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ArHi SS~Tum Hi Ho~ *Imp Note:Page 147* (Page 66)

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Hey hunnies. I am sorry i couldnt update because i have a very valid point you see. When i last visited IF then it was 11:30pm here in Fiji and the thread had 73 pages oly so i slept like a normal person would.

And babes atm it is 2:19am here and i am updating for you guys. You guys are lucky that i woke up to drink water and for the first time i decided to check IF before going back to sleep again.

See how much i love you? I could have resd and updated in the morning but i am updating for the three marvelous people Hariya, Megha and Shalilni.

Here you go babies : )

Oh and now until there is an update of Is This Love there will be no update of this story or i will break the balance in writing and have difficulties. And i cant update Is This Love till we reach 110 pages on that thread.

Happy Reading!

Banner Credit: Momo_121

Chapter 7

Arnav blushed furiously as he opened the door for Khushi. He was really curious to know what would be Khushi's reaction on what he was about to show her. He was feeling really shy as this was his utmost secret and not even his dii knew about it.

He led Khushi in and she stood there admiring the room. It was simple and classy just like him. Khushi was really nervous when Anjali told her to go with Arnav. Her heart-beat grew faster and she was blushing mentally. As she stood in his room she could feel some close relation with him, she didn't know why.

She felt Arnav close the door and she shivered slightly in anticipation. On the other hand Arnav was feeling as nervous as Khushi. For a moment he thought was he doing the right thing by closing the door to allow them some privacy and what would she think but hell how can loving his lady be wrong? So he walked to her and walked ahead to the side table of the bed.

"Here is the phone. You can make a call."

"th.. thanks " Khushi murmured as she walked slowly towards Arnav where the phone was, lowering her eyes she bit her lip trying to hide her nervousness.

Arnav sensed this and he wanted to make her comfortable so he walked to the French window facing the other side, looking out at the strong rain. Khushi sighed in relief and smiled a bit thinking that he understood her so well and thanked him mentally.

Khushi dialed La's number and Lavanya picked up on the third ring. "Khushi baby how are you? I was so damn scared! How and why the hell did you go that stupid Sharia's house? How can you be so dumb? What if something happened to you? Are you okay? Did she hurt you a lot?"

Before Khushi could reply the phone was snatched from her and Akaash took over in lecturing her. "Khushi are you okay? Did you inform the police? Are you safe now..." and before he could complete Payal snatched the phone.

"Khushi bacha how are you hunny? Are you sure you are okay? Why did you go there in the first place? If you wanted to go then you should have taken one of us..." And again the phone was snatched by NK.

"Babe hold on. These silly people I tell you. Let me turn the loud speaker on." He spoke calmly as he switched on the speaker. "Now Khushi I guess these people were playing rapid fire with you that you didn't even get a chance to answer. So now breathe and you can speak..." he told her softly.

Khushi smiled as she started speaking. "Actually it was so late yesterday and I didn't want to harass Nk bhai by asking him to pick me up, so I decided to take an auto home but then I remembered that I had to take my accounting book from Sharia so I went to her house." Khushi paused briefly and looked at Arnav. He stood looking the other way but she could sense the tension in him.

"Sharia had lied and she misbehaved with me but trust me I am fine now. Arnav was there for me. I am safe now..." she replied as she could see his body relaxing and she could tell he had smiled.

"Khushi can you turn the speaker on?" Lavanya asked and Khushi did that. ...Arnav can you hear me?" asked Lavanya as he turned around and walked to the bed where Khushi was standing.

"Yes." They both sat down on the bed.

"I we want to thank you for saving our Khushi from that witch. God forbid if you had not reached on time then what would have happened!" Lavanya told Arnav and they could feel she was on the verge of crying.

And then Payal spoke up. "Arnav I had never trusted you but you proved that how trustworthy you are and I want to apologize for not trusting you earlier."

"Its okay Payal. And Lavanya no need to say thank you, she is my Khushi too not only yours anymore" he replied honestly. They all gasped together and Khushi's eyes grew wider as Arnav chuckled. ..What?"

"Ar... Arnav?" Khushi didn't have words.

"I guess we should leave you two alone for a while..." Akaash laughed.

"Yup. You can call once you are uhm free" NK joked and they said a brief goodbye and hung up.

Arnav and Khushi sat on the bed tongue tied. None being able to say anything. Their feelings were impossible to be conveyed into words. Arnav knew what he felt but he was not sure how to say it directly. Arnav was a very simple person and he like things being plain simple. He knew he wanted to be himself with her and that would mean a simple proposal. He couldn't give her a grand one right now because that is not what mattered, what mattered was that he was going to be really honest with Khushi and let her know how he feels for her ever since he saw her.

"Khushi..."he spoke calmly and she looked up slightly. Not being able to look into his eyes she looked away again. "Come with me.." he extended his hand and she looked at the hand and then at him. He smiled back and she hesitantly took his hand.

