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ArHi SS~Tum Hi Ho~ *Imp Note:Page 147* (Page 27)

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this is so cool... Dancing update soon...Day Dreaming

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Awesome update !Thank you for the Pm dear Hug
NestleToulouse IF-Stunnerz

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Sorry,Double post.

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Banner Credit: Momo_121

Chapter 3

The day wasn't over yet.

 The Economics class was just over and some students moved out to attend split classes as to whoever took Geography and luckily Sharia was taking Geo and not computer like Arnav, Khushi and the gang.

Not because she wanted to but because her dad forced her to do so. So the best part was that Arnav, Khushi and Khushi's group remained in the class for computer.

Just as Sharia moved out with her so called friends a superb idea struck to our genius La!

"Hey Arnav… why don't you come and join us?" La called out to him and NK instantly caught the signal La was giving and replied.

"Of course Arnav why are you sitting there alone?" NK knew that La wanted him to spend time with Khushi and the best thing was since they were sitting in pairs, couple wise, the seat beside Khushi was empty!

Arnav got up and came around to the group.

"Oh umm" La pretended to look around for a place so that Khushi doesn't sense their plan. And then she just randomly told Arnav "Oh hey look the seat beside Khushi is empty. You can sit there."


Thought Khushi as she closed her eyes tightly not wanting that to happen. She was already not over with the butterflies that his gaze gave her and now this proximity. I will die, thought Khushi as she felt him sit down beside her.

I love you La, whispered Devi Maiyya.

La and the group smiled knowingly but Payal being a really concerned still doubted Arnav when Akaash noticed this. "Payal its okay. Nothing will be wrong."Payal smiled trying to re assure herself.

Khushi tried her best to bury herself in the book while Lavanya and NK chatted randomly with Arnav. Akaash was too busy flirting with Payal while she gave him cold stares asking him stop.

As Khushi read through her notes she started making short notes with her led pencil. She made a small mistake and La saw that and she knew Khushi would look for a rubber so she casually asked Arnav for the rubber lying on the desk between Khushi and Arnav.

"Arnav can you pass me the rubber."

And her plan was a success.

Arnav and Khushi went for the rubber at the same time. Khushi reached for it a nano-second earlier so Arnav's hand was on top of hers. Khushi gasped as her eyes shot up to meet his. *Rabba Ve*

Arnav unknowingly tightened his hold on her delicate hand. It fitted perfectly as if it belonged with his hand.

La mentally patted herself and NK gave a small wink.

Oh time up sweethearts, sighed  Devi maiyya shaking her head as Mr. Sehgal entered the class for computer and everyone turned around. Arnav and Khushi were still lost in that moment when the teacher's voice broke their trance. Both of them felt equally embarrassed. Khushi's cheeks turned the perfect shade of red as she looked away but Arnav couldn't help but stare at her in awe.

She looks so cute while blushing, he thought.

The rest of the class went well….
For others…

But for Arnav and Khushi it was not well. Khushi's hand was still tickling with the sensation of his touch and on the other hand Arnav was still not able to understand that why was he feeling so damn attracted to her. Get a grip Raizada, he mentally scolded himself; you have never even talked to her that you are thinking so much about her. But no matter how much he tried he couldn't keep his eyes off her.

He was confused. This was the first time that Arnav Singh Raizada was stealing glances at a girl. This was the first time he felt like being close to someone. He didn't want the class to end because he knew he would have to get up and leave.

Soon after the siren went and the class was indeed over, Arnav closed his eyes and sighed. He felt so upset but he couldn't understand why.

He got up closing his book and mumbled a good bye to the gang before leaving the class. He was in no mood to see Sharia's irritating face after seeing the angelic face of Khushi. Khushi looked at him as he moved out of the class, disappearing among the crowds of people standing in the corridor. She didn't know why but she felt sad that he left. She wanted him to stay.

Lavanya noticed the frown on Khushi's face as she was looking at Arnav's retreating figure and smiled. Her plan was finally working and Khushi was feeling something towards Arnav.

"Hey babe we are going to the canteen."NK came up to Lavanya.

"Khushi lets go Hun" Lavanya said softly but Khushi didn't know why she felt like being alone for a while to gather her thoughts and to think straight.

