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ArHi SS~Tum Hi Ho~ *Imp Note:Page 147* (Page 112)

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Unres'd on pg 108 ..

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Chal K Puttar ..
Teaser ho gaya na ..
Update de de ab jaldi !!
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this B** is bac i want her mashed up 
short n sweet
continue soon

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Hailo people. How are you all? So here i am with a dhamakedaar and awaited chapter.*Feeling EVIL*. So as i promised this chapter is dedicated to my three pagal and cute pari's Aimmy (because she gave me my life's best complment that she loves my SS more than Ranbir Kapoor *Faints*), Megha babydoll more like Gabbar Singh who is always ready to shoot me if my morale goes down and i want to quit I-F and thirdly Shalini dii for her Jaddoo Ki Jhappi which she gives me everytime i need it.

Now i would like to thank each and everyone of you for making this story a success by being loyal readers and commmenting to boost my morale. Aap sabko Thank you hai ji. I really very much appreciate your lovely comments. They are really sweet and shows how much you love this story.

Now back to the update. Hope you all like it and do tell me a detail view of what you thought after reading this story. Please. And do write atleast one line after reading or atleast thank me for the pm. It's hardwork you know?

Okay now enough of my lecture. Here is your update. Now see you all with the next update on the next thread. Does that mean that you have to make this thread reach 150 pages? Ofcourse it means that. So see ya all with another update when we reach 150 pages.

Happy Reading!

Banner Credit: Momo_121

Chapter 9

Khushi breathed deeply as the car halted in front of her apartment. She didn't know what to do. How did two people in a relationship say goodbye to each other? How would she know when she had never been in one. But then she realized it was his first time too and he might be thinking the same thing. She saw Arnav clear his throat slightly as he spoke. "Come I will drop you inside..."

It was more of a statement because the next moment Arnav was out of the car and opening her side of door. She got off quickly and gave him a nervous smile. Arnav noticed the nervousness and said, "Hey they will tease you but they won't eat you!... Stop being so worried..."

How did he know? Hey devi maiyya now he could read minds too?

Arnav walked ahead as Khushi followed him meekly. Lavanya opened the door and hugged Khushi immediately, happiness evident in her eyes. "I am so glad you are home safe and sound baby..." Payal too joined the hug and as they led the couple inside Payal asked Khushi all concerned, "You are okay na? did she hurt you? I heard she threw you in the pool! How dare she? Agar tujhe kuch ho jata toh?"

"Main theek hoon jiji..." Khushi replied flashing her a bright smile.

Just then NK entered the living room wearing an apron and a cake in his hand. "Mere princess ke ghar aane ke aur *ahem* pehle boyfriend ki Khushi mein!" he announced making Khushi's mouth turn into an "O" at first and then blush deeply as Arnav laughed looking at her reaction.

"Khushi sweetheart are you okay?" NK asked very concerned, Arnav could clearly feel the sudden change in his voice as the joke was replaced with serious concern for Khushi. Arnav felt really glad seeing that Khushi had people who cared about her so much. Arnav admired their friendship and sighed as he thought about himself. He had never had friends and talking about Sharia and the group? He could never call them friends.

The only person he could call a friend until now was Aman. He had always understood Arnav and accepted him as he was. Aman was the only one who knew since the start what Arnav felt for Khushi. Now he couldn't wait to tell him that he and Khushi are officially a couple. Hell! He couldn't wait to tell that Khushi is his and his only. Copyrighted! He couldn't wait to walk along the corridors holding her hands, he couldn't wait to sneak glances at her during classes, he couldn't wait whispering in her ears that he loved her and he couldn't wait to tell her again and again how beautiful she was from both inside and outside.


Arnav was really excited to explore the relationship with Khushi. Things had changed and changed very fast. Just yesterday the girl that he loved and never talked to was now officially his girlfriend and all his family members had accepted her.

"Hey Arnav..." Akaash's voice broke Arnav's chain of thought as he smiled at him.

"Arnav what are you doing there come and sit..." NK said dragging Arnav to the sofa and pushed him to sit beside Khushi. Lavanya giggled as she Hi-5ed NK.

"You guys look perfect together..." Lavanya said grinning.


Arnav looked at Khushi who couldn't find anything to say and was looking here and there, trying to hide her smile. He looked at her lovingly for a while and then said, "You are right! She completes me." This made Khushi look up and tilt her head to see him while he was obviously staring at her with his caramel eyes.


*Rabba Ve*





"Uhm Uhm... "Lavanya cleared her throat laughing.


Lavanya insisted to know the whole story that happened ever since they left Khushi in the library. Arnav noticed how Khushi blushed and avoided telling anything about their library incident and she told them about how she went to Sharia's house. He liked the way NK scolded her softly for not calling him and letting him pick her up and how Lavanya teased that if NK would have picked her up then how would the epic love story start.


