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ArHi SS~Tum Hi Ho~ *Imp Note:Page 147* (Page 53)

.aarnav IF-Rockerz

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awesome teaser
waiting for the update

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Awesome teaser! Waiting to see what happens next ! StarEmbarrassed
PrInCeSs_dIVa IF-Dazzler

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Okay! Most importantly this whole chapter is dedicated to the ever so sweet trio Hariya, Megha and Shali. I would like to thank all of you who commented so much for me to continue writing. I realised how loyal and lovely my readers are. Megha baby i wont quit i promise... coz im scared of love you hunny Embarrassed

Secondly I hope you all like this chapter and its upto your expectations. Please do read and express your views.

Oh and thirdly i am not updating Is This Love till it reaches 110 pages. That is like 7 more pages. So the choice is yours. The sooner we reach there, the faster i update. And i wont update this story till we reach page 75. Fair enough on the number of pm's i send.

Love you all lots and lots!

Happy reading!

Banner Credit: Momo_121

Chapter 6

As Khushi entered the palace, which Arnav regarded as his house she couldn't help but look at everything admiringly. For a moment she forgot all her distress and took in the beauty of the house. The house was elegant and classy yet it lacked life, atleast that's what Khushi thought until a familiar scent reached her nose, it was coming from the mandir. Without thinking Khushi's feet led her to that place.

Khushi saw an elderly lady sitting in front of the geeta, reciting a art she knew by heart. In front of her sat a beautiful young girl clad in a blue saree, her maang sparkling with vibrant sindoor as she was paying attention to what the lady was saying. They seemed extremely devoted. A smile found Khushi's lips as she remembered how her amma would recite the geeta and Payal and she would listen.

Khushi was so lost in her thoughts totally forgetting about the trauma she was in moments ago that she didn't even realize when Arnav had walked behind her. He finally spoke breaking her chain of thoughts.

"That's my nani and my dii'"

"Oh'" she smiled at him. "She is married?"

"Yes. I guess you are wondering what she is doing here right? Actually she is 3 months pregnant so we requested her and jijaji to come and stay here till she delivers. We want to take care of her."

"And her husband?"

"A self made man, Shyaam. He loves her more than anything. He actually didn't want to send her here but then we requested hi to come over and stay here for 9 months so that we al can enjoy dii's pregnancy."

"They love each other?"

"More than anything! He loves dii since primary school and that time none of us were rich. Even when we got rich he never asked for help. He worked part time and studied till he became a successful lawyer. He has never laid his eyes on any other woman. Dii is his first and last love." Arnav told her everything calmly as he saw she was so interested in knowing about his dii.

"I wish someone would love me as much." She said still in a trance.

"I do." Arnav replied almost immediately without realizing what he had blurted out. That broke Khushi's trance and made her look at him shocked.

Before any of them could say anything a kind voice broke in.

"Chotey?" said nani.

"Aur yeh aap ke saath?" asked Anjali coming towards Khushi and smiling.

"Uhh.. " Arnav was still shocked at what he had just said moments ago and fumbled with his words. "Di.. she is friend my Khushi'"

"Huh?" echoed Khushi and nani. While Khushi's eyes grew wider and her cheeks were painted red.

"I mean' Khushi my friend" he mentally kicked himself. Arnav had never been like this in his life. What the hell was he doing?

Anjali smiled "Namaste.. Hum Anjali Chotey's sister"


"Aur hum inki nani hai'"

"Namaste nani." Said Khushi touching her feet.

"Jeete raho bitiya." Nani smiled.

"Par khushiji aap itni bheegi huyi kyun hai?"

"Who ' i.. umm" hearing that question Arnav came back to his senses and realized he was supposed to take care of Khushi.

"Nani, dii I will tell you later but first let her change and please open the guest room for her as she will stay here tonight. The weather is too bad and roads are blocked. She can't go home tonight."

"Yeah sure" replied Anjali happily.

Anjali led Khushi to the guest room and arranged clothes for her. As Khushi came out Anjali called her for having tea downstairs. They all sat down to have tea when Arnav's dad came home. He walked straight to the table.

"Are you alright Khushi beta?" that question shocked everyone and most importantly Khushi. How did he know her? Did he know what had happened with her?