"You guys go ahead I will catch up…" she replied reluctantly.

Lavanya gave NK a silent nod to agree to Khushi's request as he was about to ask her what happened so they all left for the canteen.

Khushi sat down on the chair thinking about what had happened a few moments ago. She touched her hand where he had touched earlier. Just as she was lost in her thoughts Sharia entered the class with her group.

She saw Khushi sitting ALONE!

Sharia smiled wickedly!

Sharia was really angry as she had noticed Arnav had been staring at her in the morning but she couldn't make it obvious. She had mentally planned revenge and now was the perfect time to execute the plan.

To hurt Khushi!

Khushi was too lost in her thoughts to notice Sharia's entry in the room; she remained seated as Sharia approached her. Sharia smirked at her group and they all "OOhed"  making Khushi come back to reality as she noticed that Sharia was standing in front of her with her hands on her hips.

Khushi was taken aback and she looked here and there for any sign of her friends but no!

She was not lucky enough!

She got up and tried to leave only to be stopped by Sharia as she pushed Khushi and she stumbled. Sharia gave an evil smile and said "Bahut sharif banne ke aadat hai, haina? Chalo aaj saari sharafat nikalti hun"…

Saying that she pulled off Khushi's dupatta and Khushi gasped as all the boys in Sharia's group laughed. Except one boy who felt sorry for Khushi. Aman!

Aman was a close friend of Arnav and he stayed in that group so Arnav wouldn't be alone. He immediately left the place without anyone noticing him leave. He left to search for Arnav because he knew Khushi needed him and him only.

He knew if he was not found anywhere he would be found in the library where he often went because Sharia and the group wouldn't come.

As he went in the search Sharia ad her group laughed at Khushi as she was trying to gather her pallu, tears streaming out of her eyes.  Khushi turned around in embarrassment and Sharia came up and pulled at the string that was holding Khushi's blouse together.

The blouse was about to come off but it was held in midway and Khushi felt someone cover her with a waistcoat. She didn't turn around as she was still in  a state of shock.

Arnav turned around and Sharia was shell shocked. "Arnav why are you helping this …this…"


"But…Ar" one of the boys tried to protest…and Arnav didn't wait for a second before going and slapping that guy hard.

"NO ONE has the right to play with the dignity and purity of a woman!!!"

"But Arnav Bab…" before Sharia could complete Arnav turned and gave her THE LOOK which made Sharia shut up and everybody left the place.

Arnav thanked Aman and Aman left because he knew they needed to be alone so he could handle her. He closed the door and left.

Khushi was still crying and as soon as Arnav touched her shoulder she turned and hugged him. He held her in his arms letting her cry.

Since it was holi today the recess was extended and Arnav had more time to pacify Khushi. Khushi cried her heart out and soon realized the state that she was in and let go of Arnav. She was still embarrassed that her blouse was almost open. As if reading her mind Arnav turned her around and took of the waist coat from her back.

He held the two strings together and started to tie it, his hands touching her bare back in the process. He saw her tremble and he shivered as his desires for her came back rushing to him. He caressed her back with his thumb and she shivered. He placed his hands around her stomach and hugged her from behind. Khushi shuddered at his touch.

Arnav whispered in her ear "You can trust me Khushi " and he felt her body relax against his and she leaned against him and rested her head on his shoulder. Arnav had never been happier. She trusted him!

Even though they never talked, they never expressed any feeling for each other. She still trusted him.

Arnav inhaled her fruity shampoo and it drove him crazy instantly. She was so tempting. Arnav felt really overwhelmed with the feelings that were surfacing now. He actually felt like loving a girl, taking care of her, pampering her, fighting with her, resting on her lap.

Arnav never knew that even he could have such desires towards a girl. Till date no girl was ever able to win his heart and no girl was able to make him want her but Khushi… without even trying she was taking over his mind, body and soul.

He wanted to tell her but not in this context. He wanted to make it special since it was the first time for her and the first time for him.

The siren rang and recess was over. Khushi became really embarrassed as she realized the state she was in. as if reading her mind Arnav said…

"Khushi you don't need to be embarrassed, you are safe with me and you don't have to worry about Sharia… I will teach her a good lesson soon… that good for nothing stupid fool!" he said the last few words gritting his teeth.