Arnav couldn't help but notice that Khushi had clearly avoided speaking against Sharia. She had told the story very plainly, almost like she was telling someone else's story. Arnav couldn't believe how pure and clean hearted she was. After all that happened this girl still didn't want to harm Sharia? What was she made of? Anyone else would have taken this golden opportunity and here she was persuading her friends that there was nothing to worry about!


More than love now Arnav respected Khushi. She was a selfless person and there was so much that he needed to learn from her. As Arnav was looking at Khushi she looked up and gave him a very shy smile and diverted her gaze and in that instant Arnav wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her senseless. How could such a simple gesture evoke so many reactions in him? He was having a hard time to believe that she was actually his.


Just then Arnav's phone rang and his dad called him home for some important work.


"Hey guys..."


"Yeah dude.." smiled NK.


"I really got to go because dad is calling me home." He told them earnestly.


"Oh ok," said Akaash.


Arnav looked at Khushi who was looking away but disappointment was clear in her eyes. He smiled to himself, now there was someone who actually wanted him to be close. He walked to the door and saw turned, he saw Khushi looking at him and saying goodbye through her beautiful eyes and he smiled at her which she gladly reciprocated with a coat of blush in it.


Before Arnav turned around he added, "Umm I was thinking from a few days that I should ask you guys to add me as a member.." that made everyone look up to him and smile as he continued, "But now that Khushi and I are officially a couple then I guess that gives me a direct entry into the group doesn't it?" he smirked at the words as he saw Khushi's eyes pop out.


He winked at NK and left Khushi for her friends with the thought in his mind that the next time they meet, she would kill him for sure!










Khushi was walking with her gang after NK parked his car in the parking lot, they were laughing away when a light breeze touched Khushi and she instantly knew that he was around although she had not seen him yet. Her heartbeat instantly picked up pace and after a few seconds she saw him leaning on a pillar of the college entrance, smiling at her. Khushi blushed at the look she saw in his eyes. The love was more than evident.


The others had not noticed Arnav yet who was leaning on the far away pillar so they all went inside the college and were standing in the corridor near their lockers. Khushi looked up and her eyes on its own accord began searching for him. As she looked at the entrance door she saw him.



Arnav started walking towards her and Khushi looked everywhere except him. He smiled looking at his shy little girl who was looking down. He came and stood beside her as he slipped his right hand in her left and held her hand making Khushi's heart skip a beat.


"Hey guys. What's up?" he asked casually.


"Hey Arnav dude when did you come?" NK said giving Arnav a guy type Hi-5 on his left hand and that is when he noticed him holding Khushi's hand. He motioned Lavanya to look at their entwined hand as they both exchanged a knowing smile.


"Hey Arnav. When is your this singing thing which you all are practicing for?" Lavanya asked trying to sound as casual because she knew that Khushi would be really uncomfortable if they teased her even slightly and they all wanted to give them their personal space.


"I have no idea. The date has not been confirmed yet but you guys wanna join us for the practice in the afternoon today?" he asked everyone but his eyes fixed on Khushi because he really wanted Khushi to come.


Payal chuckled as she realized that the question was for Khushi actually and she noticed that Khushi was too embarrassed to reply so she replied, "Yes we three will join you for sure... After all I want to know how Akaash is doing his practice..." she said tugging Akaash's hand happily.



They were walking towards the hall when Khushi gasped loudly making everyone halt in their tracks. They all followed her gaze to see who she was looking at, all shocked. They all looked at the person and hatred erupted in their eyes.


Sharia was standing in the middle of the college hall!


Arnav's blood started boiling and he wanted to kill that girl but a small tug at his hand stopped him. He saw Khushi's moist eyes as she nodded negatively asking him silently not to do anything. Sharia started walking towards Khushi when she was stopped by a strong hand at her chest.


"Don't you dare!" Lavanya roared at her.


"What the hell do you want now?" screamed Payal unable to control herself as the thoughts of Sharia harming her sister came running back to her mind.


"I... I.." Sharia said innocently.


"I WHAT?" shouted Arnav taking one step ahead so that Khushi was hid behind him. "What the hell do you want from MY Khushi..." he asked her angrily gritting his teeth.


His words made Khushi look at hi lovingly. Did he just say "MY Khushi!". Tears flowed from her eyes not because of Sharia but because of the way Arnav regarded her.


She saw all her friends standing in front of Sharia shielding Khushi like she was some princess. Khushi mentally thanked Devi Maiyya for the lovely people she had in her life. Khushi had not forgiven Sharia because this time she had played with dignity but she didn't want to drag this matter. She wanted to leave this to devi maiyyato punish Sharia.


"I am just here to apologize..." Khushi heard Sharia say.


Just hearing that made Khushi forgive Sharia instantly!


What are you made of? Asked devi maiyya.





Khushi walked ahead as she came ad stood in front of Sharia, smiling at her.


"Khushi I am sorry..." Sharia said looking down as tears came out of her eyes.


