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ArHi SS~Tum Hi Ho~ *Imp Note:Page 147* (Page 7)

pooja_arshi Goldie

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 11:04am | IP Logged
wowow that was a good 1!!!! liked it... n sure pms ke liye kaun mana karega!!!!!SmileSmile

bewakoofLadki IF-Rockerz

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hey pls cont soon
Aims. IF-Rockerz

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amazing...plz continue soonEmbarrassed
PrInCeSs_dIVa IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 1

Khushi ran past the crowds standing on the stairs, corridors, and locker rooms. As in she practically was running! Khushi was late to her math's class and the most unfortunate thing was that Mr.  Desai kept a mathematics exam for his students today and the last thing Khushi wanted to do was go in the bad list for teachers, it was enough for her to be in the bad list of students like Sharia.


Speak of the devil and the devil appears!


Sharia entered the class with her so called "friends". She was filing her nails and blowing at it, while some boys looked at her in awe. She came and sat somewhere in the middle of the class because her sole purpose was to be the centre of attraction!


Khushi rolled her eyes and went back to the formulas she was trying to cram for the exam. Khushi was sitting right at the back of the class, her face buried to her book as she was trying to hide from Sharia and her group's endless teasing.


Suddenly the whole class was quiet. Mr. Desai entered with the exam sheets his hands. He loved giving pre exam tests to his students because he believed that they were weak in math's. And Khushi knew he was right. It was Khushi's only weakness. MATH'S!


She literally hated maths. This was the only subject in which Khushi always got the second highest mark.

The highest scorer of math's was none other than the Arnav Singh Raizada.


Arnav was also really rich. He was richer than Sharia and he was in her group as well and being in Sharia's group meant partying and dating all the time. So how come he had time to study math's? Thought a perplexed Khushi as Mr. Desai was distributing the papers.


If Khushi was really a "competitor" types person she would definitely be jealous of Arnav but she being a simple girl trying to make her parents proud just envied him for being good at it.


"Khushi baby close the book. He going to accuse of copying if he sees it still open" Lavanya whispered to Khushi.


"Morning La.." Khushi said closing her book and putting it inside. "When did you come?"


"When you were busy having eye-locks with the book babe!" Lavanya smiled as Khushi blushed.


"La that's called studying."


"But sweetie you study so much that it looks as if you are in love with the book," Lavanya grinned while Khushi chuckled.


"SILENCE" Mr. Desai said to the class as he finished distributing the papers. " Now look the only purpose for this exam is to let you know that math's is tough and you need to be prepared." He paused for a second and smiled to the class "This is your final year and I want you all to pass. So best of luck."


He checked his watch" And your time star'" he was interrupted in between.


"May I come in sir?" Khushi recognized the familiar voice as every eye in the class turned to look at him except Khushi's eyes. She didn't know why but she didn't want to look at him. Every time she looked at him she would be mesmerized by the handsome creature.


And admiring HIM would mean Danger!!


She heard Mr. Desai saying "Ah! Mr. Raizada. Late? May I know the reason?"


"Sir I '" he began and Khushi looked up at him not being able to control herself and he hung his words in between and stared into her eyes.




 What is he doing? And Khushi tore her eyes away from him and blushed while Arnav gave an explanation which she didn't hear because of her own heartbeat being louder than his voice.


Khushi heard his footsteps and glued her eyes to her desk when she suddenly felt him close. She didn't dare look up at him but the next instant she felt him sit down right beside her!


Khushi shut her eyes tight to ignore the hateful glances Sharia and her group were giving.


Now that HE was sitting beside her how in the whole wide world was she supposed to concentrate?


After what felt like a century the test was finally over and the recess siren sounded. Sharia and her group came upto Arnav and said glaring at Khushi " Arnie baby why did you sit here beside this "geek"?"


Lavanya got up "leave her alone Sharia!"


"Owh" Sharia laughed "Look here guys' Khushi's bodyguard oops I mean BEST friend!" and they all laughed except Arnav.


"Atleast we can call each other friends Sharia. You know I feel for you. How unfortunate you are that the people you hang out with are not your friends, they're like servants. All after your money!" Lavanya mocked back at her.


Sharia grew extremely angry when interrupted before she leashed out her anger on Khushi and said "I'm hungry. Can we go to the canteen?"

Sharia instantly changed her expression to a sweet one "Sure Arnie dear!" and she walked out.


"This is the first time I have seen something like this..." smiled Lavanya.


"What?" asked Khushi.


"A human chameleon!" and they both burst out laughing. "She is so fake" commented Khushi.


"Not everyone is like you babe." NK commented as he joined them making Khushi smile and Lavanya blush.


"Where did you go after the paper?" asked La casually.


"You know the usual fighting between Akaash and his anklet." Lavanya smacked him playfully. "Ouch!" he laughed.


"What had happened to Payal and Akaash?" asked a concerned Khushi.


"A girl was trying to flirt with Akaash and Payal took it wrongly so Payal ran to the washroom and Akaash dragged me with him to pacify her."


"So what did you do?" asked la as NK slipped his hands around her waist and smiled as he replied. " I just asked her if she trusts Akaash. She said yes and I told her in trust there is no place for doubt. Case solved" he announced proudly.


"So where are they now?" asked La.


