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ArHi SS~Tum Hi Ho~ *Imp Note:Page 147* (Page 94)

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pg 96!
we did it...K chal update de!

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Wooohooo... update. ... update. .. update. . Update. ... updateee
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Thank you! Thank You! Thank you so much for the lovely response. You know i was do damn caught up in stuff that managing this update was really very difficult. Still i did it because i keep my promises and like you guys kept yours. I am here to keep mine.

Once again a big hug to my crazy frenzies Hariya, megha, Shalini and pmehra... Thanks for reaching the target page. And i would love to thank each and every reader for commenting.

You know even that one line that some of you write really means a lot to me. Thank you everyone and here is your reward. And those who give such long comments thank you so much for letting me know your views on the story *hugs*

So now see you guys on the next thread of Is This Love with yet another update. That is if we ever reach thread 2. but don't worry i will help you reach there by giving you a teaser very soon.Till then...

Happy Reading!

Banner Credit: Momo_121

Chapter 8

Khushi was sitting on the study chair right in front of the French window in the guest room. It was still raining heavily outside and she could see the trees swaying as she admired the view but at the same time she felt really upset. She folded her hands and prayed, "Hey devi maiyya let all the people who are affected by this storm be okay. Please don't destroy their homes and their livelihoods. Keep all the children safe and don't separate them from their parents. Please bless them." She told Devi maiyya whilst closing her eyes unaware of the fact that pair of hazel eyes was admiring her from the door. "Uhm..." Arnav cleared his throat as Khushi opened her eyes to see him smirking at her making her look away immediately blushing beet root red.


"May I come in?" Arnav asked teasingly as he walked in without waiting for an answer. Arnav came and sat beside Khushi on the chair or bench he would say. He mentally thanked his dad for putting pretty benches in front of the study table instead of single chairs. Khushi shifted a little as Arnav body came in contact with hers.


Khushi noticed that Arnav had brought two exercise books as he put them on the table along with some stationery. Khushi looked at him questioningly as he spoke, "She spoilt your book and ofcourse accounting is a compulsory subject and you will need the book to study for exams won't you? So might as well as long as you are here so let's get to work." He smiled at her.


She looked at him adoringly. How caring was he? She felt so lucky to be a part of his life. She felt lucky to be considered important by him. She felt lucky to be his girlfriend. Wait! What?


Did she just say girlfriend in her mind?




Khushi was Arnav's girlfriend! Khushi blushed as the realization hit her. Just then Arnav's voice broke her trance. "Khushi mujhe aise dekhna band karo..." he came a little closer, "Unless you want me to think that you want to kiss me again...". Khushi gasped as Arnav smirked at her.


Khushi took the pen and started copying down the notes from Arnav's book. After about half an hour when Khushi was tired Arnav took over as he started writing her notes. She really admired his writing, it looked so neat.


As he was writing Khushi looked at him and she could see a pleasant smile on his face.


"Aap muskura kyun rahe hain?"


He looked up and smiled at her, "Khushi you are my deepest and darkest fantasy. You are everything I ever dreamt of and I still can't believe to me. I can't believe I am so lucky!" Khushi really couldn't believe her ears. Here she was thinking about how lucky she was and he was saying that about her? This was too good to be true.


As Arnav's turn was over and Khushi took over the writing Arnav asked Khushi, "Khushi, you said that you fell in love with me when I saved you from Sharia. Not before that?" he felt a little dejected that since three years he was the one falling for her.


Khushi looked up at him and saw the sadness in his eyes, instantly her hands went up to cup his cheeks and she shook her head negatively. "Aap se aisa kisne kaha? Since the first day of school my heartbeat gets really fast around you and when you happened to be absent I used to be restless for the whole day..." she paused as she saw him smile and she continued, "...I just didn't realize my love for you because I thought you were  dating Sharia. I always stayed away from you thinking you were just like them but my heart always fought me telling me that you were different. I didn't fall in love when you saved me from Sharia but I realized my love when you saved me from her... Samjhe aap?" she smiled.



Arnav tilted is head and kissed Khushi's palm, making Khushi gasp an pull her hand back. "Does your heartbeat still get fast when you are around me?" he asked softly as Khushi blushed and nodded positively not looking at him.


Arnav extended his hand and took Khushi's right hand and placed it on his heart and Khushi looked up at him with wide eyes as she felt his heartbeat. It was as fast as hers. Arnav smiled at her amused expression, "This is why I wanted to know if I have an effect on you too... Just like you have on me..."


