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ArHi SS~Tum Hi Ho~ *Imp Note:Page 147* (Page 13)

zayana123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 3:53am | IP Logged
Awww... thta was amazingly written... i loved it...
arnav is attracted to khushi... that was intresting...
plz post soon...

Arshi.Sugi.IPK IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
Superb Prologue Smile
Abi.Na IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 July 2013 at 7:41am | IP Logged
Awesome story... plz continue soon and pm me too...
PrInCeSs_dIVa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 July 2013 at 4:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by arnie...

Lovely story 
Update soon dear
Eagerly waiting to read the next chappy  ...
Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

Thank you Embarrassed

Originally posted by ajoop

do pm me please


Thanks Embarrassed

Originally posted by zayana123

Awww... thta was amazingly written... i loved it...
arnav is attracted to khushi... that was intresting...
plz post soon...

Thanks Embarrassed

Originally posted by hariyamalik

i m just in love with this ss..Embarrassed


Originally posted by megha_arnav

Ths iz SOOO Goood !! :') Day Dreaming

& Nw, um freakinn' ADDICTED to it! :* Heart

Diva babe ... thnx fr recommendin' me ths fab. story! <'3
'Cuz, I am in LOVEE wid itt !! :* Hug

Nxt chap SOONNN !!! Embarrassed

Thank you Megha Smile
PrInCeSs_dIVa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 July 2013 at 4:19pm | IP Logged
Chapter 2:

A/N: Im sorry i couldnt reply to many comments here but i will try to do so very soon. My projects are really due that is why PM's will be sent a little late. Till then i hope you enjoy reading and keep commenting because i read every single comment and each one of them means a lot to me. Happy reading!

"Arnav! Arnav! Are you even listening to my honey?"

"Huh! What happened to the bees?" asked Arnav as Sharia's irritating voice broke him from his lovely trance.

"Bees?" Sharia asked confused.

"Umm yeah I thought you were saying something about honey?" replied Arnav casually.

"Oh! Never mind. You were not even listening to me all this while." She tried to make a cute face which much to her distress Arnav didn't notice.

"Oh I was just ….. Busy" he said trying to look at Khushi again who was busy chatting with La and the group.

It was holi today.

Everyone in the college wore traditional clothes today. Well although for Khushi traditional was like casual because she wore a kameez every-day. Not that Arnav minded that, actually he loved the fact because it was a proof of her decentness and simplicity and it avoided most of the guys from drooling over her.

But today Khushi was wearing a saree.

To be more specific…


So do you think Arnav will shift his gaze elsewhere throughout the day?

He had been drooling over her ever since she entered the classroom in the morning. He had not been able to concentrate in any of the classes as her images in the red saree were flashing in his mind constantly!


Khushi was trying her best to avoid Arnav. She tried to engross herself in chatting with the group but she could feel his gaze on her all the time. Can't he sit facing the front? Khushi retorted in her mind. Why does he have to look at the back all the time? And if he is talking to Sharia then why doesn't he look at her, why is he looking at me?

Khushi remembered the time when she entered she entered the classroom in the morning. The wind had blown and he looked up at her, his eyes darkened and he didn't look away. The aura in his gaze was such that she too couldn't look away. If it wasn't Lavanya shaking Khushi out of the eye-lock she could have been looking in his eyes for eternity but she couldn't understand why.

She walked swiftly to her seat at the back of the class trying to avoid him but she felt his gaze on her throughout. Worse! When she sat at the back he turned his chair and started facing the back. Okay! He was talking to Sharia but then why look at her?

Finally what Khushi feared had happened!

Sharia got irritated and shouted on Arnav saying that he was not listening to her. This confirmed her suspicions that he had not turned for Sharia but her.

And he was least bothered to cover up the fact. He didn't bother looking away!

What is Sharia looked at the back and realized he was staring at Khushi? She wouldn't leave Khushi!

