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ArHi SS~Tum Hi Ho~ *Imp Note:Page 147* (Page 44)

sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Nooo, Arnav Has To Save His Khushi :(

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nice update
wat happend nxt
coninue soon
zayana123 IF-Dazzler

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Lovely update...
LondonChick IF-Dazzler

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I am loving this. Please may I be PMed for future updates?
ASR6262 IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update

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Banner Credit: Momo_121

A/N: You people are the most sweethearts! Thank you for being so supportive. As promised here is the chapter before my exam. Do read and leave your feedback. Well rationally this chapter is 7 pages long as i type in Calibri at a font size of 10. Thats a lot!!! So i wont mind comments which umm 7 divided by 2? 3 and a half line comment atleast?

Lol! Just kidding guys... Its upto you as long as you comment. And Megha sweetheart its okay! NO need to say sorry as i really understand the problems with studies. And india094, thank you so much for your lovely response. Shalini you are a sweethrt... thanks for the pm's that you send me Embarrassed

Happy Reading!

Chapter 5

If Khushi had been a girl with modern values, someone who was jealous of others and a person who conspired against people then she would have known that Sharia was like a dog's tail, someone who would not change, no matter what happens.

But Khushi being the sweet and simple girl with traditional values who in her dreams wouldn't think of hurting someone didn't realize that this was Sharia's plan for trapping her and for taking her revenge.

No matter how much Sharia wanted to flaunt that she was the diva of the college and was the prettiest of all, she too deep inside knew that she was lying to herself more than to others.

Sharia was never good in studies and nor was she ever interested in learning the traditional values that her mother wanted to teach her before she died. Sharia was a coward, someone who was always too afraid to admit things. When her mother past away, she was too reluctant to admit that her mother was right and Sharia was not an ideal girl so she busied herself in other things to distract herself.

Being a rich girl she had access to fashion magazines, tv shows and other things which distracted her well enough. She always tried to be miss perfect at school and she made a lot of friends, not because they really liked her personality but because they really liked the size of her wallet.

So her so called "friends" got an investor by means of Sharia. Any party that they wanted was financed by Sharia. His father just couldn't object on her spending just because he thought that the money would cover up for the loss of her mother.

Sharia was doing a good job at proving herself as the most wanted girl in the college until Khushi entered her life.

Even though she was dressed in a plain red churidaar boys were drooling after her like they had seen some hot shot model. One of them was Arnav.

Even though Sharia had never admitted but she had always liked Arnav and wanted to date him ever since she saw him but it seemed she never had any effect on him as he was always studying, playing basketball, being a part of the music band… he was interested in everything… except girls.

Atleast that is what every girl thought until Khushi entered his life. Although no one mentioned it but everyone saw that Arnav's eyes were only for Khushi. He just couldn't stop staring.

Sharia would have left her alone but when she saw Arnav falling for Khushi she just couldn't stop herself from torturing Khushi so she did by means of ragging but that too failed when Lavanya befriended Khushi.

When NK entered college a month later Sharia had the perfect plan for wooing him and making Arnav jealous but her plan failed again when NK fell for Lavanya.

What was the problem in Sharia? That one question irked her everyday. Deep inside she knew that the reason was that she wasn't deep rooted to her culture like Khushi and Lavanya. She knew that her mother was right but she was a coward to admit that.

Everytime she saw Khushi, more than anything what irked her that she looked like a perfect ideal daughter that her mother would have wanted.

She felt unwanted and lonely.

Maybe the plan she made was wrong. It was wrong to hurt someone when that someone has been forgiving you for everything since three years. She knew she was wrong but too afraid to admit that.

As the thoughts came and argued in her mind the fear won in front of good and she decided that she was going to hurt Khushi. If there was no Khushi again then there would be no more problems and she wouldn't have to change. Today she was going to insult Khushi so much that she will leave college forever and never return again.

She had planned a party tonight at seven where she had invited most of the college to witness the embarrassment that Khushi was going to face.

As the clock struck 5pm Khushi headed towards the library as she had to prepare for the oratory contest. Everyone insisted on staying back with her but she insisted that she wouldn't be able to concentrate and if they stayed together then the librarian would kick them out of the library for not being silent.

They laughed but agreed as they knew she was right.