They got up and Arnav led her to the drawer on the right side of the room which was situated beside the French window. As they reached there, Arnav took out a small key and handed it to Khushi.

Khushi looked at him questioningly and he replied. "It's the key to my heart. Open the drawer." He pointed at the first drawer. Khushi put in the key and opened the drawer.

To say that Khushi was shocked would be an understatement. Her hands moved to her mouth as her mouth opened wide in surprise. Khushi couldn't believe what she saw.

In the drawer were kept so many photos of Khushi ever since she joined college. So many photos!

Not only photos but along with it were her jhumkas which she had lost when Sharia had harassed her on holi, her Payal which fell off her feet when she had stumbled and fell into his arms on holi, a piece of her dupatta which had been torn on her first day of school from her red churidaar, her tika which had fallen of her head on the annual prize giving day and so many other little accessories.

Khushi took out the photos. There was one pic of her on the first day of school when she was smiling in the canteen at the joke Payal had told her, she was wearing the red kameez. The second pic was when she had bent down in the school garden to caress the flowers with her hands, she was wearing a white kameez. There were so many random pics of her from the last three years. All her moments were captured! Prize giving each year when she received the prizes , holi each year, diwali each year an so many photos.

Khushi looked at Arnav in surprise. When had he done all this? How did he manage to take so many pictures without her knowing? But the biggest question was why did he take her pictures and keep it with him? Why did he collect every accessory which she lost?

"I know! I know! You have so many questions in mind." He smiled at her. ..And trust me I am going to answer them all today."

He lightly held both her delicate hands in his. He smiled when he saw that Khushi didn't pull back so he continued.

"Khushi from the first day ever since I saw you I fell for you. First I thought it was just a mere attraction so I kept ignoring it. Although I couldn't help clicking you pictures and keeping them as memories with me forever. Trust me before you I had never looked at a girl but when you came into my life I couldn't stop looking at you and thinking about you. You are so beautiful. I never told you all this before because I didn't trust myself. I wasn't sure if it was love and trust me I could never harm a pure girl like you for the sake of physical attraction because I know you deserve someone who loves purely and entirely without any selfish greed. When I realized that I just didn't love you beauty but every bit of then I was sure that I love you. I love everything about you- your simplicity, the way you take, the way you care about people, your selfless being, and everything. Now I cant imagine my life without you. I realized I love you when Sharia harmed you this year, I became possessive and I felt I had the responsibility to take care of you. I just couldn't let anyone harm you, I felt I had the right on you." He paused for breath as he saw Khushi was shocked but happy, she was holding her breath.

"Khushi baby breathe." And he saw Khushi release her breath slowly and he continued.

"Khushi I love you. I really do! For everything that you are. Please trust me. I will never ever hurt you."

He concluded with utmost honesty that Khushi couldn't help but let the tears flow. As the tears ran down her cheek she felt him hiss in pain and wipe her tears.

"I am so sorry. Did I say something wrong? You have all the rights to reject me and only say yes when you want to..." and Khushi hugged him as tightly as possible.

Arnav stumbled a bit but smiled and held her back. He was overwhelmed by her reaction. He realized that those were tears of happiness. For what felt like an eternity Khushi slowly broke the hug and looked at Arnav.

She cupped his face and said."Arnav I .. I trust you more than anything and thank you for loving me. Thank you."

'Pagal' thought Arnav. She was thanking him? He should be thanking her for letting him be the lucky one.

"I love you too." She whispered slowly. For a moment Arnav's heart beat stopped listening to her confession.

"I was attracted to you too but I didn't know that was attraction.. but when you saved e twice from Sharia I realized it was not only attraction but love." She admitted.

"Khushi... Uhm... I know that for you this might not be appropriate and I promise I won't force if you say no.." he said nervously. He was really scared that she might misunderstand him but he just couldn't take it any longer.

Khushi looked at him confusingly.

"Can I kiss you? Just once." He replied closing his eyes ready to be slapped.

Khushi couldn't believe what she heard but she smiled looking at him. He had closed his eyes because he thought she was going to slap him.

But instead Khushi touched his cheek lightly and he opened his eyes.

Khushi smiled and leaned in placing her hands on his chest as he placed his hands around her waist.

And Khushi's lips touched his lips lightly. It was a small peck on the lips but none expected more. This was just a celebration of their love and they had no intentions of crossing their limits so they stood there savoring the moment.

As they moved apart Khushi shyly buried her face in his neck and he hugged her back mumbling a soft thank you. It was a wonderful moment for them both filled with love, concern, understanding and honesty.

As they were rejoicing their moment there was a brief knock o he door.

"Chotey. If the uhm phone call has been made you both can come down or lunch." Anjali teased as both broke the hug and blushed at being caught.

"Jii dii..." Arnav replied.