"I am glad you realized your mistake..." Khushi said whole-heartedly.


"Please let me stay in this college... don't send me away from dad. He is the only one I have and he said he will only let me stay if you forgive me..." she said pleading Khushi.


"I forgive you." Khushi said very simply.



No one including Sharia could believe what they heard. Khushi had forgiven Sharia? What the hell? How could she forgive someone who had harmed her so much?


"Khushi tum..." Arnav interrupted.


"Nahi Arnav. It is okay, she has realized her mistake." She said softly.


"NO Khushi you are not forgiving her..." said Lavanya giving an angry look to Sharia.


"And she is NOT..." NK said.


"Staying in this college..." Akaash completed the sentence for NK.




Sharia started crying bitterly and Khushi immediately held her by the shoulders and tried to console her. "I am sorry. I am sorry..." she chanted between her sobs. "its okay..." Khushi said trying to make Sharia stop crying.





"You can stay..." Khushi said with a tone of finality in her statement, making everyone especially Arnav very angry on her.


"Thank you..." Sharia said wiping off her tears and hugging Khushi.


Just then the siren rang and everyone walked towards their class. Sharia wiped the last bit of the tear on her cheek and flicked it off as the guilty smile was replaced with a wicked one. Khushi darling you actually think I want your forgiveness? Huh! If I go to America then how will I take my revenge for the slap?  The first oil to the fire has been added now that you forgave me, Arnav and your so called gang will be angry on you so I will take the opportunity to add some more oil until the fire burns your so called love and friendship! She thought as she laughed internally.





"By the way this glycerin really works! It worked on dad and now on Khushi... poor Khushi why fear when Sharia is here? Haha...ha...hahahaha..."laughed Sharia.





Arnav sat beside Khushi in the class but was looking straight ahead with a stern face. How could she forgive that wretch??


"Arnav.." Khushi said softly but got no reply as she tried again, "Arnav.."


"What?" came a no nonsense reply as Arnav didn't even look at her while replying.


"I am sorry..." she said cutely but Arnav was not in the mood of forgiving her.







The class was over and Arnav instantly got up and moved out of the class. Khushi decided that she will pacify her friends first and the Arnav.




"Kya hai?" Lavanya asked annoyed. "Khushi how could you?"


"Areh baba I am sorry..."


"No you shouldn't be! She is the one who is supposed to be sorry.." shouted La.


"And she is.." smiled Khushi.


"You have already given her so many chances and she has never improved then why again?" asked NK furiously.


"She will improve one day..." she replied confidently.


"What if she tries to do anything again?" asked Payal almost choking on her words.


"Yes Khushi, Payal is right!" Akaash agreed.


"Guys just one last chance I promise and if she does one more thing then you guys can do as you please and I won't stop you. Besides I have you all to save me in trouble.." she grinned at them.


They all smiled at her cute words. "You know we can never be angry with you!" Lavanya said hugging Khushi as they all joined for a group hug. Now the only thing that was left was to manofy Arnav. Khushi rushed out to search for him.


"Ab yeh kahan chali?" asked Lavanya.


"Apne Arnav ko manane.." smiled NK.




Khushi searched the canteen and the corridors and as she was walking she saw Arnav coming towards her but he had not seen her yet. She hid behind the wall and as Arnav stepped near the wall Khushi pulled him and in an instant they were both inside the secluded classroom with dim lights.


"What the..." came an irritated arnav's voice.


Arnav was leaning on the closed door and Khushi was leaning on him with both her hands on his chest, which he had not realized yet.


"Sorry.." she said politely and he looked away angrily.


"Sorry.." Khushi said softly as she kissed his forehead. "Sorry.." she said again as she kissed his left cheek. "Sorry.." as she kissed his right cheek. "Sorry" as she kissed his nose. Now Arnav had lost all the control and his anger flew out of the window and his hands involuntarily moved up and found their way around her waist holding her closer. His eyes closed with the sweet torture her soft lips were giving his face.


"Sorry.." she said again as she slightly brushed her lips on his and instantly shyness over-took her and she tried to run away but Arnav was too fast and instantly Khushi found that she was being kissed passionately by Arnav.


After what felt like an eternity both broke the kiss and were panting heavily. "You were playing with fire Khushi..." he said tucking a naughty strand of hair behind her ear.


"So..." she tried to say again but was silenced by his finger on her lips.


"Shhh... I don't want to hear sorry.." he said in his trademark husky and voice.


"Then?" she asked innocently.


"I want to hear I love you.." he whispered in her ear.


"I... I ...I love you" Khushi said shyly and again she found Arnav's naughty lips on hers.


"I love you too Khushi..." he said when he broke the kiss as they both moved out of the classroom, hand in hand.



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Awesome update!!!!...

Sharia is such a snob and a b/$#...

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Originally posted by AimmyLovesSobti

<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">update??????Cry</font>

Me too waiting Day Dreaming

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Pm me for this too ..please 
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PM me this one

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