Sharia was wearing a very revealing saree. It was as if she was wearing very little clothes and every guy was looking at her but Arnav! This shameless fellow! Thought Khushi, he is not even bothering to look at her even once. But wait if he wasn't looking at Sharia trying to reveal herself then how come he was shameless? Khushi smiled.

He seemed decent!

Now Khushi was even more uncomfortable.

She thanked her stars as Mrs. Sharma entered the class for their accounting class and Arnav turned around. Or more like he was forced to turn around! Khushi sighed in relief but her breath hitched as she saw he him turn around and give her a final glance before turning again.

The class went well because he didn't turn around again.

It was recess and the group as usual decided to go their favorite spot. As Khushi was got up she saw Sharia getting up as well. Khushi couldn't help but notice that she got up clumsily and pretended to fall down. In the process deliberately let her pallu slip!

Khushi gasped. How could she be so low?

But Arnav just held her by the shoulder and mumbled "Be careful" and looked away. Wow! Khushi thought this was the chance every guy was looking forward to. If it was any other guy he would have taken this opportunity and held her by the waist and looked at her fallen pallu but Arnav?

He was not even bothered to look at her?


And then it happened again. He looked at her again. Locking her gaze again! But why was he looking at her? She had worn a simple red saree with a very decent blouse and although the back of the blouse was revealing having only one dori at the back but her long hair was covering her back. Her blouse had a small sleeve as well unlike Sharia and most of the girls who wore their blouse without even a strap!

But he was looking at Khushi as if he could see much more!

Finally Khushi broke the eye-lock and moved towards her group which was busy debating about the accounting equation. She just needed to leave the place and go to a place where he couldn't see her. So she suggested that they go to their favorite spot and everyone agreed.


Finally! Khushi thought…

Now he was nowhere in sight but Khushi's heart was still restless. She couldn't understand these new feelings that were creeping up in her heart. She never felt this way for a guy before! How could she feel this way?

The butterflies! Uff!

No! She wouldn't think about him again.

"Hey guys!" Khushi gasped as she heard the husky voice again.

"Hey mahn!" NK replied while giving him a guy types handshake which was more like a high five!

Lavanya gave NK a look asking him why was Arnav here, through her eyes and NK smiled. "Oh La babe Arnav is a real dude you know. He is so not like Sharia and her group. He really is as an awesome person!"

"Yeah" agreed Akaash. "He sings so well. Yesterday we were amazed to hear him so we invited him over. It was really fun to hangout with him."

"Trust Us!!" NK an Akaash chorused making all the girls smile.

Even Khushi smiled looking at her cute friends happy.

"Then you must sing for us Arnav," La said smiling.

"Oh that would be good!" Payal agreed as Akaash wound his arms around her waist.

"Uhm…" but before Arnav could reply the siren for the class sounded.

"Oh!" they all said in disappointment while Khushi could manage a small smile. She was in turmoil! She wanted to hear his husky voice because until today she heard only a few words from his mouth when he was trying to save her from Sharia and all she did was run away without thanking him.

But on the other hand she didn't want to hear him sing because only his presence was affecting her so much then what would happen to her if he sung in that wonderful voice?

Oh how dangerously hot he was looking in that crisp white shirt with black waist coat. He was looking so handsome and and…. Suddenly Khushi realized what she was thinking and mentally kicked herself for letting those sinful thoughts enter her mind.

Since three years she had tried her best to avoid him. She acted as if he didn't exist and he never even tried talking to her so she assumed he liked girls like Sharia and when she heard rumors, she believed them. But what now? Suddenly why was he seeming so interested in her?

This was her final year and she might not see him next year again! Yet her heart was feeling new things now!



The whole group proceeded towards the college laughing away. Mostly Khushi was part of that fun but today she was lost in her thoughts and walked a little slow and she didn't notice that Arnav too was walking slowly with her although at a distance.


Devi maiyya flicked her hand and Khushi slipped!!!