But NK insisted that Khushi should call him after she is done and he will come and pick her up to which Khushi agreed.

Khushi stepped into the library and chose a secluded place which would be most suitable for no disturbance. She found one right behind the shelf and a French window behind the table providing a beautiful view of the college garden and waterfall. Perfect! Thought Khushi.

She sat down and opened her notebook to decide which book she needed when she felt someone clear his throat, giving her instant goose bumps. She didn't need to look up to see who it was but she was shocked as to why he was here and if he needed to be in the library, then why is he standing near her table?

"May I sit here?" she heard him ask.

"NOOO!" she felt like shouting. How the hell was she supposed to concentrate now? She sent her friends for concentrating alone but now she regretted it. Wishing she had stopped them.

"Okay..." was all she could manage and she felt him sit down right in front of her.

He did not say anything else so to avoid any conversation she got up to get the book that she needed. Fortunately or unfortunately, the book was kept on a higher shelf and she stretched a bit to reach it. Arnav couldn't help but drool over her perfect curves, he really wished he could hold her.

Devi maiyya smiled, Tatha Asthu!

And Khushi lost her balance!

Before she could fall two strong arms held her and straightened her. *Rabba Ve*

After what seemed like hours Khushi realized that she was close to him and tried to move away but it seemed like the encounter had a really good effect on Arnav that he wasn't ready to let go of her waist which he had been holding all the while. He backed her against the wall and her eyes widened. He smirked.

She looked around to check if anyone was watching them, the last thing that she wanted was that someone would see them like this and spread rumors about them. Thankfully the library was almost empty and the librarian was in the far corner, sleeping and Khushi sighed in relief.

She again attempted to free herself when she felt him inch closer and she shut her eyes tight. She felt him inhale her scent. Her heart almost stopped beating as she felt his lips brush slightly against her cheek!

As if reading her shock he slightly whispered "Trust me..please!"

And she let go. The word trust made such an effect on her that she just couldn't argue. Even though he added a please it was more like a demand that she had to trust him. She felt his hold getting stronger around her waist and him breathing in the crook of her neck.

She closed her eyes and exhaled deeply feeling the sweet torture, she didn't realize when her hands involuntarily went up to his arms and she held him lightly, urging him to continue.

She felt his biceps. No doubt Arnav was well built but feeling him this way was something out of this world!

She didn't realize when the words came out of her mouth…

"Kya kar rahe ho Arnav?"


Before he could stop to think he blurted without thinking. That one word stilled their movements.
Both were afraid to let go. Finally Khushi tried to push him but he just wouldn't let go. She felt him come closer to her ears and whisper again..

"Think about us tonight. I wanna know what you feel. Will you let me know after thinking Khushi?"

Words were something Khushi didn't have right now. All she could manage was nod. She felt him smile in her hair and loosen his grip on her waist as he let her go but no before placing another light kiss on her cheek.

Khushi was stunned!

What the hell just happened?

Did Arnav Singh Raizada just propose her?

Or was it a joke?

Khushi just couldn't figure out. She needed help so she whispered "Hey Devi Maiyya"

Devi maiyya blushed.

Khushi picked up her bag and books, her oratory work left completely forgotten. She walked quickly out of the building as the encounter with Arnav replayed in her mind. Did that actually happen? Or was she day dreaming about him?

As Khushi looked around for an auto, she suddenly remembered that she had to go to Sharia's house for her book and she told the driver to go to Sharia's house.

No! Khushi please don't go! Devi maiyya begged her.

Khushi got off and paid the driver. As the driver left she told the watchman that she wanted to see Sharia. The watchman was instructed to let Khushi in by Sharia.

As Khushi entered through the gate she heard loud music inside the big house. If Sharia was so damn sick why was it looking as if there was a party going on?

Khushi became but a bit suspicious and thought of letting the book be and returning home.

Yes go home sweetie, whispered devi maiyya.

Just then Pam came out.

"Hey Khushi come in sweetheart."

"No its okay. Just give my book, its too late and I need to go home."

"But Sharia wants to meet you!"


"To apologize, ofcourse hunny…"


"Oh come on in…" Pam dragged Khushi inside the house. Khushi was really shocked to see many students of the college dressed in little clothes dancing. Sharia was close dancing with a guy. As they saw her Sharia motioned the Dj to stop the music.