Khushi was so happy hearing that he was actually so concerned about her. He looked so damn cute that she wanted to hug him but she didn't want him to harm anyone else because of her so she told Arnav…

"Arnav its okay. Please don't do anything to them. Devi maiyya will teach them their lesson soon enough." Arnav couldn't help but envy the goodness in her. They had harmed her so much yet she was ready to leave them without taking any action. He also loved the fact she believed so much in god. It reminded him of his mum. She didn't feel like a stranger, it was as if she was made for him only.

Devi maiyya smiled, this is the first actual convo you guys had all thanks to Sharia but that girl needs a lesson very soon. Her arrogance has to come to an end.

Arnav realized that this was the first time Khushi had spoken to him! She had actually addressed him!

His name sounded so sweet from her mouth, like sweet nectar.

He smiled.

"Arnav I think we should go to our class now…." Khushi said lowering her eyelids, a blush creeping up her cheeks.

"Oh yeah I completely forgot." Arnav said and turned to leave.

As he walked a few steps Khushi called him "Umm Arnav…" he turned and replied "Hmm…"

She blushed again and said "Thank you". He smiled and said "Welcome…."

As Arnav reached the door he turned around and saw Khushi was still blushing and he couldn't stop himself…

"Ummm Khushi…"


"You look beautiful…"

If Khushi was blushing till now then after hearing this from Arnav she was about change the meaning of red!

Arnav envied her for a few seconds, red saree and red cheeks seem so perfect on her, he thought as he smiled and walked out. Khushi followed soon after and they went for their English class.

Lavanya was waiting for Khushi in the class , worry evident o her face and her face lit up as she saw Khushi coming into the class.

"Khushi are you alright?" she asked almost panicking.

"Yes La.. what happened?" Khushi tried to be casual.

"Don't pretend Khushi baby I already know what that Sharia tried to do with you. Arnav told me everything."

"It's okay La, I'm fine now…"Khushi smiled as Lavanya hugged her.

"It's not okay hun" replied Payal.

"Yes Khushi we should complain to the principle" Akaash agreed with Payal.

"Nahi its really okay"

"Khushi they are right, you should take a step to stop them…" Nk argued with Khushi.

"hey guys its our final year. Lets not give anyone any bad memories and lets not make any bad memories. Its really fine…"

"But…" La said when Khushi half hugged and said "Lavanya bu I promise if they do anything again then I wont stop you guys from taking any step against her. Just this time let it be. Everyone deserves a chance."

Arnav was listening to this conversation all the while and he smiled looking at how generous Khushi was. Sharia had hurt her so much throughout these tree years and today she had crossed all the limits yet she was ready to forgive her.

Sharia kept distance from Arnav for the rest of the day because she knew being near him was danger zone. Arnav continued to sit beside Khushi. Both were feeling happy about their new formed relationship which didn't need any words. This unique relationship could not be expressed in words it could just be felt by the heart.


As Khushi was sitting on her bed cramming economics, his words echoed in her mind…

"You can trust me Khushi"

The way he had whispered it in her ears, it felt so genuine and real that she just couldn't help but give in to his plea. Khushi blushed as she remembered how he had placed his waistcoat on her saving her from disgrace. He had actually gone against Sharia for her!

Her blush deepened as she remembered how he had tied her dori and especially the way he had placed his hands around her, hugging her from behind. Khushi hid her face in the book remembering that wonderful moment…


Arnav had actually hugged her TWICE!

What was happening to her???


On the other hand as Arnav was sitting with his guitar practicing he smiled remembering the close encounter with her. His hand still felt ticklish which he used to tie her dori and in the process had caressed her back. It was so tempting!

He felt like hugging her again. He couldn't help but notice that she had fit in his arms perfectly. He could feel every inch of her body on his as she had leaned back. He felt like hugging her again, for as long as he lived!

What was happening to him???


Devi maiyya chuckled as she sang "Kya karun haye kuch kuch hota hai…"

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dil bhi dhadakta hai reWink


loved it

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Awesome...but that sharia must be taught a lesson...SSOOONN
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