" Sorry€!!! But woh logh bhi humein help kar sakte hai na€

Asim €" Phir bhi€.!!! Teekhe aur kisi ko matt batana€..!!!

Najma €" Teekhe€!!! Mein bhi nahi bataungi aur woh dono bhi nahi batayenge€.

                    Knock on his door disturbed his phone conversation with Najma€

Asim €" Najma ek minute€ koi knock kar raha hai€.

Najma €" Teekhe€!!!

                    When Asim opened his door he saw Zoya excitedly standing there€.

Asim €" Kya hua Zoya€.??!!!

Zoya €" Mujhe tumhe breaking news dena hai€.???

Asim €" Kya€.??!!!

Asim (To himself) €" Isse pata toh nahi chal gayi€.?? Nahi agar pata chalega toh iski chehre pe ye expression nahi hogi€€

                       Zoya entered Asim room€.. she sat on chair near his bed€ Asim went and sat on his bed€.

Zoya €" Mujhe tumhe Mission love birds ke bare mein batana hai€.??

Asim (Tensed and surprised) €" Kya€.??!! Tumhe kaise pata chala€.???

                    Asim€™s phone is still on€.. Najma is hearing there conversation through phone€. She called Nikhat and she put the call in conference€..

Nikhat €" Hello€!!!

Najma €" Hello€ Nikhat ye suno€!!

Zoya €" Tumhe bhi pata hai€.??!!! Mujhe laga sirf mujhe pata hai€??

Asim €" Tumhe kabb aur kaise pata chala€.??

Zoya €" Mujhe Ayaan aur Humeira ke bare mein aaj hi pata chala€..

Asim (Shocked and surprised) €" Kya€??!!!

                   Najma and Nikhat are sharing Asim feeling at this time€. There excitement is in peeks now€.

Zoya €" Ha€. Tu kiske bare mein bol raha tha€.??

Asim €" Woh€ Kuch nahi€.?? Mein mere dost ke love story sun raha tha€ mujhe laga tum uske bare mein baat kar rahi thi€.

Zoya €" Woh sabb chodo€. Ye suno€. Ayaan aur Humeira ek doosre se pyaar karte hai but realize hi nahi kar rahe hai€. issi liye hum realize karwayenge€.. kal hoga humare Mission Love Birds€..!!!

Asim €" Kya€??!! (To himself) Ek aur mission€ tera kya hoga Asim€.??

Najma (Giggling) €" Asim toh gaya kaam se€..??

                    Nikhat is excitedly into conversation€.

Zoya €" Kya ka kya matlab hai€.!!

Asim €" I mean kaise hoga€??

Zoya €" Plan ready hai€.!!! Hum Ayaan ko batayenge Humeira danger mein hai aur Humeira ko batayenge Ayaan danger mein hai€.. woh dono ek dusre ke bare mein socke dar jayenge€. Jab woh dono milenge tab unke asli feelings bahar aajayenge€.. then they will realize€.

Asim €" Good idea€!!

Zoya €" Hai na€!! toh mein kal ki taiyari karti hoon€ chal bye€.

                      Zoya left from there excitedly thinking about plan€. Najma and Nikhat are giggling thinking about love birds€ Nikhat realizing that she is in conference call€

Nikhat €" Najma tum iss samai Asim se kyu baat kar rahe ho€..???

Najma €" Woh mein€. Ha Aisha se baat kar rahi thi baad mein Aisha ne Asim ko phone de diya€. Mein jab usse baat kar rahi thi Zoya aagayi€.

Nikhat €" Phir bhi humein unke baate nahi suni chahiye€.

Najma  Mein line mein hoon ye baat Asim ko pata hai aap phikar matt kijiye€.

Nikhat €" teekhe bye, good nite€. Raat bahot hogayi hai€.

Najma €" Good nite€.!!!

                   Asim after locking his door kept his phone near his ear€..

Asim €" Teekhe good nite€.!!

Najma €" Mein good nite tumhe nahi Nikhat ko bol rahi thi€..!!! Zoya Ayaan aur Humeira ke bare mein bata rahi thi toh mein ne Nikhat ko conference call mein connect kar diya€.!!!

Asim €" Kya€??!! Aise kaise connect kar diya€.??? Tum koi bhi baat ko secret nahi rakh sakti ho€???

Najma €" Woh meri behen hai aur usse uski bhaiyon ke bare mein jane ka pura hak hai€

Asim €" ha phir bhi€!! Anyway tumhare dono bhaiyon ko mere behne hi mile kya€.??

Najma €" waise hi jaise mein tumko mili hoon€..!!!

Asim €" Accha€!!! Issi liye ye baat kehte hue tumhari gaal itni laal ho rahi hai€!!

Najma (Blushing) €" Nahi€.!!!

Asim €" Accha jhoot matt bolo€.!!

              They both started laughing€€..


 Thanks for reading...

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cool_sri IF-Rockerz

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awesome update..mission love birds lol...will be super fun!!!!!

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