Khushi couldn't hide her smile as she blushed.


As Khushi took the pen to start writing again Arnav sneaked his left hand around her waist and pulled her closer making Khushi take a sudden intake of breath and widen her eyes although she didn't look away from the exercise book and he smirked at her expression and placed his right hand on his left on by taking it from the front of her tummy. "Kya kar rahe hain aap?" Khushi's voice came out in a mere whisper.


"Pyaar" was the reply.




They kept writing the notes till it was time for tea in the afternoon as they went downstairs together. They came to a stop in front of Anjali who was standing in front of the dining table.


"Aap dono saath mein bohot ache lagte hain..." Anjali teased them.


As Khushi and Arnav sat down beside each other they looked at each other and they both realized that they had sat twice in the same position but something was really different now. They were officially in a relationship now! Khushi looked away again blushing and Arnav smiled at her.


Although they had confessed nothing much had changed. Their heartbeats were as rapid as before and they were as nervous. It happens in love, Arnav mentally consoled himself.


"Khushi beta aap ke ghar par kaun kaun hain?" asked Arnav's dad.


"Ji... Amma, babuji and my sister Payal." She replied.


"Well do they live with you here?"


"No. Actually they are in Lucknow and I am just here for studies and I stay with my sister and friends in an apartment."


"I guess they will have to come to Mumbai very soon..." he smiled, "I  have something very important to discuss with them.." he said making Khushi choke on the water she was drinking.


"J..Ji??" she asked reluctantly.


"Haan hamanre yahan toh shaadi ki baat ghar ke bade hi karte hain..." he said teasingly making the new couple blush, "...but you guys have to complete your studies first and my son has to stand on his feet then only I can proudly ask for your hand beta..."


Khushi was getting shock after shock! His ... His ... Dad also knew? Wow! Great!





His dad continued, "He is already very good at work.  I have a textile business and once Arnav came to me asking me for investment and he started his own fashion industry which flourished so quick that he paid me back and now he is more successful than me. He is so lucky for me that now I am owner of a few top hotels and restaurants worldwide. He is the best son anyone can have..."


"And the best brother..." Anjali added.


"You are very lucky Khushi bitiya... and so are we to have you..." added nani.


Khushi was more than just happy that she was going to get such a lovely family, she didn't care about the money or how rich they were because the only that she ever wanted was love and she was getting love only.


They sat there chatting as Anjali told Khushi a lot of funny incidents with Arnav and how he used to be angry all the time and now he is smiling. His dad was equally glad to have Khushi in his son's life. The way she was, confirmed that now Arnav will not be lonely in his mother's remembrance and he could share his grief with her.





As they all got up from the table Khushi went to the kitchen to help Hari Prakash in the kitchen for cleaning up. Anjali really admired the fact that Khushi was treating this like her own home and fulfilling all the duties. Shyaam escorted Anjali to the bedroom as nani gave Arnav a to message to get Khushi to her room after she is done in the kitchen.


Arnav entered the kitchen and saw Khushi preparing aata to make rotis for dinner. She had just started adding water to it and put her right hand I it for mixing. Arnav sent off Hari Prakash to clean his room, although it wasn't even dirty. He stood there looking at Khushi and was amazed at the fact that how could someone be so damn beautiful?


She had her hair up in a clip which gave his eyes a view to her lovely neck. Her saree pallu was tucked in her waist as she was busy working when she suddenly felt a strong pair of hands from her sides emerging into the flour. She already knew who it was, only Arnav could be this naughty!


Khushi shivered as she felt his breath tickle her neck and she felt his lips curving into a smile because he knew what effect he had on her. They stood there together as their hands were preparing the aata in their own accord as finally Arnav interlocked his fingers with hers and sensually kissed her cheek making Khushi close her eyes and breathe heavily.


Suddenly Khushi heard some footsteps and pushed Arnav away.


"Excuse me.." Arnav whispered his trademark way.


"Aap yahan se jaiye please. Koi dekh lega humme, phir kya sochega..."


"Ek shart pe!"


"Kya??"Khushi asked in a hurry.


Arnav pointed towards his cheek right upon his dimple indicating her to kiss on his cheek. Khushi blushed and nodded negatively when she heard the footsteps coming closer and she had no option but to place a soft kiss on his cheek. He gave a breath-taking smile making Khushi's heart skip a beat as he started to walk out and Khushi's eyes widened.




Arnav turned around and saw her wide eyes as she came running to him and took his hand in hers as she took him to the tap to wash his hands. If he had walked out like that then everyone would have definitely known what they were doing a while ago.