As Khushi looked at the clock her mouth hung open, no wonder Anjali was teasing them. They had come in the room at around half past nine and it was now sharp 12!

"Hey Devi maiyya!" Khushi mumbled nervously as Arnav chuckled at her nervous state making her look at him angrily. As Khushi turned to leave Arnav pulled her by the waist again to tease her by his looks and Khushi ran away shyly, leaving behind a smiling Arnav.

They both went down and sat for lunch and Khushi sat beside Arnav. Anjali knew by the look of it that something had surely happened. Now she had a lot to ask and tease from Arnav soon. She was already seeing future when she would be asking him about Khushi and he would blushing like anything and denying it but eventually he will tell her everything and she will tease him.

Just as they were having lunch Shyaam came in.

"Areh aap?" Anjali asked happily.

"yes sorry baby I couldn't come earlier because of the storm but somehow I have managed now. So here I am. " he said hugging Anjali and Anjali took his bag and handed it to Hari Prakash. "So where is Khushi ji?" he asked her.

"There." pointed Anjali.

Shyaam walked towards the table and saw Khushi. He went up to her and she stood up acknowledging him.

"Khushi ji yesterday Anjali told me about what Sharia did. I am so glad that Arnav came on time. By the way Khushi I was thinking that today is raksha bandhan so why don't we form a beautiful bond by which we will always be related." He said handing her a rakhi which Khushi gladly took and tied around his wrist.

He hugged her and gave her a "raksha dhaaga".

"I got one for you and one for my Anjali. Now devi maiyya will protect both my wife and my sister."

They all sat down for lunch. As Khushi sat beside Arnav again he saw Khushi admiring Anjali and Shyaam again as they fed each other. Arnav slowly whispered.

"Don't worry if you want I can do that too." He chuckled as she glared at him.

After lunch Khushi went to the kitchen to help Anjali and Hari Prakash in cleaning up. Arnav sat in the living room with his dad.

"Beta can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure dad."

"Umm... Mujhe Khushi bahut pasand hai. Do you like her?"

Arnav blushed thinking that was he so obvious that his dad also noticed? He couldn't say anything so he just nodded and his dad smiled.

"Toh main yeh rishta pakka samjhu?"

Arnav nodded again.

"So I will tell Dhruv that I found the perfect girl for her!" his dad joked making Arnav stand up screaming a "NO!". as his dad laughed.

"Calm down I was just kidding. She is perfect for you. I can see she has changed you a lot beta. After your mother you were always lonely and upset and I could never replace her. But now there is someone to take care of you. I am really happy."

"Thanks dad" Arnav said hugging his father.

In the kitchen as Khushi was wiping the dishes Anjali decided to tease her.

"So khushiji you and Chotey are really good friends?"

"Jii..." Khushi replied shyly.

"So Chotey must have told you. Does he have a girlfriend?" Khushi started coughing making Anjali giggle and then Anjali asked, "Are you alright Khushi ji?"

"Yes. I ...uhm...woh..."

"Nai nai its okay. It happens in love."

"Don't bother hiding from me Khushi ji. I know Chotey in and out. I can see the love in his eyes."

Khushi blushed as Anjali continued.

"Khushi ji Chotey is a very reserved quiet type of person and he doesn't let people know his feelings easily. He is a simple and genuine person and he will never take advantage of anyone. You can trust him. My Chotey has lack of love especially after my marriage he has grown quieter. He misses mom a lot. After so many years I have seen him smiling so openly because of you. Thank you. "

"I trust him Anjali ji. Thank you for telling me all this. I feel really special."
"You are special Khushi ji. The way Chotey looks at you I know he will love you and only you all his life. I am glad that he chose a pure, innocent and genuine person like you. You know because of Chotey we never migrated to America so that I would just be miles away and because of him we are staying here. I don't want my Chotey to feel the absence of maa."

Khushi placed her hand on Anjali's shoulder knowingly as Anjali got emotional.

"Maa had given me his responsibility and I will fulfill it all my life."

And they hugged. Khushi felt so happy that Anjali had shared this with her. She was happy that she would be part of such a wonderful family.

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awesome update
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loving this cute college romance 
can u pls add me in pm list

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finally we did it!
u updated u  K!
simply awesommmeee

the confession was just out of this world!
awww arnav is so cute yaar!
the whole confession part was justEmbarrassed...lovelyyy!
khushi's gang is crazy...
they accepted arnav!
payal is also started trusting arnav regarding khushi!
shyam is also so nice yaar!
thnk God least no dya ho hereLOL
loved anjali and khushi's bonding...
now time to spam is this love threadLOLWink
so tht we can get update.not only is this love's...but its also!
loved it!

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awesome update
Sooo cute and very romantic
Love the arhi sceneBig smile
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wonderful... loved it...
pl'se continue soon.
hope shariya's chapter is over now...
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Wonderful Update!!!
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