Arnav covered the distance in between seconds and held her by the waist trying to prevent her from falling. And their eyes met again.

They were lost in the moment of pure bliss. Chills ran down their spine as if indicating that they were made for each other!

She looked up and her chocolate brown eyes met his hazel ones. She forgot all the logic and stared in his eyes as if they were telling her something. Arnav had never held a girl so close before. Girls used to throw their-selves at him but he never let them succeed, not even Sharia! He always kept a respectable distance. If someone fell he just got them by their shoulder and made them steady.

For the first time he felt like saving someone like this. He didn't know what was happenening…

Just then Lavanya noticed that Khushi was missing from the group, thanks to the love that the group had for each other and they turned around only to see a sight which left them in awe! They looked picture perfect! They were simply adorable together. It was as if Devi maiyya had done this on purpose giving them the idea that there was something meant to be between them!!

Devi maiyya clasped her hands together! "Come on you dumb heads! Somebody please catch the idea! Because these two stupid people wouldn't realize their feelings on their own." she whispered and as if listening to her plea Lavanya got the idea. "NK don't they look perfect together?" she smiled.

"Yes sweethrt they do…"

"But is Arnav a good..." and Akaash dint let Payal complete her sentence. "Hey dumbo. He is a nice guy!" he said reassuring her.

"But you know our Khushi is extremely nave right?" La said concerned.
"Don't worry babe… we will find out more about him when we go for the practice…" Nk replied.

"But for now… Our class is waiting!!" Payal warned them.

"Oh! Right!" La said slapping her forehead as she smiled. "I guess it's time to break their moment…unfortunately"

La walked back to them and flicked a finger between them, breaking them out of their trance. Both got really uncomfortable realizing their "Filmy" position! As Khushi tried to get up and Arnav helped her to do so. La just smiled looking at them. Khushi just walked away trying to avoid her group's teasing eyes.

Arnav failed to run away like Khushi and NK and Akaash didn't leave this chance to tease him."Hey Arnav what happened? Why are you blushing?" asked NK trying to hide his smile.

"Who…uh …Main? Nahi toh…" Arnav tried to guise them.

They teased him a little but suddenly Payal remembered that it was Economics class! And being late would mean……


So they hurried to the class. As the gang entered the classroom, Khushi's eyes shot up searching for him but he wasn't there. "Oh so he doesn't want to be seen with my group? Image conscious much?" she retorted in her mind.

 Arnav entered a little late because he didn't want Sharia to ask stupid question about his whereabouts so he told them to go ahead and he will follow up soon. As he entered, all the girls started drooling over him again. And for the first time Khushi felt her heart prickle at the thought of other girls with him.

But Khushi didn't want to think about it anymore so she kept herself busy in studying economics.

La noticed this and she didn't want Khushi to be upset about something, but La obviously couldn't talk to her now because there was no privacy. So she thought she should keep Khushi busy to let her mind settle and she whispered to NK "Bub why don't you go and ask Khushi to help you understand the income analysis question instead of hitting your poor head on that question?"

"Oh yeah! Great idea babe. Khushi is the best I eco…" NK went up ad sat beside Khushi requesting her to help him and she obliged happily.

"Pagal" La smiled to herself as she saw her nave Khushi so happy in helping others. "She deserves the best!" Lavanya thought to herself.


If you want further pms for this story please leave a comment saying so. Do not send a buddy request as i will do that for you. You just need to notify me that you need pms.


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kushiasr26 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 July 2013 at 5:15pm | IP Logged
nice update
so the group is going to play cupid
pls continue soon and pls pm me

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Zarahatke IF-Dazzler

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Atleast someone noticed the connection between them 
I love this decent arnav

Edited by Zarahatke - 05 July 2013 at 11:23pm

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gurukhush Senior Member

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Posted: 05 July 2013 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
The story has started growing up nicely on their subtle proximity infusion, maybe the pace needs to pick up a bit!! Nice update.. ThanxSmileWink

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