As Arnav was about to walk out he remembered nani's message and told Khushi to go to nani's room after she was doe and he walked out to complete her accounting.


After about an hour when Khushi was done with the dinner preparation she walked in nani's room and saw that she was wincing in pain trying to massage her leg. Khushi automatically ran to her and sat on the floor beside her chair. Khushi took the balm and started massaging her leg as nani looked at her lovingly. After about half an hour nani was feeling better and she asked Khushi to sit up after thanking her.




Nani stood up and walked to her cupboard and returned to Khushi with a small sparkling box in her hand. Nani sat on the chair and opened the box.


"This bitiya..." she told Khushi, "...belongs to Chotey's mother. She had given it to me to give it to her daughter-in-law. These were her favorite kangan and today I want to give it you. Because I believe that you are the only one who deserves it..."



Khushi could not believe what she was hearing. Nani was just about to hand her the "Khandani Kangan!"


O M G!


Was all this real?


Did she really deserve it?


Did everyone know about her and Arnav?


They were actually planning to make her the daughter-in-law of their family?


Things were turning out to be like a fairytale now. She had a really loving boyfriend. His sister was treating her just like Payal does. A really caring nani and his dad treated her like she was his own daughter. Love was over flowing and life just couldn't get any better.


Tears came to her eyes as she thought about it...


Nani's sweet voice broke her chain of thoughts, "Bitiya..." she said extending her hand towards Khushi and Khushi nodded happily and put her hand into nani's as she slipped into her hands. Nani was really happy to see that the bangles were a perfect fit for Khushi as if they were made just for her.


Nani started telling Khushi some stories about how Arnav's mom was like and showed her some pictures of their family. Khushi absolutely enjoyed the time she spent with nani and the others. She thanked devi maiyya for this storm otherwise she would have missed meeting such a wonderful family...




After a while Hari Prakash came in and told them that it was time for dinner and they could come down, nani told Khushi to go and call Arnav instead of Hari Prakash going and calling him.


As Khushi entered his room, without knocking to be specific... uhm... abhi se wife wale rights shall I say?


She saw that Arnav was standing leaning on the sliding door which led to the pool side. Khushi couldn't control the urge but to go and hug him from behind which shocked him completely. He was surprised yet happy to see her. He turned around and smiled at her. As he held her hands in his he saw the bangles. Khushi noticed that his eyes turned moist as tears threatened to fall out yet his eyes were smiling. As a lone tear escaped his eyes Khushi kissed it away.


"I believe finally these have found their rightful owner.." he said indicating to the bangles as he kissed her hands one after the other. Khushi blushed at the fact that even Arnav thought that she deserved the bangles. The next moment she felt him taking her into a heartwarming hug as his actions were enough to tell her how happy he was and words were not needed.



As Arnav broke the hug after a while Khushi told him that they were supposed to go down for dinner. Arnav smiled as he proudly held her hand while moving out. She stopped him...


"What are you doing... what will others.."


"Khushi everyone knows about us now. So what's the use hiding?" he told her smiling.


Arnav smiled proudly as he led his girl down the stairs whereas Khushi was looking no less than a red tomato who was looking anywhere except Arnav. Everyone smiled as they saw Arnav and Khushi holding hands. Anjali couldn't help but tease them a little and she was really happy to see that the bangles had finally reached its correct destination.




As they ate Arnav's dad announced that finally the storm was subsiding and the weather would get back to normal soon. Two hearts were quiet upset to hear that because that meant that Khushi would be returning home now. After dinner Khushi called Lavanya and informed her that she would be returning the following day.


She was really shocked when Arnav had told her that there was a phone in the guest room as well. Her mouth had turned a perfect O' knowing he had taken her in his room deliberately. But she had blushed after wards thinking about it as she laid down on the bed.


Just as Khushi closed her eyes she heard a knock on the door and as she opened it Arnav welcomed himself inside the room and sat leisurely on the bed. Khushi came and sat beside him all scared, "What are you doing here Arnav? What if someone sees you here? At this hour?"


Arnav smirked as he saw her panicking he held her hand and pulled her closer as he noticed her breathing got heavier as she got quiet because of the proximity. Arnav placed his hand on her waist and pulled her closer.


"I have been fantasizing you every single day of my life since three years so do you really think I am going to let you go so easily? Especially when you already know my feelings for you Khushi."


There was something in the way he said her name that made her shiver as she lowered her eyes but Arnav was not in a mood to let go of her, he had meant what he said.