"Ji..jii" Khushi replied hesitantly.

"Oh that Sharia! I never liked that girl but today she crossed all the limits. Thank god Arjun is sending her to US. Bala tali hamare sar se"

"Dad?" Anjali looked at him questioningly.

"Areh Anjali Arjun just called and he told me that'" and he recited the whole scenario that took place and how much Khushi had gone through. They all were thankful to Aman for telling Arnav on time or nobody knew what could have happened to the poor soul.

"Beta consider this as your house and please stay as long as you want." Nani told Khushi. Arnav blushed at this and this did not go unnoticed by Anjali. She was surprised that first time Arnav cared so much about a girl and he even brought her home and the cherry on the coke. The always so stern, quiet and disinterested Arnav was blushing? What the?

After dinner Arnav led Khushi to the bedroom which she would stay in for the night and co-incidentally that room was right beside Arnav's room. As they walked side by side their hand slightly brushed against each other and both felt the instant electrifying shock in their bodies.

Khushi was about to remove her hand when Arnav held it. By the way he held it Khushi could tell he wasn't flirting, he was just re-assuring her that everything was alright. As they reached the door of the guest room Khushi turned and thanked Arnav and closed the door.

Seconds later Khushi heard a knock and found Arnav standing at the door.

"May I come in?" he asked in a soft tone and Khushi moved to make way for him.

As Khushi walked in he took her hand and made her sit on the bed while he sat beside her.

"Khushi a lot has happened today. I know it is unforgettable but I know you that is why I am telling you that it is all over. You are safe now so please sleep peacefully and don't cry over it'." He paused for a while as Khushi looked at him with admiration "'And don't forget I am always with you and I will never let anything happen to you'"

He said the last few words with so much honest that Khushi felt like crying. She was at a loss of words and just nodded biting her lips to prevent herself from crying.

As he h got up he remembered "'Oh and I have informed Lavanya about you so don't worry about them as well. And the radio said that school would be closed tomorrow because the roads are blocked. So you stay here comfortably."

He gave a small smile and left the room and Khushi looked at him in awe. She was rally overwhelmed with this side of Arnav.
Just then she remembered what he had said in front of the mandir.

"I DO!"

The words echoed in her mind making her blush as she recalled the library incident with him. He had actually kissed her cheeks twice!

He had kissed her??

O H M Y G O D !

Was she dreaming? She lay in the bed hiding her face in her palms blushing profusely. She really couldn't believe all this was happening to her! Did he mean all that he did and said? She had to ask him. But how would she face him while asking him about the "kiss" and the "confession"?

But what if he denied saying he was just kidding?

That would break her heart! She had to wait till she was sure.

On the other hand Arnav was playing with table lamp switching it on and off leaning on his head-board. He just couldn't stop thinking about her. He was worried. She was so nave and what had she ever done to Sharia that Sharia did all this to her?

What did Khushi ever do to deserve such humiliation?

He couldn't help but remember the day when she had forgiven Sharia on holi. Why couldn't Sharia see the goodness in her?

As holi came to his mind he was reminded of Khushi in the red saree. His mood changed instantly as he closed his eyes and remembered every feature of hers yelling "perfect!". The cool breeze touched his face and he smiled remembering how delectable she looked.

Just as he did the afternoon incident in the library jumped to his mind. She was so soft, her scent drove him crazy and he lost control. He had admitted twice in one day that he loved her.



Y E S !

It was true!

Arnav Singh Raizada loved Khushi Kumari Gupta!

With the thoughts jumping in their minds both slept peacefully in hope for a brighter morning.


Khushi woke up early as usual and freshened up. She went downstairs and met Anjali.

"Namaste Anjaliji. Actually I wanted to take a bath but I don't have anything to wear. "

"Aww don't worry Khushi ji you go and have a bath and I will arrange something for you."

"Umm Anjali ji'" Khushi asked hesitantly.

"Jii'" she said smiling.

"Can I pray in your mandir after bathing?" she asked curiously.

"Ofcourse!" Replied Anjali flashing a bright smile. "And please don't say your mandir. Consider this house yours too'"

Khushi visibly gasped. Did Anjali know about what Arnav had said? Omg!