"You are not sick?" Khushi asked shocked.

"Lol! No Khushi dear… do I look sick anyway?" Sharia said modeling.

Khushi turned to leave as she saw Pam lock the door.

"Let me go!"

"Not so easy baby!!" she saw Sharia come near her and she moved back.

"What do you want?"

"I want you out of my life!"


Sharia just didn't reply and Pam handed Sharia the accounting book that she got from Khushi.

"Studious much are we?" Sharia asked sarcastically as she opened the book and tore a page out of it.

"NO!" Khushi screamed trying to grab the book as Pam and Sam held Khushi by the arm.

"Don't do that!" Khushi screamed.

"Want your book? Take it!" saying that Sharia threw the book in the pool.

Tears flowed freely out of Khushi's eyes as she begged them not to do that and they grabbed her dupatta and threw it in the water.

Sharia had purposely not invited Arnav because she knew what would happen then. But she didn't know that Aman was the person informing Arnav about everything so she had invited Aman.

As Aman saw all this happening he immediately went outside to call Arnav. Khushi needed him, RIGHT NOW!

Khushi felt Pam open the zip of her kameez and all the guys "Wooo'd" at this.

Khushi cried loudly.

Sharia went towards Khushi "You have made my life miserable! You want to steal my Arnav from me?" saying that she pushed Khushi into the pool and every-one just stood there laughing.

After Aman came back from making the call he was shocked to see Khushi in the pool. Without thinking twice he jumped in the water to save her. Sharia was shocked to see that.

Aman managed to pull Khushi out on time. She sat there coughing as Aman helped her to stand up.

"Aman how dare…" *SLAP* *SLAP*

The whole house became silent and the only noise that echoed was the slaps that Sharia got from her father.

"I am ashamed to have you as my daughter. How dare you misuse my power? What are you...huh? NOTHING! You are nothing without my money! These are not your friends. They are dogs barking after your money you FOOL! That's it! You are not going back to that college anymore…"

He paused for breath.

"I am sending you to US straight away. Boarding school!"

He looked at all the people.

"And I will make sure that these people who were laughing on this poor girl will get punished soon."

"Khushi I am really sorry beta. My daughter has hurt you a lot. Thank god Arnav told me everything on time."

Khushi was surprised at hearing this.

All heads turned as Arnav walked in quickly and covered Khushi with his jacket. He held her by the shoulder and whispered "Let me take you home."    

Khushi walked slowly. She didn't have the power to but the protective way that Arnav held her gave her courage to walk. Arnav started the car and started driving, he had barely driven a few metres when he looked at her. She seemed so lost and hurt that Arnav just couldn't see her like that. He placed his hand on hers re assuring her that all was fine now.

She looked up to him with hopeful eyes and he saw a tear rolling down her cheek which pierced his heart. He placed a break and stopped the car.

"Khushi!" he turned around in the seat and that broke her silence, she lunged forward and hugged him tightly crying loudly."Why me? Why me?..."

She sniffed. "What did I ever do to her?"

"Nothing Khushi. Its over now baby! Its all over…"

"I didn't do any…. To..her..then…wh…why?" she continued crying as Arnav comforted her.

It started raining very heavily and suddenly Arnav heard the news on the radio that roads were blocked by fallen trees.

Sharia's house was really far from the college and Khushi's apartment. It would take approx 40 minutes to go to Khushi's apartment from there so Arnav decided that his house was just a 18 minutes drive, so he took her to his house.

He could see the curiousness in her eyes as the gates opened and a large mansion came into view.

He read the confusion in her mind and said "Stay here for tonight. I will inform your friends. "

As Arnav turned to get off she placed her hand on his and he stopped and turned towards her.

"Thank you Arnav"

He just smiled and opened the door for her.

"Jo Hota Hai Bhale Ke Liye Hota Hai", said devi maiyya happily.

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hey hey  me first Dancing 
awesome update 
Library scene was so cute Wink 
Arnav proposed Khushi &kissed her on d cheeksBlushing 
Im in dreamland when Khushi said kya kar rahe ho Arnav &arnav said pyaarBlushingDay Dreaming 

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 uff how pathetic that sharia was...good she got the slap ...

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