"Our favorite spot so they must have made up by now. Should we join them?"


"Yes!" Khushi and Lavanya chorused.


And they went smiling to their usual favorite spot. On the bench, under the tree, behind the college.


They spent most of their free classes their lying on each other's shoulder, laps as they joked around, studied and ate their lunch and snacks. They really enjoyed each others company.



Today Lavanya was sitting in the middle of the bench with Khushi on her left sleeping on La's lap while NK sat on her right. Lavanya was teaching him how to do math's sums. Payal was sitting in front of La on the grass leaning on Lavanya's legs reading a book while Akaash was sleeping with his head on Payal's lap. They were having a wonderful time when an unknown guest appeared. They didn't know that he was standing there for like half an hour admiring their friendship. When La noticed him. "Arnav?"


Her voice broke Arnav's trance and Arnav remembered why he went there in the first place. "Umm NK and Akaash. We were looking for you, the practice starts today!"


"Oh yeah I forgot mahn!" NK said slapping his head. They all gave Nk a confused glance as Akaash was in the school band already, he was playing the drums but NK?. "Guys actually remember I told you I wanted to play piano In the school band?"


"Yes?" they said excited.


"I got chosen! Yesterday I was playing in class when the principle heard me and he offered me to be a part of the band. I can go na?"


"Duh ofcourse bu you can." Lavanya smiled at him.


Khushi continued "Our friendship is to see each other progress and be happy. Why would we stop you Bandar!"


"And besides I always got bored alone buddy!" and they hi-5ed.


Arnav envied the group and more than the group he envied one particular person. Khushi!


He had actually never seen her smiling and laughing so openly. He had always seen her frowning and running away from Sharia and her group. He always tried to save her from them not because he pitied her but he felt as if it was his duty to protect her. He didn't consider himself a part of Sharia's group and continued to be in the group  just so he didn't spoil the business and friendship between his dad and Sharia's dad  but a part of him knew that this way  he could keep them away from disturbing Khushi otherwise he would be found in the library!


Although Khushi was in front of him he didn't need to stare at her to admire her. He had already memorized her features by heart! Since the first time he saw her she her natural beauty and simplicity had touched his heart. He never left a chance to sneak a glance at her every time that she was around. He deliberately sat in front of Sharia when Khushi sat at the back of the class. So when he sat in front he could pretend to be turning back and talking to Sharia so he could admire Khushi.



He was broken out of his thoughts when Akaash and NK joined him thanking him for calling them for the practice.

This ting of feeling was something he couldn't ignore. He had been trying to ignore her since 3 years but failed everytime.


In these three years he had hardly seen her closely let alone talk to her once.










As Arnav was practicing with his guitar, his mind wandered back to a smiling Khushi. She was so mesmerizing. The trainer asked him to sing as the group was ready with the beats in order so he closed his eyes and imagined Khushi and the words automatically came from his heart to his mouth'


Tu ye mujhko bata de, chahoon main ya na
Apne tu dil ka pata de, chahoon main ya na
Tu hi ye mujhko bata de, chahoon main ya na
Apne to dil ka pata de, chahoon main ya na'.


He remembered the first time he saw her. She was wearing red. His favorite color! She walked shyly ignoring all the teasing looks that guys gave her because she was wearing a kameez. But as she moved ahead they stopped making fun and admired her figure. That was the first time Arnav experienced the so called word he always heard of'




He felt like killing them when they talked about her. He felt possessive as if she only belonged to him!


Itna bata doon tujhko chahat pe apni mujhko
Yoon to nahin Ikhtiyaar'


He remembered how he always froze to the spot as he saw her. His eyes naturally glued to almond shaped eyes. She always broke the eye lock shying away from him.


Phir bhi ye socha dil ne, ab jo laga hoon milne
Poochhun tujhe ek baar ohhoo...



 He remembered how their eyes met in the class and she looked down. He was angry so he walked straight upto her to ask her why she was doing this but his anger vanished as he saw the poor soul shutting her eyes tightly. And he sat beside her.


Tu ye mujhko bata de, chahoon main ya na'









The song was over and even NK and Akaash were really amazed with the way he sang. They went upto him and they chatted for while. That little while was enough to make them realize what a wonderful and down to earth person Arnav was. They came to know he was nothing like Sharia and the rest of her gang.


They were glad to be friends and even invited him to their favorite spot!


Now this was a good chance to know Khushi better wasn't it?


Looks like Khushi's devi maiyya was in Arnav's favor.

A/N: I am so sorry for  the late update but school work is tough. And i have not been able to reply to your comments as well and i am sorry for that too. I will reply soon. And I hope you enjoy this chapter. Please leet me know you views. Happy Reading!

Link to other SS : Is This Love?


If you want further PMs for this story please leave a comment saying so and i will send you a request.

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saavan_lover Goldie

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
Amazing update! :) So Arnav is attracted to Khushi, interesting ;) Cant wait to read more of this story :)
-Iruni- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
Beautiful Update...Clap
Arnav is Attracted so is with Khushi..Embarrassed
Want to read more..Big smile
I can Imagine Arnav Singing the Song...Day Dreaming
bewakoofLadki IF-Rockerz

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amazing update
loved it
cont soon
thanks fr d pm
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Nice. .hope arnav's a part of la n khushi's group.

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