Khushi managed a quick smile running back o the room, leaving a smiling Anjali behind. When Khushi came out of the bathroom she found a lovely baby pink saree with a cute sleeveless blouse. Beside it was a lovely pair of silver earrings and some pink and silver bangles.

She adored the beauty of the things and more than the beauty of the things she admired the heart of the people who lived in the house. They were so loveable and charming. Especially one particular person, uhm uhm!

Khushi blushed thinking about that person as she got dressed. As Khushi got up from the dresser she realized that it was indeed raining heavily outside, the wind was really strong but it looked amazing. Khushi didn't know what but there was something she absolutely loved about storms.

After enjoying the weather outside for a while Khushi descended down the stairs. Just as everyone saw her they stopped. Even arnav's dad who was walking towards the living room adjusting his kurta stopped and looked amazed at Khushi.

Yesterday he couldn't see her properly as he was more concerned about what she went through but today he could see a perfect Raizada bahu in her!

"How would she look as our house's bahu papa?" asked Anjali smiling.

"Perfect beta!" he replied.

As Khushi came down she touched nani's and Arnav's dad's feet to seek their blessing. She then went towards the kitchen and prepared kheer and ladoo for Prasad and went to the mandir and began the prayer.

Soon everyone joined her.

As Arnav descended down the stairs an overwhelming sweet voice reached his ears. Someone was singing aarti. It wasn't his dii or nani but Khushi! He rushed towards the mandir and was left totally mesmerized as he saw the enthrall beauty standing and singing aarti. He didn't realize when his joined in the prayer and he closed his eyes praying.

As the prayer ended Khushi started handing everyone the Prasad. She paused as she saw Arnav. He looked so handsome in the kurta payjama! She was brought back to reality with nani's voice.

"Areh bitiya wont you give Chotey the Prasad?"

Khushi shyly walked towards Arnav and blushed while handing him the laddoo as Arnav smiled shying away. This didn't go unnoticed by Anjali and papa. Nani also sensed something and smiled.

As they sat for breakfast Anjali deliberately made Khushi sit beside Arnav. Khushi glued her eyes on the plate and refused to look up. Arnav on the other hand kept sneaking glances at her every now and then while Anjali and papa giggled looking at the love birds.

As they finished breakfast Khushi remembered that she had to call La.

"Umm Anjaliji can I use the phone to call my friend?"

"Ofcourse khushiji and please tell here you will stay here till the storm subsides so not to worry."

"But how can i'"

"No if's and no but's khushiji! You are staying here and that's final'"

Arnav mentally did a big "YES!".  Khushi finally agreed and got up to go and make the call but she didn't know where the phone was.

"Chotey can you show her where the phone is?"

"Yes dii" Arnav replied trying to keep a straight face.

This was a perfect chance for Arnav! Now that he had to show her where the phone was he would show her the one in his room although there was one in the guest room itself! With this "Bahana!" he wanted to show Khushi her future room'uhm' I mean Arnav's room.

Arnav smiled like a kid as he walked with Khushi in the corridor. Boy oh boy was he excited to show her his room' and not just that he had some uhm plans for her'

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Amazing teaser...
Waiting for the update
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Awesome update! Embarrassed
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Wonderful update!!!
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simply fabulous
loved it
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Tumhi Ho Is Updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want to dance yaar!
in my style!

in sanka devi styleLOL

in BS styleLOLWink

thnk u so much Rockstar!
thnks a ton for updating this one...
blv me one of the most beauutiful ss in this Forum...
Arshi is so damn cute and lovely!Heart
tthnks for giving me this ss...

i love u for this...

back to the update...
for the very 1st time i just loved arnav's family...
a beautiful and kind  nani...
a mother like di...
a wonderful jija ji...
and a loving father...
he deserves both of them...a gud jija ji and a gud father
they liked khushi...
they are seeing a raizada bahu in her...Day Dreaming
yaar i m just loving it!
thnk God the sharia chapter is closed...
but she was'n tht bad...coz of her we got many romantic scenes b/w arshi!ROFL
now arnav's naughty mind is working...
and my guttery mind 2ROFL
as u know i m a romance loverLOL
and romance b/w arshi...hyyy just out of this world...Clap
awesome K!
just mind blowing...

and next update on pg 75...i m ready for it...going to resLOL

love u yaar!

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