He slowly traced her jaw line with his lips placing butterfly kisses on her face. Khushi had closed her eyes just enjoying what he was doing to her. After a while as he was sitting leaning on the headboard with Khushi on his chest he told her...


"Khushi I am so happy that nani gave you the bangles. Do you know that she had told me once that if I choose a girl that she doesn't like and she thinks is not deserving enough for the bangles then she wouldn't give her the bangles after marriage but I guess she liked you so much... that she gave you the bangles before our marriage itself..."


Khushi was on the top of the world upon hearing him admit that as it meant a lot for her. Khushi was a really simple girl who valued only love and she was getting love here.


After about an hour or so Khushi had to literally push Arnav out of her room because he was in no mood of leaving, too busy in romancing her while Khushi too loved it but she didn't want others to get any wrong idea about them had to push him out.


Before leaving Arnav had managed to steal a small peck from her lips and had whispered that she looked really delicious in pink before going back to his room . Khushi smiled as she remembered what he was doing a while ago. She had really never seen this side of Arnav.


Nani had told Khushi that Arnav never opened up in front of anyone which made Khushi feel even more special that he found her special enough to be himself with her. She slept with lots of dreams of him and her in this perfect family.



Now Khushi really longed to meet Payal and Lavanya and tell them about all that happened. Butterflies were fluttering in her stomach as she thought how would she tell them and she was already blushing just thinking about it.


And especially after the way Arnav had spoken on the phone they were sure to tease her till she dies of embarrassment.


Arnav on the other hand was sleeping peacefully after so many years. Happy and content.
















As Khushi woke up the lovely sunshine which meant that the storm had indeed passed although cool winds were still around. She woke up and yawned stretching her body as she smiled looking at her wrists which were adorned with Arnav's mom's kangans. She smiled looking at them and as she looked up she saw her accounting book lying on the coffee table in front of the sofa.


She walked to the table and picked up the note placed neatly beside the book adorned with a rose. A beautiful smile spread across her lips as she read through...





"Good morning sleeping beauty...

Hope you had a wonderful sleep last night,

All thanks to me...


Okay! Okay! Now if you have stopped blushing...


Your accounting book is complete now and

You can study well for exams when you reach home.

Love you. "



Khushi was really surprised that he had completed her notes. They were only half way through yesterday afternoon and it was complete now? This meant that he had stayed up almost all night to do her work?









W O W!


Khushi picked up the book and hugged with a big smile on her face as she kissed the book twice.


"Instead of kissing the book please kiss the person who completed it..." his voice made her jump in surprise as she blushed hard turning around not being able to face him. But before Arnav could realize Khushi turned around ran to him and kissed twice on his cheeks and ran to the bathroom.




Now it was Arnav's turn to be shocked.




He smiled as he realized what Khushi had just done and he promised himself mentally for a replay. He would definitely make her kiss him again!




As they finished having breakfast Khushi bid goodbye to the family and took their blessings as Arnav said he would drop her home. As they drove Khushi felt Arnav's hand interlocking with hers. Even though he was looking straight ahead Khushi knew what this gesture meant...




It meant they will be together...






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Absolutely mind blowing chapter
Loved it
Arnav just can't seem to keep himself away from khushi
How sweet of him he even helped khushi in completely her notes
Their romantic encounter in the kitchen was so sensual. ...damn sexy
Its nice even arnav's father , nani and anjali also like khushi and can't wait to talk to khushi's parents about it
I hope that sharia just stay way from them

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Awesome... Awesome... Awesome... Awsome... Absolutely Awesome... Clap
Love u Sooo Much Sweetie for giving such an awsomely romantic... cute.. Perfect Family View Chapter...

Khushi so easily and Perfectly Fitted into the Family... Treating the house and the Family as her own... Awww... Cute...StarStarStar

Kneading Flour Scene... Absolutely Beautiful... Loved It... WinkWinkWink

Naughty Arnav... "Instead of kissing the book..."  Embarrassed

So Arnav already has a Business and is well settled? So Marriage on cards soon.. yess...

Thanks So Much Hun... 

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Wonderful update.ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar 

I loved it.
It was so sweet and beautiful.
Arnav is a sweetheart.Hug
I had a huge smile on my face as I read this update.Big smile Thank you for the smiles.Smile
I can't wait to read more.
Thanks.Big smile

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loved d update yaar... the whole family loved khusi.. thts so nice.. waiting to see lavanya n payal's reaction. update soon

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